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funny physics puzzle flash game
Piggy in the Puddle
Piggy in the Puddle
Your objective in this funny physics puzzle flash game is to help the piggy collect acorns and navigate to the mud-pit. Be careful to avoid traps along the way. Click the piggy to make it change shape from square to round and vice versa depending on what the level requires. Click other animals like frogs, chickens and cows to activate their different abilities which will help the piggy complete each stage. Drop the piggy into the puddle to finish of the level, and collect three golden acorns to obtain the highest score. Have fun!
exciting physics puzzle game
Your task in this exciting physics flash game is to use your powerful tongue to save the world from evil mutated flies. Control the mutant frog and save the human survivors from being attacked by the mutant flies. There's no need to freak out. Keep in mind that the fate of the world lies in your hands. Have fun!
funny frog jumping game
Super Frog
Super Frog
Your goal in this fun frog game is to jump your way through dangerous swamp to the victory. This frog has super powers and can leap, eat and survive much better then the other frogs. Help this super frog collect flies and jump over deadly obstacles to reach the exit of each level. Enjoy!
fun frog and insect platformer game
Froggy Dares
Froggy Dares
The land of the frogs used to be a beautiful and peaceful place until one day, the insects completely took over and forced the frog race out. Your mission to to regain control of what the frogs initially owned. Play through this platformer and kill all the insects as you hop through. Make sure you collect coins on your way! Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump and the X or CTRL KEY to attack. Good luck!
free flash arcade game
Frog Dares
Frog Dares
Your task in this action arcade game is to run through the level collecting coins and eating bugs. Help the frog get the frog kingdom back to it's former glory. Explore the doomed forest to look for the boss that did all this. Good luck!
help a frog catch flies in this fun game
Fly N Frog
Fly N Frog
Your task in this fun little skill game help the frog to hop around and stick his tongue out to get the flies. You must catch all the flies in each level to proceed. Use YOUR MOUSE to pull Frog’s head to jump, and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to eat flies. On your way you will have to solve various puzzles. Good luck!
wonderful game for Adventure Games fans
I Have 1 Day
I Have 1 Day
Your objective in this cool adventure game is to solve the mystery and save the kingdom from utter frog-struction in just one day. In case it wasn't obvious before, you literally only do have one day here. Everything is measured in hours. Use YOUR MOUSE to interact with the game. Click through dialogue and click on objects to interact with them or pick them up and add them to your inventory. To fast forward time, click on the clock. To revert to previous hours, open the logbook and click the log header. Make sure to read your logbook to keep track of your current goals, and for hints on your performance. Have fun!
show your mouse clicking skills in this fun game
Click The Frog
Click The Frog
Your task in this mini games collection is to master various little tasks. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and be quick to click following the indications given to you in each level. Have fun!
build an empire and crush enemy
Aztec God Game
Aztec God Game
Your mission in this cool strategy game based on the Bullfrog classic "Populous" is to become an Aztec God and create flat land so your followers can build large temples. Accumulate mana from their worship and use your powers to smite the unbelievers. Beware though, the computer controls a rival God and will do everything in its power to destroy your followers. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click on a square of land to lower or raise it. Good luck!
fun platform type puzzle game
The Illusionists Dream
The Illusionists Dream
Once upon a time there was a great magical performer who entertained crowds with his tricks and illusions. But when the one he loved died, he stopped performing and lost the will to live... Your task in this magical puzzle platform free online game is to help the magician find the will to live again. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around, press "A" KEY to take the form of an animal and press "S" KEY to change back into yourself. Have fun! CONTROLS: Arrow Keys A and S
help the cat to stay alive in this flash game online
Your task in this arcade puzzler is to help the BluCat feed animals to each other and do not let the creatures get to the bottom of the screen. Feed smaller animals to larger animals - birds eat frogs, frog eats flies and flies just get eaten. Bombs eat anything. You need to feed a creature twice to explode it or feed one full creature to another to blow it up. Move YOUR MOUSE to move the cat and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire gun. Have fun!
help your friends to get out of the traps
Froggy Feast
Froggy Feast
Your objective in this fun puzzle game is to help a fly (who finds all his bug friends trapped in sticky delicious blocks of sap) to rescue its friends by matching 3 or more of the same bug, but watch out for the hungry frogs who want to feast on the trapped bugs. This game includes almost 100 unlockable achievements, 2 game modes, high scores. Use "A" and "D" KEYS or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the sap block. Press "S" KEY or DOWN ARROW KEY to drop the block faster. Create matches and combos to free the bugs from the sap before the frog eats a certain number each level. Have fun!
help the little frog to get her daily meal
Hungry Froggy
Hungry Froggy
Your goal in this sweet online game is to control the hungry frog and help it to catch and eat the bugs. But be careful, not all bugs are delicious. You have to throw out the bad ones (bee and mosquito). There are also some other animals that will attack you (spider, crab, snake and bat), avoid them at all costs. You can also burn them out when your magic power is full and you hit them with the fireball. Eat mushrooms for more health! Collect enough points to open new stages. Use the "A" and "D" KEYS to move left and right. Press "W" KEY to jump and "S" KEY to freeze. By pressing "E" KEY you will eat a bug you have in your mouth or press SPACEBAR to throw it out. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to catch the insects. Check in-game instructions for more info about bugs. Have fun!
help Hussein to collect nukes and destroy the world
Run Saddam
Run Saddam
Your mission in this fun "frogger like" game is to help Saddam Hussein to collect hidden nukes (black ones) and destroy the world. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and hit SHIFT KEY to jump. Get as many nukes as you can before the time expires. You can touch the ally flags to get power-ups. Stay away from allied tanks and cowboys, you can jump over them to save your life. Also avoid the active nukes (the red ones). Have fun!
cross the road and the river and save little frogs
Frogger Game
Frogger Game
This is cool classical game transfered from 8bit computers into PC flash game. Your aim is to guide little frog across the road and river and reach its destination. Dont get driven over by cars or dont fall off the floating trunk. Use ARROW KEYS to move the frog. Have fun!
get all the ants and dangerous spiders with your tongue
Diddis Frogland
Diddis Frogland
Control Diddi, the frog, to get all the ants, spiders and the dew drops with your tongue. To survive, avoid ants and spiders from getting closer otherwise they will take your life. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to fire Diddis long tongue (hold space bar to prolong the tongue). Have fun!
control the spider and bite flies or catch them in net
Fly Catcher
Fly Catcher
In this addicting game you have to control the spider using your ARROW KEYS and bite as many flies as you can. Use SPACEBAR to bite a fly. You can also catch flies by throwing spiderwebs by pressing "W" KEY. Press "E" KEY to jump/speed up, or press "R" KEY to create a net to catch flies. If you kill a fly you get 5 points, for the big fly you get 10 points. But beware! The swatter is your biggest enemy! My high score is 350! Beat that!
hit frogs with baseball bat. Play for free!
Frog Batting
Frog Batting
There are 20 frogs lined up in a row, that will jump at you one at a time. Hit SPACEBAR to swing. Hit as many frogs as you can. You get bonus points for hitting more the one frog in a row. If you hit all twenty something special will happen.
fighting game. No man, no law, no war can stop you.
Power Fox
Power Fox
Use your ARROW KEYS to move/jump. Attack with "A" KEY. You are little fox and you need to rescue the world. You will fight giant frog somewhere in Africa, then you have to beat Adolf Hitler in germany and in the 3rd level you will fly to Japan, to beat the shit out of bonsai tree. Funny game!
Remake of the classic Frogger game!
Help the sheep across the highway, river and into the pens in this frogger remake.

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