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another point and click adventure game developed by Carmel Games
Vortex Point 5
Vortex Point 5
Your task in this point and click adventure game developed by Carmel Games is to enjoy a relaxing evening watching a classic horror movie. But wait a minute, what’s that thing lurking in the dark? Very disappointing. Extremely short and very straight forward once you get the cup done. Took 15 minutes to figure out the cup, 5 minutes for the entire rest of the game. Enjoy anyways!
movie based strategy flash game
The Expendables 3 TD
The Expendables 3 TD
Your mission in this movie based strategy flash game is to defend the pathway. Choose your squad from the biggest cast of action heroes ever assembled for Expendables 3, set up your defenses and then blow the enemy to hell. There's an arsenal of devastating Expendables weaponry at your disposal, including Gatling guns, rocket launchers, EMP blasts, air strikes, land mines and much more. Help a group of mercenaries in defeating the incoming enemies. Use all kinds of weapons and armaments to accomplish your mission. Good luck!
cool racing stunt flash game
Stunt Driver 2
Stunt Driver 2
Your objective in this cool racing stunt game is to help the stunt driver complete an amazing performances in TV live show.Earn money to unlock more items and skill, make more exciting performances. What would action movies be without stuntmen? You are hired as a daredevil in the cool distance game Stunt Driver 2. Launch your fast car over stunt platforms, use your earnings to buy upgrades as you try to reach the requested distance to unlock the next movie scene. Visit the car shop to buy upgrades for your afterburner, fuel and hydraulics along with lots of other power improvements with your cash. see if you can unlock the awards for cash bonuses too. Good luck!
fighting game that allows you to create your own fighter
Final Slam 2
Final Slam 2
Final Slam goes in the second round. Your task in this fighting game that allows you to create your own fighter is to challenge a bunch of the best fighters in a thrilling one on one. It has some promise. The character creation mode is very detailed and the number of move options is impressive. The combat is interesting, close range can be fun as you can mix up combos fairly easily. Speaking of special moves, the timing seemed to be hit or miss. Doing the combination quickly doesn't always work, even if you make sure there is no overlap. Doing them a little slower usually works, but not always. I don't know what it is, but I never have problems with special movies in other fighting games. Good luck!
cool racing tournament flash game
CycloManiacs Epic
CycloManiacs Epic
Your task in this cool bike racing game is to race against your opponents in the epic Cyclomaniac racing tournament and collect as many golden stars as you can to do some awesome stunts. You can also spend your cash prize to buy awesome power-ups. 30 riders, 60 bikes and 40 tracks await as you race your way through a series of movie-themed courses, completing side missions along the way. As you win races, you'll unlock more tracks to run and characters to play on, including coins to spend on upgrades for your ride. Have fun!
go on a simulation date taylor lautner from twilight
Taylor Date
Taylor Date
In this game for girls, go on a simulation date with movie star Taylor Lautner. How much do you know about this werewolf? Prove you are his biggest fan. Can you answer all the questions and go on all the dates to become his girlfriend? Use YOUR MOUSE to play, LEFT-CLICK on the correct response. Move up the interest meter to progress to the next date. Have fun!
fix the broken projector in this fun point and click adventure game
e3D Cinema
e3D Cinema
Movie season is here once again and the old cinema is trying to reopen. There is one big problem, however! The movie projecter is broken! Use your puzzle solving skills to repair the projector and save the cinema in this awesome point and click adventure game! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to interact with your environment. Have fun and good luck!
funny Arnold Schwarzenegger online game
Arnolds Fury
Arnolds Fury
Your task in this funny online game is to help Arnold bring back his better days by playing in the movies that he once starred in. Try to clear the wave of enemies in 4 block buster movies; Commando, Predator, Total Recall and Terminator. Use WASD KEYS to move around and jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to reload your gun or interact with others. Good luck!
silent movie themed physics puzzle game
Bazooki a Silent Affair
Bazooki a Silent Affair
Your objective in this in this silent movie themed sequel to the hit game Bazooki is to blow up all the TNT barrel with out igniting the bombs. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and set power of your shoot and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Take good care to avoid the bombs, as they blow everything up including you. Also, be on the lookout for ammo refills to keep you in the game. Good luck!
sequel to cool horror point and click adventure game
The Insanity 2
The Insanity 2
In this sequel to horror adventure game called The Insanity you play as Peter Langdon, a well-known journalist who is investigating the possible source of a spree of horrific movies that have sprouted up over over the web recently. Certain scenes are puzzle-based and others involve aiming&shooting and quick reflexes. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
love letter to the greatest movie ever made
The Room Tribute
The Room Tribute
This is awesome point-and-click adventure game which was made as a tribute to one of the best awful films ever made The Room. Note: It is a pointless endeavour for those who haven\'t seen the movie. Your goal in this game is to find out the story of Johnny in San Francisco where he works in a bank, living together with Liza, chilling out with friends Denny, Mark and all etc. If you manage to find all the wooden spoons in the game you can unlock an alternate ending. There are also lots of little in joke secrets you can find that will make map exploration a worthwhile adventure. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Have fun!
parody of the classic arcade BurgerTime
Monster Time
Monster Time
Doc Mock's MonsterTime is a Halloweenified parody of the classic arcade game, BurgerTime. It's your job to guide Doc Mock through each level, walking over the slices of the monster's body parts until they've all fallen to the bottom of the screen and can be reanimated by the powers of SCIENCE. Obviously, with all those modern movie bad guys chasing you around, you're going to need some help, so if you happen to get into a tight spot, you do have a limited supply of Doc Mock's patented Acid Solution and Electro-Tasers. The Acid Solution will kill any enemy for the duration of the level. Electro-Tasers will temporarily stun them. You can also squash them or make them fall with the monster parts. Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around. Press "Z" KEY to pour acid solution, and use "X" KEY to use electro teaser. Have fun!
run your business in this fun online game
Box Office
Box Office
Your task in this fun game is to turn your box office into a huge enterprise. Upgrade, sell movie tickets, food and drinks to customers and make lotsa money. When customers ask you for things, use YOUR MOUSE to click on the containers required and then click the machines to fill the containers. Click on the movie poster the customer wants and bring it all to him. Finally click on the money to collect it. You can click several steps in advance to serve more than one customer at once. If you make a mistake you can throw anything in the bin. Good luck!
create movies with Mario characters, and share them
Mario Movie Maker
Mario Movie Maker
This is not exactly a game but a movie maker where you can create movies using your favorite Mario characters, and then upload them online. Use YOUR MOUSE the main buttons at the top of the screen to add backgrounds, characters. speech, sounds, music and scenery. When you have the stage ready, click the Record Button and move with characters to create a movie. Then you can add speech to certain frames etc. Enjoy!
classic memory game with horror movie icons
Horror Icons Memory
Horror Icons Memory
This is great submission for Halloween. In this crazy version of the classic memory game, immerse yourself in the world of famous horror movie icons. Use YOUR MOUSE to match two identical icons to eliminate them from the board. Every emptied board leads to a new and more difficult one. Use colors, motion, icon placement, or the monsters' names to help you memorize. Good luck!
Differences of the seven seas game
Pirath - Differences of the seven seas is an interactive movie where you have to concentrate and use your reaction speed. You must search for the differences and click on them in the right hand screen. Click wrong and confusion grows, putting all your quest at stake. There are 25 to be found. Each time you play the game a new set of differences will be shown. Good luck!
Meet your anime heroes in this RPG game
Final Fantasy Sonic X6
Final Fantasy Sonic X6
NOTE: This game is an extremely large file (15 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load especially if you are on dial-up!. Meet all your anime and arcade heroes in this RPG fighting game. Use your several skills, moves and spells and try to beat\'em up in round-based battles. I know some of you will not consider this a game, it is sort of an interactive movie. Yes there is a ton of story to this but the game makes it fun rather then just having it guided for you. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
point and click escape the room adventure game
Your aim in the last chapter in the amazing series (Trapped, Puruiste) is to escape from the jail. This game is full of cool movie scenes. Use YOUR MOUSE to examine, grab and use items and to talk to other inmates. Good luck!
online point and click game based on movie
The Cave
The Cave
Your goal in this great point and click adventure game based on The Cave movie is to follow the objectives given to you and find the way out of the cave. Use YOUR MOUSE to control every aspect of the game. You must search for items that will help you escape the cave, collect them and use when necessary. Game sequences start loading when you make certain progress. So dont worry when the game stops for a while, it needs to get some data loaded. Good luck!
kill disgusting Meat Monstrosities in this game
Flesh Hungry Meat Monsters
Flesh Hungry Meat Monsters
Your goal in this fun online game is to use Parkers disgusting abilities to protect Josh from the invading meat armies. They are invading Mr. Meaty during Josh and Parkers shift, but Josh does not even notice, cause he is working on the script for his Ninja Zombies movie. Use the ARROW KEYS to move Parker, press CTRL for Nasal bombardment attack, hit SHIFT for Wax on! attack and use SPACEBAR for Sweatsocks of Fury attack. Be sure to grab meaty power-ups during the game, they will help you in your mission. May the meat be with you!
beat up asian street fighters karate style game
Kung Fu Fighter
Kung Fu Fighter
Your mission in this karate game, which resembles some of the characters in Kung Fu hustle movie, is to fight your way through these martial artists to be the best kung fu fighter ever. Each character has a special move so be careful. Asses how they fight and counter it. Try to block their attacks when needed. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press "A" KEY for punch and "S" KEY for kick. Good luck!
online flash game promoting The Meltdown movie
Ice Age 2
Ice Age 2
Your aim in this funny Ice Age 2 game is to save all main heros of the movie who are trapped into colored ice cubes. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move Scrat and press your SPACEBAR to drop glacial cubes on beside like colored cubes to break them. If you break all the cubes Scrats friends will be set free. Can you save them all? Have fun!
make your way through the world of nightmares
Nightmare Kingdom
Nightmare Kingdom
Last night you ate too much cheese while watching a low budget horror movie. You went to bed for a good nights sleep, only to wake up in a world of nightmares. Your aim is to make your way through the world of nightmares. Be sure to collect all available power-ups and kill all enemies on your way. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump and LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left or right. Press SPACEBAR to attack. Have fun!

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