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combination of word game and city management sim game
Lexicopolis A B City
Lexicopolis A B City
Your objective in this combination of word game and city management sim game is to spell out words with the letters you are given then build up buildings and create a small community. The land yields valuable letters. Harvest letters by constructing buildings over them. Construct buildings by spelling them. Have fun!
new edition of the brain-bending anagram puzzle game
Blocks with Letters On 4
Blocks with Letters On 4
Your goal in this new edition of the brain-bending anagram puzzle game is to move the blocks around the level and arrange them in the yellow area in such a way as to spell an English word. Select a block to move by pressing the SPACEBAR or by clicking it with the YOUR MOUSE. Then use the ARROW KEYS to move it around. Most blocks with letters on can only be moved left and right, beset by the whims of gravity, though the white blocks with letters on can float up and down. Enjoy!
cool puzzle escape the room game
40xEscape is a puzzle game that challenges you to escape a room... 40 times! Click on things as you try to figure out how to light up the letters to the word ESCAPE, thus opening the door. It will be different each time, so what worked for you in one level won't work for you in another. Good luck!
spell words with letters
Spelling Scramble
Spelling Scramble
Your goal in Spelling Scramble is to create long chains of letters to spell words!
save the word It in this fun platform adventure
The I of It
The I of It
This funny game tells you the story about the I of It. Your task in this fun platform adventure is to help the little I letter to find t again. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Pressing up and down will resize the I. Grow or shrink in size to get across the screen. Occasionally you'll find buttons to press or bombs to avoid while on your search for your missing partner. Have fun!
sequel to popular physics-based shooting game
Alphabet Shoot 2
Alphabet Shoot 2
Your task in this fun physics based shooting game is to destroy the lettered blocks in each level by shooting the corresponding letters at them. There are 30 levels total with some really challenging puzzles. The first 10 levels are rather simple, but the game gets more challenging as you play. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and then press corresponding key on your KEYBOARD. The longer you hold the key down the more powerful your shoot will be. Good luck!
funny downhill snowboarding game
Snow Rush
Snow Rush
Your goal in this fun downhill snowboarding game is to rush down the slopes on your snowboard while making jumps and tricks of all kind. Collect gold coins and purchase new items and stunts to upgrade yourself. Also collect score bonuses and letters to complete tasks. Beware of snowballs and stalactites in the caves. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your character, press SPACEBAR to jump and perform stunts with 1-5 NUMBER KEYS. Have fun!
point-and-click adventure games
StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles
StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles
Your goal in this first point-and-click adventure game made by Hero Interactive is to help Mary to hijack an enemy airship and rescue the princess kicking off a lengthy career of pirating. There are a total of 7 letters hidden throughout the game with a side plot. Find all of them to unlock a much more violent and awesome alternate ending you can take. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
new point and click hidden object game
Majka The Nymph
Majka The Nymph
Your task in this puzzle adventure game is to help Marcin Dzuria on his quest to find out what happened to him by solving mazes and searching stuff. Find the hidden objects in each scene to advance the story. But be warned, some are not as straightforward as others. There are also (optional) mazes to complete to help Majka find her lost love. Use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to search and click hidden objects. Use ARROW KEYS to move through the mazes. Good luck!
play tower defense word game
Clockwords Act 1
Clockwords Act 1
Clockwords tower defense word game is back. The Act 1 continues the story, following the adventures of the inventor and his machine. Your goal in this mix of a word game with speed, strategy, and steam-powered bugs is to use your vocabulary to defend your laboratory. Input the words using your KEYBOARD and press ENTER after each word. No proper nouns. Any letters can be used, but the ones that are shown will cause extra damage to the bugs. Good luck!
game based on word puzzles called Rebus
Your goal in this online game that will get your brain working is to solve rebus word puzzles by using symbols, numbers, letters and sounds on a page. Rebuzz, containing both an easy mode (20 levels with hints) and a hard mode (5 difficult puzzles, no hints) provides a challenge for even the brainiest of people. Go through the tutorial if you are unsure about the game rules. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type in the answers. Good luck!
this online game tests your typing skills
Keyboard Mayhem
Keyboard Mayhem
This funny online game will put your typing skills to the ultimate test. Your task is to type in the random words and letters to defeat the Boss by pushing him to the edge of a cliff and knocking him off the cliff. Simply use the KEYBOARD to type words displayed to throw weapons on the beast. Have fun!
cool and innovative puzzle physics game
Prose and Motion
Prose and Motion
Your goal in this puzzle physics based game is to arrange the letters in the correct order to spell out the word for each level. Spell a word starting at the outlined box. You must use all the letters in a level. All words are yours to use, but not all words are equal. One fits best. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop letters. Good luck!
save your princess from the dark tower
Word Tower
Word Tower
Your objective in this medieval word-adventure game is to use words as building blocks to climb up and the towers and rescue your Princess. Use YOUR MOUSE to create words by clicking on letters or by typing on keyboard. Play through the game introduction to learn some tips. Good luck!
a hectic word game set in Victorian London
Your task in this hectic word game set in Victorian London is to take a role of a genius inventor who discovers plans for a mysterious machine that runs on the power of language. Then your lab is infiltrated by mechanical insects that have come to steal your secrets. You must think and type quickly to fend off the invaders. To destroy the bugs, you need to collect powerful letters. Some letters can be combined to increase their power. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type. Hit ESC KEY to clear all the letters you've typed. Good luck!
help the doctor cure the flu that is infecting all the robots
A virus outbreak is raging the robot population. Your task is to help Professor Doktor to cure the poor robots. The virus infects the robot's brain, but with Professor Doktor's patented electroshock procedure, it is possible to remove those miniature malefactors. Form words from the letters in the braincells – if a letter is used from an infected cell, one virus is killed on that cell. Clear all viruses in a brain to cure the robot. Use YOUR MOUSE or KEYBOARD to select the letters. Press ENTER to submit word. Use BACKSPACE to delete last letter, SPACEBAR to clear word. Please make sure to click in the game window before typing. Good luck!
help office worker break and kill all that comes in his way
In this fun game you play as an overly stressed office worker that has had just enough of his job. Your goal is to help this guy burst into a rage of fury as he breaks and kills everything in his way. Press the letters D I E to break his desk. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Have fun!
a fun game about bicycles and stuff
Fig 8
Fig 8
Your goal in this fun online game is to race around this track avoiding the obstacles in hopes of achieving a high score. Do not touch anything black, black lines, even those that are part of numbers and letters, will topple your tender vehicle with a single touch. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your bike. RIGHT ARROW KEY turns you clockwise, LEFT ARROW KEY turns you counter-clockwise, UP ARROW KEY speeds you up, and DOWN ARROW KEY slows you down. Press SHIFT KEY for slow steering. Have fun!
create as many words as you can in this puzzle game
Your task in this fun puzzle game is to put your noggin to the test and create as many words as you can. Creating words quickly will give you bigger points. Creating longer words and multiple words at the same time will boost your score even higher. And if at any time you get stuck, you'll always have your faithful pocket professor to egg you on (or simply rush you). Use YOUR MOUSE to grab the letters from the bottom and place them on the board. Good luck!
create units to destroy the enemy castle
Semantic Wars
Semantic Wars
Your job in this strategy war game is to guess words from various categories and earn some gold in this way. Next, use the gold to train warriors and defeat your enemy. Use your KEYBOARD to guess letters of words from various categories. Press 1-3 NUMBER KEYS to choose which soldier you will train. Use the ARROW KEYS to control camera. Each correct word will give you some money. Each mistake will decrease your budget (or energy if you have no gold). Use your budget to train warriors and send them to enemy castle. When a type of worrior is used often, he will promote to higher experience level. Check "How to play" section from main menu for more details. Good luck solider!
a word game in the style of Marble Lines
Letter Lines
Letter Lines
Your task in this word game in the style of Marble Lines is to move letters around to form valid English words of 4 or more letters and those letters will disappear. Words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal (but only from top-left to bottom-right). Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a letter, then click a new destination to move the letter. There is unlimited undo, just press BACKSPACE. Good luck!
build a kingdom by combining letters to form words
Word Kingdom
Word Kingdom
Your objective in this fun puzzle game is to finish your campaign to conquer the WordLand. Get enough resources by arranging the letters into a word, then build your kingdom and start your expansion. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the letters to arrange the word (each word must be between 3 upto 10 letters), then click the Check button to convert a word into resources. The objectives of each level are shown at the bottom right corner. Good luck!
some beautiful puzzle fun with the Kahoots
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to Help the Kahoots to the exit by swapping the blocks they walk on. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag blocks to swap. Try to collect bonus letters. Beware of spike blocks, use bounce blocks in front of them to jump over the spikes. Bolted blocks can't be swapped. You always have to shut up Pegbeast to activate the Play button. In the bigger levels you will have to click and drag the background with YOUR MOUSE to scroll the level. Have fun!
kill oncoming enemies by typing their names
Key Master 2
Key Master 2
Your mission in this cool typing game is to fend off menacing beasts by typing their names. This game is sequel to Key Master Game. There are several improvements from the previous version, now you no longer need to use the enter key every time. Also there are more levels, power-ups, bad guys, bosses and a better stats system. Type the worlds on the KEYBOARD that appear near each monster to kill it. Type the names of potions to use them. Press ENTER to clear typed letters. Good luck!
more of an arcade game than a spelling game
Typo Run
Typo Run
This is more of an arcade game than a spelling game. Your task is to collect letters in order to form the target words presented at the top of the screen. Be careful, there are bad guys whose only task is to drain your energy. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to pause the game. Good luck!
get the letters in the right place to form a word
Blocks With Letters
Blocks With Letters
On each level you are presented with several lettered blocks which must be arranged in a yellow area to form an English word. First you have to work out what the word is, and then comes the tricky part of manouvering around the obstacles to get the letters in the right place. Each level has only one possible answer. And EVERY level is possible! Even the really hard ones. Use YOUR MOUSE to select a letter and then use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move selected letter. Good luck!
a really hard brain game
This is a really hard brain game that will make you think and use parts of your brain you never used. Maybe even parts of the brain you don't even have! :D Going through TUTORIAL is necessary for understanding what's going on in this game. Just don't forget, it can be anything, letters, numbers, shapes, symbols, objects. - Answers are in english and can be words, not just keyboard keys. Good luck!
play the piano and seduce the woman game
Piano Bar
Piano Bar
Your goal in this funny rhythm game is to play the songs as you see the notes and the keyboard key moving on the screen. You need to seduce the woman in order to get to the next song. There is an EASY MODE where you do not need to play all the notes. The NORMAL MODE is for experts as you really play the whole songs. You can also use the FREE PLAYING, which is more of a gadget, allowing you to record yourself, see the notes in real time on the score, and play it back. Have fun!
play a retro style simple arcade game
Cloud Jumper
Cloud Jumper
Your objective in this fun retro online game is to travel through sky jumping on clouds. The clouds will move from right to left and gradually increase in speed. Stay on the clouds while not going out of the screen. Use SPACEBAR or UP ARROW KEY to jump and hit LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. If you get stuck use a crouch jump - hold DOWN ARROW KEY and then release. If you stand on a cloud too long you may fall. Be sure to collect coins and letters. Have fun!
a fun and addicting word puzzle game
Alpha Assault
Alpha Assault
Oh no! Your Kingdom is under attack by evil red tiles that are slowly taking over the playing board. Your aim in this cool word game is to protect your castle by forming words to eliminate the evil red tiles. Earn coins and use them to buy letters or power-ups that help you help you along the way. The gameplay is endless and becomes more difficult as the levels progress. Use YOUR MOUSE and click and drag across the letters to form a word. Click the final letter to submit it. Have fun!
tribute to Splapp-Me-Do impossible quiz games
The Impossible Fan Quiz
The Impossible Fan Quiz
This is a tribute to the 2 awesome impossible quizes created by Splapp-Me-Do. For this quiz you will need to use a variety of mouse clicks, logic, luck, arrow keys, space bar, letters and number in order to win. There are 3 skips hidden through the game. Use them wisely as you will only get 3, and thats if you find them. Can you answer all 50 questions? Good luck!
eat other letters in this fun game
Alphabet Eater
Alphabet Eater
Your goal in this fun online game is to control the alphabet eater and eat the other letters below or equal to you. You can choose between MOUSE mode or KEYBOARD MODE. In the game you can press "C" KEY to change control mode or "P" KEY to pause the game. Have fun!
of the Pacific Ocean game
Fantastic Treasures
Fantastic Treasures
Your mission in this nice free online game is to collect treasures in the ocean and bring them to your mother ship. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your submarine. Press SPACBAR to launch the torpedos (you must buy them fist). Collect the treasures just by touching them and bring them to the base to earn money. You can refuel or repair your submarine and if you have enough money you can also buy upgrades for your submarine in the base. Collect letters and create word BONUS and you will gain some extra cash. Beware of dangerous fish, they can damage your submarine! You can kill them with your torpedos. Have fun!
get 3 different celebs to blow their brains out
Celebrity Russian Roulette
Celebrity Russian Roulette
Two games for the price of none :) Hangman and Russian Roulette. You are playing against Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Your goal is to figure out the word by picking letters to get those celebs to blow their brains out. Get a letter right and a celebrity puts a gun to their head and shoots. Get a letter wrong and you have to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. So sit down, grab a gun and shut up! Good luck!
sidescrolling arcade shooter with Power Puff Girls
Attack of the PuppyBots
Attack of the PuppyBots
Your mission in this Power Puff Girls online game is to destroy the robot dogs and Mojo Jojos evil henchmen to free the puppies! Use the ARROW KEYS to control the girls. Press "X" KEY to switch out the girls. Press SPACEBAR to fire, hold it to charge and then release for super shoot. Collect all 3 letters (POW) to unlock the ultimate super shot. Try to collect Candy, it gives you invincibility and Heart which restores your health. Have fun!
cool puzzle game with so many manners of death
Hangman Extreme
Hangman Extreme
What?! You have never played Hangman?! Seriously? Sigh .. Ok, your goal in hangman flash game is to try to solve the riddle before the time runs out. Type in the letters on the KEYBOARD you wish to guess. Be careful, wrong letters lose more time. There are several brutal ways of death in this Hangman version. Good luck!
kill enemies in vertical scrolling retro shooting game
Uchuforce 2
Uchuforce 2
Your objective in this flash game is to fly your spaceship around in space shooting enemy fighters down while grabbing power-ups. Uchuforce 2 is an easy, rather repetitive shooter that you collecting letters to spell out "UCHUFORCE" to upgrade your ship (and gain extra lives). Control your ship with YOUR MOUSE. And click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to switch weapon to a powerful laser. Lets play!
nice mix of typing game and asteroids dodging
Sun Stories
Sun Stories
Your objective in this nice flash game is to feed the Sun with falling stars to grow and light the sky. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type letters on stars to grab them and control the sun with the ARROW KEYS. An evil black hole will throw meteors and other things from other dimensions to stop the sun grow. Do your best and avoid all those things. Have fun!
dont let the bunnies to eat your peanuts in fun game
Word Maze
Word Maze
Your mission in this fun arcade game is to collect letters in correct order. You will see a word at the top of the screen. Try to find the letters of that word in the maze in the correct order. The word will get longer every level. There are also bunnies in the maze who will try to eat your peanuts, so look out! It is game over when you lose your last peanut. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around the maze. Have fun!
help the hacking data packet in escaping from fire wall
Firewall Flash
Firewall Flash
Your mission in this cool flash game is to help the hacking data packet to collect as much data possible before being deleted by the firewall. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move yourself through the narrow bandwidth as it gets faster. Hit SPACEBAR to use buffer, it will slow down the bandwidth. Collect all 1 and 0 nad letters to transfer as much data as possible. My high score is 200345. Are you good enough to beat it? :) Have fun!
type numbers and letters printed on the arachnids
Arachnid Falls
Arachnid Falls
Your aim in this cool game is to type numbers, letters and combination of letters that are on the arachnids backs to avoid them capturing cherries from your ice creams. Type BOMB or LIFE when you see them written on flying bugs to het extra bombs or lives. Press SPACEBAR to use a bomb! Have fun!
use the trampoline to bounce the bombs to safety game
Use the trampoline to bounce the BLACK bombs falling from window and move them to safety without dropping them on the ground. Avoid the RED bombs. Collect KABOOM letters to get an extra live and bonus points. Use YOUR MOUSE to control trampoline. Good luck!
solve word puzzle to save pink pig.
Hang Stan Game
Hang Stan Game
Try to solve the word puzzle in the pig's mut pit. Click on the letters bellow to guess that letter. If you guess four letters that are not in the word puzzle Stan will get hung! Save Him!

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