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fun little minigame
Larry Pup Run
Larry Pup Run
Your goal in this fun little minigame is to control Larry while he runs on his pup while collecting beer. Try to make the longest run possible avoiding obstacles and taking power ups. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Have fun!
launch people as far as you can to save your kingdom
Catapult Madness
Catapult Madness
Your mission in this fun upgrade launching game like Toss the Turtle is to use your catapult to launch peasants to reach a neighbor castle and ask for help. Use magic, bombs, beans, beer and other crazy stuff to reach your goal. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set the power and click again to set angle. In the air use the ARROW KEYS to control your glider. Click the icons on the bottom left to use the special items. Have fun.
fight your way through Ireland in this crazy side scrolling brawler
St. Pattack
St. Pattack
Your objective in this crazy side scrolling brawler is to take a role of St. Pattack and fight in various Irish themed environments and engage in intense combat with snakes, leprechuans and other irish creatures along the way. Collect gold from leprechauns to advance to the next wave of villians and defeat the two bosses to complete the game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to attack, "S" KEY for special (Drink dark beer to achieve this), Forward + Forward + A to perform a Dash attack and Down + Down to Drop down off ledges. Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!
fun and addictive defence game
Hippie Flower
Hippie Flower
Your objective in this fun and addictive defence game with new elements (watering a flower) is to use various items (such as water, or beer) to make your flower grow as high as possible, but protect it from objects such as balls or attacking creatures like bees or birds. On top of the screen you will see the items you can use, they reappear a shot time after you use them. On the bottom of the screen you see your progress in height and how much health you have got left. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on objects to shoot them. To use items, move YOUR MOUSE to them, click and drag them onto your flower. Have fun!
hilarious flash game saga continues
Murphys Law 9
Murphys Law 9
Your goal in this 9th part of Murphys Law saga is to be nasty and turn the race of our little Formula 1 fan in a disaster. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. For example, click on oil and lubricate the beer on. Success is guaranteed. At the end of each game you get a tip, what you can do better next time. But you will have to learn German to understand it :) Share your tips with other gamers in comments area. You have to wait a while after the advert for the game to fully load. Have fun!
manipulate chaotic atoms in the chain reaction game
Atomik Kaos
Atomik Kaos
Your task in this cool chain reaction game is to manipulate chaotic atoms and help to solve many of the world's biggest problems such as the panda shortage and bad breath caused by beer. Use YOUR MOUSE to click atoms to start chain reaction. Be sure to read objective before each level to learn what to do in that level. Have fun!
play drinking games and alcohol games here.
Sittin at a Bar
Sittin at a Bar
Your objective in this fun drunk game is to keep your boozed-up jailbird on his barstool as long as you can. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS for balance. When a beer slides along the bar hit SPACE to grab it and chug it down. Careful though, you can't balance whilst drinking. Have fun!
stylish bartender simulation game
Drunken Masters
Drunken Masters
Your objective in this huge game is to take the role of a bartender and start pouring drinks if you think you can mix 'em. There are lots of things that you can do. It only takes a few minutes to pick up the basics, but really learning all the tricks and moves is gonna take you a while. The tutorial levels are there to help you. They're part of the game. You should really play the tutorial levels. Please remember that if you're going to serve a Martini, you should ALWAYS stir it with ice before straining it into a cocktail glass. :) Have fun!
free point and click adventure game
The Morning After
The Morning After
This is another point and click adventure type game (WARNING - this game contains some adult themes). You wake up with a banging headache and massive hangover, there are beer cans everywhere, some weird people are hanging about as well. Perform tasks and minigames for them to acquire the key to the front door to escape this madhouse! Use YOUR MOUSE to look around and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to pick up objects. Have fun!
become a rugby streaker star game
Rugger Burger
Rugger Burger
Your goal in this funny flash game is to help the world famous idiot, Rugger Bugger, to reach the end of the pitch to earn the adulation of the crowd. Eat pies and drink beer on your way to build up gas and use it to knock out your opponents and gain speed. Move YOUR MOUSE up or down to control your hero. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fart and knock out players catching up with you. You can also use the fart to gain speed. Knock out match officials for bonus points, simply get in-front of them and your player will perform a hand-off. Have fun!
help Homer to shoot members of Neds family
Flanders Killer
Flanders Killer
Your goal in this fun Simpsons game is to shoot th whole of Neds family to proceed to the next level. If you shoot their heads you get 5 points, if you shoot their body you get 3 points. However you can get a combo by shooting some people body more than once. Be sure not to shoot other Springfield inhabitants. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. In the only bonus level you have to steal as much beers as you can by putting them in the box. Have fun!
help Homer Simpson collect objects without getting hurt
Ball of Death
Ball of Death
Your goal in this funny Simpsons flash game is to help Homer collect objectives riding his motorcycle in the deathball. There are 5 objectives per level. Be sure to grab donuts, squishees and duff beer, as they are bonus items. Stay away from obstacles, they will make you crash. You have only 3 lives per level. Lets see if you can pass all 10 levels. Use UP ARROW KEY to speed up, DOWN ARROW KEY to slow down. LEFT ARROW KEY to turn left and RIGHT ARROW KEY to turn right. Have fun!
help bartender to serve beer to the drunken masses
Beer Tapper Gone Wild
Beer Tapper Gone Wild
Your mission in this fun flash game is to help bartender to serve beer to the drunken masses at a few Spring Break water holes. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move and hold SPACEBAR to fill your mug with beer. Release the SPACEBAR to fling your beer. Be sure to catch all empty mugs. Have fun!
help geek to win his battle of beer pong in frat house
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Your object in this fun and addictive game is to help a frat boy to win a battle of beer pong at a frat house. Each player will take turns tossing their ball at the opponents cups. You must get the enemy drunk by singing balls into all of his cups. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. The further the mouse cursor is up or down, the farther the ball will be thrown. The amount left or right determines where the ball is thrown. But do not be fooled, the arrow is not an accurate indicator! Click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw the ball. Each time you hit a cup, there may be a power up item that you receive. Have fun!
use pipes to connect the top of the kegs to the bar
More Beer
More Beer
Your aim in this addictive puzzle flash game is to use pipes to connect the top of the kegs to the bar before the time runs out. The more you use, the more points you get each second. Once the keg is empty, the pipes will collapse. Watch the timer, unless you keep the beer comming, the game will be over. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag pipes from the right side of the game screen and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON where you want to place the pipe. Go serve the thirsty alkies!
defeat your buddy in this footy in the street. Have fun
Against The Wall
Against The Wall
You and your mate have decided to play a bit of footy in the street. Best of five penalties, loser has to buy the beer. To kick Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your shot. Then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to power up your shot, click again to determine how hard you're going to welly it. To defend your goal use YOUR MOUSE to aim where you want to dive. Good luck!
cool flash game. Serve alcoholic drinks in bar.
The Bar
The Bar
You are bartender on some disco and you have to server drinks to the people in your bar. Take empty glasses from the shelves. Drag them with YOUR MOUSE to the apropriet tray to fill it with the drink. Then drag the drink in front of the customer. If he accepts it, you'll receive time bonus. Show your skills! Have fun!
do not spill any beer in this funny game.
Hold My Pint
Hold My Pint
Move YOUR MOUSE left and right to help the drunk guy keep his pint steady. Try not to spill all his bloody beer. The longer you last, the higher your score will be. Ben Darlow set high score to 59.93 seconds. Beat him!
throw small ball to oponents beer cups.
Beer Pong
Beer Pong
The object of the game is to get rid of all your oppononts cups, you do this by the ping pong ball into their cups. Easy enough. If you are playing for real, the opponont has to drink beer in the cup.
Funny game. Online flash simpsons game!
Homers Beer Run
Homers Beer Run
Homer Simpson is a very greedy man, catch beer barrels and bring them to homers car. Watch out for burning barrels. Avoid them!

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