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restaurant management game series
Papas Donuteria
Papas Donuteria
Your goal in this cool restaurant management game is to cook dozens of delicious donuts a day for all the crazy customers in this carnival-like town. There is a new cooking game, that will challenge your management skills. Try to reach your daily goals to make Papa Louie's doughnut company successful. Cut out the donuts, fry 'em up, and decorate them with a dizzying array of toppings. Good luck!
another great restaurant management game
Papas Pastaria
Papas Pastaria
Your goal in this restaurant management game is to start your career as a pasta chef and take the customer orders and prove that you can handle yourself in these intense situations. You're in charge of Papa's newest restaurant, where you'll take orders, cook noodles, and add sauces and toppings to craft a perfect plate of pasta. If you've played any of the Papa games, then Pastaria's formula will be pretty familiar. Customers will arrive throughout the day and you'll take their excruciatingly particular orders, making sure not to keep them waiting too long, and cook everything just the way they like it. This time around, that involves cooking whatever type of pasta they wanted to the firmness they wanted, making sure to stir at certain points and then drain all the water, and then dress it with the sauce and toppings they want as cleanly and accurately as possible. Lets play!
witch game perfect for Halloween
Cooking Witch
Cooking Witch
play as a witch flying to a party in the woods, abducting the children and cooking and eating them. Eat as many children as you can but do not let their parents know about this. They will hunt you down like there is no tomorrow. You can upgrade your gear such as your broom, cauldron and equip hooks to be able to carry more children. Cook and eat as much meat as you can, but watch out for the angry Daddies or they will hunt you down. Happy Halloween!
cool hamburger cooking game
Mad Burger
Mad Burger
Your goal in this management burger cooking game is to throw the burger very far, and feed the hungry customer. This outdoor chef loves cooking burgers on the grill. Hamburger or Cheeseburger. This chef is unique because he delivers the burger through the air. Add toppings to your burger as you earn money to make it fly longer. Collect money in the air and other power ups to ensure you customer gets his delicious burger. Have fun!
new papa louie fun pancake cooking time management game
Papas Pancakeria
Papas Pancakeria
Your goal in the next installment of funny time management and strategy Papa Louies cooking game is to run the Pancakeria Store. Choose your character and make the best pancakes. show off your skills, earn tips, upgrades and more. Have fun!
manage pizza restaurant in this cooking game
Pizza Bar
Pizza Bar
Your task in this cool cooking game is to prepare the pizzas fro your customers as fast as you can. Prepare piping hot slices for the customers as quickly and as accurately as possible to reach your daily targets. The customers order appears above their head. Use YOUR MOUSE to find the recipe in the book and select right ingredients to make the pizza. Click Create button to cook and serve the pizza. Keep your eye on available supplies. Order more when you are running low. Have fun!
hilarious ragdoll physics game
Cannibal Casserole
Cannibal Casserole
Your objective in this funny ragdoll physics game is to feed shipwreck victims to the natives by firing them in to cooking pots. Collect all the veg and land in the pot in the minimum number of shots for a gold medal. Try not to get your victims tangled in thorn bushes. Skim the victims across water like stones. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your cannon and adjust shot power, then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire ragdoll. Good luck!
brand new game title from Goodgame Studios
GoodGame Cafe
GoodGame Cafe
Your objective in this awesome multiplayer game for GoodGame studios is to open your own Cafe and prove cooking skills and managing skills. Hire your friends and shop for ingredients right now. Decide what’s on the menu today and grow your business. Build your Cafe to become the most popular meeting point in town. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
run your own pizza business in this fre game
Pizza Point
Pizza Point
Your task in this cool time management game is to play as either Eddy or Sarah and run the new Pizza Point food restaurant! Reach each days cash target and listen to your boss Alessandro who will guide you through the basics of gameplay in the tutorial. Use only YOUR MOUSE to control every aspect of the game. When customer comes in click on him to give him, then click on the basemaker (watch the customer's order carefully, there are different pizza shapes), then add ingredients and get the pizza to the oven. After the pizza is baked, click the customer to give him his pizza. Have fun!
make burgers for your hugry customers in this game
Beastie Burgers
Beastie Burgers
Your task in this online game is to play as Raoul, a dog boy, trying to make a living in Monsterville as the finest burger vendor that ever lived. Cook your way to victory by making the correct burgers for your customers. Earn your reputation to enable you to work in more prestigious locations throughout Monsterville. Different ingredients require different tools in order to be cooked, and monsters will not be happy if you get their order wrong. Instructions are provided as you play, but you can roll over items / orders / equipment to get further hints as to how to use them. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
it is a cooking time
Love Chef
Love Chef
Alyssa has invited Alan to have dinner at her house, she is very nervous. Your task is to help Alyssa to prepare the perfect dinner for her perfect date with her boyfriend Alan. Set a beautiful table and then click the door and prepare the dishes as you are shown to win Alan's heart. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
a fun time management game
Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef
Your goal in this fun time management game is to keep your customers happy and serve them the right dishes in time to reach your daily target. You really have to rely on your memory skills. Extra features like reservations and take away orders coming in constantly keep your adrenaline going. Every next level more sushi ingredients will be added and the more complex your sushi making will be. To reach your target in higher levels you can buy upgrades to serve customers faster, make combo's or serve some take-away meals to earn extra money. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
Wallace and Gromit free online game
Top Bun
Top Bun
Your task in this nice online game is to successfully manage the Wallace and Gromit bakery "Top Bun", as you take on the frantic challenge of preparing, cooking and delivering their baked goods. Take control of Gromit as the orders begin to pile up. Ensure the dough enters the right ovens, receives the correct topping, bakes on time and is placed in the van before it starts to burn. A variety of bakery upgrades and challenging demands will test your limit across 8 levels. You will be given info how to play the game during the first level. Use YOUR MOUSE to control every aspect of the game. Good luck!
serve up grotesque meals for your zombie customers
Zombie Burger
Zombie Burger
With Halloween coming up its time to get in the mood with some halloween games. Your goal in this game is to feed your zombie customers with the disgusting meals they crave. You must cook and serve brain burgers, fried eye balls and other Halloween themed treats. Use YOUR MOUSE to cook things and put them into buns. Pass them to the zombies and collect the zombie money. Happy Halloween!
run a restaurant in this fun game
Family Restaurant
Family Restaurant
Your objective in this funny game is to create your own delicious dishes in the kitchen and make sure your guests get there orders on time. Get ready to test your cooking skills in the kitchen of your father’s restaurant. The more delicious and creative the recipes you make, the better the chance to achieve the ultimate goal of a five star rating. Deal with the time pressures and stress by cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Invent creative recipes of your own to boost sales and build the family restaurant of your dreams. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Click on the order plates below the screen to take on the order. Have fun!
cooking games and food serving games
Penguin Dinner
Penguin Dinner
Your objective in this fun, addictive time-management game is to help Penny make enough money to get back home to her family. You must serve customers quickly, making them happy and keep them coming back for more. To earn money you must - seat your customers, take their orders, serve customers with their order and then finally collect your money (check in-game instructions for more detailed info). At the end of the day visit the upgrade shop where you can buy useful upgrades. Have fun!
help George with his very own little hot dog stand
Hot Dog Bush
Hot Dog Bush
Your goal in this funny flash game is to help George W. Bush to create meals and deliver them to customers. To do this you will have to drag n drop items or just click on them or do both. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on food to add to counter. Food cooked to perfection glows. Select food, click on (or drag to) bun to add. Then click on (or drag to) customer to server. You can put burnt food into the bin (penalty). Sometimes you need to add garnish to your burgers. Select the garnish, click on (or drag to) bun to add. Click again on garnish to apply to another bun. To serve drinks, click on your chosen soft drink, click on the customer to server. Good luck!
run burger restaurants in this cool flash game
Burger Restaurant
Burger Restaurant
Your mission in this interesting flash game is to make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top. Prepare the orders by clicking with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the machines and ingredients. Have you made a mistake? Click on the trashcan to throw it away. Note, you can put unfinished orders on the silver plates. In the meantime you can prepare something else. Be sure to go through tutorial, to learn basics of burger making. Have fun!
Fast Food management  online cooking game
Pizza Shack
Pizza Shack
Your goal in this nice online cooking game is to serve up the perfect orders for your customers. You must keep your reputation from hitting rock bottom, or it is game over. At the beginning you only server fries, burgers, pizzas and drinks. But as your BP grows you can upgrade with new Cola, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, and Chicken machines (your BP grows with each perfect order). Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around and press SPACEBAR for action. Go through tutorial to learn basics of preparing fast food. Have fun!
use your trusty spatula and flip the gourmet items
Better BBQ Challenge
Better BBQ Challenge
Your goal in this fun BBQ game is to take your trusty spatula and use YOUR MOUSE to flip gourmet items at the perfect cooking point. Flip too early and you will lose points. If you left three cooking items turn to charcoal then it is game over. To keep you cool, make sure you click on the Lipton Ice Tea. Overheat and it is game over too. Have fun!

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