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fun knight strategy game
The Power of Love
The Power of Love
Your goal in this fun knight strategy game is to play as a knight who has wooed his love by playing his guitar while the princess listens from a tower window above. Help the brave knight to save his loved princess. Attack the tower, buy upgrades and win the game. A simple idea for an entertaining game! Help the princess escape from the stone castle as she has fallen in love with the knight that has been playing wondrous music night after night. Use your guitar to start making indents into the stone castle by smashing into it. Pick up the gold coins that fall and use them to buy better upgrades such as a wooden pony for faster speed, a crowbar for more power, and even an auto-collector to gather up all the coins. Enjoy!
first instalment of a free RPG game
Ender Story Chapter 1
Ender Story Chapter 1
Your quest in this first instalment of a free RPG game is to play as a young knight who must save the king and this kingdom from the evil minded guy and his cruel minions. Explore the land, find your friends who can help you in your deadly and long journey, make yourself stronger and get ready for the hardest battle in your life. Good luck!
online action adventure game similar to Minecraft
Rogue Legend
Rogue Legend
Your objective in this online action adventure game similar to Minecraft is to grow, build, scavenge, craft, upgrade, fight, and survive. As the game opens, you, our hero, are awoken one night by a commotion outside your home, and when a huge black knight bursts in, your mother drags you out of bed and shoves you down a secret escape path they had conveniently built in their fireplace along with an integrated tutorial because reasons. Make or buy blocks and use them to build your own house however you like. Or you can equip your sword and go hunt enemies. Your character has needs (hunger/thirst/fatigue/sickness) that you need to manage by either scavenging in the procedural wilderness or growing supplies. Enjoy!
adventure game with battle and fighting elements
Flashs Bounty
Flashs Bounty
Your task in this adventure game with battle and fighting elements is to complete quests and kill enemies. You are one of the knights of King Maximus. You try to keep the West Liberon safe and protect the towns from the attacks of barbarians. King Maximus promised to give the Kings Bounty to a person who will find the Unicorn Sword. Prepare for a jouney to find it! Amazing adventures and unexpected plot twists are waiting for you. Use mouse or keyboard arrows to move hero, collect treasures, hire soldiers and win in battles. Good luck!
really fun puzzle game
Knight Slider
Knight Slider
Your mission in this really fun puzzle game is to help our hero reach the exit point in each level. However, you will need to get the key first for the exit door and solve some challenging puzzles in order to complete the level. Our brave knight is on a tough quest through the depths of evil today in his search for the great demons who are haunting the kingdom. Rotate the levels and help our hero slide his way to the gold treasures, the unlock keys and finally the escape door to complete each fun level. Have fun!
free online skill game
Steel Jack Level Pack
Steel Jack Level Pack
Your task in this free online skill game is to take a role of brave knight and your mission is to collect gems and jump over all obstacles on your way in order to successfully complete each level. Collect gems as you jump or slide under obstacles and hack away at things with your sword. Steel Jack returns with a bunch of new levels to keep you playing all day. Good luck!
one button run and jump game
Glue Knight
Glue Knight
Your task in this one button run and jump game is to help the knight in his quest to collect all precious diamonds in six different worlds! Run, jump over platforms, slash the enemies and get to the treasure without falling down the cliff. Fight for the honor of the King. This is not and endless runner so you can come back with your progress saved. Have fun!
point and click puzzler game
Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story
Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story
Your objective in this point and click puzzler game is to help Snail Bob to go through a dangerous castle and defeat a dragon. Get into the dreams of snail bob and experience on first hand how he face monsters, knights and princesses. All of this into one big great adventure, the snail bob 7 adventure. Good luck!
fun strategy game
Demonic Flower
Demonic Flower
Your mission in this fun strategy game is to help the king destroy hordes of enemies while searching for gifts for the princesses. Battle four campaigns against elves, orcs, undead and demons. Upgrade your army, call for reinforcement on the battlefield, and use all tactics at your disposal to win the battle. Place wizards and knights on the designated spots for an amount of gold to help fend off the enemy waves. Use your two skills to place either bombs or spies throughout the map to help your army along with the fighting. Use skills when they come off cool down and note that they do not have a gold purchase cost, unlike the knights and wizards do. Good luck!
play funny distance game
Dungeon Runner
Dungeon Runner
Your objective in this funny distance game is to help the knight escape captivity by breaking his shackles and guiding him as he runs. Slash through enemies, jump over pits, and avoid deadly obstacles as you frantically run through an evil dungeon. Move your mouse to guide your character and click left mouse button to jump. Collect gold and treasure from each attempt to purchase upgrades that will make you strong enough to eventually reach the exit. Enjoy!
cartoon style level-based runner game
Steel Jack
Steel Jack
Your goal in this cartoon style funny physics-based run and jump distance game is to control the heroic knight through his awesome run to save the pretty princess and the king from the evil witch. Run along the trail of stolen treasures controlling the brave knight to find the kidnapped king and the princess. Great game. The levels are very well designed. Intuitive play, keep you on your toes. Level 51 is anticlimactic. If you have a level and a boss, you should have a boss level. Otherwise, a simple cinematic end would be enough. Have fun!
simple arcade action RPG game
Loot Hero
Loot Hero
Your mission in this simple arcade action RPG is to guide your brave hero as he wanders around the forest in search for more loots and silvers. Use the cash that you will earn from defeating the monsters to upgrade your hero's attack and defense. As a brave knight out to defeat a dragon terrorizing the kingdom, you're using your lance to bash your way through the hordes of monsters in each stage, picking up the coins they drop along the way to level up your equipment at the stores that conveniently lay alongside the road. Loot Hero is, in short, a good idea, but one that really needs a lot more fleshing out to be good for more than a single play through. Lets play!
puzzle platform shooting game
Not in My Dungeon
Not in My Dungeon
Your goal in this puzzle platform shooting game is to defend your dungeon from pesky adventurers. Hurl rocks and knock them all into the deadly spike pits below. Knights of the kingdom above have been sent to take over your dungeon and hunt you down to kill you so its time to defend yourself and your dungeon by killing all the knights that have been sent on each of the 30 areas. Remove all intruders from the screen. Select ammo top-left to deal with the various types of opponents. Try to beat all 30 increasingly difficult levels. Good luck!
unique presentation of medieval arms and armor game
A Knight to Remember
A Knight to Remember
Your task in this unique presentation of medieval arms and armor game is to click on each battle tile then try to match each tile according to their skill and attribution. If you can make a pair of attack tiles, you will be able to inflict some damage to your opponent. A knight with amnesia fights for the only thing he remembers: the love for his princess. In this unique blend of a card game and fighting, you challenge your foes to uncover the truth. A Knight to Remember is a thrilling memory card game about a brave man in shining armor who is on his mission to save the lovely princess. Good luck!
knight horse action battle game
Kings Rider
Kings Rider
Your mission in this knight horse action battle game is to ride your horse to battle in your quest to crush the dark wizard and get back the peasant treasure. The evil dark wizard and his minion followers the Orcs have once again struck against the poor peasants of your kingdom and have stolen all of there haystacks, logs and a very important poop shovel. This brave knight is the King's best warrior. Thus no wonder that he often receives orders from his sovereign to help the people in the kingdom. For example, ugly goblins have stolen the country people's property, and the knight must get it back. Enjoy!
real time strategy game developed by Primal Software
Bomb Besieger
Bomb Besieger
Your objective in this real-time strategy game developed by Primal Software throw bombs to blow up the evil knights that have occupied your city. Launch projectiles to the dark forces hiding behind the castle walls. Recapture the city and make sure no evil knights will see the light of the day. I've played many games like this and this game in particular was one of the more enjoyable ones. I only have two complaints though. Blaster Master medal won't unlock and it bothered me that I had to wait for one bomb to explode before throwing another one. Have fun!
fun point and click adventure game
Hippo the Brave Knight
Hippo the Brave Knight
Your goal in this fun point and click adventure game is to help Hippo the brave knight to complete his missions around the hippos world and save the kingdom. After placing all the steps, the bottom step should slide back and forth allowing you to continue on (as per a video walkthrough). Mine never does, and it doesn't matter if I do the steps first or the gear first. After reloading the game 5 times, I'm done with it. Seems like a simple game, smooth, decent music but I can't justify rating it higher than 2 currently. Have fun!
play Funny Tower Defense game
Brave Knights
Brave Knights
Your objective in this funny tower defense strategy game is to build towers on the battle field so that knights will not get to the princess. The towers must prevent the knights from going towards the other side of the courtyard. Every tower that you build must be bought using your gold coins. There are just two kind of towers with no upgrade, so I can focus only on where to place the towers. I found a little confusing the fact that cartridge means firing rate. Also, with all the action it took me a while to figure out that I can't place the tower on a certain position because you can have full line of towers. Good luck!
cool and fun run jump game
Knight Runner
Knight Runner
Your task in this cool and fun run game is to take the role of the Knight Runner as you attempt to escape from the clutches of evil and save your woman. Run, jump, and burst your way to save the princess. Start running as fast as you can to get your princess back in Knight Runner! You need to avoid obstacles and collect points if you want to stand a chance at rescuing her. The story of young but brave knight, whose beloved princess was abducted by the forest tribe. And now he must to save her from savages, but it is not so easy as it looks. So be prepared for a long and dangerous adventure. Have fun!
dynamic action role-playing game with a unique combat system
Your mission in this dynamic action role-playing game with a unique combat system is to play as the dauntless Braveheart and retrieve the royal grail. King has sent you, the brave knight Richard, in search of the Holy Grail an ancient chalice that has been protected for centuries by the most powerful creature on Earth, the Great Dragon. Overcome various obstacles and bring the king an ancient chalice. Explore the kingdom, fight off all enemies as you collect useful items along the way. Increase your heroes stats during process and complete all missions successful so the king will hands over his daughter to you. Good luck!
save the princess in this puzzle platform game
Reverse Boots
Reverse Boots
Your objective in this puzzle platform game is to save the princess. You have magic boots which you can use to flip the machines in the room. It is really nice arcade game where you should help a brave knight to go through a dangerous dungeon and to reach his beloved princess. Collect stars on your way and pick keys to open doors. The first few levels are straightforward enough, but just when I thought I had the spikes and moving platforms figured out, there were spikes on moving platforms and I had to rethink my strategy. Lets play!
dynamic RPG modernised with new game mechanics
Your mission in this dynamic RPG, modernised with new game mechanics is to rescue the lovely princess and then you will be able to take her as his wife. You are a brave knight who must go on a long hike. Thousands of monsters are waiting for you, having hidden in their caves. The forces of darkness are now aware that they are open hunting. Not afraid to come face to face with real evil? Then go ahead, your King hopes to help. Good luck!
play fun fighting game
Knight vs. Giant
Knight vs. Giant
Your mission in this funny fighting game is to prepare your tiny warrior for an epic battle with the Mighty Giant. Build up your strength as you face off in Knight Vs. Giant. Defeat the monsters surrounding your village in order to increase your strength and eventually overcome the giant. Use Arrow keys to move, A/S/D to attack and dash, 1 and 2 to restore health and stamina. First train a little knight and build up his powers and then go for the mortal combat against giant. Good luck1
fun defense and shooting game hybrid
Siege Knight
Siege Knight
Your mission in this fun defense and shooting game hybrid is to defeat wave after wave of enemies through strategic trap placement and fast shooting! Take on the role of the Siege Knight and stop the invasion of creepy enemies before they can enter your beleaguered castle. Use various weapons and traps to build a good tower defense on the grid and hire more brave knights to fight off every attacker. Level up and spend points to upgrade your characters abilities. Good luck!
fast-paced adventure game
Rogue Soul
Rogue Soul
Prepare to run, jump, slide, dodge and fight your way through each level in this fast-paced adventure. You are a thief and you must become the most famous thief of the city. Run through the city collecting gold while avoiding obstacles and fighting knights. Have fun!
free online adventure game from ludobox
Bit Dungeon
Bit Dungeon
Help a warrior to explore a dungeon full of paths and kill all the enemies, gaining experience by the way that will improve their skills while picking up treasures that can contain valuable items and essential to finishing the game. Grab your weapon and let the quest to find your wife begin! Use your mouse to guide the brave knight through the rooms of the dungeon. Good luck!
popular jousting tournament action game
Knight Age 2
Knight Age 2
Choose your knight to joust for the secret, powerful knowledge of the eastern kingdom. Beat all-comers in Knight Age 2. Chivalry has never been so much fun! Choose your favourite knight first and send him out into a bloody battle to the death. Try to defeat other horseman before they harm you and beware of losing your spear. Much fun.
solve knightly puzzles in fun game
Castle Tales
Castle Tales
Your task in this physics-based block removal puzzler with over 50 levels is to remove shrubs and bales of hay to guide the characters to the portals. Guide the knight and other characters to the purple portals by removing leafy blocks and hay bales. Good luck!
Rescue princesses in cool knight game
Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower
Your task in this fun knight game is rescue princesses as you cut your way to the top of the Knightmare Tower. Use YOUR MOUSE or KEYBOARD to break through ceilings. Good luck!
Help disable this knight by shooting him in the knee!
Arrow in the Knee
Arrow in the Knee
Tired of all the “arrow to the knee” jokes? Well, too bad. This game is just about that! Use your aiming skills to shoot this unsuspecting knight RIGHT in his unprotected knee! Can you beat all of the levels with a top score? Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot your arrow! Have fun and good luck!
Funny survival knight on fire skills based game
Man On Fire Guy
Man On Fire Guy
A once brave and noble knight accidently bumped into a witch and ruined her sandwich! She took revenge by making him eternally aflame. Race around each level as quickly as you can and collect keys to open doors! Be sure to act quickly! The knight is constantly losing health, so make it to the end portal as fast as you can! Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Good luck!
Cool addicting fighting monsters role playing upgrade game
Infinite Dungeon RPG
Infinite Dungeon RPG
Fight off all kind of evil monsters in this awesome figthing role playing game! In your first game, choose to be a knight, rogue or axeman and begin fighting! Choose what abilities to upgrade and purchase new armor and weapons! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to make selections. How many floors of the dungeon can you survive? Have fun and good luck!
Awesome warrior destroy and conquer role playing revenge game
Lethal RPG Destiny 2
Lethal RPG Destiny 2
The story begins a very long time ago with a lone great warrior. He fought valiantly for his country, defending it and his king from the undead. In one final and almost fatal fight, he was left for dead in the kingdom he fought so hard for. A mage found him and saved his soul by binding it to a demon. He became Lethal Jagged Spine, a brutal man who had a thirst for vengeance. In this intense role playing game, your mission is to form an army and take over the kingdom. Fight off knights, dinosaurs, goblins, and other creatures to gain experience, money, respect, and soldiers to fight for you. Make sure you have enough experience before fighting or you will lose money and soldiers. To play, use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to select actions. Can you overthrow the king?
turn-based strategy game
Heroes of War
Heroes of War
Your mission in this cool strategy game inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic is to play as a knight, vampire, barbarian or magician in a battle for territory. Recruit your army, explore the land and defeat the enemy warlords. Travel the world on the mini map and engage in battles against evil creatures like trolls, orcs and skeletons. HAve fun!
horsemen knight joust game
Knight Age
Knight Age
Your mission in this addicting horse jousting game is to use skill to lance opponents and win the joust. Take part in the kingdoms tournament as your choose the best knight and get ready for battle. Use YOUR MOUSE to start the fight. LEFT-CLICK once to set the horse's speed. CLICK again to drop your spear as you start charging. Keep CLICKING to keep your lance on target. Inflict the most damage possible, gain gold and upgrade your knight. Move to new locations to fight new knights. Have fun!
fun knight joust game
The Lance
The Lance
Your goal in this legendary medieval knight joust game is to become the top lancer in the kingdom and win the Kong's tournament. Become the champion by competing in matches. Race your horse at your opponent, aim for the vital organs and inflict massive damage to win. Use YOUR MOUSE. LEFT-CLICK as fast as you can to charge/speed up your horse. AIM for the weak points in your opponent's body and avoid the horse and shield. Go to the SHOP to purchase better equipment. Lets play!
kill knights in this medieval physics puzzle game
Your task in this funny medieval-themed physics puzzler is to drop crates and other objects from the top of the screen to knock out the knights. Levels get trickier as you continue playing. Use your brain and everything else to stop the enemies. Drop boxes, wheels and cannonballs directly on their heads or activate simple machines do to the work for you. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
play realtime strategy war game online
Your mission in this awesome real time strategy war game is to send out your own units, use siege weapons and artillery to destroy the enemies and their castle. Build and upgrade your army and use magic spells to conquer your opponents base. Individual units have unique skills, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. As you progress, you will discover spells that'll unleash devastating attacks on the battlefield. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. You can scroll the screen with LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. Good luck!
another Angry Birds style physics game
Brave Kings
Brave Kings
Your objective in this Angry Birds style physics game is to kill the kings and their guards by breaking structures with a limited number of arrows. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag your slingshot to aim and release the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shot. You must destroy their defenses and kill frightened king and his knights with your mighty arrows. Use a trebuchet to complete later levels. Good luck!
go on a wild journey to find milk
Knights Quest For Milk
Knights Quest For Milk
Your goal in this RPG game made in old-school style go on a knightly quest in search of cows milk. Talk to people to learn more, and do quests as you struggle to find milk for your mom. Explore a full, living town in which you can discover many things, speak and interact with many people and objects and give your best to complete dozens of fun and engaging quests for glory and fame. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to interact. Have fun!
play cool action defense game
Red Dragon Rampage
Red Dragon Rampage
Your mission in this cool defense game is to use your dragon claws to protect your dragon daddy from invasion of mad knights. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the dragon. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, drag and fling to send our enemies flying. Throw them high. Or you can repeatedly click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to claw your enemies to death. You can grab anything except bosses, you must use strategy to kill bosses. Collect money and buy stuff which will help you in your battle. Use the gym to upgrade your mercenaries. Click the upgrade button to send them to the gym. Good luck keeping your daddy safe!
defeat monsters in this addictive endless RPG game
Infinite Tower RPG
Infinite Tower RPG
Your task in this fun RPG fighting game is to upgrade your character so he can defeat army of skeletons, orcs and dark knights on his way to the highest floor of the tower. After each won battle you are given skill points to upgrade your skills. Carefully balance your health, attack, speed and defense to progress as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
run and duel with knights in this cool game
Your task in this cool run game is to ride your death horse towards a duel with knights seeking immortality. Jump over the cliffs, destroy the obstacles on your way with your lance and kill other knights on your way. You cannot control your movement, so you must jump and attack at the exact moment to succeed. Press "X" KEY to jump. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS To aim your spear and press "C" KEY to attack. Good luck!
win bloody battle to control the land
Strategy Defense 3.5
Strategy Defense 3.5
Your mission in this sequel of popular strategy game series called Strategy Defense is to defend your city from the enemy onslaught. Take command of your base and build an army to defeat your enemy. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Be sure to check in-game Help section to learn some good tips and tricks. Good luck!
play free defense strategy game
Castle Crusade
Castle Crusade
Your mission in this defense strategy game is to build towers to defend your kingdom and train archers and knights to overcome enemy forces. Keep your workers safe. They chop wood, which in turn gives you lumber to spend on upgrades or repairs. If your worker dies your source of lumber will be cut off. To spend lumber on upgrades you have to click on a structure that you own. Units spawn automatically. Castles produce knights, whereas towers produce archers. Use YOUR MOUSE to control this game. Good luck in your battle!
interactive flash mini game
Your mission in this cool fighting game is to fight your way through monsters and save the princess. The Princess Nadine has been captured and an evil conspiracy is at hand. All of the kings elite guard have been slain, leaving you, a mere squire, as the only knight left to defend the kingdom. Use YOUR MOUSE to swing your sword and trace magical runes to defeat countless enemies and reveal who is behind the dark conspiracy to destroy the kingdom. Good luck!
fun and unique 2D strategy game
Monster Slayers
Monster Slayers
Your mission in this strategy battle game is to lead your knights on a quest to exterminate all the monsters in the land. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your actions by clicking on the command buttons at the bottom of the game screen. Often you will encounter enemies who fight back, use Defend command to order your melee units to shield your archers. Mouse over the items on the screen to pick them up. Good luck!
build mages and soldiers to stop the monsters
Little Protectors
Little Protectors
Your mission in this cool strategy game is to help the junior knights of the realm defend their fair land from ghouls and goblins. You do this by placing your protectors around the pathway to keep the enemies from completing the journey. Fend them off, and you'll gain treasure and ultimately a skill point to boost your unit abilities. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Hold SHIFT to place multiple towers and use SPACEBAR to cancel placement. Press 1 KEY to place Warrior, 2 KEY to place Mage and 3 KEY to place Archer. Good luck!
get knight Arthur through every screen in this fun game
One Button Arthur
One Button Arthur
Your task in this fun and simple internet game is to get Arthur safely through each screen to his ultimate goal - the sword in the stone. If you have played One Button Bob before, this requires no more explanation. The controls are easy, you only need to click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. On some screens clicking will make Arthur jump, on others it will make him stop and on others he will swing his sword and so on. You'll need to experiment to figure out how to get by each unique screen, and be patient, since a single hit knocks Arthur right back to the start of the screen. Have fun!
destroy the human world in this war game
Tower Of Doom
Tower Of Doom
Your mission in this free online game is to destroy the human world by casting a destruction spell. This spell takes long time to cast, so use your underground fortress to build a tower and emerge from the ground to cast the ultimate destruction spell. Be careful though. These puny little humans will try to stop you. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
here comes the prequel of Infectonator game
Your goal in this a zombie world domination game (the prequel of Infectonator) is to summon and control the undead forces, conquer the world by killing any human who stands in the way. Conquer the world by killing all humans with your undead army. Build skeletons and other zombies, defend your portal and kill knights, princesses and other human weaklings. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Press "X" KEY to attack, "C" KEY to halt and use "V" KEY to set auto on/off. You can use CTRL to show health and "Z" KEY to select all. Good luck!
a fun tile-based puzzle game
Dont Save the Princess
Dont Save the Princess
The princess has been kidnapped and the knight of the kingdom has come out searching for her. It is your job in this fun tile-based puzzle game spanning across 24 levels to place magical launching platforms to thwart the knight's efforts and send him to his doom (via the open mouth of your pet monster). Use YOUR MOUSE to click the gate to start. Have fun!
an rpg/platformer hybrid like the Castlevania games
Fantasy XF
Fantasy XF
Your mission in this cool RPG adventure game is to play the role of the King's top knight who must embark on a mission to rescue the Princess. If you're cursed, you can't attack with your weapon, so use a holy ward, cast anti-curse, or find a Zenu statue as soon as possible. You can break baskets and flower pots for items that restore HP or MP or give you money. Remember that you need to use spells to get through certain obstacles. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk. Press UP ARROW to jump. Press DOWN ARROW to talk, go through doors or windows, etc. Use "X" KEY to attack and hold "C" KEY to charge magic, then release when bar at bottom left is flashing to cast. See HELP for the full controls. Have fun!
the final game in the Protector series
Protector 3
Protector 3
Your mission in this strategic defense game with a great RPG twist is to continue your campaign to rid the realm of evil creatures, place knights, warriors and wizards along the footpath to intercept enemies. Upgrade your characters skill set by assigning them more magic spells or physical attributes. Use YOUR MOUSE to place units – Full documentation is provided in game. Good luck!
save the king in this puzzle game
Dungeon Knight
Dungeon Knight
Your task in this puzzle game is to control the fearsome knight in a quest to save the princess from the dungeon. As expected, the dungeon is inhabited by slimy monsters. And just because the sword cannot seem to do much more than keep the monsters a bit away, all you can do is to avoid them. Your brain is in perfect shape and you can outsmart these green drones at any time. Just guide them to their own death by bumping them to each other. Or just outrun them. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the knight around. You can also skip your move by pressing SPACEBAR. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot win, just restart the map by pressing "R" KEY. Unlike getting killed, you do not lose a life with R. To finish a level, move to the opening at the borders of the level.
protect your village in this Role Playing Game
Blue Knight
Blue Knight
Your mission in this fight game is to help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all. Protect the local village from plunder by the evil black knight and his menacing black dragon. Collect potions and fruit to keep your HP up and XP points to gain levels. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press "C" KEY to attack, "X" KEY to jump and "Z" KEY to block. Have fun!
a strategy game with RPG elements mixed in
Ultimate Tactics
Ultimate Tactics
Your mission in this nice strategy game with RPG elements is to save your Kingdom from it's evil intruders. You begin the game as Kronus, a young aspiring knight, who is asked to aid his grandfather in getting rid of some critters that appeared in his yard. Travel through the land, engage in battles, visit cities, and look for new recruits to join your party. You can lockpick the treasures you find, visit Grandpa to find out how to unlock them. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck on your quest!
do as much damage to the knight as you can
Drop My Knight
Drop My Knight
Your aim in this fun online game is to do as much damage to your knight as possible. It is really simple concept that we saw many times before but the scoring aspect will keep you trying it again and again. Move YOUR MOUSE around to swing the knight and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to release and let him fall. Have fun!
The Final War - online RTS game
Strategy Defense 4
Strategy Defense 4
Here is the new Strategy Defense - The Final War. Your main mission is to destroy ONE enemy castle and protect all your castles. The castles have 20000 life and in cannot be increased or repaired. There are now 3 ways to attack the enemy castle (two types of way: land and sea). You can also place more than 10 towers in one map. Press "Z", "X", "C" KEYS to select start position of soldiers and then use YOUR MOUSE and click click on the button of soldiers to train soldiers. You can check previous games here: Strategy Defense 1, Strategy Defense 2, Strategy Defense 3. Good luck!
third part of Strategy Defense, now in real time
Strategy Defense 3
Strategy Defense 3
Your objective in this game is to protect your castle and destroy the enemy castle. In the battle, you can train 45 different soldiers types and build 15 different towers. Your soldiers will attack the enemy castle and your towers will defense your castle from incoming enemies. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Don't forget to click NEXT or PREV button to explore all soldiers and all towers available. You can set the DELAY NEW for new soldiers anywhere between 10-180 seconds by clicking options button in the main menu. Good luck!
build paths of domino in this board game
The Domino Knight
The Domino Knight
Your objective in this addicting domino board game is to take the little knight through 49 levels of challenging puzzles. Use YOUR MOUSE to pick up tiles from the belt and use SCROLL WHEEL or SPACEBAR to rotate the domino tile and place it onto the playing field in accordance with regular domino rules. Click and drag the belt to make it go faster. Use Hammer to smash a tile on conveyor belt or playfield. You can drop a tile into the trash bit if you don't need it. Good luck!
new installment of this popular stragegy RPG
Strategy Defense 2
Strategy Defense 2
Your objective in the second part of the round based fighting game Strategy Defense is to battle your way through each map defeating your foes again. In the second part there are multiple characters to assist you at the battle, you can command him/her to follow your instructions. You can find more items, weapons and magic. And there are also branching storylines, 4 difference story and ending. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the team, attack the enemy forces or to pause. I suggest you to read in game Help section for more info. Have fun!
great mix of action, adventure and role playing game
The world has turned to darkness as the undead rule the land. Play as Auron, a young knight who was cared for and trained to become a warrior by his Priest father. In Paladin The Game your mission is to take the world from the evil hordes. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Press SPACEBAR to jump/fly up. Use "F" KEY to kick/fly down. Use "Q" KEY to use health potion and "E" KEY to use aura potion. Press SHIFT for spell attack mode. And click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack/cast spell. Use MOUSE WHEEL to scroll through spells. Follow the story line and have fun!
build a party of five units and battle on
Knight Tactics
Knight Tactics
Your mission in this knight fighting game is to defeat your opponents by using different tactics. Move your units around the map and attack the enemies. As you win battles you will gain points. The number of points depends on how well you play. You can spend your points to unlock new jobs and abilities. Use YOUR MOUSE and simply click the buttons and click a coloured square to act on it. Clicking a non-coloured square will cancel. HP is the number of damage you can take. MP will get lower as you cast spells. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the map. Press SPACEBAR to center your screen on the current active screen. Good luck!
defend your king in this casual tactics game
Strategy Defense
Strategy Defense
Your mission in this tactics Role Playing Game is to defend your king from the incoming enemy. You must move on the map and attack and kill enemies. You can buy new weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to control each aspect of gameplay. The attack options are very simple at the beginning, but get more complex later in the game (you will be able to use items, cast magic and change characters). I recommend you to check in game help for more info and some good tips. Have fun!
fight your way through over 90 enemies in this game
Knights of Rock
Knights of Rock
Your aim in this DDR like game is to help a battle-hardened knight to fight his way through hordes of enemies with the power of rockin music. Fight your way through over 90 enemies in a matter of 70 seconds flat. Hit the correct ARROW KEY in the beat of the music as the marker goes by. The knight will fight for you. Just keep in time, do not slip too much. Good luck!
defend your castle from the invading black pawns
Crazy Chess
Crazy Chess
Your mission of this highly addicting chess game is to defend your castle from the raging attacks of the black pawns before they get to the bottom of the board. It only takes eight black pawns to destroy your castle. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your Knight to capture enemy pawns. Remember that the knight can only move in a L shape like in traditional chess. Capture more than one black pawn it a row to earn combo. Progress to higher levels and get rewarded with the bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals. To unlock the Grandmaster mode you need to win a silver medal in the Pro mode. Try hard to collect all power-ups, as they help you in your battle. Have fun!
take revenge of innocent killings by slaughtering enemies
Your mission in this flash game is to help Romanius, the hero, to take revenge and kill all enemy soldiers. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Hit the "A" KEY to attack the cyclops army, hit "D" KEY to defend yourself and hit "S" KEY to jump. Pressing the SPACEBAR will cause major harm to the approaching enemy when you have blue potions. Collect red potions to increase your health. A green bottle gives you another life. Have fun!
paint all the white cells in this board online game
Troyis Puzzle
Troyis Puzzle
Your objective in this addictive puzzle game is to paint all the white cells on the board as quickly as possible. You can only move your knight by the way of the chess knight rule (L-shape). Use YOUR MOUSE and click on destination cell to move the knight. Remember, you can walk only on white cells or on cells cells you already painted. Good luck!
kill the stick man as much as possible in this flash game
Your aim is to kill the stick man as many times as possible before the time runs out and try to score as much points as you can. There are several ways how you can die and you will get different score for each of them. Use the ARROW KEYS to direct your stickman to his fate. Have fun!
kill all the enemy creatures to protect your homeland
Prince of War
Prince of War
Your objective is to kill all the enemy creatures to protect your homeland. To complete this mission, you need to fight bravely without letting them to pass you otherwise game will be over. Also you should control the supply of fresh troops while fending off. Pick your sword and clear all the levels to bring the happiness back to your community. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around and press the SPACEBAR to attack. Enjoy!
:Dragonfable - ride your horse and kill the dragon
Fire Spawn
Fire Spawn
You are Galanoth, head of the Order of Dragonslayers. Born in a small village to a humble family, you were destined to be a farmer or blacksmith. But your fate was decided not by your family or yourself. Years later you then forged the first Dragon Blade, fiven poisonous power against Dragonkind by the addition of the mineral dragonbane. And your aim in this game is to dodge obstacles and the Dragon's attacks and fire your arrows at the Dragon at every chance to defeat it. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to move left & right. Press UP ARROW to jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to fire arrows. Good luck!
help brave knight to save kindapped princess
Kogent Knight
Kogent Knight
This game requires Flash Player 8. Your aim is to save the princess who was kindapped. Walk through enemy land using LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS, hit SPACEBAR to jump. And kill all enemies that came along your way, press "A" KEY for strong attack, "S" KEY for stab and "D" KEY activates shield. Best luck saving the princess!
help brave knight to defend castle of his king
Armor Dude
Armor Dude
The main objective of Armor Dude game is to defend your castle. You as the brave knight use ARROW KEYS to move, "C" KEY to attack (hold C to change attack when you have an upgrade), and use "Z" KEY to defend. Some enemies are only vunerable when performing some moves or from certain positions on their body, so if you cant kill them try a different approach. Good luck!
bash the peasants and collect taxes for the king
Black Knight
Black Knight
The peasants have hidden all their gold from the king. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to hit them to get it back! Hold and release LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to get stronger hit. The harder you hit, the more you will get. Avoid hitting Matilda the witch, she hates to pay taxes, and will turn you into a pig if you mess with her. You can buy bigger weapons in the Weapon Shoppe between levels to help you do more damage. My best score was 126220 gold. Have fun beating me!
build army and attack strong castle.
Invasion 3
Invasion 3
Start a new game, then click on the names of a few units to purchase them for your army. When you think you're about ready, start the game. You'll be on the battlefield. Click on the names of the units in the deployment bar to send them to attack an enemy castle. You win level by reducing castle to a flaming pile of rubble.

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