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Exploding Penguins
Exploding Penguins
Your task in this fun penguin game is to help the penguin collect food and bring it to his hungry girlfriend by removing icy obstacles. Use bombs to your advantage! Go break the ice and bring sushi to your true love. Enjoy!
great ski holiday game
Ski Safari
Ski Safari
Your goal in this great ski holiday game is to keep ahead of the rapidly advancing avalanche by riding a variety of animals, from penguins to Yetis and more. Each animal can help in different ways, and if you're lucky you might even find a snowmobile to aid in your escape from a frosty death! Have fun!
innovative physics puzzle game with penguins
Colorful Penguins
Colorful Penguins
Your mission in this innovative physics puzzle game with penguins is to help the penguins regain their true colors by cutting ice blocks and ropes. Use YOUR MOUSE to cut through ropes and ice so that all the colored penguins reach their corresponding ice block. Note that one block can color only one penguin. Be sure to cut the box first before you start landing penguins on it. Good luck!
very cool penguin puzzle game
Me and the Key 3
Me and the Key 3
Your goal in this very cool penguin puzzle game is to get the key in each of the 25 levels. So do whatever you need to do to find the key on each level. In this case, the simple part is clicking on the key, the tricky part is solving the brainteasers that keep it hidden from view. For that, you need to poke around and experiment with what you see, figuring out how to reveal that coveted gold object. While most the time you'll just click, there are other times keyboard controls are needed. Have fun!
classic action platform game
Ripple Dot Zero
Ripple Dot Zero
Your objective in this classic action platform game heavily influenced by the aestethics of the 16-bit era is to play as genetically modified combat penguin who just escaped from the heavily guarded laboratory. You must make your way out of the evil laboratory as you fight anything that stands in your way. There's so much going on in every level. You can really do it at your own pace. The sounds are so whimsical and everything is so beautiful. I was happy the whole time I played this. The enemies are quite unique too. There was so much to explore. Enjoy!
fun monster truck game
Your task in this monster-truck game so weird, even your lil sis will like, it is to use your monster truck to help others get to their destination. Plow through obstacles and use your nitro boosts for ramps. The weird story of an escape in the desert through the Mexican border, with destruction and stunts, custom truck parts and cartoon characters. Hop in your giant truck and speed down the street, full of ramps, monster penguins and other stuff. In each level you have to finish the track healthy as you smash various objects and run over all obstacles. Try to pick up enough money to purchase spare parts and upgrades. Lets play!
physics based shooting game
Zombies vs. Penguins 2
Zombies vs. Penguins 2
Your task in this physics-based shooting game inspired by Ricochet Kills game is to help the penguins to get rid of mayan zombies and prevent the foretold arctic armageddon. Find the perfect angle before you release the powerful ball from your magic rod. Good luck!
tower defense game with penguins
Penguins Attack TD 4
Penguins Attack TD 4
Your duty in this fun tower defense game is to prevent the penguins from attacking your base. Build and upgrade weapons to prevent waves of penguins from reaching their destination on each map. Weapons include slow towers, flame throwers, tesla coils, and many more that can be unlocked. Good luck!
Slice up these Valentines day penguins!
Penguin Slice Valentine
Penguin Slice Valentine
Play the newest addition to the Penguin Slice series! The penguins are causing issues this Valentines day, slice them up without harming the babies! Can you beat all 60 levels in this fun physics puzzler? Use YOUR MOUSE, LEFT CLICK and HOLD to draw a line. Release to slice. Have fun!
shoot cannon and punch penguins to win each level
Paper Penguins
Paper Penguins
Your task in this paper style arcade game is to complete each level by punching penguins. Aim the cannon with YOUR MOUSE, LEFT-CLICK to fire. Use SPACE BAR to boost your punch. Have fun!
Fun cool snow obstacles yeti platformer game
Snow Drift
Snow Drift
Play as a Yeti in this awesome and fun platformer arcade game! Slide on ice and knock down all of the penguins to get a high score! How many levels can you beat? Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump, the DOWN ARROW KEY to slide on ice and the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Good luck and have fun! Happy Holidays!
Fun cool new sequel physics platformer puzzle game
Penguin Slice Ice
Penguin Slice Ice
Slice down ice towers in a Winter wonderland in the newest sequel in the Penguin Slice series! Figure out 60 levels and pop all of the penguins without harming the babies! Use YOUR MOUSE, LEFT CLICK and DRAG to creat a slice line. Let go to make the slice. Good luck and have fun!
Fun penguin point and click puzzle adventure game
Go Go Penguin
Go Go Penguin
You are a baby penguin that has been separated from his family. Solve each level and find your way back home! Click on items to interact with them and combine them. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to interact with your environment. Can you get back home? Have fun and good luck!
Fun cool penguin survival adventure nitrome game
Avalanche A Penguin Adventure
Avalanche A Penguin Adventure
In this awesome Nitrome game, your mission is to make the penguin survive as long as possible in this dangerous icy world. Use the RIGHT ARROW KEY to accelerate. Use the LEFT ARROW KEY to brake. Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump. How long can you survive? Good luck and have fun!
downhill platform game
Avalanche: A Penguin Adventure
Avalanche: A Penguin Adventure
Your objective in this funny penguin game is to sled down mountains as fast as you can to stay ahead of the avalanche. Help the cute penguin to get rescued in this funny action adventure game. A huge snow avalanche is comming down and will burried everything on the path. Have fun!
slice and dice penguins baby structure game
Penguin Slice Part 2
Penguin Slice Part 2
Your goal in the next Penguin Slice game is to cut stone, wood and ice towers in beach and sky worlds to kill the pesky penguins and save the babies. Use YOUR MOUSE, CLICK-and-HOLD to create a slice, DRAG and let go to perform the cut. Solve each puzzle level in the least clicks for 3,2,1 stars. Collect the presents for additional points. Good luck!
slice tower objects puzzle game
Penguin Slice
Penguin Slice
Your goal in this awesome puzzle game is to rid each world of angry penguins. Slice tower structures to eliminate penguins and save the Eskimo babies. Accurately cut wood, ice, stone with the least slices for bonuses. Use YOUR MOUSE, CLICK and HOLD to start the slice. DRAG THE MOUSE and RELEASE to perform slice. Gain more points and achievements for top slices. Lets play!
zombie themed physics game similar to Ricochet Kills
Zombies vs Penguins
Zombies vs Penguins
Your mission in this cool zombie shooting game similar to Rocochet Kills is to shoot and bounce the bullets to kill the zombies. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot at zombies. Get bonus points for headshots. You need to kill all of them to proceed to the next level. Aim carefully as you have limited amount of bullets in each level. You can also hit sushi rolls to pump your score. Have fun!
kill all the turtles in time in funny game
Penguin Overlords
Penguin Overlords
Your task in this funny action game is to raise a turtle eating army of penguins and kill all turtles before the time runs out. Your penguins will automatically run after turtles and try to devour them. You must assist them by collecting eggs (money) with YOUR MOUSE. Between levels you can access shop where you can buy a bunch of upgrades. Good luck!
nice point and click game to play online
Peter the Penguin
Peter the Penguin
Your task in this point and click puzzle game is to help Peter the Penguin to stop the global warming which is speeding up like a rocket. Prove your thinking and clicking skills and lead Peter on his journey through the Antarctica and save the mankind. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
cool penguin flying game on internet
Learn To Fly 2
Learn To Fly 2
In Learn To Fly Game you were able to learn how to fly, but Icebergs stopped you and crushed your dreams. Now you are back to let the penguin fly as far as possible using a minimum of days. Earn cash to buy upgrades and new equipment. Slide and wait until you leave the ramp. Then use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to tilt. Press SPACEBAR to use boost and press any key to activate special sleighs. (All controls can be customized in the option menu, with the possibility to use the mouse instead of the keyboard). Have fun!
fly through the air like a bird in online game
Dillo Hills
Dillo Hills
Your task in this cool distance game is to help little armadillo fulfill his dream and make him fly like a bird. Roll down the hills, fly through the air and collect diamonds from the slopes. Use diamonds to purchase ability upgrades in the shop available from the main menu. You can increase your drop speed, decrease damage taken, and more. Flying fast will make armadillo happy, but if he is out of happiness he will need some rest and then try again. Hold DOWN ARROW KEY to slide the slopes, let go to fly. While falling hold UP ARROW KEY to glide. Have fun!
toss the penguin around in an amazing physics game
Pingus Quest
Pingus Quest
Your task in this puzzle game is to put the rebound points for your penguin to get him to bounce around grab stars and reach the fish. When pingu hits an arrow, she will bounce to the direction of the arrow. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag arrows over the screen and drop them at the right place. Click pingu with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to release. You will get bonus points for collecting coins. Have fun!
casual physics cannon game with a penguin
Penguin Gem Cannon
Penguin Gem Cannon
Your objective in this funny physics cannon game is to help the penguin grab all gems using the fish. Use YOUR MOUSE to set the direction and power and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Aim carefully as you have limited number of shots in each level. Try to shoot the same color gems in a row for perfect score. Ice crystals explode when shot. There are different surfaces, some are bouncy and spiked ones are dangerous. Good luck!
online game inspired by Angry Birds
Cool West
Cool West
Your task in this cool physics game inspired by Angry Birds is to help the brave animals defend their land and drive the penguins back to Antarctica. Use the animals to knock penguins out, and destroy as many objects as possible to score maximum points. There are 20 fun and intense battles you need to win to succeed. Use YOUR MOUSE to control slingshot and send all those evil penguins to Hell. Have fun!
cartoony tower defense game
South Pole Aggressor
South Pole Aggressor
Your mission in this tower defense strategy games is to help penguins to protect their land from human aggressors. Human military units are invading South Pole and seeking place to build a military base. The aggressors expected a swift victory with little resistance. It is now up to you to strategically place penguin war units on the battle field to stop human invasion. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on an unit to select it and then click on the map to place it. Good luck!
three games wrapped into single game
Penguin Quest
Penguin Quest
Your task in this funny puzzle game is to use all your wit to corner the penguin before he escapes through the water holes. Use YOUR MOUSE to click around the penquin to make it trapped. See how high you can fly in the jump game while collecting bonus and extra points. And finally ride your snowboard down the mountain hitting all the ramps in the snowboard part of this game. Collect good items and avoid bad ones. Have fun!
stop the attacking penguin hordes in their tracks
Penguins Attack TD 3
Penguins Attack TD 3
This is third part of popular Penguins Attack TD Games and once again the penguins have returned hell bent on world domination. You have to use all the weapons and cunning at your disposal to fend of these two tone tyrants once and for all. When the level bar is full you will be able to unlock a new feature. Use YOUR MOUSE to build and manage your defenses. Build your defenses by selecting them and placing them on the battle field. You can cancel the tower by clicking the sell button. Good luck!
brilliant point and click adventure game
Sleep Walk
Sleep Walk
Your task in this cool point and click game is to help the sleeping penguin to get back to his bed. To complete this task you have to go through the ice world full of funny situations and creatures. Use YOUR MOUSE to point and click causing a chain of actions and reactions that will guide you back to penguin's house while he is sleeping. Have fun!
war between polar bears and penguins continues
Polar PWND 2
Polar PWND 2
Your goal in this sequel to fun physics game called Polar PWND is to help Boris the polar bear in thwarting the evil plan of Der Feather once again. Fight against new enemies, use new tools such as rockets, balloons, rubber boxes to complete 26 penguin-crashing, joke filled levels. Crash yourself onto military trucks, funpark rides, giant propellers, and other dangerous-looking contraptions scattered throughout the game to help you in your penguin ass-kicking mission. Use YOUR MOUSE to lay bombs near the polar bear to propel him into the penguins. Good luck!
help penguin to catch some big fish-alike aliens
Your objective in this fun upgrade game is to use a canon to shoot away the penguin and guide it to as high as possible. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set power, release to launch Lunnix. Use YOUR MOUSE to guide penguin on his flight. Collect as many sardine cans as you can to get more points. Keep in mind that you can bounce off the platforms to reach even higher heights. Enter the SHOP to buy several upgrades to make flight more efficient. Have fun!
short, fun and addictive game
Jetstream Penguin
Jetstream Penguin
Your task in this simple but fun online game is to fire your penguin from a cannon and collect as many golden fish as you can. You get points by collecting golden fish and by going through speed boosts. You lose points by hitting puffer fish. Try for a perfect score of 300. Use the ARROW KEYS to control the penguin. Have fun!
fend off another flightless bird invasion
Penguins Attack TD 2
Penguins Attack TD 2
In this sequel to When Penguins Attack TD the penguins are once again waging war on the human race. And it is your mission to save the human race from the onslaught of the evil warmongering penguins. Unlock loads of levels, towers and upgrades to aid you in your mission to stop these squid scented scoundrels. Use YOUR MOUSE to build and upgrade towers. You can use 1-0 NUMBER KEYS for faster building. Have fun!
puzzle game targeted towards towards younger peeps
Zoo Escape
Zoo Escape
A breakout is planned by the farm animals from the petting zoo. Enough is enough. They can no longer deal with kids touching them, poking them, prodding them, screaming at them. They must get out or die trying. It's your task to solve the puzzles on each level to allow the animals to roll to freedom. Use various objects in each level to grant freedom to each animal. Pumpkins, onions, bales of hay, carts, wheels, boxes, barrels etc can be used to help you free those animals. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
part physics stacker, part driving game
Zoo Transport
Zoo Transport
Your goal in this mix of physics stacker and driving game is to place crates on the loading dock and drive to the zoo without losing animals. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag & drop the crates on the loading zone. Click the buttons to control the car (you can also use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS). If a crate falls it goes back to the loading zone and you have to start the level over. Have fun!
a physics-based puzzle game
Polar PWND
Polar PWND
Your objective in this physics-based puzzle game is to use bombs, mines, and simple ramps in various ways and make the polar bear hit all the penguins in the level. Use YOUR MOUSE to place ramps, bombs or mines on the level and then click the start button to get things going. You are explained the gameplay basics during the first 4 tutorial levels. Have fun!
another cool room escape game
Villa Escape 2
Villa Escape 2
For some strange reasons you have been locked to this villa. After you have escape the house (Villa Escape Episode 1) it is time to escape the villa itself. So the escape continues. This time the Villa is filled with clues, objects and even a military chopper. Use YOUR MOUSE to interact. There are killer penguins behind the wall, beware. Good luck!
get the penguin to the Bahams using his bow and arrows
Penguin With Bow Golf
Penguin With Bow Golf
Penguin wanted to go to the Bahamas, so he picked up his bow and arrow and decided to go there himself. Your goal is to guide him on his journey, just get him to the red target on each hole. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag on the penguin to aim and set power, release to shoot. The bow can also be fired while airborn. Use ARROW KEYS to look around. Have fun!
defend your Igloo in this fun polar circle battle game
Penguin Massacre
Penguin Massacre
Your mission in this Arctic Circle battle game is to defend your igloo and keep shooting the penguins with bigger and better guns. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press "R" KEY to reload your weapon. Use 1-7 NUMBER KEYS to switch weapons. You can buy upgrades in the shop between waves of attacking penguins. Good luck!
stop the evil penguins from conquering the human race
When Penguins Attack
When Penguins Attack
Your mission in this fun tower defense game is to save the human race from the onslaught of the evel wormongering penguins. Stop all those little penguins from reaching their target. Every time one escapes, you lose a life. As enemies are killed you will earn more cast to spend on further towers and upgrades. Use YOUR MOUSE to purchase various towers from the menu at the bottom and place around the battlefield to build your defenses. Good luck!
a distance game inspired by shopping cart hero
Learn To Fly
Learn To Fly
Your goal in this fun distance game is to grab your rockets and glider to show the world a penguin can fly. Hit the water with your belly fast enough to bounce back up. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS adjust your angle in the air. Press the SPACEBAR to use the rockets. If you collect enough money you can buy upgrades between jumps. Game might seam like your not going far at first but don't forget you need to buy upgrades to start really flying. Have fun!
launch your flightless friends into action
Crazy Penguin Catapult
Crazy Penguin Catapult
Your mission in this fun online game is to fend off invading Polar Bears by hurtling courageous penguins at them with your trusty catapult. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON or press SPACEBAR to shoot them and to nosedive in order to eliminate all the polar bears. There are 60 levels on awesome penguin fun. Lets play!
defeat the other penguins to conquer Antarctic
Conquer Antarctica
Conquer Antarctica
Your mission in this online game based on PC game Worms is to defeat the other penguins to conquer Antarctica. Use YOUR MOUSE to command your penguin squad. You have to eliminate all the enemy penguins in each level in order to advance in your campaign. Good luck!
bounce turbocharged penguins as high as you can
Turbo Penguins
Turbo Penguins
Your goal in this fun internet game is to bounce turbocharged penguins as high as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE and click your penguin to launch him. Click on the penguin to keep it in the air. Then keep clicking on him to keep the penguin in the air. Collect turbocharges by clicking on them or having the penguin hit them. When you have turbocharges, you can activate turbo by clicking on the turbocharge button that appears in the lower right hand corner. Have fun!
help lost pingus cross the deep cliff safely. Sweet game
Penguin Rescue Flash
Penguin Rescue Flash
90 penguins have lost their way and will have to cross a deep cliff to get back to their homes. Your objective is to control the Seal with YOUR MOUSE and help them cross the deep cliff safely. At least 60 penguins must survive and reach home safely. Balance the penguin jumps on the Seal's nose and help them cross to the other side. Be careful of the falling Icaballs. Have fun!
Hit the pingu at Funny Games!
Pingu Throw
Pingu Throw
Who says penguins can't fly? Help Yeti throw Pingu the penguin into the record books. Jack sent our pengiun to 433.2 points mark. Come on, lets give him a hard time and break his record. Have fun!
Yetigames at Funny Games
Pingu Orca Slap
Pingu Orca Slap
Hit the space bar. Watch the penguin jump into the water get picked up by Orca's tail, and weeeh. Hit the space bar when the penguin is in the right position so Yeti can redirect the penguin with the snowball and score big on the iceberg.
Yetisports at Funny Games
Pingu Seal Bounce
Pingu Seal Bounce
Catapult, dash and throw the penguin. This time Yeti wants to throw the penguin as high as possible. Hit the space bar. Get a good wave. Wait for the best point to release the penguin. Hit the space bar. See pengu fly. Watch for the seals lurking from the iceberg! If they get in the act there is no telling how far Pingu will fly. Ternpal got him482.02 points high. Beat that!
famous bloody modification of the first penguin game.
Bloody Pingu
Bloody Pingu
Bloody version. With addition of a minefield gameplay has changed :) It is a great parody of the original Pingu Throw, except you can hit the penguin farther and there's a lot of blood... and land mines. Ben Darlow scored 1496.3. Beat him guys! Have fun!
Shoot flying penguins in this pingu game.
Kill em Pingu
Kill em Pingu
Thisis another modified version of famous yetisports penguin game.
Feel free to test your accuracy. Game load times could be a little slow sometimes, especially if you connecting to your internet service provider through dial up connection.
This game rocks!
Smack Pingu
Smack Pingu
Smack the Pingu is a highly addictive flash game, where you swing the bat and see how far you can hit the penguin. I sent him 542.9 far away. The simplest, yet most enjoyable game this month. Have fun!
Fun flash penguin game!
Penguin Push
Penguin Push
Use the cursor keys to move your penguin. The object of the game is to push the blocks into the yellow holes.

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