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funny and crazy 3D racing game
Krazy Kart 3D
Krazy Kart 3D
Your task in this crazy 3d kart racing game is to upgrade your car and become the best driver. Pick your favorite go-kart and get ready for a kooky race. Aim is to finish all laps in best time and gain money to buy more karts and upgrades. Race as fast as you can, collect golden coins and other bonuses as you try to overcome loads of obstacles to reach your goal. Upgrade your favorite kart and unlock new karts as you win races. Good luck!
one hero, one chainsaw and thousands of zombies game
Chainsaw Slasher
Chainsaw Slasher
Your objective in this cool 3d Chainsaw Slasher game is to slice all zombies like a hot knife into a butter using your chainsaw. Complete 10 intense levels and try to survive against hordes of enemies in survival mode. Just chop each attacker before he can eat you. So fight to the last breathe and gain tons of new armament, power-ups and upgrades for your battle against the evil brute. Enjoy!
3d monster truck racing game
Monster Truck Fever
Monster Truck Fever
Your objective in this 3d monster truck racing game is to race your monster truck on various tracks around the planet and try to become the champion of Monster Truck Fever. There is a big kung fu tournament on the legendary Jade Tower Arena, and you are taking part in it. You must defeat all opponents to get the right to fight the arena master. The rivals will become stronger and stronger with each new wave, so you will have to show all your skills. Use your earnings to purchase upgrades for your vehicle or buy a new one. Good luck!
amazing 3d car parking game
Busman Parking 3D
Busman Parking 3D
Your goal in this amazing 3d car parking game is to become a bus driver who is hired to navigate the giant vehicle into the requested lot between the white lines precisely. If it's safe, start moving slowly, but don`t hesitate whilst parking and avoid any damage or you could get the sack. Park the big bus in the correct parking space safely in each level. Drive carefully and slowly and avoid causing any damage to the vehicles. Good luck!
high speed shoot em up game
Your objective in this high speed shoot em up game is to battle robotic creatures in space-like 3d arena. Shockbots is a fast-paced 3d arena shooting game in which you have control an awesome futuristic battle robot. Your duty is to explore room by room and destroy enemy shockbots to gain new weapons, power ups and experience. Control the robot, run around and destroy the enemies. Have fun!
3d racing game online
Formula Driver 3D
Formula Driver 3D
Your goal in this cool 3d racing game is to prove your driving skills on up to 20 international tracks from the F1 2012. Win races and upgrade your formula racer until you are the best in the circuit. Good luck!
3d turn based tactical game
Your mission in this 3d turn-based tactical squad game with RPG elements is to lead three space marines through missions that pit the brave soldiers against a variety of hostile life forms. Good luck!
3d physics car racing game
A Small Car 2
A Small Car 2
Your goal in this fun 3D car racing game is to complete each level as fast as possible while controlling a small car. Go through different environments and twist and turn your tiny vehicle without falling off the edge of the screen. Drive with your ARROW KEYS to accelerate, steer and brake. SPACEBAR KEY to hand brake. Lets play!
3d stickman shooting game
Exit Wound
Exit Wound
Your mission is this cool free 3-D online stickman shooting game is to infiltrate the enemy base and shoot bullets into your stick enemies. Use pistols, automatics, proximity mines and sniper rifles to kill stickmen, cause explosions and earn money to purchase upgrades. Solve puzzles and get new weapons in later levels. Read the briefings for each level objective. Use ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move your secret agent, remember to HOLD SHIFT KEY with ARROW KEYS to strafe. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, LEFT-CLICK to fire. R KEY to reload. SPACEBAR KEY to zoom in/out (if your gun has a scope). Q KEY to lay mines. Good luck!
play 3D driving game online for free
Super Drift 3D
Super Drift 3D
Your objective in this cool 3D driving game with proper 3D handling and physics take turns at over 100 mph and over take your opponent in the race to the finish line. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. Press SPACEBAR to reset the car. Use "C" KEY to change camera. Good luck!
fun homage to Space Harrier game
Rocket Panda
Rocket Panda
Your objective in this fun game is to fly the superhero panda bear through many different 3d worlds and shoot dangerous enemies to death. Use YOUR MOUSE to guide panda avoiding collisions and shooting enemies and scenery (shooting is automatic). Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to dash. Dashing protects panda and destroys enemies. You have limited amount of dash moves. Good luck!
play intensive 3D puzzle game
Your objective in this cool 3D puzzle game with a chilling atmosphere is to pass each level by pulling apart colored cubes and remove all the pieces to clear the screen. Each level, you’re given a unique 3D puzzle consisting of blocks that hold each other together. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. When using the Glance Tool (an eye icon is displayed at the bottom left circle) you can rotate the puzzle. When using the Pull Tool (a hand icon) click on a piece to pop up the axis selection gizmo and pull in the desired direction. To switch tools press the SPACEBAR or click the tool icon. Good luck!
cool shooting game from popular stick figure series
Sift Heads World Act 4
Sift Heads World Act 4
Your task in this fourth part of Sift Heads Word Act game from Sift Heads Series is to follow Shorty on his way to Russia where her past will resurface and the guys will bring her reinforcement. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots, pickup objects and to aim or shoot. Press the SPACEBAR to equip your weapon. Use "R" KEY to reload and use WASD KEYS in animation sequences. Good luck!
another episode in the Sift Heads World series
Sift Heads World Act 3
Sift Heads World Act 3
Your mission in this episode of Sift Heads Series is to help Vinnie and his partners hunt down dangerous Alonzo after you received hard-hitting blow from Alonzo in the last part. You can now customize your weapons at Darwen's House. You can now store all your costumes you purchased in your closet in the safe house. You can also use stealth mode to hide from your enemies and shoot with a tranquilizer gun if you feel like being a good guy. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots, pickup objects and to aim or shoot. Press SPACEBAR to equip your weapon, use "R" KEY to reload. In animation sequences you need to use WASD KEYS. Good luck!
Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands Flash Game
The Forgotten Sands
The Forgotten Sands
A pretty dam good flash version of the Price of Persia made in flash. You can accept it as a mini game compared to the full 3d desktop game. You don't have to worry if you are dead cause you can reverse back time anytime. Prince is automatically running and you must guide him safely to the end of each level. Running into sands will slow you down. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump (hold it to climb up walls, tap it to jump from wall to wall) over obstacles. Press the SPACEBAR to attack opposing creatures. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to reverse time back anytime. Have fun!
a first-person 3D game
13 More Days in Hell
13 More Days in Hell
This shooting game is a sequel to 13 Days in Hell, but with a quite different gameplay. This time, you will have to wander around the 3D environment and complete various challenges given to you by the Guardian. Your goal is to live through this nightmare, fighting the undead that want nothing more than your blood. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim/shoot and rotate camera (It might take you a few minutes to be comfortable with the camera control, but it should be easy. Simply move your mouse to the left/right edges to rotate the camera left/right. Move your mouse in the central part of the screen to aim). Press "R" KEY or SPACEBAR to reload your weapon. Press 1-6 NUMBER KEYS to select weapons. Go get'em!
combination of physics game and picture game
Picture Cubes
Picture Cubes
Your goal in this cool physics game with puzzle elements is to combine cubes to assemble peculiar images. Try to complete each level as quickly as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and rotate cubes to assemble a certain picture from the slices located on the top side of the cubes. Click to select the cube and use the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate it. Double-click or use the SPACEBAR to put up the cube. Good luck!
engage in some high speed gear shifting missions
Red Driver 2
Red Driver 2
Your goal in this amazing 3d racing game with 4 different game modes is to hit the roads and go flying around in your red car and avoid incoming vehicles. Use nitro to drive even faster in "nitro mode", catch cones in "cone catch" mode, get points in "score mode" by driving dangerously, or simply cause as many crashes as you can in "crash mode". Complete all the speed car missions in Miami in order to unlock the Bronx and China Town missions. To play Red Racer 2 just use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer your car. Good luck!
light up the nodes and get to the exit
Prizma Puzzle 2
Prizma Puzzle 2
Your task in this sequel to Prizma Puzzle Game is to complete each round by hitting all finishing nodes without crossing your path or running out of moves. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a start node. Click on contiguous nodes to create your path. Look out for energy chargers to increase your move count. Use teleporters to move to any starting node. Unlock blocked nodes by hitting corresponding switches. The faster you move, the more points you'll earn. Good luck!
avoid incoming blocks and live as long as you can
Your task in this fast paced avoid game is to dodge incoming blocks and try to survive for as long as possible. This game was created to work using 3d glasses. You can adjust the 3d offset on the slider up in the corner. If you have 3d glasses you can try to wear them while playing this game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around in the tunnel. Good luck!
an addictive sci-fi chainreaction puzzle game
Prizma Puzzle
Prizma Puzzle
Your objective in this addictive sci-fi chainreaction puzzle game is to find the right way to the exits without running out of power (steps). Get more energy by passing through the power chargers. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the start node, and connect all the nodes to the endpoint to complete the round. Good luck!
pseudo 3d shooter/jump and run game
Planet Runner
Planet Runner
Your task in this pseudo 3d shooter/jump and run game with variety of enemies control the planet runner, avoid spikes, kill enemies and bosses. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your hero, press "A" KEY to shoot, use "S" KEY to jump. Hit a green pylons to obtain a power up. Good luck!
dodge the rockets, bullets and grenades from your opponents
Your mission in this 3d first person shooter is to battle your way through 9 levels across 3 environments against 1-3 cpu players while dodging the rockets, bullets and grenades from your opponents. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move around and use SPACEBAR to jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Change your weapon using MOUSE WHEEL or 1-6 NUMBER KEYS. Good luck!
game inspired by various horror themed video games
Deadly Investigation
Deadly Investigation
Your objective in this short, seen-from-above, semi-3d adventure/action game is to take role of a detective searching for a lost colleague. Explore dark and creepy areas and search and use various items to get on. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. And press Z KEY to use items. Good luck!
a serious upgrade to the classic Breakout game
Your goal in Galaktoid is the same as in any other arkanoid game, you control a paddle and you have to hit the ball to destroy the bricks. This one is balanced, got whole set of power-ups, and a lot of special effects. Play over 40 levels with hi-quality pre rendered 3d graphics. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your paddle at the bottom of the screen. Good luck!
mix of room-style puzzles and shoot-em-up action
Ice Scape 2
Ice Scape 2
After discovering some kind of Alien spacecraft had crash landed into your research base then being confronted by a hostile creature, you did the only thing you could… you shot it, point blank in the head… There were no other survivors and the radio’s were smashed beyond repair, so you grabbed supplies, warm clothing and fueled up the Snow-Wolf ATV and headed north. There is a large Mining/Drilling station situated to the north and it is your last chance of survival and hopefully getting word of these creatures out to civilization…” Stuck on the 1st puzzles with the knobs? Check this pic for help. Good luck!
race against the computer on multiple tracks
UFO Racing
UFO Racing
Your goal in this very cool 3D UFO racing game is to pick your UFO for speed and handling and then race against the computer on multiple tracks in the intergalactic UFO racing championship. Take your chance to race the best racers across the universe and try to win the first prize. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your UFO and press SHIFT KEY for turbo. Take a dare and win!
race around the track and beat your opponents
Turbo Spirit
Turbo Spirit
Your goal in this online racing game is to race around the track and try to finish first. Move YOUR MOUSE left or right to drive the motorcycle. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to accelerate. Each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to clock at each checkpoint. Race ends if you run out of time early. Finish bronze league to unlock silver league. And win silver to unlock gold one. Lets race!
show your driving skills in various courses
3D Rally Racing
3D Rally Racing
Your goal in this 3D rally racing game is to prove your driving skills and finish first in various courses. Select your car and color and then press "Go race". Use the ARROW KEYS to drive your car. Finish the first 2 tracks to unlock other ones. Try to get the best possible time. Good luck!
take down gang of outlaws in this western shooting game
Wild Pistol
Wild Pistol
Wild pistol is very cool 3d western shooting game. A gang of outlaws have been recruited to kill you. There is only one way out - take them all down. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Lower the mouse to hide. Press SPACEBAR to reload your gun. Lets play!
defeat top ranked players and win championship
Tennis Game
Tennis Game
Very nice and addictive sport flash game. You can play an Exhibition match against the computer or you can take part in the Tournament. Use ARROW KEYS to run on the court and hit SPACEBAR to smash tennis ball. The ball moves arrow key direction. While serving, hit SPACEBAR to toss the ball upwards and then hit it again to serve. The player who wins by 3 games is the winner. Have fun!

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