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shoot the dude from catapult as far as possible
Katapult Flash
Katapult Flash
In this funny and addictive game your aim is to shoot the dude as far as possible. First of all press and hold SPACEBAR to start the power meter. Release the SPACEBAR when the power meter is at maximum. Then press and hold the SPACEBAR again to set the angle. Release it to set the proper angle. During the flight you can correct your heros balance by tapping LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS. If you fly through "pink cloud" press UP ARROW for some boost. And to land successfully you need to open your parachute, by pressing SPACEBAR, before you hits the ground. Kaio send him to Norway and scored 1752.483. Good luck beating my score! :)
outrun a ton of angry bulls and awoid other toreadors
Running of the Bulls
Running of the Bulls
Your aim in this funny game is to outrun a ton of angry bulls. Use ARROW KEYS for movement. Also be sure to avoid collision with other toreadors. If you will survive at least 63 seconds you will reach the final gate and win the game. Have fun!
kill all the harmful creatures using Universal Bean Pistol
Stinky Bean
Stinky Bean
In Stinky Bean funny flash game you play as a bean. You must escape from various harmful creatures and obstacles on your way. You are equipped with a Universal Bean Pistol MK23. This weapon will help you in killing your enemies by throwing beans on them. Use "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to move around. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Have fun!
do sneaky pranks to Santa Clause to make him angry.
Murphys Law 2
Murphys Law 2
Here is another part of the funny Murphys Law series. Your aim is to do some pranks to Santa who came to your house to give you some Christmas presents. Have fun! :)
perform pranks on the old man and make him angry.
Murphys Law
Murphys Law
This game is in Deutch but still very funny one. Your aim is to do some pranks to old man and make him angry. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on objects to activate them or to use them for something. You can score 180 points at max and I was able to reach that. Have fun!
shoot at the incoming fans and buy new stuff
The Portal Guardian
The Portal Guardian
In this funny shooting game you have to shoot the crazy fans and protect your portal as long as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and "A" KEY to shoot with upper gun and "S" KEY to shoot with lower gun. You can upgrade the guns and repair the portal at the end of each level. Good luck!
funny game defend your gang in the toilets
Shit War
Shit War
Object of this funny game is to dodge and beat the opponent by tagging them with shit. You fight your war in the school restroom. To throw shit, click on one of the kids from your gang (brown hair) and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Release it to throw a poo. You can move them a round by dragging them to a new position using YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!
funny flash game with realistic moves of skeleton.
Wire Skeleton
Wire Skeleton
This is funny little game. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on controls or red dots to adjust how the skeleton moves. You can make him dance, walk or just make him fly. Just play it for a while and you will see that even game with scientific background can by fun. Lets play!
avoid the deadly weapons and collect cheese
Bat and Mouse
Bat and Mouse
The object of this game is to control the mouse with your ARROW KEYS and avoid dangerous weapons, while collecting cheese. Be sure to collect alarm clocks as it freezes your enemy for a short period of time. My high score is 597200. So enter your name, click Start and lets compete!
fun thanksgiving day flash game. Play here for free.
Turkey to Go
Turkey to Go
In this funny online game use YOUR MOUSE to move Turkster on the table. Collect all of Turksters feathers before time runs out. If you make it past level 5 Turkster will have enough feathers to cover his skin and return to decent Turkish society. Avoid the flying fork from below - it will stop you for a while. And collect corns for extra points and other bonuses. Marcolinus scored 47310! Lets see if anyone can beat that? Good luck!
funny HTF characters. Shoot Cub with bazooka.
Cubshoot 3
Cubshoot 3
Another part of cubshoot series. This time you have to shoot Cub as far as possible. Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire your bazooka. You can control it after it is shoot. Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fly up and release the button to fly down. Uheldig_Engel scored 5286! Show your skills guys and beat him. Have fun!
jump over obstacles in this funny flash game
City Jumper
City Jumper
The aim of this funny game is to jump over various obstacles like bridges and buildings without killing yourself. Use LEFT ARROW for small jump, and RIGHT ARROW for big jump. Good luck!
funny stress reliever. Smash the people and cars.
Gods Playing Field
Gods Playing Field
This cool stress relieving game contains violence, and gore. You have God\'s powers to smash everything that moves using your huge fist. The more you destroy the more money you earn. You can buy stronger weapons from the store using your hard earned money. You can also increase the number of enemies (up to 25) for faster progress. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
funny gambling flash game. Play online for free.
Arse Race Game
Arse Race Game
Arse race is a gambling game for the Arse afficiando. The object of the game is to make as much money as you can by betting on the outcome of a series of five Arse Races. You have 500 royal groats to start with. There are twenty different arses, five of which are chose at random for each race. See in game instructions for more info. Lets Play!
vendor trying to satisfy impatient customers game
Falafel King
Falafel King
Falafel King is a fast paced funny free online Flash game in which you play a busy falafel vendor trying to satisfy impatient customers. Add Salad, French Fries and Humus, and don't forget to get rid of the flies. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. See ingame instructions for more detailed info. Good luck!
funny flash game. Catch falling poo to the crapper
Catch a Shit
Catch a Shit
Use YOUR MOUSE to control the red stool in this funny flash game and try to catch all shit, falling down from an arse. The more shit you send to toilet, the more shit will be shoot to you! If the ass is not shooting any shit, simply hit F5 KEY to reload the game and play again. My record is 135. Who's more? Have fun!
happy tree friends funny flash game. Play here
HTF Cubshoot
HTF Cubshoot
Guys, this one is very funny flash game. I'm sure you all know both Happy Tree Friends minishows and Yetisports Pingu Throw game. And this is combination of both games. Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire your AK 47 and send innocent and cute Cub as far as possible. Krashking scored 996.2. Can anyone beat that? Lets Play!
funny fighting flash game. Play online for free.
Dad N Me
Dad N Me
Use ARROW KEYS to move around, double tap direction to run. Hit "A" KEY to jab, and "S" KEY for a stronger attack. Try special moves like A+S. Experiment with combo attacks. Walk into kids to pick them up and beat the shit out of them. Press "A" KEY to pick up objects. Add killing powerw with rage and watch your energy. Lets compete in the highest number of combo hits reached! Steve got 646 combo attacks. WOW! Beat him. Good luck!
funny shooting game online. Play here for free.
Kill Little Bastards
Kill Little Bastards
Shoot the elves who are throwing knives on you. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire, hit SPACEBAR to reload. If you hit UFO saucer, you will get machinge gun and some ammo. Shoot parachutes to increase your energy. Go get them!
funny game. Eat small fish to become big fish
Fish Tales
Fish Tales
Meet Sunny, a small fish in a vast ocean. Use YOUR MOUSE to help Sunny survive in these dangerous waters. To win you have to follow these rules. Eat the fish smaller than yourself, avoid the fish bigger than yourself and eat enough fish to grow up. Have fun!
Happy Tree Friends funny game. Save them!
HTF Dynamit
HTF Dynamit
This is pretty funny game. It's like soccer kick ups game, but in this one you have to keep dynamit bouncing in order to save a couple of happy tree friends characters. Jack-knife set high score to 173. Lets play and beat him!
funny and addictive flash puzzle online game.
Chain Reaction Effect
Chain Reaction Effect
The objective of this great flash game is to invoke a chain reaction for as long as possible in order to achieve the highest score in the game. Tiles will start each other if their lines are connected. Click on a tile to start. Ollie Jones managed to get 8494 moves! So beat this one guys! Have Fun!
funny action arcade game. Multiplayer mode too!
Bumperball Flash
Bumperball Flash
An action arcade game where you can play against the computer, or against a friend or co-worker using the same keyboard. Player One uses ARROW KEYS to control his car and Player Two controls his car with "W", "S", "A" and "D" KEYS. You'll have lot of fun with this game.
throw snow balls at your opponent fighters.
SnowBall Game
SnowBall Game
Control a team of three snowball throwers in a snowball fight. Use YOUR MOUSE to position the red team. Press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to take a snowball, release the mouse button to fire it. The longer you hold, the farther you throw.
people fight aliens in this flash game.
Naked Melee Armageddon
Naked Melee Armageddon
Press the START button and then select difficulty level. The number before difficulty level states how many aliens will invade our planed. After selecting difficulty you have 3 seconds to CLICK YOUR MOUSE BUTTON as fast as possible. You need to out-click the number of aliens to defeat them. Have strong fingers!
funny racing game you can play on internet.
TGFG Race Game
TGFG Race Game
Gravitional hovercraft is easy to drive, however you will need some practise to fully control its inertia. To improve your performance of your ride collect gravi-boosters that will give ou extra power. Use ARROW KEYS to control your vehicle. Good Luck!
funny arcade game. Catapult 2 flash.
Cat Vac
Cat Vac
You have been assigned once again to rid the Medieval Castle of the pesky cats, but this time you're armed with patented Cat Vac. You get more points for keep-ups and multiple cats vacced. Use your MOUSE to control the cat trampolike and the two wall mounted cat vacuums.
interact with the little guy flash game.
Interactive Buddy
Interactive Buddy
The purpose of this game is for you to interact with the little guy on screen in whatever way you would like. When you interact with him, you gain money. Use this money to buy new weapons and other methods of interaction. You can also buy new skins or new game mode. Lets Play.
guess which combination of colors is correct.
Click on one of the five spaces to change the color of the rock in it. You can choose from five colors. When you press done, you will get a white rock for every rock in the right place and a black rock for every rock that is the right color but in the wrong space. If you want to play again, press F5 to reload the game.
funny squirrels defend a goal. Sport game.
Peanut Goal
Peanut Goal
Nut brothers challenge you to a game of table nutball. The rules are simple, flick as many nuts in the goal as possible. Extra points are gained for hitting the defenders and even more for a combo hit. Move your gand with the MOUSE. Click the mouse button to start your flick power and release to fire.
throw small ball to oponents beer cups.
Beer Pong
Beer Pong
The object of the game is to get rid of all your oppononts cups, you do this by the ping pong ball into their cups. Easy enough. If you are playing for real, the opponont has to drink beer in the cup.
funny flash game clean your face.
Acne Be Gone
Acne Be Gone
Like many of us, this poor dude is afflicted with an acne problem. And you are here to help him. Click the zits on this dude's face to make them go away forever. You have 99 seconds to clean his face. Best luck.
funny and ridiculous free flash game.
Flying Gonzo
Flying Gonzo
Use the control panel to adjust the angle and the voltage of the professional stunt cannon, then fire away as Gonzo goes sailing over, under or into the professional bucket of stunt water. Each time he misses, you loose a star. Each time he makes it, you gain back half star plus the points for that distance. See how many points you can score before you run out of stars!
fun internet sport computer game.
Turbing On Lake
Turbing On Lake
Use The ARROWS on your keyboard to control the boat that's pulling the tube. Be sure to anticipate moving around obstacles, because the tube takes time to catch up to the boat. Avoid all obstacles as you cruise around the Lake Tyler. You could lose your points, or worse, take a nasty spill. Keep a lookout for stars, because in Texas, stars are worth big points. Look for those ramps. Jumping in the air and collecting BIG stars is the best wat to earn that high score. So get ready and start this funny online game.
funny west water-fight with balloons.
Soakamon Game
Soakamon Game
It's a wild west water-fight for the last pokee doll, and freddie has a few tricks down his pants to assure victory. Send the competition home to their mommies by tagging them with balloons. Urine filled ones double their embarrasment. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to dodge Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to power-up, but let go before you soak yourself! Beat your opponent.
make some funny faces in this online flash game
Face Maker
Face Maker
This is not exactly a game, but a small flash where you can make funny or scary faces. Just use YOUR MOUSE and click the dark green arrows on the right side of the game screen to select head, hair, eyes, nose and mouth. You can also add some facial hair or ear rings by clciking Misc. Have fun!
beat the shit out of elderly people.
This game has about 4MB so be patient it may take some to load. But the waiting is worth it.
This is one funny flash game. You are cleaning guy in big retirement vila. But thier profits
go down and so they fire you. So you got mad and decide to beat the shit of its occupants.
Use "ARROW KEYS" to walk, if you want to run, "double tap ARROW KEY". Use "A" to atack or grab
enemies. Use "S" key to pick up, throw, open and use "D" key for desperation move. Have Fun!
Fun flash fighting game. Beat your opponent.
Christmas Combat
Christmas Combat
Select your fighter elf, snowman or other and battle it out. Beat your opponent to death.
In two player mode player one use A, S, D, W and player two use ARROW KEYS to control your fighter.
This is pretty funny xmas fighting games. You can even fight your friend on one computer. Cool Game.
Online hockey flash game.
Power Play
Power Play
Ice Hockey objective is to score as many power play goals and points as you can with the 3 periods.
Use Right and Left Arrow to move left and fight and press SPACEBAR to shoot. (hit once to start direction gauge and again to shoot the puck). Pretty funny internet ice hockey game.
Good remake of yetisports original penguin throw game.
Russian Pingu
Russian Pingu
This modified version of famous flash game provided to you by Russian programmers. Try to hit that red haired woman and fly her as far as possible. It's pretty funny. Duncan scored over 450. I think this is unbeatable, since there are no more sign posts! Have fun!
Very cool, addicting and funny flash game.
Looser is very addictive and funny online flash game made by flash games 247 Try and hit the looser with the white ball by clicking on the white ball and pulling back Each time you succeed the looser gets faster.
Free online games. Funny pond racing with frog!
Mud Rally
Mud Rally
The objective of this funny game is to race round the track as fast as possible. Avoid bees and eat butterflies.
Free flash online game!
Sound Machine
Sound Machine
Make funny sound effects and amuse your friends!

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