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crash enemy spaceships down
Dr Wilys Ufo
Dr Wilys Ufo
Your goal in this retro game is to help Dr. Wily move his ufo and crash into enemies to take them down. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your ship. And click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Do not crash your ufo into buildings The metools are against your ufo. If they swarm you attacking is difficult. Try to get over 10.000 points. Have fun!
protect the Earth in this tower defense game
Massive Space TD
Massive Space TD
Your mission in this massive TD game is to protect your planet from hundred and thousand of creeps by building turrets. It is very easy to understand! You will understand how to play it in seconds and that is important. But it takes a while to master. Press "B" KEY to access towers menu, hit "U" KEY for upgrades, "S" KEY to sell a turret and press SPACEBAR to call the next wave. Good luck!
great game with a complex research system
Neo Tower Defence
Neo Tower Defence
Neo Tower Defence is a tower defence game loosely based off the space sim Allegiance. It features a wide variety of towers and support buildings along with a complex research system. Try to set up advanced towers which have proven to be particularly effective against Creeps. It is up to you to pick a faction and fight for it's survival! This game has a very steep learning curve. It involves strategy, trial and error and maybe just a tad bit of luck. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good Luck!
defend yourself against the orc hordes
Strong Bow
Strong Bow
Your mission in this game is to defend your castle and attack your opponent's castle at the same time. Everytime you hit an enemy unit, you gain gold which you can spend on your own troops, building defenses and catapults, or upgrading your hero. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to look around the surrounding area. Use 1-9 NUMBER KEYS to select the weapon. Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag YOUR MOUSE to set the angle and power, release LMB to fire. Click on the middle panel to buy upgrades or Troops. Good luck!
physics-based tower building online game
Your goal in this awesome physics-based tower building game is to build the tallest, largest, and strongest structure possible. Don't let it collapse. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to add a new pylon, click one bolt, then another to join them together. Try to use triangles - they are the most stable! You can use SHIFT+click to delete pylons, or SPACEBAR to freeze time (if you have a full special meter). Good luck!
protect your city in this free game
Canyon Defense
Canyon Defense
Your mission in this cool tower defense game is to build an ideal defense system and save the inhabitants from the waves of enemy attacks. Build your defense in preparation for the attacks. The next wave is displayed at the bottom of your control panel. Complete mini-quests to unlock new towers and buildings. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
great online strategy game
Sea of Fire 2
Sea of Fire 2
Your mission in this great strategy game (second version of the Sea of Fire game) is to build your base buildings, train soldiers and construct vehicle units to destroy your opponents base. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the empty tiles to the left to construct buildings, use them to defend your base from enemy and to produce units to attack them. All structures are upgradeable, which makes either them or units they produce more powerful. On global map (during campaign) capture territories with resources to make more units and structures available.
defend your area from invading enemy
Balloon Invasion
Balloon Invasion
Your mission in this game is to take a role of the commander of the anti-air defense in the area. The enemy is invading from the open sea with enormous battle groups of bomb-armed balloons. You can establish defense structures and call air raids to push the enemy back into the sea. Win battles, gain experience, level up and use your commander points to gain access to upgrades and various weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. 1-9 NUMBER KEYS calls air raids / paces buildings. Good luck, Commander!
Need to vent some anger? Play this game
Your goal in this fun stress reliever is to demolish all office buildings in the city by swinging your demolition ball at it. You drive your demolition vehicle and you must demolish everything that comes into your way. Swing YOUR MOUSE from right to left to hit the buildings or pull blocks off them. You can upgrade your vehicle between levels. Have fun!
draw a track and then ride on it
Free Rider 2
Free Rider 2
In this fun game you can draw a track and then ride your vehicles and bikes on it. New features include multiple vehicles, power-ups, tricks, scenery and improved physics. Add gravity boosts, slow motion,and more from the menu. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw tracks and buildings, select backgrounds and vehicles, accelerators, extras and other stuff. Once your track is finished use the UP ARROW to accelerate, DOWN ARROW to brake. Press LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean left/right. Press "Z" KEY to turn around. Press ENTER to restart. Have fun!
can you reach the 16th floor?
Cursor 10
Cursor 10
Your goal in this unique game is to Co-operate with yourself to get to level 16. You are a cursor in a building trying to reach the top floor. Clicking objects will give you points or uncover items, while clicking on stairs allows you to move between floors. As you play the game, your cursor dies and you have to start over. How boring. However, on your next life, your previous cursor repeats everything you have did during that life, assisting your current life. Confused? It's easy!
the creeps are back and after your Elements!
Flash Element TD 2
Flash Element TD 2
UPDATED VERSION! Your mission in Flash Element Tower Defense 2 is simple, protect your elements at all costs by building towers to kill the creeps. The creeps will try and walk the path to your elements, if they make it they will pick them up and head back to the start. If they remove all of your elements in one go the game is over. The best way to learn the game is to play it, the first time you do so you will be shown a quick guide as to where everything is and what everything does. If you want to know some tips that will help you out just click on options and then tips to read them. Have fun!
set up towers and kill the waves of soldiers
Flash Empires
Flash Empires
Your goal in this cool free online strategy game is to set up towers and train units and kill all the enemies coming to destroy your castle. There are 3 different buildings in the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on each of them to access 3 different menus. Theres the upgrade menu, the tower menu and the troop menu. Simply drag and drop the buttons in the menus to create units. How many waves can you survive? Good luck!
special edition of SC flash action game
StarCraft FA 5 SE
StarCraft FA 5 SE
Your goal in this defence game based on StarCraft is to play as the Zerg Overmind and build up your defences and survive the combined Terran and Protoss attacks. There are two game modes now: Casual for all of you who found this game too hard and Hardcore which is practically the same as in the original version of the game. You begin the game with not enough cash to start building your defenses so the first thing to do is to earn cash. Your only mean of protection is the first Psionic Spell - Smite. As soon as you have earned 500 cash, you can build a Sunken Colony. Check in-game FAQ/INFO for more details. Good luck!
deliver the presents and try to out-smart Jack Frost
Santa vs Jack
Santa vs Jack
Your goal in this fun Christmas game is to help Santa has to deliver as many fancy dress costumes as possible before the time runs out. Use the ARROW KEYS to move Santa and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire a present. There are many obstacles which will make it difficult for you, including dangerously tall buildings and Jack Frost's savage icicle attack. The more presents you deliver without dropping, the higher your multiplier. For each multiplier you will be given a different fancy dress costume to deliver. Have fun!
protect your base from MAD enemy onslaught
Mutually Assured Destruction
Mutually Assured Destruction
Your mission in this great flash game is to shoot down the enemy missiles that are attacking your base. And see how long you can last against the onslaught. Use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire a missile. Try to aim ahead of an incoming missile for best effect. Destroying missiles gives you resources which can be used to purchase upgrades. Upgrades use building shield energy. Use upgrades by clicking the button below the building or pressing the corresponding NUMBER KEY. Lets play!
help huge dinosaur destroy the buildings
Big Head
Big Head
Your objective in this free online game is to use the Big Head, huge dinosaur, to destroy the buildings shown in the objective screen in the upper right corner within allotted time. Destroy as many ground and air units as possible for additional points and to prevent them from taking your energy away. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Use SPACEBAR to jump. Press UP ARROW KEY +"A" KEY to attack ground units with head. Press DOWN ARROW KEY + "A" KEY for big ground stomp. Press "A" KEY to attack building. Press UP ARROW KEY + "S" KEY to eat helicopter (increases energy) and use "S" KEY for ultimate attack (requires at least half energy). Have fun!
lead your CQC team and complete various tasks
Close Quarter Combat
Close Quarter Combat
Your mission in this action shooting game is to lead the CQC special forces, enter the building and try to complete all the action packed levels. Use the \"A\", \"S\", \"D\", \"W\" KEYS to move around, use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Press the 1,2,3 NUMBER KEYS to switch machinegun mode, press SPACEBAR to use grenade launcher, press the \"E\" KEY to perform an action (pressing switches, picking up items etc). Good luck!
upgrade your arsenal and be tactical
Storm TD game
Storm TD game
Your mission in this Tower Defense like game with strategy elements is to protect your Command Center against invaders by building turrets around it. You earn money from the Gold Mines. Each Gold Mine produces 6$ each 5 seconds. Count of mines you can build is limited. Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to select defenders on the right side of the screen. Choose place on the map to build defender and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to place the unit there. You can press SPACEBAR to cancel building. Good luck!
great halloween turret defense game
Defender Hold the Holy Pig
Defender Hold the Holy Pig
Monsters are preparing to attack your city. Your objective in this cool defense game is to defend the city at all costs by building defense towers to attack the monsters. Use YOUR MOUSE and place the towers strategically to inflict maximum damage to your foes. There are several types of towers. Fire: good damage with medium range (attacks air & land units). Wind: less damage with good range. Can slow a single enemy (air & land). Lightning: very good damage and good range (air only). Ice: little damage with short range, but will slow your enemies. Earth: good damage with small range (land only). Ultimate: excellent damage with a very large range. Good luck!
escape earth and colonize a distant planet.
Via Sol 2
Via Sol 2
Your mission in this strategy flash game is to build a prosperous civilization on a distant planet. Choose a spot to land and start building from there. Use your resources wisely to bolster your population and keep them happy or be ousted from office and shamed before the residents. To build, use YOUR MOUSE and click on a piece of land and choose the build tab to select the structure you want. Your society has needs, fulfill these needs by building the proper buildings and your people will be happy. Use the ARROW KEYS to scroll the map. When you lose, you can still continue the game! It doesnt matter if you lose while learning. Good luck!
destroy cities with a bionic warmachine
Your mission in this top view retro shooter is to destroy all buildings in a level. Watch out for enemies that will do anything to stop you from destroying their city. Use the ARROW KEYS or "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Try to accumulate power collecting stars and throw super-attacks by pressing SPACEBAR. Good luck!
mixture of aero shooter and tactical strategy game
Skies of War
Skies of War
Your goal in this awesome shooter is to become the most important pilot of the rebel army. You are the chief pilot and it is your job to rage war from the skies. Start your mission by destroying enemy buildings and encampments. Win this war for your people. Your aircraft will follow YOUR MOUSE. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire selected weapon (roll your mouse over the aircraft and click to activate a weapon select menu). Press "C" KEY to switch quickly between weapons. Press SPACEBAR to open the minimap. Press and hold "R" KEY to make a roll (only fighters), and press and hold CTRL KEY for hover-mode (only helicopters). Read in game Instructions for more info. Have fun!
turret defense game which takes place in Hungary
Budapest Defenders
Budapest Defenders
Your objective in Budapest Defender is to prevent enemy units from taking over the Hungarian Revolutionary headquarters. Using limited resources, equip and place fighters on the building tops to destroy incoming Russian tanks, secret police sedans and armored cars. You can also purchase and place road blocks on city streets to impede the enemy advance. This awesome TD game offers two maps and 30 waves of enemies. In expert mode, enemies enter from both sides and your headquarter has two entrances to guard. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
stack the skyscraper tiles to build your own city
Tower Bloxx
Tower Bloxx
Your goal in this free online game is to build as high and as stable building as possible by dropping blocks. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop the block. The higher your building is the more people you will get for each placed block. The amount of people also depends on how well the block is placed. Centering a block perfectly on top of another will fill the combo meter. Placing more blocks before the meter empties will add to the combo and perfect drops will refill the meter. In build city mode your goal is to create a thriving Megalopolis. Build towers and place them wisely in the city grid to reach the goal. You have three chances to finish the tower. After finishing a tower, use YOUR MOUSE to place it in the desired location on the city grid. Have fun!
kill the red creeps in this turret defense game
Turret Tyranny
Turret Tyranny
Your mission in this realtime turret defense game is to kill the red creeps that move around the map before they reach the end. To do that, buy and build gun turrets that shoot the creeps. How well you place your defenses determines if you win or lose. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Start by clicking the Bolter Sentry gun selector, then click on a map tile (blue one) to determine where it goes. The rest of the game is based on building guns just like that. Some guns also have to be unlocked and upgraded. Some guns have to be aimed to shoot at a certain spot. Other guns can accidentally kill other guns if they are not placed correctly. Experiment with what guns can do to develop your strategy. Good luck!
defend Area 51 from enemy attackers at all costs
Onslaught 2
Onslaught 2
Your mission in this awesome turret defense game is to build the defenses and stop the attackers from getting into Area 51. There is a cash bounty on the head of every attacker and each wave is tougher than the last. Use your earnings to upgrade your defences and keep the attackers at bay. This game has much more features than any other turret defense game. Not only you defend your base by building weapons and upgrading them. You can also make them stronger by purchasing modifier turrets. You can even use super damaging combo weapons by grouping together weapons and upgrading their damage to the max. Check in-game tutorial map for more information. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game (or you can use some of many keyboard shortcuts). Have fun!
build a series of at least three same symbols
Rome Puzzle
Rome Puzzle
Your goal in this addictive logic game is to create matches of three same symbols in a row. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on adjacent tiles to swap them. There is marble plaque (blue background) behind some tiles. Make matches over all marble plaque tiles to finis the level. Some of the tiles give you resources, such as gold, supplies and food. Collect all 3 types of resources to buy buildings for your city. Match four or five tiles in a row to get more resources. You can check in-game Help for more useful tips. Good luck!
funny collection of four little mini games. Have fun!
Your goal in this fun collection of flash minigames is to beat the top 3 games to unlock the fourth one. In space bird you have to use YOUR MOUSE to control a bird, dodge meteors and collect powerups. In Close Call 2 game your goal is to dodge walls and enemies by using your jet pack and bouncing off walls the get through the gaps. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. And in Helicopter Take Down you need to use YOUR MOUSE to destroy at least 150 helicopters trying to hit your tower building. Have fun!
blow away enemies, towers, vehicles, fences, and buildings
Holy War
Holy War
Your mission in this cool top-down action shooter is to blow away enemies, towers, vehicles, fences, and buildings. Get to the end of each level destroying as many enemy units as possible. Be sure to pick up bonuses and health packs. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move, use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. To choose alternative weapons (if available) use "1", "2", "3" KEYS or the MOUSE WHEEL. Good luck warrior!
rescue the civilians who are stranded in a blizzard
Freeze Lifter
Freeze Lifter
Your goal in this little gravity-lander game is to pick up guys from skyscrapers and fly back to the base without bouncing against the buildings. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your chopper. You may need to fit into tight areas, press SPACEBAR to change directions. Land next to a civilian to pick them up and return to base to save the civilians. You get a fuel bonus for every civilian you save. Keep your eye on your console for all vital stats. Complete all 5 levels to finish the game and save humanity. Lets play!
blow up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squish people
Collateral Damages
Collateral Damages
Your mission in this catchy destruction robot game is to produce some collateral damage blowing up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squishing people. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control mech walking direction. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to aim your weapon. Press "Z" KEY to fire. Keep on firing on targets until they explodes. You can drop energy shields to protect from enemy fire by pressing "X" KEY. Use SPACEBAR to jump (hold it down for higher jump). Good luck!
Save the people from the burning buildings
Save Me Game
Save Me Game
Your goal in this funny online game is to save the people from the burning buildings! You can also save the household items for extra points! Try to save as many people/things as possible and get on the world-wide highscore board! Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the rescuers. You can press "P" KEY to pause the game. Have fun!
Grow your dot civilization in this simulation game
Dotville Deluxe
Dotville Deluxe
Your goal in this civilization simulation game is to grow your village and try to keep your dots happy! It is the year 200 AD. You are chosen to be the one building a new homeland for dot civilization. You have to complete many tasks. Your life as a dot-leader lasts for 50 turns (years). In this time you have to become Dot Emperor or the game will be lost! I strongly recommend reading the instructions before playing the game the first time. Good luck!
dominate the world in fun little strategy war game
Sea of Fire
Sea of Fire
Your goal in this fun little strategy war game is to attack and occupy enemy territory to gain access to strategic resources. First of all use YOUR MOUSE to select neighbouring territory that is available for attack. In the real time strategy scree, select an empty tile and construct some buildings on them. Then use the structures to produce units with which you will destroy an enemy base. Once produced, units will attempt to reach enemy base automatically, you dont need to control them. If there are no complete structures on the enemy base, you win the level! Money is automatically deposited into your account every period of time. You can build special structures to increase the amount. Read in-game instructions for more detailed info! Have fun!
protect your base from the creeps as long as you can
Flash Element TD
Flash Element TD
The aim of this great little warcraft-themed, tower defense flash game is to kill the creeps before they reach the end of the maze. You do this by building attacking towers on the grass around the maze. To build use YOUR MOUSE and click on the one you want to build on the right, then click on the map where you want it to be built. Towers may be added or upgraded in real-time, even during a wave. Once built you can click on them to upgrade or sell. At the beginning you can build only basic towers. To build advanced ones you have to do some research. Wood is required for research, and you will receive one wood after every 7 waves of creeps. Good luck!
shoot down the armed robots in the office building
Your mission in this robot killing game is to venture through the office building and shoot down the clone robots with your AK-47. Your position and route you walk will be pointed out on a radar. When reaching a room with enemies, you will have to clear out the room of all enemies to continue. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire, press SPACEBAR to reload your weapon. Hit SHIFT KEY to continue when all enemies are dead. Press CTRL KEY to pick up items. And use UP ARROW KEY and DOWN ARROW KEY to swith between secondary and primary weapon. Have fun!
reach emerald chamber and stel precisious jewel
Emerald Thief
Emerald Thief
Your aim in this stealing game is to check the map of the museum properly. You have to reach the emerald chamber and steal the precisous jewel. You will have to collect some keys to open some closed doors. Try to underestand the color of the keys and doors. The precisous emerald is of course green. Steal the emerald and escape from the building before the cops arrive. Use your ARROW KEYS to move. Stay alert and avoid the lase beams and cameras to avoid being caught. You can check the map to discover which room you are in if you feel lost. Pay attention to instructions on the bottom left. Good luck!
destroy a deady weapons of mass destruction
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Your mission in this great shooting flash game is to locate and neutralize a deadly weapons of mass destruction developed by North Koreans. There are three informers on the ground that will brief you on the mission. You must be very carefull during your mission and always try to stay out of sight and strike at the right moment. Climb trees and buildings to avoid detection. Use "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to move around, use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to select your weapon and hit "E" KEY to open door. To look around press SPACEBAR. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use your weapon. Be sure to come through Training Mission, if will show you some tips and tricks. Good luck!
protect houses on your planet against falling asteroids
World Defense
World Defense
Your mission in this addictive funny game is to protect houses on your planet against falling asteroids. If a building gets destroyed, you loose 20% of your score. If all your buildings get destroyed, it is game over. Use YOUR MOUSE to spin the planet to prevent buildings being hit by meteors. Click and hold your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the planet and move your mouse to rotate it. With your score you can buy power-ups in the shot between levels. If you already bought magnetic bomb, hit SPACEBAR to use it. Have fun!
defeat your enemy in this awesome strategy game
The Blade
The Blade
Your mission in this awesome strategy flash game is to defend your castle against aggressive opponent and destroy his castle. To do this, you need to build strategic buildings and train strong army. Then attack your opponents castle wisely. You can get back to defensive position if necessary. Be sure to read and follow the instruction you are given when playing as they will help you to success in this game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click on attack button to launch an attack and back button to get defensive. Good luck!
survive the worst day in your life and visit your friend
Be Bad
Be Bad
It seems that you dont have a very good day. You will have many problems right after you wake up in this side scrolling flash game. Your aim is to reach the friends home safely after passing through various buildings. Dodge various obstacles, punch people to get them off your way, open the doors etc. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump and attack or perform action by pressing SPACEBAR. Have fun!
fill empty space and capture ghost by building walls
Your objective in this addictive online game is to fill empty space and capture angry ghosts by building walls. As soon as you fill 75% or more empty space you will go to the next level. Beware of ghosts, if ghosts catch you, you will lose one life. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Be sure to collets all power-ups. See in-game Instructions to learn more about all powerups. Have fun!
destroy all the buildings by dropping bombs on them
Chopper Drop
Chopper Drop
Your objective in this classic game is to destroy all the buildings by dropping bombs on them so you dont crash into buildings. As you move, the distance between the chopper and buildings reduces, so target the taller buildings first but dont ignore others. Hit SPACEBAR to drop a bomb. Have fun!
destroy enemy convoys to win the war in this tactical game
Turret Defense
Turret Defense
In this game you need to destroy enemy convoys. Use YOUR MOUSE to click buttons on the right bottom corner of the screen to construct buildings. Informations about buildings will be displayed during the game. Pay attention to the messages on the left top corner of the screen. Resources available are at the top right. Resouces needed to build something are shown in the bottom left. Good luck sargent!
destroy buildings before time runs out. Fun game.
Hulk Smash Up
Hulk Smash Up
Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move along the city block. Climb up and down the sides of buildings using UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS. To leap use the CTRL KEY and the direction key you want to move in. Use the SPACEBAR for punching. Smash everything before the time runs out and the Hulk changes back into his human alter ego. I have managed to destroy $7.159.969 worth of buildings. Can you beat that? Have fun!
shoot down enemy soldiers and blow up buildings
Flash Fodder
Flash Fodder
You have to gude elite soldier and infiltrate into the enemy area in the Siberian sector. Invade deep into the enemy base kill all enemy soldiers and destroy all the buildings. Move Around using ARROW KEYS. Aim with YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to shoot. To plant a bomb press and hold "E" KEY. You can boost game speed by holding SHIFT KEY. Have fun!
relieve stress by destroying cars and buidlings
Doc Ock Rampage
Doc Ock Rampage
Help the evil Doc Ock to destroy the entire city using his powerful tentacles. Climb up all buildings and smash them with the tentacles. Avoid all policemen as they will shoot on you. Kill them by your tentacles too. Destroy all buildings to proceed to the next level. Use ARROW KEYS to control Doc Ock and hit SPACEBAR to use your tentacles. Lets Play!
jump over obstacles in this funny flash game
City Jumper
City Jumper
The aim of this funny game is to jump over various obstacles like bridges and buildings without killing yourself. Use LEFT ARROW for small jump, and RIGHT ARROW for big jump. Good luck!
free online game. Shoot down the terrorists.
Scope Assault
Scope Assault
Shoot down the terrorists holding up this building. Control your scope with YOUR MOUSE, zoom on terrorists and click to shoot. Be accurate and fast, pretty simple isnt it? Lets Play!
stack your people until you climb to the helicopter
Climbing Game
Climbing Game
You can choose from two backrounds: Hotel buildings or Rocky mountains. Your aim is to stack the people until you climb to the helicopter. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the person (right bottom of the game) you would like to add to your live tower. Good luck!
Fun South Park flash game. Play it online for free.
Kill Kenny
Kill Kenny
Use the mouse to move back and forth to dodge the knives thrown by Cartman, Eric and Stan. The door on the building opens
randomly to expose Jimbo. Jimbo is offering you a gun. You must be in front of the door to get the gun. Once you get it, aim it by using arrow keys and click Kenny to shoot. This is one badass southpark online game. Must see for South Park fans!

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