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survive the huge, relentless air attacks
Run Bobby Run
Run Bobby Run
This is sequel to Run Soldier Run and it delivers a frantic action experience, you will need nerves of steel and the reflexes of a cheetah to help Bobby survive the huge, relentless air attacks. Luckily your not alone. Aided by a Battle Copter you are given a fools hope of going the distance. Intercept air attacks with its powerful machine gun to make Bobby's path that little less daunting. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS or "W" and "D" KEYS to run left and right. Press UP ARROW KEY or "W" KEY to jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire battle copter. Good luck!
claim uninhabited planets in this fun game
Planet Hopper
Planet Hopper
Your task in this fun game is to explore the universe on a solo expedition to claim uninhabited planets. Plant flags and avoid crashing while jumping from planet to planet. Repair and upgrade your suit at special shop planets throughout the universe. Use "A" and "D" KEYS or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to run on planets. Press "W" KEY or UP ARROW KEY to jump. Use "S" KEY or DOWN ARROW KEY to plant flag. Press the SPACEBAR to enter shop. You can control your hero in the space as well. Use "A" and "D" KEYS or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate. Press "W" KEY or UP ARROW KEY for boost. Have fun!
an aggressively retro fast-moving platformer
Tower of Greed
Tower of Greed
Your task in this retro platformer is to escape the infamous Tower of Greed, while collecting as many valuable gems as possible. There is an exit on every 5th floor, so you may choose when and where you wish to exit with your wealth. Be careful, though, not to let your greed overwhelm you. After all, money and death don't mix. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move. Press the SPACEBAR or "J" KEY to jump/confirm. Press SHIFT or "K" KEY to use item/cancel. Good luck!
a tricky physics platform game with a level editor
Box Clever
Box Clever
Your task in this tricky physics platform game is to finish all the levels by reaching the blue exit point. Use the WASD KEYS to move and click on anything grey with YOUR MOUSE to release it/make it fall. To release lots of scenery at once hold the mouse button down and move it over everything. If you get stuck hit SPACEBAR to restart the level. Good luck!
save the spiky little slime-covered hero in this fun game
Oozing Forever
Oozing Forever
You are abandoned in the wreckage of a secret science facility, and your mission is to help the spiky little slime-covered hero bounce his way to freedom. Grow by collecting globs of ooze and rush from shadow to shadow to avoid being evaporated by sunlight or the rays of security droids. Use YOUR MOUSE to move and point and click with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to jump in that direction (jumps need time to recharge). Your jump power recharges quickly when you touch the ground, so wait and bounce instead of clicking madly in the air. Good luck!
survive the simulation in this cool online game
Survival Lab
Survival Lab
Your objective in this fast paced dodging game with some unique features is to survive the simulation. Level up and improve as you progress through 26 levels of non-stop mayhem. Collect coins along the way. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move (Double tap the UP ARROW KEY to jump higher once you get the upgrade). Have fun!
pseudo 3d shooter/jump and run game
Planet Runner
Planet Runner
Your task in this pseudo 3d shooter/jump and run game with variety of enemies control the planet runner, avoid spikes, kill enemies and bosses. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your hero, press "A" KEY to shoot, use "S" KEY to jump. Hit a green pylons to obtain a power up. Good luck!
an addictive 3D puzzle game
Block Drop
Block Drop
Your objective in this online game is to control the gem to remove all of the blocks by jumping off of them leaving only the checkered block behind. The increasingly complex levels are all randomly generated, so no two games will ever be the same. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to jump one space to the next block. Hold the SHIFT down while pressing an arrow key to jump two spaces. If you're stuck you can use the menu to show the solution. Have fun!
ride your snowboard and score as much points as you can
Free Board
Free Board
Your goal in this fun snowboard game is to score as much points as possible. In the Slalom Mode keep your timer from reaching zero. Go through the gates to put time on your clock while dodging trees and rocks. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate your boarder. You can get extra time and points by hitting jumps and spinning, or jumping over obstacles. Have fun!
a SNES-styled physics platformer
Adair Physics Castle
Adair Physics Castle
Your objective in this SNES-styled physics platformer is to jump and move to avoid getting crushed by falling blocks while keeping away from the rising lava. You will lose if you get squeezed between two blocks or if the lava reaches you. As you progress, the game will become much more difficult. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, press "X" KEY to run, "Z" KEY to jump. Use UP/DOWN ARROW KEYS to look around. You can press SHIFT to commit a suicide (in case you get stuck in a gap and don't feel like waiting for the lava). Good luck!
seize the Blades of Eden and use its destructive power
Armed With Wings 2
Armed With Wings 2
Embark on a journey to reclaim your lost throne, seeking out the 4 Blades of Eden. Its destructive power is the key to defeating the new emperor, Armed with Wings. Travel across 5 worlds, do battle with 5 bosses, seize the Blades of Eden and use its destructive power to your success. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "Z" KEY to attack and "X" KEY for block. Use "A" KEY to release eagle, use "S" KEY to pickup items and "D" KEY to keep eagle idle. Good luck!
a deranged clown has a grudge against Christmas
Kill Christmas
Kill Christmas
On Christmas Eve a female scarecrow was turned into a real, beautiful, girl. Unfortunately for the peasants celebrating this miracle, her psychopatic scarecrow boyfriend wants her back. Shoot all the evil farmers in the heads and crotches. get close for ripping out their guts. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk, press DOWN ARROW KEY to duck or aim down while jumping, and press UP ARROW KEY to aim up, Press "A" KEY to shoot, "S" KEY to jump. Use DOWN ARROW KEY + S to jump down. Jump on an enemy and press DOWN ARROW KEY + S to perform a special attack. Have fun!
try to get as high as you can in this fun flash game
Reach for the Sky
Reach for the Sky
Are you sick of exams? Your goal in this fun flash game is to jump out of the exam hall and reach for the stars. Jump from book to book and gain the knowledge to become all you can be. Collect bonus items on the way up to increase your chance of a higher score. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to perform your first jump, then move YOUR MOUSE to jump from boot to book. Have fun!
find a treasure and claim its riches for yourself.
Deep Lift 2
Deep Lift 2
Your goal in this fun game is to reach the end of each level alive in search of the treasure. Avoid dangerous animals and objects and be sure not to plummet into the depth. Use the ARROW KEYS to move left and right. When you're at speed you can press UP ARROW KEY (or SPACEBAR) to initiate a jump. Adjust the direction by pressing up or space again. Collect electricity icons to gain the power that is needed to use the propeller. Press UP ARROW KEY while in mid-air to use the propeller. Make sure you do not run out of oxygen as it will cause CO2 intoxication which kills you after a while. Have fun!
jump until you fail horribly and fall
Your task in this fun game is to jump from platform to platform and try to go as far as you can without falling to the bottom. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Avoid all projectiles send from the bad guy on cannon (they won't kill you, just annoy). Good luck!
escue Bandaid girl from Dr. Fetu maniac
Meat Boy
Meat Boy
The evil villain Dr. Fetus has kidnapped your sweet girlfriend from right in front of you. Although he is a mere fetus in a jar, his trickery is unsurpassed. It is up to you to rescue Bandaid girl from this maniac. Chase them trough the levels, doing your best to keep your bleeding body away from danger. You only need to beat 3 of every 5 levels to advance to the next series of levels. You can skip levels by pressing ESC and exiting to the level menu. Unlock extra characters by collecting band aids. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk and press SPACEBAR to jump. Good luck!
guide the cute fuzzy sheep through the air
Your task in this fun flash game is to guide the cute fuzzy sheep through the air while listening to happy light music. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to start and then use YOUR MOUSE to control the sheep and jump on the apples to eat them and get points. Jump on a cow for extra points. There are difficulty bars that fall down every once in a while and they will make the game temporarily more difficult, they are impossible to avoid without falling so you'll have to do your best. As you get more points you'll unock different items in The Bling Shop. At The Bling Shop you can totally pimp out your sheep with lots of bling. Lets play!
smash as many robots as you can in this fun game
Jump and Smash
Jump and Smash
Your mission in this funny game with lego character is to smash as many robots as you can, but don’t let them touch you. You can only destroy enemies by jumping on them. Use YOUR MOUSE to move and click and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to charge your jump - release the mouse button to start jump. Collect power-ups to inflict more damage. If an enemy touches you or your power circle, you'll take damage. Good luck!
run as fast as you can to score big in this game
Orange Runner
Orange Runner
THIS GAME CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS AND COLORS, IF YOU ARE PRONE TO SEIZURES, PLEASE DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. Your goal in this simple but fun game is to race the opponents, jump over dangerous obstacles and collect power boosters. Use the RIGHT ARROW KEY to run and press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Every few levels, an opponent runs up from behind and you must race him to the next level. When in race, you must press the SPACEBAR as fast as you can for added boost. Have fun!
jump from one pad to another in this fun game
Hedgehog Challenge
Hedgehog Challenge
Your objective in this simple yet challenging game is to jump from one pad to another without falling down. Pads go down constantly. Every time a clock rings out, pads speed up but you still have to keep a hedgehog above the bottom edge. Maximize your score by creating combos. Create a chain of ascending combos to get even more score. Use ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
dodge exploding crates and jump over gaps
Box Dodge Fury
Box Dodge Fury
Your objective in this cool flash game is to run as far as you can run while dodging a shower of explosive crates and jumping over gaps. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Good luck!
run away from a pyroclastic wall of doom
Dino Run
Dino Run
Your goal in this awesome game is to escape the pyroclastic wall of doom after the asteroid crash and find your dino sanctuary. Use WASD KEYS or ARROW KEYS move the dino. Press SHIFT for a speed boost (recharges every 20 seconds). Press DOWN KEY while jumping for an air attack. Earn DNA by collecting eggs and eating critters. Use your DNA to upgrade your dino. The game is DEEP so EXPLORE and have fun!
collect all stars in this fun flash game
Planet Platformer
Planet Platformer
Your goal in this fun game is to graze various (very) small and rotating planets in this platform game. Use the ARROW KEYS to jump and run, and collect all the stars and avoid falling onto the spikes. There are only three levels to play and there are no checkpoints. Good luck!
play a retro style simple arcade game
Cloud Jumper
Cloud Jumper
Your objective in this fun retro online game is to travel through sky jumping on clouds. The clouds will move from right to left and gradually increase in speed. Stay on the clouds while not going out of the screen. Use SPACEBAR or UP ARROW KEY to jump and hit LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. If you get stuck use a crouch jump - hold DOWN ARROW KEY and then release. If you stand on a cloud too long you may fall. Be sure to collect coins and letters. Have fun!
a gravity bending battle royal game
Circle of Pain
Circle of Pain
Your mission in this free game is to take control of an upgrade-able fighter (color choice on main menu) and fight your way though 170 levels of back-stabbing, mine-exploding, trap-dodging, platform jumping action! The game saves your progress, so you can fight another day. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move you around the circles, UP ARROW KEY to jump between circles, DOWN ARROW KEY to drop a mine (if you have any). Press "Z" KEY to zoom when adrenaline bar is full, "X" KEY to initiate shield when adrenaline bar is full, "C" KEY to switch between normal and landscape camera view. After collision press "A" KEY to launch hook (if you've purchased it) or "S" KEY to launch gust (if you've purchased it). Good luck!
collect as much stars as you can
Nitro Platform
Nitro Platform
Your objective in this fun game is to collect the stars by jumping from platform to platform. But watch out for the exploding blocks. The more you jump the more they explode. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb the ladders. Use SPACEBAR to jump. You can use CTRL to change your color. Have fun!
play flash action sidescroller for free
Crash Bandicoot
Crash Bandicoot
Your goal in Crash Bandicoot made in flash is to go through all 5 levels jumping on boxes and avoiding explosive boxes (TNT, nitro) and as much diamonds as you can. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the fox and hit SPACEBAR to do the twist. Use UP ARROW KEY to enter the level. You can save your game progress too. Have fun!
help the deer to collect lots of X-mas presents
Your goal in this sweet Christmas game is to help Ralphy, the deer, to collect as much presents and sweets as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to move Ralphy and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to jump on a present and start the game. Keep on jumping from present to present as long as you can! Each red and blue present adds 10 points to your score. Each yellow and green present adds 20 points to your score. Yellow sweets double your score and gray decreases the gravity and adds 50 points to your score. Try to avoid red and pink sweets as the lower your score. Have fun and Merry Christmas! :)
simple but addictive online funny game
Cloud Climber
Cloud Climber
Your goal in this fun addictive game is to jump from cloud to cloud and get as high as possible. You'll need to think fast and move even faster, all without falling. Collect as many falling coins as you can to increase your combo bonus. However, if you don't catch falling coins your combo bonus will be reset! With practice you'll be leaping all the way across the screen - but make sure to stick those landings or down you go! Use YOUR MOUSE to move your hero and click to jump. Have fun!
yellow snow is a game of skill and precision.
Ho Ho Ho
Ho Ho Ho
Your job in this funny game is to help Santa use his amazing writing implement and magical yellow ink to join up the dots in the snow and reveal a surprising festive message. You can even pass messages on to your nearest and dearest. Click on dot with 1 to begin the flow, use YOUR MOUSE to direct it and join the numbered dots to form Christmas flavoured decorations in the snow. Have fun!
master the course faster than your opponent
Obstacle Course
Obstacle Course
Your goal in this sweet skill online game is to master the obstacle course faster than your opponent in the second split screen. You are the player at the top of the screen. Use YOUR MOUSE to select your team and your opponents. In game use the ARROW KEYS to navigate through the obstacle course and collect all the flags to advance to the next level! Use UP ARROW KEY to jump, DOWN ARROW KEY to crawl and LEFT ARROW KEY to dive! Good luck!
cute platform KFC chicken adventure game
Super Chick Sisters
Super Chick Sisters
Colonel Sanders and his minions have kidnapped Pamela Anderson for revealing to the world that KFCs secret recipe is cruelty to chickens. Your mission is to help the Super Chick Sisters to save Pam before it is too late. Collect small chick on your way and defend enemies by jumping on their heads. Use the ARROW KEYS to jump and run just like Mr. Mario in his best days! Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump, climb and break blocks. Good luck!
you must rescue the sleeping wiggies
Wiggi Rescue
Wiggi Rescue
Your aim in this simple platform game is to jump up on many ice platforms as they fall down and rescue the sleeping wiggies. Wiggi children playing in the Ice Caves were lost and it is up to you to go save them. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and hit SPACEBAR to jump. You can perform stunts by jumping off of walls, catching on to ledges, and riding rockets to get big points. Make sure you dont fall yourself. Good luck!
collect sticks (real sticks) with your stick figure
Stick Trampoline
Stick Trampoline
Your goal in this cool stick browser based game is to collect sticks (real sticks) with your stick figure, by jumping up and down on the trampolines. Gain the Max Height requirements to unlock the next levels. Use the Swinging rope to give you extra advantage. You can also do tricks for extra points, and all this before the time runs out! Use the ARROW KEYS for movement. Press SPACEBAR to grab and release swing rope. And use "Q" KEY to grab foot. Have fun!
help the dolphin to swim safely through the lagoon
Lagoon Quest
Lagoon Quest
Your goal in this sweet flash game is to help the dolphin get across the dangerous lagoon safely and find his friends. Make sure you will stay away from other dangerous sea creatures and avoid obstacles that can harm your health. You can get points for jumping through hoops. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Have fun!
action platform shooter game similar to Metal Slug
Commissar Betrayal
Commissar Betrayal
This game has no preloader, so wait a while before you press START. Your mission in this Metal Slug like shooting flash game is to run across each screen, ducking, jumping and pumping your enemies full of lead. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Hit SPACEBAR to jump. Press CTRL to fire, CTRL + UP ARROW KEY to fire up. Good luck!
help brave dude to escape from Rakoth dungeons
Pazzo Francesco
Pazzo Francesco
Your mission in this nice game is to help adventure dude Francesco to escape from Rakoth dungeons before the time expires. You do this by jumping on all platforms in a given level before reaching the last exit platform (the one with exit gate). Use LEFT, RIGHT and DOWN ARROW KEYS to jump. Press SHIFT + ARROW KEY for long jump. Hurry up the time is ticking now. Good luck!
ride down Frost Mountain while doing tricks
Snowboard Go
Snowboard Go
Your aim in this funny winter game is to ride down Frost Mountain while doing tricks, collecting cookies, avoiding mines, jumping on snowmen, fighting Santa, and much more. I know know that 2 of the tricks are impossible with a snowboard, but they look cool, dont complain ;). Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to adjust speed. Hold SPACEBAR to adjust Jump meter and press SPACEBAR again in the air for a double jump. While in the air use "A", "S", "D" KEYS to to perform tricks. Good luck!
help the crazy nut to jump as high as possible
Crazy Nut
Crazy Nut
Your goal in this flash game is to help the crazy nut to jump as high as possible. Bounce on platforms or birds to jump higher higher. Birds will disappear after you jump on them. To jump higher try to have rythm in your jumps. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
jump to reach the moon while avoiding other birds
Pollo Vuela
Pollo Vuela
Your aim in this interesting flash game is to collect as many feathers as you can. Your chicken will jump higher and higher until it will reach the moon. There are other birds flying around, so use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to avoid them. Also try to get the heart every jump. Click JUGAR to start the game. Have fun!
get through all levels with your super mario skills
Marios Adventure 2
Marios Adventure 2
Your objective in this super Mario game is to make your way through multiple levels, running and jumping, collecting coins, pouncing on enemies and and making your way through small dangerous obstacles. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Enjoy the game!
perform stunts and complete each level as fast as you can
City Surfing
City Surfing
Your objective in this sport surfing game is to complete each level as soon as possible and get maximum points. Use ARROW KEYS to control your character, press SPACEBAR to jump and hit "1" or "2" NUMBER KEYS to do a stunt. Remember, you can perform a stunt only when you are jumping from the springboard or when you have got a high speed. If you succeeded in performing your stunt you get extra points. If you didnt, you will lose some points. Avoid obstacles and be sure to collect various power ups that will help you to finish the level. Have fun!
play the best Halloween games online for free
Bashing Pumpkins
Bashing Pumpkins
Your mission in this cool Halloween game is to destroy as many pumpkins as possible. Hundreds of jumping, orange jack-o-lanterns are popping up at an alarming rate of speed at various landmarks all over the world. What on earth is happening? Is this the invasion we have been expecting or some freakish pumpkin awakening? Either way, run for the hills and move YOUR MOUSE over the pumpkin to destroy it. I managed to destroy 402 pumpkins out of 455. Beat that!
drop stickmen out of the helicopter to moving trucks
Parachute Retrospect
Parachute Retrospect
Your mission in this flash game is to drop stickmen out of the helicopter to moving trucks to save their lives. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your helicopter and press SPACEBAR to drop your guys out of the helicopter while avoiding various obstacles. Each 5 saves, you will find a new obstacle to avoid. There are 50 levels in the game. And you will need lots of luck and skills to finish it. Enjoy!
help captain to recover top secret file stolen by terrorists
Capt Zambo Game
Capt Zambo Game
A top secret file from US defence has been stolen by terrorists of Iraq. And your mission is to recover this file. Firstly, you have to collect the key of the hill door, if you want to enter the enemy territory. The enemy has laid enough traps, mines, bombs and has armed terrorists guarding the path. Be careful of some easy steps. They may be traps laid to finish you. Cross these steps very fast by jumping over them real quick. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and hit "A" KEY to shoot. Have fun!
jump on a trampoline and grab the different fruits
Panda Fruit Bounce
Panda Fruit Bounce
Your goal in this sweet online game is to help the little panda to grab the different fruits and power-ups hanging above by jumping on a trampoline. To start a game, LEFT CLCIK on the text at the top of the menu. Wait at least one minute to let the game fully load otherwise it will not work properly. You have to collect the required number of fruits in every level to proceed further. There are various kinds of fruits hanging above so you will be informed about the type and quantity of fruits to pick at the beginning of a level. The number of fruits you need to collect are also shown at the top left corner of the game screen. Avoid falling on the ground or you will lose a life. LEFT CLICK on the panda to start the level and then Left Click again to throw him upwards. Move the squirrels holding the trampoline using YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!
help your ostrich jump over objects and save his life
Ostrich Jump 3
Ostrich Jump 3
The ostrich had crack injected into his bloodstream, and is now running uncontrollably throughout a desert in which 75 random objects have been placed to test his beast of endurance. Use UP ARROW KEY to make ostrich jump (you can cancel his jump at any time by pressing the DOWN ARROW). To duck you have to press DOWN ARROW KEY and hold it until the ostrich clears the object you are ducking under. Be sure to collect little puffs of crack on your way so that you can press RIGHT ARROW KEY to speed up the ostrich when needed! You should also never let your crack meter run out. When you die, the menu screen will show you the button(s) you were suppose to push. Press Restart button to play again. Good luck!
jump from one platform to another as fast as you can
Goup the Platform
Goup the Platform
Your aim in this flash online game is is to clear all the levels by jumping from one platform to another as fast as possible. The difficulty will increase as you advance in the game. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and hit SPACEBAR to jump. Enjoy!
avoid all obstacles and steal the wealth on your way
Street Bulglar
Street Bulglar
Your aim is to collect all the wealth and avoid all the obstacles on your way. To achieve this, you should avoid police man, waste bins and street dogs by jumping over them. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW to jump and DOWN ARROW to crouch. Have fun!
fight your enemies in nice stick fighting game
Way of the Exploding Stick
Way of the Exploding Stick
Your aim is to fight and defeat as much stick fighters as you can. Use your ARROW keys to move around. Press "S" KEY for double punch, press "D" KEY for quick jab, "X" KEY for spin kick and "C" KEY for fast face kick. Use the combo "SXS" to perfor a tripple scissor kick. Use "X" KEY while jumping, still or moving to give justice from above. When an arms lenght away use "V" KEY to throw an opponent. Have fun!
reach the maximum height in this addictive game
Hop to the Top
Hop to the Top
In this addictive platform jumping game, you need to jump through different platforms and reach the maximum height to score the highest points. To achieve this, you should jump carefully and avoid from falling though the platform otherwise you will lose the valuable time. Try to collect all the power ups for additional benefits. Use UP ARROW to jump, LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to move left/right and DOWN ARROW to move Down (for Helicopter). To select the power/direction press SPACEBAR. Have fun!
guide caveman to get back to his pre historic cave
Prehistoric Game
Prehistoric Game
Your object is to guide a caveman to get back to his pre historic cave on top of the white mountain. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to use the special item (if you have found a special item). Jump and hit the brick under an enemy to neutralize him. Then walk to him and trow him off the stage. Take a few steps before jumping to jump higher. Look for hidden bonuses! Every five levels you will receive a password. Lets play!
stick fighting madness flash game. Kill everybody
One Mans Dooms Day
One Mans Dooms Day
Your objective is to fight your way through various levels and kill the required number of enemy stick men in each level to unlock the next level. You can pick up guns, enter tanks or ships during the game. Use your ARROW KEYS to control the fighter. Use "A" KEY to shoot, "D" KEY to enter/exit vehicles and "S" KEY to roll. Note that you are immune to enemy attack when rolling or jumping. Keep that in mind. Good luck!
in attack on the Massacre Ninjas game. Play here!
Chuck Norris Game
Chuck Norris Game
When New York City is invaded by the evil army of the Massacre Ninjas, there ia only one man who can stop them, Chuck Norris! Use your "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to control Chuck and use YOUR MOUSE to hit ninjas. After jumping, while you are in the air, you can click and hol your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to control your leg! After killing a ninja you can jump it's head and make their brains pop out. Then you can use the brain as football and hurt other ninjas with it. And if you place your hand and mouse cursor over the ninjas chest you can rip out its heart by clicking your LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. If you put this heart in your mouty Chuck will eat it and get more health. Have fun!
control the spider and bite flies or catch them in net
Fly Catcher
Fly Catcher
In this addicting game you have to control the spider using your ARROW KEYS and bite as many flies as you can. Use SPACEBAR to bite a fly. You can also catch flies by throwing spiderwebs by pressing "W" KEY. Press "E" KEY to jump/speed up, or press "R" KEY to create a net to catch flies. If you kill a fly you get 5 points, for the big fly you get 10 points. But beware! The swatter is your biggest enemy! My high score is 350! Beat that!
defeat your opponents in battle arena. Fight game.
Aevarrons Coliseum
Aevarrons Coliseum
Author of this game recommends you to play practice mode to learn and train. Than play Gauntlet or Season Mode. Preferably Gauntlet mode first. Default keys for player 1 are "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS for movenent and "G", "H" KEYS for actions. For player 2 use ARROW KEYS to move and NUMPAD 5 and 6 for action. Block attack by pressing Down and Back. Dodge some attacks by jumping. Good luck!
jump over obstacles in this funny flash game
City Jumper
City Jumper
The aim of this funny game is to jump over various obstacles like bridges and buildings without killing yourself. Use LEFT ARROW for small jump, and RIGHT ARROW for big jump. Good luck!
guide Sonic through adventurous journey.
Sonic In Angel Island
Sonic In Angel Island
You have to guide Sonic the hedgehog safely through the dangerous levels. Be sure to avoid all enemies, so you dont get hurt. You can kill your enemies by jumping on them. Reach an exit to continue to the next level. Use ARROW KEYS to move and hit LEFT or RIGHT together with DOWN ARROW to roll. Good luck!
surfing on big waves. Cool sport flash game.
Surfs Up
Surfs Up
Surf the waves, pull off cool tricks and avoid the nasties. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control your surfer using SPACEBAR to turn quicker. Score points by jumping high off the wave and spinning in the air. If you can jump very close to the edge of the pipe then you can score heaps more points!
Flash shooting game. Alien vs FBI agents.
Alien Hominid
Alien Hominid
Your UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you! Time to take them out!
Use the arrows to run around and aim your gun. The 'a' key shoots and the 's' key jumps.
When jumping over an enemy, press DOWN and 's' to do a freak attack!

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