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help massive tornado to destroy civilization
Tornado Button Smashing
Tornado Button Smashing
Get your tornado as big as you can, smash everything in sight and destroy the whole city before the time runs out. You must press "1" NUMBER KEY in the welcome screen to get to the menu. In the game use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS or the ARROW KEYS to direct tornado. Smash ENTER KEY rapidly to expand tornado. If you destroy cars, trees or tee-pees, there is a chance you will get time bonus. Destroy police car to speed up your tornado. If you manage to destroy the whole city within given time limit you will get to the next level, where you must destroy even bigger city. Good luck!
point and click escape the room adventure game
Your aim in the last chapter in the amazing series (Trapped, Puruiste) is to escape from the jail. This game is full of cool movie scenes. Use YOUR MOUSE to examine, grab and use items and to talk to other inmates. Good luck!
sweet online game. Clone of break-out, arkanoid
Very Bear Brother
Very Bear Brother
Your goal in this break-out like online game is to use YOUR MOUSE to move this bear block and bounce the little bear to hit the bricks. White bricks start blinking when you hit them and after a while they are gone. Be sure to collect the falling stuff (except the violet grape, it will make your pad smaller). Have fun!
collect the red bubbles in this spacy ability game
Vorlon Wars
Vorlon Wars
Your mission in this ability flash game is to collect all the red bubbles on the screen and keep away from any vorlon craft. To wrap to the next level, you need to collect all the wrap coils (red bubbles) on that lever. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your spacecraft. To use an item click the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. When you first enter the area you will be invincible for approx 2 seconds. If you try to leave the game screen you will start to lose your shields. Your shields will also decrease if you hit anything that moves. When your shields reach zero the game will be over. Good luck!
beat em up flash game with sketchbook graphics
Tablet War
Tablet War
In this nice game with sketchbook type of graphics you just have to run and kill all your opponents. This game has several levels and different characters for you to battle. Use ARROW KEYS to move and hit "A" KEY to attack, "S" KEY to block and "D" KEY to jump. Note, your are able to run and block at the same time. I suggest you do plenty of blocking if you want to beat this game. Lets play!
yet another Tower Defense type game. Free games
Temple Guardian
Temple Guardian
Hooray, another Tower Defense style game is here again. This TD game sets itself apart by using new techniques; traps, targeting towers and creeps that retreat. This time you are in charge of guarding the sacred Temple and you have to drag and drop weapons and traps around the course to defeat waves of attack by alien animals and weird objects. When the Temples HP goes down to 0, the game is over. So keep enemies away from your temple. Have fun!
fun action and adventure game for kids of all ages
King of the Sky
King of the Sky
Your goal in this fun action flash game is to climb trees and ladders to collect fruits and stars but avoid the bad guys. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and hit SPACEBAR to attack. You have to collect a weapon before you can attack your enemies. Also be sure to collect all possible power-ups while avoiding traps. Collect all stars to open level access. Lets play!
flash game with Final Fantasy inspired graphics
Mardek RPG
Mardek RPG
Your goal in this amazing RPG game with Final Fantasy inspired graphics is to enter a magical kingdom to rescue the princess from the beast that is holding her at Craggy Peak. Use the ARROW KEYS or "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move. Use the "X" KEY to interact with things (eg. to open doors or talk to people). During a battle you need to use "A", "S" or "D" KEYS at the right moment. Press ENTER KEY to display the menu. I strongly advise you to check the in game guide before playing Mardek RPG to learn more about gameplay. Have fun!
help the alien to get through various mazes
Ploop Adventures
Ploop Adventures
Your goal in this funny game is to get to the end of the level without getting killed. Use the ARROW KEYS to move Ploop and do not touch anything that seems hurtful. Be very careful, there are lots of hidden traps. Also be sure to collect all the stuff. Click JUGAR to start the game. Good luck!
help krabs and plankton to rescue the recipe
Spongebob Trash Bash
Spongebob Trash Bash
Your mission in this fun Spongebob online game is to help childhood pals Krabs and Plankton to rescue the recipe for krabby patties before it gets lost in the trash dump. Collect the pieces of the ripped up recipe from the highest piles of thrash without being trapped by the debris. Use Krabby claws to break up platforms and race up the canyon. Use the ARROW KEYS to control Krabs. To help you reach distant items, grab and throw plankton with the SPACEBAR. He can then be controlled by tapping the ARROW KEYS. Return to Krabs to regain control of him. Lets play!
rescue the civilians who are stranded in a blizzard
Freeze Lifter
Freeze Lifter
Your goal in this little gravity-lander game is to pick up guys from skyscrapers and fly back to the base without bouncing against the buildings. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your chopper. You may need to fit into tight areas, press SPACEBAR to change directions. Land next to a civilian to pick them up and return to base to save the civilians. You get a fuel bonus for every civilian you save. Keep your eye on your console for all vital stats. Complete all 5 levels to finish the game and save humanity. Lets play!
Reach the flag in this very addictive flash game
Square Man
Square Man
Your goal in this very addictive platform game is to reach the flag to proceed to the next level. Use the ARROW KEYS to move through the maze and avoid all the deathtraps. Hop onto bounce pads to jump higher. You can go through walls without outlines. And be sure to avoid bad guys and get to the checkered flag. Have fun!
explore mysterious world in point-and-click adventur
Submachine 2
Submachine 2
Submachine 2 is the sequel to the original point-and-click adventure. Your goal is to explore this mysterious world, collect items and solve even more mind-boggling puzzles as you struggle to awaken from the dream you find yourself trapped in. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click on doorways and ladders to move around. Drag and drop inventory items to use them in key places. Submachine 2 will test your limits of creativity, but patience and persistence will pay off as you explore and reveal the mystery. Good luck!
evade spotlights, infra-red detectors, traps and bullets
Break In 2
Break In 2
This game combines elements of puzzle-solving, action and adventure in one and your aim is to evade spotlights, infra-red detectors, traps and bullets to reach the final destination. Pick up tools on the way to aid your break in. It has six levels with increasing degrees of difficulty and fun. Use "W", "A", "S" ,"D" KEYS to move around, use "H", "J", "K" KEYS to use tools and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
Japanese puzzle web game of the Play Station 2
Elvandia Story
Elvandia Story
Your goal in this great puzzle game with awesome graphics and sounds is to move land blocks to help the hero to move and collect points to reach the goal and complete stages before time is up. Use YOUR MOUSE and click the land block you want to move. It will move to the free space. You must create path from start to goal for your hero to complete a level. Good luck!
use bubble ray to create bubble traps around enemies
Defend Atlantis
Defend Atlantis
Your aim in this cool and interesting online game is to save the city of Atlantis. You have to use their bubble ray to create bubble traps around the enemies. Use YOUR MOUSE and click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, then draw a bubble, making sure to end up in the starting zone. You can create bubbles of a certain size at the beginning and each bubble uses up air from your meter. Dont worry, the air slowly fills up, and if you pop bubbles by clicking on them you will get air back too. Have fun!
find and escape with money  hidden in the house
Heist a Thiefs Nightmare
Heist a Thiefs Nightmare
Your goal in this point and click adventure game is to help a thief to find the money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house and then escape. In this adventure you face many obstacles, while basically looking around for items to complete your mission. The games toughest obstacles are the random death sequences, these are instances in which the house throws a random death-trap your way, all of these requiring split-second reaction time with a click of a mouse or a stroke of a key. Death-trap react buttons are all ARROW KEYS, SPACE BAR, and/or a MOUSE CLICK. Death-traps aside, Heist also consists of a series of puzzles to keep you thinking in the midst of all the horror. Enjoy!
help prisoner to survive and defeat a brutal monster
Arrival In Hell
Arrival In Hell
Your goal in this dark monkey island style puzzle game is to kill the monster and escape prison. Firstly, this game is quite high on the graphics side. So low quality is recommended (use "Q" KEY to toggle quality settings). Use YOUR MOUSE to point and click. This moves the character around the screen. You can click on objects to interact with them. Use the symbols in the bottom left corner to choose interaction mode (pick up, look, talk). You can combine objects by clicking on them in your inventory and using them with one another. Good luck!
kill all dangerous bugs in this free online shooter
Mindless Violence
Mindless Violence
Your mission in this online shooter game is to kill all bugs that are attacking you. If you let the bugs get too close to you they will hurt you. You can reload anytime, but dont get caught reloading while you are under heavy attack. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. (if you hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON many weapons switch to continual stream of rapid fire). Press SPACEBAR to reload. With multiple levels, unlockable weapons, and more dangerous monsterheads appearing in level after level makes this an awesome shooter. Have fun!
guide little kittens safely to the exit. Dont kill too many
Neko Juppiki
Neko Juppiki
Your goal in this Lemmings-like game is to guide little kittens safely to the exit. Dont kill too many in the process. You start out with a large group of cats on the top platform of the stage and you must get as many of the cats as possible down to the bottom. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to manipulate traps and trap doors. Have fun!
rescue Princess Yaya from the evil wizard Grizwald
Bow Adventure
Bow Adventure
Princess Yaya has been kidnapped by the evil wizard and is being held captive in Castle Doom. Your task, dear hero, is to save her from the wizards evil clutches and destroy his minions on the way. Climb up Castle Dooms walls and try not to get yourself killed. Beware on traps and other terrible things along the way. Use the ARROW KEYS to move, press DOWN ARROW KEY for shield. Hit SPACEBAR to power up. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Good luck hero!
move the sphere around the track and destroy virus
Hyper Sphere
Hyper Sphere
Your space station has been hijacked by a virus which has turned all on-board defenses against you. Your aim is to use the hyper sphere to collect all power crystals needed to destroy the virus and return control to humans. Move hyper sphere over checkpoints to activate them. You will continue the level from that point if you lose a life. Watch out for trap door, move over only when it is closed! Also avoid being shot by turret or plasma guns. Dont come into contact with droids, homing missiles and spider mines. Have fun!
find your way out of the Haunted House on Halloween
Haunted House
Haunted House
Your aim in this scary Hallowen game is to find your way out of the Haunted House where you are trapped. Choose your costume and start your mission. You will meet lots of ghosts on your way, be sure to avoid them, also avoid cats, bats and bony guys. Hitting obstacles will result in energy loss. You can increase your energy level by finding candies. Match keys with corresponding doors to access other rooms. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to pick up or use itmes. Lets play!
guide him to the Hamburger at the end of each level
Your goal in this game is to guide Hogbor to the Hamburger at the end of each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to control Hogbor and avoid enemies, walls and traps. Use "A" and "S" KEYS to move forward and back between the different Hogbor customizations. There are 52 in total. Most of them are the same size, but some are slightly bigger in case you want a tougher challende, and some are smaller to get through the most frustrating levels. There is a different ending for each of Hogbors. Make sure you check them all. To activate levers or switches or push things just move towards them. Red levers are normal, blue are timed so you will have to hurry and green ones require something to keep them down constantly. Skull levers activate traps. Ok, now you are ready to play. Good Luck!
help captain to recover top secret file stolen by terrorists
Capt Zambo Game
Capt Zambo Game
A top secret file from US defence has been stolen by terrorists of Iraq. And your mission is to recover this file. Firstly, you have to collect the key of the hill door, if you want to enter the enemy territory. The enemy has laid enough traps, mines, bombs and has armed terrorists guarding the path. Be careful of some easy steps. They may be traps laid to finish you. Cross these steps very fast by jumping over them real quick. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and hit "A" KEY to shoot. Have fun!
build a mousetrap to help Tom catch the Jerry
Toms Trap-o-Matic
Toms Trap-o-Matic
Your mission in the Tom and Jerry game is to build a mousetrap to help Tom catch the Jerry. First of all pick a room and try to catch the mouse. The trap-o-matic begins mousetrap near Tom. And tom needs your help to build a trap to the cage that will catch Jerry. Click on the Device library button and choose the type of device you want to use. Click and drag the device out of the library and place it on any active square. Place the device at the end of other devices arrow to make the connection. Keep adding other devices until you are ready to test the trap. Then click the Test Trap button at the top of the screen. Have fun witn tom and jerry!
go through Emperors dungeon and save your friend
Brutal Max 1
Brutal Max 1
Your mission in this fighting game is to help Max to go through Emperors dungeon and save his friend Indie who has been imprisoned in the dungeons. Max gets home from his vacation and sees the 33 messages on his answering machine from Indie pleading for Max to come and rescue him. Max, knowing full well that this is a trap, decides to go to the Emperors fortress anyway to save his beloved friend. Use your ARROW KEYS to control Max and press SPACEBAR to attack enemies with the sword. Good luck!
accuse the right person who commited a crime
Odd Job Jackuse
Odd Job Jackuse
Your objective in this cool internet game is to accuse the right person who commited a crime. You have to review the security tape and collect the evidence to catch the thief. There are 8 pieces of evidence you must find on the tape. You have 10 minutes but you will be penalized for false accusations. The faster you solve the crime the higher you score. The intro photograph indicated that the thief wore gloves, left traces of blood and had coffe stained clothes. Therefore the guilty party must have commited exact 8 acts that are described in in-game help under evidence option. You control the game with YOUR MOUSE, see in-game help for detailed description. Have fun!
online flash game promoting The Meltdown movie
Ice Age 2
Ice Age 2
Your aim in this funny Ice Age 2 game is to save all main heros of the movie who are trapped into colored ice cubes. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move Scrat and press your SPACEBAR to drop glacial cubes on beside like colored cubes to break them. If you break all the cubes Scrats friends will be set free. Can you save them all? Have fun!
dodge the security cameras and guards and escape
Security 2
Security 2
Your aim is to navigate the gangster through each level by using the ARROW KEYS avoiding security traps and guards. You may have to use certain areas of the level to control or disable security devices if unable to get through straight away. Walking directly under a camer or other security device will set it off due to small motion sensors, so be careful. Lets play!
aim your cannon and destroy attacking enemy units
Final Fortress
Final Fortress
Your aim in this nice game with perfect graphics is to defend your base against enemy attacks by shooting them with your cannon. To complete a mission you should destroy all the enemies without letting them to damage your cannon. You will earn cash in every level. You can use the cash to buy new units or to repair existing ones. To buy new units, click the build unit button on the top right side and select the desired unit. To repair all units click the repair unit button on the top right side. You can also repair or sell individual units, hold down your SPACEBAR and click on desired unit. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the cannon and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Enjoy!
fight your way through 10 battles and gain your freedom
Gladiator Arena
Gladiator Arena
Your aim in this flash game is to enter the Gladiator arena and fight your way through 10 battles to gain your freedom! You have to defeat your foe before the time runs out. As you continue in the game the enemies get tougher and will show no mercy. Also watch out for the mines and be sure to grab all power ups as they improve your health, speed, shield, give you rapid fire or paralyze your opponent. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
clean the windows of a tall building and stay alive
Sky Boy
Sky Boy
You are employed as a sky boy and your objective in this funny game is to clean the windows of a sky scrapper without falling on the ground. Dont stay in front of the opened window or dont stay in front of the window where you see any person trying to open it. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to whip the windows. You need to press SPACEBAR five times to clean the window perfeclty. Good luck!
rescue all the people who are trapped on enemy planet
Ufo Resquer
Ufo Resquer
Your mission in this flash game is to rescue all the people who are trapped on enemy planet. Use your ARROW KEYS to move the UFO sauce. Press SPACEBAR to pull people into the saucer. Beware of the enemy pods. Press "A" KEY to shoot enemy pods. Recharge your Fuel by landing on fuel station. Drop the rescued people into the Base station to proceed to the next level. Good luck!
take your ship and help aliens to rescue their missing kids
Your aim in this space game is to help friendly aliens to find their children. All of them are missing from home. It is something unusual and friendly aliends think they are in danger. So hurry up! Take your ship and rescue them. To clear a stage, you need to collect all the coins and keys to open the trap doors and pick the little green men. Be sure to avoid collision with walls and other obstacles. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to drop aliens. Good Luck!
destroy the enemy transports in this navy shooting game
Naval Strike
Naval Strike
An air-scout has tracked the secret sea lanes the enemy uses to deliver strategic cargos to the battlefields. You wield an agile aircraft armed with two rapid-fire machine guns and anti-ship torpedo missiles. Your task is to destroy the enemy transports. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your plane. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire machine guns and press SPACEBAR to release torpedo missile. Take care, the transports are under escort of the enemy military navy and air forces. Enjoy!
use your hook to swing from one block to another
Your objective in this simple but very very addictive game is to swing from one block to another and get as far as you can. To complete this task, you need to launch the grapple hook in a way that you can have enough swing to catch the next block. Aim using YOUR MOUSE and hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch the hook. Release the LMB to swing and fly further. My best score is 5372 meters. Can you do better than me? Good luck!
the EVIL bird flu has infected most of the world. Save us!
Bird Flu Game
Bird Flu Game
The EVIL bird flu has infected most of the world. The only way to protect your country is by making sure no birds or humans get in. With other words: Shoot the crap out of them! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to Buy Ammo. We believe you will save us!
guied your spacecraft and destroy enemy fleet.
Astro Blaster
Astro Blaster
In this cool space shooting flash game is to stay alive as long as possible and shoot down as many enemy UFOs as possible. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your ship. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Hit SPACEBAR to launch a nuke. And press SHIFT to use timewrap. Have fun!
ban Crap club from spamming popular BBS board.
The Ban Bin
The Ban Bin
The Crap Club is spamming up the NG BBS again. Admins are on banning spree. It is up to you to use the ban stick to keep all the spammers in the Ban Bin. If you do a good enough job, your ban stick will get some extra powers. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the stick and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to zap spammers to freeze them and send them towards the center. At 60 and 200 points, you get ban stick upgrades. At 400 points, you gain the ability to delete accounts, but only if the red bar is full. Have fun banning all assholes :)
attack of the influenza birds. Shoot them all.
Flu Birds Shooting
Flu Birds Shooting
Your aim is to stop an attack of the influenza birds in this game. You have 30 seconds to kill every chicken crossing your way. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and hold down LEFT MOUSE BUTTON for rapidfire. Shoot Green Chickens for bonus time. And be sure to shoot box with munition as well. Ozziog scored 24472 points. Beat that! Good luck!
avoid the bear traps while escaping the mad cook
Run Lil Broccoli
Run Lil Broccoli
The aim of this help is to help a lil broccoli to run away from the cruel cook. Use LEFT/RIGHT ARROWS to speed up/slow down. Watch out for beartraps, jump over them using "A" KEY. And of course beware of the cook, pick up bananas on the way and place them on the ground using "S" KEY. Have fun!
avoid the mines and collect diamonds in each level
Mr. Danger
Mr. Danger
The object of this game is to avoid the mines and collect diamonds and reach the goal flag in each level. First use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to draw a line, which is the pathway Mr. Danger will slide on. You can only draw a pathway when there is magic sand left (indicated at the left bottom of the screen). Dont make it too steep, he will fall through. If you think the line is alright and Mr. Danger will make it to the goal click "Go" button. He will walk on platforms, and you can move them by using your ARROW KEYS. If you think your level is total crap, you can remove everything by pressing "clear level" button. Good luck!
hunt down evil enemies on the highway. Play for free.
Insurance Hunter
Insurance Hunter
This game is similar to the old spy hunter game but with updated graphics. Control Stelios using your ARROW KEYS. Use your SPACEBAR to activate the chosen weapon. Watch out for other road user. You will lose points by using your weapon on them. Be careful not to colide with the side of the road, and be careful of oil spills and puddles. Good luck!
maneuver space ship without crashing
Iron Ranger Game
Iron Ranger Game
Use YOUR ARROW KEYS to fly your spaceship through various obstacle courses and reach the exit. Avoid crashing into the walls and all labyrinth traps. Follow the direction arrows and fly to the exit before the time runs out. After every level you need to travel through dangerous passage to reach next level. Good luck!
point and click adventure flash game. Play here!
Red Devil 2
Red Devil 2
A strange ship has crash landed on a house, you go towards it and you begin to investigate in this graphical adventure. Walk through the house, explore, pick up items, do quests and battle enemies. Use ARROW KEYS to move around and reach close to the orbs to enter a zone. Hit SPACEBAR to perform action or interact with the other characters. Have fun!
destroy the attacking hordes using flame power
Flame Out Game
Flame Out Game
You are trapped among hordes of chimeras who are attacking you. To survive you have to kill them all. Use YOUR MOUSE to turn around, and LEFT CLICK to shoot flames at the attacking Chimeras. You can also ignite the transmutation circle to set off one Hydrogen Blast per round, by glowing up all the flames around the circle. Lets Play!
internet game lead the ball to the warp square.
Ball Revamped
Ball Revamped
Use ARROW KEYS to move the ball. The object of this game is to find the wrap square on each level. Gently tap the up button to keep suspended in air, and then slowly start to use the left and right keys. Avoid the walls and go for the exit.
shoot flying cats in this funny online game.
Kitten Shooting
Kitten Shooting
It is simple: two kittens, two shots - make them count. There are 10 cats per round. And you need to equal or exceed round target to progress further into the game. Use your MOUSE to aim and fire shotgun (SPACEBAR to toggle graphics quality). Have Fun!
Online flash jumping platform game!
Cute flash graphics. Use your aiming system to fly your jet pack through the levels.

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