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fun steampunk guy game
Steam Rogue
Steam Rogue
Your task in this fun steampunk guy game is to snatch treasures as a steam-powered robot, but keep an eye on your steam meter. Play as steam-powered gentleman thiefbot Otto Von Steamingberg and hunt for treasures in a wacky factory. This is excellent fun! Jumping and running both seemed perfectly bug-free to me and I could enjoy a short episode of hop and die. My only gripe is that you weren't making this for the original Gameboy back when I was a kid. Enjoy!
really challenging puzzle platform game
Santa Run 2
Santa Run 2
Santa is late yet again to reach the toy factory form where he is supposed to pick up the toys and gifts, which he has to go distributing around this Christmas season. Your task in this really challenging puzzle platform game is to help him run, jump, drive and do everything possible to get to the factory as soon as possible. The only thing I don't like about it is the excessive trial and error. You pretty much HAVE to restart a level over and over and over again to find the shortcuts in order to beat the game. Another minor thing: I didn't even notice the timer at the bottom of the screen on my first attempt (though that might just be me). If it was a clock instead of a circle slowly turning from white to black or the game just told me what it represented, then it would be fine. Have fun!
latest installment in the physics platformer game
Red Ball 4 Volume 3
Red Ball 4 Volume 3
Your goal in the latest installment in the physics platform game series is to roll and jump your way through a deadly factory. Red Ball has reached the lair of the square oppressors and now it's time to defeat the big boss and liberate the other balls. The grim industrial surroundings are the perfect backdrop for the introduction of many new elements, such as lasers, bombs and giant metal presses, all of which will kill you in a heartbeat. To counterbalance this, checkpoints are very nicely placed, allowing a smooth play without undue shouting at the screen. Have fun!
challenging game like the Where is my water
Need Water
Need Water
Your objective in this new challenging game like the where is my water is to create a path for the water to flow freely towards the ice factory. Dig the mines to make the water move in the correct direction. Also you have to collect diamonds to buy upgrades. Collect the diamonds that are hidden in the earth and buy new skills and items in the upgrade panel. Unlock the achievements and earn rewards. Try to complete all the challenging levels. Have fun!
modern take on a classic puzzle game
Your goal in this modern take on a classic puzzle game is to guide you robots from their work place back home to safety after a long shift at work. Use the various controls and upgrades to guide them towards the next factory on time. You should control a robot and launch a factory. Use left mouse button to move and act. Take on the role of the engineer who has developed some awesome, but skillless Assembots. After assembly you need to test all machines and equip them with special abilities to get them through all obstructive courses. Enjoy!
horror point and click escape game
A fantastic and amazing quest about a man who is exploring a strange sewer following someone's tracks. A little dark and scary, but who cares? Terrible things are happening here, beware! Explore a scary old abandoned factory. Invited by a trusted friend you head deeper within, except all is not what it seems in this derelict place. Find hidden objects to solve puzzles. Donít forget to click on the large camera, tape recorder, phone and the secret documents in ITEMS to see the pictures you took, hear the tapes youíve found and read the secret docs and phone messages. Good luck!
retro platforming game
Super Lemonade Factory
Super Lemonade Factory
Your objective in this pixel platformer game is to help Andre and his wife successfully navigate their way through the entire factory. Switch characters and combine their unique skills to explore the whole building. Have fun!
Help this factory worker save his coworkers!
The Paint Gunner
The Paint Gunner
All of your coworkers in the factory are trapped in the party room with no way out! The room is completely surrounded by deadly chemicals and it is up to you to save them! Take your paint gun, load it with special paint and find your way to the other end of the factory! figure out how to go around obstacles using your special paint in this awesome physics puzzle platformer! Use the WASD KEYs to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to spray paint. Use the E KEY to interact and the ESCAPE KEY or the P KEY to access the menu. Have fun and good luck!
Help this trio escape the puzzle factory in this point and click puzzler!
We Are Friends
We Are Friends
These little monsters have been trapped by the wicked Gumo! He has built a puzzle factory and trapped Xomo, Yomo, and Zomo in it! Help these best friends work together to escape from the puzzle factory! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on the environment to begin a chain of actions and reactions. Try to figure out a way to escape! Have fun!
Find all uncooperative fruits in this factory and juice them!
Effing Fruits
Effing Fruits
You work in a fruit juice factory! Your job is to find all of the uncooperative fruit running about and make a profit from them! Beat each wave to buy upgrades and make more profit! Can you get a high score? Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to trap uncooperative fruit! Have fun!
Set up a base and destroy enemies in this tower defense game
Battlefield Arena
Battlefield Arena
A new plot of land filled with new resources has been discovered in the middle of the continent. Many military powers are prepering to fight for that piece of land. It is your job to construct a base, build and send out units, scout the area, and attack and kill all enemies. Complete all of the campaigns to take over all of the continents! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to make selections. Hold SHIFT and LEFT CLICK when the factory is selected to set the rallypoint. Use the SPACEBAR to deselect. Have fun and good luck!
fun and cool robot soda production factory strategy game
Fizzy Frenzy
Fizzy Frenzy
Start your own soda production company in this fun robot strategy game! Grab a can from the machine, paint it, fill it with the correct kind of soda, and ship it off to gain money! Buy new upgrades and build your factory! use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to make selections during production. How big can you make your factory? Have fun and good luck!
Fun challenging point and click adventure escape game
Escape 3D The Factory
Escape 3D The Factory
Escape the factory in this fun and challenging 3D escape the room game! Gather hidden objects that will help you on your mission, explore your environment and form the best strategy that will grant you your freedom. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to interact with your environment. Have fun and good luck!
Challenging building your business space factory game
Space Factory
Space Factory
Take control of your Uncles factory in this cool business growing game. Buy resources and hire workers to make products like Tesla Coils or even tin foil hats and sell them to make a profit! Complete all goals and make the factory much better before 50 weeks are up or you will be eaten! Think you can handle the pressure? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to make selections. Have fun and good luck!
fun and addicting point and click puzzle game
Clumsy Scientist
Clumsy Scientist
In this fun point and click puzzle game, this clumsy scientist needs your help to prove his worth. Quality chemicals are in demand in the factory. Now is this scientists chance to be the next Einstein! In each level, you need to figure out what to do to reach the next room. Help the clumsy scientist mix chemicals and make it to the factory! Do you think you can help him achieve his dreams? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to interact with object on the level. Good luck and have fun!
match puzzle arcade game
We Are The Robots 2
We Are The Robots 2
Your task in this award winning match puzzle game is to try to remove all the robots in each level by making matches of 3 or more of the same color. Match enough robots to digg to the next level and upgrade bonus robots. Every new level you have more work to do, as more and more robots get invented by the factory crazy marketing department. Use YOUR MOUSE to move robots and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop a robot. Good luck!
defend your base from a crazy zombie outbreak
Robots vs Zombies
Robots vs Zombies
Your mission in this defense game is to place turrets and use a forced robot to kill the zombies that try to steal the energy cores from the factory. Utilize your skill tree with your hero, use turrets and traps against the invasion. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move your robot around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot, or use it to built dowers. You can use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS shortcuts to select towers. Good luck!
free online puzzle and skill game
Cardboard Box Assembler
Cardboard Box Assembler
Your task in this cool puzzle platform game is to play as a crazy factory worker living in a dream world and run around the six sides of a cube trying to find the exit door. Collect keys to escape the cardboard box and find gems to unlock hidden worlds. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to run, Press UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb ladders. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Good luck!
drive your dump truck in this physics game
Max Dirt Truck
Max Dirt Truck
Your objective in Max Dirt Truck, a truck driving game with physics elements, is to deliver the supplies to the factory within the time limit. Maintain a good balance between speed and control as you drive over many hills with your loaded truck. Hold on to your hats, because this ride is going to get bumpy. And remember that you must reach your destination before time runs out. Press UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOWN ARROW KEY to brake, LEFT ARROW KEY to tilt backward and RIGHT ARROW KEY to tilt forward. Have fun!
action packed point and click game
Your objective in this action packed point and click game is to help Anbot escape the factory so he can go chill at the beach and stops working like a robot. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on objects or locations on the screen to progress through the game in as few clicks as possible. Good luck!
Fast-paced isometric shooting game
The Terminal
The Terminal
Your mission in this Isometric shooting game is to protect yourself and your HeadQuarters and also Destroy B.O.B. before the countdown reaches zero. Failure to do so will result in the complete annihilation of your facilities. B.O.B. will send waves of corrupted factory robots towards the HQ. Protect it and go assault B.O.B. as soon as you can. Use the WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Press "Q" and "W" KEYS to switch weapons and press SPACEBAR to use your propulsor. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Good luck!
light-bot game is back, more puzzling than ever
Light Bot 2
Light Bot 2
Your task in this cool game is to use programmer-style logic to tell the bot how to light up all the blue tiles. Give commands to your robot to light up the factory. Very soon you will realize though that using the main method on it’s own is not enough and you will have to start creating re-usable functions to achieve the ultimate goal. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop commands into their slots. To use functions use the F1 and F2 COMMANDS in the game, not the keys on your keyboard! Have fun!
play cool a survival gama for free
Planet Noevo
Planet Noevo
Your mission in this survival flash game is to take a role of lone soldier who happen to Planet land on an hostile planet and have to defend yourself. Aliens are swarming and the only defense you have is your wrecked ship. Upgrade your ship, collect resources and manage your inventory. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press "R" KEY to reload. Use "Q" KEY to show inventory (pause). Press SPACEBAR to enter the base. While in the base press "E" KEY to access base Upgrades menu or press "R" KEY to access items factory screen. Press SPACEBAR to exit base. Good luck!
avoid the bullets and survive the mayhem
Bullet LAB
Bullet LAB
Your goal in this fun flash game is to take a role of a test subject in a gun factory. You have to avoid the bullets and survive the mayhem. To play bullet lab use the WASD KEYS to move around and dodge bullets. For each successfully completed wave you earn some cash. You can buy some upgrades in the BulletLAB main screen. Have fun!
drive your truck carefully in this fun physics game
Mining Truck
Mining Truck
Your task in this fun physics based flash game is to take a role of a truck driver and collect the stones from the mine and deliver them to the other side to the factory along a tricky challenging road. At the beginning wait till the truck is loaded. When the light goes green use the ARROW KEYS to control your truck. Drive your truck carefully and make sure not to drop your the load on the road. Park your truck under the tube and wait for the unloading. The fuller truck arrives to the factory the more points you get. Have fun!
escape the arctic cold in action/puzzle/adventure game
IceScape 3
IceScape 3
A UFO has crash landed on the arctic research center. After making your way to the nearby factory you found it was overrun by aliens and almost everyone was dead. You escaped by chopper, but more drama is to follow. You must escape the arctic cold and tell civilization about the alien presence. Use YOUR MOUSE to explore area around you, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use items. Click "i" to open the inventory. Complete all awards to unlock USB evidence files. (from the main menu). Play the previous games in this series: Icescape, Ice Scape 2. Good luck!
a great puzzle game for Nintendo WiiWare
Heron: Steam Machine
Heron: Steam Machine
This cool puzzle game is about a factory where rubber duckies are being produced by a large steam engine. On this steam engine, there are four different gauges which you will have to watch carefully. These gauges represent steam, electricity, water and oil. When the gauges start to rise, you will have to connect a pipe with the color corresponding with the gauge. By connecting the pipes, you will earn points and relieve some of the pressure, keeping the machine running just a little bit longer. If one of the gauges reaches it's maximum, the machine will eventually blow up, and the game is over. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the pipes to rotate them. Good luck!
kill enemy factory and save the world
Captain Zorro Lost Factory
Captain Zorro Lost Factory
The factory which builds robot-killers was uncovered on the lost planet. And evil plans was scheduled by it's creators. Your mission is to help captain Zorro to kill enemy factory and save the world. To complete each level, move captain to marked tile while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Use your gun to destroy robots and rusty walls. After each shoot it needs one turn to recharge. Use ARROW KEYS to turn around and move. Press "Z" KEY to fire a gun, press "X" KEY to press buttons, use SPACEBAR to skip move. Good luck!
smash stuff with a mallet in this fun game
Hiring Day
Hiring Day
Your goal in this fun game is to smash stuff with a mallet. You must do it fast, smashing tomatoes, jars and mice. You try to get hired to work in a factory, because you need money to buy the new WiiStation360. The game consists of finding the faulty items wich you must not let pass through the conveyor. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on items that do not match the picture(s) on the wall. (The direction the object is facing doesn't matter.) Click again to deselect the object if you've made a mistake. Visit the "How to play" section for a short tutorial. Have fun!
destroy the factory in this real-time strategy game
Tree Troopers
Tree Troopers
Your mission in this real-time strategy game is to defend the forest from human colonization and destroy the main factory. Protect the Earth Tree from harmful bullets and enemies and destroy all tanks to preserves peace. Build your trees, your military trees will produce troops. And your troops are goind to attack enemy factories. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack. You can click to destry everything except enemy factories. Go through in game tutorial to learn more, Have fun!
guide your metal ball safely to the exit tile
High Roller
High Roller
Your task in this cool skill game is to take control of a ball of metal which just managed to escape from being squashed in a factory. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your ball and get it safely to the exit tile. Beware of some special tiles - reverse tiles will reverse your controls while you are on them. Direction tiles roll you in whichever direction they point. Acid tiles will start fade away when you roll onto them. Speed-up tile will make you roll faster. You cannot change the direction on slippery tiles. Do not touch electro tiles when they are bright blue. Have fun!
run a new factory every day in this fun game
Your task in this game is to run a new factory every day making new items in each one. Put the items together then ship them, make sure you don't break anything or else you'll lose money. You must meet the quota in each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to use switches. Make sure you go through tutorial before you start playing, it will teach you how to play. Have fun!
control a mini robot through the factory in this game
Light Bot
Light Bot
Your job in this logic game is to control a mini robot through the factory and light it all up. Quite quickly you will realize that basic forward logic isn't going to get the job done, and soon enough you will start thinking with functions and creating intricate bot commands to achieve the ultimate goal. The first few levels will learn you basics of the game-play. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
collect all the globs of slime to form slime chain
There's been an accident at the slime factory, and globs of slime are everywhere. It's up to you, Rob the robot, to clean up the mess. Collect all the globs of slime to form one big slime chain, then go to the suction vent clear the stage. You can move a slime chain from its ends, but not from the middle. Each vent can only be used once. And boxes can be pushed and go down pits. There are 50 levels of increasing difficulty. Use the ARROW KEYS or ASWD KEYS to move around. Have fun!
sort all the cogs in this interesting puzzle
Cog Factory
Cog Factory
Your objective in this interesting puzzle game is to group the same colored cogs together in sprocket spirals. Once three or more cogs of the same color are adjacent to one another, they will connect themselves to the machine in the background. Think carefully about which cog you send down which spiral - plan ahead. You only have a limited time before the cogs get ejected from the cogregator - so think quick! Look out for power-ups they'll help you when you need them most. Use the ARROW KEYS to rotate cogs and press SPACEBAR to launch the cogs. Good luck!
highly addictive Priority management game
Baby Blimp
Baby Blimp
Your goal in this highly addictive priority management game is to control the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible. Keep track of your achievements on a map that shows you your upcoming as well as your overall objectives. During the course of this game you will be able to upgrade your storks. You can strengthen them or increase their speed. Collect all the bonuses: the twin bonus and even the quadruplet bonus. It might even get you into the headlines of tomorrows paper. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
defeat the evil dr and save the pixelverse
Adventures of Gyro Atoms
Adventures of Gyro Atoms
Gyro Atoms is a Cowardly lynx in giant gloves, jeans and shoes. He resides in the Pixelverse. The world of computers which has 3 rhelms. Pirate Island, Ninja mountain and robot factory. Dr Chill has taken over the pixel verse and set up a network of black portals. Its up To gyro to defeat the evil dr and save the pixelverse. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "Z" KEY to jump. Hold "X" KEY to aim and then release it to throw! Use "C" KEY for camera control. For Boost jump press DOWN ARROW + "Z" KEY. For Style Bounce press "Z" KEY while bouncing off enemy. Have fun!
help Buzz to find his way home. Free online game
Bee Jeez
Bee Jeez
A cute little Bumble-bee named Buzz has been kidnapped by the honey tycoon to slave in his honey factory. Buzz managed to escape and now it is your task to help him find his way home. Use YOUR MOUSE to steer Buzz clear of danger and collect power-ups. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire your gun after you have collected it. When you are attacked by a mite, shake him off my shaking YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!
great online adventure game aimed at kids
No Vacancy
No Vacancy
Your mission in this sweet online game aimed at kids is to help Natasha get into Lubeks hideout and destroy his army of robots by solving various clues, and then help Natasha and her friends escape from the secret robot factory! Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
defeat the UFOs that are attacking the Earth
Invasion Tactical Defense
Invasion Tactical Defense
Your mission in this turret defense game is to defend the Earth from invading UFOs. Aliens are invading our earth and it is up to you to defend an important nuclear factory. Do this by buying cannons, training new defenders and telling them what to do. You also need to make strategic decision about what cannons you buy and what upgrades you make. Use YOUR MOUSE to control all aspects of the game. I suggest you to read in-game How To Play section to check detailed instructions. Have fun!
become a junior tester at the monster trucks factory
Monster Truck Trials
Monster Truck Trials
Your goal in this monster trucks flash game is to become junior tester at the monster trucks factory and get the best out of those monsters. You must finish all 4 trials. Use UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOWN ARROW KEY toi brake/reverse and LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate. Press SPACEBAR for nitro. Good luck!
wake up the sleeping workers to improve productivity
Gung Ho Game
Gung Ho Game
Your goal in this funny flash game is to wake up the sleeping workers to improve productivity of your factory. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on the sleeping workers to wake them up. Make sure you do not go below 60% otherwise it is game over. Good luck!
you were shot down by anti aircraft guns. Escape out!
Industry 2
Industry 2
So you rescued the Balloon in the previous version. But it seems our hero's ballon has been shot down by the paperclip factory's anti-aircraft guns. Find a way to get back home. Use YOUR MOUSE and Left Click on the various characters and items on the game screen in each level to make things happen. Remember that all the actions should be synchronized properly to solve the level. Have fun!
Online flash platform game!
Free online flash platform game, guide our hero Panik through the factory collecting all the bombs.

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