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a Heros Legacy - Planet Flora RPG game
Just take the first steps in this new adventure of Ristar! In the first episode, you will know how the whole story starts, and how Ristar travel in a journey to save his galaxy a second time. The story follows the events of the original genesis game, Ristar, 14 years later. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your character in the exploration parts. Use UP ARROW KEY to enter houses, DOWN ARROW KEY to leave. In battle use YOUR MOUSE to choose any move. You can press SPACEBAR to forward through the text. It is rather huge game (over 12MB) and it will take some time to load. Please be patient while it loads Take care and have fun everyone!
play online escape game on Funny Games
S Kape is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you try to get out of the house by collecting items and solving puzzles. There are almost 20 rooms to be solved. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck and have fun!
free point and click adventure game
The Morning After
The Morning After
This is another point and click adventure type game (WARNING - this game contains some adult themes). You wake up with a banging headache and massive hangover, there are beer cans everywhere, some weird people are hanging about as well. Perform tasks and minigames for them to acquire the key to the front door to escape this madhouse! Use YOUR MOUSE to look around and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to pick up objects. Have fun!
kill as many monsters as possible
The Haunted House
The Haunted House
Your objective in this simple but fun game is to kill as many monsters as possible in this haunted house before you die. Killing monsters will earn you money which you can use to buy weapons an upgrades. The more monsters you kill, the harder the game will get. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left and right. Press UP ARROW KEY to aim up. Hit DOWN ARROW KEY to reload. Use "X" KEY to jump, "Z" KEY to pick up and throw items (including weapons), press "C" to shoot. Good luck!
an atmospheric game with decent graphics
You wake up in the woods with no memory of how you got there. Nightmares of blood and screams still echo through your mind. It's late and it's cold - unless you can find shelter fast, you won't last the night. You spot a house in a clearing up ahead and left with no choice - you decide to shelter there for the night. Soon after you begin to realize that death is a welcome choice compared to what lies waiting for you inside... So grab YOUR MOUSE, turn your lights of so you play this in a dark room with the sound turned up for maximum scare-factor and don't shit your pants. Good luck!
point and click horror flash game
Goliath the Soothsayer
Goliath the Soothsayer
After the mysterious disappearance of your brother, you had been appointed to tend to his estate. But from the moment you entered his house, strange inexplicable things began to happen. And then one morning you woke up locked in the attic, held captive by a malevolent force. Your objective in this point-n-click horror adventure is to work your way through the mystery behind your brother's disappearance and try to escape the fate that befell him months earlier. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
plug all electrical appliances in your house
Electricity Mania
Electricity Mania
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to set up a network of cables to allow the electricity flow from the circuit breaker to all appliances in your house. In early levels you just have to plug a Christmas tree. As you progress in the game the difficulty is increasing and you have to plug another appliances (TV set, computer and huge fireworks). Remember you have to plug ALL appliances in a given level indicated by th red arrow. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop cable pieces (they are located in the loft side of the screen). You can use any of the 3 available cables, but you can't rotate them! So you must plan ahead and lay cable pieces on the right places in advance. Good luck!
fan version of the Golden Sun game
Golden Sun RPG
Golden Sun RPG
This is cool fan version of the Golden Sun game. It is an RPG game, your able to cast psynergy, attack, defend etc. Basically the story starts in Venus light house, just before Saturos And Menardi light the beacon. In this game you first fight Menardi and your goal is basically to defeat her, also with an option to cast a summon (however the summon doesn't appear on the first turn or second so keep looking out for the summon). The characters you are playing are Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia. If you want a run down on the game watch the intro. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
help Miley dress up as Hannah Montana
Fashion Challenge
Fashion Challenge
Your goal in this fun dress up online game is to help Miley dress up as Hannah Montana, the famous rock star, before the limo reaches the house. Before the game stars you will be shown a photo of Miley dressed up as Hannah Montana. Concentrate on the photo and try to remember exactly what she is wearing. When the time is up, the photo disappears, and it is up to you to find the matching elements in Miley's bedroom and closet. To dress her, simply find an item in the bedroom or closet (some items are very well hidden) and click on it to pick it up. Drag the item onto Miley (seen to the right of the screen). Release the mouse over Miley to see her wear it. If you ned to see the photo of Hannah's ideal look once more, click on the Fashion Flash button. When you thing that Hannah's look matches the photo press the Ready button to see your score. Have fun!
free online point and click adventure game
Heist 2
Heist 2
Heist II is the sequel to the original point and click adventure where you play as a thief determined to find and escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house. In this adventure you face many obstacles, while basically looking around for items to complete your mission. There are several ways to get yourself killed, and you will most likely figure this out the hard way. The games toughest obstacles are the random death sequences. Death-trap react buttons are all ARROW KEYS, SPACEBAR, and/or a MOUSE CLICK. Heist also consists of a series of puzzles to keep you thinking in the midst of all the horror. Money is behind every corner. See how much you can get out with! Good luck!
buy and sell properties in this online game
7 Seas Estates
7 Seas Estates
Your goal in this cool flash game is to make as much money as possible by buying and selling properties during 5 minutes time limit. To purchase a house, use YOUR MOUSE and click on it. To sell a house click on it again. Do not purchase a house when there is a decrease which is shown in red colored numbers. The trick is to buy houses before prices rise, sell before prices fall. Good luck!
Play Mr. Squarepants or someone else
Sponge Bob Boo or Boom
Sponge Bob Boo or Boom
Your mission in this Sponge Bob Halloween game is to set in the neighborhood to blast away the plank-o-lanterns. Doing so turns the tiles into your characters color. Get the most candy points before the end of the level to win. Turn all the tiles around a house into your characters color to get more points. You can control Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy or Squirdward. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to set off a plumsters. Be careful! If you get caught in a blast you will lose your score and power ups. Have fun!
collect some souls in this funny Halloween game
Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary
Witch Hunt Nooboo Mary
In this flash game you are a witch named Nooboo Mary and your objective is to prevent peasants from reaching your house. Peasants are coming from the right. If five peasants have reached your house, they will drag you out, and burn you to death. You must use your evil spells to defend yourself. You collect one soul for every peasant you killed. You can upgrade your spells and buy new spells with souls you have collected. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Let them come!
play a game of golf in the messy house
Pitchn Put Golf
Pitchn Put Golf
Your aim in this funny mini golf game is to play a relaxed round of golf in the messy house getting the ball to travel through the mess. Use YOUR MOUSE to set the direction and power and then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to hit the ball. Have fun!
disembark in Normandy and opend second front
D Day Game
D Day Game
Your mission in this World War 2 shooting game is to disembark in the beaches of Normandy, opening a second front of war. There are 3 missions - In mission 1 you have to advance inside of enemy territory without neglecting and then search the warehouse and to get a German uniform, and ammutions. In mission 2 you have to infiltrate in enemy territory and search the office of informations and get the brifcase with important documents. And in mission 3 you have to get a truck and drive it to saint-Lo. And kill all enemies and get all your men to the exit zone. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Press SPACEBAR to switch weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. To speak to soldier or to get on the truck, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Good luck!
go mental on an army of evil bunnies and kill them
Bunny Invasion
Bunny Invasion
Your mission in this shooting flash game is to go mental on an army of evil bunnies that have broken out of a nearby research facility. Defend your house, upgrade your weapons, upgrade your house, even spread disease onto the little shits. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot (Do not use the cursor as your aim, use the laser, the cursor is inaccurate), press "R" KEY to reload and use "E" and "T" KEYS to scroll weapons. There are 50 levels packed full of 8 different types of bunny, ranging from suicide bombing bunnies to overweight pregnant bunnies that shoot pink squishy baby bunnies onto your house! Good luck!
Save the people from the burning buildings
Save Me Game
Save Me Game
Your goal in this funny online game is to save the people from the burning buildings! You can also save the household items for extra points! Try to save as many people/things as possible and get on the world-wide highscore board! Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the rescuers. You can press "P" KEY to pause the game. Have fun!
help geek to win his battle of beer pong in frat house
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Frat Boy Beer Pong
Your object in this fun and addictive game is to help a frat boy to win a battle of beer pong at a frat house. Each player will take turns tossing their ball at the opponents cups. You must get the enemy drunk by singing balls into all of his cups. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. The further the mouse cursor is up or down, the farther the ball will be thrown. The amount left or right determines where the ball is thrown. But do not be fooled, the arrow is not an accurate indicator! Click your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw the ball. Each time you hit a cup, there may be a power up item that you receive. Have fun!
make the biggest and heaviest snowball ever
Snowball Game
Snowball Game
Your goal in this fun online game is to make the biggest and heaviest snowball ever. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control the snowball. Avoid hitting objects bigger than you so that your ball will not break. If your ball is bigger then the object it will eat it up. However, houses and trees will not get eaten up. The bigger your ball is the faster it will roll and the harder it is to control. Have fun!
find and escape with money  hidden in the house
Heist a Thiefs Nightmare
Heist a Thiefs Nightmare
Your goal in this point and click adventure game is to help a thief to find the money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house and then escape. In this adventure you face many obstacles, while basically looking around for items to complete your mission. The games toughest obstacles are the random death sequences, these are instances in which the house throws a random death-trap your way, all of these requiring split-second reaction time with a click of a mouse or a stroke of a key. Death-trap react buttons are all ARROW KEYS, SPACE BAR, and/or a MOUSE CLICK. Death-traps aside, Heist also consists of a series of puzzles to keep you thinking in the midst of all the horror. Enjoy!
help Santa to deliver gifts in this fun Christmas game
Santas Deed
Santas Deed
Your goal in this cool X-mas game is to help Santa to deliver the right present to the right kid. You deliver gifts by throwing them into chimneys. Each house has an indicator showing the gift to be delivered. Throwing a gift to a snowman will count as a bonus delivery. Use YOUR MOUSE and point at a gift in your sleigh, and click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set the power. Then release it to throw the gift. Hold longer to throw farther. You can move your sleigh with YOUR MOUSE. Be sure to avoid contact with Flying demon, as he will destabilize your sleigh for a certain time. Have fun!
a real estate agent sent out to check a house ...
Project Pravus
Project Pravus
Your name is Emily Mason. You are a real estate agent sent out to check a house. What started off as a routine investigation, quickly turned into something morbid. This game is hard. Do not expect to complete it in 5 minutes. Take your time, look around and read the item descriptions. If you are stuck, here are some hints: Keys do not show up in your inventory, but work nonetheless. Rooms do not stay the same, so if you are stuck it might help to go back to old places. Good luck!
hit the teapot over the net and have it fall on the floor
Jeeves Volleyball
Jeeves Volleyball
The goal of this funny sport game is to hit the teapot over the net and have it fall down on the opponents side of the court floor. There are no outs so you can hit it as far as you can. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk. To run double-tap LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEY. To jump press UP ARROW KEY. To hit the teapot press SPACEBAR. You can bring your buddy to your computer and play against him. If you click next to the house, or on the net as the camera is panning to the playing field, it changes the playing field to hell, with heavy metal music. Gods speed to you dude!
protect houses on your planet against falling asteroids
World Defense
World Defense
Your mission in this addictive funny game is to protect houses on your planet against falling asteroids. If a building gets destroyed, you loose 20% of your score. If all your buildings get destroyed, it is game over. Use YOUR MOUSE to spin the planet to prevent buildings being hit by meteors. Click and hold your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the planet and move your mouse to rotate it. With your score you can buy power-ups in the shot between levels. If you already bought magnetic bomb, hit SPACEBAR to use it. Have fun!
fight bravely and save your house from attacking units
Storm the House 2
Storm the House 2
Your objective in this great shooting flash game is to protect and save your house from attacking hordes of enemy soldiers, armored cars, tanks etc. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to reload. I'm sure all of you played the first part of Storm the House, so you will notice two improvements. You can now pause the game with "P" KEY and there is new weapon called Gravity Cannon which will make people fly up into the air like ants. There is cool reward for getting to the end. Be sure to hire Gunmen, who will shoot random targets for you. Craftsmen who will fix up your house slowly and Missile Silo which shoot missile death out into the battlefield. Good luck!
do sneaky pranks to Santa Clause to make him angry.
Murphys Law 2
Murphys Law 2
Here is another part of the funny Murphys Law series. Your aim is to do some pranks to Santa who came to your house to give you some Christmas presents. Have fun! :)
bake a cake for a mother's birthday. Play the game here
Bake a Cake
Bake a Cake
In this cool point and click game you want to cook your Mom a cake for her birthday. Use YOUR MOUSE to look around the house, pick up items and use them. Can you get all the ingredients in time? See in-game help for detailed instructions. Have fun!
steal household goods before the owner wakes up
Sneaky Santa
Sneaky Santa
It was the night before Christmas and all through the house sneaky Santa was sneaking and cleaning the house out. Take as many household goods as you can before the time runs out. You only have minutes for all things to take. Use your ARROW KEYS to move Santa around the house. But dont move too quickly or the owners will wake. Hold down "CTRL" KEY to sneak around the house and avoid waking the owners. Best luck!
help a maid to kill flies and keep the house clean
Urban Swat
Urban Swat
In this game you have to help a maid to protect the house from getting infected with flies. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the maid. Click to use the sweatter. If you hit more than one fly, you will get bonus points. After completing each level you can choose a bonus to carry with you to the next level. My best score is 134200. Try to beat me. Have fun!
point and click adventure flash game. Play here!
Red Devil 2
Red Devil 2
A strange ship has crash landed on a house, you go towards it and you begin to investigate in this graphical adventure. Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and reach close to the orbs to enter a zone. Hit SPACEBAR to perform action or interact with the other characters. Have fun!
buy and sell houses in this cool flash game
Mansion Impossible
Mansion Impossible
The aim of the game is to make enough money buying and selling houses on the property market to buy the 10 million-pound mansion. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to buy and sell houses. You can only buy what you can afford! Prices go up and down. Sell at the right time to make the most profit. Have fun!
shoot ghosts in this online flash game.
House of Ghouls
House of Ghouls
This is the preview game of the haunted house of ghouls (a wiesi shooter). Use your MOUSE to aim and shoot all dead ghouls that apperar near you. Be sure to shoot them before their bullet hits you and lowers your energy.
aggressive snow and ski internet game.
Alpine Skiing
Alpine Skiing
Use your ARROW KEYS to ski down the mountain. Collect blue, yellow, green and magenta stars. And be sure to avoid collision with houses and cable-railway. Also dont get shot by army. Press ENTER anytime you want to start new game.
Parents alert! Race to stash the evidence game.
You had a party in your house yestereday. Oh no! Now your parents are coming over to see you. You need to hide all the incriminating stuff by DRAGGING and DROPPING it into right places. Drag and drop all the incriminating pieces of evidence from your bedroom before your parents come round to visit!

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