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fun skill helicopter game
Your objective in this fun skill helicopter game is to transport as many smilies as you can, collect coins, then use your earning to buy new upgrades. Smilies will face to many obstacles: prickly thorns, wild birds, falling rocks and huge bombs are waiting for them! However, transcopter will help them to overcome adversity and get to the other shore. Lets play!
legendary 8 bit hunting game
Flappy Hunt
Flappy Hunt
Your task in this legendary 8 bit hunting game is to shoot all birdies down the sky to bring them home to eat. Take those birds down like Dong Nguyen itself took the Flappy Bird down :) So go and try to catch birds from the game Flappy Bird. If you belong to the generation of people who owned a SEGA, you will surely remember the game in which your dog was hunting ducks. Have fun!
physics based melt down puzzle game
Unfreeze Me 3
Unfreeze Me 3
Monster froze the birds in its cave. Help them get away! Move objects and shoot hot water from cannons to melt ice and rescue birds. Improve your score by filling up the vases. Try to spend the least water possible and unfreeze all the birds as quickly as you can, also having filled all jars on your way. Good luck!
reach the injured birds in this fun puzzle game
Doctor Acorn Birdy Level Pack
Doctor Acorn Birdy Level Pack
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to help Doctor Acorn reach the injured birds. Activate buttons, cut cords, set off fans and detonate explosive as you try to lead the cute acorn in a safe manner through each stage. So do not waste your time and letís help the the doctor to save the world again. Have fun!
sequel to the fun physics based shooting game
Da Vinci Cannon 3
Da Vinci Cannon 3
You goal in this sequel to the fun physics based shooting game is to use one of the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci, a cool cannon, to wipe out all enemies and to flatten their castles. Da Vinci Cannon 3 is a lot like angry birds only it's a bit more gruesome. Knock down towers and take out your enemies. Adjust your power and angle and ammo type before launching. You can even get fireballs that light your enemies on fire. Enjoy!
cute physics based puzzle game online
Unfreeze Me 2
Unfreeze Me 2
Your objective in this cute physics based puzzle game online is to free the little birds, which were captured and locked in an ice block by an evil creature. Use the given objects to direct drops of water to melt the ice down. Free them from their icy surroundings by spraying warm water. Move wooden planks and accelerators to manipulate the path of the water. Filling up vases is optional, but doing so will reward you with bonus points. Unfreeze Me 2 brings more fun physics to life as you free these poor creatures from their frozen prisons. Good luck!
funny physics zombie game
Balloons vs. Zombies
Balloons vs. Zombies
Your task in this funny zombie game is to use a combination of balloons and knives to kill all the zombies in each level. Kill zombies with the help of knives and balloons in this physics (angry birds style) shooter. Have fun!
fun physics based puzzle game
Unfreeze Me
Unfreeze Me
Monster froze the birds in its cave and your task in this funny game is to help them get away! Use water to defrost the birds. Use your mouse to shoot the water cannon and to move elements. Good luck!
fun physics based puzzle game
Chicken House 2
Chicken House 2
Your task in this funny destruction game is to destroy all the chickens in each level before they destroy you. Get rid of all poultry birds in each level. Your clicks are limited in the hard levels. Have fun!
physics puzzle ninja game
Ninja Cannon
Ninja Cannon
Destroy objects and defeat the demons by launching ninjas with your cannon. Each type of ninja has a unique ability. Fire the ninjas at the buildings in this fun angry birds style physics shooter from turbo nuke. Have fun!
destroy the castle in this fun game
Da Vinci Cannon 2
Da Vinci Cannon 2
Aim the cannon and shoot down the buildings in this fun crush the castle/angry birds clone. Try to complete all levels aiming your cannon to destroy the castle of each enemy.
use guns to kill flying birds duck hunt game
Bird Blast Game
Bird Blast Game
Shoot the damn birds in this arcade game similar to classic Duck Hunt. Get your guns and earn combos. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT-CLICK to fire! Good luck!
Shoot down evil birds with the help of your pet sheep!
The Last Angel
The Last Angel
Kill enemy birds in this awesome indie side scrolling action game! You play as the last angel, defend yourself and your pet sheep from bosses and enemies. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and rapidly LEFT CLICK to attack. Pick up your sheep and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to charge your missile. Release to fire! Have fun and good luck!
destroy all of the pigs physics puzzle game
Angry Birds
Angry Birds
Play the original Angry Birds for free! The pigs have stolen all of the birds eggs right from their nests! Help the birds get their revenge and destroy all of the pigs! Use birds that have different abilities and attributes! Some explode, some multiply, and some charge! To play use YOUR MOUSE to LEFT CLICK on the bird in the slingshot, pull back, aim and release to fire! Can you beat all of the levels with 3 stars? Good luck and have fun!
 free online Puzzle game
Guru of Time: Episode 1
Guru of Time: Episode 1
Your task in this indie physics puzzle platform game is to save the guru village from destruction! This Guru is fragile and cannot touch his enemies or fall far. Use physics to avoid the elements and overcome obstacles filled with spiders, bouncing pandas, birds, crocs, traps and more. Have fun!
fund and funny physics puzzle bomb game
Blast Out Griffin
Blast Out Griffin
There are a lot of evil griffins perching all over the place. They are pretty evil so your job is to get blow them up and get them off the platforms. Do not blast off the angel birds, though! You will lose the level if one gets knocked over. Use your awesome physics puzzle skills and help get rid of all of the griffins! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to place a bomb. Use the SPACEBAR to detonate the bomb. Good luck!
launch zombies in angry birds action game
Teelombies Infection
Teelombies Infection
Your goal in this angry-birds like puzzle game is to infect all the people and gain gold. Accurately launch funny zombies into the humans, they will run and bite the surrounding people. Collect the gold they drop to purchase upgrades. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. LEFT CLICK and DRAG for angle and power, aim for the most humans. RELEASE MOUSE to fire. Have fun!
play angry birds rio game
Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio
Your goal in this popular bird launching game is to free the caged animals with the Angry Birds. Fling the fun birdies and complete each level with the least shots. Use YOUR MOUSE to grab and launch the Angry Bird. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to while in air for special. Have fun!
pop all the chicks in this funny game
Your task in this funny chain reaction game is to blow bubbles to cover the chicks in gum and cause a chain reaction. Hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to blow bubbles. Use these bubbles to pop chicks. Your air is limited in each level. Good luck!
cool penguin flying game on internet
Learn To Fly 2
Learn To Fly 2
In Learn To Fly Game you were able to learn how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. Now you are back to let the penguin fly as far as possible using a minimum of days. Earn cash to buy upgrades and new equipment. Slide and wait until you leave the ramp. Then use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to tilt. Press SPACEBAR to use boost and press any key to activate special sleighs. (All controls can be customized in the option menu, with the possibility to use the mouse instead of the keyboard). Have fun!
spread havoc in this destructive action game
Death Worm Game
Death Worm Game
Your task in this destructive action game is to control the giant Death Worm and spread havoc and death by slaying whatever stands in your way. Guide the mind-boggling underground monster to eat people, animals and birds, blow up cars and tanks, bring down planes and helicopters, defeat the army and even the aliens. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to spit fire balls and press "N" KEY to use nitro power-up. Have fun!
shoot at the storks in this fun game
Stork Shot
Stork Shot
New born babies are now the greatest threat to mankind. Your task in this fun online game is to use various assault weapons to shoot stork bastards and the babies they carry and save the world. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot while avoiding any hazards. Press 1-3 NUMBER KEYS to select weapon. Score as high as possible and unlock all achievement to become the hero of earth. Good luck!
fun physics-based puzzle game
Your task in this funny puzzle game with cute animals is to stop the elephant snoring by giving him a nudge. Solve each puzzle to help the animals wake the elephant-and put a stop to his booming snores. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the animals to cause chain reactions to knock the snoring elephant off. Have fun!
epic Dino Run game challenge
Dino Run Marathon of Doom
Dino Run Marathon of Doom
Your objective in this fun sequel to Dino Run Game is to control the last Dinosaur and survive for as long as you can running away from the sure death. Jump over obstacles, avoid pits and jump to make prehistoric birds fly you further and run before the Doom Wall eats you alive. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Have fun!
online version of Angry Birds
Angry Birds Flash Game
Angry Birds Flash Game
Your task in this online version of Angry Birds physics puzzle game is to use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures. You must kill all pigs in each level to proceed, also try to do as much damage as possible to score mad points. Structures are made of various materials such as wood, ice and stone and you need to figure out which birds are more effective against particular materials. Let the destruction begins. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
run and duel with knights in this cool game
Your task in this cool run game is to ride your death horse towards a duel with knights seeking immortality. Jump over the cliffs, destroy the obstacles on your way with your lance and kill other knights on your way. You cannot control your movement, so you must jump and attack at the exact moment to succeed. Press "X" KEY to jump. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS To aim your spear and press "C" KEY to attack. Good luck!
control the sun in this funny game
Go Go Sunshine
Go Go Sunshine
Your task in this funny platform puzzle game is to destroy the clouds to bring sunshine and happiness to the people of Go-Go land. The people are miserable and need some sunshine in their life so as you duck and weave around nasty storm clouds and avoid hitting the ground. Avoid obstacles like hilarious birds, evil lightning clouds, and green, metallic fish enemies. Use tornadoes to your advantage. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Have fun!
control air traffic in this fun game
Sky Control
Sky Control
Your task in this air traffic control simulator is to take responsibility for air traffic safety and lead the planes to the exit beacons while collecting power-ups and dealing with thunderstorms, birds, wind and UFOs. You must always match the exit beacon color with the plane color. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the plane and drag to set the new heading then release the button. If any of the planes crash down or if two planes collide, the game is over. Good luck!
Angry Birds like game made in flash
Chicken House
Chicken House
Your task in this funny physics game inspired by Angry Birds is to solve puzzles and kill all angry chickens in the house. Use YOUR MOUSE as an axe to chop the removable blocks like glass and wooden to kill all the chickens and their eggs to finish the level. Have fun!
funny plane throwing upgrade game
Your objective in this awesome and funny upgrade game is to throw a paper plane as far as you can. Collect stars to earn cash. Use cash to buy upgrades for your plane so you can throw it even further. Use YOUR MOUSE to pick up and throw the plane. In the air use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to turn the plane. Press SPACEBAR to use engine. And press "R" KEY to activate Rainbow Stars. Have fun!
fun magic game puzzler
Houdinis Hat
Houdinis Hat
Your goal in this magic puzzle game is to solve the Farmer's Dilemma, Fireflies Swarming, or Dance Dance Devious. Use the ARROW KEYS to flip the hat around to cover the bunny or other required items. Use the edges of the board to turn the hat. Follow the in game instructions to complete all levels. Good luck!
Help 4 birds to destroy warships and oil platform
Birdish Petroleum
Birdish Petroleum
Your task in this fun puzzle game with physics elements is to eco friendly birds save the environment by helping them to sabotage the oil tankers out at sea. Loosen nuts, drop bombs, launch rockets and trigger various acts of nature to destroy oil tankers. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and follow game hints. Have fun!
little puzzle type platformer
Your objective in this a little puzzle type platform game is to take control of a cute crocodile and his bird pal and collect useful stuff to eventually repair your plane so you can leave this crazy block world. Manipulate blocks and control them to reach your desired objects. Use the WASD to control Ebul and click various onscreen blocks with YOUR MOUSE. Some blocks disappear when clicked, while others grow legs or eyeglasses and can be moved around with the keyboard and repositioned anywhere on screen. Have fun!
Point and click puzzle adventure game
Gretel and Hansel 2
Gretel and Hansel 2
This is sequel to very popular adventure game called Gretel and Hansel. Your objective in this part of point n click adventure game is help Gretel to find your way home. Don't expect much help from Hansel hes too busy eating flies. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to interact with things and objects. Have fun!
vs Ultra Fleet of the Havoc Elite Armada
April and Booster
April and Booster
Your objective in this insane scrolling shooter is to inhale small animals and use the to shoot at bigger foes. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to inhale birds, horses and other animals. Or click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to woof and destroy larger enemies. Much fun with April and Booster!
blow apart big waves of zombies
Monster Mowdown
Monster Mowdown
Your task in this action shooting defense game is to purchase weapons and assistance to help defend your territory against hoards of enemy zombies. Try to survive for 50 levels against hordes of monsters. Earn cash to buy weapons and assistance. You can buy new weapons and assistance each round. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your weapon and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press "R" to reload and hit SPACEBAR to drop a bomb. You can also heal yourself by pressing "H" KEY (however it will cost you $50). Good luck!
stylish graphics, addictive game play
Upstream Kayak
Upstream Kayak
Your task in this fun and addictive kayaking game in the good old style of Uphill Rush is to go on adventure with your kayak and try to conquer the river up stream. Perform tricks for extra power. Collect fruits to gain extra points and turbo speed. Press UP ARROW KEY to paddle, use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to turn around, and press SPACEBAR to jump. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to perform tricks. Good luck!
mix of upgrade and sidescrolling shooting game
The Birdinator
The Birdinator
Your goal in this addicting game combining upgrade based launcher gameplay with a sidescrolling shooter to flight south as fast as you can avoiding obstacles and upgrading your skills. Try to reach the south in 10 days. Kill all owls and other animals that are in the way and earn money to buy upgrades. Press the SPACEBAR to gain power. While in the air control your bird with ARROW KEYS and press SPACEBAR to use your laser gun. Mouse control is also possible, but keyboard is recommended. Have fun!
fun modern day artillery upgrade game
Rock It
Rock It
Your objective in this funny modern day artillery upgrade game is to make sure your rocket meets its destination. You control the trajectory, power, boost, and angle of the rocket trying to guide it to its target without fail. You must avoid various types of environmental hazards - Wind, birds, turrets, UFO's, and moving landscapes must all be considered when launching your rocket into the sky. After completing a level, you are able to upgrade your rocket. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to adjust trajectory of your rocket and press SPACEBAR to launch. In the air use ARROW KEYS to rotate your rocket and press SPACEBAR to burn the fuel and boost your rocket. Good luck!
kill all the birds with your rockets
Kill More Birds
Kill More Birds
Your objective in this funny game is to blow up unsuspecting birds by creating rockets with the ultimate goal of explosions. Come see how many birds you can blast out of the air. To play, click with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON anywhere in the green when the game pauses. This will create a rocket that will automatically shoot towards the closest bird. Blowing up birds gets you points - points can be used to upgrade your rockets. Use strategy to position the rockets the best way, killing maximum number of birds. Good luck!
combine elements and re-create the world as we know it
Doodle God
Doodle God
Your task in this awesome game is to try to mix all the basic elements to create life and even beyond. Work your way up, all the way from bacterias, to ceramics or tools, weapons and beyond. But beware, creating a whole world is not as easy as one might think - invent the wheel and you might start a plague of zombies. Don't worry though, you're not completely alone. Every time you successfully create a new item or procedure, you'll also be rewarded with the wit and wisdom of some of the greatest philosophers and comedians. Use YOUR MOUSE to control this game. Good luck!
play Free Puzzle Game
Rescue a Chicken
Rescue a Chicken
Your task in this fun physics-based puzzle game is to rescue the stranded farm chickens and send them back home into their nests. Don't let the baby chicks fall on the ground, think of a smart way to catch them with your basket. Find out how to manipulate elements in the space to get all the chickens right into the nest. Use YOUR MOUSE to remove hay so that all of the chicks land in their nest. Have fun!
funny time-killing physics game
Catch Watermelon
Catch Watermelon
Your task in this funny online game is to throw watermelon from guy to guy and try to throw it as far as you can. Get more score points and win gold cups in five nomination: Score, Champion, Great combination, Long flight, Bird killer. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw. Try to hit birds to receive extra score points. This game is really easy to learn, fun to play and completely re-playable. Have fun!
addictive time management game
Youda Safari
Youda Safari
Your task in this this lovely game park game is to give all the tourists a once in their lifetime holiday experience. Guide your visitors past crazy monkeys, rebellious rhinos and hilarious hippos, mind the lions in the way and look for many more wicked wildlife animals. Choose the best photo moments, find these special rare and shy animals and upgrade your parks with new vehicles, bigger tourist facilities, restaurants and other services. Provide your guests with the best guidance tour and the best wildlife adventure they could wish for. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
use your bow and arrows to save the people
Gibbets 2
Gibbets 2
Your task in this sequel to Gibbets, a popular skill game, is to save the innocent people being hung by shooting the nooses with your bow and arrows. Be sharp, his life is hanging on the balance. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. To pull the bowstring click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON over the bow and move your mouse to aim. Release the button to shoot. You will get a star if you pass the level without injuring anyone. Have fun!
help the cat to stay alive in this flash game online
Your task in this arcade puzzler is to help the BluCat feed animals to each other and do not let the creatures get to the bottom of the screen. Feed smaller animals to larger animals - birds eat frogs, frog eats flies and flies just get eaten. Bombs eat anything. You need to feed a creature twice to explode it or feed one full creature to another to blow it up. Move YOUR MOUSE to move the cat and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire gun. Have fun!
help the birds escape in this Lemmings like game
Bad Birds
Bad Birds
Your objective in this Lemmings like online game is to help the bad birds escape from the jail by utilizing up to nine different jobs including: Diggers, Miners, Floaters and Bridge Builders. The birds will fall from weird entrances and you must use YOUR MOUSE to click on the action button (at the bottom of the game screen) to select it. Then click on a bird and it will start doing the action. With your help the birds will be able to find the way to the exit. The in-game level editor gives you access to limitless re-playability. Create your own levels to challenge others or try your hand at setting a world record on one of the existing maps. Have fun!
keep your shrooms safe from hungry animals
Mushroom Madness 2
Mushroom Madness 2
Your mission in this fun sequel Mushroom Madness is to use your tennis rocket, baseball bat and other weapons to protect your mushrooms from the animal invasion. Beating up cute bunnies, birds, hedgehogs, and bears can't be any funnier. Collect the coins they can be used to buy upgrades and weapons between waves. You can earn extra cash by making combo's while kicking away the animals. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack. Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to hit stronger. Have fun!
immersive gaming experience with the scratch of a record
Record Tripping
Record Tripping
Your goal in this wonderful inventive puzzle skill game is to go through all 5 chapters. Using YOUR MOUSE's scroll wheel, you'll be able to scratch your way through all five chapters. Scroll down to scratch backward. Scroll up to scratch forward. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON anywhere to slow the rotation. Good luck!
use your army of birds to protect your crops
Crop Defenders
Crop Defenders
Your task in this unique defense game is to build an army of birds, maximize your damage per second, and set traps to fend off animals before they destroy your crops. Use YOUR MOUSE to fly your birds around the field and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. You are earning money for killing those pesky animals. Use the money to buy new birds or upgrade existing between the waves. Have fun!
a birds eye view survival epic that lets you play as a bird
Endless Migration
Endless Migration
Your goal in this interesting online game is to play as a bird who must reunite with his flock and guide them safely through a maelstrom of aircraft, obstacles, and inclement weather conditions. How long can you last, in this endless migration? Move YOUR MOUSE to guide your flock leader. Try to pick up other birds to increase your flock size, because they can take over if your flock leader gets killed and they also increase your score multiplier. Max out your flock size to trigger bonus mode. There are 13 upgrades and 29 achievements to unlock, so have fun!
help the statues take revenge on the birds
Damn Birds 2
Damn Birds 2
What do the statues of the past, present, and future have in common? Winged demons (birds) pooing on them viciously. And here is your chance to take a revenge and play as special statues who have had enough. Go through time and get revenge on these flying bastards using the best weapons possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. If your load ends, you must wait until your gun is reloaded before you can shoot again. Use 1-9 NUMBER KEYS to select a gun. Press TAB to switch to next available gun. Use "R" KEY to reload the gun. You can play Damn Birds 1 Here. Have fun!
kill the Ragdoll Pirates in every way possible
Ragdoll Pirates
Ragdoll Pirates
Your task in this fun flash game is to aim and fire your cannon to kill the approaching ragdoll pirates before they steal your lives. Shoot the birds for bonus points. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim (the larger the crosshair, the harder the cannon shot) and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to fire your shotgun. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to scroll. Have fun!
keep your cake safe from hungry birds
Must Eat Birds
Must Eat Birds
Your goal in this fun game is to help an innocent monster to get rid of imminent threat from a parachuting avian invasion. They come for the cake and they don't intend to share. Only you can save the day. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and release the Nomster to launch him at the birds. Eat yourself to grow bigger and more powerful. Be careful, some birds require more than 1 hit. Hit multiple birds in a row to build up your combo count and enter MAXIMUM BAKE. Don't let the birds nom your cake. Good luck!
fun and addictive defence game
Hippie Flower
Hippie Flower
Your objective in this fun and addictive defence game with new elements (watering a flower) is to use various items (such as water, or beer) to make your flower grow as high as possible, but protect it from objects such as balls or attacking creatures like bees or birds. On top of the screen you will see the items you can use, they reappear a shot time after you use them. On the bottom of the screen you see your progress in height and how much health you have got left. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on objects to shoot them. To use items, move YOUR MOUSE to them, click and drag them onto your flower. Have fun!
defend the nearby town from the deadly-flu
Bug Squad
Bug Squad
Your objective in this shooting game is to defend the nearby town from the deadly-flu carrying creatures as you shoot from your trucks turret. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot the birds and the pigs. Don't let any get past you or your health will decrease. Flying saucers might help you in your quest, so be sure to hit them. Rack up combos to score big points. Good luck!
control the wind and fly your paper plane
Windy Day
Windy Day
Your task in this fun game is to control the wind and fly your paper plane as far away as possible. The paper plane will fly forward. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON below the plane to give it an upward boost. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON above the plane to give it an downward boost. But pay attention to your wing gauge. Avoid crashing birds, buildings or trees as they will destroy the plane. Pop balloons to earn bonus points and extra wind power. Have fun!
safely transport your fish in this shooter
Fish Truck
Fish Truck
Your mission in this cool shooting game is to safely transport your fish to the market while protecting them from those nasty birds, using weapons and upgrades you\'ll get along the way. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move your truck. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Can you bring the fish to their final destination? Good luck!
replace the missing mailman in this game
Postal Panic
Postal Panic
The mailman from Keltwall Prefecture has gone missing. And you're being sent to replace him. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your ship. Hold SPACEBAR to shoot (Turret rotates to face current direction but locks when shooting). Click the blueprint in the mission screen to visit the shop, or play survival mode if stupid stories bore you. Have fun.
take down the birds pooping on you
Damn Birds
Damn Birds
Your aim in this addictive and elaborate game is to take down the birds and wisely invest your earned cash into weapons and defenses. Aim your gun with YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Use 1-5 KEYS to select a gun (or use TAB KEY to switch to the next available gun). Press "R" KEY to reload your gun. Before each level you can buy new weapons and ammo, increase your defense or clean yourself. Have fun!
funny cartoon  Thanksgiving game
Turkey Fling
Turkey Fling
Your goal in this funny Thanksgiving flash game is to fling the turkey to freedom. You must fling him as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to stretch the turkey, then release to send him flying. While in the air, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to flap his wings and fly further. Be sure to collect corn on your way to top up your flap power. Have fun!
collect the small and avoid the big
Parachute Plunder
Parachute Plunder
Your mission in this sweet flash game is to fly the parachute through the islands to land safely. You control where you go and what you collect. Rack up points by collecting objects that are smaller than you. If you hit anything bigger you will rip the parachute and fall, losing a life. As you collect more and more stuff your grow bar will fill up then you can go after bigger things. Check instructions at the start of each level so you know what is safe to collect. Use the ARROW KEYS to navigate through the sky. Have fun!
save Las Vegas by shooting the invaders down
Vegas Invader
Vegas Invader
Your mission in this invaders flash game is to protect Las Vegas by shooting killer alien birds down. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your ship left or right. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot, and hit SPACEBAR to activate ship armor to protect you from enemy for a few seconds. If you are hit by an egg you loose 1 energy point. If you are hit by a bird you loose 2 energy points. Go get them!
help the cruel pigeon to shit on people
Pigeons Revenge
Pigeons Revenge
Your mission in this fun web game is to control the cruel pigeon and try to hit as more pedestrians with your poo as you can. You will be sitting on the roof and the people will be walking down there. You need to shit on them as precisely as possible. Move the pigeon with YOUR MOUSE. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to start increasing the power. Release the mouse button to shit. Reach the goal in each level and aim very carefully as you have limited ammo. Have fun!
help giant Eagle to feed his babies. Fun game!
Nuclear Eagle
Nuclear Eagle
Your goal in this free online game is to help Eagle that is terrorizing the local townsfolk to keep his babies healthy and happy by feeding them the humans. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the Nuclear Eagle. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to carry an object. Then fling and release the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw an object into your nest. Later levels will introduce police cars and swat vehicles, both of which can also be lifted off the ground. Use these as return fire to create fantastic explosions and combos. Have mindless fun!
destroy the totem poles before you crash into them
Sky Wings
Sky Wings
Your objective in this cool flash game is to destroy the totem poles so that you do not crash into them. Your plane will descend every time you fly across the screen. Use your UP ARROW KEY to move up and DOWN ARROW KEY to move down to avoid obstacles as flying birds etc. Hit SPACEBAR to drop a bomb. Your bombs have a long reload time if they miss so try to hit a part of the poles every shot. Good luck!
help the crazy nut to jump as high as possible
Crazy Nut
Crazy Nut
Your goal in this flash game is to help the crazy nut to jump as high as possible. Bounce on platforms or birds to jump higher higher. Birds will disappear after you jump on them. To jump higher try to have rythm in your jumps. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
try to fly as far as you can with your fly wings
Your aim in this great internet game is to help the crazy inventor to fly as far as possible with his invented fly wings. Use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to start, jump from tower and flap your wings. While in the air try to pick up the Holy Wings and avoid the birds. To consume less energy try to fly as low as possible. Once your energy reaches zero, you are to tired and you fall down. To play again press "Joaca Din Nou" button. Have fun!
jump to reach the moon while avoiding other birds
Pollo Vuela
Pollo Vuela
Your aim in this interesting flash game is to collect as many feathers as you can. Your chicken will jump higher and higher until it will reach the moon. There are other birds flying around, so use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to avoid them. Also try to get the heart every jump. Click JUGAR to start the game. Have fun!
avoid all the obstacle and fly as far as possible
Your goal in this funny game is to control Flappy and avoid all the obstacle and fly as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game, click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fly, release it to go down. Avoid all the little blue birds and try to pop all the balloons by flying into them for extra points. The difficulty increase with your progress in the game. Chris scored 2787 points. Lets play and beat his score!
dodge the oncoming birds and other obstacles
Paper Plane Madness
Paper Plane Madness
Your objective in this Helicopter based game is to control the paper plane. Click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and hold it to fly the paper plane up and release it to go down. To clear all the waves, you must dodge the flying birds without hitting the ground or going into the thunderstorm. Good luck!
the EVIL bird flu has infected most of the world. Save us!
Bird Flu Game
Bird Flu Game
The EVIL bird flu has infected most of the world. The only way to protect your country is by making sure no birds or humans get in. With other words: Shoot the crap out of them! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to Buy Ammo. We believe you will save us!
attack of the influenza birds. Shoot them all.
Flu Birds Shooting
Flu Birds Shooting
Your aim is to stop an attack of the influenza birds in this game. You have 30 seconds to kill every chicken crossing your way. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON for rapidfire. Shoot Green Chickens for bonus time. And be sure to shoot box with munition as well. Ozziog scored 24472 points. Beat that! Good luck!
jump over obstacles in this funny flash game
City Jumper
City Jumper
The aim of this funny game is to jump over various obstacles like bridges and buildings without killing yourself. Use LEFT ARROW for small jump, and RIGHT ARROW for big jump. Good luck!
an eagle hawk bird eats small birds.
Birdy Arcade Game
Birdy Arcade Game
Your task is to feed the eagle and stay alive. There is only one rule! Bigger birds eat smaller ones. And in order to grow, the eagle must eat. Control your eagle with the ARROW KEYS. Have fun!
Shooting flying balloons on the sky. Play Cool Games.
Controls - Use your mouse to aim and your left click to shoot.
Accumulate points by shooting down anything that flies, floats, glides whatever... this can be anything from hot air balloons, to black birds and even space ship's :)
But just be careful not to shoot down your own friends, you'll get to know who they are once you begin the game...

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