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fun tower defense game
Doodle Brigade
Doodle Brigade
Your mission in this fun tower defense game is to save the Doodle Domain from hordes of the undead. Evil is infiltrating your kingdom of peaceful drawings. Place attack units to defend your land. Although its setup looks familiar, this game places a big emphasis on upgrading your units and exploring their different abilities! Stop giant zombies, prisons with legs, and angry tanks from ruining your day. Take back your inky domain. Good luck!
great puzzle physics game
Mustache Time
Mustache Time
Your task in this great puzzle physics game is to save mustache balls from falling outside the screen by drawing platforms. While not a high difficulty game, it's rather easy to fall into a rage as the copy of you doesn't do what you want. The levels would be so easy if that other mouse cruiser just moved like you did, but on the levels where it is reversed, mirrored or both you'll find yourself spending more time fighting it than actually saving the little green men. Good luck!
physics puzzle game by Eugene Karataev
Drawfender Level Pack
Drawfender Level Pack
Your goal in this physics puzzle game by Eugene Karataev is to draw closed objects, create constructions and block attacks once more. The old enemies of a famous philanthropist are released from prison and try to murder him once again. Protect him from the cannon balls by drawing objects in various shapes. The mafia wants to eliminate him, and you must defend him, drawing defensive structures and prevent the gangsters from implementing their cunning plan like this. Good luck!
fun run-and-jump platform game
Pixel Escape
Pixel Escape
Your objective in this fun run-and-jump platform game is to help the pixels escape the advancing glitch-wall of doom. It is a running game with drawing. Use magic ink to save the world, one pixel at a time. Pitfalls and obstacles will slow the pixels down if not avoided, letting the glitch wall catch up to them, and elements such as spikes and lava will kill a pixel outright. New pixels can be picked up by running into them, and they will join the line. The gameplay itself is amazing and challenging. A fresh remake of good old run and jump idea. Have fun!
enjoyable physics drawing game
Your task in this enjoyable physics drawing game is to draw objects to block the attacks of two amateur assassins and to protect a famous philanthropist as he travels the world. Use your imagination to draw and protect a good guy from evil cannonballs. Each level will have a cannon or other type of gun pointed at our hero. Some have a delay, indicated by a countdown clock, but others fire instantly. Click to set a point in the grid, then drag and click again to make a line. Click the reset button on the bottom of the screen to start over. Fun game with levels that were challenging but not so bloody difficult you give up near the end. Enjoy!
sequel of the fun addicting puzzle game
Wake Up the Box 5
Wake Up the Box 5
Your task in this sequel of the fun-addicting puzzle game is to find a way to rudely awaken the sleepy Mr. Box again. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag the chalk to draw some shapes inside the drawing zone. These shapes will eventually help you wake the sleepy box who is too tired to do its chores. Wake Up the Box 5 continues to please and is another great entry in the series. Have fun!
awesome and fun new physics game
Scribbles 2
Scribbles 2
Your objective in this online drawing game is to draw paths for these scribbles follow, making sure each and every one gets to the end safely. Draw from dot-to-dot, in this fast-paced sequel. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Have fun!
Fun Xmas sugar physics puzzle drawing game
Sugar Sugar the Christmas Special
Sugar Sugar the Christmas Special
In this fun Xmas Special physics puzzle drawing game, your objective is to fill all of the cups with sugar. Draw lines in the level to direct the sugar in each cup. Direct the sugar through dyes in order to fill colored cups! Use YOUR MOUSE and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw lines. Complete all of the levels! Have fun and good luck!
Fun Xmas sugar physics puzzle drawing game
Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special
Sugar, Sugar: The Christmas Special
In this fun Xmas Special physics puzzle drawing game, your objective is to fill all of the cups with sugar. Draw lines in the level to direct the sugar in each cup. Direct the sugar through dyes in order to fill colored cups! Use YOUR MOUSE and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw lines. Complete all of the levels! Have fun and good luck!
Navigate Robot by drawing his path puzzle game
Navigate Robots
Navigate Robots
This is a fun drawing puzzle game where you are in control of a robot named Robot. Your mission is to collect all of the gears in the level and head back to the blue marker to finish. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on a robot to begin a path. Hold down the mouse button and draw a path. LEFT CLICK on the play button or use the SPACEBAR to start and stop. Can you navigate Robot through each level without colliding into other robots? Good luck!
fun and addicting drawing classic puzzle game
Lemmings Returns
Lemmings Returns
Do you remember playing Lemmings oh so long ago? Well, now theyre back. Now the way you beat a level is by drawing paths for the Lemmings to reach the end safely. Remember that they can not fall from too high. You also need to make sure that they can climb up and down the path easily. Use YOUR MOUSE and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw. Click on the eraser to use it. And click on the explosion to end the level early. Can you save all of the lemmings? Have fun and good luck!
hand drawn paper platformer game
Sketch Quest
Sketch Quest
Your task in this unique platformer is to go on an adventure in a hand drawn paper world. Go into the school notebook and use doodles to help your quest by drawing weapons to use in combat against enemies. Use YOUR LEFT/RIGHT ARROW or A,D KEYS to move. UP or W or SPACEBAR KEY to jump/double jump. NUMBERS 1-3 to change weapons. In the BLUE AREA, use YOUR MOUSE to create weapons by drawing them and LEFT-CLICK to attack/fight. Have fun!
fun drawing game
Sketcher 3
Sketcher 3
Your task in this fun drawing game is to connect the dots create a picture as fast as you can to get the most points. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the cursor over the numbers starting with 1 and ending with the highest number. Once you connect all dots you will see pictures of cool vehicles. Enjoy!
physics-classroom chalk board game
Way of an Idea 2
Way of an Idea 2
Your task in this physics-based puzzler is to help Newton discover gravity. Do this by drawing chalk-lines on the board and make use of the objects within each level to guide the apple (“the idea”) on its way to Newtons's head. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines. Limited chalk, distracting objects, and tricky circumstances will keep even the most intellectual player challenged throughout 33 levels. The game includes a level editor so you can design your own levels. Have fun!
play cool drawing puzzle game online
Draw Me If You Can
Draw Me If You Can
Your task in this drawing game is to prove your drawing skills and redraw the lines as closely as possible and collect all objects to pass each level. You will need a lot of patience to finish all 21 levels. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw. Have fun!
play addictive construction game in your browser
Rollercoaster Creator 2
Rollercoaster Creator 2
Your task in this fun and addictive construction game is to create your very own roller coaster and sent your customers flying down the tracks. Use YOUR MOUSE to select a drawing tool and draw your own custom coaster. Get your riders to the finish line and collect as many gems as possible. Have fun!
game to defend towns against german bombers
Battle of Britain Game
Battle of Britain Game
Your mission in this online airplane battle game is to take control of the squadron during Battle of Britain and defend English towns against German bombers. You have 4 spitfires at your disposal and you must command them to destroy enemies before they reach the end of your safe zone. You control your planes by drawing flight paths with YOUR MOUSE. Click on the plane and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and move your mouse to draw. You can select multiple spitfires by clicking on them while holding SHIFT KEY. Use "Q" and "E" KEYS to zoom. Use WASD KEYS to look around. Good luck!
play fun drawing game
Sugar Sugar
Sugar Sugar
Your task in this simple puzzle / drawing game is to draw and get enough sugar in the cups. Complete all 30 levels to unlock the bonus freeplay mode. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines and try to get enough sugar to each cup (steeper lines will make the sugar go faster). When you get stuck, click reset button to start the level over. Send the sugar through filter to change its color and get it to the right cup. Good luck!
create loops of pipes in this puzzle game online
Your task in this puzzle game based on the classic game "Squares" is to complete the loops by drawing straight lines from one dot to another and destroy the bombs by making closed circuits. You can only draw a line between two of the nearest dots, and each time you do so the moves counter will be reduced by one. Collect yellow arrows power-ups to add moves to your counter. When the bombs appear, draw a box around them to make them disappear. Good luck!
free online sketching and drawing game
Pencil Madness
Pencil Madness
Although this is not real game, I hope it can give you a few minutes of entertainment and bring out your creative side. In this cool drawing and sketching tool you can use unique brushes to draw what's on your mind and send your work to an online gallery. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw. Have fun!
fun physics based puzzle game
Your task in this free physics puzzle game is to help Bob, an usual office worker who dreams about beautiful life with fascinating women, sport cars and yachts, collect his money in each level. Do this by drawing sticks that will guide coins to Bob. The amount of wood you have at your disposal is limited so plan your drawing carefully. Sticks can be connected. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines, click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag to create sticks. Press SPACEBAR to start/stop simulation. Double click on a already created stick to remove it. Good luck!
play free crazy fun defense game
Hell Yeah
Hell Yeah
Your objective in this defense game is to protect the wonders of the world from Satan and his evil henchmen. Satan's come to Earth to steal the world's wonders and you have to stop him, armed with nothing but your divine paintbrush. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw magical weapon shapes. Then use created weapons to defeat Satan's henchmen. Be sure to upgrade between battles otherwise you don't have a chance to survive. Have fun!
help fish get back to water in this game
Fish Need Water
Fish Need Water
Your task in this fun physics puzzle is to to make the fish fall into the water by drawing lines and connecting objects. There are 24 unique levels and some of them seem to be hard at the beginning, but solutions aren't complicated. Use YOUR MOUSE to fix the wooden rods to objects and make them knock the fish to the water. Wooden rods can pass through the environment. Have fun!
drawing a path for your runner
Line Runner 2
Line Runner 2
Your task in this fun action game is to draw a path for your runner and race through different obstacles and get to the finish line before time runs out. Guide him to collect rings for speed while avoiding the purple mines. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw a path. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to dodge up or down. Press SPACEBAR to pause the game. Have fun!
play platform puzzle game online
Little Spider
Little Spider
Your task in this fun platform puzzler is to help the spider get home to its web by drawing wall lines for it to crawl on. Use YOUR MOUSE TO create blocks and move the walls and ceilings to achieve the target web to complete the level. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Good luck!
about about music, rhythm and walk
Take a Walk
Take a Walk
Your task in this fun musical platformer is to jump over the obstacles and collect the notes according to the rhythm of the music. Move using the ARROW KEYS and press "Z" KEY to jump over the obstacles. Take a walk and listen to relaxing music and enjoy the very nice drawings!
get the ball to goal by draving lines in this game
Your goal in this drawing game with some physics elements is to draw lines to make the ball bounce to the goal. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw a line. When ready click the Play button to start an action. Once the simulation starts, you can invert the gravity by clicking LEFT MOUSE BUTTON (gravity is represented by that big arrow on the screen). Try to finish all 48 mind challenging levels. Good luck!
how long can you make your constellation trail?
Constellation Chaos
Constellation Chaos
Your goal in this fun game is jump from star to star, drawing dotted lines as you go. The longer your lines, the more points you get. Various dangers and enemies attack you. As you jet off to different stars, you leave a constellation trail behind you. The longer these constellation trails are, the higher the score will be. These trails also act as your bullets, because they destroy the enemies you will encounter. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, click a star to launch. Good luck!
play fun physics based drawing game online
Eric the Circle
Eric the Circle
Your task in this physics based drawing game is to help Eric (the circle) that get himself caught in awkward positions. Use your wits and a dash of ink to help him overcome obstacles and platforms. Press LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move Eric. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines that will help you to get through obstacles. To erase bad lines you must click the rubber icon in the top left corner. Each time you complete a level the next is unlocked. Good luck!
an addictive game of skill requiring patience
World of Confusion
World of Confusion
Your task in this fun thinking game is to take control of the pencil and draw bridges, ramps and barriers to successfully navigate your characters and reach the end of level goal. Complete each of the levels in the quickest time possible to save as much money as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and try to complete the 15 levels of money mayhem. Enjoy!
an intense fighting game with an innovative combat system
Forever Samurai
Forever Samurai
Your mission in this fighting game is to play as a timeless samurai hunted by giant metal beasts, cut your way through a soulless army of steel to earn back your freedom. Practice to master the special attacks and fight your way to freedom and survive in an age of robotic demons. Use the WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to to attack (special attacks are done by drawing slashes across the screen with the mouse, allowing you to rapidly dash, launch, and smash your way through the levels). Have fun!
help spider to enclose pebbles by drawing a yellow silk
Your goal in this online game is to use the spider's silk to enclose pebbles by drawing a yellow silk then hit the red edges. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move the spider. You can remove mask by drawing the yellow silks to the red edges. Have fun!
move the yellow ball to the blue ball in this game
Online Game
Online Game
Your goal in this online game is to draw a line from the yellow circle to the blue circle. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw a line. When you click Play Button the yellow circle will start moving on the drawn line. So when drawing make sure the yellow circle don't touch the black borders. Also watch out for various obstacles. Press the SPACEBAR to erase your line. You can erase only from the end of the line. Press SPACEBAR again to return to pencil. Good luck!
draw your own bricks in this tetris like game
Ritris Puzzle Game
Ritris Puzzle Game
Your task in this tetris style game is to fill the gaps in the lines with the bricks that you draw. To draw, use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON in the drawing area and hold it down. When you have choosen 4 blocks, release the mouse button. Remove all red blocks to advance to the next level. To cancel a brick, move outside of the drawing area and release the mouse button. Good luck!
draw shapes and use the laws of physics to reach the target
Magic Pen 2
Magic Pen 2
Your goal in this puzzle game is to make clever use of physic to collect all flags in each level. Draw shapes and use the laws of physics to reach the target. The shapes that you draw are affected by gravity, friction and inertia. Use these properties in your advantage. The red ball (or red square in some levels), is the object that collects the flags. Draw the objects in such a way that they push the ball in the desired direction. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw an object. You cannot draw inside other objects. Draw a circle by holding the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. You can use pins and hinges to link two objects together. Hold "S" KEY and click inside an object to draw a pin. Hold "D" KEY to draw a hinge. Hold W and left click to gently push the red shape in a certain direction. Press SPACEBAR to restart the level. Good luck!
draw a path for the ball in this online game
Your objective in this innovative skill game is to draw a path for the ball to roll along. There are 43 levels in total + a boss battle + extra levels you can unlock if you're mad enough to beat it with all 3 balls. The ball can travel up through the line but not down so feel free to jump through it. Keep your momentum by drawing smooth curves. Create a V shape if you need to trap the ball. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw a path. Have fun!
guide a ball to the goal by drawing lines on the screen0
Guide Lines
Guide Lines
Your task in this physics based game is to guide a ball to the goal by drawing lines on the screen. Avoid black shapes and try to collect power ups that change the length of your lines, alter gravity, slow time and more! If you're having trouble with a level just return to the main menu and select a different one. Hold and drag LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw lines. Hold the SPACEBAR for slow motion to help give you time to angle the lines. Use A, S, D KEYS to change between the 3 line types (green lines bounce high, red lines bounce low, yellow lines bounce inbetween). Have fun!
collect all rotating circles with the black ball
Gravity Master
Gravity Master
Your goal in this online game is to collect all rotating circles with the black ball. You can move the ball by drawing shapes above the black ball. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw shapes. Doubleclick on your shape to destroy it. Press SPACEBAR to restart the level. Have fun!
a classic set of dealing, betting and drawing
Good Ol Poker
Good Ol Poker
The purpose of the game is to get the best score (amount of money) in a poker round. A round consists of 15 hands. The hand is a classic set of dealing, betting and drawing. To start things off, pick a character that will represent you in the game. Each character has unique attributes (like aggressiveness of play style or cheat ability) and special ability (like the ability to peek into opponents cards). You can use your character's special ability to cheat in the game, but only when the Confidence bar is loaded to maximum. The bar loads 10% each hand and 35% when you win a hand. Use your ability very carefully, as sometimes the opponents will notice if you cheat with a card that's already in play! Good luck!
try to replicate the pattern offered
Replica Game
Replica Game
Your task in this brain destroying game is to copy the pattern given in the smaller grid into the larger grid. In later levels you have to apply some transformations (rotating, mirroring, etc..) in your head before drawing the result. The amount of points you get depends on how fast you are. When there are many transformations, they must be applied in the given order, from top to bottom. You only need to draw the end result after applying all the transformations in your head, no intermediates. Control the game with YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!
redecorate a room from scratch in this game
My New Room
My New Room
This fun game aimed mostly at girl audience lets you redecorate a room from scratch with any item you like. You can try different styles and ambiences to see which suits you best. Use YOUR MOUSE to select one of the group panels on the right side of the screen and select one of the items. Once an item is placed you can move it around, rotate it and change its position. To delete it, select it and click the trash can. You can change the color of items, wallpaper and floor. You can also try to draw an item of your own, using the drawing tools. Have fun!
a great multiplayer drawing game
Draw My Thing
Draw My Thing
Your goal in this fun multiplayer draw game is to score more points than your opponents. Take turns drawing the secret word and everyone else has 60 seconds to guess what it is. Get 2 points for guessing and 1 point if your drawing is guessed correctly. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have Fun!
re-draw the images in this cool drawing game
Draw It
Draw It
Draw it is cool flash time waster where you can test your drawing skills. You are given a source image, and your task is to re-create it. The source image is on a grid which helps you figure out what needs to go where. Try to beat all the 15 unique drawings. Use YOUR MOUSE and various drawing tools to re-draw the pictures which is on the left side. Have fun!
build your own roller coaster in this game
Rollercoaster Creator
Rollercoaster Creator
Your aim in this cool free game is to build your own rollercoaster and collect all the coins in the level. You can also earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational! Use YOUR MOUSE to draw the track yourself. Sometimes you will have to use available elements such as up the track, steep drop, loop etc to collect all coins. Have fun!
yet another Crayon Physics game clone
Magic Pen
Magic Pen
Your goal in this fun drawing flash game is to draw the objects in such a way that they push the red ball in the desired direction and collect the flag. The shapes that you draw are affected by gravity, friction and inertia. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw an object (draw by holding LEFT MOUSE BUTTON). You cannot draw inside other objects You can use pins and hinges to link two objects together. Hold "S" KEY and click inside an object to draw a pin. Draw a second object on top of the pin to link the two object together. Hold "D" KEY to draw a hinge. It works the same as with a pin, except that now the two objects can rotate with respect to each other. To erase a single object hold down "A" KEY as you left click a shape. Press SPACEBAR to restart the level. Lets draw!
draw your own hero in this arcade
Draw Destroy
Draw Destroy
This is cool platformer where you have to draw your own hero and weapons and then start kicking enemy ass. Start off by drawing your character. Use YOUR MOUSE, click the upper square and draw a head, then click the bottom square and draw your body. Continue with drawing your swing weapon and shooting weapon. When you are done with it, click GO to bring your hero to life. In the game use "A" and "D" KEYS to move left and right (tapping keys will make you run). Press SPACEBAR to jump. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to power and swing/fire your weapon. Press "W" KEY to toggle weapons. Have fun!
round up matching planet in this game
Planet Cruncher
Planet Cruncher
Your goal in this arcade game is to smash together planets of the same type and collect gems. You must capture groups of identical planets by drawing an area around them. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the on-screen pointer. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw circles. If a planet touches the line before it closes, the planet explodes and the line disappears, costing you valuable gems. Collect gems just by touching them with your mouse pointer. A mismatch of different planets will create a black hole. Touch comets for bonus gems. Have fun!
Memorise the picture then draw it yourself
Sketch Game
Sketch Game
Your goal in this cool online drawing game is to draw the same picture that was shown by your memory. Use the thumb tacks and place them in points that will help you visualize the image shown, then re-draw it! The more accurate you are, the bigger score you will get. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the picture to use pins. Once you have placed them, click the Draw! button and try to reproduce the picture. How far can you get? Good luck!
free online drawing game. Make your own art.
Sketchpad DX
Sketchpad DX
Your goal in this cool drawing game is to draw the images that are shown on the sketchpad by tracking the lines with your powerful pencil tool. On the left side of the screen you can choose two tools: Pencil - you will draw with it. And Mouse - when the mouse is active the level clock won't be running. You can also pick a color and the thickness of your line. You can also practice in free drawing mode where you can make your own drawings, no rules or strings attached. Have fun!
your face has never looked like this before
Your Face
Your Face
Dear gamer, these are hard times for the fine arts. Your Face, one of th most prestigious art-galleries of the western hemisphere, has been robbed. More than 2.9 million precious portraits have been stolen and may be lost forever. Fortunately we archived the pictures digitally. Now it is up to you to recreate them. In challenge mode use YOUR MOUSE to cycle through body parts by clicking those buttons under the portrait. If you think you recreated the face perfectly click the Check button to get to the next level. Good luck!
Second part of the draw game Boulder Basher
Boulder Basher 2
Boulder Basher 2
Your objective in this interesting flash game is to bounce the rocks to smash various ugly aggressors and defend the city by drawing lines. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines. Smaller lines have more bounce. Beware the evil Wizards fireball; you cannot deflect them with your lines. You must hit the Wizards with rocks to interrupt their casting. You can use "P" KEY to pause game. Have fun!
create your own character and watch him dance
Cartoon Drawer
Cartoon Drawer
Your aim in this cool little flash game is to draw your own cartoon character and then watch him dance. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Select the pencil or the brush and click the name of the body part to start drawing in that area. Colors are available only when the brush is active. When you are finished click the "Animate" button and give your creature life. Have fun!
escape the spiked ball by drawing lines upward
Draw a Game
Draw a Game
Your goal in this interesting online game is to climb up and collect coins by drawing platforms while avoiding the spiked ball. Every time you collect a coin the spiked ball will become faster. From time to time when you have drawn a lot, the game will become slower. If this happens you muse press the SPACEBAR to clear the game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and use YOUR MOUSE to draw a line. Have fun!
complete the drawings by going dot-to-dot game
Scribble 2
Scribble 2
Your aim in this "connect-the-dot" game is to complete the drawings by going dot-to-dot with your crayon. Connect the dots in order, starting at 1. Hold down the MOUSE BUTTON to draw. If you miss a dot or hit the wrong dot, you will have to start over. You can press "Q" KEY to toggle quality in game. Have fun!
draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go
Stunt Bike Draw
Stunt Bike Draw
Your goal in this cool bike flash game is to draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go. Try to jump over aliens, cars, trucks, buses, fly through burning rings and much more. Jump well, or it could be a poor innocent alien who suffers because of your poor drawing skills. Use YOUR MOUSE to point, click and drag to draw a ramp. Moving YOUR MOUSE to the left or right edges of the game scrolls the screen left or right so that you can draw ramps for larger jumps. Good luck!
draw a line from left to right for the small sled rider
Line Rider
Line Rider
Your goal in this simple yet addictive online game is to is draw a line from left to right for the small sled rider. Use pencil tool to draw a line from top-left to bottom-right. Note, that the lines you draw have direction (lines drawn from left to right act as the floor and lines drawn from right to left act as the ceiling). Use the hand tool to move the drawing area (you can also hold down the SPACEBAR while using the pencil tool to get the same effect). After you finish drawing, press the play button. Be creative and have fun!
eat food palletes and fish to keep you full and happy
Fish Eat Fish
Fish Eat Fish
Your mission in this funny game is to eat all the fish that are smaller then you and food palletes to fulfill your hunger and to grow. Every five time you eat either a fish food pallete or another fish you will grow to the next size. You can only eat fish smaller than you. Make sure to watch your hunger indicator in the top right corner. If your fish does not get fed quickly enough you will either die or lose growth points. Use the ARROW KEYS to control movement. Have fun!
connect the numbered dots in order, as fast as you can
Your mission in this dot-to-dot action free online game is to draw like crazy and connect the numbered dots in order, as fast as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw. Locate the dot with #1, click it and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and connect all other dots in order. Try to do it in the shortest period of time. Good luck!
defend your Tower from the onslaught of enemies
Flash Craft
Flash Craft
Your aim in this cool strategy game is to defend your Tower from the onslaught of enemies. The forces of evil have come together as one and are drawing nearer to your castle. This is why the king has called for you. He knows you have much experience in this matter and trusts that you can defend the path to the castle. Build different towers strategically to keep the evil forces at bay. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and you can also use ARROW KEYS to scroll the map. Be sure to play in-game tutorial to learn how to play this cool game. Have fun!
try to fill-up the tattoo in the given time in this game
Tattoo Artist
Tattoo Artist
Your aim in this tatoo game is to fill-up the tattoo in the given time. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around the electric needle. The timer will start running once you click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Your job is to trace the tatoo staying within the lines. Staying inside the tatoo will give you 1 point for each dot, but going outside of the tattoo will substract 3 points. The level is over when the timer reaches zero. You will lose when your score is under the goal for that given level. Have fun!
guide little puppy to his food bowl and bones
Jack Russell
Jack Russell
Don't click the 'click on me' dog link while the game is loading unless you want to see an ad. The object of this game is to gide your dog through each level by creating a path for him. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to draw a line, which is the pathway Jack Russell will walk on. If you think the line is alright and dog will make it to the goal click "Go" button. See in-game instructions for more usefull hints and tips! You will need them. Have fun playing!

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