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amazing war game
Viking Warfare
Viking Warfare
Your mission in this amazing war game is to build towers and boats to defeat the viking raiders who want to stole your treasures. In adition to constructed towers, youll need to build and manage archers boats to win. Unlock new tower levels as you advance, and buy upgrades with the stars granted by completing levels. Ready for an fantastic tower defence game set in the time of Celts and Vikings? In Viking Warfare you will build towers, hire archers and place ships at strategic locations to defend your land! Enjoy this amazing Viking Warfare TD tower defense game. Good luck!
funny distance upgrade game
Kick the Critter
Kick the Critter
Your goal in this funny distance upgrade game is to kick The Critter is to charge your feet to the critter to make him fly through the sky. Make Noah pay for his mistake for being a jerk. Noah has refused to let any critters on his ark. Launch your critter after Noah and secure yourself a position on his boat. Holy christ. The game is great, but the mini-games make me want to kick somebody. They're infuriating Have fun!
highly polished puzzle game
Squid Skid
Squid Skid
Your goal in this highly polished puzzle game is to slide boxes across the boat to rescue your squid brother. The game also features a nice array of obstacles to mix up the proceedings, such as mine carts that follow along specific tracks, and TNT crates that explode when they touch burning coals. The game does encourage you to complete levels quickly and with limited moves by way of a rating system, but those ubiquitous three-star rankings aren't just for show. Good luck!
ice slicing puzzle game
Ice Breaker The Gathering
Ice Breaker The Gathering
Your objective in this ice slicing puzzle game is to save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat. Click and drag with the mouse to slice through the ice. The scrolling really gets on the nerves when you're trying to concentrate and think, though I am surprised that the game just threw you in the levels, there wasn't an introduction or a tutorial. Good luck!
simple arcade style fishing game
Fishy Waters
Fishy Waters
Your task in this simple arcade style fishing game is to maneuver your tiny fishing boat through the unknown sea looking out for some fishes to catch. Catch fish, sell ’em and upgrade your boat to explore new seas and discover increasingly exotic creatures of the sea. Fish as much as you can and sell your prey to unlock new areas or to purchase new fishing rods and boat upgrades. Use the arrow keys to move, and to reel back escaping fish. You can throw out your line with the spacebar. The rest of the game is controlled with the mouse. Good luck!
seventh part of the humiliation piranha game
Feed Us Pirates
Feed Us Pirates
Your task in this seventh part of the humiliation piranha game is to help the hungry protagonist to sink boats and eat humans, birdies or tiny fishes. Also, do not forget to collect all blood orbs to buy upgrades. Pirates you can also use canons to catapult the man-eating fish through the air to reach further victims or secret treasures, but keep an eye on the oxygen content when you are outside the sea. Start out as a small piranha, but become vicious killing machine by completing objectives and purchasing upgrades. Have fun!
holiday themed sequel to the bloody piranha game
Feed Us Xmas Xpansion
Feed Us Xmas Xpansion
Your goal in this holiday themed sequel to the bloody piranha game is to massacre elps and other helper of santa claus. Take control of the killer piranha and devour your way through 10 additional missions. Move through the sea and destroy boat, catch presents and bite in the humans asses. More fish more problems! Feed US Xmas Xpansion is here. If you are in the mood for more fish eating mania, you've come to the right place! Get ready for a bloody good time. Make sure you upgrade your fish in between rounds. Have fun!
summer themed version of Stunt Crazy racing game
Beach Crazy
Beach Crazy
Your task in this summer themed version of Stunt Crazy racing game is to drive beach buggys and boats and perform crazy stunts. Use your stunt rocket and crash bomb to good effect to get around even if you lose your wheels or you are in a boat out of water. Collect all the stunt reels and smash up as much stuff as possible to progress to the next level. Earn enough cash and you can buy yourself a new car. Drive, destroy, drive and destroy some more! Go on a rampage on the beach in your car and cause as much destruction as you can. Have fun!
unique physics based puzzle flash game
Accurate Boy
Accurate Boy
Your mission in this unique physics based puzzle flash game is to use a plunger-gun to help a boy recover a pirate ship toy from a series of sewers. Guide the pirate ship into the pipe by removing, exploding, and inflating blocks with your plunger-gun. Each shot costs you points. The goal is to make the boat fall into the pipe at the bottom of the screen. The boat is usually precariously perched on top of a pile of monsters of various sizes, so you have to use your gun wisely. As you progress, the puzzles become more complex and add elements like bombs and hilariously inflatable monsters. Have fun!
play bloody horror game
Feed Us 4
Feed Us 4
Your task in this fourth part in the bloody, fun action game series is to help the hungry piranha to eat lots of helpless humans, sink boats and find treasures. Collect enough blood to evolve your fish and build a violent army of bloody eaters. Good luck!
awesome fast-paced golfing game
Turbo Golf
Turbo Golf
Try to put the golfball as fast as you can and collect coins to buy upgrades and power-ups. Play a round of golf against the 3 other opponents while running between shots. The fastest finish in the least number of shots wins. Yes its golf but not as you know, with loads of upgrades to aquire and stats to pump up along with an entire round of holes including show, dinoasaurs, pirate boats and zombies.
violent funny attacking piranhas fish game
Feed Us 3
Feed Us 3
Your task in the new funny fish game Feed Us 3 is to kill all the humans! Use YOUR MOUSE to eat and attack the people in boats. Have fun!
Find items to help you escape this boathouse!
Boathouse Escape
Boathouse Escape
Look for hidden items and clues in this challenging point and click puzzle game. Escape the boathouse as quickly as possible! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to interact with the environment. Have fun and good luck!
Destroy the city as a NY shark in this awesome destruction game!
New York Shark
New York Shark
Play as an enraged shark in this fun destruction game. Eat fish, octopus, stingrays, and jump high into the sky to devour planes, boats, and even King Kong! Think you can get a high score? Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Use the A KEY or the SHIFT KEY to bite! Swim down and then up very quickly to launch yourself in the air! Have fun!
Move all of your cargo onto the boat in this fun puzzler!
Shipping Yard
Shipping Yard
You are in charge of cargo in the shipping yard. Your task in this skills-based physics puzzler is to arrange the cargo onto the boat the best that you can! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to activate the electromagnet! Hold the left mouse button to move each cargo item! Have fun and good luck!
Fun addicting Moby Dick upgrade whale destruction boats kill game
Moby Dick 2
Moby Dick 2
Your mission in this fun and addictive Moby Dick game sequel is to upgrade and cause as much destruction as possible. Destroy all of the boats and avoid nets and harpoon attacks. Think you can get a high score? Use YOUR MOUSE to move and LEFT CLICK to boost your speed. Press the SPACEBAR to open the upgrade screen. Have fun!
dive deep in ocean game and kill underwater creatures
Fisher Diver
Fisher Diver
Your mission in this unique fishing game is to jump off your boat and swim underwater to kill the vectorized enemies with your spear gun. Earn money by capturing the creatures and putting them in your storage. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, and LEFT-CLICK to shoot and capture. Good luck!
play fast-paced sea battle game online
Frantic Frigates
Frantic Frigates
Your objective in this action game is to fight sharks and pirates in an open sea, collect treasures to upgrade your battle ship. Survive as long as possible with your ship and attack enemy units and bosses. Use YOUR MOUSE to around. Your ship will automatically attack the nearest target. Press the SPACEBAR to open up shop and buy upgrades for your ship. Good luck!
help zebra to run away in this fun physics game
Safari Time
Safari Time
Your task in this fun physics game is to solve various puzzles to help zebra to go to other side of the level by removing obstacles. Get the zebra through his safari without getting into any trouble. Use YOUR MOUSE to click obstacles in the right order and clear the way for this zesty zebra. Good luck!
load ship containers in fun physics game
Ship Loader
Ship Loader
Your objective in this fun physics puzzle game is to load containers of different weights into the ship using magnetic crane. You must be careful how you balance the containers and avoid the captain from falling. Use YOUR MOUSE to control magnetic crane, click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to activate magnet. Have fun!
cool defense strategy online game with pirates
Pirates of Teelonians
Pirates of Teelonians
Your mission in this defense game is to stop the enemy pirates from taking your precious booty and treasure. Place defenders in the right row to prevent enemy pirates from reaching you. Deploy new troops and stronger warriors until you have achieved victory. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. There is complete in game tutorial which will teach you everything about the game. Good luck!
play turn based strategy RPG game
Pirate Conflict
Pirate Conflict
Your mission in this turn based strategy/RPG is to build your pirate fleet and gang and lead them to become king of ocean. Buy ships and crew and roam the seas for some booty. Line up the cannons towards a hostile ship to fire it, or just drive into another boat to enter it in an attempt to take it down. Use WASD KEYS to scroll the map. Use YOUR MOUSE MOUSE to drag and drop the control points. Press the SPACEBAR to end your turn. Good luck!
addicting, fastpaced top-down survival shooter
Your mission in this addicting survival shooting game is to lead your soldiers in and endless war against an arachnoid species that spreads across the galaxy. You are dropped into battle to conquer planet X, but your invasion has failed and you must survive till the retrieval boat arrive. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to select weapon. Some of the killed spiders drop power ups, collect them for additional ammo, health and even gun towers that will help you in your mission. Good luck!
pachinko peggle style physics puzzle game
Your goal in this physics puzzle peggle-like game is to solve puzzles by aiming and launching your sun drops to collect all the pearls in each level. Armed with a set amount of shots, you have to hit all the colored pearls before you run out of firepower. If a sundrop falls into the sea it is lost. The lifeboat can save the falling sundrops, so aim wisely. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and set strength and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch a sundrop. Hold SPACEBAR to fast forward time. Good luck!
lead your battle worn soldiers to victory
Massive War 2
Massive War 2
Your mission in this strategy war game is to train soldiers and build military units and structures to overpower your opponents. Create an army and destroy all of your opponents bases to win the battle. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the icons to train units or use the 1-6 NUMBER KEYS. Click the formation buttons to change formations. Click the edge of the screen while scrolling to speed it up. Good luck!
protect fishing boat in this fun defense game
Defend FishBoat
Defend FishBoat
Your task in this fun defense game is to protect your fishing boat from attacks of sea pirates. They are trying to sink your boat and steal your fish. Hire several fishermen with different skills to keep pirates in safe distance from your boat. Earn cash and enter the shop to upgrade equipment and skills to survive for as long as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Once you hire Lily You, press SPACEBAR to release sharks. Have fun!
mix of Pacman, Pipeman and Bomberman games
Crystal Runner
Crystal Runner
Your task in this fun online game is to run around unlocking things, collecting coins, rescuing peeps and getting to the escape boat. All blue crystals can be rotated to allow you to pass through them. Use the ARROW KEY to control your hero and press SPACEBAR to rotate blue crystals. Press "X" KEY to place bombs. As you go further in the game, you will encounter black holes that will start to chase you if you get in their line of sight. Simply try to weasel to escape from them or go inside the castle where these pesky holes can't come in. Good luck!
cool physics-based puzzle game
On the Deck
On the Deck
Your task in this fun physics games is to save passengers from baddies and bring them safely inside the boat. Tilt your sea boat as you try to keep passengers alive and guide them to the doors. Watch out for sharks, crabs and gangsters. Control the tipping of the boat using the YOUR MOUSE. Click and hold that green arrow and drag left and right to tilt the ship. Have fun!
build and protect your island through the age
Empire Island
Empire Island
Your mission in this physics-based strategy game is to defend your Empire Island through the ages. Build up your population to raise taxes. Place your defenses, call upon powerful Acts of God and fend off ever more advanced enemies starting from simple wooden boats, right up to alien invaders. You can upgrade almost everything in this game. Use YOUR MOUSE to build and aim weapons. Use "A" and "D" KEYS to scroll the screen. Good luck!
take down waves of enemy fighters and bombers
Pacific Thunder
Pacific Thunder
Your mission in this intense shooting game is to take on the role of a lone gunboat in the South Pacific and use your machine guns and rockets to take down waves of enemy fighters and bombers, who are all trying to shoot the hell out of you with guns, rockets and bombs. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate your guns. Use 1 and 2 NUMBER KEYS To alternate weapons. Good luck!
Help 4 birds to destroy warships and oil platform
Birdish Petroleum
Birdish Petroleum
Your task in this fun puzzle game with physics elements is to eco friendly birds save the environment by helping them to sabotage the oil tankers out at sea. Loosen nuts, drop bombs, launch rockets and trigger various acts of nature to destroy oil tankers. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and follow game hints. Have fun!
bring the terror to the Seven Seas
Moby Dick: The Video Game
Moby Dick: The Video Game
Your task in this fun arcade game is to take the control of this deadly Leviathan and bring the terror to the Seven Seas. Play as a killer whale and survive for as long as you can whilst you destroy boats, eat fishermen and earn bonuses. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the whale, and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use the boost when available. Breath, eat, destroy, kill and have fun. You'll barely be able to jump out of the water and most fish can outswim you. So, you'll have to bulk up by eating some humans. Have fun!
stylish graphics, addictive game play
Upstream Kayak
Upstream Kayak
Your task in this fun and addictive kayaking game in the good old style of Uphill Rush is to go on adventure with your kayak and try to conquer the river up stream. Perform tricks for extra power. Collect fruits to gain extra points and turbo speed. Press UP ARROW KEY to paddle, use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to turn around, and press SPACEBAR to jump. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to perform tricks. Good luck!
survival against a horde of mutant canines
Dog Pound
Dog Pound
Your task in this free online game is to help an old drunk man fishing in a boat who is being attacked by a horde of mutant dogs. Kill all the evil canines by hitting them with your oar and drowning them. Do not let any on the mutant dogs get into your boat. Try to collect bonus items like vodka and blow-up dolls, but avoid hazardous stingrays, sea mines and toxic barrels. Use ARROW KEYS to smash dogs. Good luck!
a fun little 3D racing game
Your objective in this fast paced cartoon 3D competitive boat racing game is to race in three difficulty cups and challenge developer Ghost racers to unlock new boats and characters for racing. Press UP ARROW KEY to accelerate. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer your boat. Press the SPACEBAR to change camera angle. Good luck!
take control of the Bluegreen Planet
Massive War
Massive War
In the year 2082 humans have colonized Mars and Pluto. Earth is no longer a prosperous planet, but is still a powerful military force. When scientist discover a distant naturally rich planet called the 'Bluegreen Planet' each planets sends their troops to battle for control over the new planet. Your mission in this strategic war game from the creators of Battle Gear game is to train soldiers and build military units and structures to overpower your opponents. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the icons to train units (or use the 1-6 NUMBER KEYS), click the formation buttons to change formations, and click the edge of the screen while scrolling to speed it up. You can press "Q" KEY to fast forward to the left, "W" KEY to fast forward to the middle and "E" KEY to fast forward to the right. Good luck!
reach the deepest parts of the ocean
Johnny Deep
Johnny Deep
Your task in this fun upgrade game is to play as famous diver Johnny Deep and try reaching the deepest parts of the ocean. Collect bonuses along your way down the ocean, avoid or battle exotic fish and bombs and buy upgrades for your hard earned money. Try to complete all achievements on your way to become the new diving record holder. Press DOWN ARROW KEY to dive, In the ocean use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control the direction, and press SPACEBAR to shoot. Have fun!
historical naval game featuring five-way multiplayer battles
Trafalgar Origins
Trafalgar Origins
Your task in this awesome multiplayer naval fighting game is to take command of a Royal Navy frigate and her crew. England, two hundred years ago, was a dangerous and volatile place to live. Play your part in historic recreations of actual naval battles. Use the elements to your advantage as you smash and grab from enemy frigates. Seek and destroy up to five friends in 3 multiplayer modes. Use WASD KEYS to sail around the game area. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the ship-side you want fire from and cycle through your available weaponry with the SPACEBAR. Good luck!
the shark from Miami Shark is in a new game
Sydney Shark
Sydney Shark
The shark from Miami Shark Game just hit the Australia. Your task in this amazing action game is to play as the sociable shark and terrorize Australia just for the hell of it. Swim around Sydney Harbor, chomp on surfers and destroy everything in and around your path. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and dive, breaking and blowing up boats. Press CTRL or "A" KEY to bite and eat people and swans. You can even bring down helicopters and planes with your teeth. Have fun!
an addicting upgrade-based gold digger game
Your objective in this awesome upgrade based game is to climb aboard a MegaDrill and dig down into the earth to salvage treasures. You have 25 weeks to gather as much money as possible to buy the boat of your dream and go on a well earned vacation. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer the Drill. Use UP ARROW KEY to burn nitro (must be upgraded first). And click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch the Mechanical Mole (must be upgraded first). Try to earn achievements during those 25 weeks, they are worth mad money at the end of the game. Good luck!
a fun physics puzzle game
Your goal in this physics game with puzzle elements is to rescue vikings who have unfortunately become trapped in a glacier. Slice the ice by clicking and dragging with YOUR MOUSE and solve the puzzles to get all of the vikings back to their longboat. If the viking captain can't break a big chunk of the ice, cut id down to make it smaller for him. Good luck!
kill the Ragdoll Pirates in every way possible
Ragdoll Pirates
Ragdoll Pirates
Your task in this fun flash game is to aim and fire your cannon to kill the approaching ragdoll pirates before they steal your lives. Shoot the birds for bonus points. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim (the larger the crosshair, the harder the cannon shot) and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to fire your shotgun. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to scroll. Have fun!
help shark to destroy everything that moves
Miami Shark
Miami Shark
Your mission in this online game is to take a wild ride through the action packed daily routine of a Miami Shark, the destruction and mayhem is bound to rip your face off right through the screen. Intense shark-tion includes intense explosions, mass genocide of innocents and adrenaline pumping insanity. Use WASD KEYS to control the shark. Press CTRL or "V" KEY to bite. To make a Superjump dive deep and then come up fast. Jump on boats and things to break them. Try to bite aircrafts and pull them down into the water. Good luck!
help the ball to get his lost crown in this fun game
Red Ball 2
Red Ball 2
Bigger, better, stronger, cuter...and more lost than ever. Red Ball 2 is here, and he has lost his beloved crown. Your task is to help him play through puzzles, cannons, water, pins, toxic waste, invisible platforms, boats and much, much more on his quest to find the crown. Features 20 action-packed levels, one golden crown, and a Red Ball on a mission to find it. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Press DOWN ARROW KEY to stop. Have fun!
blow the ships out of the water in underwater shooter game
IntenSub 2
IntenSub 2
Your goal in this intense underwater 2D shooter in the vein of a few classic arcade games is to destroy waves of enemies approaching from both sides. Use YOUR MOUSE to navigate the submarine. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to gain power for your torpedo. Release to fire. The faster your rockets are going, the more damage they do. Collect the power-ups that are floating around from time to time. Good luck!
avoid the missiles for as long as possible
Party Boat
Party Boat
Your task in this fun and addictive retro game is to avoid the boat's missiles for as long as possible. You can get score multipliers by doing flips. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate your helicopter. Hold UP ARROW KEY for full throttle. Hold DOWN ARROW KEY to stop the engine immediately. Have fun!
pillage and kidnap nuns in this fighting game
Your mission in this online game is to control the Viking named Harald and help him to pillage and kidnap nuns while brutally murdering all that get in your way and claim the kingdom. You have to help Harald bring 20 nuns back to his boat. Nuns hide in castle. Use the ARROW KEYS to move Harald. Press the SPACEBAR to attack enemies. Good luck!
jump until you fail horribly and fall
Your task in this fun game is to jump from platform to platform and try to go as far as you can without falling to the bottom. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Avoid all projectiles send from the bad guy on cannon (they won't kill you, just annoy). Good luck!
game from the dangerous days of World War II
Warfare Transporter
Warfare Transporter
Your mission in this cool game is to make your living as a Warfare Transporter in the dangerous days of World War II. You must move arms and explosives through treacherous waters and combating enemy units trying to send you to Davy Jones' Locker. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your ship. Click anywhere under the ship to drop water mine. Click anywhere above the ship to fire from the cannon. Good luck!
beat other pirates and steal the gold treasure
Pirate Race
Pirate Race
Your objective in this game is to race the other pirates to the island treasure and get there before they do. Pirates do what pirates do - they play dirty. Use your cannons to shoot the enemy before they shoot you, and try to outsmart them to the end. You get gold by blasting enemy ships and getting the booty at the end of the race. Use the riches to upgrade your boat, weapons, sails, and oarsman. Press LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to row your boat. Press SPACEBAR to fire cannons. Good luck Captain, you'll need it!
play funky racing game online for free
Raccoon Racing
Raccoon Racing
Your aim in this funky racing game is to race with the kart or hovercraft over 8 different tracks in a spectacular battle to reach the finish first. Press and hold UP ARROW KEY to accelerate. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to brake or go reverse. Use LEFT and RIGHT KEYS to steer. Press SPACEBAR to use weapon. Have fun!
amazing online 3d flash game to play
Tevlon 3D
Tevlon 3D
Your mission iin this stunning 3D shooter is to take control of your ship and engage the enemy. Search and destroy your waypoints, which can be enemy bases, boats and more. Avoid the hostile mines and anti air turrets firing at you. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS or ARROW KEYS to move. Press SPACEBAR to fire. You can use "Z" and "X" KEYS to strafe. Good luck!
upgrade your submarine and hunt for treasure
Treasure Seas Inc
Treasure Seas Inc
Your mission in this unique game is to explore the seas in your submarine and find hidden treasure in deep waters. Discover all three routes of the Kaluha Triangle to find as much treasures as possible. Rig up your submarine in order to reach greater depths. Dolphins which accompany the ship sometimes give hints. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to navigate the ship. Press SPACEBAR to drop a submarine. Use the ARROW KEYS to control the submarine. Press "A" KEY to grab treasures. Also keep your eye on oxygen, battery and pressure. Have fun!
fun racing game with lots of unlockables
Tiny Tracks
Tiny Tracks
Your objective in this fun top down driving game with Formula 1, Rally, Street, Boat and Crazy racing modes is to take part in Tiny Tracks Racing and see if you can unlock all of the race tracks. This game features over 100 challenges to unlock! Use either the ARROW KEYS or ""W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to drive. Press SPACEBAR to break. Good luck!
forget the cars, park the fork lift truck
ForkLift Frenzy
ForkLift Frenzy
Your objective in this funny park a car style game is to pick up crates and drop them off at the designated location before the time limit ends. I'm sure you have already mastered the car parking and boat docking - now try moving crates in this Forklift truck game. Speed and accuracy is the key! Use the ARROW KEYS to drive forklift and press SPACEBAR to raise/lower forks. Good luck!
save all the men who have fallen overboard
Shark Attack
Shark Attack
Your goal in this online game is to use your sailboat to save the men who have fallen overboard. Also make sure you avoid the big white shark. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your boat. You have to maneuver your sailboat properly to avoid crashing into rocks. There is also a wind factor in this game so keep an eye for wind changes. A tip would be to go full throttle when in open spaces and lower your sail to slow the boat whenever you are near rocks. Try to avoid crossing paths with the shark. Have fun!
feed your wife and do not let her die of starvation
The Lord of Harpoon
The Lord of Harpoon
Your goal in this amazing game about fishers whom love to sail and fish is to fish hard and feed your wife and do not let her die of starvation. Be exemplary husband. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move your boat, UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to aim your harpoon and press SPACEBAR to shoot. Be careful, not all fish are good. So make sure you leave orange fish alone as it in The Red Book and protected. Have fun!
build a bridge, cross over the river to save your love
Bridge Savior
Bridge Savior
Your aim in this skill game is to build a bridge and cross over to the other side of the river, where your beloved is kidnapped by the hostage. Use bombs to kill the enemy soldiers before they reach your beloved or they will kill her. Use LEFT MOUSE CLICK to change the shape of the block to build the bridge. Press "G" KEY to start moving from your end and hit SPACEBAR to open the game of the other end after you get there. Remember, you have to collect the key on your way to the other side, so you will be able to unlock the gate. Beware of the passing boats, sharks and cranes. They will destroy your bridge. Beware of the crocodile, it will destroy your bridge and will also kill you. Have fun!
race your powerboat over the 7 championship courses
King of Power
King of Power
Your aim in this powerboat racing flash game is to race your boat over the seven championship courses. To complete a course you must pass through each checkpoint in order. Manoeuvre your boat with the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. Remember, your turning rate decreases the faster you travel - slow down for those corners. Control the throttle with the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS. The throttle remains at the position you set it - if you want to slow down pull the throttle back. Good luck!
control your cannon and destroy enemy boats
Water Bomb
Water Bomb
Your aim in this action game is to control your cannon and destroy enemy boats. Set the direction of the cannon using UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS, to move forward and backward use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS, set the power by holding your SPACEBAR and fire by releasing it. Set the power and angle according to the position of enemy to get a positive result. Go get them!
escue your people in the water with your helicopter
Navy Game
Navy Game
In this navy flash game your aim is to control the helicopter with YOUR ARROW KEYS to guard your ship against enemy attacks, and rescue your people in the water. To complete each level you must rescue all of the men in the water (by pressing SPACEBAR). You also must destroy the submarines (by pressing SPACEBAR) attacking your ship with your torpeods to keep your Anzac frigate afloat. Also destroy all patrol boats that are atacking you (by pressing SPACEBAR). Good luck!
steer your ship around the Caribbean ports. Play here!
Easy Cuise
Easy Cuise
In this game use ARROW KEYS to steer your ship around the Caribbean ports. Sail her carefully into the dock to complete the level. Use the "A" and "S" KEYS to help nudge the bow of the boat with the bow thrusters. If you bump the ship 5 times or run out of the time, the level is over and you must start again. You have 3 lives to complete the game. Good luck!
guide hobbits and goblin through dangerous waterways
Dead Marshes
Dead Marshes
Navigate your boat through the water channels without hitting the sides and find the switch to open the gate to proceed further. Follow the instructions at the beginning of each level. Use ARROW KEYS to navigate the boat. Also collect every coin in each level to unlock special boats. Good luck!
catch a fish in deep sea online game
Super Fishing
Super Fishing
Use your mouse to move your boat left or right. And click left mouse button to drop your fishing line and haul in as many fish as you can before time expires. You gain more time by hauling in fish. You lose time for hauling in trash or being hit by lightning.
play free online sailing game on Funny Games.
Captain Chaos
Captain Chaos
Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control your boat and sail. Plot your course using the radar just beat the red one! Avoid the wildlife, creatures of the deep sea or risk being
sunk. Catch a gust and leave 'em for a dust. Race against the clock and the red boat. Go ahead.
fun internet sport computer game.
Turbing On Lake
Turbing On Lake
Use The ARROWS on your keyboard to control the boat that's pulling the tube. Be sure to anticipate moving around obstacles, because the tube takes time to catch up to the boat. Avoid all obstacles as you cruise around the Lake Tyler. You could lose your points, or worse, take a nasty spill. Keep a lookout for stars, because in Texas, stars are worth big points. Look for those ramps. Jumping in the air and collecting BIG stars is the best wat to earn that high score. So get ready and start this funny online game.

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