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Halloween themed adventure game
Wonder Rocket 2 Halloween
Wonder Rocket 2 Halloween
Your objective in this Halloween themed adventure game is to fly into the mystic space. Construct your rocket, upgrade its engine and body parts, and fly to the Moon before the Halloween moon arise! However, this custom made Halloween game features ghosts, candies and lots of floating UFOs which strive to challenge your flight plan and test your rocket flying maneuvers. Keep the rocket head straight to the moon, and see how many days and upgrades you will need to complete this fantastic flying journey. Launch the rocket and avoid all impediments while collecting bonuses. Enjoy!
cool point and click adventure wolf game
Dont Escape
Dont Escape
You are a werewolf and it's a full moon. You have to find a way to prevent yourself from escaping. It is great game, Great concept, loved playing it, i do have two issues. the root that wasn't used can confuse people as to why you can pick it up but in the end it has no use besides to stuff up your potion. also some of the things were hard to find and looked like nothing until you clicked the right spot, maybe things need to be a little more obvious. I look forward to more games in the future. However the darkness really made it difficult to see some items but in an annoying rather than good way, even after turning the brightness to full there was some blind items to click for. Enjoy!
cool launch game with Christmas theme
Rocket Santa 2
Rocket Santa 2
Your objective in this fun launching upgrade game is to launch Santa up to the moon. Strap a rocket to your back and blast to the moon. Earn cash to buy better equipment to launch Santa even higher. Every time you launch there's a series of new missions to accomplish. Good luck!
launch rocket and upgrade it game
Into Space 2
Into Space 2
Try to land the rocket on the moon and collect cash to upgrade and buy items. Complete missions, unlock achievements and purchase upgrades to send it even further. Will you be able to reach Mars? Good luck!
amazing type game that is out of this world
MoonType Episode 2
MoonType Episode 2
Aliens are back, more determined than ever : they want the moon. Use your typing skills to fight back in this sequel to MoonType. Type the names of the incoming enemies to destroy them one by one. Do not let them get too close. ESC or TAB to pause & open the menu.
Help defend the moon and destroy all enemy spacecraft!
Aliens have confused our attempts at contact for threats! They also think that we populate the moon. Help defend the moon and take down all of the enemies in this fum, typing game! Use the KEYBOARD to type out the words that appear above each spacecraft to annihilate them! Good luck and have fun!
play funny Christmas game online
Rocket Santa
Rocket Santa
Your task in this funny christmas game is to help Santa to get his gifts delivered on the moon. Grab your jet pack, upgrade your equipement and shoot for the sky. Merry Christmas!
amazing spot the difference game
Moonlight Difference
Moonlight Difference
Your task in this amazing spot the difference game with beautiful music, fantastic artwork and very emotional story is to follow a lone soldier as he discovers a secret in a moonlit forest. Do your best to find 5 differences in each level and click them with YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!
unique physics-based shooting game
Gentlemen Rats In Outer Space
Gentlemen Rats In Outer Space
Your task in this fun physics based shooting game is to help the rats reach a cheese made moon by navigating the missiles through the perils of space. Your missiles are influenced by the gravity of the surrounding planets. The bigger the planet, the bigger its gravity. Beware of black holes. Use YOUR MOUSE to set angle and power and then click the red button to fire. Have fun!
fix the moon with cheese in this crazy upgrade game
Save the Moon
Save the Moon
Your task in this crazy upgrade game is to collect the cheese to rebuild the moon after its huge explosion. You control space shuttle and you must collect 2000 pieces of cheese in one run to fix the moon. After each unsuccessful run you can use your cheese to buy upgrades so that you will be able to fly longer, faster and collect even more cheese. Have fun!
destroy aliens to keep Moon safe in this typing game
Moon Type
Moon Type
Your mission in this typing game is to defend the moon from the alien invasion using an unconventional weapon : words. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type the names of the incoming enemies to destroy them one by one. Do not let them get too close. Good luck!
unique arcade game with a dreamy atmosphere
Fill Sky With Stars
Fill Sky With Stars
Your objective in this relaxing arcade game is to collect as many stars as you can and light up the night before the moon disappears. Use YOUR MOUSE to click beneath the star to keep it in the air as long as possible. Burst clouds and shooting stars to maintain your strength and increase your score multiplier. Good luck!
point and click adventure game from gamystar
Fallen From The Moon
Fallen From The Moon
Your task in this point and click puzzler is to go through the world of easy puzzles and to get back on the Moon. Use YOUR MOUSE to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions. Have fun!
take the Moon or the Sun off the hook
Shine Wars
Shine Wars
Your objective in this fun puzzle game with physics elements is to help the sun change night to day, and the moon to change it back. Use objects to hit the moon with the sun, or the other way around. Knock stars on your way and use floating clouds. Beat mister to turn the wind on or off. Use the storm cloud to get some extra thrust. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
cool top-down action shooter
Gib Fest Multiplayer
Gib Fest Multiplayer
Your mission in this action multiplayer shooting game is to blast the spiders and cows, as your earn money to upgrade your weapons. In 2036 our planet is covered with millions tones of garbage. Absolutely ecological catastrophe has almost eliminated all living things on the surface. Some of the humans decided to find a better life on the moon. But the Duck Emperor has built the Mess Star and wanted to conquest all universe. Good luck!
defend the Earth with your cannon
Moon Cannon
Moon Cannon
Your mission in this shooting defense flash game is to defend the mother Earth from dangerous asteroids and from attacks of dangerous aliens. You have a high power cannon set up on the moon and you have a great number of upgrades, satellites with laser weapons and energy shield at your disposal. Just earn enough money by destroying threats and upgrade your cannon. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Good luck!
climb up the stairway in this fun game
Tower of Heaven
Tower of Heaven
Your task in this fun game is to make it to the very top of the tower and discover the secrets of this divine structure. You have to reach the exit door within given time limit. On your way you have to kill your unwelcome visitors as you ascends toward the moonlit skies. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump and use DOWN ARROW KEY to enter doors. Press SHIFT to check rules. Complete the game to unlock the level creator, Pillars of Creation. You can play custom levels without having beaten the game. Good luck!
collect all the stars in this colorful puzzle game
Your task in this elegant puzzle game is to wide the contours of various shapes to collect all stars and comets. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and hold the colored shapes and grab stars and comets with the widening contours. Be careful though, the contours must not touch each other, moon or sun. Good luck!
get cat as much sushi as you can in this game
Sushi Cat The Honeymoon
Sushi Cat The Honeymoon
Your task in this fun physics game is to help Sushi Cat out by guiding him to as much sushi as possible. Watch him grow fat as he eats more and more sushi along his way. The Honeymoon is essentially a level pack for the original Sushi Cat game. Both free online games play the same way, and all you have to do is use YOUR MOUSE to drop the kitty from the top of the screen and try to eat as much sushi as you can on the way down. You have a limited number of drops per level, and in order to progress you must eat enough sushi to fill the cat's belly, as indicated by the long cat stomach meter on the left. Have fun!
space platform and puzzle game
Catch The Moon
Catch The Moon
Your task in this space platform and puzzle game with physics elements is to jump from planets to planets and reach the moon in each level. Mind the gravitation, the bigger planets have bigger gravitation than the smaller ones. Beware of the orbiting planets and the black holes. Collect the stars for bonus points. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk, press the SPACEBAR to jump. Good luck!
fun physics puzzle game
Sprocket Rocket
Sprocket Rocket
Your task in this physics puzzle game is to design special tools to collect the cogs so Wallace & Gromit can fly to the moon. You will need creative skills and some madcap ideas to constantly reinvent your rocket and overcome obstacles along the way. Use the ARROW KEYS to fly your ship. Press "M" KEY to view the map, "E" KEY to edit your ship, use "Z" and "X" KEYS to rotate a tool and press SPACEBAR to drop a tool when flying. Check in game instructions for full details. Have fun!
escape the prison on moon using an old jetpack
Jetpack Jailbreak
Jetpack Jailbreak
In 2055 you're on the moon in prison and obviously you want to escape. You were lucky enough to find an old JetPack. So what you are waiting for? Move your ass outta here! Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer. Press both keys together to fly up. Press SPACEBAR to activate antigravity (if bought). After each unsuccessful attempt to escape you can upgrade your jetpack. Good luck!
fight against 3 other miners in a real time strategy battle
Helium 3
Helium 3
The year is 2035 and the earth's natural energy resources have finally run out. This has sparked a global race to the moon's surface where they have discovered an abundance of a new source of energy that could save the planet - HELIUM-3. In each 10 minute multiplayer game you will be matched against 3 other miners in a real time strategy battle. Take it in turns to set up your bots, fire lasers and missiles, shield your bots and most importantly mine more helium-3 than your opponents. After each game you can register your player, upgrade your weapons and explore a virtual moon. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
get a hedgehog to the moon in this fun online game
Hedgehog Launch 2
Hedgehog Launch 2
Your task in this sequel to Hedgehog Launch Game is to launch your hedgehog into outer space. The moon is so far yet so close, and we need to get a hedgehog beyond orbit and to that tiny little satellite in the sky. Upgrade your launcher rig and hedgehog jetpack and make it happen. Collect coins, hit platforms, and go go go. Use YOUR MOUSE to pull back on the launcher and release to watch him go. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer. Use SPACEBAR and UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to control accessories (when gathered). Have fun!
play through 20 action-packed levels
Red Moon
Red Moon
Once a decade, the moon shines Red...on that day, we, the Red Samurai's, gain its immense power. Can you feel it? With its power, we will seize this damn kingdom. Are you ready to unleash the fury? Your goal in this flash game is to join Eivana on a grand adventure to overthrow the king. play through 20 action-packed levels, engage in 2 wild boss battles, while unlocking 13 medals as well as various concept art and music. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around (double tap the UP ARROW KEY for double jump). Use the "Z" KEY to attack. Good luck!
bounce around the planets in this fun game
Orbit Moon
Orbit Moon
Your task in this simple and relaxing game is to bounce around the planets and generally stay in space to score points. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch the moon into space from the solar cannon. Get bonuses for orbiting planets amongst other things. Have fun!
help BigFoot shoot wielding auditors
BigFoot Project
BigFoot Project
Bigfoot's had enough of his redneck neighbours shooting all his woodland mates. Your task in this fun shooter is to help him whoop some hillbilly ass and abacus wielding auditors whilst avoiding hurting any of his forest buddies. Aim for the head to deal some extra punishment and score more points. Keep an eye out for the flying bottles of moonshine, shoot them for a score bonus. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Good luck!
save the Earth from attacking aliens
Earth Defense
Earth Defense
Earth is under attack from the gruesome spore aliens. Your mission in this great retro shooting game is to shot them down and withstand all 100 waves of attack. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the earth defense weapons and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot to kill those alien scum! Try to shoot the power-ups as they will increase your power. The ending is very epic, so try to beat the game to see it. Good luck!
collect the moonstones while dodging obstacles
Tak Moonstone Madness
Tak Moonstone Madness
Your goal in this funny flash game is to help Tak to become a champion of a tribal sport called Pupununu. You must ride a boar across the village and through swamps, avoiding different obstacles and collecting the required number of moonstones before time runs out. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, UP ARROW KEY to jump and DOWN ARROW KEY to crouch. Press SPACEBAR to destroy objects. Lets play!
jump to reach the moon while avoiding other birds
Pollo Vuela
Pollo Vuela
Your aim in this interesting flash game is to collect as many feathers as you can. Your chicken will jump higher and higher until it will reach the moon. There are other birds flying around, so use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to avoid them. Also try to get the heart every jump. Click JUGAR to start the game. Have fun!
kill all the soldiers attacking you on the moon
Moon Sweeper
Moon Sweeper
Your aim in this addictive shooting internet game is to kill all the alien soldiers attacking you on the moon. Avoid all their shoots and destroy dangerous shooting turrets before they kill you. Also collect different weapons to improve you firing power. Use grenades to kill more aliens at once. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to throw a grenade. And press ENTER to pick up a weapon. Good luck!
infiltrate into alien base on the moon. Gun game!
Brink of Alienation 2
Brink of Alienation 2
So you saved our mother Earth from alien infiltration in the first part of this great internet game. Now you have to break into their base on the frozen ice moon and destroy them completely. Use ARROW KEYS to move, SPACEBAR to shoot and SHIFT to throw a grenade. Press SPACEBAR + V (and left or right arrow) for Moon Walk. Good Luck!

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