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virtual stressball physics game
Mutilate a Doll 2
Mutilate a Doll 2
Your goal in this virtual stressball physics game is to completely mutilate the ragdolls. It's your job to completely mutilate the ragdolls! Use one of the many objects like magnets, bombs or swords and use those to cut, blast and break the dolls into a thousand pieces! Smack this doll against the wall, rip his limbs apart, throw him on the ground, and kick his ass against the roof! Press space to summon your first victim after this dull loading screen goes away. After that, it's all up to you. Enter for hotkeys, read the instructions and helps. Enjoy!
killing zombies by hooks game
Impale 3
Impale 3
Your task in this killing zombies by hooks game is to launch zombies to impale them on all the spikes, hooks, saws and other devices in each level. Defeat the zombie forces in Impale 3, a cool cannon launcher game with ragdoll physics. Shoot a unlimited number of undeads to the spikes to turn the red lights to green. Your object is to hit all targets with as less tries as you can. Use the power indicator (the yellow line that builds up) to time when you are going to shoot the zombie out of the catapult. Use more force or power to reach farther away spike traps, and less to reach closer ones. Have fun!
fast-paced 2D shooter game
Intruder Combat Training 2x
Intruder Combat Training 2x
Your mission in this fast-paced 2D shooter game is to become the ultimate special forces operative. Brutal firefights, missions and ragdoll physics await. Move around the arena and shoot all enemies before they can take you out. To become the elite you have to fullfil several missions. Intrude into enemy's territory and unleash destruction and death using your guns and grenades. Fight and kill all targets to level up your gear as you continuously keep on training your skills. Immerse yourself once again in a very harsh combat. Have fun!
funny physics game like Fruit Ninja
Ragdoll Ninja Game
Ragdoll Ninja Game
Your objective in this ragdoll killing game is to cut ragdolls with a blade controlled via mouse. You must deal them as much damage as you can with your sword. Gain extra points for slicing multiple ragdolls with one swipe. You must slice all ragdolls, if three ragdolls are missed, the game ends. Avoid bombs, the game also end once the player slice them. Have fun!
fling people in this satisfying ragdoll physics game
Your goal in this brutal game is to kill people in order to win coins. Catapult your ragdoll victims towards a variety of different brutal traps and weapons. Collect coins and clear the path as you progress through levels that get incrementally more difficult. Upgrade your catapults velocity, agility and strength! Post your highscore and battle with players globally. Enjoy this fun ragdoll physics game!
awaited sequel of the funny tortue game
Ragdoll Achievement 2
Ragdoll Achievement 2
Your goal in this awaited sequel of the funny tortue game is to test an arsenal of weapons on a series of ragdolls with the goal of completing all the achievements in the game. o some weird experiments with your crash test dummy again using a wide variety of hazardous weapons in order to complete all good achievements. This sequel contains more deadly weapons, upgrades and cool new look. There's an unexplainable primal joy that comes from obliterating a ragdoll with every weapon imaginable. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Have fun!
hilarious ragdoll smashing ball bouncing game
Clowns in the Face
Clowns in the Face
Your task in this hilarious ragdoll smashing ball bouncing game is to hit ragdolls with bouncing balls. Knock them out with a swift tennis serve in the face. As former tennis superstar Pete Pagassi, it's your job to clean up their act. Tap and hold the screen to aim your shot, then release to send a tennis ball flying. Bounce shots off of walls, knock into vending machines, break glass, kick over hunks of metal and much, much more as you clear each level of clowns and work your way to a peaceful world once again. Have fun!
funny physics based shooting game
Hell on Duty
Hell on Duty
Your objective in this funny physics-based shooting game is to shoot with ragdolls from the cannon and try to get all demons in their respective boilers. Use the cannon to shoot an unlimited number of zombie ragdolls and skeletons in order to kick all spawns of hell off the platforms into the kettle. Add to that teleporters, broilers, rolling balls, and a whole lot more, and Hell on Duty is actually a remarkably robust little game at sixty levels that don't wear out their welcome before they're over. Have fun!
cool puzzle skill game online
Feed with Brains
Feed with Brains
You task in this puzzling skill game is to help the aliens to reach a higher level of inteligence. Use the cannon to launch the aliens to collect all the brains in each level. Shoot out the ragdoll aliens from your trusty cannon to collect all the brains in the screen. Have fun!
funny stick game
Ragdoll Ball
Ragdoll Ball
Your task in this funny stickman game is to keep a ball away from ragdolls. Control your ragdoll and touch the ball to gain possession of it. Play as a ragdoll character and possess the ball by smashing into it using your flexible body. Some ragdolls are crazy about the balls so you will have to do your best to possess the ball as long as possible. Have fun!
funny ragdoll puzzle game
Save the Dummy
Save the Dummy
Your task in this funny game is to remove the blocks and get the ragdoll dummy off the screen. Save the dummy by strategically removing red blocks scattered through the levels. Complete the tasks set forth as quickly as possible for the highest score.
more levels to funny physics game
Indi Cannon Players Pack
Indi Cannon Players Pack
Launch ragdolls with your cannon to help them collect coins. Stone ragdolls can destroy obstacles and explosive ragdolls can collect coins with their body parts. Avoid traps, use idols to get rid of bats and spiders. Detonate explosive Indiana to collect coins with it's body. Have fun!
kill puppets in the workplace
Death Office Puppets
Death Office Puppets
Have fun taking out all the ragdolls running around the workplace. Kill, shoot, zap and fry the funny puppets. Play with YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!
throw around a ragdoll to cause pain
Operation Hurt 2
Operation Hurt 2
Use goal in Operation Hurt 2 is to beat up and hurt the ragdoll guy through 12 levels of fun. Use YOUR MOUSE to adjust force and angle. Press the HURT button to start the damage simulation. Get enough Hurt Points to pass the level. Retry to see if you can hurt him more. Lets play!
use explosives and firepower to blow up ragdolls
Dummy Crusher
Dummy Crusher
Solve fun ragdoll puzzles in Dummy Crusher. Complete physics based levels with explosives, bombs, moving obstacles and more. Shoot the ragdoll and watch them dummies explode into pieces! Use YOUR MOUSE to place objects. Eliminate all the dummys to pass to the next level. Lets play!
play cool online swing and hanger game
Hanger 2 Endless Level Pack
Hanger 2 Endless Level Pack
Your goal in Hanger 2 Endless levels mode is to guide your swinging ragdoll hero to the goal of each level. Be careful of the walls or the stickman will smash apart and get bloody. Can you complete all the levels? Good luck!
ragdoll point and click winter game
ClickDEATH Arctic
ClickDEATH Arctic
Your task in this ClickDEATH series winter game is to click on the scene to kill ragdolls in the frozen Arctic circle. Use good timing and logic to eliminate the stickmen by causing a chain reaction where no stickman can see another one die. Use YOUR MOUSE to play, LEFT-CLICK on objects/ragdolls. Good luck!
Fling the ragdoll around in funny game
I Want You Dead Santa
I Want You Dead Santa
Santa brought you lousy presents, again. It's payback time! Fling the ragdoll around as you try to inflict as much pain on him as possible.
Funny cool ragdoll ninja fighting with swords game
Ragdoll Ninja
Ragdoll Ninja
Try to kill all of your enemies in this funny ragdoll game. Try swinging around your giant sword and knock down everyone as you struggle to walk! Use thw A and D KEYs to move left and right. Use the W KEY to make a high attack and the S KEY to make a low attack. Use the H KEY to stab, the J KEY to slash, and the K KEY to use your sheild. Have fun and good luck!
Bomb the ragdoll off rooftops survival platformer game
Ragdoll Rooftops
Ragdoll Rooftops
In this fun bomb the ragdoll platformer game, your goal is to make the ragdoll stay on screen for as long as possible. To do so, you will need to bomb the ragdoll and make sure it does not fall in between buildings or get caught in obstacles. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to set off an explosion. DOUBLE CLICK to set off a larger explosion. How long can you keep the ragdoll on screen?
Shoot the ragdolls with rockets physics puzzle game
In this fun physics pussle game, your mission is to destroy all of the characters to the right of the screen using rockets! There are different rockets available to you that have certain abilities. Aim and launch your rocket to kill all of the hiding ragdolls. Use as little rockets as possible to get an excellent score! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to fire. Can you beat all the levels with a hight score? Good luck and have fun!
hypnotizing falling skeleton animation game
Skeleton Ragdoll
Skeleton Ragdoll
If you remember and love Falling Bush, the falling physics animation in which you fling around a ragdoll Bush, you will love this game. This is a Halloween version, consisting of a falling skeleton and tons of jackolanterns. Use YOUR MOUSE to play. This game is pretty hypnotizing, so if you havent played it before, definitely try it out!
swing from the rope ragdoll physics game
Hanger 2
Hanger 2
In this sequel to the ever so popular ragdoll physics game, Hanger, the same rules apply. Make it through the level as quickly as possible! Oh, and try not to lose too many body parts along the way. The more intact you are by the end, the more points you get. Also, collecting the star gives you bonus points just in case you do happen to lose some limbs. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to swing back and forth. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb up and down the rope. Use the SPACEBAR to release and attach a new rope. Try not to be all broken up about this. Good luck!
madness car racing shooting game
Madness Ambulation
Madness Ambulation
Your t" target="new">madness seriesgame is to drive and shoot ragdoll characters are you complete 10 fast pace levels. This game uses a 3rd person angle and follows your van as bikers shoot and attack you. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the car and aim. LEFT-CLICK to fire. Happy madness!
fourth part of the physics puzzle fun game
Ragdoll Cannon 4
Ragdoll Cannon 4
Your mission in this physics puzzle fun game is to shoot these poor crash test ragdolls out of your cannon to hit the target in each level to progress. For the first time in the Ragdoll Cannon Series there are two brand new ragdoll types. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse further away from the cannon. Have fun!
fling ragdolls and watch them explode once again
Drop Dead 3
Drop Dead 3
Your task in this third instalment in Drop Dead Series is to create as much damage to the ragdoll as possible by dragging it over nasty devices and mean machines. This part contains more blood and explosions than before, and missiles. Use YOUR MOUSE to throw around the ragdolls and other loose objects. Damage the dolls to get points, and unlock new stuff with high total score in normal mode. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
save the hanging Ragdolls from death
Ragdoll Salvation
Ragdoll Salvation
Your task in this fun ragdoll parody shooter game is to save the hanging Ragdolls from death. Cut the ragdolls down before they die to win. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim for the rope that the man is hanging on. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot around or arrowspam the boxes. You have no control over how far arrows shoot, but you control how many. Sometimes, only arrowspam works. Shoot as many as you can quickly to knock down boxes. Have fun!
avoid lasers in this fun ragdoll game
Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2
Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2
Your task in this action ragdoll game is to use your lightning fast reflexes to avoid short burst laser beams from slicing up your stickman. Try to collect powerups which will help you achieve a maximum highscore. Use either YOUR MOUSE or the ARROW KEYS to control your ragdoll. You can unlock 10 of the 12 playable characters each with their own special ability to help you increase your score and rank. Try to earn all 60 achievements to become the Ragdoll Laser Dodge Master. Good luck!
pierce the zombies with sharp elongated poles or stakes
Your task in this funny physics cannon game is to fire those helpless ragdoll zombies to get them impaled on the spike switches and turn off all red lights to progress. Do it using as few shots as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. The distance of mouse cursor from your cannon sets the power of your shot. Have fun!
save ragdoll from rising water in this physics game
Flood Salvation
Flood Salvation
Your task in this fun puzzle physics based game is to place the provided objects on the stage to save the ragdoll from drowning. The water is rising and you must do your best to rescue him in each level. Remember, light objects will float, heavy will sink. Try to collect coins for extra points. Use YOUR MOUSE to place objects. Have fun!
fly your fearless ragdolls into landing zone
Ragdoll Catapult
Ragdoll Catapult
Your task in this physical puzzle game with ragdolls and catapults is to drop heavy balls of different sizes on the catapult to make the ragdolls fly onto a special target block. The number of ragdolls per level is limited, and you must get at least 70% of the ragdoll onto the special target block. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON inside the box above catapult to create and grow your ball, release to drop the ball. Have fun playing this ragdoll game with real physics!
pop the balloons with your ragdoll game
Ragdoll Spree Players Pack
Ragdoll Spree Players Pack
Your task in this new version of Ragdoll Spree physics game, featuring levels created by players is to shoot ragdolls from your cannon and pick-up balloons. Use of the environment to richochet ragdolls in order to reach all of them. Use YOUR MOUSE to adjust the angle of your cannon then click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to set power, release to fire ragdoll. Have fun!
funny zombie game with ragdoll physics
Zombaby Bouncer
Zombaby Bouncer
This game has it all physics, ragdoll baby and cartoon style graphics. Your goal is to save your baby who caught the Zombie Virus. You must control your pram and race downhill to the Hospital and catch the baby when he bounces out of the pram. Your score is based on distance, with a time bonus if you make it all the way to the Hospital. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control the pram speed. Collect injections to slow down the infection. Have fun!
damage the bear as much as you can
Drop Dead 2
Drop Dead 2
Your task in this sequel to very popular bear killing game Drop Dead is to fling bear ragdoll and watch it explode. There are 6 worlds, lots of new hazards and level editor. Use YOUR MOUSE to throw the ragdolls and other loose objects around. Damage the dolls to get points, and unlock new stuff with high total score in normal mode. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Have fun!
hilarious ragdoll physics game
Cannibal Casserole
Cannibal Casserole
Your objective in this funny ragdoll physics game is to feed shipwreck victims to the natives by firing them in to cooking pots. Collect all the veg and land in the pot in the minimum number of shots for a gold medal. Try not to get your victims tangled in thorn bushes. Skim the victims across water like stones. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your cannon and adjust shot power, then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire ragdoll. Good luck!
pop all balloons on each level using ragdolls
Ragdoll Spree
Ragdoll Spree
Your task in this cool ragdoll game is to blast the ragdoll out of the cannon and pop all the balloons in all 30 of the levels. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and control the power of your shoot. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
swing from place to place with the string
You task in this funny ragdoll physics game is to use your rope to swing your way through each level. Try not to lose any bodyparts along the way. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to swing. Press UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb the rope. Press the SPACEBAR to release, press it again to hang. Have fun!
fun ragdoll upgrade free online game
Crash Test Launcher
Crash Test Launcher
Your mission in this fun ragdoll upgrade flash game is to launch your crash test dummy through various stages and upgrade your ride to make it faster and more powerful. Use "A" and "D" or LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON or press SPACEBAR to use nitro boost. Have fun!
over 110 new levels and 50 skins to unlock
Dummy Never Fails: Community
Dummy Never Fails: Community
After a huge success of Dummy Never Fails Game here comes the second part of this fun physics based dummy launching game similar to the Ragdoll Cannon series. Your goal is still the same, throw crash dummies like a ragdoll to reach the goal, less pain the better. This community level pack includes 100 levels created by players, 50 new challenges and 50 unlockable skins. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Good luck!
Flakboy is back for another beating
FlakBoy 2
FlakBoy 2
Your goal in this second part of FlakBoy Game is to position weapons along the sides of the room to cause enough damage to the guy to reach the damage target. Flakboy 2 takes all the ragdoll physics and explosions that you loved in the original Flakboy and adds a host of new ways to mutilate the poor little bastard for comic effect. Use YOUR MOUSE to scroll over the categories, click the weapons you want to add and drag them into place (border must be green). Place the rubber ducky in the room to finish your destructive deathtrap's design, then hit "Go" to see how Flakboy holds up. Have fun!
fire the ragdolls onto the target in this fun game
Ragdoll Cannon 3
Ragdoll Cannon 3
Your goal in this third part of Ragdoll Cannon Series is to fire the ragdolls onto the target to proceed to the next level. Try to clear all 50 levels in the least amount of shots you can. Physics have been improved and you'll find lots of unusually placed bombs and explosives, which may or may not work to your advantage. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Also you can enter the level editor from the main menu to create and share your own levels. Good luck!
prove your multi-tasking skills in this online game
Ragdoll Double Dodge
Ragdoll Double Dodge
Your goal in this addictive multi-tasking ragdoll game is to control two ragdolls at once and try to survive as long as possible. Collect powerups and score multipliers to help you achieve a maximum highscore. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control left ragdoll and use YOUR MOUSE to control right ragdoll. This game is tough, if your having troubles, I would say get a friend to help you out. So props to anyone who can get an A rank or higher by themselves. It takes some practice controlling both ragdolls too so don't give up to early. Have fun!
kill the Ragdoll Pirates in every way possible
Ragdoll Pirates
Ragdoll Pirates
Your task in this fun flash game is to aim and fire your cannon to kill the approaching ragdoll pirates before they steal your lives. Shoot the birds for bonus points. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim (the larger the crosshair, the harder the cannon shot) and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to fire your shotgun. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to scroll. Have fun!
use ragdolls as cannonballs in this fun game
Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack
Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack
Your goal in this fun physics game is to shoot the ragdoll guy from the cannon to hit the target. Try to make as little shoots as possible, like in the golf. There are 25 brand new challenging levels to get through. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and fire. Increase the force of your shot by moving the mouse cursor further away from the cannon. Have fun!
save as many goals as possible in this soccer game
Ragdoll GoalKeeper
Ragdoll GoalKeeper
Your task in this fun game is to throw the ragdoll goalie around and try to save as many goals as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to click a body part, and drag it to a direction and release. You get one jump for every ball kicked at you. Have fun!
a snowboard game, based on a physics engine
Downhill Snowboard
Downhill Snowboard
This is cool snowboard game, based on a physics engine. You have to do grab combinations and multiple flips to score points while you snowboard down the various steep mountains to score max poitns. Don't forget to watch the ragdoll tumble all the way down when you crash. Use the ARROW KEYS to rotate left/right and jump. Press "A" and "S" KEY to do grabs (can be used in combinations). Have fun!
guide the ragdoll through the maze
Ragdoll Savior
Ragdoll Savior
Your objective in this fun ragdoll mouse avoider is to guide the ragdoll through the maze with out getting hurt. You can use YOUR MOUSE or the ARROW KEYS to control the ragdoll. Note that you may have less control using the arrow keys but using the mouse there is a chance you might accidentally drop the ragdoll. Have fun!
fire your way through seventy levels
Ragdoll Cannon 2
Ragdoll Cannon 2
Your goal in this sequel to Ragdoll Cannon and Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 is to use ragdolls as cannonballs, fire your way through seventy levels. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire ragdolls at the target to proceed to the next level. Try to clear all seventy levels in the least amount of shots to set a top score. Good luck!
waiting for Ragdoll Cannon 2? Play this one!
Ragdoll Cannon 1.5
Ragdoll Cannon 1.5
Ragdoll Cannon creator listened to user feedback and requests and created Ragdoll Cannon 1.5 with an extra 20 more brain teasting levels. Click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot the ragdoll man from the cannon. Hit the HERE button to go to the next level. Have Fun!
shoot the ragdoll man out of the cannon
Ragdoll Cannon
Ragdoll Cannon
It is time for stupid sports: In this sweet physics skill game you have to fire the ragdolls with your cannon in order to get one of those dudes to the gaol-box. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the cannon and click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot the ragdoll man from the cannon. Hit the HERE button to go to the next level. Have fun!
guide the stickman through bloody course
Ragdoll Course
Ragdoll Course
Your goal in this nice ragdoll game is to cause the stickman as much pain as possible. But avoid the mines, you don't want to kill him! Use the ARROW KEYS to guide the ragdoll around a bloody assault course. Do not stay out of the screen for too long or the game will be over. Good luck!
alien ragdoll meets asteroids game
Slimy Bastards
Slimy Bastards
Your mission in this fun alien ragdoll game is to shoot down those slimy bastards and rack up the highest score possible. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the alien, he will follow your mouse pointer. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Hit SPACBAR to pause the game. Be sure to collect the power-ups (yellow symbols) as they will give you helping hand in your fight. And avoid all power-downs (black symbols). Check in game Instructions for power-ups/downs description. Have fun!
an awesome ragdoll shooter flash game
Ragdoll Invaders
Ragdoll Invaders
Your objective in this ragdoll shooter is to dodge enemy fire and kill each creature. Hordes of alien spaceships are invading the little ragdolls planet. But you are not defenseless. Armed with dual chaingun-arms, you will have to destroy the invaders one after the other, while avoiding their crossfire. While tough, it is possible to beat the game (7 levels) and save earth. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to shoot. Have fun!
dodge the flying discs and stay alive
Ragdoll Ricochet
Ragdoll Ricochet
Your goal in this brutal hallpass flash game is to dodge the flying discs for as long as possible. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your ragdoll around the screen trying to stay alive. Sawblades fly by and chop off arms and legs. Once they chop off your head, your injuries are fatal and it is game over. Press SPACEBAR to try again. Good luck!
keep the green ball in the air as long as you can
Free Ball Game
Free Ball Game
Your aim in this fun ragdoll online game is to control the ragdoll and keep the green ball in the air for as long as possible whilst avoiding the red orb. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your ragdoll. Press "S" KEY to punch left, and "D" KEY to punch right. Hit "X" KEY to kick left, and "C" KEY to kick right. Press SPACEBAR for slow motion. Have fun!
how much damage you can inflict on the little guy
Stair Fall
Stair Fall
Your aim in this brutal flash game is to hurl a ragdoll down a flight of stairs to inflict as much pain as possible. Use YOUR MOUSE and drag the stick man to throw him down the stairs. You can grab him by his head, body or legs. Hitting stairs with his head first causes the most damage. Good luck!
Move ragdoll man around to avoid obstacles
Ragdoll Avoider
Ragdoll Avoider
Your goal in this second part of famous Ragdoll Master game is to control the ragdoll man and move him around to avoid bouncing balls, bullets, and other projectiles. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your stick ragdoll figure. Choose among four game modes and start playing. Have fun!

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