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awesome alien shooting game
Alien Attack Team 2
Alien Attack Team 2
Your objective in this awesome shooting game is to become a member of the alien attack team and your mission is to protect the planet from the aliens that have attacked earth. Take on the extraterrestrial threat with an armory of weapons, massive Mechs and complete missions in space. Unlock new weapons and Armor and kit out your Mech with explosive force. Choose from multiple difficulties or take on a new challenge online with multiplayer. It's humans vs aliens in this action-packed arena-based shooter. Will you be able to stop the alien invasion? Good luck!
funny run and jump game
Your objective in this funny run and jump game is to showcase your skills as you run, jump, slide and dodge obstacles through a challenging campaign mode, or race against friends in multiplayer mode. Just keep on running, whatever it takes! Run, jump and slide with the arrow keys. Watch out for special enemies like bee or ghost. Have fun!
turn-based defense strategy game
Your mission in this original multiplayer collectible card game and turn-based defense/strategy game is to take down your opponent's city before they do the same to you. Highgrounds is essentially a collectible card game rendered as a strategy game. You've got armies consisting of up to 28 units which you pit against other armies. Building new armies that focus on different abilities is engrossing and the main reason to buy Gems is the chance to play around with more esoteric units, such as units that "generate" resources by taking them from the opponent or units that get stronger when combined with others. Good luck!
awesome multiplayer game inspired by Tanks and Worms
Bad Eggs Online 2
Bad Eggs Online 2
Your mission in this awesome multiplayer game inspired by Tanks and Worms is to make some scrambled eggs in a thrilling one-on-one battle. Control an egg and use an impressive arsenal of weaponry to defeat your enemies. So hurry up and grab your weapon to get ready to fight. Very comparable to the Worms series. great variety of weapons and maps to play on. Blast all the bad eggs around the world with awesome arsenal and impressive accuracy. This awesome multiplayer game will keep you wired for hours. Good luck!
play cool pirate multiplayer game online
Awesome Pirates
Awesome Pirates
Your mission in this cool multiplayer pirate online game is to upgrade your fort and cannons and wipe those pirates out. Awesome pirates are at it again, searching for treasures all over the sea! Now they’ve stumbled upon your beautiful island and want to screw it up with their shovels big time. It was a nice day on the beach until the pirates came and wanted to dig your island for treasure. Luckily, you have an old Fort nearby and you can use it to defend yourself against incoming menace. Build up to 3 cannons of different kind, aim for the enemy ships and sink them before they knock down your fort. Good luck!
addicting shooting and magic game
Build and Destroy Space
Build and Destroy Space
Your mission in this is to build your space base and try to destroy the base or your enemies. After each shoot you can repair your base. Be the first to launch fireworks OR be higher when time is up OR kill your opponent. Win anyway. This is really addicting shooting and magic game. Some key features of the game are a one-click easy to play right from start, polished and tested multiplayer mode, allows to play without people online, supports facebook login, invites and friends play, the average gameplay time of the first game was 20 minutes.
strategy logical card game in fantasy style
Spectromancer Gathering of Power
Spectromancer Gathering of Power
Your goal in this strategy logical card game in fantasy style is to prove your deck-making skills by drafting cards again. You participate in a magical duel against other mages by strategically summoning creatures and casting spells. Each mage uses five magical elements during a duel - Fire, Water, Air and Earth, plus a fifth related to the specific mage type. Players are able to duel against the computer or against other online players live. Gathering of Power expansion introduces 4 new classes: Warrior Priest, Vampire Lord, Cultist and Golem Master. You can also pit yourself against players from around the world in multiplayer play. Good luck!
Multiplayer racing flying game
Dillo Hills 2 Roid Racing
Dillo Hills 2 Roid Racing
Your task in this multiplayer racing/flying game is to race against friends and players from all over the world. Slide, swim, surf, and soar your way across crazy terrain, unlock and upgrade awesome racers, collect hundreds of accessories, and conquer your foes with powerups and items. Sadly, I feel that this is a step down from the first game. I don't want to create another account or link my facebook account just so that I can get a few upgrades. It is interesting enough that I can race others on here though. Have fun!
free multiplayer online fantasy strategy battle game
The Ninth Realm
The Ninth Realm
Your mission in this free multiplayer online fantasy strategy battle game is to take on the role of a Guardian with the ability to summon monsters and cast spells. Fight opponents from around the world in online battles. Build an army, position your troops and unleash mayhem to win victory over other players in tactical battles on the map of The Ninth Realm. Defend your terrain and spare no mercy for the opposing faction using a wide variety of magic and gain the experience to arouse monsters and casting curses. Use the in-game tutorial to learn the basics. Good luck!
classic platforming action game
Super Bomb Bugs
Super Bomb Bugs
Your objective in this classic platforming action game is to help our Bomb Bug recover his gems and artifacts that have been scattered over 4 worlds, ranging from Industrial to Ice to Future to Medieval. Team up with your friends and take on 20 levels of classic platforming over 4 unique world. Help Bomb Bug recover his lost gems and discover various artifacts all while killing baddies and solving puzzles. For me the whole game is good and the multiplayer is great. But the music is the biggest aspect of the game, it's just so catchy and makes me feel happy. Good luck!
incredible futuristic online multiplayer game
Super Mechs
Super Mechs
Your mission in this incredible futuristic online multiplayer game is to build your own custom mech and battle real people online. Fight until one of the mechs explode. Upgrade your body, armor, weapons, bullets, and much more. Enjoy this awesome multiplayer mech warrior fighting fun!
great fighting multiplayer game
Heroes of the Sword
Heroes of the Sword
Your mission in this great fighting multiplayer game is to nter the combat arena and defeat enemies with sword. Fight lots of battles to earn experience and cash for upgrades. Learn in the tutorial how to use your sword, destroy things and pick up new weapons. You have to win a victory over every opponent and survive each round to earn the title of the ultimate hero. Try yourself in different type of battles, choose the best weapons and spells. Good luck!
sequel to super popular action-packed multiplayer game
Bad Ice Cream 2
Bad Ice Cream 2
Your goal in this sequel to our super popular action-packed multiplayer game is to help three dollops of ice cream take back winter. The bar at the bottom of the screen shows the fruit you'll need to chomp before the level ends, and if there's more than one kind left, eating all of one will cause the other to spawn. Bad Ice-Cream 2 is still a sweet treat no matter how hard the stars may try to look thuggish. Lets play!
psychedelic multiplayer maze game
Your task in this psychedelic multiplayer maze game is to move around the maze with the directional keys and collect all the pills to finish the level. avoid enemies and pick up power-ups. The presentation is well done and I love the retro graphics, unfortunately the placement of the enemies is makes the game rather frustrating to play, as they tend to huddle up in front of the exits. Also, I found some of the powerups unhelpful. Good luck!
cool winter multiplayer game
Your task in this cool multiplayer winter game is to help Lockehorn save his tribe from the big freeze or grab a buddy and battle. Use your sliding skills and might to crush the snow spirits and free your tribe from the big freeze.Push the ice slab by using the Arrow keys and crush the enemy into walls. Increase your strength and agility by eating fruits and vegetables - the power bar shows your pushing power. Have fun!
multiplayer  real-time strategy game
Follow the story of the dwarven army as they take back land that was once theirs. Command your workers,build structures collect gold to explore the dark caves and mines. The war is in the air! Enemies are getting ready to attack you. And now your task is to prepare for their attack!
multiplayer game like draw something online iphone mobile
Draw My Thing Game
Draw My Thing Game
Play a fun online multiplayer game similar to the popular iphone and mobile game Draw Something. Play with your friends or find mates, draw some things and guess them. Have fun!
Egg vs Egg multiplayer game
Bad Eggs Online
Bad Eggs Online
Your taks in this multiplayer strategy game is to command an impressive arsenal of weaponry and take on players from around the world in this classic Worms style game. Battle online in this epic egg battle!
Intense challenging multiplayer avoider game
Super Box Avoider
Super Box Avoider
Control your space ship as best as you can while avoiding the most challenging obstacles you can imagine! Collect shields and power ups to advance in a level and get around obstacles. This high speed avoider game also has online multiplayer for up to 4 people! You can only use one button to move. Press and hold down the X KEY, the SPACEBAR, or the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fly up. When you let go and press the button again, you will be flying downwards! Think you can beat all of the levels? Good luck!
cool RPG multiplayer online game
Realm of the Mad God
Realm of the Mad God
This is an awesome and intense action role playing massively multiplayer online game. Use your fighitng and shooting skills to upgrade and gain experience. Battle monsters and strategically survive in this massive map. Once you die, that is it, there is no way you can play as that character again. What adventures are in store for you? Use the WASD KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. DRAG items into your inventory to store them. Have fun and good luck!
Competitive silly battle online multiplayer game
Bad Eggs
Bad Eggs
This is a very competitive and fun online multiplayer game. You play a bad egg. Your mission is to be a good team player and defeat the other team. The more the play, the more experience you get. With this experience, you can purchase upgrades in weapons and costume. In game, make sure you are selecting the correct weapon. For instance, the frying pan is for close range while the grenades are for big distances. Make sure you aim well and take the terrain into account before firing. Use the A and D KEYS to move. To aim, use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. To adjust how hard you are hitting or throwing, use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS. Use the SPACEBAR to fire. Use YOUR MOUSE to select more weapons. Good luck!
zombie shooting multiplayer game
SAS: Zombie Assault 3
SAS: Zombie Assault 3
Your mission in this r zombie-shooting awesomeness and co-op multiplayer game is to stand to fight and survive the endless waves of Zombies that have found you out. Enjoy zombie-shooting awesomeness and co-op multiplayer! Good luck!
turn based strategy game
Vortex Wars
Vortex Wars
Your mission in this multiplayer turn based strategy game is to eliminate all enemies by capturing their regions. You will get reinforcements at the end of your turn, their number is based on number of territories you control. There is lot of modes and options so make sure to try them all to see what fits you bets.
build a mighty empire in multiplayer strategy game
GoodGame Empire
GoodGame Empire
Your mission in this awesome multiplayer strategy game by Goodgame Studios is to build your own castle, create a powerful army and fight epic player versus player battles on a dynamic world map. Crush your enemies, conquer land and rise to the ruler of a mighty empire. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Have fun!
destroy enemy tanks in exclusively multiplayer game
Hex Wars
Hex Wars
Your mission in this multiplayer strategy game for 2-4 players is to build an army and conquer your opponent in a turn based battle using a range of war units. You win a battle by capturing the enemy Headquarters. Try to capture buildings as fast as you can. Fight for those resources, balance money and population. Use YOUR MOUSE to select and move your units. To scroll the map click with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag on the screen. Follow the tutorial to learn all you need to know. Good luck!
cross beetween COD4, X-COM and Starcraft game
Overwatch RTS
Overwatch RTS
Your mission in this action packed tactical strategy game is to lead small squads of soldiers to the battles and defeat enemy soldiers. Move your squads through the huge battlefields while capturing WarpNodes and ControlPoints. Wrapnodes raise maximum number of soldiers you can have on the field And ControlPoins increase your income. Use YOUR MOUSE to select soldiers, click with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on final destination to move selected soldiers. Your soldiers will not attack when they are moving, press "S" KEY to stop them and they will start firing. Hold SHIFT and move next to any obstacle, so your soldiers automatically find the safe spots to take cover. Check in game tutorial for more info. Make sure you try the multiplayer, this is mainly a multiplayer game. Good luck!
ultimate fighting flash game
The Perfect Fighter
The Perfect Fighter
Your task in this cool fighting game inspired by classic Street Fighter game is to beat all your opponents. You can also invite your friends and beat them up in multiplayer mode. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your player and use 1-6 NUMBER KEYS for various attacks. Controls can be configured in the game. Good luck!
multiplayer game inspired by Helicopter
Sky Pigs
Sky Pigs
Your task in this awesome multiplayer Helicopter game with lots of special features is to try to survive the longest among all players. But do not worry, even if you lose all 3 lives, you still can roll a slot machine to summon distractions for other players. If you are lucky enough you can even come back to life. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON or press UP ARROW KEY or SPACEBAR or "W" KEY to go up, let go of the button to go down. Good luck!
High octane arena style action shooting game
Gun Mayhem
Gun Mayhem
Your mission in this awesome action shooting game is to fight with the AI or with friends in battle arena. You must knock your opponents off the map to win. This cool game supports up to 4 players at once. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press Left Square Bracket "[" KEY to shoot and Right Square Bracket "]" to throw bombs. Have fun!
best free online multiplayer tanks game
Shell Shock Live
Shell Shock Live
Your mission in this fun online multiplayer tank game is to shoot and destroy your friends or other players into the earth with a seemingly endless arsenal of weapons launched from your very own mobile tank. Use "A" and "D" KEYS to move your tank. Use ARROW KEYS to aim and set power of your shot. Press SPACEBAR to fire. Use "W" and "S" KEYS to change weapon. Have fun!
battleship game with powerups and cute animals
Fleet Fighter
Fleet Fighter
Your mission in this cool multiplayer version of battle ships game is to sink hidden enemy ships before the opponent manages to sink yours. Use YOUR MOUSE to place your ships on the battle field or click Auto Place to randomly position your ships and then click Ready button to start match. Then click on empty spaces to seek and destroy hidden enemy ships. Good luck!
great new multiplayer game
GoodGame Fashion
GoodGame Fashion
Your task in this awesome multiplayer game is to open up your own fashion shop. Grow with your shop’s popularity and make it the hottest fashion place in town. Rearrange your window display regularly to satisfy your customer’s desires. Happy customers will boost your sales and soon you will be able to expand. While playing you can make new friends and talk to players from all over the world. Visit their shops, invite them to visit yours and gossip about the latest fashion trends. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
run a night club in this multiplayer game
GoodGame Disco
GoodGame Disco
Your goal in this cool social multiplayer game is to open up and run the ultimate nightclub. You can choose your role in the club. Do you want to select the music? Then be the DJ. Do you want to throw a round of delicious drinks? Become the barkeeper. Party with celebrities, decorate your club, buy heavy base speakers or a new, trendy dance floor and get the crowd to shake it. If you’re successful, your club will soon be the hottest one in town. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
play strategy board game for free
Medieval Wars
Medieval Wars
Your objective in this medieval strategy war game based on hexes is to command your army to defeat your opponents army. Conquer ruins on the map faster then your enemies, ruins will turn into castles (at the beginning of your turn a castle will generate a new unit). Conquer iron mines on the map faster then your enemies to grants your unit better equipments that will give an Att/Def bonus. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the hexagon containing the unit you want to move. A glow appears on the adjacent hexagons, indicating where you can move. Click on the hexagon where you want the units to move. If the hexagon where you move contains an enemy, a battle will start. Good luck!
puzzle game based around fighting viruses
Your task in this fun puzzle game is to fight against enemy viruses to save your host. Use your pills to hold back the duplicating grossies. Stop them at their own game and make sure they don't replicate and take over the whole board. Use YOUR MOUSE to click a piece to select, then click to move. Moving one square gives you an additional piece: if you move two, you can "jump" a square, but lose the original. Good luck!
fight neighbor teams in turn-based attacks
Deadly Neighbours
Deadly Neighbours
Your mission in this funny multiplayer strategy game is to customize your family, arm them with different weapons, and fight other families in deadly turn-based attacks. To clear each stage, your family of three will need to defeat the opposing family of three using throwing, shooting, and melee weapons. After every level, you'll also get to go on a mouse-controlled Deadly Drive to run over your neighbors and collect even more cash. Use YOUR MOUSE to select a family member and to attack. You are given certain action points per round which will decrease every time you move, equip and item or attack. Good luck!
fight against other creatures in this MMO game
GoodGame Heroes
GoodGame Heroes
Your goal in this awesome multiplayer battle game is to become an adventurer in a fantastic new world. You must conquer exciting quests, fight against other players and visit the blacksmith to get helpful items to improve your hero. Start the challenge of your life and be the most magnificent hero of all time. use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
awesome online Multiplayer Realtime Shooter game
Power Paintball
Power Paintball
Power Paintball is cool Multiplayer Realtime Battle game where you can fight with people from around the world. So reload your guns, join the madness. There are 3 different modes in the game. 1) Capture the Flag: where you objective is capturing the enemy team flag and returning it to your base. This is a PvP mode. 2) Deathmatch: where your aim is to kill everyone. 3) Cyborg Invasion: where you team up with real players and fight against the CPU. In order to win this match you must kill the Cyborg Commander. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press "Q" KEY to switch weapons, "E" KEY to throw a grenade and "R" KEY to reload your weapon. Hold down SHIFT to run. Have fun!
brand new game title from Goodgame Studios
GoodGame Cafe
GoodGame Cafe
Your objective in this awesome multiplayer game for GoodGame studios is to open your own Cafe and prove cooking skills and managing skills. Hire your friends and shop for ingredients right now. Decide what’s on the menu today and grow your business. Build your Cafe to become the most popular meeting point in town. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
play as a mouse in this multiplayer flash game
Your task in this multiplayer Flash-based game is to control a little mouse out to grab some cheese and get it back to his mousehole. You must get the cheese faster than any other mouse. On the majority of levels either the cheese or the hole will be out of reach, so it's up to the Shaman mouse (one or two mice every round are chosen to be shaman) to create platforms and air bursts to help all the mice reach their goal. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move your mouse. Have fun!
cool top-down action shooter
Gib Fest Multiplayer
Gib Fest Multiplayer
Your mission in this action multiplayer shooting game is to blast the spiders and cows, as your earn money to upgrade your weapons. In 2036 our planet is covered with millions tones of garbage. Absolutely ecological catastrophe has almost eliminated all living things on the surface. Some of the humans decided to find a better life on the moon. But the Duck Emperor has built the Mess Star and wanted to conquest all universe. Good luck!
live the life of a gangster in a big city
Goodgame Mafia
Goodgame Mafia
Your task in this awesome multiplayer game is create a gangster, start your criminal career and become the true master of the mafia. During the game play you can duel with other players from around the world. Complete missions for the godfather and get new items at the black market to improve your character. Use YOUR MOUSE to control every aspect in the game. Good luck gangster!
play free massively multiplayer game on Funnygames
Critter Forge
Critter Forge
Your mission in this massively multiplayer game is to breed the best kind of creatures and beat up your friends. The game offers a full multiplayer experience with trading platforms for creatures and genetic samples as well as the possibility of creating syndicates with other players. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Follow the in-game instructions to play. Good luck!
multiplayer and uniplayer guantlet-style racing game
Exit Path
Exit Path
Your task in this awesome multiplayer and uniplayer guantlet-style racing game is to run and jump to make your way through a number of screens, each with its own set of challenges. Advance through 30 uniplayer levels or take on other challengers in multiplayer. Earn 60 different pieces of flair to dress up and show your competitors what you've accomplished. Use either WASD or ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR or SHIFT to flow (when available). It is very enjoyable game. Challenging, but with enough checkpoints so that it is not frustrating. Have fun!
game of Pool made by OMGPOP team
Online Multiplayer Pool
Online Multiplayer Pool
Your goal in this multiplayer pool game is to sink all of your balls down the holes. You are either assigned the Solid colored balls, or the Striped ones. If you are the first person to knock down a solid, you are solids and the other player is striped. Once you sink all your balls, sink the Black 8 ball to finish the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your cue stick, click and hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON at the angle you want, pull back your mouse to adjust the power, then let go to shoot. Each turn is timed. (Detailed instructions at bottom if you are not familiar with Pool). Good luck!
deep space marble rolling racing game
Your task in this fun deep space marble rolling racing game is to race your ball through the galaxy race tracks and become the fastest Galaxoball champion. Beat the computer over 5 tracks on versus mode to unlock the asynchronous multiplayer ghost mode. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your ball - move your cursor and the ball will follow it. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use your speed boost. The bar at the top left shows you how much boost you have left. Good luck!
historical naval game featuring five-way multiplayer battles
Trafalgar Origins
Trafalgar Origins
Your task in this awesome multiplayer naval fighting game is to take command of a Royal Navy frigate and her crew. England, two hundred years ago, was a dangerous and volatile place to live. Play your part in historic recreations of actual naval battles. Use the elements to your advantage as you smash and grab from enemy frigates. Seek and destroy up to five friends in 3 multiplayer modes. Use WASD KEYS to sail around the game area. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the ship-side you want fire from and cycle through your available weaponry with the SPACEBAR. Good luck!
an asynchronous multiplayer motor racing game
Async Racing
Async Racing
Your goal in this multiplayer racing game is to race against your friends over the internet, but at your own leisure. Complete 3 laps of the track as quickly as possible. Feel free to take shortcuts, but make sure you go through all the checkpoints otherwise your lap will not count. Play as a guest, or login via Facebook or Gamersafe to allow you to challenge your friends and unlock other features. Work your way up through the ranks to veteran by racing in various championships. Create your own track and share it with the world, if its good then you may even have it featured in the user championships. Use ARROW KEYS to control your car and press "H" KEY to use your horn. Have fun!
have fun in Multiplayer Platform world in this game
Everybody Edits
Everybody Edits
UPDATED VERSION: Among many minor updates you can now lock your rooms. Only the people with the correct edit key is able to edit the world. So if you are a creator and hate other people messing your stuff up, this is the feature for you. Why play games when you can hang out in this Multiplayer Level Editor. Just select a world and have fun with other players. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around, press the SPACEBAR to jump. To edit a world use YOUR MOUSE. Select brick type from the bottom and place it in the level. But remember, there will be tons of other guys doing the same. You can destroy their work or you can help them build awesome level. You can also set your mood with the mouse. Have fun!
defend your base against an alien missile invasion
Missile Command
Missile Command
Your mission in this remake of ATARI multiplayer classic is to defend your base against an alien missile invasion. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON where you want your rocket to explode. Roll over the green energy points to collect them. If you have enough energy you can buy upgrades from the top of the game screen. And don't fire to fast. If you are too fast you might run out of the missiles and wait for them to reload. Good luck!
cool Bomberman style multiplayer game online
Balloono Plus
Balloono Plus
Your goal in this multiplayer game is to defeat all monkeys (except your own, of course) with water balloons. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around the board and hit the SPACEBAR to drop a water balloon. And then, run away as fast as you can and/or hide behind a rock before it explodes. You want to trigger your water balloons to splash other monkeys (which are other players) and open up spaces on the board. Along the way, you can pick up a variety of power ups, such as "extra balloon," "longer splash," and "go faster." Have fun!
enjoy the strategy, skill and excitement of Texas Hold em
Good Game Poker
Good Game Poker
Welcome to Goodgame Poker. This multiplayer game combines all the strategy, skill and excitement of Texas Hold’em plus customisable avatars with a fresh and modern style. Raise the stakes, bluff with the best but look good while you do it. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
play a stick-figure badminton tournament
Stick Figure Badminton
Stick Figure Badminton
This is extremely fun badminton game. Not only can you play against the computer but engage in multiplayer matches against your friends to settle the age old argument; who is the badminton master? Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your player. Have fun!
defeat other mages by casting creatures and magical spells
Your goal in this awesome card battle game is to fight other mages by strategically using and casting creatures and magical spells. Spectromancer cards are divided into four elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. There are twelve cards in each element, numbered 1 through 12 based on their casting cost. In addition, there are six "houses" of magic: Holy, Death, Illusion, Control, Mechanics, and Chaos. Each house has eight cards, also numbered 1 through 8 based on casting cost. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Check in-game How To Play section for detailed rules! Good luck!
hit the notes to the rhythm and play against your friends
Hit Machine
Hit Machine
Your goal in this multiplayer game is to hit the notes to the rhythm. Try to hit as many notes as you can at the perfect time to score maximum points. Get over 95% in a song to unlock special features. You can play against up to 6 friends. Use the A, S, D, J, K, L KEYS on your keyboard to hit the corresponding notes as they hit the bottom of the screen. Have fun!
side-scrolling turn-based heavy metal carnage
Big Battle Tanks
Big Battle Tanks
Your mission in this side-scrolling turn-based heavy metal carnage is to destroy the enemy tanks to win the battle. This time the game comes with more weapons, larger explosions and. Play solo or against friends on randomly generated destructible battlefields. Choose from a roster of wicked weapons to blast your way to victory in the multiplayer and campaign modes. Air strikes, tactical nukes, spider bombs, forcefields and much, much more are all part of your awesome arsenal. But pick your targets well as environmental factors like wind. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move tank. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to set turret angle. Use PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN to set turret power. Press SPACEBAR to fire. Use "Q" and "E" KEYS to select weapon. Good luck!
fight against 3 other miners in a real time strategy battle
Helium 3
Helium 3
The year is 2035 and the earth's natural energy resources have finally run out. This has sparked a global race to the moon's surface where they have discovered an abundance of a new source of energy that could save the planet - HELIUM-3. In each 10 minute multiplayer game you will be matched against 3 other miners in a real time strategy battle. Take it in turns to set up your bots, fire lasers and missiles, shield your bots and most importantly mine more helium-3 than your opponents. After each game you can register your player, upgrade your weapons and explore a virtual moon. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
multiplayer hover racing at its best
Hover Kart Racing
Hover Kart Racing
Your objective in this cool multiplayer Hover Racer is to win the race. It's a 7 player Kart racing game with power ups, attack items, upgrades on a variety of lovingly crafted maps. Earn Coins to upgrade your Kart and even purchase Power Ups that will give you an edge. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your kart. Press SHIFT to jump/drift. And hit SPACEBAR to use items. Good luck!
an improved turn-based combat strategy game
Battalion Skirmish
Battalion Skirmish
Take control of the epic Warmachine in the latest Battalion chapter. Crush your enemies! Battalion: Skirmish is a 1-level preview of Battalion's improved graphics and game engine, which you will see featured in upcoming multiplayer and single-player Battalion titles this summer. In this turn-based combat strategy game, you must prevent the Warmachine, the new backbone of the Northern Federation forces, from falling into the hands of the traitor General Mullen. The Akadians are coming. Without the Warmachine, your armies will be powerless to stop them. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
race your hamster ball to the finish flag
Your task in this multiplayer game is to control the hamster ball and try to reach the finish flag first. Use the ARROW KEYS to spin your hamster through each level as fast as possible. Boosts and coins are collected from happy, smiling, yellow squares. Boosts jolt your speed and coins magnify the boosts. Press SPACEBAR to boost. As soon as someone finishes, you'll only have 15 seconds to reach the finish-line, so no dilly dally. Have fun!
build a maze of towers to stop the creeps
Desktop TD Pro
Desktop TD Pro
Your task in this Tower Defense game is to think strategically and build mazes of towers to stop the invaders from creeping across your desktop. A lot of new features (including multiplayer!) are added to this PRO edition. The first five Scenarios are tutorials, so if you haven’t played before start there. Otherwise you know the drill: Buy Towers, kill Creeps, build bigger Towers. Pwn. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
defeat all enemies to make it through to the next stage
So, it's the usual deal. You've been sent to find a missing diplomat who was off to make contact with a tribe of gnolls. After finding the body guards and camp destroyed you rush off to save her from being sacrificed to their thing. Another day in the hero biz. Collect coins, health, and weapon power ups as you hack and slash your way to victory. Play both single and multiplayer modes to collect all 21 trophies. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the ground to move, double click to run, and use ASD KEYS to attack and defend. Keep your health up and defeat all enemies to make it through to the next stage. Good luck!
create funny sentences in this fun multiplayer word game
This is very fun multiplayer word game where you can arrange words to create clever or funny sentences, then vote favorite. Different round lengths and theme play make this either a very relaxing slow-paced or a very tricky word game. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag or click on any of the words or player names to create a sentence. Vote for your favourite and get points for votes or voting for the winner. Repeat any times you want and have fun!
get the biggest chain of Buggles
Buggle Connect
Buggle Connect
Your task in this fun multiplayer game convert as many Buggles to your color as you can while trying to stop your opponents doing the same. You pick the right spot to start the biggest chain reaction possible. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop the 1st marker to convert the Buggles to your color. Then drop a 2nd marker to take converted Buggles away from your opponents, Good luck!
an addictive multiplayer space strategy game
Lionga Galaxy
Lionga Galaxy
Your mission in this addictive multiplayer space strategy game is to play against other players and conquer whole Planet System. Every player starts with one planet. The planet produces certain amount of units per time. The current amount of units is shown by the number. Use YOUR MOUSE to click your planet to activate it, than click another planet to send units. Multiple planets can be activated by using drag-select. Good luck!
this game is just like multiplayer BOMBERMAN
Your goal in this multiplayer game is to defeat all monkeys (except your own, of course) with water balloons. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around the board and hit the SPACEBAR to drop a water balloon. And then, run away as fast as you can and/or hide behind a rock before it explodes. You want to trigger your water balloons to splash other monkeys (which are other players) and open up spaces on the board. Along the way, you can pick up a variety of power ups, such as "extra balloon," "longer splash," and "go faster." Have fun!
take your gladiator on real people in brutal combat
Swords And Sandals 3 Multiplayer
Swords And Sandals 3 Multiplayer
Swords & Sandals III has finally gone multiplayer! Create your own gladiator and take on real people in brutal combat. Instead of fighting AI controlled computer bots and then challenging arena bosses, you fight against other people. Everything else about the game is the same, so if you loved/hated the Solo Utratus version, you'll likely feel the same about this one. You can play Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus here. Control this game with YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!
a cool multi-player fighting game
EGO Fighting Championship
EGO Fighting Championship
EGO Fighting Championship is an innovative multiplayer fighting game where you can fight some other real players across the internet in a RPG style fight. You can create hilarious custom avatars and then battle other players around the globe to advance your rank. You can hang out and chat with other players while waiting for the next fight. Use YOUR MOUSE to challenge other fighters. And in fight use YOUR MOUSE to select your defense, attack and enhancement in each round. Good luck!
an online multiplayer game with many features
Solar Chiefs
Solar Chiefs
Your goal in this awesome multiplayer game is to build and upgrade weapons on your planet and use them to wipe out your enemies. The game is divided into rounds. Each round consists of a planning and firing phase. During the planning phase you have 15 seconds to buy, upgrade and aim your weapons. You have limited amount of money, so spend them wisely. During the firing phase all your weapons and defensive measures are fired at once. After the firing phase is over you get money based on the population you have left. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
smash Bros-style arcade game Slam em up
Sumo Slam
Sumo Slam
Your task in this fun online game is to knock the three sumos off the buildings and onto the ground. You lose a life if you are knocked off, of if you run out of time. Try to collect available power-ups to increase your slam-iness. Watch out for sticky roofs, spikes and fans. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press DOWN ARROW KEY for slam attack. Press RIGHT ARROW KEY twice to charge attack. Have fun!
race online with friends in this muliplayer game
Platform Racing 2
Platform Racing 2
Your goal in this awesome multiplayer game is to race with other online people from all around the world and see if you have what it takes to be first. Just customize your character and start playing. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Hold down UP ARROW KEY to charge a super jump, then release to jump super. Press SPACEBAR to use an item (You get items from the "?" item blocks). The game has a built in level editor, so you can create your own levels and upload them for all to play. Have fun!
massive 3D online multiplayer game MMORPG
Runescape is massive 3D online multiplayer game. Your goal is explore the world, fight monsters, embark on quests, foil villainous plots and interact with other players. The game is open-ended, so it unfolds in whichever way you want it to! You start on Tutorial Island, where skills trainers learn you the basic skills you need to get started. After completing the tutorial you will be sent to Lumbridge, from which you can start your adventures. Good luck!
a great multiplayer drawing game
Draw My Thing
Draw My Thing
Your goal in this fun multiplayer draw game is to score more points than your opponents. Take turns drawing the secret word and everyone else has 60 seconds to guess what it is. Get 2 points for guessing and 1 point if your drawing is guessed correctly. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have Fun!
multiplayer drive-and-shoot fun game
Multiplayer Tank Ball
Multiplayer Tank Ball
Another cool online multiplayer game from Maid Marian. Your mission in Tank Ball is to hunt down enemy tanks in the forest and give 'em some double barreled tank shooting action. Join a game and see how well you do against other players from around the world. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your tank and press or hold CTRL to fire. Remember - A stationary target is an easy target, so always move and never stop! This will make you harder to hit. Good luck!
massive round based RPG fighting adventure game
Tactics 100 Live
Tactics 100 Live
Your mission in this massive round based RPG fighting adventure game is to move your guys tactically and use weapons and spells and destroy an enemy army. Create an army of 100 points and send that army into battle against other 100 point armies. Choose the army suited to your fighting style. This is a fair fight and the winner can only be determined by who has the most skill. The way you attack affects the outcome, you can attack from high ground, at point blank range, from behind your enemies and many others. Use this to your advantage against your opponent. Play a game and wait for your turn to begin. In your turn you can choose any piece to move first until all your pieces have moved. A move must end in a directional face or an attack. Kill all the fighting units of your opponent you win the game. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
fun online game similar to Worms. Play for free!
Pico 2
Pico 2
Your mission in this fun multiplayer Worms like flash game is to kill your opponents soldiers. You can play against the computer or against your friend. On the battle field use "S" KEY to switch between your soldiers and press SPACEBAR to activate the one you have choosen. Then use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, UP ARROW KEY to jump. Use SPACEBAR to open weapons menu, choose desired weapon and press SPACEBAR again to fire. Good luck!
build a team of bots and destroy enemy bots
Bot Arena 3
Bot Arena 3
Your goal in this great online game is to build a team of Bots, which you can use to win the BotArena Champion Cup. Every time you win a battle, you will win cash which you can use to upgrade your bots for use in lager division battles. Winning battles also unlocks new battle opportunities as well ass making more items available in the shop. Use YOUR MOUSE to control this game. Each bot is composed of a chassis, plating, and weapon. After purchasing the items; first mount the plating to the chassis. Second mount the weapon to the plating. You can purchase more than one bot. Once you have built your team, click start battle to choose your tournament. During battle you can click and drag your bot to the desired location. Lets fight!
kill your tough rivals to win the heart of your princess
Savages Game
Savages Game
Your objective in this multiplayer flash game is to kill your tough rivals, become the new chief and win the heart of your princess Fabiola. Pick your warrior and shoot accurately to kill your rival before he kills you. This is multiplayer game so you can either play with computer or your friend. Hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag the beam in the top left corner to set the power and direction then click on fire button to shoot. Have fun!
multiplayer flash game. Destroy your opponent's castle
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball
This is cool and challenging game. You are a king and own a small castle. Your neighboring declared war to you. Your aim is to destroy his castle before he destroys your. You can play this game against the computer or a friend. Set the correct angle by pressing your UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS and press and hold SPACEBAR to set the power of your cannon. Release SPACEBAR when you think you set the right power. Keep your eye on the wind direction shown. Lets play!
3 professional gamblers are vying for title.
Quibble Race
Quibble Race
Prior to each race, all human players take their turns in sequence. On a player's turn he can bets, borrow money and manage any other necessary tasks. At the upper-left site is an bar displaying the current round. At the left there are shown three Quibbles involved in the upcoming race. See ingame instruction for detailed rules of this game.
addictive carpet golf game. Free online games
Mini Putt 3
Mini Putt 3
To aim, move YOUR MOUSE away from the way you want to hit the ball. The further back you move the more power you will hit with. Left click to hit the ball. Up to 4 players can play this game on 1 computer. Have fun!

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