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play gem matching game online
Token Hero
Token Hero
Your objective in this online gem matching game is to build your airship and take to the sky on a quest to rescue the beautiful princess. Manipulate the gem board with free movement and combine tokens to defeat monsters, loot chests and free your imprisoned crew mates. At the bottom of the screen is a field filled with different tokens, and you can drag them around with the mouse however you like to create matched sets of three or greater. As you run down each dungeon corridor, different obstacles that require different matched tokens will appear in your way. Good luck!
play stylish memory game online
Pike Club 2
Pike Club 2
Your objective in this stylish memory game is to clear the board by making pairs from memory. In order to repay a massive debt to the notorious Pike Club, you're given a chance to earn cash by competing in a series of matching games. But with various beneficial and harmful effects, talent and skill cards to add to your debt, and the strange members themselves to deal with, that's easier said than done. A clever twist on a simple concept with a very unique style. Have fun!
shoot bubbles in classic puzzle game
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter
Your goal in this addicting Bubble shooting game is to clear each level of all the bubbles by matching similar colours and progress to the next stage. Use logic to pop the right bubbles and earn combos! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, LEFT-CLICK to fire. Enjoy!
sequel to gluey blob game
Gluey 2
Gluey 2
Play the sequel Gluey 2! Funny blob formations will pop when they stick together. Have fun as you solve each jar filled gluey level. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the groups of blobs to make them explode in the jar. Use special items like bombs to get combos and points. Let's play!
fast-paced action fighter with match-3 game play
Your objective in this cool action fighter with match-3 gameplay is to use your brain to defeat your opponent matching 3 or more gems with the same symbol to deal damage to your opponent until he is defeated. Use YOUR MOUSE to swap gems to create lines of 3 or more. Each gem type has different effect. Swap the rainbow Black hole with any adjacent gem for a big bang. Have fun!
match puzzle arcade game
We Are The Robots 2
We Are The Robots 2
Your task in this award winning match puzzle game is to try to remove all the robots in each level by making matches of 3 or more of the same color. Match enough robots to digg to the next level and upgrade bonus robots. Every new level you have more work to do, as more and more robots get invented by the factory crazy marketing department. Use YOUR MOUSE to move robots and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop a robot. Good luck!
free action RPG online
Immortal Souls Dark Crusade
Immortal Souls Dark Crusade
Your mission in this action RPG game that mixes elements of Hack 'N' Slash games and Bejeweled is to play as John Turner, a reluctant vampire and take down hordes of enemy creatures across eight story-filled chapters. Enemies have weaknesses to certain colored attacks, encouraging you to find specific patterns on the grid for maximum success. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on chains of the same icons for more powerful attacks. Good luck!
fun match 3 puzzle game with physics
Your task in this physics puzzle matching game is to drop balls from the pipe above to make matches of 3 or more and clear them all. Use YOUR MOUSE to position the pipe and click it with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop a ball. You can also switch balls in pipe by pressing SPACEBAR. You can bounce GooBalls off of objects and each other to make difficult matches. Have fun!
retro arcade action puzzle mashup game
Super Puzzle Platformer
Super Puzzle Platformer
Your task in this cool retro/arcade/action/puzzle game is to survive as long as you can to get the highest score possible. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to shoot and blast chains of colored blocks. Blasting one block causes all the adjacent blocks of the same color to be destroyed. Double click the game screen for fullscreen mode! Have fun!
free online physics puzzle game
Monster Go Up
Monster Go Up
Your task in this fun matching game with physics elements a catchy tune is to create at least 4 matches to push the monster up and smash him through ceiling. There are many types of shapes under the platform and you have to connect at least 4 of the same color to make them explode and move the platform up. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the arrow and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot the shape. Have fun!
surprisingly tough puzzle game involving colored robots
UpBot Goes Up
UpBot Goes Up
Your objective in this challenging point and click sliding puzzle game is to solve each puzzle by moving the colored bots to the target pads that match their colors. Use YOUR MOUSE to click bots to move them around a board – but each bot can only go in one direction. Bots can push other bots. Good luck!
deliver mail packages to mail boxes in fun game
Courier Troubles
Courier Troubles
Your goal in this fun truck racing game with physics elements is to collect and deliver the correct parcels to the correct locations. All parcels are color coded, which will help you determine where to post them. Use ARROW KEYS to control your truck. And use YOUR MOUSE to move packages. You have to stop to be able to move the packages. Press and hold the SPACEBAR to stop your truck. Have fun!
funny physics-based puzzle game
Fanged Fun
Fanged Fun
Your goal in this fun physics game is to help green and red faces get to their corresponding platforms. Transform boxes into balls and vice versa as you try to get the green and red shapes onto platforms of the same color. Use YOUR MOUSE to click a box to transform it into a ball, click the ball to transform it back into a box. If you screw it up, just press "R" KEY to restart level. Good luck!
Trio of Heroes flash game
Kings Guard
Kings Guard
Your mission in this mix of defense, RPG and fun match-3 puzzle swapping game is to defend the King's castles by switching building, upgrading heroes, and strategically placing wall defenders on the castle walls. Use YOUR MOUSE to swap tiles in the city to heal heroes, create power-ups and recruit reinforcements. If you manage to swap 4 tiles of orange, light blue or pink you will get wall reinforcements. Swap red, green and purple tiles to heal heroes or create power-up tiles. Good luck!
become opium king in this fun strategy game
High Tea
High Tea
Your objective in this strategic plate-spinning game is to play as an independent British smuggler selling opium in China's Pearl Delta. You must buy cheap and sell high to make a profit, but make sure you also obtain enough tea to keep Britain happy. The price will fluctuate, so keep your eye on the best time to buy. You have ten years before the opium wars begin and your goal is to earn as much cash as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
three games wrapped into single game
Penguin Quest
Penguin Quest
Your task in this funny puzzle game is to use all your wit to corner the penguin before he escapes through the water holes. Use YOUR MOUSE to click around the penquin to make it trapped. See how high you can fly in the jump game while collecting bonus and extra points. And finally ride your snowboard down the mountain hitting all the ramps in the snowboard part of this game. Collect good items and avoid bad ones. Have fun!
unlock and open ancient gates in puzzle game
Ornament Key
Ornament Key
Your task in this challenging puzzle game is to assemble different ornaments to unlock and open the ancient gates. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop parts in correct places. There are 15 levels. 7 Egypt themed and the rest Mayan themed. In each theme, levels offers different kind of assembling ornament. Keep your eye on the time bar, you have to assemble ornament before the time runs out. Good luck!
grab coins and avoid spikes in this fun game
Topsy Turvy
Topsy Turvy
Your task in this puzzle game is to solve a series of platformer puzzles and reach the flag in a world where gravity is decided by whatever is below your feet. Gravity, it pushes you towards the earth, straight down, right? Not in this fun game. Walk into the walls to rotate the stage. Whenever you approach a drop-off, instead of falling into a bottomless pit, the entire topography of the level rotates 90 degrees. Suddenly the walls are the floor, the floor is the walls. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Good luck!
direct the flow of water into the pots
Liquid Measure 2
Liquid Measure 2
Your goal in this free puzzle game is to route water to the pots to fill them all. Do this by moving the available pieces to the right place to control the flow. Use YOUR MOUSE to select and drag items to desired position. Then select Start to start the flow. Good luck!
fun and challenging railway puzzle
Railroad Shunting Puzzle
Railroad Shunting Puzzle
Your goal in this fun and challenging railway puzzle is to try to route all locomotives and wagons to their relevant destination in various layouts. Steer the heavy duty locomotive along the train tracks picking up cargo wagons for delivery to train depots. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the locomotive, simply click and drag it around the railway and route it to the label. Wagons are coupled automatically, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON between wagons to uncouple. Operate switches by clicking on them. Good luck!
create giant combos and have fun
Digital Upgrade
Digital Upgrade
Your objective in this cool puzzle game is to build your own virus by matching random computer parts to make them grow stronger. Match the pieces to make them grow stronger. Just watch out not to overflow and destroy yourself. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move blocks. Press UP ARROW KEY to rotate and DOWN ARROW KEY to drop blocks. Upgrade viruses, unlock achievements, create giant combos and have fun!
play free kids game for Halloween
Halloween Pairs
Halloween Pairs
Your task in this cool memory kids game for Halloween is to match pairs of pictures to clear the whole board. If you click too many times on the same card it will start moving around on the screen increasing the difficulty of the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Happy Halloween!
this online game will test your memory
Pirates Mind
Pirates Mind
Your goal in this addicting game based on a simple idea is to use your pirate memory to uncover the hidden treasure. Turn over coins in an attempt to match as many as possible. The more you turn over at a time, the bigger your score. Coins don't have to be next to each other to match. Click a special Crab Coin and get a quick peek of the playfield. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
play fun fast paced reflex driving game
Neon Rider
Neon Rider
Your goal in this fast paced reflex driving game is to drive your vehicle in the cyber-world and try to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Change your bike color to stand on colored lines, collect bonus points and perform crazy flips. You will always be able to stand on blue lines. Use the minimap to plan your ride. Press "W" KEY to accelerate, "S" KEY to brake, "A" KEY to tilt left and "D" KEY to tilt right. Press the SPACEBAR to restart a level. Use ARROW KEYS to change color (there is a reminder on the hud). Good luck!
a mix of a strategy game and a puzzle game
Space Attack
Space Attack
Your mission in this mix of a strategy game and a puzzle game is to destroy the red forces by building space ships before the time runs out. You have to play the puzzle game on left side to earn earn money. It is easy matching game, just use YOUR MOUSE to click on a group of matching jewels to remove them and get money. If you click on a single jewel, you will lose money. You also get cash when killing enemy ships. Use earned money to build space ships. Press "X" KEY to set the ships to attack enemy ships or "Z" KEY to set them attack buildings. Good luck!
help the Gooey Gluey blobs in this puzzle game
Oh no! The blobs are trapped, and only you can free them. Little blob creatures of the same color stick together. Use YOUR MOUSE to click groups of them to make them disappear, and use special items to improve your score and make sure you reach goal score in each level. Watch out for trapped blobs, you sometimes need to remove group of blobs to release trapped blobs. If you clear all blobs you will get 200 bonus points. Good luck!
an extremely challenging and fast puzzle game
Chaos Chamber
Chaos Chamber
Your task in this challenging and fast puzzle game is to frantically break the blocks to avoid column lock-downs. With over 40 levels of increasing action, this game will push your skills to the limit. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the block of the circles of the same color to destroy them. You must destroy at least 2 blocks at the same time or you will create a stone block. Do not click the Stone Blocks or you will create Iron blocks that can never be destroyed. You lose the game when the entire grid is iron. Good luck!
conquer all the Kingdoms in Lemolad in this online game
Battle of Lemolad
Battle of Lemolad
My Lord, it is your time to embark on the military campaign to conquer all the Kingdoms in Lemolad. Use your matching and military strategy skills to invade hostile castles, build up your own city, train/upgrade troops such as soldiers, archers, cavalry and use magic with your mages. Use YOUR MOUSE to match 3 or more to collect resources. Use resources to build a city and train an army. Attack your opponent's castles with your army and magic and conquer the Land of Lemolad. Good luck!
copy the given images in this fun puzzle game
Copy Cat
Copy Cat
Your goal in this game is to copy the given image for each level onto a canvas. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag stencils from the right panel to the left canvas, then click a glob of paint. Paint will go everywhere on the canvas except where you've placed stencils. Colors mix as you'd expect them to, but if you need a reminder, click on the 'Help' note near the stencils. To get rid of a stencil, drag it to the trash can. To remove all stencils, click on the trash can. White paint paints over any color. Be creative! Sometimes you need to use a series of different stencils to paint one weird shape. Good luck!
help dwellers to build their home town
Dreamsdwell Stories
Dreamsdwell Stories
The dwellers of a colorful fantasy world are waiting for you to help them build a town. To do it you will need gems and gold. You can get them by magic, making chains of the spheres of one color. It may seem easy at the first sight but a real wizard knows that making a chain of 20, 30 or even 40 spheres is not that easy as it seems in the beginning. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a sphere to select it and then continue to select spheres to form a chain (You can also hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and use drag-n-drop method to make chains). To complete a level you have to remove all the golden mountings. Use earned coins to build the town. Good luck!
enter the jungle to match ancient artifacts
Jungle Magic
Jungle Magic
Your task in this colorful match-3 game set in the lush rainforests of a distant land is to piece together broken talismans. Bend the elements to your will with enchanted tiles and clever swapping, and see if you can't discover a little Jungle Magic. Use YOUR MOUSE to swap artifacts (click on one piece to select, and then click on an adjacent piece to swap their respective locations). Beat levels to unlock totems. Totems and bonuses get stronger as you progress through levels. Match totem with artificats to unlock power-ups and special effects. Good luck!
one of the most challenging puzzle games ever
Civiballs 2
Civiballs 2
Your goal in this challenging puzzle game is to solve the puzzles by cutting the chains and releasing the Civiballs. Let gravity and momentum do the rest. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your sword to cut the chains and release the balls. Get the balls to the urn of the same colour to complete the level. You can play Civiballs 1 here. Have fun!
Shields of Gemland
Shields of Gemland
Your goal in this arcade game is to fire your cannon to clear the levels, collect the gems and ultimately restore the Shields of Gemland. Throughout your 80-level adventure, you will have to complete both action-packed and puzzle-thinking levels, and use vital upgrades to pimp your cannon. Use YOUR MOUSE to move and shoot the cannon. Collect power-ups to clear multiple colors. Good luck, traveler, you will need it!
fill all pots with the water in this online game
Liquid Measure
Liquid Measure
Your goal in this flash game is to fill all the pots 100% with water to complete each level. Use the given pieces to control the flow. The capacity of pots and tanks are displayed. Don't waste a drop of valuable water. Use your mouse to drag and drop all the pieces to the right place. When everything is prepared just press START to open the tanks. Good luck!
avoid dangerous ballies in this fun game
Your goal in this cute color matching game with a hint of shooter and mouse avoider thrown in is to move your Ballie and avoid other Ballies to survive (you can only bump into other Ballies with the same color as the background!!!). Get bonus points for combos. And collect available power-ups. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your Ballie. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop down a bomb. Have fun!
clear every puzzle with provided number of clicks
Bricks n Match
Bricks n Match
Your task in this fun puzzle game is to clear every puzzle of all bricks with the amount of click provided. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a brick to remove it. When you match 3 or more bricks of the same color, they disappear. There are several special bricks in the game. You'll get some info about them as you progress in the game. Good luck!
long-awaited 3rd installment in hit Atlantis Quest series
Call of Atlantis
Call of Atlantis
This long-awaited 3rd installment in hit Atlantis Quest, Rise of Atlantis series offering unique blend of 3 popular gameplays. Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3, Hidden Object and Adventure. Embark on fascinating new journey around ancient lands of Rome, Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Carthage to acquire seven mysterious crystals of power. Appease Poseidon, patron Dictatorship of Proletariat of Atlanteans, and save legendary continent. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
fight other anime girls in this fun puzzle game
Love Quest
Love Quest
Your objective in this Love Quest puzzle game is to form lines of three or more identical items. Use YOUR MOUSE to click two items that are next to each other to switch their positions. Each item has a different effect - hearts will give you extra health and other items will take away health of your opponent. Fight your way through the whole game and beat various anime characters. Have fun!
a cool match colours games with a twist
Dropsum Colours
Dropsum Colours
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to click on tiles of the same color to remove them. The larger the group the more points you will earn. To win a round, clear enough tiles to qualify to the next round. Clear tile groups of five tiles or more and you will increase your combo multiplier. The longer you combo multiplier, the more points you earn when the combo ends. As you combo grows, it triggers power-ups. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
connect the same colored gawpsters together
Your task in this original action game is to connect gawpsters of the same color and create big combinations for greatest scores. Watch out for big gawpsters though as they're not so easy to catch. You will benefit from points bonuses, slow-downs, anticollision shields or double power bonuses and succeed in either Training or Normal mode. Click on a gawpster with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and hold the button to catch another one. Catch as many gawpsters of the same color as you can. Don't let any Gawpsters cross your line or you'll lose a life. Good luck!
a relaxing bubble popping physics game
Bubble Cannon
Bubble Cannon
Your task in this very simple game inspired by Bust-A-Move is to knock together bubbles of the same color to pop them. Don't let any bubbles touch the spikes at the bottom of the screen. Try to keep as few bubbles on the screen as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to fire bubbles. Have fun!
an unique mixture of Puzzle & Tower Defense
Puzzle Defense
Puzzle Defense
Your mission in this original mixture of Puzzle Game & Tower Defense Game, inspired by the popular 'Puzzle Quest', is to complete chains of 3, 4, or 5 runes, then use the mana to build towers to defend against the enemy hordes. Use YOUR MOUSE to click a rune, then click an adjacent rune to swap them. If you create a chain of 3. 4 or 5 runes you will earn some mana. When you have enough mana to build a tower, click the tower button with YOUR MOUSE and place it on the map. If you survive 30 waves you will win the game. Good luck!
a Simple but addictive skill game
Magnet Towers
Magnet Towers
Your task in this rather simple but addictive skill game is to stack pills of the same color into a tower. Move YOUR MOUSE to stack pills, click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to create a tower fusion. The more pills you stack at one time, the more points you'll get from the tower fusion. Don't let your tower run into pills of a different color, or your tower will get blown apart. Good luck!
Metal Xmas online guitar hero style game
Santa Rockstar
Santa Rockstar
Santa Rockstar is Guitar Hero style game which features 8 awesome tracks of classic Christmas carols with Metal flavor. The controls can be configured but the default controls are: 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to hold the strings, press the SPACEBAR to activate Fever Time mode. Hit ENTER to strum the Guitar. In campaign mode, you have to beat the Grinch in a Guitar battle (the grinch will try to defeat you using dirty tactics, like making your notes flicker or shifting the buttons of your guitar). Merry Christmas!
do you know your Eiffel Tower from your Guggenheim?
Where On Earth
Where On Earth
In Where on Earth Game your objective is to find the location of iconic buildings in the world. Try and get as close as you can to the actual location to earn as many points as you can within the time given. Use YOUR MOUSE to drop your marker to say where on earth the iconic building is. Points are awarded on your speed and accuracy and you must meet minimum score for each level to advance. Good luck!
match elements on a 3-way grid pyramid
Your task in this cool puzzle game is to clear the board to stay alive! Merge challenges you to match the elements of the solution on a 3-way grid pyramid. The Solution piece is made up of one element from each side of the pyramid. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the white triangle on the pyramid that represents the 3 pieces of the solution. As more matches are made, the solution piece falls faster and faster toward the floor. If it reaches the floor it is game over. Good luck!
funny fast action strategy/skill game
Umbel Bee
Umbel Bee
Your job in this fact-paced action game is to aim and fire the worker bees at the correct coloured honeycombs to clear them all before they fall down too far. Pick up special worker bee bonuses to help you complete each level. Special bonuses include Efficiency Bee, Multitask Bee and Line Manager Bee. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate shooter. And press UP ARROW KEY To fire bee. Have fun!
cool physics-based match-3 online game
Your task in this cool physics-based match-3 game is to slide the gems and make all of the same color touch to clear them from each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag on gems to move them. Match 3 of the same color to clear them from the screen. Use the gems to open gates. Good luck!
sort all the cogs in this interesting puzzle
Cog Factory
Cog Factory
Your objective in this interesting puzzle game is to group the same colored cogs together in sprocket spirals. Once three or more cogs of the same color are adjacent to one another, they will connect themselves to the machine in the background. Think carefully about which cog you send down which spiral - plan ahead. You only have a limited time before the cogs get ejected from the cogregator - so think quick! Look out for power-ups they'll help you when you need them most. Use the ARROW KEYS to rotate cogs and press SPACEBAR to launch the cogs. Good luck!
a little cute online game about Mario
Mario Puppets
Mario Puppets
Your objective in this little Mario game is to launch the Mario puppets at the same colored puppets and connect four in a row to score points. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the Mario puppets at the bottom as they move by to launch them upwards. Turtles remove a puppets column. Have fun!
guide the people to the right building.
PhotoBox Land
PhotoBox Land
Your task in this fun flash game is to help the inhabitants of PhotoboxLand get to where they want to go. The quicker you get them there the more bonus points you score. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to place arrows, and click arrows again to delete them. Have fun!
pop the bubbles in this simple time waster
Bubbles Game
Bubbles Game
Your goal in this fun time waster is to pop the colored bubbles before they reach the top of the screen while avoiding the black bubbles. Just move YOUR MOUSE over them and they will pop. There are several types of bubbles: white bubble ads 1 point to your score, green bubble adds 1 point and 5 lives, red bubble will pop all the bubbles on the screen, orange gives you 1 point and 1 explosion (Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to make an explosion). You must avoid black bubble at all costs, pop it and it is game over! Good luck!
become a Lightbringer at the Mage Academy
Spell Blazer
Spell Blazer
Young Kaven the apprentice seeks to become a Lightbringer at the Mage Academy in Sanxion. Can you help him overcome the dangers of the road? Use YOUR MOUSE to select cities on your route. In the battle mode click on shapes to move them to adjacent squares. When confronting opponents, check the screen carefully for their strengths and weaknesses. Good luck!
enjoy free addicting shooter multiplayer game
Your objective in this fun online game is to remove all color bubbles by matching three or more bubbles of the same color. Black bubbles are not removable. Isolated bubble disappears from the field. The game is over if bubbles reach the bottom. All the bubbles change their color randomly if you let a shooting ball fall down. So pay attention to your opponent's progress and do your best! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Have fun!
pop as many balloons as you can in this game
Bloons Pop Three
Bloons Pop Three
Your goal in this fun bloons game is to swap 2 bloons next to each other to form a row of 3 or more. Get extra points by scoring in combos, or include special bloons in a match for extra points. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. This game is not supposed to be a big brain teaser, just a bunch of bloon poppin' fun. Good luck!
destroy blocks before they reach the bottom
Your mission in this simple but addictive little game is to control your ship and shoot the blocks before they reach the bottom. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your ship left and right. And Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set power of your shoot. Try to aim at the higher blocks to create a cascade exploding effect. Good luck!
cool bubbles like game with a twist
Iron Works
Iron Works
Your task in Iron Works is to match molten balls of color as they come off the assembly line. Match three colors or more to clear them before the next row of colorful liquid metal makes its way into play. Clear all the balls in a given level in order to advance to the next one. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch. Have fun!
simple but fun puzzle to play online
Amazon Quest
Amazon Quest
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to swap the tiles to build rows of at least three same symbols to let them disappear and remove all the grey blocks to solve various levels. Use YOUR MOUSE to move tiles. Watch out for remaining time. Good luck!
play fun puzzle games online
Mahjong Burger
Mahjong Burger
Your objective in this nice flash game is to prepare all the orders from the conveyor belt in time by find 2 of the same kind. Use YOUR MOUSE and click two matching boxes of ingredients to clear them from the screen. You can only select boxes that can move sideways freely without moving any other boxes. Orders arrive on the conveyor belt. If matching ingredients complete an order, they will disappear from the belt. If the belt is full and an order drops off the belt it is game over. You can use the "shuffle" button if you get stuck. Have fun!
outstanding puzzle game
Around the World in 80 Days
Around the World in 80 Days
You only have 80 days to circumnavigate the globe. Think that sounds easy? Travel back in time to the late 19th century and get ready for spectacular adventures on land, sea and air together with the English daredevil Phileas Fogg and his loyal French servant Passepourtout. Use the unique chance to visit four continents and complete the inconceivable journey in this outstanding puzzler based on the classic adventure novel by Jules Verne. Good luck!
cool skill/puzzle online game
Pokemon Towering Legends
Pokemon Towering Legends
Your goal in this cool Pokemon game is to stack crystals of the same color into a tower. The more crystals you stack at one time, the more points you will get from the tower fusion. Use YOUR MOUSE to stack crystals and click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to create a tower fusion. Don't let your tower run into crystals of a different color, or your tower will get blown apart. Have fun!
puzzle game with lots of explosions
BoomBox 2
BoomBox 2
Boombox is a crazy machine in which you have to connect four or more boxes to make them boom. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the cursor left and right and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire the cannon. There are 7 different power-ups to pick up (5 of them are good and 2 are bad). Good luck!
help Barbarossa to find the lost treasure
Pirate Chains
Pirate Chains
Barbarossa, the great pirate, started it's journey to the Tortuga island. Your objective in this fun puzzle game is to help him find The Lost Treasure. To finish the level you must bring the key to the lock or break enough tiles to empty the Purple Vial. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to form chains of 3 and more of identical jewels. Good luck!
shoot colored bubbles into the chain of bubbles
Honey Trouble
Honey Trouble
Your goal in this funny topdown zuma game is to stop all bubbles to get the honey pot. Shoot colored bubbles and create groups of three connected bubbles to make them pop away. There are 6 bonus balls and 3 levels of difficulty in this game. You must finish a level to unlock the next one. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to change ball. Have fun!
build a series of at least three same symbols
Rome Puzzle
Rome Puzzle
Your goal in this addictive logic game is to create matches of three same symbols in a row. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on adjacent tiles to swap them. There is marble plaque (blue background) behind some tiles. Make matches over all marble plaque tiles to finis the level. Some of the tiles give you resources, such as gold, supplies and food. Collect all 3 types of resources to buy buildings for your city. Match four or five tiles in a row to get more resources. You can check in-game Help for more useful tips. Good luck!
click away the tiles in Mah-Jongg board game
Mahjong Tower
Mahjong Tower
Your objective in Mahjong Tower, a puzzle game based on a classic Chinese game, is to remove all the tiles from the board. Tiles are removed by selecting them in pairs that match. They then disappear, revealing other tiles to be removed. Tiles can be detached from horizontal edges to horizontal boundaries or from vertical edges to vertical edges. Any tile that is not on the boundary of a group is deemed to be blocked, and therefore cannot be detached until one of the four side it have themselves been removed. Good luck!
shoot your bongo balls to make a chain of three
Bongo Balls
Bongo Balls
Your objective in this arcade game is to control a bubble cannon placed in the middle of the screen and fire bubble balls towards the other moving balls of the same color so they form a group of 3 or more. You will advance to the next level once you cleared all balls on the screen. Be quick before the balls reach the hole, or the game will be lost. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the cannon and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Lets play!
match monsters in this game to achieve victory
Mon Buster
Mon Buster
Your aim in this board game is to match cards of the same kind as fast as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the cards you want to flip. The game gets harder every level because there will be a lot more monster types. Look out for special powerup cards that will help you to finish a level. Have fun!
arrange 3 or more same jewels to make them disappear
Ultimate Jewel
Ultimate Jewel
Your aim in this online puzzle game is to arrange 3 or more same jewels in a row to make them disappear. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a jewel you want to move and then click on another jewel which is next to first jewel to swap positions. Try to get more than 3 in a row to earn more points and to move to the next level. Have fun!
fight the germs in 60 levels of match game play
Germ Attack
Germ Attack
In this very addictive puzzle game, dont let germs reach your heart. If germs eat the heart, the game is over. The more hearts in the game, the more score you will get. You may change the postition of the germs by using the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Destroy germs by putting four or more of the same color germs in together. Watch ingame help for more useful hints. Good luck!
detonate the groups of the same gems in puzzle game
Gem Mine
Gem Mine
Your aim is click with YOUR LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to detonate the groups of 3 or more games of the same color. The bigger the group, the larger is your bonus. When you pop them, everything above them or around them collapses in on them. Bonuses increase depending on how many gems you detonate. At the end of every level the more cleared lines you have the higher your end level bonuses are. Good luck!
sweet puzzle flash game for kids. Lets Play!
Hunga Hatch
Hunga Hatch
Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the hatched dinosaurs in groups of three or more to remove them. Have fun.
fun puzzle game. Play it for free.
Lights Out
Lights Out
The objective of this game is to turn each light on the board out. By clicking a piece on the board you will reverse the state for that piece and every adjacent piece. If they were "on" they'll swith to "off". To win you just need to make sure the entire board is allout.

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