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blood time again - kill all enemies in this game
Absolute Madness
Absolute Madness
There is no meaning in this shooting game. Only Madness! It is time to fight your way through waves of enemies, zombies, and bosses. Use \"W\", \"A\", \"S\", \"D\" KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Hit \"Q\" or \"E\" KEYS to switch weapons. You can press \"P\" KEY to pause/unpause the game. Do not waste your time and go blast away enemies that appear on the screen. Have fun!
beat up bad guys in this action platfor adventure
Danny Phantom Freak for All
Danny Phantom Freak for All
Freakshow, demented circus maniac, has escaped with the reality gauntlet and your mission in this popular game is to save the world and find all four gems before Freakshow does. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Check in-game instructions for combo moves. Press the SPACEBAR to attack enemies and press "G" KEY to change to ghost. Beware of laser beams. The red ones can hurt any person who passes through them, but they dont hurt you if you are a ghost. The green laser beams only hurt ghosts, switch back to normal and you will not get hurt. Good luck!
it is like shinobi on the sega genesis
Super Ninja Strike
Super Ninja Strike
Your mission in this ninja online game is to use your ninja skills to slaughter all the enemies. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to sneak around, UP ARROW KEY to jump (tap it again while in the air for double jump)and DOWN ARROW KEY to duck. Press "A" KEY to throw a shuriken. Press "S" KEY to strike your sword. You can use your sword to dodge the incoming knifes and destroy the wooden boxes. These boxes contain items you can collect, but be careful sometimes the content may be dangerous. Press "D" KEY to release the great powers of ninjutsu (use it wisely because the amount of it is limited). Good luck!
mixture of role playing game and shooting game
Evil Nights
Evil Nights
Your mission in this action shooter RPG is to defend the little village from the evil. You play the protecter of Thruxton a demonic attack ravaged town in the middle of no where. Demons only attack at night and all hell breaks loose. You have to prepare for this battle during day time. Do not let the demons kill anymore people. Use the ARROW KEYS or "A", "S", "W", "D" KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press "Q" KEY to use healing potion and "E" KEY to use will potion. Use the MOUSE WHEEL or 1-9 NUMBER KEYS to select spells. Read in-game How to play to learn more about spells and game elements. Good luck!
kill loads of zombies in this shooting flash game
Zombie Slayer
Zombie Slayer
Your mission in this online flash game is to kill loads of zombies using various weapons and try to stay alive. Enter the grave yard and slaughter the unarmed undead at first sight. You will have many weapons to choose from including chainsaw. Use "W", "A", "D" KEYS to move around and use YOUR MOUSE to aim. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to attack. You can use 1-6 KEYS to change weapons. Good luck!
great platform jump and run action game
Fireman Incoming Storm
Fireman Incoming Storm
Your mission in this great side-scrolling platform game is to help the Fire Man to make his way through enemies and proceed to the exit door of the level, to advance to the next level. Every level has a different mission and also different enemies. Use the ARROW KEYS to run and jump. Hit CTRL KEY to shoot and press SHIFT KEY to slide. Have fun!
street bashing game with role playing elements
Swords Saga
Swords Saga
Your goal in this awesome side scrolling sword fighting game with RPG elements is to fight to the death. Be patient the game comes in at 14.5 megabytes. First, set up your hero, give him a name and finish the points assignment. In the game use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS for movement, press "U" KEY to pickup items, "J" KEY to attack with sword, "K" KEY to jump, "I" KEY to discard and "H" KEY for menu. In the menu you can use items, select weapons and assign earned experience points. During your journey you will learn some combo attacks. Enjoy this very nice game!
battle your way through an arena killing enemies
Magic Sword
Magic Sword
Your goal in this side-scrolling fighting game is to battle your way through an arena killing different enemies and bosses. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Press "J" KEY to attack, "K" KEY to jump, "L" KEY to block, "I" KEY for menu. And use ";" KEY to Element Elf and "O" KEY to unsummon Elf. Have fun!
blow up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squish people
Collateral Damages
Collateral Damages
Your mission in this catchy destruction robot game is to produce some collateral damage blowing up cop cars, helicopters, buildings and squishing people. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control mech walking direction. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to aim your weapon. Press "Z" KEY to fire. Keep on firing on targets until they explodes. You can drop energy shields to protect from enemy fire by pressing "X" KEY. Use SPACEBAR to jump (hold it down for higher jump). Good luck!
sidescroller fighting game with a bunch of knife action
Ways Hero
Ways Hero
Your mission in this side-scroller fighting game with a bunch of knife action is to kill all your enemies. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your fighter and press "J" KEY to attack and "K" KEY to jump. Press "J" + "K" KEYS together for super punch and when the green bar at the top is full you can press "S", "S", "W", "J" KEYS in sequence for super powerful attack. Good luck!
beat up bad-ass guys in this ghetto brawl game
Mobs Down
Mobs Down
Your goal in this fighting game is to show your street fighting skills and beat up bad-ass guys in this ghetto brawl. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around, hit SPACEBAR to jump. Use "X" KEY to kick, "C" KEY to punch and "V" KEY to pick up stuff. By pressing kick and punch controls fast enough you can compose different combos and earn extra points. Have fun!
smash the enemy sticks before they get you
Stick Smasher
Stick Smasher
Your objective in this stick fighting game is to smash the enemy sticks before they get you. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press "A" KEY to smash enemies. Hit SPACEBAR to jump and use "D" KEY for special move. Touch bombs next to enemies to receive bonus points. You get life for every enemy you explode. Have fun!
pretty fun space shooter game. Play here for free
Sword of Orion
Sword of Orion
Your mission in this side scrolling arcade shooter is to fly through space and shoot enemies with 12 levels of weapons. Do your best to collect power-ups because it will help you defeat enemy bosses faster. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around and press the SPACEBAR to shoot. Have fun!
help spider-man to pass all obstacles. Have fun
Spiderman City Raid
Spiderman City Raid
This fun game is similar to Double Wires Game. Your goal is to use the wires and help spider-man to pass all obstacles and score the most points. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on where you want to shoot your strings. Good luck!
play cool side scrolling fighting games online
Konka A66
Konka A66
Your goal in this side scrolling fighting game is to control the cell phone and get rid of the bad guys. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Press "J" KEY to attack, "K" KEY to jump, "I" KET to flash and hit "L" KEY to catch opponent. Use 1-5 NUMPAD KEYS to use special items. There will be lots of baddies trying to kill you. You can use throwing blades, guns and ultimate skills to knock them out Try to save powerful items until a strong opponent arrives. Use your power-up (numpad5) only when your health is low. Have fun!
kill all the badguys using your guns and grenades
Private Pwn
Private Pwn
Your objective in this fun shooting game is to eliminate the enemy boss in each round. Their loyal soldiers will attack you throughout the round to make it harder for you. To kill a boss, you must shoot him until he dies. Some bosses are hard to killl, so collect all powerup orbs to get a new weapon for a short amount of time. Each orb has a different color and each gives you a different gun. Go pwn them!
destroy a deady weapons of mass destruction
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Black Ops Korean Conflict
Your mission in this great shooting flash game is to locate and neutralize a deadly weapons of mass destruction developed by North Koreans. There are three informers on the ground that will brief you on the mission. You must be very carefull during your mission and always try to stay out of sight and strike at the right moment. Climb trees and buildings to avoid detection. Use "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to move around, use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to select your weapon and hit "E" KEY to open door. To look around press SPACEBAR. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to use your weapon. Be sure to come through Training Mission, if will show you some tips and tricks. Good luck!
survive the worst day in your life and visit your friend
Be Bad
Be Bad
It seems that you dont have a very good day. You will have many problems right after you wake up in this side scrolling flash game. Your aim is to reach the friends home safely after passing through various buildings. Dodge various obstacles, punch people to get them off your way, open the doors etc. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump and attack or perform action by pressing SPACEBAR. Have fun!
help Polo get back his football by squirting enemies
Aqua Slug
Aqua Slug
Your mission in the Aqua Slug flash game is to help Polo get back his football by squirting enemies with variety of cool squirt guns. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move around. Press DOWN or UP ARROW to aim down or up. Press "A" KEY to lock aim (strafe), press "S" KEY to jump and hit "D" KEY to fire. To fall through platform press DOWN ARROW + "S" KEY. Be sure to collect various powerups (available only in easy and medium mode) to upgrade your weapon, power or health. And try to collect all 27 Sand dollars for special bonuses. Have fun!
destroy enemy gangs, face the Mafia and survive
Streets of Valhalla
Streets of Valhalla
Objective of this gang wars game is easy, you just need to stay alive. Dodge cars and shoot them, dont let anything get in your way. Colliding with cars, and receiving fire from them will result with you losing armor. If your truck has no more armor, it is game over. You can buy upgrades as you advance through the game, using your money. You will earn cash for destroying enemy cars. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around, press SPACEBAR to drop grenade, hit CTRL KEY to drop power bomb, and hit 1-5 KEYS to toggle weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Have fun!
sprint for your life through the World War 2 game
Stalingrad Sprint
Stalingrad Sprint
In this game you play a Russian soldier in WW2 and your aim is to dodge the incoming artillery shells while shooting the nazis. Use the ARROW KEYS to sprint for your life through the World War 2 streets of Stalingrad. And press SPACEBAR to fire. Ricky of clan surivived 140 seconds. Beat that!
kill all the soldiers attacking you on the moon
Moon Sweeper
Moon Sweeper
Your aim in this addictive shooting internet game is to kill all the alien soldiers attacking you on the moon. Avoid all their shoots and destroy dangerous shooting turrets before they kill you. Also collect different weapons to improve you firing power. Use grenades to kill more aliens at once. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to throw a grenade. And press ENTER to pick up a weapon. Good luck!
make your way through the world of nightmares
Nightmare Kingdom
Nightmare Kingdom
Last night you ate too much cheese while watching a low budget horror movie. You went to bed for a good nights sleep, only to wake up in a world of nightmares. Your aim is to make your way through the world of nightmares. Be sure to collect all available power-ups and kill all enemies on your way. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump and LEFT or RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left or right. Press SPACEBAR to attack. Have fun!
shoot down the evil clowns in action shoot em up game
Clown Killer 2
Clown Killer 2
In this side scrolling shooting game you have to eliminate all evil clowns who got poisoned by mad Doctor X and become murderous monsters. And it is your job to clean streets of crazed clowns so all the citizens will be safe. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, and press "J" KEY to dive left, "L" KEY to dive right, and "K" KEY to shoot! Be sure to collect health power-ups on your way. Have fun!
destroy the enemy by firing missiles from your bus
Bridge Bomber Bus
Bridge Bomber Bus
You drive a bomber bus in this side scrolling shooting game. Your objective is to destroy kill all enemies, copters and tanks and collect as many points as possible before they destroy your bus. Use "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to control your bus. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire a missile. Don't forget to grab ammo packs whenever you find them. Have fun!
guide Mario in this exciting fun platform game
Super Mafia Bros
Super Mafia Bros
In this flash game, Mario is equipped with a lethal weapon and you can shoot down all the enemies that come along your way. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to move lieft and right. Hit "X" KEY to jump and press "C" KEY to shoot the baddies. You can also stomp on the Goombas to kill them, but be careful if you touch them you'll lose a life and you've to start all over again. Have fun!
controld stickman and kill your enemies in this game
Elysium Man
Elysium Man
Elysium Man is cool stickman fighting game. You have to guide the hero through various levels. Kill all the enemy fighters who cross your path. And be sure to watch out for other dangerous threats. Also be sure to pick up the special power ups that you find along the way. Use your LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to Walk (hold SHIFT along with ARROW KEYS to Run), to Jump hit UP ARROW KEY and to Duck hit DOWN ARROW. For Quick Punch press "A" KEY, Hard Punch "S" KEY, Hard Kick "D" KEY and Quick Kick "F" KEY. Press SPACEBAR to block enemy punches. Good luck!
help cupid to save Valentines day by defeating demons
Armor Cupid
Armor Cupid
Help Cupid in this side scrolling game to defeat the weird looking demons and save the valentines day. His love arrows wont work on the demons, so he puts his armor and wquips his aura arrows. Now it is time to destroy those Demons. Use your ARROW KEYS to move and YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. You can float in the air by clicking Shoot and pressing Jump keys repeatedly while in the air. Have fun!
shoot down the bandits who have robbed the bank
Happy and Smile
Happy and Smile
This is pretty addictive side scrolling shooting flash game. Choose your character and get to the action. Use your LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move, DOWN ARROW to crouch, and "A" KEY to attack, "S" KEY to jump, and "D" KEY for special attack. These are just basic controls, go through the instructions in the game to learn all the combo attacks. Have fun!
use tanks, fly helicopters and kill enemies in sweet flash
Super Soldier
Super Soldier
In this sweet flash side scrolling shooting game you have to survive and convert all enemy flags and then head back. You can drive tanks and fly chopeers. Use your ARROW KEYS to move or aim and use "A" KEY to jump/exit vehicle, "S" KEY to shoot/drop bomb and "D" KEY to enter vehicle. Have fun!
defend your base from the attack of the aliens.
Wasted Sky
Wasted Sky
In this cool side scrolling shoot em up game, you have to protect your space station form attacks of alien ships. Be sure to collect powerups to enchance your weapons, and collect shields to protect your ship. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your ship. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire lasers or other weapons. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire continuously. Best luck!
defeat all the Samurais and Bosses as Bruce Lee
Fierce Fighter
Fierce Fighter
Flash side scrolling fighting game. You, Bruce Lee, have to fight your way through the enemy land full of Samurai warriors and their bosses. The yellow line means murderous look and will increase when you hit your enemy. Once the word Skill appears, you can use Tullong feet, and when word Kill appears you can use the mose murderous action. Basic controls are ARROW KEYS for movement, and "A", "S", "D", "W" KEYS to attack or block. See ingame help for special moves. Have fun!
side scrolling space shooter. Save your planet.
Allied Assault
Allied Assault
Your aim is to annihilate all the invaders and save the planet! Be sure to collect all bonuses on your way. They will help you in your fight against alien. Use your ARROW KEYS to control your spaceship. Press CTRL KEY to shoot and press SPACEBAR to drop bombs. Have fun!
fight the undead creatures and slaughter them all
Fear Unlimited
Fear Unlimited
Econ, The master of slaughter chose to rebel agains the undead and slay an immortal. Use LEFT/RIGHT ARROW to move left/right. Hit "A" KEY to jump, "S" KEY to shoot your uzi and "D" KEY for sword attack to slay a minimum number of undead to complete a level. These are just basic controls, in tutorial you will learn his special unholy powers and master his combos to find the most efficient style of combat. Have fun!
control your space ship, destroy all rebel crafts.
Metal Warth
Metal Warth
In this side scrolling space shooter, destroy all rebel machines. Try to collect all of power ups and special weapons that appears in your way. Use ARROW KEYS to control your space craft, and press "A" KEY to fire. Kill as many enemy units as possible to refill the special gauge at the bottom right. Once filled, you may press "E" or "R" KEY to utilize a powerfil special attack or press "F" KEY to repair your shield to prolong your life. Good luck!
guide robotic dude in farmlands and kill enemies.
Robo Farmer
Robo Farmer
You have to walk with your robotic farmer through the farmlands and shoot down all the baddies. Collect the ammo, health bags, armor and money dropped by the enemy warriors after you kill them. At the end of each level you can upgrade your weapons and buy new ones. Read in-game instructions for useful hints and for detailed controls. Have fun!
guide tough fighter through forest and fight enemy.
Dynasty Warrior
Dynasty Warrior
In this side scrolling game you have to guide Guan Yu to make his way through the forest and save himself in the end. You will be atacked by numerous enemy soldiers and archers. Use W,A,S,D KEYS to move Guan Yu. Hit "K" KEY to jump, "J" KEY to attack enemy, "U" KEY to select weapon and "I" KEY to use special attack. Go get them!
kill as much drunk zombies as possible.
Graveyard of Drunken Souls
Graveyard of Drunken Souls
Use your ARROW KEYS to move and jump. Hit "A" KEY to attack. When you kill 100 enemies, you can choose from 3 God-powers. Press 1, 2 or 3 KEY to use one of them. The reckoner's high score is 51850. Lets compete! invincibility
kill innocents, soldiers and other guys with your hero.
Metal Slug Rampage
Metal Slug Rampage
Marco is sick of shooting bad guys and being kind to people. He wants to do something for fun. So now he has decided to go on a rampage in his metal slug killing everyone who comes in his way. Use the ARROW KEYS to move left and right. Hit "A" KEY to shoot, press "S" KEY to jump, hit "D" KEY to throw a greande. Have fun!
free scrolling game to play on internet.
Nemos Revenge
Nemos Revenge
You are Captain Nemo and that no-good squid just stole the nautilus power source. A rare giant pearl. You must retrieve the pearl, or you will be stuck on the bottom of the sea forever. Target the fish with YOUR MOUSE, then click LMB to fire. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Lets Play!
beat the shit out of elderly people.
This game has about 4MB so be patient it may take some to load. But the waiting is worth it.
This is one funny flash game. You are cleaning guy in big retirement vila. But thier profits
go down and so they fire you. So you got mad and decide to beat the shit of its occupants.
Use "ARROW KEYS" to walk, if you want to run, "double tap ARROW KEY". Use "A" to atack or grab
enemies. Use "S" key to pick up, throw, open and use "D" key for desperation move. Have Fun!

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