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a fun physics based game online
Bury My Bones
Bury My Bones
Your objective in this fun physics based flash game is to get the skeleton into the grave. Help the undertaker bury the skeleton. Pop balloons, remove platforms, and blow objects to guide the skeleton to its grave in each stage. Being an undertaker is ghoulish business. so who can blame you for trying to liven things up a bit? Though in some cases extremely unforgiving with its physics, this puzzle game earns points for its creative style and level design as you use everything from balloons to punch boxes, plows, dragons and more to get your skeleton safely into its grave. The problem is, it can occasionally feel like the physics are fickle beasts indeed, and other annoyances, like the way vehicles don't stop immediately when you click them, mar what is otherwise a pleasantly creative and goofy experience. Have fun!
funny wacky fighting game
Super Duck Punch
Super Duck Punch
Your goal in this funny wacky fighting game is to beat up some Duck-sized Horses. Take control of an old-timey boxer, thrown into the ring with some of the craziest battles of all time, to the death. Fight horse-sized ducks, duck-sized horses, hamster-sized hippos, hippo-sized hamsters, and other crazy creatures. Upgrade yourself as you jab, punch, and kick your way through over 20 battles. Make your pick and try to win in this fun action game! If you win, you will have to choose between another set of animals. Move with the arrow keys, press the Z key to jab, the X key to punch, and the C key to kick. Jab while running to push the animals out of your way. Have fun!
shoot cannon and punch penguins to win each level
Paper Penguins
Paper Penguins
Your task in this paper style arcade game is to complete each level by punching penguins. Aim the cannon with YOUR MOUSE, LEFT-CLICK to fire. Use SPACE BAR to boost your punch. Have fun!
Beat up Nintendo characters in this old school indie game
Abobos Big Adventure
Abobos Big Adventure
When the Nintendo console was created, the world was completely chaanged. It brought joy to everyone. Everyone except one NES character. Help Adobo cause death and destruction in the world on Nintendo! Can you bring the world of Nintendo down? To play, use the ARROW KEYS to move. Use the A KEY to kick and the S KEY to punch. You can also pick up and throw objects with the S KEY. Have fun and good luck!
Play as a hero in this fun action aventure platformer game
Square Hero Origins
Square Hero Origins
Ever wonder what it is like to be a superhero? Now you can experience what it is like! Use super breath and heat vision to get around obstacles and fly around in this awesome platformer! Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump. To fly, double tap the up arrow key. Use the A KEY to use your super breath, the S KEY for heat vision, and the D KEY to punch! Have fun and good luck out there!
dbz stickman fighting action game
Dragon Ball Z Fight
Dragon Ball Z Fight
Your goal in this cool Dragonball Z game is to win each round of the battles using powerful skills and powers. Get the best energy and super sayian to increase your strength, energy skills and speed. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to play. Z KEY to punch, X KEY for energy, C KEY to block, A and D KEYS to switch. Move with LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS. Read the in-game manual for more details. Have fun!
play as ghost in this cool puzzle platform game
Soul Tax
Soul Tax
Your goal in this fun game is to take a role of ghost try to get the souls of the living to pay your taxes and find peace. All you have to do is totally murder a bunch of people and steal their souls. Each victim/target has a special ability that you can exploit to make sure you hit your death quota by the end of the time limit. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and jump. Press SPACEBAR to possess / unpossess. Use "Z" KEY to punch (high damage, no knockback), "X" KEY to kick (low damage, knockback) and "C" KEY to use special ability. Have fun!
punch or stomp on enemy creatures game
Moles Quest 2
Moles Quest 2
Your goal in this fun physics-based adventure game is to discover what went wrong with the wine in the mole city and discover who's behind it. Jump on platforms, grab gems, flip switches, and punch or stomp on enemy creatures. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to punch enemies (hold for more powerful attacks). Have fun!
attack of the hobo clones game
Hobo 5 Space Brawls
Hobo 5 Space Brawls
In Attack of the Hobo Clones fighting game hobo has been abducted by aliens and finds himself on a UFO in deep space. Aliens drained Hobo of all of his combo moves, and your goal is to help him to fight aliens and hobo clones to get them back. Expect more bodily fluids flying around than ever, alien ray guns and as always, a big boss battle at the end. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, press "A" KEY to punch and "S" KEY to kick, ARROW KEYS to move. Press "P" KEY to view combos. You can check more games from Hobo Brawl Series. Have fun!
fun and addicting fighting game online
Cactus McCoy
Cactus McCoy
Your objective in this beat-em-up platformer is to play as McCoy as you run, jump, and punch your way throughout the many dangerous areas. Along the way, you can hunt for treasure, compete in time trials, take on unique challenges, or unlock over 80 badges. Make your way through 12 epic stages to return a stolen cursed gem which turned you into a Cactus. If you fail, the curse will continue until you are a lifeless, stone cactus. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to run. Press "A" KEY to jump. Press DOWN ARROW KEY + "A" KEY to drop down. Press "S" KEY to attack enemies. Press "D" KEY to drop weapon. Have fun!
action packed game of hand-to-hand combat
Arm Of Revenge
Arm Of Revenge
Your objective in this cool arcade fighting game is to avenge your fathers dead and beat up all enemies. You can learn more than 20 fighting skills during the game play and all of them can be comboed together. There are also more than 15 items in game to enhance your abilities. By using them you get more attack, defense, HP, SP, energy slot, etc. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Press "J" KEY for light punch, "K" KEY for heavy punch, "L" KEY for dash and "I" KEY to block. Press SPACEBAR for berserk. Use "Q" KEY to switch to gun arm and "E" KEY to switch to blaze arm (need to buy in shop first). Good luck!
when Halloween carries over until Christmas
Your mission in this funny Christmas game is to survive the onslaught of evil toys during the night before Christmas by using your fists and various gifts. Earn money to upgrade the weapons and traps you will randomly find in gifts. Use YOUR MOUSE to unwrap gifts, pick up weapons and traps and use them. You can hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack continuously. Hold SHIFT to grab items through enemies. Press SPACEBAR to discard the current item. Happy Holidays!
Hobo takes on the whole army in this funny game
Hobo 4 Total War
Hobo 4 Total War
Your task in this sequel to funny Hobo Brawl Games is to help the nations favorite bum fight local military soldiers using his many talents. He is a wanted menace and everyone wants him dead. Prepare for total war, Hobo style. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects, press "S" KEY for kicks and stuff. Press "P" KEY to pause the game and see the list of combos. Have fun!
unique spin on the old Tetris franchise
Your objective in this funny platform game inspired by Tetris is to guide Upman as he tries to escape away from the purple monster chasing him. Jump onto falling Tetris blocks as platforms. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press CTRL to punch blocks. Have fun!
new zombie-fighting upgrade game
Road of the Dead
Road of the Dead
Your mission in this cool zombie killing upgrade game is to escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you. Use WASD KEYS to control your car. Press SPACEBAR for handbrake. Press "E" KEY to honk a horn. Press "R" KEY to clean your wind screen and press "F" KEY to punch/use pistol. Have fun!
kill the outlaws and the big bosses in this fun game
Railroad Rampage
Railroad Rampage
Your mission in this cool fighting game online is to take a role of a brave sheriff and try to take back the train from outlaws. Shoot your way through the bad guys and stop the express being taken by the Outlaws. Use WASD KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot, punch or kick. Press SPACEBAR to reload your weapon. Good luck!
action shooting and hilarious zombie combat game
Dawn of the Celebs 2
Dawn of the Celebs 2
Your task in this fast-paced action shooting and hilarious zombie combat game is to fight off more Hollywood zombies with your powerful mini-gun and knuckle punch. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire your gun. Press the SPACEBAR to punch or slash. Use 1, 2, or 3 NUMBER KEYS to change weapons. Hit "R" KEY to reload. Now go and use your armory of weapons or give them a knuckle punch if they come too close. The only hope of survival lies in your hands. Good luck!
flash edition of Super Pocket Fighter game
Pocket Fighter Nova
Pocket Fighter Nova
Your goal in this flash remake of Super Pocket Fighter is to choose your character and enter the fighting ring and fight against another player at your keyboard or the AI. Pocket Fighter Nova uses an original flash FTG engine and retains most original fighting skills, but commands are simplified, which makes you feel more excited, scarcely taking your eyes off it. Compared to six buttons in other fighting games, there are three buttons in Pocket Fighter Nova, which makes you easy to control. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move and press "J" KEY to punch, "K" KEY to kick and "L" KEY for special attack. Have fun!
help brawling hobo to stay out of the prison again
Hobo 3: Wanted
Hobo 3: Wanted
This is third insallment in the Hobo Brawl Series (play Hobo Brawl or Hobo Prison Brawl) Hobo 3: Wanted continues with the story line where Hobo is a wanted fugitive after escaping from prison, and the government wants him dead or alive. Again you have to fight and brawl as the hobo to stay out of prison. Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects and "S" KEY for kicks and stuff. Press "P" KEY for list of available combos. Have fun!
help Greg to get back his powers in this intense brawler
The Great Massacre
The Great Massacre
Your mission in this massive hack and slay game is to guide Greg (an immortal hero) and fight your way through hordes of enemies trying to get your skills back. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move around. Hit "S" KEY to punch your enemies. Press "D" KEY to chop enemy heads. Hold "A" KEY to guard/run. Click the Pause button to check all move list. Good luck!
featuring all of the famous characters from Stickpage
Fighters Rampage
Fighters Rampage
This is the ultimate Stickpage Fighter's Rampage featuring all of your favorite Stickpage characters (Stick War's Spartan, SWAT's Jack, and CRAZYJAY face off against Scorpak, Yuken, and Samurai Mack). Choose your fighter, control him with the ARROW KEYS. And use "A" KEY for punch 1, "S" KEY for punch 2, "D" KEY for kick 1, "F" KEY for kick 2. Use "W", "E", "R" KEYS for special moves. Click stunned opponent with LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to finish them off. Have fun!
game for you just in time for the holidays
Zombie Hooker XXX-mas
Zombie Hooker XXX-mas
Just because it's the holiday season doesn't mean a working girl's income flow has to freeze over. Lola's the last hooker on Earth, looking to spread a little Christmas cheer amidst a flurry of snow and walking dead. Your goal is to guide Lola through 12 nights of unrelenting holiday horror, fending off zombie attackers that want to eat her brains and searching for Elves (and Santa himself!) to bring back to her trailer. Touching Elves makes them follow you. To get Santa to follow you, you must touch him (you can't tempt him with your taunt). Use the ARROW KEYS to move Lola around. Press SPACEBAR to attack (uses current weapon if you have one or punches and kicks if you don't). Press "X" KEY to tempt nearby Elves and make them follow you. Have fun!
our beloved Hobo is back in this funny brawl game
Hobo Prison Brawl
Hobo Prison Brawl
In the previous part called Hobo Brawl we left him happily in prison and now he's ready for another disgusting brawl. Prisoners, security guards or the government, he doesnt care! He'll fight them all! Fight dirty using special combo moves only a hobo would use. Use poop, farts, spit and other bodily fluids. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects. Press "S" KEY for kicks. Press "P" to pause the game and see the combos. Have fun!
Lets dismember zombies in this game
Zombie Exploder
Zombie Exploder
Your goal in this awesome combat game is to kill as many zombies as you can. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Your fist always follows YOUR MOUSE. Swing the mouse around to do some punches. Keep LEFT MOUSE BUTTON pressed to switch to kick (but don't abuse, kicking consumes yellow stamina). Press SPACEBAR to jump. You can launch zombies through the air by punching diagonally. You can easily beat zombies smashing their heads on the floor, when they are down after being launched. Have fun!
beat up some zombies in this Halloween Games
Zombie Hooker Nightmare
Zombie Hooker Nightmare
Your goal in this game about zombies, hookers, nightmares, and more zombies is to grab a gun and mow down some undead. The game is divided into two Episodes, both available from the title screen (but they don't connect to each other). Use the ARROW KEYS to move Lola around. Press the SPACEBAR to attack (uses current weapon if you have one or punches and kicks if you don't). Press "X" KEY to tempt nearby Johns and make them follow you. Touching Johns makes them follow you. Guide Johns back to the trailer to turn tricks. Reach the night's quota and enter the trailer to progress to the next level. Have fun!
do you Like Paris Hilton? Lady Gaga? Kanye West?
Celebrity Bash
Celebrity Bash
Your task in this exhilarating and funny boxing game is to punch and knockout your worst celebrities. Knockout Kanye West for his stupid ego remarks, slap Paris Hilton till she’s no longer hot or force Lady Gaga to shut the hell up. And get ready for the final annoying rival which we will not reveal. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the right/left side of the screen to fire a right/left hook. Press SPACEBAR to block. Good luck!
upgrade your robot and let the bloodbath begin
Rabid 2
Rabid 2
Your goal in this second installment of the zombie bashing platformer game is to pulverize more zombies using your robotic fists, jump from platform to platform to evade group attacks and pick them off one by one or jump into the fry. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your robot and use ASD keys for power attacks, punching and kicking. Good luck!
beautiful adventure with a combo-based fighting system
Paws Game
Paws Game
Your task in this beautiful adventure with a combo-based fighting system is to play as a fox and dash the enemies and then grab them in mid-air to enter combat mode and finish them off with one of the combos. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. When in combat use RIGHT ARROW KEY to punch, UP ARROW KEY to bite, LEFT ARROW KEY to kick and DOWN ARROW KEY to finish combo. Good luck!
clone of an awesome retro classic game
Monkey King Game
Monkey King Game
Your mission in this side scrolling game is to train all your three characters, defeat the enemies and their bosses, and solve the riddles of the ancient chinese fairy tale. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Double tap LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEY to run. Use "A" KEY for weak punch, "D" KEY for strong punch and "S" KEY to defend yourself. Score experience points for killing enemies and use them to upgrade your abilities between levels. Good luck!
take your bad day at work out on the employees
Fury Officer
Fury Officer
Your mission in this epic beat-em-up game is to play as an oppressed worker who goes on a rage owning the corporate office slimes. Use WASD KEYs to move. Press "J" KEY to punch, "L" KEY to guard and SPACEBAR to pause. Have fun!
homeless guy fights everyone in this fun game
Hobo Brawl
Hobo Brawl
Your mission in this fun game inspired by Dad 'n Me is to help the homeless guy who just woke up on the wrong side of the trashcan to take down everyone who crosses his path. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Double tap LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEY to run. Press "A" KEY to punch and pick up objects, use "S" KEY to kick. Use the "P" KEY to pause the game and view unlocked combos. Have fun!
unique arcade game with a special potted plant action hero
Go Go Plant 2
Go Go Plant 2
The return of the weird potted plant! Again, you are a living plant and you must fly, drill and punch yourself to the end of the level and grab all the money you can. Use the ARROW KEYS to take the Go Go Plant 2 on a rampage, each direction performs a special action. Have fun!
promo game for the Batman Movie
Batman Rock em Sock em
Batman Rock em Sock em
Your goal in this batman fighting game is to defeat your opponents in the ring. Punch your way to victory using Batman, Robin, Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Riddler, or even Catwoman. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press "A" KEY for left punch, "S" KEY for right punch and "D" KEY to dodge opponents punches. Good luck!
sidescrolling action game with punching and shooting
Crazy Flasher 2
Crazy Flasher 2
You get a mission to go kill a bad guy and found out that it was a trap and now you have to use your fighting skills to beat bad guys to the death and make your way out. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Press "B" KEY to attack bad guys. Press "N" KEY to jump and hit "M" KEY to use the special ground punch. Press SPACEBAR to switch to the gun. Good luck!
guide the plant through the obstacles
Go Go Plant
Go Go Plant
Being a walking flowerpot is not easy! Your objective in this funny game is to help this tourist survive in this strange country. Punch everything in your way, catch money, drill under the ground and and try to get as far as possible. Hold down the LEFT ARROW KEY to catch objects. Hold down the UP ARROW KEY to fly. Hold down the DOWN ARROW KEY to drill into the ground. Hold down the RIGHT ARROW KEY to punch. Have fun!
beat up your political opponent in fun online game
Election Madness
Election Madness
Your objective in this fun fighting game is to beat your political opponent to pieces by using kicks, punches, combos, TV's, pianos, and more. You can Choose between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain in this hilarious knockout. Use "Q", "W", "E", "R" KEYS to attack. Press "A" KEY to taunt and "S" KEY for special. You can also challenge your friend and beat up his ass. Have fun!
cool tower defence game. Play here!
Random Defence
Random Defence
Your mission in this flash game is the same as in any other tower defense games, you must build and upgrade your towers to prevent the creeps getting past. You are limited by how much cash you have to spend. Each creep you kill will give you more money. Saving up for bigger towers and upgrades will allow you to pack a heavier punch, but watch out - save for too long without getting new weaponary and you'll end up letting the creeps through. At the end of each level, interest is added to your cash reserves, so timing when to put a new tower down can make a lot of difference. Good luck!
exciting cat battle fighting game
Paw Paw Miaw
Paw Paw Miaw
This is cool street fighter/mortal kombat style fighting game where you choose your paw paw character and beat all enemies in 10 stage story mode in a one on one battle. Or you bring your buddy and play 2 players versus mode. There are 6 playable characters and 1 hidden character (unlocked after finishing story mode at medium or hard level). Use the ARROW KEYS to control your fighter and use "O" KEY for punch and "P" KEY for kick. Learn combo and special attack executing from in-game instruction. Good luck!
save Shuggazoom City from Skeleton Kink
Super Robot Advance
Super Robot Advance
Your mission in this fun shooting game is to stop the Skeleton King before he reaches the Shuggazoom City. Guide th Super Robot into space, through the Pit of the Formless to the Citadel of Bones. There will you find the Skeleton King and his legions of evil enforcers. Along the way be sure to avoid galactic debris, other flying vessels and traps the Skeleton King has set-up for you. Try to collect available power-ups on your way. Use the ARROW KEYS to control Super Robot. Press SPACEBAR to activate the shield. Use "B" KEY to fire lasers and press "N" KY to launch a rocket (or hold it for power punch). Have fun!
destroy the sofa with the different weapons
Sofa Bash
Sofa Bash
Life is more fun when you move. Start today by choosing your weapon and let the destruction of your sofa buddy begin. You have got 30 seconds to drill, saw, chop, hammer, shoot, hack, bat or punch your sofa to bits. You've gotta be fast. You've gotta be though. And if you destroy it completely, you will get the satisfaction of watching your upholstered friend implode before your eyes. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
massive adventure game with creative original levels
Nameless Game
Nameless Game
Your goal in this fun game is to travel through fun environment as your punch, kick, dazzle, and throw stuff at attacking creatures. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, press DOWN ARROW KEY to cover. Hit "A" KEY to punch, "S" KEY to kick and "D" KEY to throw candy. Press SPACEBAR to sparkle. Lets Play!
great platformer arcade online game
Raider Jones
Raider Jones
Your goal in this cool adventure game is to help Jones to go through all 18 levels (which include 3 boss fights and 15 general levels with different types of puzzles). Use the UP ARROW KEY to jump, DOWN ARROW KEY to duck and LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk. Press SPACEBAR to punch! Be sure to submit your high score if you defeat the final boss. Good luck!
smack your opponent in this funny fighting game
Wack Wrestling Challenge
Wack Wrestling Challenge
Try to beat your opponent (CPU or your buddy) in this fun wrestling online game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your fighter in the wrestling ring. When your opponent is standing, use "I" KEY to punch and "O" KEY to kick (press "I" and "O" when locked with an opponent or to get back up when down). Press "P" KEY to do a super move when your power gauge is full. When your opponent is down, use "I" KEY to perform jump attack / grab (if you are near opponent), "O" KEY for ground kick and "P" KEY to immobilize th opponent to the ground and if it lasts 3 seconds you win the match. Lets Fight!
coolest kung-fu dude after Weng Weng
Jackie Chan Rely on Relics
Jackie Chan Rely on Relics
Your goal in this kung-fu fighting flash game is to guide Jackie through the streets of Chinatown to catch Valmont and rescue your niece Jade from him. But stay on your guard because hidden in the shadows, Valmonts henchmen, the Shadowkhans, ale lying in wait for you. You must defeat all the shadowkhans before moving farther in the level. When they are all defeated, an arrow will tell you that the way is cleared. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Use "Z" KEY to punch and "X" KEY to kick (check in-game instructions for combo attacks). Use SPACEBAR to block or to make Jackie grab an object to protect himself with. Use the punch key to throw it. Collect the power-ups which will help you on your mission. Lets fight!
keep the green ball in the air as long as you can
Free Ball Game
Free Ball Game
Your aim in this fun ragdoll online game is to control the ragdoll and keep the green ball in the air for as long as possible whilst avoiding the red orb. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your ragdoll. Press "S" KEY to punch left, and "D" KEY to punch right. Hit "X" KEY to kick left, and "C" KEY to kick right. Press SPACEBAR for slow motion. Have fun!
beat up asian street fighters karate style game
Kung Fu Fighter
Kung Fu Fighter
Your mission in this karate game, which resembles some of the characters in Kung Fu hustle movie, is to fight your way through these martial artists to be the best kung fu fighter ever. Each character has a special move so be careful. Asses how they fight and counter it. Try to block their attacks when needed. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press "A" KEY for punch and "S" KEY for kick. Good luck!
fight against CPU or another human player
Hot Blood Boxing
Hot Blood Boxing
Your goal in this cool stress reliever game is to test your boxing skills against the computer or against your friend. Enter the ring and beat your opponents ass using "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS for movement. Press "B" KEY for attack 1, "N" KEY for attack 2 and "M" KEYS for attack 3. To defend yourself press SPACEBAR. If you need controls for player 2, just check in-game How to play section. Good luck!
fight against a huge range of enemies.
Courier Combat
Courier Combat
The progress city Fusion Orb has been snatched. Unless you get it back, the power will shut down and it is "lights out" forever in progress city. Hunch Bedalm is behind this one and he will have a parade of trouble trying to stop you. You will have to face and defeat many opponents. There are 6 rounds lasting 40 seconds each. If your health runs out, the battle is over. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump, DOWN ARROW KEY to duck and LEFT ARROW KEY to block. Hit "A" KEY to punch and "D" KEY to kick your opponent. When power bar is full, hit the SPACEBAR for a power move. Lets fight!
if you are jailed, never let drop the soap in shower
Big House Beatdown
Big House Beatdown
Your aim in this game is to fight your way through the various opponents. You have got yourself thrown in the state pen. Barry and Lynard want pieces of you, even Shanahan and the other guards have got it for you. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Press "Q" or "W" KEYS to throw light or heavy punches. Press "A" or "S" KEYS to throw light or heavy kicks. Press "E" KEY to throw your on special secret attack. The will never expect it. Avoid repetition motions or overuse of your special attack. Good luck!
take out aggression on four celebrities and beat them
Celebrity Smackdown 4
Celebrity Smackdown 4
Your goal in this fun fighting game is to take out aggression on four celebrities and break up their face as fast as possible. Want to punch the heck out of that rodent Borat, Tom Cruise and Paris Hilton? Well, here is your chance. Punch them up and take them out. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to punch. Good luck!
fight the CPU or 4 players total on one keyboard
Fight for Glorton
Fight for Glorton
Your aim in this addictive fighting flash game is to pick a character, and battle it out. You have to damage your opponents enough to be able to eject them away from the fight arena. You can fight against CPU controlled opponents or you can bring up to 4 of your friends to fight on one keyboard. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move, press "J" KEY to punch and "K" KEY for special attack. You can take and throw away various objects by pressing "J" KEY. Press SHIFT to activate the shield. Have fun!
can you commit the 7 Deadly Sins in a Fort Night
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sins
Your mission in this free RPG online game is to enter the quiet English town of Gorpsdale and use your skill, guile and ingenuity to find suitable ways of breaking each of 7 deadly sins. Use YOUR MOUSE to navigate your way around the layout and converse with the many voice acted characters, and play the many minigames. Use the KEYBOARD to dance on the dancemat styled minigame. Use the "A" KEY and "S" KEY (or LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS) to punch in fights. Have fun!
sidescroller fighting game with a bunch of knife action
Ways Hero
Ways Hero
Your mission in this side-scroller fighting game with a bunch of knife action is to kill all your enemies. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your fighter and press "J" KEY to attack and "K" KEY to jump. Press "J" + "K" KEYS together for super punch and when the green bar at the top is full you can press "S", "S", "W", "J" KEYS in sequence for super powerful attack. Good luck!
beat up bad-ass guys in this ghetto brawl game
Mobs Down
Mobs Down
Your goal in this fighting game is to show your street fighting skills and beat up bad-ass guys in this ghetto brawl. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around, hit SPACEBAR to jump. Use "X" KEY to kick, "C" KEY to punch and "V" KEY to pick up stuff. By pressing kick and punch controls fast enough you can compose different combos and earn extra points. Have fun!
fling pathetic little stinky beans as far as you can
Bean Fling
Bean Fling
Your objective in this funny game is to fling those pathetic little stinky beans as far as you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to grab the poo-flinging ring and sling him around until you are at top speed, then release him. If you have got the right angle, he will go far. Once Stinky Bean hits the ground, watch the Scatmonkey (also appropriately named) Power Meter. When it fills up (it will say "Go!"), click it, and Scatmonkey will arrive to deliver a power-boosting punch to Stinky Bean. Have fun!
have a fight between the two egg fighters
Egg Fighter
Egg Fighter
Your goal in this great parody to the street fighter games is to defeat your opponents in several levels. You can play against computer or you can play against your friend in two player mode. Either K.O. your enemy or have the most energy when the time is up. Use "Z", "X", "C", "S" keys to move and press "Q" KEY for jab, "W" KEY for punch and "E" KEY for block. Use key combinations for secret special attacks. Lets Fight!
get ready to battle in the a medieval fighting game
Aevarrian Coliseum 2
Aevarrian Coliseum 2
Your objective in this medieval fighting game is to fight through the storyline in Story Mode, fight a friend or practice in Versus Mode, see how good you are in Gauntlet Mode and win titles and badges in season mode. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS to move. Press "G" KEY to punch your opponent and press "H" KEY to kick your opponent. Use SPACEBAR to taunt/dash. You can change the controls in the Options menu. Please read in-game How To Play for some tips and tricks. Have fun!
help model to get back her favorite pink outfit
Fight for Fashion
Fight for Fashion
Your goal in this stupid flash game is to help model to get back her favorite pink outfit. Someone has stolen it from her. She does not know who could be so mean, but when she find them they are going to pay. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press "Z" KEY to kick and "X" KEY to punch enemies. Good luck!
beat your opponent with a combination of marital arts
Electric Man 2
Electric Man 2
Your objective in this fight game is to beat your opponent with a combination of marital arts, street fighting, and super human powers to wipe him out. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY for punch moves, "S" KEY for kick moves and "D" KEY for grab moves. There are also slow-motion versions of these moves. Use "Q", "W", "E" KEYS for slow motion moves. Running while executing a move will create a new attack. Note, SlowMotion attacks and the flipover throw (press "D" KEY when running) both use up battery points. Have fun!
kill stick figures in this super cool online free  game
Rage 2 Game
Rage 2 Game
Your objective in this super cool online free game is to kill stick figures. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Press DOWN KEY to duck. And jump over gaps with UP ARROW KEY. Press "S" KEY for a punch/kick attack. Press "D" KEY to swing your melee weapon. Press "W" KEY to shoot your gun and throw grenades by pressing "F" KEY. Be careful, you have limited amounts of bullets/grenades. Press "A" KEY to roll. When your rage bar is full, you can use special attack by pressing "R" KEY . Have fun!
flick the rabbits and make them go into the pipes
Rabbit Punch
Rabbit Punch
Your goal in this fun flash game is to flick the rabbits and make them go into the pipes on the wall behind them. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the hand left and right. Use the SPACEBAR to flick a finger and send the rabbit flying. If you miss, they are lunch or dinner - whichever you prefer! And as yummy as "Rabbit Vindaloo" is, you dont want to kill a poor innocent little rabbit, do you? So, take your aim carefully and go for it. Best of luck!
knockout all your opponents and avoid being defeated
Counter Punch
Counter Punch
Your objective in this fighting game is to knockout all your opponents and avoid being defeated. Press "A" or "S" KEY for left or right strong punch. Press "Z" or "X" KEY for left or right low punch. Press UP ARROW + "Z" KEY for left high punch and UP ARROW + "X" KEY for right high punch. Use UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS to block high or low and LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to dodge left or right. Have fun!
fight martial artists if this online flash fighting game
Dragon Fist 3
Dragon Fist 3
Your goal in this nice fighting game is to battle your way on the dragon fist arena and fight martial artists to be the champion. The best strategy is to be aggressive in attacking. Use the special move when your "special bar" is full to avoid wasting it. Try to pick up your enemy weapons and use it against them. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your movement. Hit "T" KEY to punch, "Y" KEY to kick and "U" KEY to draw/throw weapon. Please read in-game controls for special moves. Good luck!
solve various puzzles to escape the dungeon
Dungeon Escape
Dungeon Escape
Your goal in this game is to figure how to escape from the dungeon by solving various puzzles. This game combines suspense and puzzle solving. There are lots of secret buttons and items that you need to find to escape from this scary dungeon. You will also encounter dangerous monsters on your way, so be prepared for the battle all the time. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on items/secret buttons on the background. You also have objects in your inventory (the black bar on the bottom) that you can use. Click on a punch icon when confronting monsters. Lets play!
wrestle with different opponents and win all fights
Nacho Kung Fu
Nacho Kung Fu
Your mission in this fighting flash game is to fight various opponents and try to win every fight. To win a fight you have to avoid their attack and beat the shit out of them. You can use only 4 moves at the beginning, and when you proceed further in the game more moves will be unlocked when you fill up your do good meter. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and press NUMBER PAD KEYS to perform wrestling moves. Lets Fight!
remake of Drug Wars with full beat them up engine
Hustler Game
Hustler Game
Your mission in this game is to get billionaire by buying and selling drugs. You must travel from city to city to make some good deals. Everytime you travel, another day passes. Prices rise and fall daily. Not all items are available every day, so be sure to buy early. You can loan some money if you thing there is a good deal. Pay off your loan ASAP. If you need anything, visit Vinnies Barber Shoppe by clicking that symbol above the travel box. Sometimes you will get into trouble with the cops, or orher gangs, so pay attention to your ammo. It is a good idea to stock up before trouble knocks on your door. In the combat mode use ARROW KEYS to move around, press "S" KEY to punch, "D" KEY to kick, and "A" KEY to shoot. Jump by pressing SPACEBAR. There are plenty of surprises in the game. Have fun playing!
survive the worst day in your life and visit your friend
Be Bad
Be Bad
It seems that you dont have a very good day. You will have many problems right after you wake up in this side scrolling flash game. Your aim is to reach the friends home safely after passing through various buildings. Dodge various obstacles, punch people to get them off your way, open the doors etc. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump and attack or perform action by pressing SPACEBAR. Have fun!
ride your saqway and hit the elderly people in face
Sagway Online Game
Sagway Online Game
Your friend wanted to take his girlfriend on a romantic segway ride through park, but he can barely go anywhere with all those stupid old people getting in the way. So he asked you to ride ahead of them and make sure none of them tuin their romantic date. Your aim is to ride your saqway and hit the elderly people to keep them in front of you. You can use YOUR MOUSE to move and LEFT CLICK to punch or use ARROW KEYS to move and "A" KEY to punch. Have fun!
fight your enemies in nice stick fighting game
Way of the Exploding Stick
Way of the Exploding Stick
Your aim is to fight and defeat as much stick fighters as you can. Use your ARROW keys to move around. Press "S" KEY for double punch, press "D" KEY for quick jab, "X" KEY for spin kick and "C" KEY for fast face kick. Use the combo "SXS" to perfor a tripple scissor kick. Use "X" KEY while jumping, still or moving to give justice from above. When an arms lenght away use "V" KEY to throw an opponent. Have fun!
box game. Live the life of a Championship boxer
Golden Glove Boxing
Golden Glove Boxing
Live the life of a Championship boxer in this game. Train yourself, excite the media by doing magazine interviews, TV ads, charity work, or by being just plain mean. Take a night off from boxing and go on a date, dance, maybe get a drink or two, but don't party too much or end up dealing with some urgent situations. This game is all about managing your time, your money and your boxing career. While in boxing ring, use LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to move the boxer, UP ARROW to set uppercut/stand up, DOWN ARROW to duck/set body blows. Press "F" KEY for right punch, "D" KEY for left punch and "S" KEY for block! You need to be very quick while attacking, otherwise your opponent will take the lead. There is also Quick fight option in the game. Have fun guys!
take on the numerous enemies and defeat them
Fight Fight 2
Fight Fight 2
This is sweet fighting game, first off select your fighter, and than a fighting arena and a difficulty level. If fight arena use your ARROW KEYS to control your warrior and press "S" KEY to punch, "D" KEY to kick and "A" KEY to block your opponent. You can use a combination of keys to perform some powerful combo attacks. Beat them all and win!
controld stickman and kill your enemies in this game
Elysium Man
Elysium Man
Elysium Man is cool stickman fighting game. You have to guide the hero through various levels. Kill all the enemy fighters who cross your path. And be sure to watch out for other dangerous threats. Also be sure to pick up the special power ups that you find along the way. Use your LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to Walk (hold SHIFT along with ARROW KEYS to Run), to Jump hit UP ARROW KEY and to Duck hit DOWN ARROW. For Quick Punch press "A" KEY, Hard Punch "S" KEY, Hard Kick "D" KEY and Quick Kick "F" KEY. Press SPACEBAR to block enemy punches. Good luck!
control the spider and bite flies or catch them in net
Fly Catcher
Fly Catcher
In this addicting game you have to control the spider using your ARROW KEYS and bite as many flies as you can. Use SPACEBAR to bite a fly. You can also catch flies by throwing spiderwebs by pressing "W" KEY. Press "E" KEY to jump/speed up, or press "R" KEY to create a net to catch flies. If you kill a fly you get 5 points, for the big fly you get 10 points. But beware! The swatter is your biggest enemy! My high score is 350! Beat that!
fighting flash game. Christmas characters wars.
Jingle Ballistic
Jingle Ballistic
Jingle Ballistics is a 1 on 1 classical-style 2D fighting game where Christmas characters battle it out to be the best fighter. The game can be played in 1 player mode, or bring a friend for added fun! Player one use ARROW KEYS to move, "A" KEY for fast punch, "S" KEY for fierce punch, "Z" KEY for fast kick and "X" for fierce kick. See game instructions for player two controls and special attacks. Good luck!
punch huge macho in his ugly face. Cool stress reliever
Hit Him Game
Hit Him Game
This is cool stress reliever. Use YOUR MOUSE to punch huge macho in his ugly face. Thera are 5 areas on his face and you have to hit him 3 times on each part as fast as you can. Have fun!
destroy buildings before time runs out. Fun game.
Hulk Smash Up
Hulk Smash Up
Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move along the city block. Climb up and down the sides of buildings using UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS. To leap use the CTRL KEY and the direction key you want to move in. Use the SPACEBAR for punching. Smash everything before the time runs out and the Hulk changes back into his human alter ego. I have managed to destroy $7.159.969 worth of buildings. Can you beat that? Have fun!
very challenging flash shooting game. Play here!
Thing Thing 2
Thing Thing 2
There's a fairly in depth tutorial you should read to get you started. Guide the hero through various levels and shoot down all the enemies, in this awesome sequel with more features. Use ARROW KEYS to move, CTRL KEY to throw a punch. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. To change your weapon pres "F" KEY. Have fun!
game for kids. Punch the flowers and get seeds,
Puncho Puncho
Puncho Puncho
Punch the flowers until they spit out seeds, catch and carry the seeds to the portal. There are many bugs around that are trying to eat you, so collect power ups to punch the bugs and kill them. Grab the coins and diamonds to gain points. Use ARROW KEYS to move, hit "S" KEY to jump, "A" KEY to punch and hit SPACEBAR to use turbo. Have fun.
punch, shoot, stab or blow your opponents.
Madness Interactive
Madness Interactive
This game is certainly one of the bloodiest and violent flash games I have ever played. These are the default controls. You may change them in the option menu. Use \"W\", \"A\", \"S\", \"D\" KEYS to move, \"Q\" KEY turns Bullet Time On/Off, hit \"E\" KEY to switch weapons, \"F\" KEY to drop/throw weapon, and SHIFT KEY to use jetpack/bomb. Have fun!
beat the shit of your redneck opponents.
Pikey flash game
Pikey flash game
Beat each opponent to progress to the next level. Beware though! The Pikies get more aggressive the further you make it. Use UP and DOWN ARROWS to guard high and low. LEFT and RIGHT ARROW to dodge left or right and SPACEBAR to punch. Hit UP ARROW + SPACEBAR to punch high and DOWN ARROW + SPACEBAR to punch low. Break a leg!
defeat 10 opponents in this fighting free game.
Dragon Fist
Dragon Fist
The object is to defeat 10 opponents that will get slightly harder each level. You can defeat them by using a combination of punches and kicks and also, your character's special move. When your opponents life bar has completely disappeared, you have won. Read in-game instructions for controls and special moves! Best luck
war on terrorism. Kill'em all and beat Osama.
Spec Ops
Spec Ops
Shoot down all terrorists with your M4A1 carbine, M9 pistol or M40AM Sniper rifle, and at the end beatu up Osama Bin Laden. Use NUMERIC KEYS "1" and "2" to switch weapons. Use "S" KEY to activate sniper mode. And press "A", "S", "D", "F" KEYS to punch Osama.
play fun fighting games online for free.
Muay Thai
Muay Thai
This cool fighting Muay Thai game is easy to control. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move your warrior left/fight. And press "Z" key to BLOCK, "X" KEY to PUNCH, and "C" KEY to KICK. Play Training mode to learn some special punches and kicks. Good luck.
fight and beat your opponent flash fighting.
Bloody Rage
Bloody Rage
Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEY to move your fighter, and UP KEY to jump and DOWN to crouch. Press "L" KEY to punch and "K" KEY to kick. There are some special moves (see instructions in game). Also there are 15 fatalities in bloody rage that you can discover.
Beat famous guys at Funny Games!
Celebrity Fight Club
Celebrity Fight Club
Boxing match against some top known celebrity. Knock them to the knees. Beat David Hasselhoff, Puff Diddy, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger...
Free boxing ring game. Knock-out your opponent.
Knockout Box
Knockout Box
Use your mouse to move right and left. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw punch.
Press SPACEBAR to block. To perform auto "super" combo press C or to perform
manual "super" combo click left mouse button (fast!).
Bush vs Kerry fighting online game.
Presidential Knockout
Presidential Knockout
Bush and Kerry in fight! Choose which presidental candidate you want to be and beat the other one.
Press "W" to throw Left Upper-cut, "A" for Left JAb, "S" for Right Upper-Cut and "D" for Right Jab
Holding the SPACEBAR is your defensive block and lets you regain your strenght for more powerful punches.

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