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one-button golf game
Golf Is Hard
Golf Is Hard
A game of golf where anything less than a hole in one simply isn't good enough. Like regular golf, your objective is to get the ball into the hole. The catch is that walking is not allowed on the course, so you can only hit the ball from the tee. It's also simple. And no matter how hard it is, its simplicity will have you swinging away until finally, finally, that little ball meets with that hole. Enjoy!
solve puzzles in fun monkey puzzle game
ClickPlay Time 4
ClickPlay Time 4
Your task in this puzzle game from never ending ClickPlay series is to search for the play button in each level. The goal is to decipher each stage's puzzle, be it golfing with a giant whale or deciphering mismatched faces, and clicking the play button you're rewarded with for doing so. Some puzzles are less creative than others, such as codes or scrambles, so it's a bit of a shame that we get them several times instead of more imaginative point-and-click scenes, which is what the series does best. Good luck!
challenging golfing puzzle sports game
Galaxy Golf
Galaxy Golf
Your task in this challenging golfing puzzle sports game is to make your way through the galaxy. Shoot the golf ball into the hole. There's no golf club so you'll have to click on the ball using your mouse. Think of a way to go through the tricky obstacle course. Well this was more fun than I'd anticipated. Plenty of levels, each one more challenging than the next (though there was this one level early on in the fourth set that really got on my nerves a while), and then at the end... back to basics again. Have fun!
free online puzzle game
Gifts Pusher 2
Gifts Pusher 2
Your task in this free online puzzle game is to put the Christmas gifts to their places. Use whatever is at hand books, baseball bats, golf clubs, boxes, magical Christmas hats and many other things. Solve the tricky puzzle and use the small pusher to push the fancy gift into its rightful place. Are you smart enough to finish each level without making a single mistake? Good luck!
awesome fast-paced golfing game
Turbo Golf
Turbo Golf
Try to put the golfball as fast as you can and collect coins to buy upgrades and power-ups. Play a round of golf against the 3 other opponents while running between shots. The fastest finish in the least number of shots wins. Yes its golf but not as you know, with loads of upgrades to aquire and stats to pump up along with an entire round of holes including show, dinoasaurs, pirate boats and zombies.
play sport solitaire card game
Golf Solitaire Pro
Golf Solitaire Pro
Your goal in this fun card game is to win as many rounds of golf solitaire as possible by removing all the cards. After the cards are dealt, cards can be removed from the screen if there are 1 higher or lower than the visible deck card. Control the game with YOUR MOUSE. ACE CARD is both low and high (either a 2 CARD or KING CARD can be used on it). WILD CARDS can be utilized any time and any cards can be placed here. Have fun!
addictive online crazy golf game
Your task in this beautifully crafted and instantly addictive online crazy golf game with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedoes and a sprinkle of alien abduction is to push a little ball around eighteen holes in pursuit of the lowest score. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and set power and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to putt the ball. Unlock Wonder Collectibles Mode after the first game complete to maximize your points. Have fun!
cool Mini Golf game with interactive tools
Shuffle Putt
Shuffle Putt
Your objective in this cool mini golf game is to putt the ball in the hole with the fewest number of strokes. Collect hearts to get bonus points. Use YOUR MOUSE to grab, drag to set direction and power and release to land the ball in the hole. In some levels you will have to click on the white arrows to adjust the spring tool. Hit red buttons to open gates and much more. Have fun!
18 holes of mini golf fun right on your desktop
Desktop Mini Golf
Desktop Mini Golf
This mini golf game is fun way to kill some time. Your objective is to get the ball into the hole using as few strokes as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to set power and direction and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to putt. On a couple of harder holes you can RESET level if you get stuck, it will save your some time and your score. Good luck!
a mini golf game with a twist
Gem Golf
Gem Golf
Your objective in this mini golf game with a twist is to get the ball into the hole in the fewest tries possible, but you can also earn extra points by hitting various gems on your way to the hole. Can you find that perfect shot that will get you a hole in one and collect extra gems on its way? But remember, getting the ball into the hole is more important than collecting gems. Use YOUR MOUSE to set angle and increase power by extending the dotted line. When you are all set with your angle and power just click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot the ball. You can bounce the ball off side walls. Have fun!
Mini-golf, football keepie-uppies, drag racing, rock climbing, and lots mor
Micro Sports
Micro Sports
Here comes Micro Sports, a game with 30 levels and 7 lives. Do you have what it takes to finish the challenge? Mini-golf, football keepie-uppies, drag racing, rock climbing, and lots more, this game has it all. You have seconds to figure out what to do and complete the task before the next micro-sport appears. On completion, you receive an achievement award from a Survivor to a Sports God depending on how fast you finish each level. Use YOUR MOUSE or ARROW KEYS to control mini games. Good luck!
Tiger is now flipping burgers in this funny game
Tiger Burger
Tiger Burger
Your objective in this funny game is to help Tiger Woods to satisfy as many customers as you can by completing their orders and avoid the annoying wife. Well we all heard the tragic news surrounding pro golfer Tiger Woods. And it now seems that all is spiralling out of control for the celebrity! With the recent news about his early retirement, some are even wondering what Tiger will be doing with his free time. Well if things get much worst who knows what will happen to Mr. Woods. Use YOUR MOUSE to select objects and complete client orders. Have fun!
Tiger Woods wife outrun video game
Tiger Hunting
Tiger Hunting
Tiger Woods gets caught again with his mistress and needs your help in escaping an angry golf swing from his wife Elin Nordegren. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to control Tigers' Escalade through the obstacles. Hit too many and she will catch up with you. Good luck!
use ragdolls as cannonballs in this fun game
Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack
Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack
Your goal in this fun physics game is to shoot the ragdoll guy from the cannon to hit the target. Try to make as little shoots as possible, like in the golf. There are 25 brand new challenging levels to get through. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse cursor further away from the cannon. Have fun!
a story-driven 2D sidescrolling golf skill game
Pirate Golf Adventure
Pirate Golf Adventure
Your objective in this story-driven 2D sides crolling golf pirate adventure skill game is to pass the golf ball through eight unique and lovingly courses enriched with an exciting and romantic story. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to build power, release to shoot the ball. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to look around the level. Have fun!
a cool puzzle/mini-golf game
Putt Base
Putt Base
Your goal in this puzzle mini-golf game is to get your ball in the hole within the shortest path and time. Use YOUR MOUSE to set the ball's direction, drag extra blocks (find them at the top left box) into field and press buttons. There would be different blocks along the way so you have to show your ball the best way towards the goal. An in-game basic tutorial level is also available. Good luck!
cool golf game with a dash of physics thrown in
Your goal in this cool golf game with a dash of physics thrown in for good measure is to bounce the ball to the goal in 18 levels while watching out for gravity and bouncy wall changes. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the ball, drag and release to putt. Roll the mouse cursor over white arrows or use ARROW KEYS to move camera. Use scrollwheel or menu slider to zoom. Good luck!
Hole in One funny online game
This is cool golf mini-game where you can design your own Squib Ball and then score as many points as possible withing 10 shots. If you hit the tiki idols they'll act as point multipliers. Use the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to change clubs. Press SPACEBAR to set power of your swing and use YOUR MOUSE to aim. Have fun!
combination of mini-golf and maze games
Tractor Spheres
Tractor Spheres
This interesting game combines some elements from mini-golf and maze games and puts them together with a completely new style of control, Tractor Spheres is an easy game to learn but difficult to master. Your goal is to strategically place Tractor Spheres with YOUR MOUSE and then click start, and watch as the ball is attracted to the spheres whenever it has a line of sight. This property gives rise to interesting solutions to the levels in the game. Lets Play!
remake of the excellent Atari 7800 game
Ninja Golf
Ninja Golf
Your goal in this fun ninja game is to face off against angry animals and evil ninjas, and play a mean game of golf. When golfing use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to aim and press SPACEBAR to shoot. However our ninja doesn't have a golf cart, so he must run to where he punted the ball. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to jump, Hit "A" KEY to ninja kick and "S" KEY to throw shurikens (watch out, you have limited amount of shurikens). Try to finish all 9 holes in this golf course. Have fun!
nice golf online game. Anyone can play.
Driving Mad
Driving Mad
Your goal in this golf online game is to get a number of balls on the green. Each level that number will go up by one. You don't need to be a golfer, anyone can play. Use YOUR MOUSE and click once to set power, click again to set direction of your drive. You will gain some time if you hit moving bonus targets. You will lose time if you land in a bunker or in the water. The closer you get the ball to the hole the more points you will get. Keep your eye on the wind indicator located in the bottom right corner. Finish a level early for bonus points. Now go and tee off! Have fun!
collect gold coins and pot pool balls
Lightning Crazy Golf
Lightning Crazy Golf
Your objective in this mini golf game is to pot the white ball in the white pocket before the time runs out. Green clocks add 10 seconds to the timer. Use portals to warp the white ball around the level. Pot colored balls into the corresponding pockets for bonus points. Collect coins for bonus points. Every level has 100 coins. Sand and rough are slow, ice is fast and hitting the water will take 10 seconds off the timer. Use YOUR MOUSE to set the direction where you will send your ball. Then click and hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set power of your shot. Release the mouse button to shot. Good luck!
use the bureau as your golf course
Office Minigolf
Office Minigolf
Your object in this miniature golf game is to hit the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. The person with the lowest score after 18 holes wins the game. At the beginning of a hole, click to place the ball on one of the three starting locations. To hit the ball, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag around the ball to adjust the power and angle of your shot. Release the mouse button to swing. Good luck!
this game displays gross and disturbing scenes
Zombie Golf Riot
Zombie Golf Riot
What does a zombie apocalypse survivor roaming the barren wastelands of civilization to do for fun? How about some Zombie Golf, the game that requires deadly accuracy and wicked strength. Use YOUR MOUSE to select the angle of your shot by moving your mouse in the top right of the screen and then click your mouse. Then swing left to initiate your backswing and then swing to the right to send the zombie head flying. Enjoy!
funny collection of various golf mini games
Golf Jam
Golf Jam
Your aim in this golf driving range game is to choose your player, hit all your targets and make your way up to Golf Professional level. This is not your boring golf game of simple swinging and putting, but challenges to test your golfing angle and swing power. Control the shot direction by moving YOUR MOUSE. Keep en eye on the wind indicator and adjust your aim. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to start the power and click again to stop it at the desired level. Can you complete the 11 golf challenges? Good luck!
get the ball into the hole in this minigolf game
Putt It In
Putt It In
Your objective in this fun sport game is big surprise! You have to get the ball into the hole. Surprise .. surprise :) Play 18 holes of minigolf in the garden park. At the beginning of each hole you have to use YOUR MOUSE to choose the initial position of the ball and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to place it. Then move YOUR MOUSE to change the direction and power of your hit. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to send the ball. Good luck!
play pre-historic round of golf in this online game
Golf Drive
Golf Drive
Your objective in this fun sports game is to play a pre-historic round of golf with your trusty catapult through a Jurassic landscape. There are 18 holes in total, each getting more difficult than the last. Unlike a normal game of golf, you have to drive to where you hit your ball. This can get tricky during some levels, so drive carefully and try not to fall off the edge of the course or you will cost you an extra shot. The more you drive around to get to your ball, the less points you will receive. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your catapult around (when you do not have a golf ball). Press UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to adjust the angle of your catapult golf club when you are holding the ball. Use YOUR MOUSE (click and drag up and down) to adjust the power bar of your catapult. When you release the mouse button the catapult will throw the golf ball. Have fun!
play a game of golf in this nice sport flash game
Pressure Shot
Pressure Shot
The idea of the game is to play each hole from a hazard and try to beat the Americans score on the hole. Check the wind meter, choose the club and direction for your shot and then give it your best swing. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to select club, LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to adjust direction. Tap the SPACEBAR to to activate swing, tap again to choose power. Final tap in red/white area for accuracy. Striking left of the center line will veer to the shot to the left and vice versa for the right of the line. Good luck!
funny little 2D platform mini golf game
Panda Golf 2
Panda Golf 2
Your objective in this fun and simple golf game is to hit the ball to the red flag. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the area around the golf ball to set the power and direction of your shot. Reach the red flag with the least possible strikes and collect all diamonds on your way. Good luck!
drag a cat around while aiming for the target
Cat with Bow Golf
Cat with Bow Golf
Your goal in this fun and addicting physics based flash game is to use a bow and arrow to drag a cat around while aiming for the target. Use YOUR MOUSE (hold down mouse button and drag for power, release to launch arrow) and try to get the happy cat to the goal with as few shots as possible. 18 different holes with different obstacles will challenge your accuracy and skill. Have fun!
play a game of golf in the messy house
Pitchn Put Golf
Pitchn Put Golf
Your aim in this funny mini golf game is to play a relaxed round of golf in the messy house getting the ball to travel through the mess. Use YOUR MOUSE to set the direction and power and then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to hit the ball. Have fun!
get the ball in the goal without taking too many shots
Goal in One
Goal in One
Your aim in this cool online game is to get the ball in the goal in every level without taking too many shots. It is similar to minigolf, but played with soccer ball and goal. Every level has a par (Shot Limit) which you must not exceed. The lower the total score the better. To kick the ball simply use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON anywhere on the level and then release the LMB. Set the power and angle accurately to get the ball into goal at the least shots possible. Good luck!
put all the golg balls accurately in the hole on the green
Putter Nutter
Putter Nutter
Your aim in this funny online game is to put the least number of balls in the hole in every level before time runs out. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON behind the golf ball, pull YOUR MOUSE back and release the button to putt the ball. The further you pull back the harder you will putt. Adjust the power and direction wisely to avoid wastage of time. Also hit the living creatures during the game to get bonus points. Have fun!
golf course in trouble again, Gavin is back!
Gavin the Golf Pro Goblin 2
Gavin the Golf Pro Goblin 2
Your aim in this game is to control Gavin, the goblin, and run, jump and swim through 5 different golf holes. But this time Gavin isnt the only goblin on the golf feelds. Seth the goblin is out there to give Gav a hard time. Also this time the golfers are more prepared to fend of Gavin and may attack more often then last time. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, press "Z" KEY + arrow to to run, press "X" KEY to jump, and press "C" KEY to swing club. Have fun!
play flash minigolf against computer or friend.
St. Mulligans 3-Putt
St. Mulligans 3-Putt
Great 3D flash version of golf. You can try to beat your computer or you can invite your friend for a match. Move YOUR MOUSE to set the direction and also the power for your shot. The amount of power is indicated by a percentage below the ball. The more you drag the mouse away from the ball, the more power will increase.
addictive carpet golf game. Free online games
Mini Putt 3
Mini Putt 3
To aim, move YOUR MOUSE away from the way you want to hit the ball. The further back you move the more power you will hit with. Left click to hit the ball. Up to 4 players can play this game on 1 computer. Have fun!

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