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fun puzzle platform game
Money Movers 2
Money Movers 2
Your task in this fun puzzle platform game is to help two brothers infiltrate a prison and break their father out, without getting caught. In each stage you have to overcome several obstacles and dangerous traps using a good teamwork. Good luck!
fun tower defense game
Doodle Brigade
Doodle Brigade
Your mission in this fun tower defense game is to save the Doodle Domain from hordes of the undead. Evil is infiltrating your kingdom of peaceful drawings. Place attack units to defend your land. Although its setup looks familiar, this game places a big emphasis on upgrading your units and exploring their different abilities! Stop giant zombies, prisons with legs, and angry tanks from ruining your day. Take back your inky domain. Good luck!
game with puzzles and platforms
Your task in this game with puzzles and platforms is to solve puzzles with the innovative portal gun that creates tunnels. Trapped inside a building full of secret chambers and obstacles that are meant to keep the prisoners inside, this sympathetic and quite silent victim has to find a way out. Apparently someone or something is watching him, talking through big screens and giving hints that, although seem to help, one may not always trust. Good luck!
Tetris inspired dungeon game
Dungeon Blocks
Dungeon Blocks
Your objective in this Tetris inspired dungeon game is to use your stacking skills to create dungeons for imps, goblins and other dark dungeon creatures. Each level has three objectives, make sure to complete them all. A heroic wizard vanquished an evil spirit after a long and epic battle and imprisoned it in a gem. To prevent it from being freed, he needs to bury the gem in the most dangerous dungeon he can build. Good luck!
charming puzzle platform game
StealthBound Level Pack
StealthBound Level Pack
Your goal in this charming puzzle platform game is to sneak around this prison while you avoid detection of the guards. Pick up and use different items from key cards to boxes to help you get to the exit and escape. Along the way you have to figure out how to overcome different security systems and watchful wardens using ladders, boxes and other helpful stuff. Gather all stars to unlock the exit door and escape each room of Stealth Bound Level Pack. Goood luck!
prison escape game
Money Movers
Money Movers
Your objective in this prison escape game is to solve the puzzles and safely make your escape. Unfairly locked in prison, a dynamic duo is now planning a daring escape. Each member of the team has special abilities of his own – and only together may they overcome the many obstacles ahead. Solve all puzzles, because if not, then you do not have a chance to get to the exit. Remember when your way out of prison to collect money, because they need you out there. Good luck!
physics puzzle game by Eugene Karataev
Drawfender Level Pack
Drawfender Level Pack
Your goal in this physics puzzle game by Eugene Karataev is to draw closed objects, create constructions and block attacks once more. The old enemies of a famous philanthropist are released from prison and try to murder him once again. Protect him from the cannon balls by drawing objects in various shapes. The mafia wants to eliminate him, and you must defend him, drawing defensive structures and prevent the gangsters from implementing their cunning plan like this. Good luck!
fun action packed prison game
Your task in this fun action packed prison game is to stealth yourself out of jail. You have been arrested in spite of the fact that you were innocent. Finally you decided to escape from the jail. Sneak through the corridors undetected and reach the exit door in each stage. You can hide, crawl or fight to pass security guards as you also try to unlock all doors and collect useful bonuses. Control your avatar using the directional keys to move, and the Z key to perform actions. Drag blocks to reach higher platforms, activate switches, hide behind scenery, and attack unwary enemies. Good luck!
fast paced dodging game
Jake Renegade Freedom Flight
Jake Renegade Freedom Flight
Your objective in this awesome fast-paced racing game is to steer around obstacles and dodge other dreadful hazards to escape. Jake was innocent in prison and now he can escape with a special vehicle. Help him on his way to freedom. Jake Renegade used to be a good but very desperate guy. One winter night the police came and arrested him for a crime he had never committed. His friends helped him to escape from the prison. Now Jake is getting away from the police chase and must drive accurately. Good luck!
crazy testing game
The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2
The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2
Your objective in this crazy testing game is to beat this weird quiz. You are incarcerated in an alien spaceship. Your only chance to escape is to beat this weird quiz. Even though some of the questions are almost impossible to answer you have to take the challenge to get the hell out of the prison cell. More questions, more mini-games, more madness! Have you got the willpower to complete all 50 questions? Good luck!
point-and-click game about a captive in a mysterious hospital
Humanoid 47
Humanoid 47
Your objective in this point-and-click game about a captive in a mysterious hospital is to help the prisoner to find his way out of the strange building. Click around to interact, and use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to back away from things or turn around. The biggest challenging in Humanoid 47 comes from figuring out what in the cluttered areas is actually useful or worth interacting with, so without a changing cursor for guidance you're unfortunately left to click your way around anything and everything to make sure you don't miss items or clues. Good luck!
second part of cool ninja game
Shadow of the Ninja 2
Shadow of the Ninja 2
Your task in this cool ninja game is to use your newly acquired superjump ability in 15 new stealthy platforming levels. The plucky shadow warrior is back to rescue more innocent people from brutal imprisonment. Take on this heroic role in Shadow of the Ninja 2 and complete various missions. Sneak through enemy territory without being detected, free the prisoners of war and fight your way through the treacherous terrain back to safety using your awful skills and abilities. Good luck!
play gem matching game online
Token Hero
Token Hero
Your objective in this online gem matching game is to build your airship and take to the sky on a quest to rescue the beautiful princess. Manipulate the gem board with free movement and combine tokens to defeat monsters, loot chests and free your imprisoned crew mates. At the bottom of the screen is a field filled with different tokens, and you can drag them around with the mouse however you like to create matched sets of three or greater. As you run down each dungeon corridor, different obstacles that require different matched tokens will appear in your way. Good luck!
cute physics based puzzle game online
Unfreeze Me 2
Unfreeze Me 2
Your objective in this cute physics based puzzle game online is to free the little birds, which were captured and locked in an ice block by an evil creature. Use the given objects to direct drops of water to melt the ice down. Free them from their icy surroundings by spraying warm water. Move wooden planks and accelerators to manipulate the path of the water. Filling up vases is optional, but doing so will reward you with bonus points. Unfreeze Me 2 brings more fun physics to life as you free these poor creatures from their frozen prisons. Good luck!
amazing physics-based puzzle game
Ball Brothers
Ball Brothers
Your objective in this amazing physics-based puzzle game is to rescue the red ball with the help of its brothers. Join the courageous ball brothers as they try to find ways to free their other brother who happened to be trapped inside a locked cage. Perhaps you could ask the help of your ever helpful comrades. Team up and act together to save the one that is imprisoned. Have fun!
cool physics flash game with bandits
Gang Blast 2
Gang Blast 2
Your objective in this cool physics game is to take a role of sheriff and protect the town from the bad gang by blasting them to prison. Eliminate them in new and interesting way. Have fun!
point and click adventure escape game
Killer Escape
Killer Escape
Your goal in this point and click adventure escape game is to escape from cold and dirty prison cell confronted by a twisted serial killer. Click when text pops up under your mouse to interact, and click the arrow at the top of the screen to drop down your inventory. Good luck escaping the jail!
fun game about puzzles and platforms
Humbug 2
Humbug 2
Your objective in this fun game about puzzles and platforms is to help a thief escape the jail. Think unconventionally and try new perspectives to unravel mysteries and move the fraud through all stages of the prison to his aim. Good luck!
fun aliens fighting game
City Siege 4 Alien Siege
City Siege 4 Alien Siege
Your mission in this fourth installment of the City Siege game is to carry out a variety of missions on an alien planet as you harvest gems and rescue human prisoners. Arm yourself with advanced units and lazer guns and take on the evil plants from this crazy world. Good luck!
brain twister puzzle game
Demon Decimator
Demon Decimator
Your mission in this funny puzzle game is to help death burn all the demons in lava. Slide the demons in their prisons until they escape or burn. Use many mechanisms on you way to help you. Good luck and have fun!
puzzle Physics game online
Gang Blast
Gang Blast
Put the bad guys in prison by knocking them off the screen with your gun. Take advantage of their surroundings and limit your shots. It's your duty to put the bandits behind bars! Fire your gun as you try to knock every member of the gang off the stage with as few shots as possible.
apocalypse nuke radioactive zombie game
Nuclear Justice 2084
Nuclear Justice 2084
Prevent inmates from escaping from the prison, Bring nuclear justice with beat em up tactics. Play Nuclear Justice 2084! Good luck
control a thief and hide in the shadows game
Hidden Game
Hidden Game
Your task in this cool robber puzzle game is to escape from prison and stay hidden in the shadows to avoid guards, security cameras and more as you try to steal valuable treasure items in each level. Use YOUR LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the thief. Go into the shadows and wait to become "hidden". Use UP/DOWN KEYS to go up and down stairs and doors. Z KEY to knock out people. Have fun!
point and click escape the jail game
Escape 3D The Jail
Escape 3D The Jail
You were sentenced to a maximum security prison. Your objective in this point & click room escape game is to use items, solve puzzles and escape the jail cell. Escape the room by finding and combining objects to create new items that will aid you. Use YOUR MOUSE to explore the environment. LEFT-CLICK on objects to collect them, combine items in your inventory to create new items. LEFT-CLICK on objects in your inventory and DRAG them to the spot where you want to use them. Solve puzzles to break the bars and escape! Good luck!
continuation to the riddle school game series
Riddle Transfer
Riddle Transfer
Your task in this point and click puzzle adventure game (follow up to awesome Riddle School Series) is to save yourself and your friends and escape from the prison. Use YOUR MOUSE to control every aspect of the game. Roll your mouse over certain objects to reveal what they are, those labeled objects can be clicked to be observed. Occasionally you can click even things without labels. Have fun!
help Randy escape an assassination in this fun game
Randys Empire
Randys Empire
Your task in this adventure game is to take a role of Randy, a guy who just get out of prison and become a top dog of the criminal underworld, and help him to escape an assassination and hunt for the man who wants him dead. Use YOUR MOUSE to make decisions. Good luck!
play cool tower defense game for free
Prison Planet
Prison Planet
Your objective in this cool tower defense game is to keep the human slave population on Prison Planet from escaping. Human slaves are needed for a grand purpose, so killing them is not an option. However, feel free to use any amount of non-lethal force you feel is necessary. Use YOUR MOUSE to place and set up defences on the battle field and capture slaves before they reach exit. Click on placed towers to upgrade them. Good luck!
serve, seat and clean up after tough guys
Death Row Diner
Death Row Diner
Your objective in this funny game is to take control of the prison cafeteria and help the lunch lady maintain a little orders from hardened criminals who get stabby when they get hungry. Use YOUR MOUSE to click various locations on the screen to make the lunch lady move there and perform a task. You must serve, seat and clean up after a variety of inmate types at a maximum-security penitentiary. Do it quickly, or your customers will break out brawling (which could end in a bloodbath). This is really complex task as you must serve more food to demanding prisoners, use both hands, queue up tasks, break up fights, combine prisoners, mop up blood after fights, use contraband and keep the warden happy. Good luck! Death Row Diner is controlled entirely with the mouse.
escape from your cell and also out of the prison
Arrival In Hell 2
Arrival In Hell 2
Your goal in this Point and Click puzzle game is to face the worst horrors in this demonic prison and try to escape at all costs. You must escape from your cell and also out of the prison. Use tools and strategy to get out of there safely. This part features more than 40 cuts-scenes, an intense background story, 16 different panels, dozens of puzzles, secret items and 3 alternative endings. You can also play Arrival in Hell 1. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
help brawling hobo to stay out of the prison again
Hobo 3: Wanted
Hobo 3: Wanted
This is third insallment in the Hobo Brawl Series (play Hobo Brawl or Hobo Prison Brawl) Hobo 3: Wanted continues with the story line where Hobo is a wanted fugitive after escaping from prison, and the government wants him dead or alive. Again you have to fight and brawl as the hobo to stay out of prison. Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects and "S" KEY for kicks and stuff. Press "P" KEY for list of available combos. Have fun!
help stickman escape from prison in this game
Escaping the Prison
Escaping the Prison
Your task in this funny interactive stickman flash is to help the prisoner escape from the prison. You got a surprise birthday cake to your jail cell, choose what the surprise will help you escape the prison. There are three different victorious endings to this game. You can escape the Lame Way, the Sneaky Way, or the Badass Way. See if you can find them all! Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and follow instructions on the screen. Have fun!
get Elvis out of prison in this point and click adventure game
Pandas Bigger Adventure
Pandas Bigger Adventure
After discovering a time traveling 'portaloo' machine in Panda's Big Adventure, Panda's life has been a roller coaster of discovery, adventure and thrill. This time you must help Elvis, the portaloo's rightful owner, out of prison in this point and click adventure game. Talk to various characters in the game to discover what they need to to do in order to solve the puzzles. So it is up to you to venture back in time to Ancient Italy, World War II, the Wild West and the mob-ruled America to break the prison encryption key and get back home for some hobnobs and a cup of tea. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
use your super powers to stop evil plans of Dr Stick
SuperStick RPG 3
SuperStick RPG 3
The Evil Doctor Stick has escaped from prison again. Your mission in this stickman fighting game is to take the role of SuperStick and his team to stop the Evil Doctor Stick from his latest attempt at world domination. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Use "A" KEY to Open Doors/Talk to characters, press the SPACEBAR to show game menu (allows you to toggle difficulty, look at character status, equip equipment, etc.). Use YOUR MOUSE to click on buttons in battle/on menus. Good luck!
save some people from zombie infection
Zombie Terminator
Zombie Terminator
A dangerous experiment is run to create a super soldier. They use the dead convicts from a prison in a small island in the middle of a lake. Professor Stargaz who lead this experiment has made some mistakes which turn all the prisoners becoming deadly zombies. You are one of the 2 persons left in the prison who are not infected and they are trying to escape from the prison and this small island. Unfortunately almost all of town nearby the lake have been infected. Can you save yourself? Use WASD KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot/action. Press 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to change weapon. Press SPACEBAR to throw a grenade. Good luck!
our beloved Hobo is back in this funny brawl game
Hobo Prison Brawl
Hobo Prison Brawl
In the previous part called Hobo Brawl we left him happily in prison and now he's ready for another disgusting brawl. Prisoners, security guards or the government, he doesnt care! He'll fight them all! Fight dirty using special combo moves only a hobo would use. Use poop, farts, spit and other bodily fluids. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects. Press "S" KEY for kicks. Press "P" to pause the game and see the combos. Have fun!
escape the prison on moon using an old jetpack
Jetpack Jailbreak
Jetpack Jailbreak
In 2055 you're on the moon in prison and obviously you want to escape. You were lucky enough to find an old JetPack. So what you are waiting for? Move your ass outta here! Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer. Press both keys together to fly up. Press SPACEBAR to activate antigravity (if bought). After each unsuccessful attempt to escape you can upgrade your jetpack. Good luck!
frantic top down shooter
One vs Many
One vs Many
Your are trapped in a prison maze and your goal is to get out alive. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Double click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop a mine. Collect blue dots to restore weapon energy and gain EXP. Find and destroy the control panel to unlock final exit. Good luck!
piloting a JUGGERNAUT and win battles
Consider yourself one of the lucky ones, prisoner. You've been given the privilege of piloting a juggernaut. Your mission in this top-down mech warrior type game leave your cell each week to participate in the weeks event. Survive, entertain the crowd, upgrade your Jugger and you might just earn your freedom. Get all 20 achievements to unlock "Bertha". Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire right side weapons. Press SPACEBAR to fire left side weapons. Good luck!
bash and brawl your way out of the goblin prison
Trolls Rage
Trolls Rage
Your mission in this side scrolling brawler is to help a Troll escape from the prison where Orcs and Goblin keep him as their special heavy-weapon for the battle versus humans. Release all your brutal violence and rage against Orcs and Goblins first and then against the human army you'll find on your way to freedom. Your slain enemies will provide a tasty snack whenever you feel the need to fill your stomach. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "Z" or "J" KEY for heavy attack (hold for powerful attack). Press "X" or "K" KEY for fast attack (hold for powerful attack). Press together Z+X or J+K to eat an enemy on the ground. This increases your health. Press SPACEBAR to to vomit (when your stomach is sufficiently full). Good luck!
save the girl from the hands of the planets dominant race
Vox Populi Vox Dei
Vox Populi Vox Dei
Your goal in this fun game is to help troubled hero on his quest to save the girl who had previously hurt him. The werewolves have taken her prisoner, so now it's time to rip them apart limb from limb and get her back. Start a bloody quest to rescue the girl that hurt you from the hands of the planet’s dominant race: The werewolves. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Hold DOWN ARROW KEY and then press SPACEBAR to attack. Other controls explained during the game. Have fun!
slash and cast your way towards freeing the princess
Castle Quest
Castle Quest
Your mission in this in this action-packed side scrolling RPG is to slash and cast your way through seven visually stunning levels as you gain new skills and talents. Storm the haunted castle on your quest to free the Princess from her icy prison. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Use 1-6 NUMBER KEYS to attack (you start only with 1 attack). Good luck!
be ready for pure violence in this B-movie zombie game
Toxie Radd
Toxie Radd
Your mission in this zombie action-shooting game is to kill all the zombies in each level and then kill the Boss of the level to open your way to the next level. On the 4th level, you will be in the prison courtyard and you must survive the 20 waves of zombies coming to eat you. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to change weapon. Use "X" KEY to bash in brawl. Press SPACEBAR to launch grenades. Use "M" KEY to open/close the map. You can use "E" KEY to skip logs and videos. Good luck!
get over obstacles and climb walls in this platformer
Prison of Industry
Prison of Industry
Your task in this internet game is to escape a strange set of triangular rotating prisons by using free running techniques to bend the laws of gravity and overcome obstacles. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Hold DOWN ARROW KEY and press "A" KEY to slide. Press "A" KEY to break objects. Press "S" KEY to use adrenaline. Adrenaline makes the character move faster and do wall runs. To restore adrenaline, either do tricks or grab injections of adrenaline. Adrenaline chambers upgrade your adrenaline. Use "D" KEY to perform tricks and use adrenaline chambers. You can press SPACEBAR to show hints in level. Avoid touching any traps. Have fun!
grandpa needs your help to break of prison
Catapult Grandpa
Catapult Grandpa
Your task in this flash game is to help your grandpa to get out of prison and find his way to the Love Shack where the ladies are awaiting him. You got to catapult him all the way there and then fry him in hell for his wicked ways. You'll need to think about angle, power, wind factor and movement of the target. There are many different ways for Grandpa to die in this game including electric shock, sharks, crocodiles, crashing through windows, disappearing and general crushing. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
Jump over walls, spikes and fight enemies
Sleepless Assassin
Sleepless Assassin
Your mission in this sequel to the Sleepless Knight game is to help Lucy to escape an island prison with only a bow and arrow. You must collect a certain amount of coins each level to make it through. You can grab on to walls and double jump, kill the guards with your arrows. This game is not for the faint of heart. It's quite difficult, and contains a small amount of blood/people getting skewered on spikes/arrows. Use the ARROW KEYS to move/jump. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to switch to bow mode and move the MOUSE to aim and click to shoot. Good luck!
take care of prisoner on the death row
Death Row
Death Row
This cool online game is basically a virtual pet "tamagotchi" equivalent, except your pet is a prisoner on death row. You goal is to try and reform the prisoner, get him healthy and improve his condition before he faces the electric chair. There are lots of little secrets and ways to help your prisoner. To win the game you have to discover all 8 pieces of hidden evidence and email the governor for a pardon. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
help Phil to escape the school again
Riddle School 2
Riddle School 2
Your goal in this Riddle School point-and-click adventures is to find some items or clues and use them for Phil's escaping from the school. They have locked you in, but no prison can be fully escape proof. If your resourceful enough, you’ll be able to find a way out. It is point and click game, so you need to use just YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Objects you pickup are transferred to your inventory. Click on them when you think they should be used. Have fun!
help Otto steal Santas presents
Grand Theft Grotto
Grand Theft Grotto
Santa's evil twin, Otto, has escaped from prison. And your goal is to help Otto steal Santa's presents and spoil Christmas. Use the ARROW KEYS to move Otto around. Once you have stolen all the presents, make your way to the flag. Avoid Santa and the elves at all costs. If they catch up with you, you will be in big trouble. Have fun!
help Aang, Katara and Toph escape the vessel
Elemental Escape
Elemental Escape
Aang, Katara and Toph have been taken prisoner by an armored Fire Nation ship. Fire guards abound and roam the area. And your goal is to use each Benders innate abilities to get to the upper deck and escape the vessel. Step on check points. If a character loses a battle, he will restart from there. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEY to move, press UP ARROW KEY to jump. Press "Z" or "X" KEY to switch character. Press SPACEBAR for each benders special move: Katara uses the water whip to defeat fire guards and trigger switches. Aang jumps higher to reach platforms and Toph stomps ground to break the stone walls. Act quickly and remember that teamwork is the key! Good luck!
take down rival planes in sidescrolling shooter
Cloud Soldier
Cloud Soldier
You are Jimmy Marvin, a young soldier detained in an enemy prison. But your luck is about to turn. An enemy pilot lost control of his plane and crashed it on the prison. Now free, you run away and sneak into a hangar where you find an old plane from a past war. Use ARROW KEYS to move your plane. And press "A" KEY to shoot. You must get away from enemy territory at all costs. Also try to shoot down enemy planes to earn credits. Later you can buy new planes and upgrades for the credits you earned. Good luck!
help famous celbrity escape from the prison again
Paris Hilton Game
Paris Hilton Game
Your goal in this fun flash Paris Hilton game is to help rich and famous celbrity escape from the prison again. In the last episode, you probably escaped, but on the run you were hit by a car and catapulted over wall back to jail. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around the prison and press SPACEBAR for action (open door, chat with people, take things etc). Good luck!
escape from prison in this Paris Hilton game
Escaping Paris
Escaping Paris
Your goal in this jail break flash game is to help Paris Hilton to escape from prison. You have to get the key to unlock the doors which is marked with green sign. Beware of the guard and do not let them see you or you gonna fail. Use the ARROW KEYS for movement, and press (hold) SPACEBAR for action. Lets play!
stop all stickmen  trying to esape out of your computer
Revenge of the Stick
Revenge of the Stick
Your goal in this turret defense style game is to to stop these freaks of nature from escaping out of their computer prison and quash the rebellion before it takes hold across the world. All you have is what is available on your desktop. Use YOUR MOUSE to position your defenders at different points on the playing table to stop the stickmen from escaping out of the window. You are allocated heads after killing a boss. These heads can be used to buy new defenders, convert to gold, increase your banks interest rate or buy extra lives. Be careful, some bosses have weapons and can hurt or destroy your defenders. Please check in-game instruction to learn how to use fist, interest rate and head with line. Have fun!
spin of Sub machine made for future loop foundation
Submachine FLF
Submachine FLF
In Submachine FLF you find yourself locked in a padded room with only an ancient tape player at your feet. From this strange beginning unfolds an amazing mystery that you can solve in a world where memories are the key to the past, present, and future. Who are you, and why cant you remember how you got here? Who is the Future Loop Foundation? What do they want, and why are they holding you prisoner? Play Submachine FLF and solve the riddle for yourself! Use YOUR MOUSE to click on anything that looks interesting to explore it. Click on inventory items to use them in key places. Good luck!
help the prisoner escape by throwing him as far as you can
Prison Throw
Prison Throw
Your goal in this fun and addictive game is to help the prisoner escape from prison by throwing him as far as you can. Press SPACEBAR to fire Catapult. Try to avoid policemen and bushes, they will stop you. And make sure you collect money on your way and try to hit bump platform, TNTs, they will give you some boost. Once you collect missile remote, press SPACEBAR for Missile strike. Enjoy!
help prisoner to survive and defeat a brutal monster
Arrival In Hell
Arrival In Hell
Your goal in this dark monkey island style puzzle game is to kill the monster and escape prison. Firstly, this game is quite high on the graphics side. So low quality is recommended (use "Q" KEY to toggle quality settings). Use YOUR MOUSE to point and click. This moves the character around the screen. You can click on objects to interact with them. Use the symbols in the bottom left corner to choose interaction mode (pick up, look, talk). You can combine objects by clicking on them in your inventory and using them with one another. Good luck!
go through Emperors dungeon and save your friend
Brutal Max 1
Brutal Max 1
Your mission in this fighting game is to help Max to go through Emperors dungeon and save his friend Indie who has been imprisoned in the dungeons. Max gets home from his vacation and sees the 33 messages on his answering machine from Indie pleading for Max to come and rescue him. Max, knowing full well that this is a trap, decides to go to the Emperors fortress anyway to save his beloved friend. Use your ARROW KEYS to control Max and press SPACEBAR to attack enemies with the sword. Good luck!
escape from prison and dont get caught by guards.
Sudden Death
Sudden Death
Your aim in this arcade game is to help Mr. Cage to escape from the prison and dont get caught by guards who are firing fireballs at him. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Be sure to avoid hitting fireballs, skull and bones as these objects will kill you. On the other hand collect all positive power-ups that give you more lives, more points or more money. Sometimes you have to collect keys to open gates. There are also strong gates that need to be blown up by bombs. See in game instruction for detailed explanation. Have fun!
kill as many prisoners as you can before they escape
Prison Escape
Prison Escape
Your aim in this great shootin game is to kill as many prisoners as you can before they escape from the prison and your time runs out. Shoot anything that moves. Use YOUR MOUSE to position the crosshair over the prisoners and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Use "1", "2", "3" KEYS to toggle weapons.
best shooting game ever. Play flash version for free.
New Metal Slug
New Metal Slug
In this awesome Metal Slug clone, you infiltrate into the enemy territory and your aim is to kill all enemy soldiers, destroy enemy tanks and helicopters. Be sure to rescue all prisoners as they will reward you with weapon upgrades, health packs or points. To start the game click on the Second Button on the title screen to view the instructions and then click the bottom right button to continue. Then select a difficulty level from the three buttons shown. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS to move around. Press "J" KEY to fire, "K" KEY to jump and "L" KEY to throw a grenade. Enjoy playing one of the best shooting games ever made!
free shooting game. Get your hero out of the prison
Thing Thing
Thing Thing
Very short but pretty cool side scroller shoot em up flash game. It is obvious that this game is inspired by Madness Interactive. Your objective is to escape from prison. You have to kill numerous armed guards to succeed. Use "A", "D", "W" KEYS to control your hero. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your gun, press LEFT CLICK to shoot. Hit "F" KEY to change weapon and press SPACEBAR to open/close door. Best luck!
action shooter game.  And more shooting games.
Tuer Tuer Tuer
Tuer Tuer Tuer
Choose a weapon and shoot everything that runs, ducks or crawls, leave no prisoners. Kill as much people as possible before the time runs out. Every successfull attack gives you extra time. I scored 7785. So Have Fun guys and beat my score!

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