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free running castle adventure game
Running Fred
Running Fred
Your goal in this free running castle adventure game is to run through huge stone walled castles, jump, dodge and evade traps. Take control of our hapless hero as he pursues his quest to remain among the living! Running Fred combines ludicrously natural controls and furiously paced action with the shameless buckets of gore praised on its prequel, making up a fantastic third person platformer! Enjoy!
addictive dungeon crawling action RPG game
Loot Heroes
Loot Heroes
Your mission in this addictive dungeon crawling action RPG game is to chose your character and go on a rampage in this dungeon to collect the gold and other items from each room. Just click to play, using the mouse to direct your character around the dungeon, and attack whatever's closest. You will find hordes of monsters guarding the rooms, and a demon boss guarding each level. As you render enemies into unmoving puddles of gore, you'll also level up, gaining points to distribute to your statistics. Take out each area's big bad demon to move on to the next, and if you die, it's game over. Good luck!
action-packed fantasy arrow and bow shooting game
Bowmaster Winter Storm
Bowmaster Winter Storm
Your mission in this action-packed, fantasy arrow and bow shooting game is to fight epic battles with the help of your enchanted bow. Rally your forces and march into enemy territory to purge the land of the never ending Winter Storm. Choose and customize your brave bowmaster first. You can also set up the grade of gore. Object is to master the bow perfectly to defeat waves of creepy attackers and gain gold bonuses. Become a master of the bow in this festive archery game. Hit the targets before the time runs out. Good luck!
gore filled sequel to the original handless millionaire
Handless Millionaire 2
Handless Millionaire 2
Your task in this gore filled sequel to the original handless millionaire is to grab the money and run. Or get your hand cut off. Perfect your timing and skill as you attempt to get past the vicious guillotine and collect cash $$$! Grab upgrades mid level to help you protect, freeze, and get past the blade and move onto the next round. Can you become a millionaire? Good luck, and make sure you use both hands. Have fun!
fast-paced zombie FPS rendered in real-time 3D
Toxie Radd 3D
Toxie Radd 3D
Your mission in this awesome fast-paced zombie FPS rendered in real-time 3D is to follow an underground route and battle hordes of zombies and giant mutant bosses. Use your right arm gatling gun to kill all enemy units while you explore the underground areas. Joe will move automatically on a predetermined path. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, and click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press the SPACEBAR to bash enemies in melee range with the gatling gun. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to strafe left and right to dodge enemy projectiles. Good luck!
bloody puzzle platformer game
Zombie Crypt
Zombie Crypt
Your task in this nice platform puzzle game for two players is to find a way to kill all the zombies and reach the exit. You can also control both characters at the same. Use WASD to control one and ARROW KEYS to control the second. You must cooperate, stepping on buttons, opening doors etc. Have fun!
play great fighting RPG game
Zombie Knight
Zombie Knight
Your quest in this fighting RPG game is to play as a Zombie Knight and defeat all who stand before you. Customize your character by equipping armors, shields, swords and special skills, and then go into battle. Collect weapons and armor. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to defend, "S" KEY to attack and "D" KEY to use special power. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to select special power. Good luck!
popular terrorist suicide bombing flash game
Massive Mayhem 3
Massive Mayhem 3
Your task in this bloody game is to kill as much people as you can, create bloody carnage and massive mayhem and destroy everything that gets in your path. There are many vehicles and buildings to wreck and combo killings to collect. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to attack. Lets Play!
fling ragdolls and watch them explode once again
Drop Dead 3
Drop Dead 3
Your task in this third instalment in Drop Dead Series is to create as much damage to the ragdoll as possible by dragging it over nasty devices and mean machines. This part contains more blood and explosions than before, and missiles. Use YOUR MOUSE to throw around the ragdolls and other loose objects. Damage the dolls to get points, and unlock new stuff with high total score in normal mode. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
more gorey levels for your warped enjoyment
Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack
Flaming Zombooka 2 Level Pack
Have you successfully finished all levels in Flaming Zombooka 2 fun physics game. Here is the latest episode of the zombooka series for you! It features 40 new zombooka levels, even more zombie gore action. Your task is still the same, you have to kill all zombies in a given level to unlock next one. Superzombies can only be killed by ingenious methods. Shoot brains for more points. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and set power and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Have fun!
quality zombie shooting game with humor
Zombie Splatter
Zombie Splatter
Your task in this cool zombie game is to help Bob, who found his home yard being assaulted by zombies, splatter the zombies brains on the floor with your chainsaw or machine guns. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press "R" KEY to reload. Press SPACEBAR to enter the shop. You can buy new weapons and increase your stats in the shop. Good luck!
funny physics-based zombie game
Flaming Zombooka 2
Flaming Zombooka 2
Flaming Zombooka 2 is a sequel to funny physics-based zombie game called Flaming Zombooka. Zombie bazooking time has returned, now with more weapons, more gore, more ways to kill zombies. Your mission is to shoot all zombies to complete each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Aim for headshots for more points and remember not to shoot humans. Have fun!
popular surgery simulation game
Amateur Surgeon 2
Amateur Surgeon 2
Your task in this fun sequel to popular surgery simulation game Amateur Surgeon is to help Alan Probe to slice, zap, and knit your way through an increasingly freakish cast of patients. Your tools are lined up at the top of the gameplay screen. Use YOUR MOUSE to click to select one or you can quick-select them using the corresponding numbers 0-9 on the keyboard. Click or click-and-hold in the gameplay area to use them. Have fun!
defend your house from zombies and other monsters
Bloody Sunset
Bloody Sunset
Your task in this defend your base game is to fight off 25 waves of zombies in a cabin by the cemetery. Purchase weapons, add perks, and shoot down the zombies that are attacking the house. Increase the defenses in order to stay alive. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. You can force reload by pressing "R" KEY. Good luck!
new zombie-fighting upgrade game
Road of the Dead
Road of the Dead
Your mission in this cool zombie killing upgrade game is to escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you. Use WASD KEYS to control your car. Press SPACEBAR for handbrake. Press "E" KEY to honk a horn. Press "R" KEY to clean your wind screen and press "F" KEY to punch/use pistol. Have fun!
who would win if a pirate fought a ninja?
Pirates vs Ninjas
Pirates vs Ninjas
Your task in this action based shooting physics game is to shoot bombs as you try to hit treasure and eliminate the pirates or ninjas in each level. Be careful not to destroy your ship. You can choose your favorite side and play 30 levels as Pirates, and 30 as Ninjas. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Have fun!
stop the alien invasion in this shooting game
Try to Survive
Try to Survive
Your mission in this awesome shooting game is to survive the alien invasion and stop them at all costs. Take control of the turret located in the middle of the desert near the military base engaged in the research and development of experimental armament. And destroy all alien creatures which began to attack humans. You can build new structures and also research new weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Use ZXCV KEYS to call for the reinforcements. Good luck!
blow apart big waves of zombies
Monster Mowdown
Monster Mowdown
Your task in this action shooting defense game is to purchase weapons and assistance to help defend your territory against hoards of enemy zombies. Try to survive for 50 levels against hordes of monsters. Earn cash to buy weapons and assistance. You can buy new weapons and assistance each round. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your weapon and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press "R" to reload and hit SPACEBAR to drop a bomb. You can also heal yourself by pressing "H" KEY (however it will cost you $50). Good luck!
fight hordes of mutant zombies in the burger shop
Mutant Madness
Mutant Madness
Your task in this intense fighting and killing game is to take a role of an agent and get rid of all the mindless zombie-like citizen in the burger shop. You have variety of cool weapons mixed with tonnes of upgrades and power ups to use against countless enemy's and bosses. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your agent. The SPACEBAR is the action key, which is used to pick things up and to attack or fire weapons. Press "C" KEY to drop any weapons picked up. Press "X" KEY for double jump. Good luck, you will need it!
physics based skill game
Ricochet Kills 2
Ricochet Kills 2
Your task in this fun physics based skill game is to bounce your bullets against the walls and kill all the man in black suits. Kill all of them simply by making an ideal angle and by taking a proper shot. Levels become increasingly complex and fun. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. You can play previous parts from Ricochet Kills Series here. Have fun!
kill all enemies in this stickman game
Stick Dude Killing Arena
Stick Dude Killing Arena
Your mission in this cool stick fighting game is to enter the Stick Dude Killing Arena and kill all those dangerous stick enemies. There are 15 levels and plenty of weapons and ways to kill your enemies. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack/fire weapon. Hold SHIFT to run or press CAPSLOCK to toggle to running mode. Press SPACEBAR to show level tip. Good luck!
clear the bio research facility from the mutated zombies
Monster Flood
Monster Flood
Your mission in this fun shooter is to control our military superhero and clear the bio research facility from the mutated zombies. Remember, you're the last guy standing amongst an army of zombies, last as long as you can with a limitless arsenal at your disposal. Kill all of the zombies while you move around the map. Don't allow them to have your brains. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to shoot and use NUMBER KEYS to switch weapons. Good luck!
run and avoid falling objects to stay alive
Keep Running
Keep Running
Your task in this cool run and avoid game is to keep Running to stay alive. There are sharp objects falling down and you must avoid them all to stay alive. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your hero. Good luck!
ride your motorcycle and jump over zombies
Atom Heart
Atom Heart
In the year 2017 the Earth was ruined by the series of devastating wars and epidemies. But there still are a few survivors and they want to amuse themselves. You are one of the bike riders gang spending your time in a destroyed nuclear plant and having fun. Your must accomplish a special task on each level. There are 3 task types: kill N zombies, destroy N bombs and get to the finish. You can collect special energy cocoons to charge the Tesla blaster. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to move. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to tilt. Press the SPACEBAR to activate Tesla blaster. Good luck!
psychopath has been released from the asylum
CubiKill 3
CubiKill 3
Our favourite psychopath has been released from the asylum and is ready to integrate society once more. Will he be able to fit in, will he be able to keep his composure? Play and see for yourself! Use YOUR MOUSE to select and throw objects. Have fun!
this shooting game lets you be the assassin
HitStick 5
HitStick 5
This is fifth part in the popular HitStick Series and your mission is to try to complete your objectives in stealth mode to acquire the best score possible. You're now the assassin. You can disguise yourself in various outfits that you either find or steal off dead enemies. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press SPACEBAR to reload. Good luck!
featuring all of the famous characters from Stickpage
Fighters Rampage
Fighters Rampage
This is the ultimate Stickpage Fighter's Rampage featuring all of your favorite Stickpage characters (Stick War's Spartan, SWAT's Jack, and CRAZYJAY face off against Scorpak, Yuken, and Samurai Mack). Choose your fighter, control him with the ARROW KEYS. And use "A" KEY for punch 1, "S" KEY for punch 2, "D" KEY for kick 1, "F" KEY for kick 2. Use "W", "E", "R" KEYS for special moves. Click stunned opponent with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to finish them off. Have fun!
a new game for you to celebrate the season with
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
It's the Christmas Edition of Amateur Surgeon Game. Set ten years after the original Amateur Surgeon, Alan Probe is now a hotshot surgeon with his own private jet. While flying over the North Pole he collides with a reindeer and must save Santa and his helpers to resuscitate the holidays. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Your tools are lined up at the top of the gameplay screen and are used similarly to those in the first Amateur Surgeon. Click to select one or you can quick-select them using the corresponding numbers 0-9 on the keyboard. Click or click-and-hold in the gameplay area to use them. For more help on how to deal with specific injuries and conditions, click the help button in the lower left corner of the gameplay area. Good luck!
our beloved Hobo is back in this funny brawl game
Hobo Prison Brawl
Hobo Prison Brawl
In the previous part called Hobo Brawl we left him happily in prison and now he's ready for another disgusting brawl. Prisoners, security guards or the government, he doesnt care! He'll fight them all! Fight dirty using special combo moves only a hobo would use. Use poop, farts, spit and other bodily fluids. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects. Press "S" KEY for kicks. Press "P" to pause the game and see the combos. Have fun!
a little flash game made for Thanksgiving day
Turkey Got Guts
Turkey Got Guts
Your task in this funny action game is to help the turkey and save it from being eaten this Thanksgiving Day. You will need to shoot all the evil farmers that want to eat the poor turkey and try to survive as long as possible. This Turkey will not give up that easily. Use "A" KEY to move left, "D" KEY to move right. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot and press SPACEBAR to reload. Have fun!
a hybrid Action/Point&Click Horror Adventure game
The Insanity
The Insanity
Your task in this mix of Action and Point&Click Horror Adventure game is to escape from a terrifying and gore-infested house. You're covered in bandages and your identity is a mystery to all but few-including yourself. As you make your escape you uncover that the house is the lair of a maniacal ex-chief of surgery the media have labeled 'THE DOCTOR', a psychotic ex-chief of surgery who now labors his days experimenting with a dark and abhorred surgical art, the practice of vivisection- the matching of human and animal limb. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
shoot down advancing zombies before they reach you
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
Ragdoll Zombie Slayer
Let rip with superior firepower and watch the zombies melt in the heat. You are armed with a pump action shotgun and ready for some zombie slaying action. You must shoot down advancing zombies before they reach and make a meal out of you. Avoid losing a life by shooting flying zombies before they reach you. Shot flying hearts to replenish your health. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press SPACEBAR to reload. Goo dluck!
bash and brawl your way out of the goblin prison
Trolls Rage
Trolls Rage
Your mission in this side scrolling brawler is to help a Troll escape from the prison where Orcs and Goblin keep him as their special heavy-weapon for the battle versus humans. Release all your brutal violence and rage against Orcs and Goblins first and then against the human army you'll find on your way to freedom. Your slain enemies will provide a tasty snack whenever you feel the need to fill your stomach. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "Z" or "J" KEY for heavy attack (hold for powerful attack). Press "X" or "K" KEY for fast attack (hold for powerful attack). Press together Z+X or J+K to eat an enemy on the ground. This increases your health. Press SPACEBAR to to vomit (when your stomach is sufficiently full). Good luck!
fight zombies trying to take over your hot dog stand
More Zombies
More Zombies
Your mission in this violent game is to play as Rocco (the hot dog vendor) who ran out of ketchup, and when he orders more, he gets a special kind that turns people into zombies. Now you must defend your hot dog cart and destroy the zombies with a ton of unlockable weapons. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Press "L" KEY for right attack, press "K" KEY for left attack. Use the SPACEBAR to switch weapons. If a zombie bits you press left and right keys quickly to push the zombie away. Good luck!
be ready for pure violence in this B-movie zombie game
Toxie Radd
Toxie Radd
Your mission in this zombie action-shooting game is to kill all the zombies in each level and then kill the Boss of the level to open your way to the next level. On the 4th level, you will be in the prison courtyard and you must survive the 20 waves of zombies coming to eat you. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to change weapon. Use "X" KEY to bash in brawl. Press SPACEBAR to launch grenades. Use "M" KEY to open/close the map. You can use "E" KEY to skip logs and videos. Good luck!
defend your village from the invading zombies
Curse Village
Curse Village
The world is being invaded by blood-thirsty zombies. In a brave attempt to save your village you're fighting back to keep the undead behind the barricades. There's no escape, fight back or become one of them! You must defend your village in 30 levels from the invading zombies. Use YOUR MOUSE to use the selected weapon. Press 1-6 NUMBER KEYS to select a weapon. Use the "P" KEY to pause and show the menu. Be sure to build barricades before hiring survivors. Also try to kill multiple zombies at once with the vertical melee weapons (axe, light-saber), handy when they crowd before the barricades. And try to use the laser gun only in critical conditions. Good luck!
how far can you go in this online game
Journey to the East
Journey to the East
Your mission in this fighting game is to survive by killing people that try to block your way on your journey. Visit countries around the world and fight with their warriors until you reach your destination. You gain experience and gold every time you fight so use them to buy new equipment to better battle your foes. It gets harder every time so always keep your equipment in top shape. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press "A" KEY to attack, "S" KEY to kick and "D" KEY to defend. If the guys keep on defending press DOWN and S to make them fall. Good luck!
defend yourself and fight zombies in this shooter
Days 2 Die
Days 2 Die
Your mission in this cool shooting game is to defend yourself and fight zombies in 5 different maps and countless zombie waves, build Barricades to protect you and your friends, hire Mercenaries to help you survive. You can buy over 20+ weapons, including grenades, katana swords, automatic weapons. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Press the SPACEBAR to jump. Hold SHIFT to run. Use "R" KEY to reload, "I" to show inventory and hold "E" KEY to fix barricades (you must stand next to it). Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. You can also click & drag to move barricades (ONLY before starting your day). Good luck!
the legendary first person shooter made in flash
Doom 1
Doom 1
The first episode of the legendary first person shooter now playable in your browser! Note: THIS GAME REQUIRES FLASH PLAYER 10. If the game doesn't display, update your Flash Player here. Use WASD KEYS or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use "Q" and "E" KEYS to strafe left, right. Press the SPACEBAR to fire. Press "R" KEY to use door/switch. Hold SHIFT to run. Pres TAB for map. Use NUMBER KEYS to change weapon. Have fun!
be quick as you fix up the bloody images
Dark Cut 3
Dark Cut 3
Step back in time, rather, times to visit several moments of history needed to be retold. Your family's cursed history of death and loss in times of struggle is about to be routed, and it's up to you to stitch the pieces back together. Face the challenge of reviving your family tree by operating on family members from the past. Test your knife on delicate procedures and tasks. Don't forget to sedate! Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
kill as many enemies as you can before they kill you
The Green
The Green
Your objective in this fast paced action/fighting game set in space is to kill as many enemies as you can before the will kill you. You must upgrade your character to whack more spacemen. If you want to get maximum gore, you should buy the bloodymess skill. The game might be a bit hard at first, but once you get to stack up some points and buy some skills, it turns out to be quite easy. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS for movement. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack. Press "Q" KEY to switch to melee attack or press "E" KEY to switch to ranged attack. Have fun!
kill never-ending hordes of undead zombies
Zombie Survival Outbreak
Zombie Survival Outbreak
Your task in this Halloween themed game is to make your way through the never-ending hordes of undead zombies. Use your score to buy upgrades and equipment. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Hold SPACEBAR to run. Press "A" KEY to shoot, "S" KEY to use knife and "D" KEY to throw a grenade. Good luck!
an awesome madness game of shooting and action
Madness Regent
Madness Regent
Your mission in this short action game in the madness universe is to shoot the baddies and keep from dying and finally kill the end boss. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to shoot and use "S" KEY to jump (double tap for higher jump). Check more Madness Games here, it is well worth it! Have fun!
do as much damage to the knight as you can
Drop My Knight
Drop My Knight
Your aim in this fun online game is to do as much damage to your knight as possible. It is really simple concept that we saw many times before but the scoring aspect will keep you trying it again and again. Move YOUR MOUSE around to swing the knight and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to release and let him fall. Have fun!
force other vehicles off the road
Mad Monday
Mad Monday
Your objective in this fun game is to drive your car and force other vehicles off the road or just shoot them, jump over bridges and trains and run over pedestrians. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. Hold down "A" KEY to shoot. Collect the power-ups for health or weapon bonuses (you can equip your car with up to 3 weapons). Have fun!
this shooting game is short but very difficult
Metal Slug Brutal
Metal Slug Brutal
Your goal in this Metal Slug game is to shoot enemy soldiers and survive as long as you can. The game is short but very difficult. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press "X" KEY to jump and "Z" KEY to shoot. Good luck!
killing zombies is your job in this game
Zombie Hole
Zombie Hole
Oh no! The sacred cave full zombies has been opened by treasure hunters. Thousands of zombies escaped into your town and started to attack innocent people. And now it is your mission to grab your gun and fight your way through killing everything that moves in this top-down action game. Find the professor for help, secure the area, and finally close the sacred cavern for once and for all. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Use ASDW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to change your weapon. Good luck!
full version of this great stickman game
Sift Heads 3
Sift Heads 3
Vinnie is out to get some revenge in this awesome episode of the Siftheads series. You have to assassinate the people who are trying to kill you. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to walk, "Q" KEY to switch weapons, "E" KEY to reload. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. In some levels symbols appear on the screen, press the corresponding letter on your keyboard as fast as you can or you will fail the mission. Have fun!
the Thing-Thing Saga continues
Thing Thing 4
Thing Thing 4
The 4th chapter of Thing Thing game series is finally here! You can check all previous games from Thing-Thing series by clicking here. This time you have escaped and must destroy your creator to finally end the destruction. Start with customizing your character, the cooler the better. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Hold SHIFT to run. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press SPACEBAR to a gun. For those of you having lag issues, you can change the graphics quality in the pause/options menu. Have fun!
online game features varying zombie types
Your mission in this bloody zombie killing online game is to blast as many zombies as you can before they get you. The game features varying zombie types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. You earn money for each zombie you put down. You can use your hard earned money between rounds to purchase more than 20 different weapons. Use "W", "A", "S" , "D" KEYS to move, and use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
third night of the def zombie shooter game
Dead Frontier Night Three
Dead Frontier Night Three
Dead Frontier: Night Three is the third part of a series of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-ups. Your goal is to blow away a horde of undead beasts while collecting ammo, health and new weapons. This time you are accompanied by two other guys who will help you in your fight. Again you use "W", "A", "S" , "D" KEYS or ARROW KEYS to move and YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire in the endless fight for survival you're in. Use 1-6 NUMBER KEYS to switch weapons or use SPACEBAR to cycle through weapons. Press "R" KEY to reload. Can you get to the evacuating helicopter? Good luck!
first part of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-ups
Dead Frontier Night One
Dead Frontier Night One
Your goal in this gore-ridden zombie shooting flash game is to blow away a horde of un-dead beasts while collecting ammo, health and new weapons. And try to survive the night. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to cycle through your weapons. And hit "R" KEY to reload. Be careful, your ammo is limited so it is important to make every shot count. And remember that the best time to reload is when there are not many enemies around. When you notice lull in zombies, hit the "R" KEY. Go get them!
control quarterback and play football against huge players
The Big Uglies
The Big Uglies
Your aim in this funny American footbal game is to throw the ball to the receiver before the big uglies sack you. The center will hike you the ball and you will drop back to pass. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move away from the rushing opponents. Once you are ready to pass, press SPACEBAR to start power meter, then press SPACEBAR again to throw pass. Be careful on the timing of your pass because it might be intercepted. Just gain yards until you get a touchdown. Good luck!
use precise movement and skill in this medical game
Dark Cut
Dark Cut
In this medical treatment flash game your aim is to follow the instructions shown at the top left corner of the game screen. You have to be very precise and quick. Also try to cause the least amount of pain possible. Keep an eye on the patients health meter at the top left corner. Never, ever try to imitate the actions shown in this game! Good luck!
shoot down the evil clowns in action shoot em up game
Clown Killer 2
Clown Killer 2
In this side scrolling shooting game you have to eliminate all evil clowns who got poisoned by mad Doctor X and become murderous monsters. And it is your job to clean streets of crazed clowns so all the citizens will be safe. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, and press "J" KEY to dive left, "L" KEY to dive right, and "K" KEY to shoot! Be sure to collect health power-ups on your way. Have fun!
kill all dangerous creatures using your pitchfork. Great game.
Devil Kid
Devil Kid
Your objecitve is to help the devil kid to confront all the dangerous enemies and make his way through the Hell. Enemies will attack you from both sides and you must kill them before they hit you. Be sure to collect the power-ups falling down from the sky to perform a special attacks. In order to use RAGE, you must kill enough enemies until your RAGE BAR is full. When in RAGE, you will be twice as big and anything that crosses your path will die! See in-game instructions for more detailed info. Use your ARROW KEYS to move. For Melee Attack press "A" KEY, for Special Attack press "S" KEY, to Activate Rage hit "D" KEY and for Aerial Attack press UP ARROW + "A" KEYS. Good luck!
guide Conan O'Brien & hit enemies with his big head
The Barbarian
The Barbarian
Walk through unexplored territory, using your ARROW KEYS. You will have to eliminate lots of enemies on your way. Your only weapon is the powerful headbut! Hit SPACEBAR to kill the enemies with your big head. You can't get hurt while ducking. Duck to pick up the hair gel when you are hurt. Note that you can't move while headbutting or ducking, even if it's done in mid air. Have fun!
kill zombies and lead your troops to extraction zone
Rotting Onslaught
Rotting Onslaught
You are a military commander. Your forces were out on a routine patrol, and suddenly, the undead were everywhere. This game is controlled by YOUR MOUSE. Click a soldier to select him, to select group of soldiers, click and drag a box around them. Selected soldiers are highlighted in yellow. When you have selected soldiers, click where you want them to move. If you want them to attack, click on an enemy. When night falls, your squad are slower and visibility is poor. Your objective is to lead your troops to extraction zone. See ingame instructions for more details and tips! Have fun!
funny stress reliever. Smash the people and cars.
Gods Playing Field
Gods Playing Field
This cool stress relieving game contains violence, and gore. You have God\'s powers to smash everything that moves using your huge fist. The more you destroy the more money you earn. You can buy stronger weapons from the store using your hard earned money. You can also increase the number of enemies (up to 25) for faster progress. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
kill all worms enemies and spiders, stay alive.
Worms Level 2
Worms Level 2
You have to reach your destination before the sun raise. So you have to stay alive. Use RIGHT ARROW to walk, UP ARROW to jump, LEFT ARROW to use the sword, and numbers 1 or 2 to change weapon (you wil find the sword and the second gun during the play). Have fun!
action shooter game.  And more shooting games.
Tuer Tuer Tuer
Tuer Tuer Tuer
Choose a weapon and shoot everything that runs, ducks or crawls, leave no prisoners. Kill as much people as possible before the time runs out. Every successfull attack gives you extra time. I scored 7785. So Have Fun guys and beat my score!
Cool and addictive internet arcade game. Play here for free.
Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention
Follow God's orders and decimate the possessed using any means necessary.
You are a priest the town has gone mad with, kids made undead and people gone insane. Use your desert eagle uzi and machine gun to rid them to hell. HAVE FUN!
Great jump rope flash internet game.
Barb Jump
Barb Jump
A great jump rope game with a deadly twist. Can get quite gruesome if you miss the jump. You've been warned. Jump the barb wire successfully, or you will lose your arms and legs...

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