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name of the game says it all
Why do you need info about this game? Its name says it all, doesn't it? :) Ok, your goal is to destroy those colored monsters while you try to avoid being hit by them. Use YOUR MOUSE to move and click to fire. Small filled circles are power-ups, try to collect them as they give you extra lives, upgrade your weapon or gives you special ammo. When firing hold the mouse at the top of the screen to use special ammo or at the bottom to save it for later. Have fun!
try to survive in the deadly arena
Monster Invade
Monster Invade
Your mission in this brutal and fast 2D top-down game is to stay alive and slaughter all monsters on the screen. Try to pickup all available weapons and power-ups to become stronger. Use the "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to move around in the arena. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire at the monsters. Good luck!
defeat ancient evil sleeping in the Dark Mountains
Squares and Blades
Squares and Blades
In this cool tactical game, you will face hosts of enemies, and your combat tactics is the most important aspect to determine whether you destroy them, or die. The battles are fought on the chess-like strategic board. Only effective coordination between the battle units with respect to the changing state of their fencing guards gives you a chance to defeat continually stronger enemies - and, finally, the Dark Lady herself. Every game aspect is controlled by YOUR MOUSE. I strongly suggest you to read in-game help to learn basics of the gameplay and enjoy the game in its full depth. Good luck!
Christmas stress relief for all
Night of the Snowmen
Night of the Snowmen
Your goal in this fun online shooter is to shoot as many dangerous snowmen as you can before they get you. Sometimes snowmen go mad and attack you. When you life meter reaches bottom you will die. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to throw a grenade. You can toggle music off/on by pressing "M" KEY. Have fun!
party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG
Monsters Den
Monsters Den
Your mission in this party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG is to create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct character classes. Then battle to the depths of the dungeon, increasing in strength and finding powerful treasure. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your brigade around and to fight out round based battles. If enemies are nearby, it will be indicated by the crossed swords icon. Move the mouse over the icon to see their type and number. Entering that room will trigger a battle. Note, you do not need to kill every monster in the dungeon, but doing so earns rewards. Defeated monsters will always drop treasure items. If you are playing for th first time, I recommend to to have Show hints and tips enabled. Have fun!
ninja fighter and zombie killer in one game
Ninjotic Mayhem
Ninjotic Mayhem
Your mission in this brutal online game is to kill all enemy monsters and survive as long as you can. The zombies are fast, and will kill you fast if you are not careful. Always try to stay away from them. If necessary use side kick or sword to stun them. Use the ARROW KEYS to move ninja. Press SPACEBAR for attack. Use different combinations for different attacks (check in-game help for all possible combinations). Have fun!
escape the planet Neolla in this escape game
Your objective in this escape flash game is to survive the monsters and then escape from the planet called Neolla. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around and interact with things. Bad news for you is that you cant use popular TAB cheat in this game :) Good luck!
stop monsters that are attacking your castle
Toy Town Tower Defense
Toy Town Tower Defense
Your mission in this unique tower defense game is to stop bad monsters that are coming to attack your castle. Build towers using the buttons on the main panel. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on th tower to select it, then you can upgrade it, sell it or change its aura. Killing monsters earns you money to buy or upgrade towers. Power is needed for towers to operate. Build and upgrade power stations. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your hero on the screen or direct him to attack. The hero has also special abilities and you can change his aura to interact with the auras of towers. Monsters occasionally drop power ups. Click on them and your hero will retrieve them. Good luck!
great halloween turret defense game
Defender Hold the Holy Pig
Defender Hold the Holy Pig
Monsters are preparing to attack your city. Your objective in this cool defense game is to defend the city at all costs by building defense towers to attack the monsters. Use YOUR MOUSE and place the towers strategically to inflict maximum damage to your foes. There are several types of towers. Fire: good damage with medium range (attacks air & land units). Wind: less damage with good range. Can slow a single enemy (air & land). Lightning: very good damage and good range (air only). Ice: little damage with short range, but will slow your enemies. Earth: good damage with small range (land only). Ultimate: excellent damage with a very large range. Good luck!
fun Halloween dressup game for kids
Pimp My Zombie
Pimp My Zombie
This will be an instant Halloween hit. Your goal in the game is to dress up a monster. Use YOUR MOUSE to select one of three different monsters to dress up any way you like! Choose from crazy faces, backgrounds, and items to personalize it just the way you want. Pimp My Zombie is here to make Halloween fun again! Enjoy!
kill all Halloween monsters that raise from the ground
Zomg Zombies
Zomg Zombies
Your mission in this scary Halloween game is to stand your ground and shoot all dangerous enemies that rise from the ground. Use the ARROW KEYS or "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Press SPACEBAR to fire. Change weapons with number keys 1 to 4. Throw grenades with "E" KEY (when available) and reload manually with "R" KEY. Killed monsters often drop useful power-ups, collecting them will help you on your way. Your hard earned points will automatically be spent on reloading, or you can use them to upgrade your weapons at the shop. Be careful though, the monsters will not stop for your to do your shopping! Good luck!
break-out game with loads of weapons and extras
Blockade Blitz
Blockade Blitz
Your goal in this Arkanoid like game is to help Ben to destroy the blocks in each level. Move Ben with YOUR MOUSE and do not let the ball get past you. Bounce the ball to destroy the blocks. Try to catch the falling bonuses. If you collect a hero bonus you will turn alien. Some aliens can fire projectiles. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. When the Omnitrix is ready press "Z" KEY to clear the screen. Have fun!
turret defense game takes place in KFC fast food
Hunger Strike
Hunger Strike
Your mission in this funny turret defense game is to wipe out the Hunger Pangs before they make it from your belly to your brain. Buy and strategically position your KFC Big Daddy Box Meal weapons by clicking on the weapon icon that you want to purchase at the bottom right of the screen, and placing it where you want it on the map. You start the game with 40 credits and you collect more credits by wiping out each wave of Hunger Pangs. In this TD you can also buy extra lives if you have enough credits. Weapons can be upgraded or even sold if you do not want them anymore. Be warned! Certain hunger pangs are immune to some weapons. Good luck!
mixture of role playing game and shooting game
Evil Nights
Evil Nights
Your mission in this action shooter RPG is to defend the little village from the evil. You play the protecter of Thruxton a demonic attack ravaged town in the middle of no where. Demons only attack at night and all hell breaks loose. You have to prepare for this battle during day time. Do not let the demons kill anymore people. Use the ARROW KEYS or "A", "S", "W", "D" KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press "Q" KEY to use healing potion and "E" KEY to use will potion. Use the MOUSE WHEEL or 1-9 NUMBER KEYS to select spells. Read in-game How to play to learn more about spells and game elements. Good luck!
free online game opposite to Tower Defense games
Anti TD
Anti TD
This game is opposite to Tower Defense games. You dont build towers, but create units that need to reach the exit passing through enemy towers. So you send waves of monsters instead of defending against them. Use YOUR MOUSE to choose the entrance and rotate junction arrows to define the path your units will move along the path and try to make the required number of units reach the exit alive. You can select from various unit types and versions. Click "Let it Out" button to send your units. Good luck!
advanture of a lifetime platform game.
Mega Larry
Mega Larry
Your objective in this platform flash game is to guide Larry through the levels of the island to retrieve his coins which was swept away by a terrible storm. Be careful of the bad monsters of the island. Use LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left/right. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump. And hit "CTRL" KEY to use your weapon (if possible). Have fun!
shoot all zombie vampires to death
Vampire Slay
Vampire Slay
Your mission in this scary shooting game is to protect your village against the monsters and do not let them eat your blood. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot the monster. Kill them all to release the village from the 3 demon curses. You need only one hit to kill smaller vampires and 2 hit to kill bigger but slower vampire. If you let 5 vampires escape it is game over. Good luck!
adjust the 3 levers to mix your potions and kill enemies
Potion Panic
Potion Panic
The objective of this awesome online game is to protect yourself from a 30-round onslaught of enemies. You must stop the monsters knocking down your wall. Use YOUR MOUSE to adjust the 3 levers to mix your potions to Burn, Explode, Dissolve or Gas the evil hordes. Each color is adjustable from 0 to 100, and corresponds to the amount of that color you will use whenever you launch a flask. To launch, just aim with YOUR MOUSE and hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON for power. Click again while the potion is still in the air to explode the flask (it will automatically explode when it hits something). Once an enemy is killed, you gain points and money, which you can use to replenish your potions or to purchase upgrades. Have fun!
fight aggressive monsters by shooting them up
Rocket Fighter
Rocket Fighter
Your objective in this nice shooting game is to go on missions on the Lost Land of Orain and fight aggressive monsters by shooting them up. Select your character, Zero, Harpuia, Fefnir, Leviathan, Phantom or X and battle against deadly enemies. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your hero. Press "J" KEY to fire and hit "K" KEY to drop a bomb. Destroyed enemies will drop gold, collect it and use it to buy helpful items between missions. Use "K" KEY to activate items. Have fun!
become a junior tester at the monster trucks factory
Monster Truck Trials
Monster Truck Trials
Your goal in this monster trucks flash game is to become junior tester at the monster trucks factory and get the best out of those monsters. You must finish all 4 trials. Use UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOWN ARROW KEY toi brake/reverse and LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate. Press SPACEBAR for nitro. Good luck!
shoot down dangerous monsters who sneak on you
Prawn of the Dead
Prawn of the Dead
Your goal in this flash shooter is to shoot down dangerous monsters who sneak on you. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot zombie prawns before they eat your brains. Aim for the eyestalks to kill them, other shots will simply stun the prawn. Shoot floating chests for goodies and ammo. Roll over weapons to use or press KEYS 1, 2, 3, or 4 to select a weapon. Good luck!
help prisoner to survive and defeat a brutal monster
Arrival In Hell
Arrival In Hell
Your goal in this dark monkey island style puzzle game is to kill the monster and escape prison. Firstly, this game is quite high on the graphics side. So low quality is recommended (use "Q" KEY to toggle quality settings). Use YOUR MOUSE to point and click. This moves the character around the screen. You can click on objects to interact with them. Use the symbols in the bottom left corner to choose interaction mode (pick up, look, talk). You can combine objects by clicking on them in your inventory and using them with one another. Good luck!
get rid of the monsters that are guarding the candies
Sweet Land
Sweet Land
Your aim in this sweet game is to get rid of all the strange looking monsters guarding the sweet candy. To kill them you have to use your spray. You also must collect certain amount of candies to proceed to the next level (the number required candies is shown at the top right corner of the game screen). Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to use your spray. Enjoy!
halloween themed shooting game for 1 or 2 players
Halloween Hoodlums
Halloween Hoodlums
Your objective in this halloween themed shooting game is to get revenge on the evil children by shooting the ones dressed up as you. You can play this game solo or you can bring your buddy and control two ships at once. Use ARROW KEYS to select the character you want to control, you can choose from Skeleton, Zombie or Vampire and then press start button. In the game shoot all the children that are dressed up as you. Dont miss any of them, if 20 kids dressed like you get away, it is game over. Shoot the lame monsters for bonust points. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control your ship and hit SPACEBAR to shoot. Have fun!
hunt down and kill vampires and other monsters
Aggressive Attack
Aggressive Attack
Your aim in this cool Halloween shooting game is to hunt down and kill vampires and other monsters. Use YOUR MOUSE to control movement of your squad, simply move your mouse pointer where you want to go and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to move there. Also use YOUR MOUSE to aim, hit SPACEBAR to shoot. Use SHIFT KEY in combination with the left mouse button to select units. You can press ESC KEY to end the level at any time. Good luck!
get all the green dots and avoid the monsters
Zombie Pac
Zombie Pac
Your mission in this fun flash game is to get all the green dots and avoid the monsters. There are 3 types of enemies so be careful. Some enemies can shoot fireballs at you. In some levels, you have to think ahead before moving. There are 5 types of power ups so think twice when you use them. This game has 35 levels and it gets trickier as you progress. Try to get the little pacs to gain lives. Try planting the landmines on the enemy path. Use YOUR MOUSE to control pac and point the cursor to where you want pac to go. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to put mines. Good luck!
help good hearted dr.Schwartz to stop stealing
Invasion of Halloween Monsters
Invasion of Halloween Monsters
Oh no! The Halloween-monsters have come to steal all of the Halloween-candy. And now it is up to you, the good hearted dr.Schwartz, to try to stop them and bring back as much of the stolen Halloween-candy as possible. The only way to kill these halloween monsters is by pure force. Dr. Schwartz invented a gravity gun to take care of the monsters once and for all. The gravity gun affects the monsters in different ways. You can get the zombies head and throw it at his body. You also can take the zombies hand to use it as a weapon. Just throw the demons to the ground. To kill bats, just throw anything at them. Use "A" KEY to move left, "D" KEY to move right. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your gun. Click and drag enemies to throw them. Good luck!
defeat tough opponents in your quest for finality
Your mission in this turn based game is to defeat all 3 opponents to get the 3 SquWoo stones from each of the monsters. You control three characters and each of them has a different play style. Equip them with weapons and armor you think will suit them. In the game, wait for your turn and pick an action you want the active character to do. Each character has a lot of special abilities, check out all the skills you can use, using them at the right monster is the key to winning the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game; click on the command you want the active character to do. Have fun!
solve various puzzles to escape the dungeon
Dungeon Escape
Dungeon Escape
Your goal in this game is to figure how to escape from the dungeon by solving various puzzles. This game combines suspense and puzzle solving. There are lots of secret buttons and items that you need to find to escape from this scary dungeon. You will also encounter dangerous monsters on your way, so be prepared for the battle all the time. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on items/secret buttons on the background. You also have objects in your inventory (the black bar on the bottom) that you can use. Click on a punch icon when confronting monsters. Lets play!
beat up all monsters crossing your way.
Year of the Snake
Year of the Snake
Your objective in this fighting flash game is to beat up all monsters that come into your way. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "S" KEY to jump and hit "A" KEY to attack. Press "A" and "S" KEYS together to do an upward slash that sends enemies into the air. Go get them, fighter!
investigate an infested lab in this RPG sci-fi thriller game
Hell of Fear
Hell of Fear
Your mission in this sci-fi flash game is to investigate an infested lab and get to the end while killing all monsters. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROE KEYS to walk and press UP ARROW KEY to enter doors or interact with objects. Also click on icons in game to buy stuff and to attack. The bar you see at the top indicates your health, power, experience, level, money and ADM (the amount of damage when you choose Advanced Attack while you are in combat). During the game you will develop your skills as you gain experience and money. Good luck!
2D physics platformer with a twist containing 50 levels
Sling Game
Sling Game
Your mission in this game is to control Sling and recover a vital element of the Powersource stolen by the monsters. You will need to use you brain, skills and lateral thinking to complete all 50 levels. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag on Slings head, pulling him around to attach him to different items. There are many different grabs with different characteristics. On most levels, Sling must attach himself to all the gray grabs and turn them green. Once all the gray grabs are green a portal will appear to take him to the next level. See in-game tutorial to learn more about all grabs and objects. Have fun!
destroy alien eggs and protect your villagers
Killer Eggs
Killer Eggs
Aliens have decided to attack your village, and their method of attack is sending their queen to lay and hatch her Killer Eggs in your village to plague your willage and eat all of its villagers. Your people have decided on a great idea, heat up the towns pool to a boiling point and push all the eggs to the boiling hot water. You have been chosed to push the eggs that the queen lays into the pool, and also use all possible weapons to destroy both the hatched aliens and killer eggs. The killer eggs will turn red when they approach to hatch, so try to be very quick as the alien monsters can give you hard time after hatching. Be sure to read detailed instructions inside the game to play under various options. Check the game controls there too. Lets Play!
shoot down the evil clowns in action shoot em up game
Clown Killer 2
Clown Killer 2
In this side scrolling shooting game you have to eliminate all evil clowns who got poisoned by mad Doctor X and become murderous monsters. And it is your job to clean streets of crazed clowns so all the citizens will be safe. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, and press "J" KEY to dive left, "L" KEY to dive right, and "K" KEY to shoot! Be sure to collect health power-ups on your way. Have fun!
shoot down all the evil aliens in this shooting game
Brink of Alienation 3
Brink of Alienation 3
Sneaky aliens took some of your soldiers as hostages. You have to rescue them and kill all aliens. Use your ARROW KEYS to make your way through the alien territory, press SPACEBAR to shoot your gun to eliminate all enemy creatures and collect the Mega power up to boost your weapon power. Press SHIFT KEY to throw the grenades that help you to kill big alien monsters. Good luck soldier!
fight the undead creatures and slaughter them all
Fear Unlimited
Fear Unlimited
Econ, The master of slaughter chose to rebel agains the undead and slay an immortal. Use LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to move left/right. Hit "A" KEY to jump, "S" KEY to shoot your uzi and "D" KEY for sword attack to slay a minimum number of undead to complete a level. These are just basic controls, in tutorial you will learn his special unholy powers and master his combos to find the most efficient style of combat. Have fun!
dig the mines and collect all gold on your way.
Goldwell Flash Game
Goldwell Flash Game
You have a great machine to safely exploit gold in mines infected by monsters. Control your machine with ARROW KEYS and hit SPACEBAR for quick return. Pick-up treasures and eat the monsters to prevent them from biting your pipes. Let bombs touch your pipes, but dont eat them! Have fun!
full scale war between humans and the monsters
Planet Mayhem
Planet Mayhem
In 2529, a UFO was spotted in a small town in Alabama. Strangely, the UFO did not move. The humans called in the military. After the UFO was destroyed, humans received message that aliens would soon attack the Earth. Soon, there would be a full scale war between humans and the monsters. Choose your team and reek havoc on your opponents planet. Good luck!

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