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addictive strategy game
Battle Cry Age of Myths
Battle Cry Age of Myths
Your mission in this addictive strategy game is to create and command your army from the ground up, with soldiers and formations designed and outfitted by you alone, and then duke it out through the new solo campaigns and take advantage of over 75 new items and substantial rebalancing. It's a pretty hefty update for a game that was already pretty meaty when it came to content, and whether you want to play online against the armies other players have crafted (which still requires a free account) or offline solo, this game still has a ton to offer. Good luck!
dark pixelated adventure game
The Last Door Chapter 3
The Last Door Chapter 3
Your objective in this dark pixelated adventure game is to explore the streets of Old Nichol which is known to be the dangerous scum of victorian London. Chapter 3 feels a bit more tightly designed than its predecessor by being more adept at balancing narrative and gameplay, so you'll do a lot more exploring and puzzle-solving than having people yap at you. That's not to say the narrative is light here... if anything, this third installment provides a lot of interesting context to some characters and their relationships. It's just that the series also returns to more of the exploration and puzzle solving that the original leaned heavily on. Good luck!
Make sure none of the candy pieces fall in this addictive puzzler!
Candy Balance
Candy Balance
How good are your balancing skills? Test them out in this challenging candy sorting physics puzzle game! Drag the pieces of candy on screen and arrange them correctly so they do not fall off screen! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK and DRAG the candy pieces into the level. Use the A and D KEYS or the ARROW KEYS to rotate the selected candy piece. Can you beat all of the levels? Have fun and good luck!
Do not let any of the wood pieces fall in this physics puzzle
Wood Worker
Wood Worker
Your mission in this addicting wood balancing game is to use all of the items at the top of the screen and stack them the right way so that nothing falls! In later levels, you will need to make the wood blocks also touch blue stars. Can you beat all of the levels? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on a wood piece. DRAG the piece to move. Have fun and good luck!
pick the correct blocks to remove in online game
Balance Physics
Balance Physics
Your task in this fun physics game is to use your balancing skills to keep the blocks and other random objects (cars, cones, tables) from falling off the screen. You must remove required number of blocks though to complete each level. Click with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on object to remove it. Good luck!
physics-based puzzle game similar to Civiballs
Clowning Around
Clowning Around
Your task in this fun physics puzzle game inspired by iPhone hit Cut The Rope is to cut the chains in the right order to get the clowns to roll into their barrels. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag YOUR MOUSE over the chain to cut it. Clowns swing if you leave them holding chain. All clowns in a barrel in order to finish level. Good luck!
game which challenge your steady stacking abilities
Perfect Balance 3 Last Trials
Perfect Balance 3 Last Trials
Your task in this last game from Perfect Balance physics game series is to balance all the shapes you have on the playing field so that none of them fall off. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop shapes. Use "A" and "D" KEYS to rotate the selected shape. Use "W" and "S" KEYS to rotate in very small steps. Good luck!
physics-based puzzle with new 20 levels
Aequilibrium 3
Aequilibrium 3
Your task in this physics puzzle game is to remove all red objects from the screen while keeping the middle stick in balance. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the red objects to remove them. Sometimes you have to be very quick and sometimes you have to think about the order of clicks. Good luck!
balance your way through the levels
Roll X
Roll X
Your objective in this cool physics game is to take control of a ball and learn to stay balanced on the other ball. Then, while balancing, roll both balls to the finish line. Earn experience to level up and collect coins to unlock new features. You can collect coins only when balancing on the other ball. Coins found in the game are used to purchase new ball types and new environments and backgrounds to change the look of the levels. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate the ball. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Have fun!
ride over numerous obstacles in this bike game
Bike Champ 2
Bike Champ 2
Your goal in this physics-based motorbike mayhem is to try not to fall off the bike as your flying down the side of a mountain at top speed. You have three bikes to choose from (each with their own special handling). In addition, new Motocross courses test how well you handle speeding across the open countryside. Press UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, press DOWN ARROW KEY to brake and go back. Use LEFT ARROW KEY to lift front wheel and RIGHT ARROW KEY to lift back wheel. Press "D" KEY to jump, "S" KEY to use hard-brake and "A" KEY to activate nitro. See in-game instructions to learn some extra moves. Good luck!
time to drop, stack and balance shapes again
Perfect Balance 3
Perfect Balance 3
Your task in this new part of the physics engine based puzzle game Perfect Balance is to rotate and stack shapes, and try to achieve perfect balance. The controls in Perfect Balance 3 are the same as the rest of the series: Select shapes and drop them in the play field by dragging and dropping them with YOUR MOUSE. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS or "A" and "D" KEY to rotate shapes. When you beat a level, a row of gems appears at the top of the screen. These gems are additional shapes which you can add to your carefully balanced setup. Adding gems not only grants you bonus points, but you also need to successfully deploy a certain number of gems to unlock the next block of levels. Good luck!
participate in village tractors racing
Tractors Power
Tractors Power
Your objective in this cool physics based racing game is to participate in village tractors racing and feel the real tractors power. Get to the end of each level as fast as possible gaining more score points for every trick you do. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to move front and forward. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to balance / lift tractor ladle. Press the SPACEBAR to use brakes. Use brakes for hot start but avoid engine overheat. Have fun!
ride your motorcycle and jump over zombies
Atom Heart
Atom Heart
In the year 2017 the Earth was ruined by the series of devastating wars and epidemies. But there still are a few survivors and they want to amuse themselves. You are one of the bike riders gang spending your time in a destroyed nuclear plant and having fun. Your must accomplish a special task on each level. There are 3 task types: kill N zombies, destroy N bombs and get to the finish. You can collect special energy cocoons to charge the Tesla blaster. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to move. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to tilt. Press the SPACEBAR to activate Tesla blaster. Good luck!
part physics stacker, part driving game
Zoo Transport
Zoo Transport
Your goal in this mix of physics stacker and driving game is to place crates on the loading dock and drive to the zoo without losing animals. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag & drop the crates on the loading zone. Click the buttons to control the car (you can also use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS). If a crate falls it goes back to the loading zone and you have to start the level over. Have fun!
a real physic balancing game with old-school tetris blocks
Your goal in this cool balancing physics game is to put as many blocks below red line as possible. Stack tetrominoes below the red line as you balance the green platform. Each fixed block will give you 1000 points and each lost block deducts 1000 points from your score. Try to score enough points in each level for a gold medal. Do not forget to keep beam in balance. If beam falls the level will be lost. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move blocks. Press UP ARROW KEY to rotate blocks and press DOWN ARROW KEY for fast drop. Good luck!
complete all levels in this game by creating perfect balance
Perfect Balance 2
Perfect Balance 2
Your goal in this second part of Perfect Balance Game is to move all shapes down from the shape box and place them on static level geometry into perfect balance. Don't let them fall off the screen. Use A and D KEYS or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate the shape you are currently moving. Use YOUR MOUSE for the rest. Good luck!
Go off-roading at your own risk in this game
Bike Master
Bike Master
Go off-roading at your own risk on this biking adventure. It can get out of control real quick. Use the UP ARROW KEY to move forward and DOWN ARROW KEY to move backward. Use LEFT ARROW KEY to balance left and RIGHT ARROW KEY to balance right. Press ENTER to change direction. Have fun!
help Gromit collect missing pieces
Wallace and Gromit Invention Suspension
Wallace and Gromit Invention Suspension
Wallace is working on top-secret new contraption, but it needs few finishing touches. Can you help Gromit collect missing pieces across 20 infuriating, fun-filled levels to complete their latest work of genius. Use ARROW KEYs or WASD KEYS to control helicopter. Hit SPACEBAR to deploy magnet and release objects into delivery tube. To rotate, use "Z" and "X" KEYS. Have fun!
become the next BMX Champion in this game
BMX Master
BMX Master
Your objective in this BMX game is to become the next Champion by performing mad tricks. The more flips and massive stunts you perform the better you score and the more points you will gain. Press UP ARROW KEY to go forward and DOWN ARROW KEY to go backward. Press LEFT ARROW KEY to balance left and RIGHT ARROW KEY to balance right. Press ENTER to change direction. Use 1-8 NUMBER KEYS to perform the tricks. Have fun!
the totems are back, and they came in a big figure this time
Totem Destroyer 2
Totem Destroyer 2
The totems are back, and they came in a big figure this time, over 100. Your objective in this sequel to Totem Destroyer Game is to destroy the totems so you can get their idols from the top. You can't let the idols fall into the ground, they must land on a dark block. There are various types of blocks, read their exact description in the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to click a block to destroy it. Good luck!
stack the shapes so that they stay on the screen
Super Stacker 2
Super Stacker 2
Super Stacker Game is back with 40 new levels, 4 speedruns, a stack editor, revamped graphics and more. Your task is to stack the shapes without any falling off the screen again. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to release the shape. When all shapes are released your stack must survive 10 seconds or until the shapes feel happy that they won't fall. Good luck!
keep the blue ball off the ground in this addicting game
Circle Balance
Circle Balance
Your objective in this challenging online game is to keep the blue ball off the ground for as long as possible by balancing it on the red ball. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the blue ball. Press SPACEBAR to reset the ball position if you get stuck. Have fun!
a cool physics based puzzle game
Totem Destroyer
Totem Destroyer
Your mission in this awesome physics based online game is to destroy the totems without letting the golden Idol (aka Tot) fall into the ground. Use balance to keep Tot up. There are 25 Totems in this game and each one is unique. You just need to take them down while rescuing a golden idol. Do not let him fall on the ground. Click with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the blocks to remove them. Have fun!
play drinking games and alcohol games here.
Sittin at a Bar
Sittin at a Bar
Your objective in this fun drunk game is to keep your boozed-up jailbird on his barstool as long as you can. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS for balance. When a beer slides along the bar hit SPACE to grab it and chug it down. Careful though, you can't balance whilst drinking. Have fun!
ride your dirtbike in this bike game
TG Motocross 2
TG Motocross 2
Your objective in this great bike game is to control your motobike as you lean and balance trying to make it over all the gaps. Race across the tracks and take a shot at the top times in TG Motocross 2. You control your trial rider with the ARROW KEYS: UP ARROW to accelerate and DOWN ARROW to brake; RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS to lean forward and backward respectively. Use down and right keys at the same time to lean forward while riding to climb steep; lean backward while riding for extra speed by using up and left keys at the same time. Have fun!
drop weights to balance the scales
Mass Attack
Mass Attack
Your objective in this addicting flash game is to balance the scales using your incredible weight-growing abilities. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to grow a weight, release it to let it drop. You can put weights on both sides of the scale. The game gets harder as it goes. If you make it past Level 7, you can submit your name to the hall of fame for eternal glory. Good luck!
climb up the stairs with a full tray of drinks and food
Snack Attack
Snack Attack
Your goal in this free flash game need is to to get Jed everything on the list or else you will be thumbing it home. At the snack bar, select combos that will fill Jeds requests. If you get him everything he wants, woo hoo! If you drop his food on the stairs up, boo hoo for you! And watch out for those tires! Use YOUR MOUSE to balance the tray. And use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move from side to side. to avoid obstacles. Good luck!
try to make a longest wheelie ever.
Kid Bike
Kid Bike
If this game is taking too long to load for you, just reload the page and it will load within seconds. Your goal in this fun bike flash game is to get to the end of the obstacle course. Ride your bike on the back wheel and get as far as you can. Press the SPACEBAR to accelerate. Do your best not let the front wheel touch the ground. If it touches ground 4 times it is game over. Also if you hold SPACEBAR too long, you will end on your back and game is over for you. Have fun!
surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible
Stunt Dirt Bike
Stunt Dirt Bike
Your goal in this off-road action sport game is to surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible. Choose your favorite vehicle and start riding it through various levels. You must complete level 9 and 12 to unlock faster bike and ATV. Use UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS to move forward or backward. Use LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean the bikers body. Press "P" KEY to pause the game or press "R" KEY to restart the level. Good luck!
ride your dirt bike over all the obstacles very fast
Max Dirt Bike
Max Dirt Bike
Your objective in this physics bike game is to ride your dirt bike over all the obstacles in the fastest time possible. You must use balance and skill to pass each level. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to accelerate and brake/reverse. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean backwards and forwards. Good luck!
become the greatest tight-rope walker ever in this game
Death Walker
Death Walker
Your objective in this awesome flash game is to become the greatest tight-rope walker ever. To show the world just how good you are, you decide to use a specially consturcted razor sharp rope. Watch out for things that come at you or are thrown at you, as they cost you points and can knock you off the rope. Also, look for bonus items that fly your way, as they give you more points. Remember, speed is importatnt; the longer you take to complete a level, the less points you receive. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to balance, press UP ARROW to jump and press DOWN ARROW to hang on rope. Good luck daredevil!
balance the plank by dropping jellies in free flash game
Van Jellies
Van Jellies
You only have to keep the ballance as long as you can. Do it by dropping jellies on the table using your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. You can drop bigger and heavier jellies by holding it pressed for a longer time. Rememberthat you will lose the game when the table reaches its limit or when you have no jellies over the table for 3 seconds. My high score is 33289. Try to beat that guys! Have fun!
game with jack hammer running over bunny rabbits
Jackhammer Rampage
Jackhammer Rampage
Jump up and down on your jack hammer running over bunny rabbits. Use your ARROW KEYS to move and SPACEBAR to jump. Beware!If you accelerate too much you'll lose balance and fall over. Whenever you jump, take care not to lean back or forward to much or you'll stumble. Collect 3 golden keys to access a bonus level and get cubes to access bonus game. Have fun!
Balance your unicycle in this cool addicting game.
Unicycle Rider
Unicycle Rider
Try to balance your unicycle while avoiding the juggling balls that those pesky jugglers keep dropping. Move your mouse from side to site - the wheel of the unicycle will follow. To jupm , hold down and then release the SPACEBAR. Best luck! :)

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