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interesting mix of Pinball and RPG game
Ricochet Heroes
Ricochet Heroes
Your goal in this interesting mix of Pinball and RPG game is to release your little avatars and watch them bounce off mountains, trees, inns and gateways, doing battle with monsters along the way. Keep an eye on health. Too much time spent in the field battling slimes and fox beasts will cause your heroes to die. If you want to save that princess at the end, you'll need all the help you can get. Ricochet Heroes is a wonderful little tribute to the glory days of pinball and a sly sendup of RPG traditions. It's also plenty of fun to play. Enjoy!
pokemon-esque RPG game
Caravan Beast
Caravan Beast
Your goal in this fun pokemon-esque RPG game is to collect all the beast and become the best Beast Master. Become the beast Beast Master by defeating 4 city master and completing the beast guide through exploring and discovering knowledge from Ara region. Gold earned in battle can be used to buy food and equipment for your party. Beast soul earned by defeating wild beast can be used to buy Beast Egg. Good luck!
run and jump action platformer game
Zuzu the Elf
Zuzu the Elf
Your task in this run and jump action platformer game is to use all tips and help the little elves to become free and escape the monster. Run as fast as possible and avoid all impediments. You're a spritely little fellow cavorting and crossing dimensions and collecting crystals, but hideous fanged beasts are also chasing you. Have fun!
turn based strategy game
Beasts Battle
Beasts Battle
Your mission in this turn-based strategy game is to command various units and defeat your opponent. Plunge into the exciting world made with the game Heroes of Might and Magic as its inspiration. Use your beasts in this turn based battle to defeat your enemy beasts and win the campaigns. Upgrade your skills and capabilities. Then, face the boss in an epic battle that will test the warrior in you. Good luck!
a fun physics based game online
Bury My Bones
Bury My Bones
Your objective in this fun physics based flash game is to get the skeleton into the grave. Help the undertaker bury the skeleton. Pop balloons, remove platforms, and blow objects to guide the skeleton to its grave in each stage. Being an undertaker is ghoulish business. so who can blame you for trying to liven things up a bit? Though in some cases extremely unforgiving with its physics, this puzzle game earns points for its creative style and level design as you use everything from balloons to punch boxes, plows, dragons and more to get your skeleton safely into its grave. The problem is, it can occasionally feel like the physics are fickle beasts indeed, and other annoyances, like the way vehicles don't stop immediately when you click them, mar what is otherwise a pleasantly creative and goofy experience. Have fun!
fast thinking RTS RPG game
Civilizations Wars 2 Prime
Civilizations Wars 2 Prime
Your mission in this fast thinking RTS RPG game is to lead your country defeat beast, defeat enemies, occupation more and more sites. Make your country more and more powerful. Click and hold your mouse over your building to select it. While still holding, move your mouse over a building you'd like attack and release. Houses generate people. Crystals, give crystal energy (to use spells), and increases the speed of your troops. The more people inside, the more crystals you'll get. Towers increase defense of your troops. The more people inside, the faster it shoots. Good luck!
fun platform adventure game
Viktor the Nth
Viktor the Nth
Your goal in this fun platform adventure game is to play as Viktor the Nth and try to fulfill his family's duty. After you said goodbye to your family and your son Viktor the 10th you are traveling through the icy landscape to discover a new place to live. On your trip you have to face lots of danger and hazardous wild animals. But you need to overcome all them using your powerful hammer and as time goes you have to finish your mission or you die. You control one character at a time, and tries to brave the world ahead of him. But it’s a race against time and traps and beasts and obstacles, challenges which ultimately prove impossible for a lone person. But persistence and teamwork pays off. Have fun!
fight against hordes of enemies in this action game
Arcane Weapon
Arcane Weapon
Your mission in this action game is to fight your way through a series of mechanical beasts. Build your strength as you unlock upgrades and learn new moves. Defeat mechanical beasts with your arsenal of fighting moves! Use common attacks to build up rage, which will allow you to perform special attacks. Don't forget to collect the coins and health icons that the monsters release when they're attacked. You'll always get to keep your money whether you lose or win the battle. Use this money to upgrade your stats and attacks. Good luck!
polished physics shooting game
Teddies and Monsters
Teddies and Monsters
Your goal in this polished physics shooting game is to help some lovable and huggable bears defeat some not-so lovable or huggable beasts. Use your slingshot to fire rocks at all the Monsters on each of the 24 levels to knock them into the red hot lava but make sure you don't knock any of the cute and fluffy bears into the lava. The Teddyland has been captured by ugly monsters and it seems that the invaders don't want to go away voluntarily. We're afraid that we will have to use weapons. Use a ball to throw the monsters down to the abyss full of boiling lava. Lets play!
play cool tower defense game with worlds
Worlds Guard 2
Worlds Guard 2
The tower-defense danger and excitement continues in this strange land filled with bloodthirsty beasts. Your skills and tactics are the only things that can stop a rampaging horde of beasts. How do you think, how many worlds are there in the Universe? If you think that one, you are deluded. There are such worlds as metal world, stone world, wooden world and others. All these worlds are in danger and you must save them. Have fun!
simple, yet addictive online game
Kings Ascent
Kings Ascent
Your task in this simple, yet addictive online game is to jump from platform to platform, dropping them onto monsters that have appeared mysteriously to chase you. This was excellent! One of the most unique experiences I've had with a flash game. The gameplay was superb, and both fun and challenging, something I relish in a game. Even at the points where I had to replay a part of the level multiple times, not only did I not get truly frustrated due to your great design, it was all the more rewarding to win. So go and flee up through floating castles, using platforms to slay a series of beasts. Have fun!
cool isometric warfare strategy game
Beast Warriors
Beast Warriors
Your task in this isometric warfare strategy game is to choose your clan and go your difficult way through a lot of levels to the victory. Use upgrades to command your army to take out enemies and their castles. Be a nasty warrior as you clash with your enemies. Defend your land and take over other lands to conquer all. Drive away the evil king and his beast clan to restore peace. Beast Warriors is really great dota-based strategy game where you command the leader on the battlefield. Good luck!
an epic tower defense game
Demons vs. Fairyland
Demons vs. Fairyland
Your mission in this epic tower defense game is to fight your way back to the dark forest. Fairyland is threatened by demons that try to kidnap children and you must stop that by placing defense towers on the map. Raise an army of skeletons, command powerful beasts, summon zombies, manipulate your enemies, unlock 30 skills, 56 achievements, upgrade your towers with special abilities and defeat your pursuers. Good luck!
eye catching and interesting mystery puzzle game
Town of Fears
Town of Fears
This is one eye catching and addicting mystery point and click game. Your name is Detective Marco and your mission is to figure out the strange occurences happening in different cities. There are beasts lurking around that are attacking civillians and you are trying to track down a murderer. How are these two connected? Why are there living dead animals running about? How are all of these people dying? Can you figure out the case? Use YOUR MOUSE to play. Good luck and have fun!
greek mythology puzzle point click game
First Hero
First Hero
Your task in this film noir style point & click game is to uncover the puzzles of the ancient Greeks and lead the hero to victory. Help Son of Zeus on his path as you travel through the islands and confront gods, goddesses and mythological beasts. Use YOUR MOUSE. LEFT-CLICK on each scene and solves short puzzles to complete each level. Have fun!
challenging arcade space shooter game
Your mission in this space shooter with retro graphics and a unique weapon upgrade system is to defend your city from invading aliens. Upgrade system requires collecting power-ups. Use ARROW KEYS to control the Nanobeast. Press "A" KEY to shoot left, "D" KEY to shoot right, "W" KEY to throw bomb and "S" KEY to use power up. Good luck!
cool and innovative tower defense game
Your mission in this unique tower defense game is to control an evil mage and build your army from the ground up to dominate the lands. Instead of placing little turrets that shoot at incoming baddies, it's your job to summon in hordes of evil beasts that will swarm along the path and raid the village. Unlock new units, learn new spells, and think up unique summoning strategies to overcome the defenses of your foes. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Use 1-9 NUMBER KEYS to summon units and cast spells. Good luck!
shoot hordes of zombies and beasts in this game
Temple of Death
Temple of Death
Your objective in this fast paced shooting game is to shoot your way out of the temple as a horde of horrific creatures, zombies and beasts tries to eat you alive. Be sure to collect additional ammo and health packs as you will surely find use for them. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to switch weapons or use "Q" and "E" KEY to cycle weapons. Are you good enough to collect all medals? Good luck!
play fun arcade shooter game online
Bat Country
Bat Country
Your mission in this arcade shooting game is to control the helicopter, take to the skies and battle mutant bats and hellish beasts. Fly through the hellish skies of bat country and destroy all foes on your way. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the helicopter and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to release a bomb (press it again to detonate the released bomb). Sometimes you will have to use momentum of your copter movement to throw bombs in front of you. Have fun!
mess up with Doodle God in this game
Doodle Devil
Doodle Devil
After being Doodle God, you are changing teams to work for the Devil. Doodle Devil has been created to maintain balance in the Universe, to mess up with Doodle God. Your task in this fun puzzle game is to combine elements and re-create the world of evil and darkness. Destroy everything to the ground. Discover the seven deadly sins and there will be no coming back for you. Try to combine elements and invent murder, death, demons, beasts, zombies... which will destroy everything. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Good luck!
game about boy and his pet Tyrannosaurus Rex
Me and My Dinosaur
Me and My Dinosaur
Your task in this fun game is to take control of a boy and his pet Tyrannosaurus Rex help them with their adventure to escape greedy scientists and reach paradise. Navigate both the boy and the dinosaur to the end of the game and use their abilities to help each other and overcome many obstacles - like pits, spikes, and savage science-spliced beasts. Use WASD KEYS to move the boy. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to place bone that attracts the Dinosaur. Have fun!
side scrolling action shooter with RPG elements
Wings of Genesis
Wings of Genesis
Your objective in this side scrolling action shooter with RPG elements is to lead the girls on an all out attack in the ether world against an army of dark menacing foes. Blast your way through waves of enemies and bosses. Select your beast to ride on and use countless equipment. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot (hold down to shoot rapidly). Press "1" KEY to switch weapon, press "2" KEY for special skill and press 3-6 KEYS to use items. Good luck!
play this cool retro platformer for free
Your task in this funny platformer is to take a role of an alien creature and protect yourself from enemies and other obstacles. Maneuver the difficult puzzle environments by flipping the level upside-down and rightside-up at will while dodging turrets, red-shelled monsters, quick beasts, and pink octopi. There are a number of special platforms which don't flip with the rest of the world, and are useful for getting part certain obstacles. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "X" KEY to jump, "Z" KEY to attack monsters. Press "C" KEY to flip all platforms. Have fun! .
survive 13 days against armored zombies
Days of the Death
Days of the Death
Your mission in this defense game is to use your bow skill, spells, items and barricade to defend your village. Survive onslaught of the living dead curse for 13 days, kill all armored zombies, skeleton and undead beasts. Try to aim for head shots as they cause critical damage. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Upgrade your equipment between the waves. Good luck!
cause as much damage as you can with your truck
Destructo Truck
Destructo Truck
Your task in this upgrade flash game with tons of destruction is to drive your truck of the ramp as fast as you can and try to cause as much damage as possible. Destroy everything, salvage wreckage for money to upgrade your beasty truck. Time your launch with the RIGHT ARROW KEY and try to sync it up with the green "Go" light. Your timing will affect your ramp acceleration speed and as a consequence the distance you can travel/wreckage you can cause. Every now and then you'll have salvaged enough scrap to pay for upgrades to your truck and ramp enabling you to go further and wreak more havoc. Unlock "smash streaks" as you hit certain score milestones and press SPACEBAR to activate those streaks. Have fun!
Infinite Slaughter shooting game
Brian Damage
Brian Damage
What would you do when the earth is invaded with monsters? Would you pick up the gun and fight all those monster yourself or would you call Brian Damage? He's got the weapons and the courage to blow up this beasts and save the world. So help Brian to clear the world from all those monsters. Use WASD KEYS to move around and use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Pick up the ammo to blow up more monsters. You can buy new weapons and more ammo between levels. Have fun!
this online game tests your typing skills
Keyboard Mayhem
Keyboard Mayhem
This funny online game will put your typing skills to the ultimate test. Your task is to type in the random words and letters to defeat the Boss by pushing him to the edge of a cliff and knocking him off the cliff. Simply use the KEYBOARD to type words displayed to throw weapons on the beast. Have fun!
defend your turret from plagued zombies
When the Plague Come
When the Plague Come
An unknown virus plagued the planet, bringing all sorts of monstrosities, ranging from zombies to flying beasts. Your mission in this game is to enter this apocalyptic world and try to survive as long as possible with your set of hand-made improvised weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Use NUMBER KEYS to switch weapons. Good luck!
this is turn-based strategy gaming at its best
The Leon Wars
The Leon Wars
Your task in this turn-based strategy game is to command of one of two factions (humans or draylocks) and conquer the free lands, expand your domain and exterminate the opposition. You'll start the game with access to only a few types of units. As the game progresses, you can research new types of technology and beasts, expanding your arsenal. Use YOUR MOUSE to control most aspects of the game. Mouse click to select your army. Mouse click again to direct your army where you want it to go. Double mouse click to view unit placement in an army. Mouse click to select a village, mine or church. Double mouse click to view its militia and defensive situation. Use ARROW KEYS to scroll map. Press the SPACEBAR to deselect army/village/mine/church. Good luck!
action RPG with tons of fun and challenging boss battles
Chibi Knight
Chibi Knight
Your mission in this action RPG with tons of fun and challenging boss battles is to save the kingdon of Oukoku which has been ravaged by 3 beasts. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to attack/select. Press "S" KEY to open Spells menu. You have to find the wizards to get spells. Have fun!
mix your own unique killer potions and survive
Potion Panic 2
Potion Panic 2
Your objective in this sequel to Potion Panic is to defend yourself from the waves of weird and terrible beasts by mixing your own unique killer potions. Smash them with rocks, dissolve them with acid, or asphyxiate them with vapours. Discover dozens of unique and fun recipes to use against the attacking monsters. Save your recipes for instant use later or simply use the random potion for a messy surprise. Buy upgrades to increase your potions potency. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
an intense fighting game with an innovative combat system
Forever Samurai
Forever Samurai
Your mission in this fighting game is to play as a timeless samurai hunted by giant metal beasts, cut your way through a soulless army of steel to earn back your freedom. Practice to master the special attacks and fight your way to freedom and survive in an age of robotic demons. Use the WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to to attack (special attacks are done by drawing slashes across the screen with the mouse, allowing you to rapidly dash, launch, and smash your way through the levels). Have fun!
destroy the enemy base to claim victory
Knights Beasts Magic
Knights Beasts Magic
An evil force has swept into your land. Their sole purpose is to destroy everything, and everyone in their path. You must stand up and repel these beasts before all is lost. Upgrade your base, and gain EXP points to unlock special units to clear 5 levels and destroy the enemy base to claim victory. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to scroll the map. Use YOUR MOUSE to click units on the right side of the game screen to deploy them on the battlefield. Good luck!
some beautiful puzzle fun with the Kahoots
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to Help the Kahoots to the exit by swapping the blocks they walk on. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag blocks to swap. Try to collect bonus letters. Beware of spike blocks, use bounce blocks in front of them to jump over the spikes. Bolted blocks can't be swapped. You always have to shut up Pegbeast to activate the Play button. In the bigger levels you will have to click and drag the background with YOUR MOUSE to scroll the level. Have fun!
kill oncoming enemies by typing their names
Key Master 2
Key Master 2
Your mission in this cool typing game is to fend off menacing beasts by typing their names. This game is sequel to Key Master Game. There are several improvements from the previous version, now you no longer need to use the enter key every time. Also there are more levels, power-ups, bad guys, bosses and a better stats system. Type the worlds on the KEYBOARD that appear near each monster to kill it. Type the names of potions to use them. Press ENTER to clear typed letters. Good luck!
Sam is back and as cool as ice
Stoneage Sam 2
Stoneage Sam 2
StoneAge Sam is back in a cool new Ice Age adventure. In this second instalment he may be a little older but our man Sam is still none the wiser (evolution doesn't happen overnight folks). So once again Sam needs you to help protect him and his family from fiery volcanos, furry beasts and lusty cro Magnon kings - failing that they're all bound to go the way of the dinosaurs. So join our StoneAge hero as he grunts his way through a neanderthal olympics and discovers the many important uses of mammoth dung in this wacky point-and-click adventure. Use YOUR MOUSE To interact with tools and objects around the screen to solve puzzles and survive the ice age. Good luck!
defend your ship against countless hordes of creatures
Shore Siege
Shore Siege
You've been shipwrecked on an Island full of monsters. It's up to you to defend your ship against countless hordes of vile beast and repair the ship to the point where you can escape. Use various objects like nails to kill blobs and other stuff trying to get to your ship. Click and drag using YOUR MOUSE. You are given exact instructions during the game. Good luck, matey!
fend off menacing beasts by typing their names
The Keymaster
The Keymaster
Your mission in Key Master Game is to defend your mage by typing the monster's names to blast them. If you type in the name correctly you will destroy that monster. You´ll need to be very quick, more powerful beasts have longer names. There are also 10 keys to collect. Power-ups also appear from time to time in which you can type the name to get the bonus. Don´t make too many spelling errors or you´ll end up in deep trouble. If things get too hot using a powerup may be your only way out. Good luck!
third night of the def zombie shooter game
Dead Frontier Night Three
Dead Frontier Night Three
Dead Frontier: Night Three is the third part of a series of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-ups. Your goal is to blow away a horde of undead beasts while collecting ammo, health and new weapons. This time you are accompanied by two other guys who will help you in your fight. Again you use "W", "A", "S" , "D" KEYS or ARROW KEYS to move and YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire in the endless fight for survival you're in. Use 1-6 NUMBER KEYS to switch weapons or use SPACEBAR to cycle through weapons. Press "R" KEY to reload. Can you get to the evacuating helicopter? Good luck!
first part of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-ups
Dead Frontier Night One
Dead Frontier Night One
Your goal in this gore-ridden zombie shooting flash game is to blow away a horde of un-dead beasts while collecting ammo, health and new weapons. And try to survive the night. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to cycle through your weapons. And hit "R" KEY to reload. Be careful, your ammo is limited so it is important to make every shot count. And remember that the best time to reload is when there are not many enemies around. When you notice lull in zombies, hit the "R" KEY. Go get them!
help bunny to survive this platform action game
Zayo The Beginning
Zayo The Beginning
Your objective in this free online game is to help Zayo, the tough rabbit, kill all the freaks that come at him. At the beginning you will have to use your baseball bat to get out of the cage. Later you will be able to shoot the ugly beasts that get in your way with all sorts of weaponary you pickup along your way. Use "W", "A", "D" KEYS to move (double tap "A" or "D" KEY to run). Press "F" KEY to use items. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Lets play!
flash game with Final Fantasy inspired graphics
Mardek RPG
Mardek RPG
Your goal in this amazing RPG game with Final Fantasy inspired graphics is to enter a magical kingdom to rescue the princess from the beast that is holding her at Craggy Peak. Use the ARROW KEYS or "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Use the "X" KEY to interact with things (eg. to open doors or talk to people). During a battle you need to use "A", "S" or "D" KEYS at the right moment. Press ENTER KEY to display the menu. I strongly advise you to check the in game guide before playing Mardek RPG to learn more about gameplay. Have fun!
help your ostrich jump over objects and save his life
Ostrich Jump 3
Ostrich Jump 3
The ostrich had crack injected into his bloodstream, and is now running uncontrollably throughout a desert in which 75 random objects have been placed to test his beast of endurance. Use UP ARROW KEY to make ostrich jump (you can cancel his jump at any time by pressing the DOWN ARROW). To duck you have to press DOWN ARROW KEY and hold it until the ostrich clears the object you are ducking under. Be sure to collect little puffs of crack on your way so that you can press RIGHT ARROW KEY to speed up the ostrich when needed! You should also never let your crack meter run out. When you die, the menu screen will show you the button(s) you were suppose to push. Press Restart button to play again. Good luck!
Flash game. Protect your lands from the orc invasion
Battle for Gondor
Battle for Gondor
Protect your lands from the orc invasion. You will take control of parts of the army. Your soldiers are inteligent, and will do their best in slaying the beasts. As a commander, you are in charge of recruiting soldiers. And you will be on battlefield yourself. Use ARROW KEYS to move and SPACEBAR to attack. Dont let any orc soldiers pass you, of Gondor will fall! Best luck!

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