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defend your base meets Pinball with a hint of TNT
Momentum Missile Mayhem
Momentum Missile Mayhem
Your mission in this collision-physics based defense game is to destroy the advancing enemy forces using the Gravity Launcher Installation. Bounce your weapons off walls, throw tanks into each other, and create catastrophic collisions. You have a certain amount of lives that represent how many enemy units you may allow to pass behind. The gravity launcher works like slingshot, use YOUR MOUSE to drag the ball and release to set it flying. The farther you drag, the faster will it fly, however you must watch the stability indicator. During the game you will gain skillpoints to upgrade the gravity launcher, obtain new abilities and projectile types. Try avoiding any explosions near the launcher as it can be easily damaged. Sometimes when you destroy enemy unit powerups will fall out, click them to pick them up. Good luck!
destroy everything in your way
Space Bounty
Space Bounty
Your mission in this great shooting flash game is to control an elite mercenary and infiltrate Dark Alliance base and destroy super computer that is used to intercept and decode your communications. Use the ARROW KEYS or "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Double tap DOWN button quickly to jump down from platform. Press UP button in mid-air for double jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Use 1-5 KEYS to select a weapon and press 6 KEY to use medikit. Good luck!
educate your puppy in this online fun flash game
Pup World
Pup World
Your objective in this fun game is to educate your puppy by guiding him through the world and dodging people, while grabbing things the puppy might like. Your puppy will follow YOUR MOUSE as you move it. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make your puppy "hup up" and run. Lets play!
place markers to give cow instructions which way to go
IQ Marathon
IQ Marathon
Your objective in this fun logical game is to place markers to give cow instructions which way to go. In most levels, you will also have to guide several other cows, working together by opening doors or pushing balls of hay into place to help the one reaching the goal. Use YOUR MOUSE to select and drag arrows on the field when cows are not moving and then click the "Go" button to see what happens. Click the "Stop" button when your leading cow is stuck somewhere on the field and then proceed with modifications. Note that red arrows disappear after a cow went onto them while the blue ones permanently remain in the field. Have fun!
old skool overhead-view flying shooting game
B29 Assault
B29 Assault
Your objective in this old skool shooting game is to fly to critical world locations and destroy the terrorist threat that has control of the streets. In the mid 21st century the world was taken over by terrorists. You come from the future to change the past and rid the world of them. You travel back in time in your radical B29 bomber that has a 23rd century upgrade. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your plane, hit SPACEBAR to drop a bomb. Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
climb as fast as you can your way up the level
Spin Climb
Spin Climb
Your objective in this revolutionary spin game is to climb your way up the level while dealing with everything spinning. Climb as fast as you can before the screen catches up to you. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and UP ARROW KEY to jump on platform. Warnings will be shown before major changes. Lets play!
it is up to you to save people, animals and TV sets
Save Me 2
Save Me 2
Your goal in this online flash game is to fix the mess caused by drug-crazed city zoo animals and save the people, save the animals and save the TV. Remember, catching the furniture is optional, but if you miss a person or animal, you will lose a life. Watch out, you cant save some things - an elephant will squash you, a lion will kill you, a grenade will blow you to hell and back and the 10 ton weight will do what a ton weight does to people. Also try to catch the power-ups, they will help you with your rescue efforts. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to launch the parachute power-up. Good luck!
help bartender to serve beer to the drunken masses
Beer Tapper Gone Wild
Beer Tapper Gone Wild
Your mission in this fun flash game is to help bartender to serve beer to the drunken masses at a few Spring Break water holes. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move and hold SPACEBAR to fill your mug with beer. Release the SPACEBAR to fling your beer. Be sure to catch all empty mugs. Have fun!
blow up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squish people
Collateral Damages
Collateral Damages
Your mission in this catchy destruction robot game is to produce some collateral damage blowing up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squishing people. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control mech walking direction. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to aim your weapon. Press "Z" KEY to fire. Keep on firing on targets until they explodes. You can drop energy shields to protect from enemy fire by pressing "X" KEY. Use SPACEBAR to jump (hold it down for higher jump). Good luck!
point and click room escape game
Escape Series Scary Room
Escape Series Scary Room
In the afro-ninjer escape series there is no plot, no story, no motive, no fun. With each installment you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement , and do it as fast as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to explore the area and pick up items to help you. Luckily there have been items conveniently placed for you to escape with. Some items can be combined or used with other items. Good luck!
fling pathetic little stinky beans as far as you can
Bean Fling
Bean Fling
Your objective in this funny game is to fling those pathetic little stinky beans as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to grab the poo-flinging ring and sling him around until you are at top speed, then release him. If you have got the right angle, he will go far. Once Stinky Bean hits the ground, watch the Scatmonkey (also appropriately named) Power Meter. When it fills up (it will say "Go!"), click it, and Scatmonkey will arrive to deliver a power-boosting punch to Stinky Bean. Have fun!
launch rocket at the right angle to capture the astronauts
Rocket Rescue
Rocket Rescue
Your mission in this cool flash game is to rescue the astronauts scattered around the galaxy with your rocket before your fuel runs out! Use YOUR MOUSE or the ARROW KEYS to guide the rocket with the correct angle and power. You cannot affect your Rockets path once after launch. The Planets gravitational pull will throw the Rocket off course, so adjust the angle and power accordingly. Larger planets will have higher gravitational pull than smaller ones. The Meteors do not have any gravitational pull. However the are obstacles which will destroy your rocket if made contact with. Good luck!
catch some mad air with Jake and Trixie at skatepark
All Star Skate Park
All Star Skate Park
The objective of this cool skating flash game is to catch some mad air with Jake and Trixie at the all star skate park. Hold down SPACEBAR to build launch speed, release SPACEBAR to start your launch. Try to release high in the launch zone to catch max air. In the air use UP ARROW KEY for nosegrab, use DOWN ARROW KEY for method air, use LEFT ARROW KEY for kickflip, use RIGHT ARROW KEY for backflip. Use ARROW KEYS combinations for advanced tricks. Be sure to finish your trick without wipeout. Have fun!
build a team of bots and destroy enemy bots
Bot Arena 3
Bot Arena 3
Your goal in this great online game is to build a team of Bots, which you can use to win the BotArena Champion Cup. Every time you win a battle, you will win cash which you can use to upgrade your bots for use in lager division battles. Winning battles also unlocks new battle opportunities as well ass making more items available in the shop. Use YOUR MOUSE to control this game. Each bot is composed of a chassis, plating, and weapon. After purchasing the items; first mount the plating to the chassis. Second mount the weapon to the plating. You can purchase more than one bot. Once you have built your team, click start battle to choose your tournament. During battle you can click and drag your bot to the desired location. Lets fight!
destroy bombs by smashing them together
Detonate Game
Detonate Game
Your goal in this online action game is to catch falling bombs and thrown them into each other to save the city. Click and drag bombs and destroy them by smashing them together. Red bombs must be detonated individually. If any bomb will hit the ground it is game over. Have fun!
move the stars bubbles to the star locations
Fill Up Game
Fill Up Game
Your aim in this Sokoban type of puzzle game is to move the yellow bubbles to the star locations in each level. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Plan your movement wisely so you will not block yourself. If you are stuck, click the Replay Button to start current level over. Good luck!
you are locked in a car in this point-and-click game
Escape the Car
Escape the Car
Your goal in this puzzle game is to escape from the car. In these Afro-Ninja escape series there is no plot, no story, no motive. With each installment you will wake up in a new location unaware of what has just happened. All you know is that you need to escape your confinement. And do it as fast as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to explore the area and pick up items to help you. Some items can be combined with other items. Here is small hint from me - if you cant figure out the code, take a better look at the instrument panel. The code is there! Good luck!
help geek to win his battle of beer pong in frat house
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Your object in this fun and addictive game is to help a frat boy to win a battle of beer pong at a frat house. Each player will take turns tossing their ball at the opponents cups. You must get the enemy drunk by singing balls into all of his cups. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. The further the mouse cursor is up or down, the farther the ball will be thrown. The amount left or right determines where the ball is thrown. But do not be fooled, the arrow is not an accurate indicator! Click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw the ball. Each time you hit a cup, there may be a power up item that you receive. Have fun!
get rid the neighbourhood of terrorists once for all
Sugandhi Fart Toss
Sugandhi Fart Toss
Your aim is to get rid the neighbourhood of terrorists once and for all. Click and drag YOUR MOUSE to set angle and power, release the mouse button to fire a weapon. Keep your eye on the indicators at the top of the screen: wind, weapon and points earned. You can buy new and more powerful weapons for your points. You can see all weapons you own in the weapons inventory at the bottom of the scree. Thats all you need to know. Play and have fun!
make more  boxes of four dots thank your rival
Dots Game
Dots Game
Your objective in this logical flash game is to to create squares of your own, by making boxes of four dots. You will need skill to beat the computer, and will need strategy to think ahead. You can connect any two dots together which are next to each other, either horizontally or vertically. Use YOUR MOUSE and click between two dots where you want to place a connecting line. If you have managed to connect two dots together which form the last side of a four-sided box, your color will fill the box, indicating that it belongs to you. Similarly, if the computer has created a box in its move, the computers color will fill that box. Normally, you will only be able to make one connection per move, but if you have created a box, you will get an extra free move before the computer take its turn. Have fun!
help the puppy fetch the stick as quick as possible
Puppy Fetch
Puppy Fetch
Your objective in this funny game is to help the puppy fetch the stick as quick as possible. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and find the stick. Press SPACEBAR to jump over obstacles. Beware of cats and collect bones for extra points. When you get the stick bring it back to your master. Have fun! Some bones might be hidden so try to find them by searching the levels.
get from point A to point B without killing yourself
Your goal in this top-down online game is to get from point A to point B without killing yourself. Just use your ARROW KEYS to move around. Sounds easy enough? The only catch is that the camera is moving around, spinning and stretching at random speeds, there are phantom images of things all over the place, there is an unusual amount of deathly sharp objects lying around and the music does not help very much either. Lets do it!
play cool side scrolling fighting games online
Konka A66
Konka A66
Your goal in this side scrolling fighting game is to control the cell phone and get rid of the bad guys. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Press "J" KEY to attack, "K" KEY to jump, "I" KET to flash and hit "L" KEY to catch opponent. Use 1-5 NUMPAD KEYS to use special items. There will be lots of baddies trying to kill you. You can use throwing blades, guns and ultimate skills to knock them out Try to save powerful items until a strong opponent arrives. Use your power-up (numpad5) only when your health is low. Have fun!
control Osama and catch bullets with his teeth
Your aim in this free flash game is to control Osama and catch bullets with his teeth. All you can do is survive. Osama has trained hard to tackle such situations. He knows how to put the bullet where his mouth is. Use YOUR MOUSE to go up and down. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON at the right time to clinch the bullets. Hit the SPACEBAR to jump and avoid missiles and bullets. Go ahead, let the world know who is the real Bullet Proof Punk!
help Santa to deliver gifts in this fun Christmas game
Santas Deed
Santas Deed
Your goal in this cool X-mas game is to help Santa to deliver the right present to the right kid. You deliver gifts by throwing them into chimneys. Each house has an indicator showing the gift to be delivered. Throwing a gift to a snowman will count as a bonus delivery. Use YOUR MOUSE and point at a gift in your sleigh, and click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set the power. Then release it to throw the gift. Hold longer to throw farther. You can move your sleigh with YOUR MOUSE. Be sure to avoid contact with Flying demon, as he will destabilize your sleigh for a certain time. Have fun!
sequel to Gods PlayingField, taking it to another level
Playing Field 2
Playing Field 2
Your aim in Gods Playing Field 2 is to destroy anything that moves. The second part contains more omnipotent mass destruction! So grab YOUR MOUSE and destroy everything that comes into your way. The more you score the more locations, weapons and enemies will be unlocked. Have fun!
guide little kittens safely to the exit. Dont kill too many
Neko Juppiki
Neko Juppiki
Your goal in this Lemmings-like game is to guide little kittens safely to the exit. Dont kill too many in the process. You start out with a large group of cats on the top platform of the stage and you must get as many of the cats as possible down to the bottom. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to manipulate traps and trap doors. Have fun!
guide the cat to the flag in this logical flash game
Your mission in this logical flash game is to guide little cat to the flag. You have a limited number of circle paths you can guide the kitten with. The rings has different radius so be careful when you use them. You can see available circles and their radius in the top left corner of the screen. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the screen when you want the cat to use a circle path. Have fun!
throw the dummy as high as you can on the wall
Crash Test Jump
Crash Test Jump
Your goal in this crash test game is to catapult the dummy as high as possible. In the first stage you drive a car, so use SPACEBAR to change up through the gears at the optimum moment to hit the brick wall as fast as possible. Then use the SPACEBAR again to set up an angle to fly out of the smashed up windscreen. Do your best and get the dummy as high as possible up the wall. You have 3 attempts and total score is counted. Lets play!
find your way out of the Haunted House on Halloween
Haunted House
Haunted House
Your aim in this scary Hallowen game is to find your way out of the Haunted House where you are trapped. Choose your costume and start your mission. You will meet lots of ghosts on your way, be sure to avoid them, also avoid cats, bats and bony guys. Hitting obstacles will result in energy loss. You can increase your energy level by finding candies. Match keys with corresponding doors to access other rooms. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to pick up or use itmes. Lets play!
fight your colegues using paperballs. Fun game
Office War
Office War
Your objective in this funny game is to shoot as many officemates as you can with paperballs before the time expires. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw a paperball. You can only hit your colegues when they are aiming and throwing paperballs. Be careful, when you shoot, you become vulnerable against attacks. If you get hit, a point gets deducted from you. Also watch out for your boss. If he cathes you throwing paperball, it is game over. Have fun!
help Bobby to catch falling bras in the right basket
Bra Drop Game
Bra Drop Game
Your objective in this nice internet game is to help Bobby to catch falling bras in the right basket. Use YOUR MOUSE to move Bobby. Dont miss any bra or it will cost you one life. If you lose all 4 lives it is game over. Have fun!
defeat the enemy tribe of bees to reclaim central park
Bee Commando
Bee Commando
Your mission in this funny game is to defeat the enemy tribes of bees to regain control of central park. There are four or five areas and each of them can hold a maximum of twelve bees per site, so decide carefuly where you send your reinforcements. At each turn you can drag and drop one of your bees to a different area. The more areas you occupy, the more new recruits will be born. Be sure to protect your beehive at all costs. Try to catch all power-ups that fall down from the sky. Use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the enemy beehive to attack, or hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON near your hive to defend. Have fun!
destroy a deady weapons of mass destruction
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Your mission in this great shooting flash game is to locate and neutralize a deadly weapons of mass destruction developed by North Koreans. There are three informers on the ground that will brief you on the mission. You must be very carefull during your mission and always try to stay out of sight and strike at the right moment. Climb trees and buildings to avoid detection. Use "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to move around, use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to select your weapon and hit "E" KEY to open door. To look around press SPACEBAR. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use your weapon. Be sure to come through Training Mission, if will show you some tips and tricks. Good luck!
fight your way through enemy land and save hostages
Rescue Mission
Rescue Mission
Your mission in this shooting flash game is to fight your way through enemy land and save hostages. You will get extra life if you save all hostages. As you proceed in the game, the enemies become harder to kill and there will be tougher obstacles. You can check the whole map before you start the level to locate all the hostages. Also, keep in mind that there is a time limit, so move fast. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, press DOWN ARROW to change weapon. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Have fun!
use the putter to knock the ball into the hole
Chester Mini-putt Golf
Chester Mini-putt Golf
Your objective in this funny sport game is to use the putter to knock the ball into the hole in each round. Up to 4 players can compete on one computer, so bring your buddies and beat them. The person with the lowest score at the end wins the game. At the beginning of a hole, click to place the ball on one of the three starting locations. To hit the ball, use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag around the ball to adjust the power and angle of your shot. Release the mouse button to swing. Lets Play!
investigate an infested lab in this RPG sci-fi thriller game
Hell of Fear
Hell of Fear
Your mission in this sci-fi flash game is to investigate an infested lab and get to the end while killing all monsters. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROE KEYS to walk and press UP ARROW KEY to enter doors or interact with objects. Also click on icons in game to buy stuff and to attack. The bar you see at the top indicates your health, power, experience, level, money and ADM (the amount of damage when you choose Advanced Attack while you are in combat). During the game you will develop your skills as you gain experience and money. Good luck!
build a mousetrap to help Tom catch the Jerry
Toms Trap-o-Matic
Toms Trap-o-Matic
Your mission in the Tom and Jerry game is to build a mousetrap to help Tom catch the Jerry. First of all pick a room and try to catch the mouse. The trap-o-matic begins mousetrap near Tom. And tom needs your help to build a trap to the cage that will catch Jerry. Click on the Device library button and choose the type of device you want to use. Click and drag the device out of the library and place it on any active square. Place the device at the end of other devices arrow to make the connection. Keep adding other devices until you are ready to test the trap. Then click the Test Trap button at the top of the screen. Have fun witn tom and jerry!
replicate the shape outlined on the playing surface
Test Subject
Test Subject
Your aim in this funny flash game is to replicate the shape outlined on the playing surface before Bobo, the monkey, finishes it. Click and hold your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drag pieces onto the playing surface. Use SPACEBAR and the MOUSE to rotate pieces. Release mouse button to drop a piece into place. Red colured piece means good placement while yellow means piece is touching the sides and therefore not legaly placed (use ARROW KEYS to nudge pieces into place). If you get too far ahead of Bobo, he will mess with your puzzle pieces. Use blue pill to tranquillize Bobo, he will sleep for 10 seconds. Have fun!
capture huge flying creatures to save your land
Nimian Hunter
Nimian Hunter
Your mission in this nice 3D flash game is to ride your horse, capture huge flying creatures with your lasso and bring them to the ghost. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around the land click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to catch huge cratures using your lasso. Have fun!
move your mouse from start to finish position
Digital Tunnels
Digital Tunnels
Your goal in this game is to move YOUR MOUSE from the start to finish location without colliding with the levels border. You start the level by clicking on the start arena. Once you mess up, your cursor will turn red. The timer will stop and you have to restart the level. If you manage to hover over the finish button without messin up, you are taken to the next level. Be sure to pick up black balls that lie around, you will get nice bonuses. If you will press ESCAPE in the game, you are taken back to the main menu. Good luck!
go through Emperors dungeon and save your friend
Brutal Max 1
Brutal Max 1
Your mission in this fighting game is to help Max to go through Emperors dungeon and save his friend Indie who has been imprisoned in the dungeons. Max gets home from his vacation and sees the 33 messages on his answering machine from Indie pleading for Max to come and rescue him. Max, knowing full well that this is a trap, decides to go to the Emperors fortress anyway to save his beloved friend. Use your ARROW KEYS to control Max and press SPACEBAR to attack enemies with the sword. Good luck!
accuse the right person who commited a crime
Odd Job Jackuse
Odd Job Jackuse
Your objective in this cool internet game is to accuse the right person who commited a crime. You have to review the security tape and collect the evidence to catch the thief. There are 8 pieces of evidence you must find on the tape. You have 10 minutes but you will be penalized for false accusations. The faster you solve the crime the higher you score. The intro photograph indicated that the thief wore gloves, left traces of blood and had coffe stained clothes. Therefore the guilty party must have commited exact 8 acts that are described in in-game help under evidence option. You control the game with YOUR MOUSE, see in-game help for detailed description. Have fun!
dodge security cameras and help piggy to escape
Little Pig Adventure
Little Pig Adventure
Your aim in this french online game is to guide the little piggy to safety (exit point) by dodging security cameras. Be sure to collect all the coins to earn maximum points. Use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON click on the location on game screen and the pig will walk there automatically. Plan your movement carefully as the moving cameras will spot you if you walk from starting position directly towards the exit point. Good luck!
eat food palletes and fish to keep you full and happy
Fish Eat Fish
Fish Eat Fish
Your mission in this funny game is to eat all the fish that are smaller then you and food palletes to fulfill your hunger and to grow. Every five time you eat either a fish food pallete or another fish you will grow to the next size. You can only eat fish smaller than you. Make sure to watch your hunger indicator in the top right corner. If your fish does not get fed quickly enough you will either die or lose growth points. Use the ARROW KEYS to control movement. Have fun!
connect the numbered dots in order, as fast as you can
Your mission in this dot-to-dot action free online game is to draw like crazy and connect the numbered dots in order, as fast as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw. Locate the dot with #1, click it and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and connect all other dots in order. Try to do it in the shortest period of time. Good luck!
fill empty space and capture ghost by building walls
Your objective in this addictive online game is to fill empty space and capture angry ghosts by building walls. As soon as you fill 75% or more empty space you will go to the next level. Beware of ghosts, if ghosts catch you, you will lose one life. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Be sure to collets all power-ups. See in-game Instructions to learn more about all powerups. Have fun!
collect the hearts and find your way towards your Love
Love Trail Game
Love Trail Game
In this nice online game your objective is to to locate the way towards your love. Use your ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Collect all the hearts in your way to proceed to the next level. Be sure to avoid the Devils, Bats and Snakes. Friendly Angels will give you an Extra life. Have fun!
help firemen to save little babies from burning house
Baby Drop
Baby Drop
Your aim in this game is to save babies from burning orphanage. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move firemen. The nurse is throwing babies out of the windows and you have to save them by catching them with sheet held by firemen. Be careful! You can drop only 3 babies, if the fourth one falls on ground it is Game Over. Best luck!
solve various mysteries in this online puzzle game
Never More 2
Never More 2
This is sweet puzzle flash game. You have to solve various puzzles to proceed further. Use your ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump (hold it down for longer jump). You need to use your skills and intelligence to find a way to the next scene. You will be give text instructions inside the game, so utilize them in locating the things to jump on and levers or switches to open up gateways or doors. Lets play!
fish for coins to reach given amount of money
Fish Money
Fish Money
In this game, you play as a fisherman and your aim is to collect coins from sea. In order to clear a stage, you need to collect least given amount of money before time runs out. So be accurate and try to collect bigger coins first, as they earns you more money. Also you can buy some special tools after every level. Press DOWN ARROW KEY to catch a coin, and press UP ARROW KEY to use special tools. Have fun!
roll through each level collecting barrels in this fun game
Wone Game
Wone Game
In this game, you control the spinning wheel and you aim is to collect all the barrels in each level. You may collect stars for more points. After collecting all the stuff successfully, locate exit point with green text. If you collect all stars in first 5 levels, it will unlock the 6th level. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control the wheel and press UP and DOWN ARROW to zoom in or out. Good luck!
use your hook to swing from one block to another
Your objective in this simple but very very addictive game is to swing from one block to another and get as far as you can. To complete this task, you need to launch the grapple hook in a way that you can have enough swing to catch the next block. Aim using YOUR MOUSE and hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch the hook. Release the LMB to swing and fly further. My best score is 5372 meters. Can you do better than me? Good luck!
grab his manboobs and twist those suckers off
Twisted Nipples
Twisted Nipples
Your aim is to give this guy a super titty-twister from hell. Grab his manboobs and twist those suckers of the fat guy off. You have 60 seconds to twist the nipples as violently as you can. When you catch him at the nipple, you have 4 seconds before he breaks away. So tear off his teasts. Matteo scored 5370. Good luck!
guide little Easter bunny to reach his town safely
Eggy Easter
Eggy Easter
In this nice flash game, you have to help Easter bunny to reach his home town safely, after passing through various challenging obstacles and killing dangerous enemies. Use your ARROW KEYS to control the bunny. Press SPACEBAR to shoot. Hit CTRL KEY to switch weapons, and press "Z" KEY to fly. You need to locate several items in order to cross different obstacles. Also follow the instruction given in the game and try to collect as many eggs and treats as possible. Have fun!
your mission is to save Mrs MadPac from the prison
Mad Pac
Mad Pac
Your objective in this sweet game is to save Mrs. MadPac who was hijacked by bad ghosts. Use your ARROW KEYS to control your movemet. Be sure to avoid angry ghosts! You will lose one life if they catch you. Collect all the power-ups available as they make you move faster, increase your life count, freeze ghosts and teleport you to different area on the board. Good luck!
fill the grid with your rocks and beat your opponent
Rock Grid Rumble
Rock Grid Rumble
The objective of the game is to have more rocks of your own color than your opponent when the match ends. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire the cannon on your turn only. Some locations on the grid cause something special to happen. Hover over these markers with the mouse to see what effect each symbol represents. The match ends when one of the top two grid markers is occupied. Have fun!
classic snake game with slight improvement. Play for free
X Snake Xnake
X Snake Xnake
Your aim is to survive for as long as possible. Use your ARROW KEYS to move the colorful snake around and collect three similar colored balls in a row to make them disappear and to make Xnake smaller. Colored balls appear randomly on the field and you can see the next set of of balls at the top right corner of the game screen. If you eat the flashy ball it will turn into the color of the previous block eaten. Rotating arrow will affect your controls. Avoid skulls! Xnake will die if you eat those. Collecting the numbered blocks will reduce Xnake's length by the indicated number. Have fun!
avoid the mines and collect diamonds in each level
Mr. Danger
Mr. Danger
The object of this game is to avoid the mines and collect diamonds and reach the goal flag in each level. First use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to draw a line, which is the pathway Mr. Danger will slide on. You can only draw a pathway when there is magic sand left (indicated at the left bottom of the screen). Dont make it too steep, he will fall through. If you think the line is alright and Mr. Danger will make it to the goal click "Go" button. He will walk on platforms, and you can move them by using your ARROW KEYS. If you think your level is total crap, you can remove everything by pressing "clear level" button. Good luck!
a group of orcs, dwarves and wizards hijacked your meds
Who Stole My Medicine
Who Stole My Medicine
A group of orcs, dwarves and wizards hijacked your medicine. The objective of this game is to simply click on the thief before your time runs out. The thiefs identity will be revealed to you before the found starts, and you will have to locate him from a bunch of other innocent characters. But beware! Without your meds, you are dying. You mus act swiftly. Each med you collect will extend your life by one second. Have fun!
control the spider and bite flies or catch them in net
Fly Catcher
Fly Catcher
In this addicting game you have to control the spider using your ARROW KEYS and bite as many flies as you can. Use SPACEBAR to bite a fly. You can also catch flies by throwing spiderwebs by pressing "W" KEY. Press "E" KEY to jump/speed up, or press "R" KEY to create a net to catch flies. If you kill a fly you get 5 points, for the big fly you get 10 points. But beware! The swatter is your biggest enemy! My high score is 350! Beat that!
stone age remake of the classic breakout game
Stone Breaker
Stone Breaker
Use YOUR MOUSE to move the wooden pad to catch and throw the ball towards the stone blocks. When you hit them, you will receive bonus power-ups for your pad. You cannot miss catching the ball more than 4 times. Good luck!
finaly you got home, will you vomit or not?
Hangover Game
Hangover Game
This is sweet follow up of Home Run Game. The aim is to catch the bubbles with your submarine, before your stomach acid will make you to vomit. Maneuver the submarine with YOUR MOUSE. Click on sitting dude to start game. Have fun!
Goose Head racing flash game. Play for free.
Drag Racing
Drag Racing
Race ahead of your opponent and finish safely without crashing. Hold down SPACEBAR to pipe gas to your super engine. Then use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to shift the gears. Hit "X" KEY to stop your car when you cross the finish line. If needed you can pres "Z" KEY to open the parachute and slow down your car. For earned money you can buy upgrades and repair your car. Levi Scattergood best race time was 6.41. Beat that! Lets play!
play as Trunks to defeat Raditz. Great action game
Dragonball Z Pong
Dragonball Z Pong
Dragon Pong is similar to classic Pong in so far as you have to keep the ball in play. Dragon pong has extra modifications. You can shoot at your opponent to reduce his points and you can score bonus points by bouncing the ball onto hotzones (yellow areas). Use YOUR MOUSE to move your dragonball z character up and down. Press SPACEBAR to shoot at your opponent. If you miss the ball 3 times you will lose. The first who score 10.000 points, wins the match! Have fun!
drive your tank and shoot down the opponent
Battle Tanx 2
Battle Tanx 2
A tank war game where you can play against up to 3 opponents in various locations using numerous weapons. Select the number and type of opponents on the Setup screen and choose a location to begin the battle. Drive your tank through the region and try to destroy all your opponents and at the same time survive till the end to win the battle. Controls are in game. Have fun!
shooting flash game. Eliminate enemy air strike.
Air Defence 2
Air Defence 2
Protect your communication tower against the enemy air strike. The earlier you take down enemy planes the more money you will get! You can buy or upgrade weapons for earned money and try to keep your tower safe as long as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and press the SPACEBAR to shoot. Flag guns have some delay so aim in front of your target. Good luck!
play flash minigolf against computer or friend.
St. Mulligans 3-Putt
St. Mulligans 3-Putt
Great 3D flash version of golf. You can try to beat your computer or you can invite your friend for a match. Move YOUR MOUSE to set the direction and also the power for your shot. The amount of power is indicated by a percentage below the ball. The more you drag the mouse away from the ball, the more power will increase.
funny flash game. Catch falling poo to the crapper
Catch a Shit
Catch a Shit
Use YOUR MOUSE to control the red stool in this funny flash game and try to catch all shit, falling down from an arse. The more shit you send to toilet, the more shit will be shoot to you! If the ass is not shooting any shit, simply hit F5 KEY to reload the game and play again. My record is 135. Who's more? Have fun!
game for kids. Punch the flowers and get seeds,
Puncho Puncho
Puncho Puncho
Punch the flowers until they spit out seeds, catch and carry the seeds to the portal. There are many bugs around that are trying to eat you, so collect power ups to punch the bugs and kill them. Grab the coins and diamonds to gain points. Use ARROW KEYS to move, hit "S" KEY to jump, "A" KEY to punch and hit SPACEBAR to use turbo. Have fun.
hit various targets before the time runs out.
Little Johns Archery
Little Johns Archery
Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to look around and locate your targets. Then click and drag THE MOUSE to set angle and power of your shot. There are lots of different levels and you need to hit various targets before the time runs out. Best luck!
keep your creatures live and defend them.
Micro Life Game
Micro Life Game
Keep your creatures alive and well. Watch your money level, if you run out of funds, you can cash in Microlife eggs by clicking on them. You need to protect your young Micro from evil catchers. See in-game How to Play for more tips and hints. Best luck!
great RPG game you can play online for free.
Orc Siege
Orc Siege
Your town is surrounded by Orcs and Goblins, are you have to fight them. You can prepare yourself for the battle in various locations in the village. Better start off at the Goblins battlefield, because they are weeker then Orcs. Control the game with YOUR MOUSE and hit the SPACEBAR for help! Go get them!
catch the flies with the chopsticks in internet game.
Fly Sui
Fly Sui
This is pretty hard game! Catch as many flies as you can with your chopsticks by clicking your MOUSE BUTTON. Each time you kill a fly precious seconds are added to your time countdown. I'm sure many of you will beat my top score of 31 killed flies. Good Luck!
fire balls over a wall to defeat your opponent.
Balls n Walls
Balls n Walls
The chequed boss from the car wash is forcing you to catch and fire balls over a wall to appease his love of both balls, walls and healthy competition. What do you want? A good story or a good game? Player 1 controls: "Z","X","S" KEYS. Player 2 controls: ARROW KEYS. Lets play!
cool free puzzle game. Make faces smile.
Happy Pill
Happy Pill
Why should only doctors get to spread all the joy? Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down. Click to place the pill. Then choose a direction and click to fire. But be careful, hitting a head 3 times is over-medicating.
funny arcade game. Catapult 2 flash.
Cat Vac
Cat Vac
You have been assigned once again to rid the Medieval Castle of the pesky cats, but this time you're armed with patented Cat Vac. You get more points for keep-ups and multiple cats vacced. Use your MOUSE to control the cat trampolike and the two wall mounted cat vacuums.
shoot the cat as far as possible. Funny game
Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon is very simple to play. Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and the objects that are on the ground. Bubba Carrig shoot the cat 4119 ft wide. Beat that score and have fun!
flash war game. Kill commandante Maus.
Operation Maus
Operation Maus
Commandante Maus is in possession of knowledge on how to build a mausbomb. We have located him to be hiding in mausland. Seek him out and kill him. Use ARROW KEYS to move, "S" KEY to fire, SPACEBAR to throw a grenade.
challenging game where you build stuff from blocks.
Very addicting and challenging game where you have to build stuff from blocks. Use your mouse to click on the blocks to pick them and then click again to move them in another location and recreate the pattern shown above It's pretty difficult!
get rid of little pussys with baseball bat.
Cat Bat
Cat Bat
Yet again the medival castle is infected with unwanted cats. You have beed drafted by the king to rid the castle of these pussys. Armed with only a baseball bat you must gently coax the cats over the wall to freedom.
shoot flying cats in this funny online game.
Kitten Shooting
Kitten Shooting
It is simple: two kittens, two shots - make them count. There are 10 cats per round. And you need to equal or exceed round target to progress further into the game. Use your MOUSE to aim and fire shotgun (SPACEBAR to toggle graphics quality). Have Fun!
catch a fish in deep sea online game
Super Fishing
Super Fishing
Use your mouse to move your boat left or right. And click left mouse button to drop your fishing line and haul in as many fish as you can before time expires. You gain more time by hauling in fish. You lose time for hauling in trash or being hit by lightning.
fun internet sport computer game.
Turbing On Lake
Turbing On Lake
Use The ARROWS on your keyboard to control the boat that's pulling the tube. Be sure to anticipate moving around obstacles, because the tube takes time to catch up to the boat. Avoid all obstacles as you cruise around the Lake Tyler. You could lose your points, or worse, take a nasty spill. Keep a lookout for stars, because in Texas, stars are worth big points. Look for those ramps. Jumping in the air and collecting BIG stars is the best wat to earn that high score. So get ready and start this funny online game.
shoot walking cats with catapult. Shooting game.
Use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to guide the catapult left and right. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to increase the catapults power. Let go of the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire Hit the stray cats through the holes in the gladiator wall. You'll get 100 Points for a doorway and 300 points for a window. You can also chip, hook or slice depending on where you hit cat.
Funny game. Online flash simpsons game!
Homers Beer Run
Homers Beer Run
Homer Simpson is a very greedy man, catch beer barrels and bring them to homers car. Watch out for burning barrels. Avoid them!
Save Batwoman. Cool Action Flash online game.
Help Batman rescue Catwoman from the clutches of the evil Penguin and his bunch of idiots. Batman kicks some Penguin backside and rescues his catwoman. Use Arrow Keys to move, CTRL to Puch Press SPACE to use Batrope or gargoyles.
Multiplayer strategic game. Destroy your opponent.
Tank Wars
Tank Wars
Aim, change power and fire using your tank to destroy others. The most advance Tank War Game ever. Tanks is packed with tons weapons to choose from like scatter bombs to air strikes, and realistic features like tank fuel, engine sizes and much more.
Cool flash game. Destroy enemy aircraft and ground based targets.
F18 Hornet
F18 Hornet
This game will test your piloting skill and your ability to become a true fighter pilot Here's your chance to get a taste for flying one of the most sophisticated aircraft

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