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action packed motorcycle racing game
Deadly Road Trip
Deadly Road Trip
Your goal in this action packed motorcycle racing game is to get on your bike and shoot some criminals. Collect money and upgrades along the way and try not to run out of fuel. As the headhunter pursue and eliminate the most wanted criminal. But first deal with his minions, get reward for every killed bandit, invest money in numerous upgrades and equipment. The faster you will do your job the more reward you will be paid. Good solid game play and graphics. My only gripes that I haven't seen yet are it seemed like my secondary weapons would all run out at the same time so I would go from hell on wheels to the pea shooter and have to bob and weave again until I powered back up tie in your kill rate with the speed you travel. Good luck!
extreme motorbike stunt game
Moto X Dare Devil
Moto X Dare Devil
Your goal in this extreme motorbike stunt game is to drive your bike and do all kind of cool stunts and tricks to surprise the chicks. Race over ramps while staying on two wheels and perform impressive tricks as you control your motorcycle through a series of daredevil jumps. You are taking part at a great motorcycle contest, and your task is to perform as many breathtaking tricks as possible. Try not to crash. Jump from high trampolines, perform stunts and flips and earn as much score as you can. Good luck!
cool shooting war online game
WarZone Getaway 2
WarZone Getaway 2
Your mission in this shooting war game is to defend your jeep as you fend off waves of army attacks. Destroy all enemies that are trying to stop your jeep. You can upgrade your guns and turrets between the levels. Be sure to use the extra special air support, it will help you a lot. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press SPACEBAR to reload your gun. Press "Z" KEY to throw grenade, "X" KEY to spill oil and "C" KEY to deploy spikes. Use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to call for air support. Good luck!
pseudo 3D racing game
Coaster Racer 2
Coaster Racer 2
Your task in this high-flying racing action game (sequel to Coaster Racer Game) is to drive your car or your bike to compete in several tracks. Earn cash to tune and upgrade your car and become champ. This time there’s a new nitro system, challenge races, and bikes as well as cars. Use ARROW KEYS to control your vehicle, press "Z" KEY to do freestyle move and "X" KEY to use nitro. Good luck!
kill everything in your path in this funny game
Charlie Sheen Winning
Charlie Sheen Winning
Your task in this funny game is to keep Charlie Sheen going on his last bender for as long as possible. Watch out and avoid all things that deal damage to you: Cars, road blocks, cop cars, segway dudes and motorcycles. Ram into everything else as hard as you can. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to use item. Have fun!
great bike game in the real jungle
Super Bike Jungle
Super Bike Jungle
Your goal in this funny bike racer is to ride your bike through the jungle in ten levels as fast as possible. Press UP ARROW KEY to go forward, DOWN ARROW KEY to slow down and use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean. If you finish all the levels, you should get small surprise at the end. Enjoy!
highly anticipated sequel to the Bomb It game
Bomb It 3
Bomb It 3
Your task in this awesome Bomberman style game is to bomb and blast your enemies to smithereens. Control your character by using ARROW KEYS to walk through each maze and try to blow up your opponents using bombs. Press SPACEBAR to drop bombs. Have fun!
cool and fun bike riding flash game
Neon Rider World
Neon Rider World
Your goal in this bike racing game is to ride your neon bike on neon tracks and do jumps while swapping colors to stay on track. Change the color of your bike to match the color of the line you are riding on. Use WASD KEYS to control your bike and use ARROW KEYS to change bike color. Have fun!
this bike uphill game features Ninjas
Nitro Ninjas
Nitro Ninjas
Your task in this fun bike game is to race through an urban jungle with your katana in hand. Take control of nitro powered, neon colored Ninja and race your way through midnight city as you kick out complicated tricks, collect throwing star bonus points and explode through electric laser combos. Press and hold UP ARROW KEY to accelerate. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to brake. Press LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean Back and Forward. Press the SPACEBAR to jump. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to perform special stunts. Good luck!
ride over numerous obstacles in this bike game
Bike Champ 2
Bike Champ 2
Your goal in this physics-based motorbike mayhem is to try not to fall off the bike as your flying down the side of a mountain at top speed. You have three bikes to choose from (each with their own special handling). In addition, new Motocross courses test how well you handle speeding across the open countryside. Press UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, press DOWN ARROW KEY to brake and go back. Use LEFT ARROW KEY to lift front wheel and RIGHT ARROW KEY to lift back wheel. Press "D" KEY to jump, "S" KEY to use hard-brake and "A" KEY to activate nitro. See in-game instructions to learn some extra moves. Good luck!
physics based Hollywood movie stunt sim game
Stunt Master
Stunt Master
Your task in this physics based funny game is to drive your car, bike, or run as you try to cause enough damage to objects and your stuntman. Take the role of almost indestructible Flip Bashman and conquer the world of Hollywood action films. You'll have to master different vehicles as you run, ride and drive your way through various film sets, earning points for breaking stuff (including your own bones!!), catching major air and collecting golden achievements for just being awesome. Perform insane stunts and try to reach the camera crew. Use UP ARROW KEY to go and press the SPACEBAR to jump, do wheelie and use nitro. Good luck!
yet another bike skill game
FMX Team 2
FMX Team 2
Your task in this cool bike racing game is to pick your bike and perform tricks as you try to win every single new arena. Remember to finish a trick completely before landing on the ground. You have a team of 3 unique bikers. Each biker will gain experience for every trick he performs. When a biker has enough experience he will learn a new trick. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to balance your bike, press UP ARROW KEY for throttle, and use 1-6 NUMBER KEYS to perform a trick. Good luck!
drive fast and shoot the traffic
Gun Express
Gun Express
Your task in this free online futuristic motorbike driving and shooting game is to deliver the pricey and very explosive package in time! Drive speedy and shoot the traffic on the way. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your bike and use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot other cars and bikes. Remember, you must reach the goal before the timer runs out. Destroying enemies will earn you extra time. Try to pick up bonuses the sometimes appear on the road to help you with your mission. Good luck!
play free bike racing game
Hell Riders
Hell Riders
Your task in this bike racing game is to lean and tilt to bike your way out of hell. Only a real rider can keep the head cool with flames and fire flying around everywhere. Avoid falling into the fire and breaking your neck as you ride your dirt bike through hell. Control your bike with ARROW KEYS and use Z, X, C, V, B KEYS to perform tricks with z,x,c,v,p. Go ahead and master your motorbike uphill racing skills. Good luck!
The Treacherous Return
Sift Heads World Act 2
Sift Heads World Act 2
Here is the second episode in the Sift Heads World series. The storyline takes you back to Chicago and also flies you all the way to Tokyo Japan, where the member of our heroic trio Kiro and his recent partners Vinnie and Shorty will face some new menacing enemies. Your mission is to fight against the Yakuza, search and eliminate, motorcycle racing and more. Use the YOUR MOUSE to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots and to aim or shoot. Press the SPACEBAR to equip your weapon, and press "R" KEY to reload. Use WASD KEYS in animation sequences. Have fun!
ride your motorcycle and jump over zombies
Atom Heart
Atom Heart
In the year 2017 the Earth was ruined by the series of devastating wars and epidemies. But there still are a few survivors and they want to amuse themselves. You are one of the bike riders gang spending your time in a destroyed nuclear plant and having fun. Your must accomplish a special task on each level. There are 3 task types: kill N zombies, destroy N bombs and get to the finish. You can collect special energy cocoons to charge the Tesla blaster. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to move. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to tilt. Press the SPACEBAR to activate Tesla blaster. Good luck!
play fun fast paced reflex driving game
Neon Rider
Neon Rider
Your goal in this fast paced reflex driving game is to drive your vehicle in the cyber-world and try to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Change your bike color to stand on colored lines, collect bonus points and perform crazy flips. You will always be able to stand on blue lines. Use the minimap to plan your ride. Press "W" KEY to accelerate, "S" KEY to brake, "A" KEY to tilt left and "D" KEY to tilt right. Press the SPACEBAR to restart a level. Use ARROW KEYS to change color (there is a reminder on the hud). Good luck!
great physics-based moto-stunt game
Bike Champ
Bike Champ
Welcome to the world's craziest motorcycle assault course. Strap on your helmet and crank back the throttle cos this physics-based moto-stunt fest has it all - ramps, half pipes, collapsing platforms, falling rocks and swinging traps, all of which can all lead to bone-jarring wipeouts. Express yourself and earn extra points with awesome stunts like big air, back flips and wheelies. Use UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOWN ARROW KEY to reverse and brake, LEFT ARROW KEY to lift front wheel (need some speed for that), RIGHT ARROW KEY lift back wheel. Press "D" KEY to hop, "S" KEY for hard-brake, and "A" KEY to use nitro (if you have one). Combine keys to perform extra moves. See more instructions in the game. Good luck!
a great physics based bike riding game
Manic Rider
Manic Rider
Your task in this great physics based bike riding game is to get your bike to the finish as fast as possible to score max points. The game takes some time to master. Make sure you get enough practice before entering the extreme levels later on. Use ARROW KEYS to control your motor bike. Press UP ARROW + RIGHT ARROW to climb steep hills. Press UP ARROW + LEFT ARROW to gain extra speed. Use Z, X, C, V, B KEYS to perform special tricks. Have fun!
create your own customized vehicle and race
Uphill Rush 2
Uphill Rush 2
Your goal in this cool racing game is to race on many tracks with skateboards, and scooters, and motorcycles as you try to beat the AI player. Use UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOWN ARROW KEY to reverese. Use LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean left/right, Press the SPACEBAR to jump. Use "M" KEY to switch Minimap On/Off. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS for Special Stunts and press 5 KEY to use Nitro Power. Have fun!
Go off-roading at your own risk in this game
Bike Master
Bike Master
Go off-roading at your own risk on this biking adventure. It can get out of control real quick. Use the UP ARROW KEY to move forward and DOWN ARROW KEY to move backward. Use LEFT ARROW KEY to balance left and RIGHT ARROW KEY to balance right. Press ENTER to change direction. Have fun!
race bikes, jet skis and even quads in this game
Booty Rider
Booty Rider
Your mission in this cool game is to race bikes, jet skis and even quads as you complete your quest for fame and fortune. Starting from scratch with nothing but a babe in a bikini, you must prove that you have what it takes to race for the big money. Finish courses, earn money and then learn new stunts and upgrade your character with the latest clothing lines and learn new stunts as you gain experience. Hold UP/DOWN ARROW KEY to move forward/backward. Press LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEY to lean to the right/left. Use 1-5 KEYS to perform a stunt. Have fun!
ride your dirtbike in this bike game
TG Motocross 2
TG Motocross 2
Your objective in this great bike game is to control your motobike as you lean and balance trying to make it over all the gaps. Race across the tracks and take a shot at the top times in TG Motocross 2. You control your trial rider with the ARROW KEYS: UP ARROW to accelerate and DOWN ARROW to brake; RIGHT and LEFT ARROWS to lean forward and backward respectively. Use down and right keys at the same time to lean forward while riding to climb steep; lean backward while riding for extra speed by using up and left keys at the same time. Have fun!
cool freestyle motocross game to play online
FMX Team
FMX Team
Your goal in this freestyle motocross game is to make it through 15 levels. You have a team of 3 unique bikers. Each biker can perform different stunts and can even learn new stunts as they gain experience. To complete each level you have to reach the finish line within 2 minutes and you'll have to earn the minimum required qualification points set for each level. Press UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, LEFT ARROW KEY to lean left, RIGHT ARROW KEY to lean right. Use the numbers 1-5 KEYS to perform stunts. Have fun!
race your bike, truck, quad or skateboard
Uphill Rush
Uphill Rush
Your objective in this cool racing game is to race your bike, truck, quad or skateboard over hills and obstacles and finish each level without falling. Use UP ARROW KEY to accelerate, DOWN ARROW KEY to brake/reverse. Use LEFT ARROW KEY to lean backwards and RIGHT ARROW KEY to lean forwards. Press SPACEBAR to jump and "Z" KEY to use turbo. You need to do 360 spin to earn turbo! Good luck!
race around the track and beat your opponents
Turbo Spirit
Turbo Spirit
Your goal in this online racing game is to race around the track and try to finish first. Move YOUR MOUSE left or right to drive the motorcycle. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to accelerate. Each track has 5 checkpoints. Time is added to clock at each checkpoint. Race ends if you run out of time early. Finish bronze league to unlock silver league. And win silver to unlock gold one. Lets race!
help Homer Simpson collect objects without getting hurt
Ball of Death
Ball of Death
Your goal in this funny Simpsons flash game is to help Homer collect objectives riding his motorcycle in the deathball. There are 5 objectives per level. Be sure to grab donuts, squishees and duff beer, as they are bonus items. Stay away from obstacles, they will make you crash. You have only 3 lives per level. Lets see if you can pass all 10 levels. Use UP ARROW KEY to speed up, DOWN ARROW KEY to slow down. LEFT ARROW KEY to turn left and RIGHT ARROW KEY to turn right. Have fun!
reorganize the stuff in the garage and leave
Parker and Badger
Parker and Badger
Your goal in this addicting puzzle game is to help Parker and Badger to leave their work place by motorcycle in time. There is real mess in the garage and you have to move the boxes to make the way free. Use YOUR MOUSE to move boxes or move your bike. Every level is getting more and more difficult. There are level passwords so that you can come back later and play your last level. Good luck and have fun!
try to make a longest wheelie ever.
Kid Bike
Kid Bike
If this game is taking too long to load for you, just reload the page and it will load within seconds. Your goal in this fun bike flash game is to get to the end of the obstacle course. Ride your bike on the back wheel and get as far as you can. Press the SPACEBAR to accelerate. Do your best not let the front wheel touch the ground. If it touches ground 4 times it is game over. Also if you hold SPACEBAR too long, you will end on your back and game is over for you. Have fun!
surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible
Stunt Dirt Bike
Stunt Dirt Bike
Your goal in this off-road action sport game is to surmount all the obstacles as soon as possible. Choose your favorite vehicle and start riding it through various levels. You must complete level 9 and 12 to unlock faster bike and ATV. Use UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS to move forward or backward. Use LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean the bikers body. Press "P" KEY to pause the game or press "R" KEY to restart the level. Good luck!
ride your dirt bike over all the obstacles very fast
Max Dirt Bike
Max Dirt Bike
Your objective in this physics bike game is to ride your dirt bike over all the obstacles in the fastest time possible. You must use balance and skill to pass each level. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to accelerate and brake/reverse. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to lean backwards and forwards. Good luck!
draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go
Stunt Bike Draw
Stunt Bike Draw
Your goal in this cool bike flash game is to draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go. Try to jump over aliens, cars, trucks, buses, fly through burning rings and much more. Jump well, or it could be a poor innocent alien who suffers because of your poor drawing skills. Use YOUR MOUSE to point, click and drag to draw a ramp. Moving YOUR MOUSE to the left or right edges of the game scrolls the screen left or right so that you can draw ramps for larger jumps. Good luck!
draw any path and make your motorcycle move
Line Flyer
Line Flyer
In this cool flash game, you can draw any path you want for your motorcycle. Draw something like a downward slope with perhaps a bump or two, lets make some big air. Then press play to see the effect. Have fun!
reach the flag before your opponent to win the race
Diesel and Death
Diesel and Death
Your aim in this addictive racing game is to race bikes across a junky yard and past the flag first or destroy the opponent to grab the victory. Collect all the power ups from the crates that will help you to win the race. Be careful, your opponent also collects power-ups and uses them against you! Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left and right. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump and press DOWN ARROW KEY (or SPACEBAR) to use power-up. Lets race!
shoot anything that moves in this hadcore shooting game
Attack Time
Attack Time
Your objective is to drive your armed bike and destroy anything that moves. Use your ARROW KEYS to control your bike and do not forget to avoid any mines on the road. If you run accross them, they will damage your bike. You can pick the power and other aids. Good luck!
perform bike jumps and land safely on the other side
Stelios Saves Time
Stelios Saves Time
Use YOUR MOUSE to Guide Stelios over the jump by dragging the arrow back and then releasing the mouse. The further the arrow is dragged, the more power Stelios puts into the jump. Changing the angle of the arrow affects his weight distribution. Be sure to avoid the orange time vortex. Falling through it will send you to previous level. And remember that smoother the landing, the greater the chances are of Stelios staying on his bike. Have fun!
ride motocross bike through various levels
Adrenaline Challenge
Adrenaline Challenge
Your objective is to collect all tags (green circles) and go to the exit (green circle with E) as fast as possible while avoiding to collide your head with any walls. Use UP ARROW to throttle, DOWN ARROW to go backvards, LEFT and RIGHT ARROW to tlit the bike. Press SPACEBAR to change your direction. You can end a race at anytime pressing TAB or ESC KEY. Good luck!

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