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point-and-click adventure game
Love Burger
Love Burger
Your task in this point-and-click adventure game is to play as owner of the restaurant and operate rude customer. A tough guy demands chocolate for his lover at the burger store. Well, you have no choice in this situation. Find chocolate or your store will be doomed. Good luck!
funny distance based flash game
Mad Burger 3 Wild West
Mad Burger 3 Wild West
Your task in this funny distance based flash game is to use the spinning meter to throw delicious burgers and collect as many bonuses as you can! Buy new ingredients and enhance your burger. Do not let the bandits catch your burger. The hungry sheriff just called in and ordered a burger. Problem is - he is 100 Km away in the middle of the desert. Cook the perfect burger, launch it and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. Have fun!
epic zombie brawling game
Your task in this epic zombie brawling game is to defend you base while you lay out each of the zombies looking for you meat. Make burger meat out of the ugly creatures as you use a variety of weapons to save your skin. So you have no choice, you must kill the zombies. Neither you stop the whole, hungry brute or they will steal your stuff. To play Zomburger you must deploy various weapons and gain gold coins to buy some upgrades. Much fun!
tasty distance game
Mad Burger 2
Mad Burger 2
Your goal in this tasty distance game is to toss some delicious food as far as you can to the hungry folk. Add sauces and other stuff to throw your hamburger much more further. You work as a burger maker at the fast food restaurant far away in the mountains. Your restaurant is situated on the top of a high mountain, and it is impossible for the clients to get there. But you've found a way to serve them, throwing burgers from the mountain direct into their hands. Have fun!
platformer from the creator of the restaurant management games
Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack
Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack
Your objective in this platformer from the creator of the Papa's restaurant management games is to fight burgers, onions, tomatoes, and other baddies as you explore a world and try to rescue your customers. On the left are the various missions available for the level, which involve saving people, among other things. You get to play as any customer you rescue. Some of them have special abilities, and you'll be told the first time you use them how to activate their specialty. You will be able to play as customers once you rescue them; each customer has a unique weapon and skill. Buy outfits for your customers with the coins that you collect in each level. Have fun!
puzzle game with spooky elements
Creepos Tales Chopping Mall
Creepos Tales Chopping Mall
Your task in this puzzle game with spooky elements is to solve the mystery of the missing people from the mall. Help Mike the restaurant owner solve a missing person's mystery so he can generate free publicity for his ailing business. Use your mouse to interrogate the woman behind the counter at Joe's burgers to find a clue to what happened to the kidnapped people. You can travel to different sections of the town through the map located in the bottom right hand corner. Play this point and click escape style game and have fun!
cool hamburger cooking game
Mad Burger
Mad Burger
Your goal in this management burger cooking game is to throw the burger very far, and feed the hungry customer. This outdoor chef loves cooking burgers on the grill. Hamburger or Cheeseburger. This chef is unique because he delivers the burger through the air. Add toppings to your burger as you earn money to make it fly longer. Collect money in the air and other power ups to ensure you customer gets his delicious burger. Have fun!
tough time management game
Cinema Panic
Cinema Panic
Your goal in this tough time management game is to serve the customers, take their orders, prepare their food and drink as fast as possible to keep them happy, then collect the money. Start working as a cinema attendant and do your best to please your customers. Since you're in charge of the food and drinks service, you will need to sell a lot of burgers and popcorn. Have fun!
fun point and click puzzle game
Burger Cat
Burger Cat
Your task in this funny point and click puzzle game is to help the hungry cat to get safely to the tasty burgers. Be sure to avoid the traps and use your tools wisely, tasty treats await. Use YOUR MOUSE to select the tools from your toolbar and place them on to the game area. Good luck!
physics game to play online
Hungry Shapes 2
Hungry Shapes 2
Your task in this fun physics based puzzle game is to position the hungry shapes on the screen so that they eat burgers and turn green. Make each one to eat the required amount of burgers to win the physics levels. Red shapes must be fed two burgers and yellow shapes need one burger, green shape doesn't eat any burgers. Use YOUR MOUSE to position shapes and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop. Good luck!
cook, stack and serve burgers to your customers
Papas Burgeria
Papas Burgeria
In this sequel to the cool game Papa's Pizzeria, you're headed back to the kitchen to run Papa Louie's new burger shop. You'll have to take orders, grill burgers, add toppings, and serve the sandwiches to the waiting customers. At the end of each day visit the Upgrade Shop. At the shop, a number of helpful items can be purchased with earned tips, including a door chime, grill timers, a heat lamp, and various decorations to help improve your score. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
eat junk foot and make biggest splash possible
BellyFlop Hero
BellyFlop Hero
Your task in this funny game is to go through five levels and make a bigger splash by stuffing all the burgers and junk food you can. The more stunts and the bigger splash you make the more money you will get. Use the money between levels to buy and eat junk food to increase your weight. Press the SPACEBAR to jump. Use ARROW KEYS to rotate the diver. Hit "X", "C" or "V" KEYS to perform stunts. Have fun!
fight hordes of mutant zombies in the burger shop
Mutant Madness
Mutant Madness
Your task in this intense fighting and killing game is to take a role of an agent and get rid of all the mindless zombie-like citizen in the burger shop. You have variety of cool weapons mixed with tonnes of upgrades and power ups to use against countless enemy's and bosses. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your agent. The SPACEBAR is the action key, which is used to pick things up and to attack or fire weapons. Press "C" KEY to drop any weapons picked up. Press "X" KEY for double jump. Good luck, you will need it!
make burgers for your hugry customers in this game
Beastie Burgers
Beastie Burgers
Your task in this online game is to play as Raoul, a dog boy, trying to make a living in Monsterville as the finest burger vendor that ever lived. Cook your way to victory by making the correct burgers for your customers. Earn your reputation to enable you to work in more prestigious locations throughout Monsterville. Different ingredients require different tools in order to be cooked, and monsters will not be happy if you get their order wrong. Instructions are provided as you play, but you can roll over items / orders / equipment to get further hints as to how to use them. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
feed the shapes in this addictive puzzle game
Hungry Shapes
Hungry Shapes
Your task in this highly addictive puzzle is to feed the Hungry Shapes so that, at the end of the level, none of the shapes is left hungry and all the shapes remain on screen. Green shapes are not hungry so you don't have to feed them. But red ones are super hungry and you have to feed them with two hamburgers. You can unleash your creativity with the level editor browse the many custom made ones. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to release shapes. Have fun!
save the city from an infestation of pesky blocks
Block Squad
Block Squad
Your job in this flash game is to save the city from an infestation of pesky blocks, retrieving the city's valuables (such as cats, burgers and ice cream) to unlock the exit to the next level. On each level you will need to collect a certain amount of items before the exit opens, but you have a limited number of moves to do this. To move your squaddie around the board you will have to both remove blocks beneath them and rotate the board. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the blocks to highlight them, then click again to clear them. Removing groups of 3 or more blocks will only cost you one move, removing a pair of blocks will cost you 2 moves, and removing a single block will cost you 4, so make every move count. The board itself can be rotated by clicking the arrow on either side of it, or by using the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. Good luck!
serve up grotesque meals for your zombie customers
Zombie Burger
Zombie Burger
With Halloween coming up its time to get in the mood with some halloween games. Your goal in this game is to feed your zombie customers with the disgusting meals they crave. You must cook and serve brain burgers, fried eye balls and other Halloween themed treats. Use YOUR MOUSE to cook things and put them into buns. Pass them to the zombies and collect the zombie money. Happy Halloween!
protect the burger joint from homeless people
Burger Defense
Burger Defense
Your mission in this funny game is to protect the burger joint from homeless people, zombies, ninjas and more by shooting killer potatoes at them via a potato cannon. Upgrade your potatoes with spikes, M60s and poison. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire, continue to click for rapid fire or hold the button down for auto-fire. Click the upgrade buttons to upgrade your potatoes when you have enough money. Have fun!
hilarious and pretty pointless platform game
Pointless Platformer
Pointless Platformer
For a supposedly pointless game, it's surprisingly much fun. Your goal is to walk around collecting hamburgers. Use "WASD" KEYS to control your hero. That's all. Have fun!
make burgers and keep your customers happy
Burger Restaurant 2
Burger Restaurant 2
Your task in this time management online game is to make burgers, keep your customers happy, don't screw up the orders and make money to meet your daily goals. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. - Click on the devices in the kitchen and the ingredients to prepare the orders. Serve the customers to earn money before they get impatient. If you made a mistake click on the bin to throw an item away. Put orders aside on the silver plates to start preparing another order. Good luck!
interesting puzzle online game
Your objective in this unique puzzle game game is to guess the name of the object from a picture which is cut into many different small square pieces. It starts with 36 pieces, and increases as it gets harder. The only real problem with this game is that people are guessing correct answers that the game can’t accept. Like hamburger or cheeseburger instead of burger etc. Click on the magnifying glasses to enlarge the pixel, click on the bulb to reveal the answer. Good luck!
help George with his very own little hot dog stand
Hot Dog Bush
Hot Dog Bush
Your goal in this funny flash game is to help George W. Bush to create meals and deliver them to customers. To do this you will have to drag n drop items or just click on them or do both. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on food to add to counter. Food cooked to perfection glows. Select food, click on (or drag to) bun to add. Then click on (or drag to) customer to server. You can put burnt food into the bin (penalty). Sometimes you need to add garnish to your burgers. Select the garnish, click on (or drag to) bun to add. Click again on garnish to apply to another bun. To serve drinks, click on your chosen soft drink, click on the customer to server. Good luck!
run burger restaurants in this cool flash game
Burger Restaurant
Burger Restaurant
Your mission in this interesting flash game is to make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top. Prepare the orders by clicking with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the machines and ingredients. Have you made a mistake? Click on the trashcan to throw it away. Note, you can put unfinished orders on the silver plates. In the meantime you can prepare something else. Be sure to go through tutorial, to learn basics of burger making. Have fun!
Fast Food management  online cooking game
Pizza Shack
Pizza Shack
Your goal in this nice online cooking game is to serve up the perfect orders for your customers. You must keep your reputation from hitting rock bottom, or it is game over. At the beginning you only server fries, burgers, pizzas and drinks. But as your BP grows you can upgrade with new Cola, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, and Chicken machines (your BP grows with each perfect order). Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around and press SPACEBAR for action. Go through tutorial to learn basics of preparing fast food. Have fun!
perfect the invention for serving lunch to win this game
Lunch Time
Lunch Time
Your aim in this cool online puzzle game is to perfect the invention for serving lunch and drop the burger onto the tray and send it rolling. The Goldburger To Go machine just needs a few minor adjustments before it can deliver lunch to everybody. Use YOUR MOUSE over the parts of the machine. Your mouse pointer will turn into a wrench if a part can be adjusted. Click on the part of the invention to adjust it. There are 13 different parts of the machine that can be changed. Good luck!
guide him to the Hamburger at the end of each level
Your goal in this game is to guide Hogbor to the Hamburger at the end of each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to control Hogbor and avoid enemies, walls and traps. Use "A" and "S" KEYS to move forward and back between the different Hogbor customizations. There are 52 in total. Most of them are the same size, but some are slightly bigger in case you want a tougher challende, and some are smaller to get through the most frustrating levels. There is a different ending for each of Hogbors. Make sure you check them all. To activate levers or switches or push things just move towards them. Red levers are normal, blue are timed so you will have to hurry and green ones require something to keep them down constantly. Skull levers activate traps. Ok, now you are ready to play. Good Luck!
dont let Crespo get the ball before Ronaldo. Funny game
Run Ronaldo Run
Run Ronaldo Run
Your objective in this funny game is to beat your opponent Crespo without letting him to get the ball and score. Collect golden shoes to speed up, and avoid the hamburgers and shakes as they will slow you down and let Crespo get the ball before you and score. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump and press DOWN ARROW KEY to duck. Have fun!

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