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alien action game
Mad Day
Mad Day
Your goal in this alien action game is to drive your cool car, charge the gun and get ready to destroy bad guys. Use big guns, jumps and brand new gadgets to win in the battle. It's much more important to join him in his armored truck covered with weapons, chasing aliens and their ships, for they kidnapped the poor Fluffy, the name of the animal. Make a really cool rescue mission out of this mad day by driving automatically and jumping when needed with the Space-bar. Whenever creatures from another planets or dimensions show up, kill them using the Up arrow key or X, with missiles. Have fun!
fusion between an RPG with turn based battle game
Caravaneer 2
Caravaneer 2
Your mission in this fusion between an RPG with turn based battle game is to survive and to try and gain enough power to complete your mission. There are different ways to achieve this, but the most straightforward one consists in transporting goods between settlements. Buy stuff where itís cheap and sell it where itís expensive. Then you can spend the money you earn on purchasing transport, hiring people or improving your battle gear. While Caravaneer 2 is obviously similar to the original in a lot of ways, right off the bat you'll notice it's also been significantly fleshed out. The character creation allows for a ton of customization. Enjoy!
run and jump action platformer game
Zuzu the Elf
Zuzu the Elf
Your task in this run and jump action platformer game is to use all tips and help the little elves to become free and escape the monster. Run as fast as possible and avoid all impediments. You're a spritely little fellow cavorting and crossing dimensions and collecting crystals, but hideous fanged beasts are also chasing you. Have fun!
typical run-of-the-mill clicker game
Monster Clicker
Monster Clicker
Your objective in this typical run-of-the-mill clicker game is to guide your monsterís evolution by purchasing upgrades and monsters, gaining levels, and allocating points into three attributes: strength, agility, and intelligence. Each time the monster levels up, it receives several points to distribute to strength, agility, or intelligence. These attributes influence the monsterís appearance, as well as increase the rate in which gold or experience are earned. This clicker game is a fun, creative game that is ideal for those who enjoy customization, accumulating resources, and collecting a variety of potential monsters! Enjoy!
fast paced distance game
Face Chase
Face Chase
Your objective in this fast-paced distance game is to escape the evil red square face. Lead your tiny yellow hero through the hazardous terrain without falling off the screen. Gain stars to shop upgrades and run again and again to break the high score. Use anything at your disposal. from toasters to microwaves, springs to trebuchets. Each failed attempt makes you one step closer to escaping by purchasing new upgrade to help you get further. Good luck!
cool physics car driving game
Your task in this cool puzzle racing game is to jump in your vehicle and drive as fast as possible. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect coins to upgrade your car. Collect coins as you drive your vehicle to the checkered flag. Improve the speed and stability of your vehicle by purchasing upgrades. strangely fun and addicting. I feel like the upgrades are not necessary for this game. maybe coins can be used for just changing your style. Enjoy!
seventh part of the humiliation piranha game
Feed Us Pirates
Feed Us Pirates
Your task in this seventh part of the humiliation piranha game is to help the hungry protagonist to sink boats and eat humans, birdies or tiny fishes. Also, do not forget to collect all blood orbs to buy upgrades. Pirates you can also use canons to catapult the man-eating fish through the air to reach further victims or secret treasures, but keep an eye on the oxygen content when you are outside the sea. Start out as a small piranha, but become vicious killing machine by completing objectives and purchasing upgrades. Have fun!
brain munching destruction zombie game
Infectonator Hot Chase
Infectonator Hot Chase
Your task in this brain munching destruction zombie game is to be the zombie that falls in love with our lovely news reporter. Run all over the world with your favorite zombies chasing a hot chick. You play as a zombie that rudely interrupts a newscast (which is just a list of random facts, as per Infectonator tradition), tears through the studio, and bursts out onto the street. From there, you run and infect as many people as possible. Obstacles be damned in the quest for true love! With new zombies, upgrades, power-ups and boosts, the undead are more alive than ever before. Have fun!
crazy world of monster truck racing game
Grand Truckismo
Grand Truckismo
Your goal in this crazy world of monster truck racing game is to race with trucks to become the ultimate racing champion. Race through different stages and levels, upgrading your trucks and purchasing new ones as you go. Smash lots of things and earn money for smashing obstacles, which you can then spend on upgrades. Collect nitro pickups to build up your boost. The more you collect the better your boost. Upgrade your truck and unlock new ones as you race for the best position in each level. Good luck!
cool mix of racing and killing game
Wreck Road
Wreck Road
Your objective in this cool mix of killing and racing game is to take a role of a driver for the mob and cause huge destruction. They set you up and now the cops are after you. You must evade capture as you smash through cars and outrun the police. Turn other road users into Wrecks as your ram them in reverse and destroy them but be careful as if you miss them you will get caught up by the helicopter chasing you and lose time and a life. Have you ever dreamt of being an ex racing driver and have been driving for the mob. Just play this coo driving based distance game. Enjoy!
play tower defense game on
Incursion 2 The Artifact
Incursion 2 The Artifact
Your mission in this cool tower defense game is to defend your homeland from the attacks of evil. Dark forces come again. The kingdom calls upon you to fight against this forces. Our lands needs a hero! Lead your brave squad at the battlefield and save the realm. Back with lots of new stages, in game market for hiring goblin mercenaries, elder school for learning devastating spells, shop for purchasing better equipment and hundreds of different characters. Good luck!
Cool fighting dark warrior platformer adventure game
Armed With Wings Culmination
Armed With Wings Culmination
You are a defiant young warrior, chasing after the evil Vandheer Lorde, whose icy grip is ruling the lands. Your mission in this fighting is to become strong enough to defeat Vandheer Lorde. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and the UP ARROW KEY to jump. Use the WASD KEYS to use your attacks and specials. Can you defeat the evil ruler? Good luck and have fun!
fun fast paced platformer game
Bimmin Haunted Night
Bimmin Haunted Night
This is a very fast paced action platformer. You need to run away from the monster that is chasing you! Just watch out for obstacles and spikes, they will slow you down. If you slow down too much, you will be eaten! The more you collect, the more levels you can unlock! You need to collect three eye balls to increase your multiplier. Collect the pumpkins for bonus points. Use the SPACEBAR to jump. How long can you last? Have fun and good luck!
ride in the sky with davinci
DaVincis Skycycle
DaVincis Skycycle
Your task in this funny game is to use your logic training to ride on the skycycle and run from the hungry dragon chasing you. Davinci gets hugnry from all the biking so keep eating to maintain speed. Use your ARROW KEYS to move. Flip upside down with SPACEBAR KEY. Guide him into the food for speed while avoiding hazardous objects. Have fun!
play fun arcade racing game
Bullet Car
Bullet Car
Your mission in this fun arcade racing game is to drive your car, that can transforms in to a bullet, in post-apocalyptic wasteland. Use your car's transforming capability and survive as long as you can while destroying robotic sentinals that are chasing you across the badlands. Try to stay on the ground as much as possible and collect the gas canisters and no2 bottles to build up your chain. Switch in to bullet mode to smash through gates and get a speed boost up hills. Press the SPACEBAR to switch between bullet mode and car mode. Have fun!
play fun action driving game
Soul Driver
Soul Driver
Your objective in this fun action driving game is to drive through the highways committing crimes, collecting money and avoiding the cops. Do your best to flee the police force and reach the Mexico's frontier. Try to smash police cars, be sure to avoid obstacles and collect as much money as you can. Use money to buy upgrades for your car. Press "F" KEY to accelerate, "D" KEY to brake. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Press SPACEBAR for boost. If you feel that controls are slow, just buy some upgrades. Once purchased press "S" KEY to use wipers and "H" KEY to use horn. Have fun!
online battle game similar to Plants vs Zombies
Caldera Legends
Caldera Legends
Your mission in this strategy fighting game is to use your wizards to defeat neighboring bandit resistance factions from taking over Europe. Try to attack and destroy the invading enemy units using mages and powerful spells. Use YOUR MOUSE to place your mages on the battle field. Also do not forget to build mana altars. The more mana altars you have the faster you collect mana for purchasing other defense units. Good luck!
bloody fun Christmas holiday game
Snow Runs Red
Snow Runs Red
Your mission in this bloody fun Christmas holiday game help Mrs. Claus to protect the Christmas tree and make the children pay the ultimate price after Santa killed himself. Kill the kids to get cash for purchasing upgrades to Mrs. Claus and her Christmas tree. Collect presents to increase your firepower. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Have fun!
unique spin on the old Tetris franchise
Your objective in this funny platform game inspired by Tetris is to guide Upman as he tries to escape away from the purple monster chasing him. Jump onto falling Tetris blocks as platforms. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press CTRL to punch blocks. Have fun!
this TD game does feature 3 Boss enemies
Stark Tower Defense
Stark Tower Defense
Your task in this tower defense game is to to build towers to stop invading enemies. Chose your Stark defenders and use YOUR MOUSE to click or drag the superhero icons into the city map to add your Stark Defenders. Each stark defender has three levels of upgrades which can be applied by selecting the tower first and purchasing the upgrade. Each new wave of enemies brings an increase in game difficulty. Be sure to upgrade your towers and sell any ineffective towers. Good luck!
take down the targets in this fast paced game
High Speed Chase 2
High Speed Chase 2
Your objective in this speed chasing game is to take down the targets shown in the mission overview. Power-ups will be dropped based on which power-ups you have bought/upgraded. You need at least a bronze score to pass each mission. Scoring is based on multipliers, each time you take down a target your active score goes up. Kill cops, use jumps, drive head-on and driver top-speed to increase your multiplier. WARNING - Heavy crashes into civilians will lower your active score. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car and press SPACEBAR to activate a power up. Have fun!
TD game to promote a new Extreme Motherboard
ASUS: Motherboard Mayhem
ASUS: Motherboard Mayhem
Your mission in this defense game is to defend the ASUS Xtreme Design motherboard against evil attacks. Stop the invasion before it is too late. Build towers to stop chaos hackers. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag the icons into the battlefield (P7P500 Motherboard) map to and your ASUS defenders. Each ASUS defender has three levels of upgrades which can by applied by selecting the defender and purchasing the upgrade. Good luck!
parody of the classic arcade BurgerTime
Monster Time
Monster Time
Doc Mock's MonsterTime is a Halloweenified parody of the classic arcade game, BurgerTime. It's your job to guide Doc Mock through each level, walking over the slices of the monster's body parts until they've all fallen to the bottom of the screen and can be reanimated by the powers of SCIENCE. Obviously, with all those modern movie bad guys chasing you around, you're going to need some help, so if you happen to get into a tight spot, you do have a limited supply of Doc Mock's patented Acid Solution and Electro-Tasers. The Acid Solution will kill any enemy for the duration of the level. Electro-Tasers will temporarily stun them. You can also squash them or make them fall with the monster parts. Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around. Press "Z" KEY to pour acid solution, and use "X" KEY to use electro teaser. Have fun!
defend your base from the 50 waves of attacking transformers
Autobot Stronghold
Autobot Stronghold
Autobot Stronghold is a brand new amazing Transformers tower defense game. The Decepticons, lead by Megatron, have finally reached the Autobot's LG Stronghold. And your mission is to successfully deploy the Autobot defenses and defeat this deadly onslaught. You have to build tower to stop the Decepticons. Use YOUR MOUSE to click or drag the autobot icons into the city map to add your defenders. Each autobot defender has three levels of upgrades which can be applied by selecting the Autobot first and purchasing the upgrade. Additionally each defender can also have their speed, response or range values upgraded by using the LG LH50 bonus upgrades. Good luck!
defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas
Ninja Hunter
Ninja Hunter
Your mission in Ninja Hunter game is to defend the temple against an army of invading Ninjas. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to stop the ninjas by typing the word that is above them. Use the ARROW KEYS to dodge the enemy attacks. When your range bar is full press 1, 2 or 3 KEY to unleash the powers of the wind. Tap the UP ARROW KEY quickly if stunned from enemy shuriken. In between levels you will have the opportunity to buy upgrades to your castle, including purchasing archers. We highly recommend archers as they can really help out in a pinch. Go get them!
TD game with a lot of map layouts
Astral Tower Defense
Astral Tower Defense
Your mission in this Pardus-themed tower defense game is defend your home world from attacking space creatures by purchasing and upgrading weapons and special equipment. There are 12 different maps to try out as you place your turrets in space and keep the waves of enemies from reaching the planet. Place your towers wisely or become forever unknown on the leaderboard. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
chase Kangaroo Jack with your fast car
Four Wheel Chase
Four Wheel Chase
Your goal in this free online game is to drive your four wheel vehicle , collect the money and catch the Kangaroo Jack without falling into canyons or crashing into the termite hills. Jack has escaped into the outback with your jacket and $50.000 in cash. He knows the outback better than you, but you must do your best to grab him, along with the cash that keeps flying out of his pocket. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. Remember to keep your energy level up by grabbing as many green canteens as you can. Good luck, Mate!
learn speed typing in this fun flash game
Word Frenzy
Word Frenzy
Your objective in this online fun game is to type as fast as you can. You can be either a rabbit on the run or a monster chasing the rabbit. Either way, you need to type your little heart out to win the game. The faster you type, the faster your character will move. Type extra fast and receive bonus points. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type words shown to you. Have fun!
save Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman
South Park Alien Chase
South Park Alien Chase
Grey aliens in local cop cars are chasing the boys! And your goal is to help Chef to drive the station wagon to bring the children to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the car. You can collect Oil refill, shotgun ammo, spikes, grenades, dynamite and rockets on your way. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to let hem go. Fix your car by picking up wrenches. Good luck!
help Sheriff John Bunnell to bust some gangsters
Fugitive Takedown
Fugitive Takedown
Your objective in this fun game is to drive police car and bust dangerous gangsters. There are 3 different game modes. 1. Pursuit - you have to chase down the fugitive vehicle and ram it until you take them down. 2. Time Trial - once you have completed a lap, the race data is saved so you can compete against a ghost car that follows your best lap. 3. Hit & Run - run from the law and squish as many pedestrians as you can. The roadblock icon disables the next roadblock. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer, press "X" KEY to accelerate and "Z" KEY to brake/reverse. Lets play!
defend yourself against attacking tanks. Have phun!
Shield Defense
Shield Defense
Your mission in this action defender game is to use your shield to defend your base against attacking tanks. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the shield and reflect the projectiles back towards the tanks to destroy them. Every 5 levels you will receive a bonus point which can be spent on special upgrades. Note, you earn interest on the money you save every time you click the Next Level button. Be sure to save as much as you can to maximize your buying power at later levels. After purchasing repair kits, you can use them in the middle of a level by clicking the repair button on the side panel. After purchasing the Sticky Shield upgrade, you can fire stuck projectiles by clicking anywhere on the screen or by pressing SPACEBAR. Lets play!
defend Area 51 from enemy attackers at all costs
Onslaught 2
Onslaught 2
Your mission in this awesome turret defense game is to build the defenses and stop the attackers from getting into Area 51. There is a cash bounty on the head of every attacker and each wave is tougher than the last. Use your earnings to upgrade your defences and keep the attackers at bay. This game has much more features than any other turret defense game. Not only you defend your base by building weapons and upgrading them. You can also make them stronger by purchasing modifier turrets. You can even use super damaging combo weapons by grouping together weapons and upgrading their damage to the max. Check in-game tutorial map for more information. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game (or you can use some of many keyboard shortcuts). Have fun!
use pies to protect yourself against newscasters
No Comment
No Comment
Your goal in this fun online game is to use pies to protect yourself against newscasters. You play the almost-deppy looking celeb trying to escape the news hounds. Avoid reporters and fend them off by throwing pies at their made-up faces. Distract them by collecting tabloid grenades. Choose your controls on the splash screen, mainly the ARROW KEYS for movements and "A", "S", "W", "D" KEYS to throw pies! Have fun!
build a team of bots and destroy enemy bots
Bot Arena 3
Bot Arena 3
Your goal in this great online game is to build a team of Bots, which you can use to win the BotArena Champion Cup. Every time you win a battle, you will win cash which you can use to upgrade your bots for use in lager division battles. Winning battles also unlocks new battle opportunities as well ass making more items available in the shop. Use YOUR MOUSE to control this game. Each bot is composed of a chassis, plating, and weapon. After purchasing the items; first mount the plating to the chassis. Second mount the weapon to the plating. You can purchase more than one bot. Once you have built your team, click start battle to choose your tournament. During battle you can click and drag your bot to the desired location. Lets fight!
watch elements chasing each other in this funny flash
Gravity Movements
Gravity Movements
This one is not actual game. It is just funny flash where you add the elements onto the board, and each have its own gravitional field. It creates the illusion of chasing after eachother. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to add new element. Hold SHIFT KEY and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to add a player element, use ARROW KEYS to control it. The elements can eliminate others and grow stronger with each succesful assassination. The number on each element refers to its level. Adding a lot of elements will result in something like a battle, where mighty elements might appear from. Have fun!
protect your innocent civilians from cruel zombies
Zombie Storm
Zombie Storm
In this online shooting game, your aim is to shoot down all zombies who have occupied your area and are now killing the innocent civilians. To complete each level, you must stop them from reaching your people otherwise they will kill and turn them to zombies. Also you will lose a level if your entire civilians die. Try to grab all the cash that will help you in purchasing upgrades from store. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Go get them!
hunt down evil enemies on the highway. Play for free.
Insurance Hunter
Insurance Hunter
This game is similar to the old spy hunter game but with updated graphics. Control Stelios using your ARROW KEYS. Use your SPACEBAR to activate the chosen weapon. Watch out for other road user. You will lose points by using your weapon on them. Be careful not to colide with the side of the road, and be careful of oil spills and puddles. Good luck!
help a maid to kill flies and keep the house clean
Urban Swat
Urban Swat
In this game you have to help a maid to protect the house from getting infected with flies. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the maid. Click to use the sweatter. If you hit more than one fly, you will get bonus points. After completing each level you can choose a bonus to carry with you to the next level. My best score is 134200. Try to beat me. Have fun!
catch the flies with the chopsticks in internet game.
Fly Sui
Fly Sui
This is pretty hard game! Catch as many flies as you can with your chopsticks by clicking your MOUSE BUTTON. Each time you kill a fly precious seconds are added to your time countdown. I'm sure many of you will beat my top score of 31 killed flies. Good Luck!
Free action internet flash game. Have fun.
Eat fish that are smaller than you to make yourself grow but don't try the bigger ones or they will eat you quickly. The bigger the fish, the more you will grow and the more points you will receive. Use arrow keys to control movement.

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