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be the man and protect your village in this fun game
That Dam Game
That Dam Game
Your objective in this fun game is to use objects laying around to force a giant cork back into the dam protecting your village. Farmers, sheep, apples, anything goes. Run to an object on your farm using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. Pick up the object using the SPACEBAR. Run to the catapult and press the SPACEBAR to drop your object. Pull back the loaded catapult using the DOWN ARROW KEY. Release it to shot. You must hit the cork plugging the dam hole. This will push it back. Good luck!
Wild Wild West shooting skill game
Crack Shot
Crack Shot
Your mission in this fun Wild West game is to you shoot all objects in each level as fast as possible. You have a maximum of 12 bullets. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Hold SPACEBAR to activate "Bullet Time", once your skill is high enough. You can bounce bullets off walls to reach hidden targets. Remember, a bullet will only bounce if it hits the wall at a wide enough angle. Steel boxes nearly always rebound a bullet. Bakes if straw will never rebound a bullet. Good luck!
get everybody dancing in this fun online game
Physics PuzzLand
Physics PuzzLand
Your task in this cool physics game is to find some way to make the energy spheres and other devices connect with the sad animals to make them dance. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the UFO and interact with objects on screen to complete your task, get everybody dancing. Good luck!
assemble your team of animals, buy, sell and find powerful items
Brute Wars 2
Brute Wars 2
Sequel to the 6 on 6 strategy battle game
keep your kitten, puppy, hamster and bunny happy
My Cute Pets 2
My Cute Pets 2
Lets start the week with a cool game for girls. Your task in this online game is to keep your kitten, puppy, hamster and bunny happy as long as possible. When any of your pets needs anything it will think about it. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the corresponding icon at the bottom of the game screen and perform the required action. Have fun!
help raccoon to get to the top of the canyon
Bouncy Draw
Bouncy Draw
Your objective in this fun game is to help a bouncy raccoon to get to the top of the canyon. But watch out! A variety of animals, dangerous obstacles and an angry dragon will try and prevent you from reaching your destination. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on your raccoon to start bouncing, then use the mosue to draw lines for him to bounce on and get higher. You must bounce your way up or risk getting spiked on the dragon below. Think quickly and be careful!
help the cute animals find another safe haven to call home
Your goal in this nice puzzle platformer with a twist is to help the cute animals find another safe haven to call home. Navigate the puzzle platforms to reach the golden acorn, sometimes sacrifices must be made. It actively encourages to kill yourself to solve some levels! Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to control the animals. Keys open the doors, but you could have guessed that. Have fun!
find a treasure and claim its riches for yourself.
Deep Lift 2
Deep Lift 2
Your goal in this fun game is to reach the end of each level alive in search of the treasure. Avoid dangerous animals and objects and be sure not to plummet into the depth. Use the ARROW KEYS to move left and right. When you're at speed you can press UP ARROW KEY (or SPACEBAR) to initiate a jump. Adjust the direction by pressing up or space again. Collect electricity icons to gain the power that is needed to use the propeller. Press UP ARROW KEY while in mid-air to use the propeller. Make sure you do not run out of oxygen as it will cause CO2 intoxication which kills you after a while. Have fun!
You are hunted. Collect parts and upgrade to survive.
Hunted Forever
Hunted Forever
Your objective in this action game is to keep running and avoid the hunter's weapons. Collect parts and stop at safe houses to upgrade your abilities. Use the ARROW KEYS or "WASD" KEYS to control your character, and buy new abilities in the safe house using YOUR MOUSE. Your score depends on how many times you die, how many parts you collect, and how fast you reach the headquarters. Good luck!
grandpa needs your help to break of prison
Catapult Grandpa
Catapult Grandpa
Your task in this flash game is to help your grandpa to get out of prison and find his way to the Love Shack where the ladies are awaiting him. You got to catapult him all the way there and then fry him in hell for his wicked ways. You'll need to think about angle, power, wind factor and movement of the target. There are many different ways for Grandpa to die in this game including electric shock, sharks, crocodiles, crashing through windows, disappearing and general crushing. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
jump from one pad to another in this fun game
Hedgehog Challenge
Hedgehog Challenge
Your objective in this simple yet challenging game is to jump from one pad to another without falling down. Pads go down constantly. Every time a clock rings out, pads speed up but you still have to keep a hedgehog above the bottom edge. Maximize your score by creating combos. Create a chain of ascending combos to get even more score. Use ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
help the squirrels to protect their home
Tree Defense
Tree Defense
Your aim in this fun defense game is to help the squirrels to protect their home from malicious animals. Don't let them reach your tree by throwing different items. You can get funds by destroying the animals. After each level you can use funds to buy upgrades. Your tree has life points. If an animal reaches the tree it will lose one life point. Lose all life points and it is game over. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and hold the squirrel, drag the circle and then release to fire. Use 1-6 KEYS to change the weapon. Good luck!
get all of your passengers to the end
Your goal in this fun online game is to get your cable car passengers to the end of each level avoiding the weird array of toy animals. Press UP ARROW KEY to accelerate forwards and DOWN ARROW KEY to accelerate backwards. Have fun!
lead your animal warriors to battle in this game
Brute Wars
Brute Wars
Your mission in this awesome strategy/puzzle hybrid with some RPG elements is to assemble a team of animal warriors to battle to the top of Mt. Asio. This game features an unique turn-based battle system. The game is controlled with YOUR MOUSE. And I strongly suggest you to check in-game instructions before you start the game! Have fun!
safely transport your fish in this shooter
Fish Truck
Fish Truck
Your mission in this cool shooting game is to safely transport your fish to the market while protecting them from those nasty birds, using weapons and upgrades you\'ll get along the way. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move your truck. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Can you bring the fish to their final destination? Good luck!
play funky racing game online for free
Raccoon Racing
Raccoon Racing
Your aim in this funky racing game is to race with the kart or hovercraft over 8 different tracks in a spectacular battle to reach the finish first. Press and hold UP ARROW KEY to accelerate. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to brake or go reverse. Use LEFT and RIGHT KEYS to steer. Press SPACEBAR to use weapon. Have fun!
rescue chimp family in this fun game
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey
Your objective in this fun flash game is to swing your way through 24 crazy levels of lost jungles, dark caves and ancient cities as you try and rescue the chimp family from the clutches of the evil gorilla clan. To select where you want Spider monkey to swing just click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Use his incredible elastic swing to catapult Spider Monkey even further. Find and free your monkey friends. And do not fall down or you will lose a life. Have fun!
make a monkey dance in fun game
Jungle Jiggy
Jungle Jiggy
Your goal in this fun and highly addictive key tapping game is to dance your tail off in the jungle and try to rack up points. Help Simmo get jiggy in 5 different dance styles - from hip-hop to disco. Press the corresponding ARROW KEYS when they reach the sweetspot. Get perfect hits in a row to win combos. A string of perfect combos will heat up your pose. When their temperature is boiling - hit the SPACEBAR to convert all arrows on screen. Dance on!
exciting cat battle fighting game
Paw Paw Miaw
Paw Paw Miaw
This is cool street fighter/mortal kombat style fighting game where you choose your paw paw character and beat all enemies in 10 stage story mode in a one on one battle. Or you bring your buddy and play 2 players versus mode. There are 6 playable characters and 1 hidden character (unlocked after finishing story mode at medium or hard level). Use the ARROW KEYS to control your fighter and use "O" KEY for punch and "P" KEY for kick. Learn combo and special attack executing from in-game instruction. Good luck!
push your opponents off the cliff
Crazy Push Off
Crazy Push Off
Your goal in this fast and funny online flash game is to push cuddly creatures off the platform before they try to push you off. Use your hands and weapons to push your opponents off the cliff. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around the island. And press SPACBAR to push / use weapon. Try to collect all available power-ups as they give you advantage against your opponents. Have fun!
Who will be king of the barnyard
Barn Yard
Barn Yard
The balloon wars are raging on the farm and your objective is to pop the balloons of the animals before they pop yours. You need to be above the enemy player to pop their balloon. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around; press SPACEBAR to activate power-ups; and hit "B" KEY to buy items from shop. If you need extra balloons, go to the store. If all your balloons are popped you only have a few seconds to fly to the shop and buy new balloons. Have fun!
remake of the excellent Atari 7800 game
Ninja Golf
Ninja Golf
Your goal in this fun ninja game is to face off against angry animals and evil ninjas, and play a mean game of golf. When golfing use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to aim and press SPACEBAR to shoot. However our ninja doesn't have a golf cart, so he must run to where he punted the ball. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to jump, Hit "A" KEY to ninja kick and "S" KEY to throw shurikens (watch out, you have limited amount of shurikens). Try to finish all 9 holes in this golf course. Have fun!
fun online game with hamsters
Hams Trials
Hams Trials
Your goal in this addictive skill game with hamsters is to get the ball with hamster in it to the red flag safely. You must stop exactly on the flag to beat the level, it makes things a lot harder. Use the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the ball left or right. Good luck!
Mario-styled remake of the classic game Stick Avalanche
Koopa Avalanche
Koopa Avalanche
Screw Mario, this is Koopa's game! Play as a Koopa in a Mario-styled remake of the classic game Stick Avalanche. Your goal is to dodge the spikes, bullet bills, and collect coins for points and 1-up mushrooms for lives. Use the ARROW KEYS to move, the DOWN ARROW KEY to duck, the "P" KEY to pause, and the "O" KEY to unpause. To win, just get your score to 6000 and you will be able to play as Koopa and a special stage where you can't die and get to view the credits. Have fun!
take good care of the kitten, puppy and pony
My Cute Pets
My Cute Pets
Your objective in this sweet flash game is to take good care of your cute pets the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy? Use YOUR MOUSE to select the item that your pet wants at the bottom of the screen by holding the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON down. Then move the mouse in the direction of the arrows, until the energy bar is full. If you are not sure, check in-game How to Play section. Have fun!
thoroughly modern take on a classic carnival game
Carnival Shooter
Carnival Shooter
Your goal in this thoroughly modern take on a classic carnival game is to test your shooting skill as you put those wiley critters in your crosshairs. But watch out for endangered or excessively cute bystanders. Every 150 Points will take you to the next level, you must get them before time runs out. The remaining time will also be added to your score. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Aim for the bullseye for higher points, but don\'t shoot the Anti-Targets or points will be deducted from your score. Click the reload button at the top of the screen when you run out of bullets. Have fun!
help Jerry reach his mouse hole before Tom catches up to him
Run Jerry Run
Run Jerry Run
Your objective in this fun online game for kids is to help Jerry reach his mouse hole before Tom catches up to him. Tap the SPACEBAR to jump over the obstacles that come into Jerry's path. Tap once for a single jump (jump over small obstacles) and tap twice for a double jump (get over big obstacles). Beware! Tom catches Jerry if he falls five times. Collect the pieces of cheese to win points and a delightful snack for Jerry. Ready? Run! Have fun witn tom and jerry!
help the little frog to get her daily meal
Hungry Froggy
Hungry Froggy
Your goal in this sweet online game is to control the hungry frog and help it to catch and eat the bugs. But be careful, not all bugs are delicious. You have to throw out the bad ones (bee and mosquito). There are also some other animals that will attack you (spider, crab, snake and bat), avoid them at all costs. You can also burn them out when your magic power is full and you hit them with the fireball. Eat mushrooms for more health! Collect enough points to open new stages. Use the "A" and "D" KEYS to move left and right. Press "W" KEY to jump and "S" KEY to freeze. By pressing "E" KEY you will eat a bug you have in your mouth or press SPACEBAR to throw it out. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to catch the insects. Check in-game instructions for more info about bugs. Have fun!
funny cartoon  Thanksgiving game
Turkey Fling
Turkey Fling
Your goal in this funny Thanksgiving flash game is to fling the turkey to freedom. You must fling him as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to stretch the turkey, then release to send him flying. While in the air, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to flap his wings and fly further. Be sure to collect corn on your way to top up your flap power. Have fun!
master the course faster than your opponent
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Your goal in this sweet skill online game is to master the obstacle course faster than your opponent in the second split screen. You are the player at the top of the screen. Use YOUR MOUSE to select your team and your opponents. In game use the ARROW KEYS to navigate through the obstacle course and collect all the flags to advance to the next level! Use UP ARROW KEY to jump, DOWN ARROW KEY to crawl and LEFT ARROW KEY to dive! Good luck!
run from the chasing dragon and more
Swept To The End
Swept To The End
A dark action-adventure game about tragedy, loss, revenge, and the emptiness thereafter. A fast paced side-scroller with an unfolding storyline set in a magical world. A simple woodcutter is taken by a black wind and gets swept off to the end of all things. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Hit "A" KEY to Swing Axe, "S" KEY for Horse Back Kick and "D" KEY for Horse Front Kick. Good luck!
collect the small and avoid the big
Parachute Plunder
Parachute Plunder
Your mission in this sweet flash game is to fly the parachute through the islands to land safely. You control where you go and what you collect. Rack up points by collecting objects that are smaller than you. If you hit anything bigger you will rip the parachute and fall, losing a life. As you collect more and more stuff your grow bar will fill up then you can go after bigger things. Check instructions at the start of each level so you know what is safe to collect. Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate through the sky. Have fun!
shoot down wild animals in funny cartoon shooter
Zoo-Preme Accuracy
Zoo-Preme Accuracy
Your aim in this fun cartoon online shooting game is to stop evil animals before they stomp everything. You gotta soak them with the Zoo-tralizing solution in Trumans slime cannon. You must construct your cannon from a variety of parts. To work correctly, your Slime cannon needs a piece from each category. You start off with a few Superior credits. Use those credits to buy and upgrade gear. When you are ready click Play button. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire your cannon. If you soak an animal, the Rampage meter decreases. If it turns completely red, your mission will be aborted and the whole city will go wild! Note: Cheaper ammo is ineffective against larger animals. Good luck!
cute platform KFC chicken adventure game
Super Chick Sisters
Super Chick Sisters
Colonel Sanders and his minions have kidnapped Pamela Anderson for revealing to the world that KFCs secret recipe is cruelty to chickens. Your mission is to help the Super Chick Sisters to save Pam before it is too late. Collect small chick on your way and defend enemies by jumping on their heads. Use the ARROW KEYS to jump and run just like Mr. Mario in his best days! Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump, climb and break blocks. Good luck!
guide the blue bunny and avoid dangerous baddies
Panik in Platform Peril
Panik in Platform Peril
Your goal in this funny platform game is to guide the blue bunny, help him find the key to unlock door to the next level. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to throw a cookie at your enemies. Collect fish bones for points and carrots for more power. Watch out for devil balloons and strong monkeys. Find the key and open the door to the next level. Have fun!
help the cruel pigeon to shit on people
Pigeons Revenge
Pigeons Revenge
Your mission in this fun web game is to control the cruel pigeon and try to hit as more pedestrians with your poo as you can. You will be sitting on the roof and the people will be walking down there. You need to shit on them as precisely as possible. Move the pigeon with YOUR MOUSE. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to start increasing the power. Release the mouse button to shit. Reach the goal in each level and aim very carefully as you have limited ammo. Have fun!
help the tasmanian devil to make touchdown
Taz Football Frenzy
Taz Football Frenzy
Your objective in this funny sport online game is to help Taz to score as many touchdowns as possible and neutralizing the opponents on your way. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press the SPACEBAR to jump ovoer football players. Eat hot-dog power-ups for ultimate mayhem. You will get rid of the goons if you jump on their heads of if you whirl on them after eating a hotdog. If they take you down three times it is game over. Have fun!
funny little 2D platform mini golf game
Panda Golf 2
Panda Golf 2
Your objective in this fun and simple golf game is to hit the ball to the red flag. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the area around the golf ball to set the power and direction of your shot. Reach the red flag with the least possible strikes and collect all diamonds on your way. Good luck!
travel through countryside & rescue the Princess
Castle Cat 4
Castle Cat 4
Your aim in this imbecile game with odd enemies and really strange soundtrack is to travel through the countryside and rescue the Princess who was kidnapped by the evil Dungeon Dog. You have to leave Las Vegas and travel to Germany to save the only love of you life. Be sure to avoid all the dangers along the journey. Shoot down all the enemies and stop over at the shop to buy weapon upgrades and heath packs. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Hit CTRL KEY to shoot and press "M" KEY for map. Have fun!
help the dolphin to swim safely through the lagoon
Lagoon Quest
Lagoon Quest
Your goal in this sweet flash game is to help the dolphin get across the dangerous lagoon safely and find his friends. Make sure you will stay away from other dangerous sea creatures and avoid obstacles that can harm your health. You can get points for jumping through hoops. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Have fun!
ride the waves on leaf in this funny flash game
Leaf Boarding
Leaf Boarding
Your objective in this fun online game is to navigate the dude surfing the jungle river while avoiding rocks, water lilies and dangerous animals. Press UP ARROW KEY to move up and DOWN ARROW KEY to move down. Press LEFT ARROW KEY to brake and RIGHT ARROW KEY to accelerate. Hit SPACEBAR to jump and you can use "1", "2", "3" KEYS when you jump off a ramp to perform tricks. Red flowers indicate incoming ramps. Have fun!
sidescrolling shoot em up game with weird characters
Angel Cakes
Angel Cakes
Your mission in this fun shooting flash game with unusual actors is to collect all of Gods cakes before he he gets mad. So shoot the opposing angles with lightning bolts and beams of energy, collect the cakes and return them to your God. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press "A " KEY to fire and "S" KEY for shield. Have fun!
yet another Tower Defense type game. Free games
Temple Guardian
Temple Guardian
Hooray, another Tower Defense style game is here again. This TD game sets itself apart by using new techniques; traps, targeting towers and creeps that retreat. This time you are in charge of guarding the sacred Temple and you have to drag and drop weapons and traps around the course to defeat waves of attack by alien animals and weird objects. When the Temples HP goes down to 0, the game is over. So keep enemies away from your temple. Have fun!
drag a cat around while aiming for the target
Cat with Bow Golf
Cat with Bow Golf
Your goal in this fun and addicting physics based flash game is to use a bow and arrow to drag a cat around while aiming for the target. Use YOUR MOUSE (hold down mouse button and drag for power, release to launch arrow) and try to get the happy cat to the goal with as few shots as possible. 18 different holes with different obstacles will challenge your accuracy and skill. Have fun!
help the little hamster Wako escape from the sewer
Sewer Escape
Sewer Escape
Your goal in this fun internet skill game is to help Wako, the hamster, escape from the sewer taking him as high as you can in the sky. After you launch the hamster by clicking your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON anywhere on the game scree, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on it to bounce it higher. Collect the bonuses and powerups by clicking on them or touching them with your hamster. Good luck!
collect gold and keep the gorilla away from you
Pyramid Runner
Pyramid Runner
Your objective in this funny retro logic platform game similar to LodeRunner is to collect collect gold and keep the gorilla away from you. You need to collect all the gold to open the exit doors and to proceed to the next levels. Use the ARROW KEYS or YOUR MOUSE to move and press "Z" KEY to dig a hole to left and "X" KEY to dig hole to the right. Press SHIFT for level preview. Good luck!
shoot your bongo balls to make a chain of three
Bongo Balls
Bongo Balls
Your objective in this arcade game is to control a bubble cannon placed in the middle of the screen and fire bubble balls towards the other moving balls of the same color so they form a group of 3 or more. You will advance to the next level once you cleared all balls on the screen. Be quick before the balls reach the hole, or the game will be lost. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the cannon and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Lets play!
educate your puppy in this online fun flash game
Pup World
Pup World
Your objective in this fun game is to educate your puppy by guiding him through the world and dodging people, while grabbing things the puppy might like. Your puppy will follow YOUR MOUSE as you move it. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make your puppy "hup up" and run. Lets play!
save all the men who have fallen overboard
Shark Attack
Shark Attack
Your goal in this online game is to use your sailboat to save the men who have fallen overboard. Also make sure you avoid the big white shark. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your boat. You have to maneuver your sailboat properly to avoid crashing into rocks. There is also a wind factor in this game so keep an eye for wind changes. A tip would be to go full throttle when in open spaces and lower your sail to slow the boat whenever you are near rocks. Try to avoid crossing paths with the shark. Have fun!
it is up to you to save people, animals and TV sets
Save Me 2
Save Me 2
Your goal in this online flash game is to fix the mess caused by drug-crazed city zoo animals and save the people, save the animals and save the TV. Remember, catching the furniture is optional, but if you miss a person or animal, you will lose a life. Watch out, you cant save some things - an elephant will squash you, a lion will kill you, a grenade will blow you to hell and back and the 10 ton weight will do what a ton weight does to people. Also try to catch the power-ups, they will help you with your rescue efforts. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to launch the parachute power-up. Good luck!
connect the pipes so that water can flow to animals
Let it Flow
Let it Flow
Your goal in this cool puzzle game is to connect the pipes so the water can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto the desert floor. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the pipe to rotate it. When you are happy with the pipes, you must pump up enough pressure to send the water flowing by clicking on the dial in rhythm. If all the crops die you will fail the level and the village go hungry. Good luck!
compete to become the new King of Rodents
Rodent Tree Jump
Rodent Tree Jump
Your goal in this game is to earn the points by landing as close to the target as possible. Finish first in the league to win promotion. Try to collect stars for extra points of for extra championship points. Do not forget about your main goal though, try to finish first. Use YOUR MOUSE to set your angle and power. You can press SPACEBAR to pause and scan map (Use LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS to scan left/right). Have fun!
flick the rabbits and make them go into the pipes
Rabbit Punch
Rabbit Punch
Your goal in this fun flash game is to flick the rabbits and make them go into the pipes on the wall behind them. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the hand left and right. Use the SPACEBAR to flick a finger and send the rabbit flying. If you miss, they are lunch or dinner - whichever you prefer! And as yummy as "Rabbit Vindaloo" is, you dont want to kill a poor innocent little rabbit, do you? So, take your aim carefully and go for it. Best of luck!
swim your way to victory in perilous depths of the ocean
Scuba Racer
Scuba Racer
Your aim in this cool racing game is to swim your way to victory in the perilous depths of the ocean. Your diver will tend to sink to the ocean floor, so make sure you keep him afloat by pressing the SPACEBAR bar. Move YOUR MOUSE (left and right) to adjust swimming speed. Try not to hit rocks, other objects or animals, as they can slow you down, hurt you or kill you. Look out for sharks, they are quick and very good at biting people in half. Good luck!
destroy as much rabbit-mutants as you can
Chernobil Rabbits
Chernobil Rabbits
Your objective in this crazy shooter flash is to destroy as much rabbit-mutants as you can. There is a big arsenal of the weapons for your disposal: pneumatic pistol, fighting pistol, winchester, and a machine gun. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. To choose the weapon you can press the "1" - "5" KEYS or just click the icons. If you have enough money you can buy ammo for selected weapon by pressing SPACEBAR. Have fun!
defend your wall from an onslaught of forest animals
Black Sheep Acres
Black Sheep Acres
Your mission in Black Sheep Acres is to defend your wall from an onslaught of forest animals. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your weapon and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Use "1" - "7" NUMBER KEYS to change weapons. You will earn money for each animal you kill. After each level you will have the chance to purchase new weapons, ammunition, wall repairs and specialty items. Dont let the animals to reach your wall or they will start attacking it and depleting your health. If your health reaches zero it is game over. Now go kill some animals!
shoot all the bouncing balls and avoid being hit by them
Pollo Pang
Pollo Pang
Your mission in this cute spanish flash game is to shoot all the bouncing balls while avoiding them. The balls split every time you shoot them. The best strategy is to shoot all the smaller balls first. Be sure to pick up power ups as they make it easier for you to finish the level. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to shoot. Lets Play!
avoid all the obstacle and fly as far as possible
Your goal in this funny game is to control Flappy and avoid all the obstacle and fly as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game, click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fly, release it to go down. Avoid all the little blue birds and try to pop all the balloons by flying into them for extra points. The difficulty increase with your progress in the game. Chris scored 2787 points. Lets play and beat his score!
help hungry monkey to collect bananas in this game
Jumping Bananas
Jumping Bananas
Your objective in this funny monkey game is to collect enough yellow bananas to proceed to the next level. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. There are various enemies like spiders, toy rats, snakes, wasps, hedgehogs, rabbits, ufos and supermans which are trying to keep you out off bananas. So be sure to avoid them on your journey. Also be sure to collect the power-ups as they will give you extra lives, allow you to jump higher or fly etc. Have fun!
help Swoopa collect fish before the time runs out
Your goal in this funny animal game is to help Swoopa collect fish before the time runs out. So watch the timer - if it runs out before you have all the fish you need, you will lose one life. Move YOUR MOUSE to control swoopa. Collect green powerups that fall from above. And avoid the red mines that are comming from bellow. Have fun!
help your ostrich jump over objects and save his life
Ostrich Jump 3
Ostrich Jump 3
The ostrich had crack injected into his bloodstream, and is now running uncontrollably throughout a desert in which 75 random objects have been placed to test his beast of endurance. Use UP ARROW KEY to make ostrich jump (you can cancel his jump at any time by pressing the DOWN ARROW). To duck you have to press DOWN ARROW KEY and hold it until the ostrich clears the object you are ducking under. Be sure to collect little puffs of crack on your way so that you can press RIGHT ARROW KEY to speed up the ostrich when needed! You should also never let your crack meter run out. When you die, the menu screen will show you the button(s) you were suppose to push. Press Restart button to play again. Good luck!
nice flash game that you can play online for free
Mr Piggy
Mr Piggy
Somebody has kindapped Mrs. Piggy. And your aim in this sweet online game is to help Mr. Piggy to get her back at any cost. Avoid all dangerous creatures and obstacles on your way. Also try not to fall off the platform otherwise you will lose one life. Grab all the items laying on the floor to get the key to open the door and proceed to the next level. Use ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Good luck!
save the giraffe and dont let the ranger to catch you
Run Horace Run
Run Horace Run
Your objective in this game is to help the giraffe from being narcotized by a ranger in jeep. You must avoid sleeping lions and hanging monkeys. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump and DOWN ARROW KEY to duck. If you hit obstacles the ranger will get closer to you. Good luck!
collecting all the keys and then drive your car to exit point
Warp Forest
Warp Forest
Your aim in this nice puzzle game is to control your car using ARROW KEYS and collect all keys on the screen. Then drive your car towards exit sign. To clear a stage, you must shoot odd looking trees (use "A" KEY to shoot) in order to pick up special charges (use special charges by pressing "S" KEY), so you can use them in killing animals and clear your way to keys. Pick up keycards to open locked dors. The odd looking trees are limited in each level so, dont waste the special charges otherwise you will play the level again. Good luck!
kill the evil rats and save whole bunny nation
James Bunny
James Bunny
Your objective is to get back all carrots stolen by rats. As you may know, all the carrots are kept in containers in BunnyLand. Unfortunately, a group of rats stole those containers to make the bunny nation starve to death. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around and jump, press the DOWN ARROW to change weapon and fire your weapon by clicking LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Good luck!
guide a mouse and eat all the cheese on your way
Cheese Hunter
Cheese Hunter
The object of the game is to find and eat all the cheese. You will be rewarded with bonus time for finishing the levels quickly. Use your ARROW KEYS to move the character. Both the UP ARROW and the SPACEBAR will make him jump up. You can jump on various objects in the game to eat higher positioned cheese. Enjoy these 5 fun levels of Cheese Hunt!
pocket numbered sheep into the relevant pockets
Sheep Pool
Sheep Pool
The object of the game is very simple. Use YOUR MOUSE to control Frisbee Dog to round the numbered sheep into the relevantly numbered pockets as fast as you can. You must pocket the sheep in order and complete the task before your time runs out. Have fun!
kill all dangerous creatures using your pitchfork. Great game.
Devil Kid
Devil Kid
Your objecitve is to help the devil kid to confront all the dangerous enemies and make his way through the Hell. Enemies will attack you from both sides and you must kill them before they hit you. Be sure to collect the power-ups falling down from the sky to perform a special attacks. In order to use RAGE, you must kill enough enemies until your RAGE BAR is full. When in RAGE, you will be twice as big and anything that crosses your path will die! See in-game instructions for more detailed info. Use your ARROW KEYS to move. For Melee Attack press "A" KEY, for Special Attack press "S" KEY, to Activate Rage hit "D" KEY and for Aerial Attack press UP ARROW + "A" KEYS. Good luck!
guide little puppy to his food bowl and bones
Jack Russell
Jack Russell
Don't click the 'click on me' dog link while the game is loading unless you want to see an ad. The object of this game is to gide your dog through each level by creating a path for him. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to draw a line, which is the pathway Jack Russell will walk on. If you think the line is alright and dog will make it to the goal click "Go" button. See in-game instructions for more usefull hints and tips! You will need them. Have fun playing!
control the spider and bite flies or catch them in net
Fly Catcher
Fly Catcher
In this addicting game you have to control the spider using your ARROW KEYS and bite as many flies as you can. Use SPACEBAR to bite a fly. You can also catch flies by throwing spiderwebs by pressing "W" KEY. Press "E" KEY to jump/speed up, or press "R" KEY to create a net to catch flies. If you kill a fly you get 5 points, for the big fly you get 10 points. But beware! The swatter is your biggest enemy! My high score is 350! Beat that!
avoid the deadly weapons and collect cheese
Bat and Mouse
Bat and Mouse
The object of this game is to control the mouse with your ARROW KEYS and avoid dangerous weapons, while collecting cheese. Be sure to collect alarm clocks as it freezes your enemy for a short period of time. My high score is 597200. So enter your name, click Start and lets compete!
fun thanksgiving day flash game. Play here for free.
Turkey to Go
Turkey to Go
In this funny online game use YOUR MOUSE to move Turkster on the table. Collect all of Turksters feathers before time runs out. If you make it past level 5 Turkster will have enough feathers to cover his skin and return to decent Turkish society. Avoid the flying fork from below - it will stop you for a while. And collect corns for extra points and other bonuses. Marcolinus scored 47310! Lets see if anyone can beat that? Good luck!
pick halloween pumpkins before they pop
Pumpkin Patch Blast
Pumpkin Patch Blast
Use YOUR MOUSE and click the pumpkins to pick them before they pop. Flashing pumpkins are worth more points. Scare away rats by clicking them. A rat carrying a pumpkin is worth more points. Press SPACEBAR to use your one and only Super Picker. You lose if too many pumpkins pop and you also lose if rat escapes with a pumpkin. Have fun!
sweet puzzle flash game for kids. Lets Play!
Hunga Hatch
Hunga Hatch
Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the hatched dinosaurs in groups of three or more to remove them. Have fun.
game with jack hammer running over bunny rabbits
Jackhammer Rampage
Jackhammer Rampage
Jump up and down on your jack hammer running over bunny rabbits. Use your ARROW KEYS to move and SPACEBAR to jump. Beware!If you accelerate too much you'll lose balance and fall over. Whenever you jump, take care not to lean back or forward to much or you'll stumble. Collect 3 golden keys to access a bonus level and get cubes to access bonus game. Have fun!
free scrolling game to play on internet.
Nemos Revenge
Nemos Revenge
You are Captain Nemo and that no-good squid just stole the nautilus power source. A rare giant pearl. You must retrieve the pearl, or you will be stuck on the bottom of the sea forever. Target the fish with YOUR MOUSE, then click LMB to fire. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Lets Play!
fun puzzle game. Play it for free.
Lights Out
Lights Out
The objective of this game is to turn each light on the board out. By clicking a piece on the board you will reverse the state for that piece and every adjacent piece. If they were "on" they'll swith to "off". To win you just need to make sure the entire board is allout.
rebbit breeding free internet game.
You will start off with two rabbits, one male and one female. And by clicking and dragging the male to the female you will initiate a breeding session. Breed 8 rabbits to win. TIP: males smoke a lot and females like to do their make up.
Help drunk guy to walk (homerun). Cool funny online game!
Home Run Game
Home Run Game
Move your mouse to the left or right to keep the drunk guy with bottle walking for as long and far as possible.
Free action internet flash game. Have fun.
Eat fish that are smaller than you to make yourself grow but don't try the bigger ones or they will eat you quickly. The bigger the fish, the more you will grow and the more points you will receive. Use arrow keys to control movement.
Free fun volleyball game!
Crab Ball
Crab Ball
Test your moving skills with a crab, don't let the ball drop and see who gets the highest points.
Free flash action game!
Move RED flashing BALLS into ENERGIZER then JUMP into it to go to NEXT LEVEL. Use ARROW KEYS to MOVE. Use SPACEBAR to REMOVE dirt WITHOUT moving.
Remake of the classic Frogger game!
Help the sheep across the highway, river and into the pens in this frogger remake.

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