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shoot enemy soldiers while avoiding their bullets
Alternate Commissar
Alternate Commissar
Your mission in this shooting game is to shoot the enemies, jump over enemy bullets and duck under them to conserve your lives. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to crouch (useful in some areas). Use the UP ARROW KEY to aim your gun diagonal, and again to aim your gun up. Press "A" KEY to fire the M95 pistol and "S" KEY to use the combat knife. Press "D" KEY to jump. There is no preloader so please wait a while before you start the game or it will not work for you. Have fun!
defend your territory in Turret Defense game
Backyard Buzzing
Backyard Buzzing
Your mission in this real time strategy (RTS) flash game is to build your base and train own bugs army and take over the entire backyard. Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to control the players. Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag to select more players. Move pointer to enemy and click to attack. You can use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to scroll the map. Now go and build and command your own bugs army and lead your troops to victory! Good luck!
strategically manage and expand your village
Your mission in this addicting RPG game is to choose a hero, complete quests, buy weapons and build the most powerful army to capture the whole world. Your hero begins as the ruling force of a small town and must conquer the entire known world. There are dozens of weapons and skills, as well as a huge variety of units to recruit or battle against. Be sure to look out for magical weapons and equipment which sometimes drop from vanquished enemies. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. In the battle screen control your hero with "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS and press SPACEBAR to attack enemies. Check in-game tutorial for more tips and tricks. Have fun!
great online adventure game aimed at kids
No Vacancy
No Vacancy
Your mission in this sweet online game aimed at kids is to help Natasha get into Lubeks hideout and destroy his army of robots by solving various clues, and then help Natasha and her friends escape from the secret robot factory! Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
mixture of aero shooter and tactical strategy game
Skies of War
Skies of War
Your goal in this awesome shooter is to become the most important pilot of the rebel army. You are the chief pilot and it is your job to rage war from the skies. Start your mission by destroying enemy buildings and encampments. Win this war for your people. Your aircraft will follow YOUR MOUSE. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire selected weapon (roll your mouse over the aircraft and click to activate a weapon select menu). Press "C" KEY to switch quickly between weapons. Press SPACEBAR to open the minimap. Press and hold "R" KEY to make a roll (only fighters), and press and hold CTRL KEY for hover-mode (only helicopters). Read in game Instructions for more info. Have fun!
new version of Invasion game. Click to play!
Invasion 4
Invasion 4
Your goal in this strategy flash game is to recruit troops and send them to destroy an enemy castle. You must use tactics to decide what troops to have for each level and when to deploy those troops so that they can best attack the castle and be successful in destroying it. Start a new game, then click on the names of a few units to purchase them for your army. When you think you are about ready, start the game. You will be on battlefield. Click on the names of the units in the deployment bar at the bottom of the screen to send out one of them to confront the enemy caste. You win a level by reducing the castle to a flaming pile of rubble. Good luck!
beware of multiple enemies in this action shooter
Gaxoc 2 Evil Invader
Gaxoc 2 Evil Invader
Your mission in this action top-down space shooter is to control the spaceship on your way to take over the neighbor planet. You have to defeat opponent space army in order to get to your goal. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your ship, "A" KEY to shoot, "D" KEY to drop a bomb, "W" KEY to speed up, and "S" KEY to warp backward. Lets play!
action platform shooter game similar to Metal Slug
Commissar Betrayal
Commissar Betrayal
This game has no preloader, so wait a while before you press START. Your mission in this Metal Slug like shooting flash game is to run across each screen, ducking, jumping and pumping your enemies full of lead. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Hit SPACEBAR to jump. Press CTRL to fire, CTRL + UP ARROW KEY to fire up. Good luck!
massive round based RPG fighting adventure game
Tactics 100 Live
Tactics 100 Live
Your mission in this massive round based RPG fighting adventure game is to move your guys tactically and use weapons and spells and destroy an enemy army. Create an army of 100 points and send that army into battle against other 100 point armies. Choose the army suited to your fighting style. This is a fair fight and the winner can only be determined by who has the most skill. The way you attack affects the outcome, you can attack from high ground, at point blank range, from behind your enemies and many others. Use this to your advantage against your opponent. Play a game and wait for your turn to begin. In your turn you can choose any piece to move first until all your pieces have moved. A move must end in a directional face or an attack. Kill all the fighting units of your opponent you win the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
go mental on an army of evil bunnies and kill them
Bunny Invasion
Bunny Invasion
Your mission in this shooting flash game is to go mental on an army of evil bunnies that have broken out of a nearby research facility. Defend your house, upgrade your weapons, upgrade your house, even spread disease onto the little shits. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot (Do not use the cursor as your aim, use the laser, the cursor is inaccurate), press "R" KEY to reload and use "E" and "T" KEYS to scroll weapons. There are 50 levels packed full of 8 different types of bunny, ranging from suicide bombing bunnies to overweight pregnant bunnies that shoot pink squishy baby bunnies onto your house! Good luck!
destroy enemies by hitting them in physics based game
Indestructo Tank
Indestructo Tank
Your goal in this physics based game is to use yourself like a missile to destroy the onslaught of the enemy army. Unlike other action games your enemies missiles have to hit your indestructible tank which throws you up. Bounce your tank into enemies by making their bombs hit you. Get as many bounce combos as possible. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your tank. Have fun!
the biggest turn based strategy flash game
World Domination 2
World Domination 2
Your goal in this turn based strategy game is to fight to achieve World Domination. All the actions are depending on the overall actions with the dynamic Artificial Intelligence. Keep your friends, buy allies and fight out the biggest and final War! Do you control the battlefield? You can play this game at 3 different difficulties and against 1, 2, 3 or 4 opponents. This game is never the same and you have to anticipate to survive your opponents! Two actions every turn must be enough to carry out your strategy and plan your path to victory! Good luck!
build as many robots as you can and rule the world
Super Robostruction
Super Robostruction
Your mission in this fun flash game is to race the clock to build your invincible robot army. Will you become the emperor of the world or just a local nuisance? Use YOUR MOUSE to move the red lever to keep the conveyor belts moving. And drag the pieces to the spotlight below. You must place the pieces in order. First the base, then body, then both arms. Then move another red lever to activate constructed robot. Good luck!
dominate the world in fun little strategy war game
Sea of Fire
Sea of Fire
Your goal in this fun little strategy war game is to attack and occupy enemy territory to gain access to strategic resources. First of all use YOUR MOUSE to select neighbouring territory that is available for attack. In the real time strategy scree, select an empty tile and construct some buildings on them. Then use the structures to produce units with which you will destroy an enemy base. Once produced, units will attempt to reach enemy base automatically, you dont need to control them. If there are no complete structures on the enemy base, you win the level! Money is automatically deposited into your account every period of time. You can build special structures to increase the amount. Read in-game instructions for more detailed info! Have fun!
very tough strategy shoot em up game. Have fun
Endless War 3
Endless War 3
Your aim in this popular game is to control your hero and fight your battle to win all dangerous missions. With all new campaigns and missions, this one is going to keep you busy all week. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Hit SPACEBAR for alternate fire, press "R" KEY to reload, "Q" KEY to order, and "G " KEY to drop gun. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to choose gun. Good luck!
defend your country from an Armed Invasion
Armed Invasion
Armed Invasion
Your goal in this shooting game is to defend your country from an Armed Invasion. Your turret is controlled with YOUR MOUSE. It has limited range, if you are out of range the turret will automatically move. To fire click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, you must press it continually, you cannot hold it down. At the end of each level you will have the option to upgrade various items for your hard earned money. Good luck!
command your troops in battle with hordes of zombies
Autumn War
Autumn War
Your mission in this great tactical flash game is to command your troops in battle with hordes of zombies. There is navigation screen with red and green units. You lead red units to kill the green units. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your units, select them by clicking on them. Move your units by clicking somewhere on the ground and attack zombies by clicking on green units. In the Battle screen you give orders to your soldiers. Be sure to watch in-game "how to play" section, you will get some useful tips there. Good luck!
help roman fighter to stop mad Cyclops running amok
Romanius 2
Romanius 2
Your aim in this roman fighting flash game is to help Romanius to stop the mad cyclops again. Make your way through the defending cyclops army and kill each one of them. You will need to block lots of attacks so try holding up your shield as much as possible. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Use "S" KEY to jump, press "A" KEY to attack and press and hold down "D" KEY to defend yourself. Press SPACEBAR to launch special attack. Make a triple attack by holding down the DOWN ARROW KEY and press the attack button "A". If you hold the UP ARROW KEY and press "A" KEY, you will make a long spear attack. Be sure to collect all bottles you find on your way. They give you more health, lives and special powers. Good luck fighter!
fight your way out of the dangerous enemy territory
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible
Your mission in this game is to fight your way out of the dangerous enemy territory. Your Air-Craft failed in Mid-Air and you have to eject immediately. On landing, you realise that you are right in the middle of the enemy teritory. To save your life you have to kill all enemy troops and destroy all enemy Jets, Fighter Balloons and Parachute Bombers, that land on the ground to kill you. Enemy soldiers come in trucks to finish you. But you are tough nut to crack and you are also armed to the teeth. Use "Z" and "C" KEYS to move left and right. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot bullets. Press "S" KEY to throw hand grenades and hit "D" KEY to throw mines. You can also change the weapon mode between Bullets and Missiles by pressing "1" or "2" KEYS. Good luck soldier!
kill all hostiles and dont get shot in this online game
Flash Crisis
Flash Crisis
The goal of this fame is to kill all hostiles without being shot. There are certain numbers of hostiles per level. If you kill a hostile per shot you will gain maximum bonuses. Headshots are the easiest way to kill a hostile. Also get as many powerups as you can to restock on ammo and health. You have 3 guns to choose from. There is also a timer that you have to be aware of. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. To cover and reload hit SPACEBAR. Press "1", "2", "3" KEYS to choose weapons. Good luck!
protect your castle from dangerous enemy attacks
Bow Master
Bow Master
Your mission in this legendary flash-based shooting game is to protect your castle from dangerous enemy attacks. Kill all the soldiers, archers, ogres etc to complete the level and finally defeat the commanding general of the attacking army. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and hold the green circle. Drag the green circle somewhere to set the power and the angle of your shoot and then release the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire your arrows. You can upgrade your artillery after each successfully finished level. Good luck!
take revenge of innocent killings by slaughtering enemies
Your mission in this flash game is to help Romanius, the hero, to take revenge and kill all enemy soldiers. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Hit the "A" KEY to attack the cyclops army, hit "D" KEY to defend yourself and hit "S" KEY to jump. Pressing the SPACEBAR will cause major harm to the approaching enemy when you have blue potions. Collect red potions to increase your health. A green bottle gives you another life. Have fun!
fire from your cannon to protect your territory
Turret Defence
Turret Defence
Your mission in this addictive shooting flash game is to fire from your cannon to protect your territory. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to view status bar and weapon selection box. You must survive attacks from armored cars, tanks, trucks and soldiers. You can get access to more advanced weapons by collecting certain number of points. Go get them!
defeat your enemy in this awesome strategy game
The Blade
The Blade
Your mission in this awesome strategy flash game is to defend your castle against aggressive opponent and destroy his castle. To do this, you need to build strategic buildings and train strong army. Then attack your opponents castle wisely. You can get back to defensive position if necessary. Be sure to read and follow the instruction you are given when playing as they will help you to success in this game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click on attack button to launch an attack and back button to get defensive. Good luck!
popular PC game transfered to shooting flash game
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty 2
Your objective in this flash remake of popular Call of Duty 2 PC game is to use your automatic machine gun and kill all the enemy soldiers. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Remember you only have 30 bullets in each magazine and your gun is reloaded automatically, but it will take some time to reload. Go ahead and get them!
drive around in armored tank and destroy enemy units
Mega Tank
Mega Tank
Your objective in this fun shooting flash game is to drive around in your armored tank, destroy enemy craft, mine layers, army bases with lasers, missiles and explosives. However it is demo version, in this state, it is still complete enough to play through the first world, including a spiffy boss. There is a glitch with the map that makes undestroyed units come back to haunt you, so thats your motivation for not just running past everything. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control movement of the tank. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press "1", "2", "3" KEYS to switch weapons. Enjoy!
defeat huge army of stick men in nice fighting game
Rage Game
Rage Game
Your aim in this cool stick fighting flash game is to control your hero to defeat the army of stick men. To complete this mission, you need to survive against attacking enemies and collect as many coins as you can to purchase more advance weapons. Everytime you hit your enemy you will be give point to your rage. You gain extra power and speed for a while with full rage. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. For combo attacks press "A" and "S" KEYS, to blast while raging press "C" KEY, and shoot your gun by pressing "E" KEY. To wiev weapons in your inventory, press and hold "W" KEY. Good luck!
train army units and send them to destroy the castle
Battle Field Game
Battle Field Game
You and your army are attempting to rule the world. To do this, you must capture every castle in the world. You need to attack the castle in every level by using the army units according to available amount of money. You can purchase the upgrades at the end of each level. Be sure to read detailed instructions inside the game to learn more about the controls. Use YOUR MOUSE and left click on every unit to recruit desired unit. Good luck!
in attack on the Massacre Ninjas game. Play here!
Chuck Norris Game
Chuck Norris Game
When New York City is invaded by the evil army of the Massacre Ninjas, there ia only one man who can stop them, Chuck Norris! Use your "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to control Chuck and use YOUR MOUSE to hit ninjas. After jumping, while you are in the air, you can click and hol your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to control your leg! After killing a ninja you can jump it's head and make their brains pop out. Then you can use the brain as football and hurt other ninjas with it. And if you place your hand and mouse cursor over the ninjas chest you can rip out its heart by clicking your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. If you put this heart in your mouty Chuck will eat it and get more health. Have fun!
simple but fun sidescrolling shoot em up game
Combat Heaven
Combat Heaven
The aim of this game is to blow up the enemy tanks, missile launchers and fighter jets and avoid getting hit by bombs and missiles etc for as long as you can to score the maximum number of points. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot, ARROW KEYS to move, and press SPACEBAR to change weapon. Have fun!
use your tactical skills to save your Indian Tribe
Field Command 3
Field Command 3
You are the chief of an indian tribe in the late 1800's. Lead your people to freedom by choosing the best possible strategy. Most of the game is fairly straight forward. You will have to take critical decisions from the various options. Try to choose the right one. Enjoy!
shot battalion of enemy trucks, tanks and bombers
Final Defense
Final Defense
Cool action war flash game. You are here to defend your base as long as you can. Enemy is sending massive assault upon your base is trying to defeat you. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to fire bullets to destroy enemy army. After each level, you can buy powerful weapon upgrades. Activate shield with SPACEBAR. Hit "1" KEY for mine, "2" KEY for shockwave and "3" KEY for bomb. Good luck!
protect  village from the evil dragon and his army
Armadillo Knight
Armadillo Knight
You as Armadillo Knight have to protect the people in the village from that is attacked by evil dragon and his army of warriors. Be sure to collect the weapons and health that you find on your journey. Use ARROW KEYS to move, SPACEBAR to attack and press "A" KEY to fire arrows. Good Luck!
shoot down enemy suicidal troops. Shooting flash.
Defend Your Inglor
Defend Your Inglor
Inglor is a highly advanced cyber-being. Unfortunately his tractions and firing system have been sabotaged, and it is currently under assault by a massive army of suicidal noobs. Your job is to help beat off this onslaught and repair I-Ng-Lors system. Use YOUR MOUSE to point and click to fire. Good luck!
help marine to defeat enemy army. Play online!
One Soldier Game
One Soldier Game
Use ARROW KEYS to guide one man army to infiltrate into the enemy base. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and kill all the enemy soldiers. Here are 2 hitns for you - be patient all the time, and use your shelter. You need to plan your way to enemy base. Shoot down all the enemies in a level and move towards the exit to proceed to the next level. Good Luck.
Flash game. Protect your lands from the orc invasion
Battle for Gondor
Battle for Gondor
Protect your lands from the orc invasion. You will take control of parts of the army. Your soldiers are inteligent, and will do their best in slaying the beasts. As a commander, you are in charge of recruiting soldiers. And you will be on battlefield yourself. Use ARROW KEYS to move and SPACEBAR to attack. Dont let any orc soldiers pass you, of Gondor will fall! Best luck!
great action internet game. Lots of levels. Play for Free.
Midnight Strike
Midnight Strike
The aim of this great action internet game is to make it to the exit in each level. Kill all evil Cyborgs and avoid being hit or shot. Be sure to pick up power ups. You will get more info during gameplay. Basic controls: ARROW KEYS to move, hit SPACEBAR to shoot, and change weapons with 1-5 KEYS. Lets Play
cool shoot em up game. Kill terrorists.
Flash Strike
Flash Strike
Shoot as many counter terrorists as you can with your trusty Desert Eagle, M4 and Sniper Rifle. Get a kill per shot to receive a monsterkill bonus. And remember, your final score will depend on your accurancy, so shoot carefully. Press "1", "2" and "Q" KEYS to switch between weapons and YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot.
build army and attack strong castle.
Invasion 3
Invasion 3
Start a new game, then click on the names of a few units to purchase them for your army. When you think you're about ready, start the game. You'll be on the battlefield. Click on the names of the units in the deployment bar to send them to attack an enemy castle. You win level by reducing castle to a flaming pile of rubble.
flash war game. Kill commandante Maus.
Operation Maus
Operation Maus
Commandante Maus is in possession of knowledge on how to build a mausbomb. We have located him to be hiding in mausland. Seek him out and kill him. Use ARROW KEYS to move, "S" KEY to fire, SPACEBAR to throw a grenade.
aggressive snow and ski internet game.
Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing
Use your ARROW KEYS to ski down the mountain. Collect blue, yellow, green and magenta stars. And be sure to avoid collision with houses and cable-railway. Also dont get shot by army. Press ENTER anytime you want to start new game.

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