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point and click panda puzzle game
3 Pandas in Japan
3 Pandas in Japan
Your task in this point and click panda puzzle game is to solve all puzzles and make sure the 3 pandas stay out of trouble. After exploring Brazil, the three pandas embark on an adventure through Japan. Use their unique abilities to get them out of trouble. This game requires logical thinking and patience to solve simple tasks in order to pass each level. The most challenging level is one dealing with four gangsters with guns. One has to use sushi rolls to shoot some lanterns hanging at the ceiling which fall and hit the gangsters causing them to faint. Another tricky level is gathering weapons for a monk because you have disturbed him at rest. Good luck!
base defense kind of game
Panda Uprising
Panda Uprising
Your mission in this base defense kind of game is to help Febb SteelMochi, a warrior from Mun Empire to retake conquered capitals in Isterland. Defend your rabbit base from the new and evil panda rebel group. Upgrade your guns and shoot shoot shoot! Stop the uprising and keep peach in your town. Help the poor rabbit's empire to save themselves. They are in real jeopardy. Take the weapon and shoot. We know that you will do it without any efforts. Do everything to defend the castle and all inhabitants. Lets play!
cute sequel to the funny point and click puzzle game
3 Pandas in Brazil
3 Pandas in Brazil
Your objective in this cute sequel to the funny point and click puzzle game is to help all pandas to overcome different obstacles and make their way through Brazil. A poacher caught three pandas and decided to sell them to the zoo. Fortunately the pandas managed to escape from his plane, but they landed in Rio de Janeiro, very far away from their motherland. They must get back to Japan, and you should help them. Enjoy!
action puzzle game in Chinese style
Furtive Dao
Furtive Dao
Your goal in this enthralling action-puzzle game in Chinese style is to help the Red Panda raise money for the shelter. Angry monkeys from the hostile clan have stolen everything from the animal shelter, and our brave hero decided to help the poor animals. But he won't manage to do it alone will you help the fox on his way? Control the giving red panda with your mouse by clicking and holding to set a trajectory for him to take out a variety of enemies and collect coins and treasure chests. Over the 30 levels, you'll encounter more difficult situations and have to use more strategy to complete the level in the limited number of moves. Have fun!
cool platform adventure flash game
Acid Bunny 2
Acid Bunny 2
In this part Acid Bunny accidentally killed his friend Panda while playing volleyball, and now he must collect all his body parts and sew them together. Your task is to help our rabbit to find body parts of a panda and merge them together. Move, jump, and double jump with the ARROW KEYS, exploring the world around you, collecting the 24 spools needed to resurrect Mr. Panda, along with his missing head and torso. There are also mushrooms to collect, which will allow you to see the magical portals that will take you to bouncy trippy bonus game land. Enjoy!
fun point and click puzzle game
3 Pandas 2
3 Pandas 2
Your goal in this funny point and click puzzle game is to save the three pandas. They accidentally fell in a river and now they must find a way to go back to where they came from. This time they are fighting the darkness of night. They are still willing and able to perform their special duties to help each other out but they just need your help to guide them in the right direction. Keep them out of trouble and help them make it to the light of day once again! Have Fun!
epic 3D flying adventure game
Jetpack Panda
Jetpack Panda
Your goal in this epic 3D flying adventure game is to fly Higgs the jetpack panda to Rocketopia. Fight kittens, dodge donuts, and knock out bosses in this super awesome game featuring my new favorite panda. Go ahead and shoot off with your new jetpack rocket panda. Buy upgrades to help him on his way. Have fun!
point and click pirate game
3 Pandas
3 Pandas
Your objective in this point and click adventure game is to help 3 pandas that have been captured by pirates escape the pirate ship, get through the jungles on the island and past the tribal people. Avoid the tribes and navigate the jungle to make it to safety. Use each pandas special abilities in order to survive. Lets play!
 free online Puzzle game
Guru of Time: Episode 1
Guru of Time: Episode 1
Your task in this indie physics puzzle platform game is to save the guru village from destruction! This Guru is fragile and cannot touch his enemies or fall far. Use physics to avoid the elements and overcome obstacles filled with spiders, bouncing pandas, birds, crocs, traps and more. Have fun!
Fun skills based point and click panda funny arcade game
Press the Panda
Press the Panda
In this awesome arcade game, your goal is to read the directions in each level and complete the mission as quickly as possible! Do awesome things like send a panda to space, click on pirate, ballet, and cowboy pandas, and so much more! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to play! Can you beat all of the acheivements? Good luck!
launch a funny panda to eat sushi game
Samurai Panda
Samurai Panda
Your goal in this puzzle game is to collect all the objects like keys, sushi and more by fling and bounce a panda over obstacles and bamboo to pass each level. You have a limited amount of tries per level. Use YOUR MOUSE to adjust angle, and LEFT-CLICK to fly. Have fun!
cool puzzle physics game inspired by Cut the Rope
Feed The Panda
Feed The Panda
Your task in this awesome physics puzzle game is to feed papa panda to complete each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to cut cords to get the candy into the mouths of the hungry pandas/ Collect yin-yang symbols along the way for bonus points. Have fun!
fun homage to Space Harrier game
Rocket Panda
Rocket Panda
Your objective in this fun game is to fly the superhero panda bear through many different 3d worlds and shoot dangerous enemies to death. Use YOUR MOUSE to guide panda avoiding collisions and shooting enemies and scenery (shooting is automatic). Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to dash. Dashing protects panda and destroys enemies. You have limited amount of dash moves. Good luck!
the third Funny Adventure where Obama is the Hero
Obama versus Aliens
Obama versus Aliens
This is third game in the Obama Adventure Series. This time the game is longer and include a final minigame where Obama must defeat the alien boss. Evil aliens have abducted the last panda bear family of the Earth and have taken them to their planed. If the pandas aren't recovered our weak ecological balance will collapse and life on the Earth will be seriously affected. Help Obama to recover the panda family! Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
light up all stars in this fun online game
Panda Star
Panda Star
Your objective in this fun little game is to guide the panda to collect stars to finish a level while maintaining enough speed. Steer your panda with the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. If you run out of momentum, hit SPACEBAR to boost. If you go off the side of the screen, you will come back in the other side, which can help you light up tricky sets of stars. Have fun!
manipulate chaotic atoms in the chain reaction game
Atomik Kaos
Atomik Kaos
Your task in this cool chain reaction game is to manipulate chaotic atoms and help to solve many of the world's biggest problems such as the panda shortage and bad breath caused by beer. Use YOUR MOUSE to click atoms to start chain reaction. Be sure to read objective before each level to learn what to do in that level. Have fun!
place your defenses to stop dangerous Monkies
OH NOO! The monkeys have been released and are taking over the world. Your mission in this game is to use your towers to stop them, their friends the vampire pandas, Killer robots and the accountants of death. Use YOUR MOUSE to place the towers on grassy area, upgrade your towers etc. I'm sure you already know how to play Tower Defense Games :) Have fun!
funny little 2D platform mini golf game
Panda Golf 2
Panda Golf 2
Your objective in this fun and simple golf game is to hit the ball to the red flag. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on the area around the golf ball to set the power and direction of your shot. Reach the red flag with the least possible strikes and collect all diamonds on your way. Good luck!
jump on a trampoline and grab the different fruits
Panda Fruit Bounce
Panda Fruit Bounce
Your goal in this sweet online game is to help the little panda to grab the different fruits and power-ups hanging above by jumping on a trampoline. To start a game, LEFT CLCIK on the text at the top of the menu. Wait at least one minute to let the game fully load otherwise it will not work properly. You have to collect the required number of fruits in every level to proceed further. There are various kinds of fruits hanging above so you will be informed about the type and quantity of fruits to pick at the beginning of a level. The number of fruits you need to collect are also shown at the top left corner of the game screen. Avoid falling on the ground or you will lose a life. LEFT CLICK on the panda to start the level and then Left Click again to throw him upwards. Move the squirrels holding the trampoline using YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!
kill enemy mechanical pandas and survive their attacks
Panda Bear War
Panda Bear War
Your aim in this online shooter game is to destroy bad mechanical pandas. Use "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to move your panda, use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire your weapon. Use 1, 2, 3 NUMBER KEYS to switch your weapons (Machine Gun, Bazooka, Rifle). You have to kill certain number of enemies, and survive their attacks in every level to advance further. Have fun!

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