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point and click adventure escape game
Catastrophe Escape
Catastrophe Escape
Your objective in this point and click adventure escape game is to find a way to refuel your car and escape to safety. There's a tornado heading your way in Pine Studios' Catastrophe Escape, but your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere next to a deserted gas station, and if you want to escape the incoming storm, you'll need to scavenge for repair supplies and everything you need for the road. Good luck!
play fast paced action game
Slow Slaw
Slow Slaw
Your objective in this fast paced action game is to defeat the robots and get to safety as quickly as you can. Make use of the ability to control time to escape a secret government lab. Use up arrow key or W to jump and double jump. Use down arrow key or S to slide. Avoid bullets or shoot them. Press spacebar to enable normal time speed.Enjoy these fun free games!
run and jump escape game
Dino Run Enter Planet D
Dino Run Enter Planet D
Your goal in this run and jump escape game is to navigate your pixelated dinosaur along dreadful tracks to his target before he gets doomed. Outrun extinction and make your way to safety on Planet D. Get through each level as fast as possible while avoiding the wave of destruction closely following behind you. Collect DNA points along the way which can be used to improve your speed, jump, and other abilities. Can you find paradise on Planet D? Find out in this new set of weird Dino Run challenges. Good luck!
second part of cool ninja game
Shadow of the Ninja 2
Shadow of the Ninja 2
Your task in this cool ninja game is to use your newly acquired superjump ability in 15 new stealthy platforming levels. The plucky shadow warrior is back to rescue more innocent people from brutal imprisonment. Take on this heroic role in Shadow of the Ninja 2 and complete various missions. Sneak through enemy territory without being detected, free the prisoners of war and fight your way through the treacherous terrain back to safety using your awful skills and abilities. Good luck!
action packed driving shooting game
Madness on Wheels
Madness on Wheels
Your objective in this action packed driving shooting game is to survive as long as you can. A massive drug war has begin on the city streets! Race down the highway, eliminate the rival gang using RPGs and bullets and drive to safety in this awesome action driver. Use WASD or ARROW keys to drive. MOUSE to fire your turret. CTRL or SPACE to fire RPG rockets. Use the hard earned money to buy upgrades for your car and weapons. Complete the game and get all achievements to unlock two additional game modes. Good luck!
modern take on a classic puzzle game
Your goal in this modern take on a classic puzzle game is to guide you robots from their work place back home to safety after a long shift at work. Use the various controls and upgrades to guide them towards the next factory on time. You should control a robot and launch a factory. Use left mouse button to move and act. Take on the role of the engineer who has developed some awesome, but skillless Assembots. After assembly you need to test all machines and equip them with special abilities to get them through all obstructive courses. Enjoy!
point and click pirate game
3 Pandas
3 Pandas
Your objective in this point and click adventure game is to help 3 pandas that have been captured by pirates escape the pirate ship, get through the jungles on the island and past the tribal people. Avoid the tribes and navigate the jungle to make it to safety. Use each pandas special abilities in order to survive. Lets play!
great apocalyptic action game
Dead Paradise
Dead Paradise
Your mission in this great apocalyptic action game is to survive and get ticket to a safety zone. Drive your car and need to make it to a so called Paradise. Your gun, installed on the car, shoots automatically. Pick up various icons to get extra fuel and rockets. Good luck!
Fun save people from water physics puzzle platformer game
Underwater: Curse of the Golden City
Underwater: Curse of the Golden City
In this awesome physics puzzle platformer game, your mission is to save all of the people in each level from drowning. Use stones, life savers, and other objects to push aside obstacles so that each person can float to safety. Do you think you have what it takes to beat all of the levels? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to place an object in the level. Have fun and good luck!
Fun save people from water physics puzzle platformer game
Underwater Curse of the Golden City
Underwater Curse of the Golden City
In this awesome physics puzzle platformer game, your mission is to save all of the people in each level from drowning. Use stones, life savers, and other objects to push aside obstacles so that each person can float to safety. Do you think you have what it takes to beat all of the levels? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to place an object in the level. Have fun and good luck!
fun and challenging point and click stickmen puzzle game
Stick Save 2
Stick Save 2
This is one challenging point and click puzzle game. Your goal is to save all of the stickmen from death and danger in this amusement park! Can you lead all of the stickmen to safety? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on the environment to interact with it. You will need to click on the environment in the correct order to save all of the stickmen! Do you think you can figure out the puzzle and save everyone in time? Good luck!
fun puzzle arcade game
Dibbles for the Greater Good
Dibbles for the Greater Good
Your task in this fun arcade game inspired by Lemmings is to help these little guys get their king to safety. Select one of a limited number of commands available each level and get the king safely to the exit while saving as many Dibbles as you can. The Dibbles will carry out any order you give them, even if it means sacrificing their lives. Use YOUR MOUSE to place command stones for the Dibbles. The first Dibble to encounter the stone will carry out your orders. Have fun!
retro, arcade like zombie shooter
Your mission in this fun zombie shooting game is to play as Anthony or Jon and brave through a bizarre world of zombie apocalypse. Each of them have different weapons, actions and special move. Kill zombies and head north for safety. Rescue survivors and bring them to safety and earn rewards. You can also search for weapons, health or cash by standing near an object. There are different skill to be upgraded. Refer to the progress book from the pause menu to find out how. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press "R" KEY to reload. Use "E" KEY for action. Press SPACEBAR for special. Have fun!
control air traffic in this fun game
Sky Control
Sky Control
Your task in this air traffic control simulator is to take responsibility for air traffic safety and lead the planes to the exit beacons while collecting power-ups and dealing with thunderstorms, birds, wind and UFOs. You must always match the exit beacon color with the plane color. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the plane and drag to set the new heading then release the button. If any of the planes crash down or if two planes collide, the game is over. Good luck!
save your coconuts from greedy harvesters
Your task in this fun skill game is to get guide the coconut back to safety after the coconut harvesters had taken you from your home up in the trees. Roll your coconut back home through a series of 35 fun and challenging levels. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move your coconut. Be careful, there are lots of variations of surfaces: Normal, damaged, with spikes, slippery, reversing etc. Have fun!
protect your pigs from underground dangers
Truffle Hunter
Truffle Hunter
Your goal in this 24 levels of hectic Pig Mayhem is to guide your pack of Truffle pigs to safety collecting diamonds and Truffles and try to avoid the perils of deep earth excavation. Keep your pigs safe and avoid poisonous shrooms, toxic gas and being zapped by electric. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag to excavate the ground around your team of pigs. Keep your pigs safe while truffle hunting. You must have at least one pig left at the end in order to progress to new levels. Have fun!
infect the ships guidance system as an AI to escape
Ghost Guidance
Ghost Guidance
Your mission in this interesting shooter is to help the first self aware artificial intelligence to infect ships’ guidance systems to escape. Try to infect any ship you come across to escape humanity and ensure your safety. Use the ARROW KEYS to guide yourself through space. Possess ships by moving into them, destruct the useless hulls and empty vessels by pressing "S" KEY and fire any and all available on board weapons by pressing "A" KEY. Good luck!
Defend Odin city from the approaching mass
Creeper World Training Simulator
Creeper World Training Simulator
Many worlds have fallen to the Creeper and now the final stronghold is under attack. You will receive proper training so you can fight this scourge. Defend Odin city from the approaching mass and fight your way towards the transportation portals. You must ensure a steady energy supply and build towers to push back the enemy. Activate all Rift totems to escape the territory. Push the advancing Creeper back and activate all Rift totems to transport Odin city to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to select a structure at the bottom left and place it on the map. Build collectors to provide energy and towers to fight the Creeper. Make sure all structures are connected to the city. Good luck!
fly all members of Bobs family to safety
Mount Eruption
Mount Eruption
Your mission in this online game is to rescue Bob's family by reaching all minimum safety distances for each character. There are 4 characters that you must rescue. If your character make contact with a giant bird and a tree, they will be thrown upward and fly further. Make roll and style points to get more upgrade points. Buy upgrades between the throws. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to rotate the character so they can land on their feet. Press "P" KEY during the game to pause the game and show the menu. Each character possesses 3 special poses, use the special combination to pose in mid air. Good luck!
play an unique arcade puzzle game on FunnyGames
Water Werks
Water Werks
Your task in this unique puzzle game is to get your blobs to the exits using only running water and a hosepipe. Use YOUR MOUSE to spray water from your hose to get the blobs to safety. Try to collect the gems to get bonus points. You can't spray the blobs directly. Instead you have to spray the scenery. You can't spray the water jet through certain objects, work out which ones for yourself. You can change the spread of your nozzle jet using LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS or the on-screen slider. Have fun!
draw wtih mouse to build towers in this tower defense game
Savior TD
Savior TD
Your mission in this tower defense game with a twist is to defend the Kingdoms of Light against the hordes of Kailgerwrath. In this defense game you must summon guardians of protection, using a unique casting system. Evoke great magic with each movement of the mouse; wield powerful “Soul Magic” to bring into being your favorite protectors. Cast, Bomb and Upgrade your way to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to control this game. Draw rune symbols with the mouse to build towers (just hold the left mouse button and start dragging). The runes are shown on the panel at the bottom. You can upgrade and sell using the same system. Collect the souls (your money) by mousing over them once the creeps die. Click on tiles to place or select towers. Good luck!
bounce the kittens to safety in this free game
Plague of Kittens
Plague of Kittens
Your objective in this little fun game is to use your bouncy pad to bounce the kittens to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the pad. If you bounce the kittens really low they can land and walk away. Points are awarded for bouncing kittens. Extra lives are awarded for saving kittens. Have fun!
bounce pels to safety in this online game
Your task in this fun game is to let the Pels bounce to safety by catching them with your paddle. Don't let the Pels fall. Be sure to catch the power-ups to help you. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move the paddle. Press ESC to pause the game. Have fun!
help the crow to get out of the tunnels
A Crow In Hell
A Crow In Hell
Your objective in this fun game that requires skill and patience is to avoid all dangers and guide the crow to the safety. After being unfortunately shot down to hell by a redneck hunter, the crow must find its way out of the tunnels and back outside so it can get its revenge. Find as many keys and you can unlock challenges. Use the ARROW KEYS to control the crow. Good luck!
run, do not stop, do not fall off, have fun
Run Game
Run Game
Your task in this action game is to control the running man and guide him to safety. Do not fall off. Do not give up. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to jump. Touch the side of the tunnel to rotate it. Controls can be changed in the options menu. Have fun!
help out Mr Johnson to avoid hazards and reach exit
Look Out Mr Johnson
Look Out Mr Johnson
Your goal in this fun Halloween game is to guide Mr. Johnson to safety. To do so, you have to frighten him to make him turn around, duck and jump. Mr Johnson is scared of the pink ghost. And you control the ghost with YOUR MOUSE. Click above Mr. Johnson to to make him duck, click below him to make him jump, click next to him to make him turn around. You will see special symbol near the ghost sometimes. It means you can interact with things. Press "A" KEY to interact with objects. Have fun!
save the world from the evil Chef BooBoo
Cake Quest
Cake Quest
Hurry up! In this fun game you must save the world from the evil Chef BooBoo. He has stolen all the cakes and you're the only one who can help bring them back to safety. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press SPACEBAR to run. You can only run when you are fat. Eat cake pieces to gain weight. To beat level 3, you must kill the block on the left and the one on the right. Then go on the spring and push the big block down. Now lower the other block. Use up your gas now so you can jump higher, then push the block to a spot where you can reach the cake. Good luck!
do not let the bombs kill your soldiers
Run Soldier Run
Run Soldier Run
Your objective in this simple but fun flash game is to command the soldiers and avoid bombs as you try to run to safety. Keep at least one of your men alive. You will get additional men as you make it longer, but don't worry, they won't stay for long :) Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move and UP or DOWN ARROW KEYS to spread out/close in. Good luck!
follow the story of Jack in this shooting game
Jack The Fugitive
Jack The Fugitive
Your mission in this online shooter called Jack th Fugitive is to help Jack shoot his way to freedom as he tries to find his wife and find out what is outside the city walls. Grab your ammo and turn the safety off for this run and gun adventure. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS or ARROW KEYS to move. Press "Q" KEY or CTRL to pickup weapon and hit "E" KEY or SHIFT to switch weapons. Good luck!
save Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman
South Park Alien Chase
South Park Alien Chase
Grey aliens in local cop cars are chasing the boys! And your goal is to help Chef to drive the station wagon to bring the children to safety. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the car. You can collect Oil refill, shotgun ammo, spikes, grenades, dynamite and rockets on your way. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to let hem go. Fix your car by picking up wrenches. Good luck!
it is up to you to save people, animals and TV sets
Save Me 2
Save Me 2
Your goal in this online flash game is to fix the mess caused by drug-crazed city zoo animals and save the people, save the animals and save the TV. Remember, catching the furniture is optional, but if you miss a person or animal, you will lose a life. Watch out, you cant save some things - an elephant will squash you, a lion will kill you, a grenade will blow you to hell and back and the 10 ton weight will do what a ton weight does to people. Also try to catch the power-ups, they will help you with your rescue efforts. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to launch the parachute power-up. Good luck!
dodge security cameras and help piggy to escape
Little Pig Adventure
Little Pig Adventure
Your aim in this french online game is to guide the little piggy to safety (exit point) by dodging security cameras. Be sure to collect all the coins to earn maximum points. Use YOUR MOUSE and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON click on the location on game screen and the pig will walk there automatically. Plan your movement carefully as the moving cameras will spot you if you walk from starting position directly towards the exit point. Good luck!
guide stick man to safety in this point and click game
Stickman Odo 1
Stickman Odo 1
Your aim is to guide stick man to safety in this point and click game. Use YOUR MOUSE to click at the right place and at the right time to make Odo perform actions. Stickman will follow your instructions. Be careful, if you give him wrong instructions he will lose his life. Luckily, you can retry a level again and try to complete the game. Have fun!
use the trampoline to bounce the bombs to safety game
Use the trampoline to bounce the BLACK bombs falling from window and move them to safety without dropping them on the ground. Avoid the RED bombs. Collect KABOOM letters to get an extra live and bonus points. Use YOUR MOUSE to control trampoline. Good luck!

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