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juiced up idle game
Tangerine Tycoon
Tangerine Tycoon
Your goal in this fun juiced up idle game is to harvest, gamble, speed run and play the stock market. Create a tangerine business, make millions of dollars and take control over the world. Start by clicking the tangerine to produce more tangerines, then use your earned tangerines as currency to buy fruit producing shrubs, trees, farms, and other not so conventional things that produce tangerines automatically. Get your hands on quadrillions of tangerines by harvesting, gambling or trading them on the stock market. Most likely a combination of all 3. They say money is the root of all evil but surely tangerines can't do any harm. Enjoy!
funny vampire action platform game
Vegan Vampire
Vegan Vampire
Your task in this funny vampire action platform game is to play as a vampire who has decided to become a vegan. Make it home before the sun rises. Flesh and blood make him feel heavy and not very agile. Complete levels collecting fruit and vegetables, jumping on the platforms and trying not to fall near his worst enemy, garlic! So go and help the vegan vampire return home from a dinner party before the sun comes up. Have fun!
addicting puzzle game similar to Catch the Candy
Hungry Little Bear
Hungry Little Bear
Your objective in this addicting puzzle game similar to Catch the Candy is to feed the little bear apples, watermelons, coconuts, and other edible items by removing and interacting with objects. Don't let the hungry animals steal the bear's food. This cute little bear hasn't eaten since last Friday, and we all understand that he is very hungry. But who of us will be able to help him to eat to satiety? These juicy fruits are enticing his eyes and make him even more hungry. Ah, if only he could taste them. Have fun!
sequel to quality puzzle game series Cover Orange
Cover Orange Journey Knights
Cover Orange Journey Knights
Your objective in this sequel to quality puzzle game series Cover Orange is to help the fruit survive the nasty rain by shielding them with various objects. Keep your eyes peeled for stars and click on them when they appear. To keep your oranges safe each level, you are given a number of wheels and blocks you drop from the top half of the screen by clicking, so as to push/cover your oranges or shift elements of the environment. Some levels now require you to place oranges in the same manner. Once you have placed the objects and oranges, the spike rain clouds will roll in. If just one hits an orange, the level ends and you must to try again. Have fun!
play action packed strategy game
Dino Assault
Dino Assault
Your mission in this action packed strategy game is to fight deadly dinosaurs to save humanity. Build a Tower Defense Fight to stop dangerous dinosaurs from destroying humanity. Place various attackers wisely along the path before the dinosaur invasion begins to stop the brazen-faced thieves from stealing your tasty fruits. Dinosaurs are after your fruit. Build attack towers and stop them in their tracks in this addictive tower-defense game. Good luck!
charming physics puzzle game
Harry Likes Plums
Harry Likes Plums
Your task in this charming physics puzzle game is to help Harry reach the plums use anchors, ropes and other tools in this fun physics puzzle game. Unbearably cute green blob called Harry is armed only with a broken teleport, a healthy obsession with plums and your wits. When he inevitably materializes just out of reach of his fruity fancy, you use the tools at your fingertips to get him those last few inches. This cute alien named Harry likes plums very much. But he is so small, and the trees are so big! It won't be easy for him to reach his favorite berries, so, as you've already guessed, he will need some help. Find a way for him to reach the plum in each level. Lets play!
third installment of the high altitude racing game
Coaster Racer 3
Coaster Racer 3
Your task in this third installment of the high-altitude racing game is to race your buggy, bike, and F3 car over crazy floating coaster tracks. Select your vehicle and race your way across a series of floating rollercoaster tracks. Compete in events that will have you taking on several opponents, racing against the clock, collecting fruit, and racing head to head. Beat levels to unlock vehicles, and upgrade each vehicle with your earnings. You should definitely try out the third part of this 3D racing game! Lot of action and craziness are waiting ahead! There are 5 different types of challenges, such as racing, time trial, etc. Earn money and buy new stuff. Have fun!
 fantastic action based role playing game
Dragon Boy 2
Dragon Boy 2
Your task in this fantastic action-based role playing RPG game is to raise an egg so it can grow to aid you in battle. Fight various creatures as you raise a dragon in this action RPG. Collect and purchase items, learn new skills, improve your stats, and equip yourself with more powerful weapons. Don't forget to eat vegetables and fruit to replenish your health and man. It is pretty fun hack-and-slash, Diablo-esque game, though there was a glitch i stumbled across that caused me to lose 6 gems. Have fun!
sequel to super popular action-packed multiplayer game
Bad Ice Cream 2
Bad Ice Cream 2
Your goal in this sequel to our super popular action-packed multiplayer game is to help three dollops of ice cream take back winter. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows the fruit you'll need to chomp before the level ends, and if there's more than one kind left, eating all of one will cause the other to spawn. Bad Ice-Cream 2 is still a sweet treat no matter how hard the stars may try to look thuggish. Lets play!
cool winter multiplayer game
Your task in this cool multiplayer winter game is to help Lockehorn save his tribe from the big freeze or grab a buddy and battle. Use your sliding skills and might to crush the snow spirits and free your tribe from the big freeze.Push the ice slab by using the Arrow keys and crush the enemy into walls. Increase your strength and agility by eating fruits and vegetables - the power bar shows your pushing power. Have fun!
 Free Puzzle game online
Smash fruits to make fruit juice out of each level. Find a way to smash all the fruit in each level of this fun and unique physics-based puzzler.
over 40 levels of action platforming fun game
Yeah Jam Fury
Yeah Jam Fury
Fabricate, Navigate and Eradicate your way through rigorous levels of nonstop face action! Yeah Jam Fury tests your speed and ingenuity in over 40 levels of smiling face blocks. Utilize all three of your egos to create blocks, scale walls, and destroy everything in the way of your righteous fruit.
Find all uncooperative fruits in this factory and juice them!
Effing Fruits
Effing Fruits
You work in a fruit juice factory! Your job is to find all of the uncooperative fruit running about and make a profit from them! Beat each wave to buy upgrades and make more profit! Can you get a high score? Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to trap uncooperative fruit! Have fun!
dinosaur platform runner bimmin
Bimmin 2
Bimmin 2
Your task in this cool jungle platform runner is to get as far as you can with Bimmin and a new tarzan character! Switch characters to overcome obstacles. Break through trees and walls or climb the vines. Use W,A,D or ARROW KEYS to jump, slide, bash and swap. Be sure to collect all the fruit you can for more points and multipliers. Good luck!
poop bad ice cream puzzle game
Bad Ice-cream
Bad Ice-cream
This ice cream tastes like POOP! Your task in this funny end of summer puzzle game is to choose your favorite icecream flavor and collect all the fruits while avoiding pixel enemies in each snowy level. Play 1 or 2-player. Use ARROW KEYS to walk for player one, and WASD KEYS for player two. Player one shoots with SPACE or RETURN KEY, player two shoots with F KEY. Shoot the blocks of ice to break them. Collect all the fruit to pass each level and don't get in the way of the enemy monsters or you will be flattened. Have fun!
test your thinking in this physics puzzle game
Your task in this fun physics maze game is to combine your shapes to try to reach the end of each puzzle. Use your morphicine powers to morph two blobs into a bigger blob. Then, think your way through each brain teaser puzzle. To complete a level Greeny must make it through the door. Try to collect all the fruits on the level for bonus points. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Press the SPACEBAR to morph the orange and blue shape into green one and the other way round. Good luck!
physics-classroom chalk board game
Way of an Idea 2
Way of an Idea 2
Your task in this physics-based puzzler is to help Newton discover gravity. Do this by drawing chalk-lines on the board and make use of the objects within each level to guide the apple (“the idea”) on its way to Newtons's head. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines. Limited chalk, distracting objects, and tricky circumstances will keep even the most intellectual player challenged throughout 33 levels. The game includes a level editor so you can design your own levels. Have fun!
physics game packed with unique challenges
Feed The Mooks
Feed The Mooks
Your goal in this funny physics game is to eliminate all the Mooks from the screen by providing them with right food. Feed the hungry creatures in each level by dragging fruit of the same color to them or guiding them to the fruit. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop the colored fruit to a mook to remove it from the pile. You need to feed a certain amount of mooks on each level to progress. Have fun!
play original physics arcade game
Ninja Dog
Ninja Dog
Your mission in this fun physics ninja game is to take a role of brave Ninja Dog with shurikens and harvest all the rotten fruits by shooting them down while solving various puzzles. You have limited amount of shurikens in each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and adjust power of your shot carefully. The arrow indicates the direction of your shuriken. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw a shuriken. Remember to avoid the healthy fruits. Have fun!
get the drugs off the street in this fun game
Rasta Gran
Rasta Gran
Your objective in this funny game is to help Rasta Gran clean up the streets and teach those thugs a lesson. Jump on thugs to transform them into good citizens. Collect all the weed bags and reach the police helicopter to complete the level. Collect skins for extra points. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to open doors. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Press and hold UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb ladders. Have fun!
more player-created levels of Cover Orange game
Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Your task in this funny physics puzzle game is to drop objects from above the playing field to protect your fruit from evil spiky rain. Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain before you drop the last object. Use YOUR MOUSE to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by. Test your puzzle skills with player created home-made levels and have fun!
funny upgrade game with fruit
Watermelon Bomb
Watermelon Bomb
Your task in this funny upgrade game is to knock down $5000 worth of fruit in a single day to win. You must manage to do it in as few days as possible. You make the fruits fall down from the tree by throwing exploding watermelons at them. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch a watermelon, release the mouse button to make watermelon explode. Use your money to buy more fruit and don't forget to periodically increase the explosion size of your watermelons, too. Have fun!
help farmer to sell his harvest in this fun game
Farm Express 2
Farm Express 2
Your task in this cool driving game with physics elements is to take a role of farmer in the countryside and try to deliver as much of your harvest as possible to the market place. The more you get there the more money you will make. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your tractor and try to carry as much load as you can in your trailer driving over the hills and through the valleys. Press SPACEBAR to use brake. Good luck!
fun little minigame
Larry Pup Run
Larry Pup Run
Your goal in this fun little minigame is to control Larry while he runs on his pup while collecting beer. Try to make the longest run possible avoiding obstacles and taking power ups. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Have fun!
shoot down the incoming insects in this game
BigTree TopGun
BigTree TopGun
Your mission in this cool shooting game is to take out swarms of nasty looking bugs before they reach your tree plantation. Defend your position as you purchase turrets and add them to your tree cannon. Protect the holy fruit from evil bugs attack. Gain money to upgrade or buy more cannons. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Good luck!
stylish graphics, addictive game play
Upstream Kayak
Upstream Kayak
Your task in this fun and addictive kayaking game in the good old style of Uphill Rush is to go on adventure with your kayak and try to conquer the river up stream. Perform tricks for extra power. Collect fruits to gain extra points and turbo speed. Press UP ARROW KEY to paddle, use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to turn around, and press SPACEBAR to jump. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to perform tricks. Good luck!
play quirky casual shooter on funny Games
Ballies Shoot
Ballies Shoot
Your task in this classic, fun, ball based space shooter is to bounce and shoot your way through colorful patterns of fruit filled balls. Simple mouse only controls with auto firing makes it a breeze to pick up and play. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around and shoot up the hordes of multi colored balls. Collect falling fruit and weapon power up but avoid the bombs and poisons. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to bounce. Have fun!
funny time-killing physics game
Catch Watermelon
Catch Watermelon
Your task in this funny online game is to throw watermelon from guy to guy and try to throw it as far as you can. Get more score points and win gold cups in five nomination: Score, Champion, Great combination, Long flight, Bird killer. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw. Try to hit birds to receive extra score points. This game is really easy to learn, fun to play and completely re-playable. Have fun!
hide your Oranges and Apples in this physics game
Cover Orange PP
Cover Orange PP
Over the past month many Cover Orange players have used all of their creativity to test your puzzle skills with their own original home-made levels. Bubblebox playtested all levels and made a selection of 80 fun levels to pack together. The difficulty of these player pack levels is higher than in the original Cover Orange games. Can you beat all 80 levels? Your goal in this physics game is the same as in other games from the series. You have to protect the smiley faced fruit from the deadly rain. Use YOUR MOUSE to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by. Have fun!
protect the smiley from deadly rain in this fun game
Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange 2
Your task in this fun physics based flash game is to make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Use YOUR MOUSE to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by. When the last of the materials have dropped and everything stops moving, that evil, destructive cloud will appear and start raining. If you built correctly, your grateful fruit will cheer and thank you. You can play Cover Orange 1 Here. Good luck!
destroy blocks of colors for combos in this game
Combo X999
Combo X999
Your objective in this fun retro shooter is to shoot the enemies and match groups of colors to score combos. Collect the coins dropped by enemies to use in the fruit machine. Match three to get a special attack. Survive as long as you can and try to get a high score. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press "A" KEY to shoot. Press "S" KEY to use coins in fruit machine. Good luck!
Sherwood Shooter
Sherwood Shooter
Get ready for the High Dive
High Dive
High Dive
Your task in this fun game is to push the Seriously Mixed Up Fruit characters off the diving board to meet the most mighty mushing into Vimto on impact. During the high dive in the game, you have to pop bubbles and pull poses in the right formation to pick up maximum points. Use YOUR MOUSE to guide 3 fruit through their most extreme self-juicing squash attempt yet. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make the Seriously Mixed Up Fruit change through 3 formations. With these formations, guide the fruit through Pose Rings. Hit the target at the end to multiply your score by 10. have fun!
How we first met online game
Your task in this fun adventure/RPG game is to restore the Bunni islands to their former glory. Hop around, find quests and do your magic. Along the way, find the girl, fall in love and marry her. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click on objects to pick them up. Click and drag on an object in your inventory to place it where you like. Click on trees to harvest their precious and delicious fruit. Click on other characters to talk to them. Click or hold down the left button to make your bunny hop towards the cursor. Have fun!
protect your village in this Role Playing Game
Blue Knight
Blue Knight
Your mission in this fight game is to help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all. Protect the local village from plunder by the evil black knight and his menacing black dragon. Collect potions and fruit to keep your HP up and XP points to gain levels. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press "C" KEY to attack, "X" KEY to jump and "Z" KEY to block. Have fun!
build the humble village of Headshire into a bustling kingdom
Headshire Throw
Headshire Throw
Your objective in this kingdom-building online Arcade game is to play as a governor of Headshire and make it a perfect town. Launch resources into their matching symbols. Collect gold and gems to buy properties that will grant you in-game bonuses and powers. Build the humble village of Headshire into a bustling kingdom. Press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the resource, aim to the corresponding bubble and release the button. Use YOUR MOUSE and click dropped coins or gems to catch them. Have fun!
cool online game inspired by Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mafia Land
Super Mafia Land
Your task in this fun game inspired by Super Mario Bros 2 is to run, jump, and throw your way across a land of mobsters. Not quite sure why they are there, but all they know is that trouble is afoot and they're here to save the day. Use your mafia friends to fight across three sprawling stages. Toss your enemies and use local vegetation in defense. Collect fruit to heal and spend in the bonus round! Save the world in the only way you know how. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press UP ARROW KEY to Climb and Jump. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to Power Jump and duck. Use "A" KEY to pick up and run. Good luck!
another cool multi-tasking flash game
Shoot And Catch
Shoot And Catch
Your objective in this multi-tasking flash game is to shoot missiles on one side and catch fruits on the other side of the game screen. Use "A" and "D" KEYS to move the basket. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot from the cannon. There are various power-ups on either side of the game, try to collect them. If you run out of lives on any of the sides it is game over. Lets play!
collect fruits and mushrooms in this fun game
Your objective in this innovative fun platformer is to help Blobular to travels through Planet Blobneeds and get to his home in Blobsville. You must collect all mushrooms and fruits in a given level before your time runs out. As Blobular eats these objects he will grow in size. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move playing screen. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Press DOWN ARROW KEY repeatedly to push Blobular through tight spots. Press "A" KEY to split Blobular into small pieces. And press "S" KEY to combine Blobular again (only works if the Blobular parts are next to each other). Watch out for baddies that can hurt Blobular. Have fun!
rescue chimp family in this fun game
Spider Monkey
Spider Monkey
Your objective in this fun flash game is to swing your way through 24 crazy levels of lost jungles, dark caves and ancient cities as you try and rescue the chimp family from the clutches of the evil gorilla clan. To select where you want Spider monkey to swing just click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Use his incredible elastic swing to catapult Spider Monkey even further. Find and free your monkey friends. And do not fall down or you will lose a life. Have fun!
shoot the apple off your friends head
Apple Shooter
Apple Shooter
Your goal in this fun bow shooting game is to shoot the apple off your friends head using a bow and arrow. Don’t miss or you might end up hitting your buddy. Each level positions you further away thus increasing the difficulty. Aim the bow and arrow with YOUR MOUSE. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to draw the bow back. The longer you hold the mouse button down, the more power the shot will have. Good luck!
creepy interactive horror game
Exmortis 2
Exmortis 2
Exmortis 2 is the sequel to the Exmortis Game. It continues the story one year after the events of the first tale came to fruition. The hordes of Exmortis swept across the earth. A plague unlike anything humanity had ever encountered. In their final stand, a handful of mankind's last survivors stood their ground - defiant of their inevitable fate. And in those last moments as death took these brave souls, a stranger passing in the distance puts his plans in motion. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Thanks Ben Leffler for his games. Good luck!
fun action and adventure game for kids of all ages
King of the Sky
King of the Sky
Your goal in this fun action flash game is to climb trees and ladders to collect fruits and stars but avoid the bad guys. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and hit SPACEBAR to attack. You have to collect a weapon before you can attack your enemies. Also be sure to collect all possible power-ups while avoiding traps. Collect all stars to open level access. Lets play!
use your sword or lance to slay the enemies
Armadillo Knight 3
Armadillo Knight 3
Your aim in this final tale in the adventures of Galan and his trusty companion Milo is to use your sword or lance to slay the enemies. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to swing sword. Hit "A" KEY to fire crossbow, "S" KEY to throw bomb. Use Numpad 4/6 KEYS to look left/right. Avoid being hit or you lose life energy. Eat fruit to regain energy. Pick up a bow and arrow to attack foes at a distance by using the A key. Lets play!
make haste towards the woods and save your people
Jamal and the Wasp Bunker
Jamal and the Wasp Bunker
Vicious winged creatures attacked and kidnapped som of the villagers during the night. You are the strongest of all your village people, so your aim in this arcade game is to make haste towards the woods and save your people! Use your ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SHIFT KEY to shoot the string (then use ARROW KEYS to adjust the string) and press SHIFT again to release string. You can hold CTRL KEY for better aim when shooting. You can collect juicy fruits on your way to earn extra points. Good luck!
jump on a trampoline and grab the different fruits
Panda Fruit Bounce
Panda Fruit Bounce
Your goal in this sweet online game is to help the little panda to grab the different fruits and power-ups hanging above by jumping on a trampoline. To start a game, LEFT CLCIK on the text at the top of the menu. Wait at least one minute to let the game fully load otherwise it will not work properly. You have to collect the required number of fruits in every level to proceed further. There are various kinds of fruits hanging above so you will be informed about the type and quantity of fruits to pick at the beginning of a level. The number of fruits you need to collect are also shown at the top left corner of the game screen. Avoid falling on the ground or you will lose a life. LEFT CLICK on the panda to start the level and then Left Click again to throw him upwards. Move the squirrels holding the trampoline using YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!

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