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very popular math puzzle game. Play online for free
Sushi Sudoku
Sushi Sudoku
Each row, column and tinted square set must have one and only one of each number, character or sushi piece. There are 3 tile sets, you can pick which one is more suitable for you. If you get stuck, there are 3 hints you can use. Using hints costs an additional 2 minutes. There is also an undo button if you made a mistake. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the piece you would like to put down on the set on the right. You can also use the keyboard 1-9 NUMBER KEYS. And then click on the square where you want to place that piece. Check in-game help to fing out how to delete a piece, use pencil marks or get some hints. Have fun!
perform stunts and complete each level as fast as you can
City Surfing
City Surfing
Your objective in this sport surfing game is to complete each level as soon as possible and get maximum points. Use ARROW KEYS to control your character, press SPACEBAR to jump and hit "1" or "2" NUMBER KEYS to do a stunt. Remember, you can perform a stunt only when you are jumping from the springboard or when you have got a high speed. If you succeeded in performing your stunt you get extra points. If you didnt, you will lose some points. Avoid obstacles and be sure to collect various power ups that will help you to finish the level. Have fun!
try to outsmart the computer in this classic board game
3 in 1 Checkers
3 in 1 Checkers
Your aim in this classic board game is to outsmart the computer and defeat him. There are three modes of game play. In the Standard mode you play standard game against a computer and you must jump if possible. In the Giveaway mode, you have to force the other player to take all your pieces. And in the Extreme mode, there are no turns, you must move as fast as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Select the difficulty to match your skills and go play!
move the sphere around the track and destroy virus
Hyper Sphere
Hyper Sphere
Your space station has been hijacked by a virus which has turned all on-board defenses against you. Your aim is to use the hyper sphere to collect all power crystals needed to destroy the virus and return control to humans. Move hyper sphere over checkpoints to activate them. You will continue the level from that point if you lose a life. Watch out for trap door, move over only when it is closed! Also avoid being shot by turret or plasma guns. Dont come into contact with droids, homing missiles and spider mines. Have fun!
match monsters in this game to achieve victory
Mon Buster
Mon Buster
Your aim in this board game is to match cards of the same kind as fast as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the cards you want to flip. The game gets harder every level because there will be a lot more monster types. Look out for special powerup cards that will help you to finish a level. Have fun!
defend your castle from the invading black pawns
Crazy Chess
Crazy Chess
Your mission of this highly addicting chess game is to defend your castle from the raging attacks of the black pawns before they get to the bottom of the board. It only takes eight black pawns to destroy your castle. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your Knight to capture enemy pawns. Remember that the knight can only move in a L shape like in traditional chess. Capture more than one black pawn it a row to earn combo. Progress to higher levels and get rewarded with the bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals. To unlock the Grandmaster mode you need to win a silver medal in the Pro mode. Try hard to collect all power-ups, as they help you in your battle. Have fun!
ride your skateboard down the track and win the race
Skate Mania
Skate Mania
Your objective in Sk8 Mania flash game is to ride your skateboard down the track and reach the finish line. Be careful, two kids, Mikey and Jake are on the track too. Do your best to avoid hitting them. Use your ARROW KEYS to control your board and press SPACEBAR to jump. You can jump over some obstacles, but you should avoid crashing into trees. Skate over the ramp to fly over the obstacles for some time. Be sure to collect flags as they give you time bonuses and also collect the wheels to skate faster. Good luck!
score by directing the ball into the opponents goal
Jack Skateball
Jack Skateball
Your aim in this sport flash game is to move your players and score goals by directing the ball into the opponents goal. You can use either keyboard or mouse to control the game. MOUSE CONTROL - mouse over one of your players to select and use the mouse to move the selected player up and down. KEYBOARD CONTROL - use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to move your players and use LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to switch players. Good luck!
arrange five or more similar colored balls together
Five Logical Game
Five Logical Game
Your aim in this logical board game is to arrange five or more similar colored balls together to remove them from the board. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on any ball to select it. Then click on an empty spot to move your selected ball there. You can move the ball only if your path is clear. By grouping five balls of the same color, you will make them disappear and you will get points, make group of more then 5 balls to get more points. Good luck!
kill all your opponents and be the last man standing
Chaos Faction
Chaos Faction
Your mission in this great fighting internet game is to defeat all your opponents and become the master. Chaos Fiction contains 29 weapons, 18 characters and 15 levels. There are 3 different modes of gameplay: CAMPAIGN: Defeat the boss of each arena to unlock extra characters, weapons and levels. DEATHMATCH: Create your own custom game with your own teams, settings and rules in a melee style blood-bath. SURVIVAL: Defeat as many enemies as you can and then submit your score to the online scoreboard. Use ARROW KEYS to move your hero. Press "Z" KEY for attack 1 and "X" KEY for attack 2. Have fun!
paint all the white cells in this board online game
Troyis Puzzle
Troyis Puzzle
Your objective in this addictive puzzle game is to paint all the white cells on the board as quickly as possible. You can only move your knight by the way of the chess knight rule (L-shape). Use YOUR MOUSE and click on destination cell to move the knight. Remember, you can walk only on white cells or on cells cells you already painted. Good luck!
empty the entire board except for a peg in the central hole
Peg Solitaire
Peg Solitaire
Your aim in this cool puzzle board game is to empty the entire board except for a peg in the central hole. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and move a peg to jump over another peg. this removes the "jumped" peg. Only horizontal and vertical jumps are allowed. The game is over when no more jumps are possible. You win the game by removing all the pegs except one from the board. A perfect game would leave one peg in the center position. Good luck!
remove the similar designed tiles to clear the board
Mahjong Connect
Mahjong Connect
Your aim in this mah jongg online game is to remove the similar designed tiles to clear the board. The only tiles that you can connect (see in-game help for explanation) can be removed. Clear a level as fast as you can to score the most points. Lets play!
watch elements chasing each other in this funny flash
Gravity Movements
Gravity Movements
This one is not actual game. It is just funny flash where you add the elements onto the board, and each have its own gravitional field. It creates the illusion of chasing after eachother. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to add new element. Hold SHIFT KEY and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to add a player element, use ARROW KEYS to control it. The elements can eliminate others and grow stronger with each succesful assassination. The number on each element refers to its level. Adding a lot of elements will result in something like a battle, where mighty elements might appear from. Have fun!
remove opponents pieces in this addictive board game
Checkers Fun
Checkers Fun
Your aim in this board game is to win the game by taking all of your opponents pieces or by blocking your opponent from making any more legal moves. Match your wits against the computer or against your friend. To move a piece, click on it with YOUR MOUSE. You can only move the piece one space forward diagonally. You cannot move the pieces backwards. The only time you can move the piece backwards is when you achieve a King. To king your pieces, you must reach the last row on the opposite side of the board. If you can jump an opponent you must do so. To take your opponents pieces, jump over his piece diagonally and land in an empty square. Good luck!
your mission is to save Mrs MadPac from the prison
Mad Pac
Mad Pac
Your objective in this sweet game is to save Mrs. MadPac who was hijacked by bad ghosts. Use your ARROW KEYS to control your movemet. Be sure to avoid angry ghosts! You will lose one life if they catch you. Collect all the power-ups available as they make you move faster, increase your life count, freeze ghosts and teleport you to different area on the board. Good luck!
make it to the bottom of the hill as fast as you can.
Snowboarding Game
Snowboarding Game
The object of this snowboarding sport game is to make it to the bottom of the hill with the fastest time. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW to turn. Every pair of trees is a gate that you must pass between. You get a time penalty for each gate you miss. Avoid the rocks. Press the SPACEBAR to crouch and release it to jump. When in the air, press and hold an ARROW KEY to choose a trick to perform. While holding the arrow key, press the SPACEBAR to perform selected trick. Release the SPACEBAR to land properly. You will get time bonuses for tricks. Janek from Poland finished the game in 00:00:10 after deductions for tricks. Beat that guys! Have fun!
this flash game test your fast reflexes. Play here!
War On Spam
War On Spam
The game is a quick-draw competition. Stand at least arms lenght from the keyboard. When you hear the announcer yell "GO", quickly hit your key before your opponent hits theirs. If you hit the key before you hear the announcer, you wont be able to throw! Contorols: Player 1 (left) - SPACEBAR, Player 2 (right) - SHIFT. Have fun!
funny action arcade game. Multiplayer mode too!
Bumperball Flash
Bumperball Flash
An action arcade game where you can play against the computer, or against a friend or co-worker using the same keyboard. Player One uses ARROW KEYS to control his car and Player Two controls his car with "W", "S", "A" and "D" KEYS. You'll have lot of fun with this game.
play the challenging solitaire card game online.
Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire
Build 8 sequences fown in suit within tableau (from King to Ace). Top cards of tableau piles are available to play. Groups of cards in sequence of the same suit may be moved as an unit. When you have made all the available plays on the board, click the draw pile to deal one card on each tableau pile.
board game lerived from indian Pachisi.
Flash Ludo
Flash Ludo
Ludo is derived from the ancient Indian game "Pachisi" which was originally played with cowries and beehive shaped pieces. The winner of flush ludo is the first player who get all four counters into his home triangle. See ingame help for full help. Lets play.
fun online multiplayer game. Lets Play.
Blob Wars
Blob Wars
Gain control of the board by attacking your opponents blobs and converting them to your own. A single square move multiples your blob - a new blob appears where you select and the first blob stays where it is. A 2 square move removes your original blob. Have fun!
free flash board games. Lets Play.
The board is devided into a number of squares behind which spheres of different colors are hidden. The player and the computer make steps in turn. After each step only one sphere can be opened. The player that has more spheres by the end of the game wins the game.
great board flash game to play for free.
Mah Jongg
Mah Jongg
The objective of the game Mahjong (also written or known as mah-jongg, mahjongg, mijang, Shangai, Taipei, Morejongg, Mindjongg, etc.), is to eliminate all pieces from the board. Find matching pairs of images at the left and right ends of the lines at the various pyramid levels.
fun puzzle game. Play it for free.
Lights Out
Lights Out
The objective of this game is to turn each light on the board out. By clicking a piece on the board you will reverse the state for that piece and every adjacent piece. If they were "on" they'll swith to "off". To win you just need to make sure the entire board is allout.
free flash strategy board games.
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Checkers
Each player starts with a different colored set of marbles placed into a point of the star. The idea of the game is to move your marbles across the board to occupy the star point directly opposite. The player getting all marbles across first wins.
cool logical board flash game.
Column Jump
Column Jump
The aim of this game is remove as much balls as possible. You may jump over one or more ball of same color, with a ball of another color. If you remove only one ball, one more ball appears on the board. If you remove all balls but one, your score is multiplied by 3. Best luck
fun internet sport computer game.
Turbing On Lake
Turbing On Lake
Use The ARROWS on your keyboard to control the boat that's pulling the tube. Be sure to anticipate moving around obstacles, because the tube takes time to catch up to the boat. Avoid all obstacles as you cruise around the Lake Tyler. You could lose your points, or worse, take a nasty spill. Keep a lookout for stars, because in Texas, stars are worth big points. Look for those ramps. Jumping in the air and collecting BIG stars is the best wat to earn that high score. So get ready and start this funny online game.
Online skateboard game. Cool flash games
Gmax Skateboarding
Gmax Skateboarding
Start position, press DOWN ARROW ket to drop in. To keep up the speed in the ramp, press DOWN ARROW key
when your skater rides his skateboard up the ramp side to accelerate. Use LEFT ARROW key to do 360' or more.
Use RIGHT ARROW key to do Backside Air with Indy Grab. UP ARROW will do Back Flip. Then use "Z", "C", "X" keys
to perform various air tricks. To get high scores try to combine different tricks. Have fun with skateboard games.
Play this board game online and take over the board!
Your aim is to take over the board. Moving to a space next to another piece will transform them into yours! CLICK on the piece you want to move, then CLICK on the space you want to move to.
Combat pilot game. Play Online Helicopter
Alpha Bravo Charlie
Alpha Bravo Charlie
Use ARROW KEYS to control helicopter, Z for rockets and X for bombs, SPACE to lover the rope. You're a pilot, you find yourself in the middle of many combat situations... in Deserts, in marshland, in greenery and Cities. Your mission is to pickup the stranded and wounded special-op servicemen returning from missions. You have full access to rockets and bombs and a good team on board... so go bring back your countrymen... and yourself ALIVE!!
Great logical / strategy flash online game.
The object of this game is to have control of the most armies after all tiles have been placed.
Each turn you receive a numbered tile to place on any free space on the board. If the selected tile
is adjacent to any enemy tiles, it will take control over them if its number is higher than the number on the enemy tile. If the selected tile is adjacent to any of your tiles, it will increase their number by 1.
Greatest battle ship game ever made!
Battle Ships
Battle Ships
Battle Ships is the computer conversion of the boardgame. First of all each player has to place various ships on the screen. Then you must shoot torpedoes on the fields and hope that you have matched a ship of your opponent.
Help Arnold escape from the underground!
Cable Capers 2
Cable Capers 2
Help Arnold the Cable Fitter escape from underground! Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move Arnold. Use X to throw cables and Z to jump.

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