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fun pinata smacking upgrade game
Pinata Hunter 3
Pinata Hunter 3
Your goal in this fun pinata smacking upgrade game is to smash pinatas and collect lollies in exchange for money. Purchase better weapons to more effectively smash those pinatas. Waving your weapon too much too quickly increases the pain bar on the left, and if it fills up, your hand will cramp and render you unable to do anything until the bar depletes. From the shop you can buy bigger bags, better weapons, protection for your hand, and more, and once you bash a pinata to smithereens, you'll move on to the next. Enjoy!
game based on world-famous Pacman
Your task in this cool ame based on world-famous Pacman is to escape the garbage collector. Collect all Pixels on your way to the exit. Be careful - lots of dangers trap you. Play as a cute small yellow character that roams through this big red and blue world! Your yellow little thing can't jump but it can move around using the ASD or ARROW KEYS. Have fun!
stop the train in destruction game
Dynamite Train
Dynamite Train
Strategically place sticks of dynamite on the bridge and detonate them at the right time to cause the passing train to fall into the chasm. You must grab your bag of dynamite and place them on the bridges to make it explode. Then sit back and watch the show!
play fun puzzle top down greedy hero
Talesworth Adventure Lost Artifacts
Talesworth Adventure Lost Artifacts
Your task in this guiding game is to have the hero reach the exit door in each level. Solve puzzles as your walk the kingdom. Collect keys, place bags of money and more. Use YOUR MOUSE to play. Good luck
Use your aiming skills to take down all of the aliens!
Shoot the Aliens
Shoot the Aliens
Kill all the aliens in this awesome point and click ricochet shooter! Take aim and fire at the scumbags that stole your whiskey! Can you figure out the best strategy in each level and beat the game with a high score? Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. Have fun and good luck!
Fight cat-eating vegetables in this awesome platformer!
Cat Stretch
Cat Stretch
Enter the lovely and bizarre world of this not so normal kitty cat. Adventure through lands filled with cat-eating carrots and evil monkeys. Look through garbage for snacks and make sure not to get killed! Have no fear! Use your amazing cat stretching abilities and attack enemies with your head! Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Use the X KEY to jump and the C KEY to use your stretching power! Have fun!
Help this grandpa beat up all the hooligans in his neighborhood!
Kung Fu Grandpa
Kung Fu Grandpa
This grandpa has had a rough life. He lives in a part of town that is filled with pesky kids that bug him all the time. Its time to get revenge on these suckers. Help this old man fight all of the scumbags in his neighborhood! Use the ARROW KEYS to move, the SPACEBAR to jump, and the Z, X, and C KEYS to fight. Have fun!
Fun cool and addictive beat up the pinata upgrade game
Pinata Hunter
Pinata Hunter
Hit a pinata and collect candy to buy upgrades in this fun beat em up game! Swing your bat as hard as you can to get the most candy out of the pinata, but try not to hit too often or you will get a muscle spasm! Use YOUR MOUSE to swing at the pinata and LEFT CLICK on the bag and DRAG to move it or to make selections. Have fun!
funny shoot Santa into chimneys physics puzzle platformer game
Super Santa Kicker 2
Super Santa Kicker 2
In this awesome Christmas platformer physics puzzle game, your mission is to collect the bags of toys in each level and get in each chimney as quickly as possible! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot a Santa. Do you think you can beat all of the levels? Have fun and good luck!
funny puzzle platform game
Rich Mine 2: Xmas Pack
Rich Mine 2: Xmas Pack
Make sure the gnome gets the xmas balls into his bag cutting ropes to succeed. Help the gnome collect the Christmas tree ball in each level by cutting ropes at the right time. Good luck!
funny charlie sheen rehab game
Charlie Sheen Escape from Rehab
Charlie Sheen Escape from Rehab
The Roast of Charlie Sheen is soon...Your goal in this hilarious game is to help Charlie Sheen escape rehab as long as possible by running from the doctor. Winning! Avoid obstacles like bags of cash, alcohol, girls, celebrities, television sets and more. Use YOUR ARROW KEYS to guide Charlie, every time you hit an obstacle you will become slower. Have fun!
funny point and click game
Douchebag Life
Douchebag Life
Your goal in this hilarious game is to score with the ladies on the big pool party. If you remember cool game Douchebag Workout you will definitely enjoy this sequel. You have an unique chance to live the life of a true douchebag. Go to work, eat well, customize your crib, but especially get buff, pop your collar and go to da club. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
get the drugs off the street in this fun game
Rasta Gran
Rasta Gran
Your objective in this funny game is to help Rasta Gran clean up the streets and teach those thugs a lesson. Jump on thugs to transform them into good citizens. Collect all the weed bags and reach the police helicopter to complete the level. Collect skins for extra points. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to open doors. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Press and hold UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb ladders. Have fun!
get in shape and stop being such a little weenie
Douchebag Workout
Douchebag Workout
Your goal in this funny game is to become an ultimate douchebag. Work out to grow your muscles to impress the girls at school. Take supplements and protein shakes to fuel your muscle growth and tan yourself to bronze color. This hilarious game lets you raise your "Douchebag" wannabe until he is perfect. You will have hours of fun playing this parody game. Use YOUR MOUSE to select options. While doing exercises follow the instructions and use the ARROW KEYS and SPACEBAR. Have fun!
cool top-down action shooter
Gib Fest Multiplayer
Gib Fest Multiplayer
Your mission in this action multiplayer shooting game is to blast the spiders and cows, as your earn money to upgrade your weapons. In 2036 our planet is covered with millions tones of garbage. Absolutely ecological catastrophe has almost eliminated all living things on the surface. Some of the humans decided to find a better life on the moon. But the Duck Emperor has built the Mess Star and wanted to conquest all universe. Good luck!
funny point and click stickman game
Causality: Road Rage
Causality: Road Rage
Casuality: Road Rage is another sequel of Causality point and click stickman game. Your task in this fun game is to play as the fickle finger of fate as you control seemingly insignificant events that can actually cause bloody chaos. But don't let anyone see your grim work or else it's game over. You can a wet floor, a bag in the wind and a neglectful cop lead to a major body count? Darn right it can! Remember, in Causality, it's the little things that kill. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the objects. Perfectly time your clicks to kill all of the stick men. Have fun!
destroy your homework before they reach your school bag
Homework Tower Defence
Homework Tower Defence
You don't want to do your homework anymore. So you are going to destroy it once and for all. From math to chemistry to music, it's all taken care of in Homework Tower Defence. You must destroy the homework before they reach your school bag. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and place the defenders on the path strategically. Click on defenders to upgrade. Each defender has a special power to demolish specific subjects. Destroying the homework earns you cash, which can help you buy more defenders. Good luck!
the third instalment of the Hotel Escape Trilogy
Hotel Escape 3
Hotel Escape 3
Welcome to the third and final instalment of the Hotel Escape Trilogy. Your task is to escape from hotel and just find things and use them in right places. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on objects you would like to pickup to add them to your inventory. Click on the bag for your inventory (or press SPACEBAR). Click on the left, right, top and bottom of the screen to navigate to different locations in the game. Good luck!
get ready for a space adventure!
Box Face
Box Face
BoxFace, armed with his bag on his head and the laser gun he lucky acquired, is now equip to save the world from the evil alien slug thingies. Move upwards as you jump on platforms as you shoot the slugs and click on objects to proceed. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Press SPACEBAR shoot. Use YOUR MOUSE to interact with objects. Have fun!
find out which of the accused is the true felon
Apartment 13
Apartment 13
There has been a murder in Apartment 13. Our preliminary investigations have narrowed it down to three key suspects. As the lead forensic detective on this case, it is up to you to analyse the evidence and find out which of the accused is the true felon. We're counting on you. Study the room carefully. If you see an item that looks like a clue, click on it to add it to your evidence bag. You can only take four items back with you to the lab. Choose wisely! Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the various portions of the victim's x-ray to analyse their physical status. Read the reports carefully, the clues to the culprit's identity are there for you to find. When you have analysed the evidence it's time to name your culprit. Drag the face of your chosen suspect onto the handcuff icon to find out if your deduction was correct. Good luck!
a Hobo-Minigame-(Job)Economy Sim Adventure RPG
Bummin a Ride
Bummin a Ride
Hereby I announce that you have inherited $1.000.000 (one million) from your Uncle Bob. It is mandatory that you arrive in LA and accept the inheritance within 25 days,commencing with receipt of letter in hand or else the money goes to the orphanage. You start your journey without any money. Earn some by collecting cans, begging or scavenging piles of garbage. Don't forget to buy useful things items in the shop. The game is over if your Health Points (HP) reach zero. So don't forget to eat or go to the hospital from time to time. Action Points (AP) represent time. Once per day you can choose various actions that will cost you AP. Go to sleep to regenerate AP. Use YOUR MOUSE and KEYBOARD to control the game. Have fun!
kill all those aliens and make they pay for their arrogance
They Came from Space
They Came from Space
They came from space when no one was looking. No one except you. While all of the Earth's military were wiped out in a sneak attack you managed to scramble into the last tank and got ready to deal the alien scum some payback. Your goal is to kick those interstellar punks all the way back to Uranus and beyond. You need to make your shots count and use your power ups to maximum effect and pick up the ammo they drop. Try and bag more than one of these critters at a time to get multi-kills and more points. Use "A" and "D" KEYS to move your tank. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and use NUMBER KEYS to activate upgrades. Good luck.
shop around the world and desigh new offices
Personal Shopper 2
Personal Shopper 2
Travel around the world with Macy on a shopping adventure in this Personal Shopper sequel. The company is expanding overseas into 3 new countries, and they need to design boardrooms for each of the new offices that fit into local cultures. Like in the previous missions, you need to purchase all of the items on the list (bottom of the screen) before the shop closes. Collect goodie bags in the stores to earn valuable hints. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the objects you want to purchase. If you click wrong object, 10 seconds will be deducted. Good luck!
become a waitress in famous sushi-bar game
Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar
Your task in this waitress game is to run one of L.A.'s best sushi bars and serve your customers quickly and efficiently. When your customer appear use YOUR MOUSE to click on them to give them a menu. After they place their order, pick up the appropriate item on the counter and click on the customers again. Do not forget to collect the money once the customer leaves. Get rid of wrong items by throwing them in the garbage can. Lets play!
fun online shopping game for girls
Personal Shopper
Personal Shopper
Your goal in this fun game for girls is help Macy find all of the items and achieve her dream of becoming the best Personal Shopper possible. You must find the requested items before the store closes. You can ask for one hint, but if you need more help to find everything, you will have to collect goodie bags in the store. Don't waste your time by clicking the wrong items. Have fun!
two Hobos went on a quest to Universe
Twin Hobo Rocket
Twin Hobo Rocket
Your mission in this hilarious flash game is to help two hobos on their quest and grab as much money as possible from money bags and UFOs. Get near the alien ships (but don't touch them!) and pop the bags of change to make a hobo fortune. Collision with an asteroid or the alien craft will cause damage to your rockets. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS or the ARROW KEYS to control your ship. Have fun!
it is time for some more mini-game silliness
Cops and Robbers
Cops and Robbers
Your goal in this funny game is to run as fast as you can to keep The Hoosiers out of the clutches of the coppers, knocking over stalls with your swag bag as you go. Tap the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to run away from the police. You can slow them down by knocking over stalls with your swag bag - just hit the SPACEBAR to do that. Good luck!
Mario goes Bomberman in the platform game
Your goal in this awesome platformer is to pick up all the gold bags before you get caught by level guardians and reach exit doors alive. Use bombs to stop them, and to pass through bricks. Use the ARROW KEYS to run around and press SPACEBAR to drop bombs. You can also build your own levels in this game. Have fun!
run on of the best sushi bars in the Little Tokyo
Apprentice Los Angeles
Apprentice Los Angeles
Your task in this cool flash game is to run on of the best sushi bars in the Los Angeles. Serve your customers quickly and efficiently throughout the first five game levels to see if you are worthy of becoming The Apprentice. When customers appear, use YOUR MOUSE and click them to five the a menu. After they place their order, click the appropriate item on the counter and then click the customer. Dont forget to collect the money once the customer leaves. You can get rid of wrong items by throwing them away in the garbage can in the rear. Lets play!
kill all the enemy scumbags before they get you
The Cyborg
The Cyborg
Your aim in this cool shooting flash game is to kill all the enemy scumbags before they get you. Try to conserve as much ammo as possible by waiting for enemies to group up and taking out the groups with the least amount of ammo. Be careful not to wait too long or you will take to much damage. Do your best to clear all 3 levels without dying or running out of ammo. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. And use ARROW KEYS to move. Good Luck!
help the garbage man to collect various things
Garbage Man
Garbage Man
Your objective in this fun game is to collect all the items in every stage before time runs out. Be sure to avoid different bombs on you way, otherwise they will eat your time. Also dont get beaten by other garbage men. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your garbage man. Enjoy!
avoid dangerous creatures and collect all the food items
Kitchen of Doom
Kitchen of Doom
Your aim in this shooting online flash game is to clear all the levels by collecting required number of food items. Be careful, dangerous creatures are hidden in garbage placed in the kitchen. You can freeze them for a while by firing at them. Use ARROW KEYS to control your hero and press "A" KEY to jump, and press "Z" KEY to fire. Good Luck!
Help Zef to reach the palace and rescue the King
Zefs Underwater Adventure
Zefs Underwater Adventure
A kingdom has been overshadowed by a cloud of evil which has stolen jewels from the royal treasure. You were summoned by king Guerwitch to rescue them from the darkness and restore peace in the palace. There are two modes: In story mode your mission is to rescue the king. Avoid all dangers along the way and collect treasure. Use your ARROW KEYS to move. And in Boss fight press "A" and "D" KEYS repeatedly to charge your weapon and when fully charged press "S" KEY to fire. In the Score Mode, you've to accumulate as much score as you can. The jewels and money bags that you collect will add to your score. Good luck!
guide robotic dude in farmlands and kill enemies.
Robo Farmer
Robo Farmer
You have to walk with your robotic farmer through the farmlands and shoot down all the baddies. Collect the ammo, health bags, armor and money dropped by the enemy warriors after you kill them. At the end of each level you can upgrade your weapons and buy new ones. Read in-game instructions for useful hints and for detailed controls. Have fun!
action driving flash. Play racing games for free.
Driving BMW Game
Driving BMW Game
Guide the tricked out BWM to the Eiffel Tower completing Franks lastest job as The Transporter. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to dodge obstacles in the road and collect the money bags. Caution! Five colisions and the BMW is toast! Best luck!

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