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space combat simulation game in full 3D
Space Flash Arena 2
Space Flash Arena 2
Your mission in this 3D space combat simulation game is to defeat AI-driven enemies, who are attacking from all sides. Collect tons of guns and missiles and also gain medals for mastering each of the six maps. Good luck!
simulation strategy fighting game
Awesome Conquest
Awesome Conquest
Your mission in this simulation strategy fighting game is to gather a powerful army, build mines in order to earn gold and purchase equipment for all your soldiers. The reds have taken over our land - build up your army and take it back! Incrementally develop your city. Build up your mining capability to earn more cash, build up your temple to call on Acts of God and build up your military to go into battle. Can you defend your land from the red army!? Think strategic and build your own empire! Good luck!
tycoon shopping mall simulation game
Shop Empire 3
Shop Empire 3
Your objective in this tycoon shopping mall simulation game is to build, manage and maintain the greatest shopping mall that the Medieval world has ever seen. This is the best way to improve your leading skills. Build stores and make the most powerful medieval business. Little Giant World basically wrote the book on how to make cute, teeny-tiny sims for your browser (since Kairosoft basically has the mobile market cornered), and not much has changed, with a lot of colour and personality packed into this curiously addictive game. Good luck!
physics based hockey simulation game
Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2
Accurate Slapshot Level Pack 2
Your mission in this physics based hockey simulation game is to shoot and rebound hockey pucks into each level's goal as quickly as you can. Use your stick to shoot the puck over obstructive objects into the goal. Remember that you have to aim very precisely and score fast to earn much points. Control the hockey stick by moving or dragging your mouse to a certain direction. Good luck!
realtime strategy goes scifi in this game
Galaxy Harvest
Galaxy Harvest
Your mission in this realtime strategy sci-fi game is to harvest biomass to keep an advanced civilization running. You will lead your biomass company and try to make it bigger by conquering the galaxy in Galaxy Harvest. It is a mix between the business time management. Play galaxy harvest a simulation based strategy game and command an entire production facility in outer space as you. Good luck!
fun management simulation game
Fishtopia Tycoon
Fishtopia Tycoon
Your mission in this fun management simulation game is to make your fish shop to be a huge success and become a millionaire. Breed and catch fish to grow your company and become a real Fishtopia Tycoon. Complete different quests to unlock new features in this fun game. Run, build and manage your very own fishing company, all the way from catching fish, to selling them to customers. Lets play!
space combat game simulation in full 3D
Space Flash Arena
Space Flash Arena
Your mission in this space combat game simulation in full 3D is to defeat AI-driven enemies, who are attacking from all sides. The aliens are about to attack the galaxy. The defenders start their engines immediately and begin trying to repel the attack. Their armies are very powerful, thus looks like we will have to do something urgently, otherwise it won't be a problem for them to capture not only the galaxy, but also the whole Universe. In this cool Space Flash Arena shooting game you can collect tons of guns and missiles and also gain medals for mastering each of the six maps. Have fun!
sequel to the RPG simulation game
Valthirian Arc 2
Valthirian Arc 2
Your goal in this sequel to the RPG simulation game is to take the role of the principal of a new academy and create an environment that will attract new students. Train students and send them on various quests with the goal of becoming the best academy in the kingdom. Use your gold to build classrooms and facilities that will improve your school and help your students succeed. Errand quests are simple affairs where you simply pick the most qualified student for the job and send them off for a while, allowing you to continue to manage the school as usual while they're gone. Gameplay is simple, sure, but it's also casually engaging and addictive, with a lot of secrets to find and things to unlock. Enjoy!
fun simulation strategy game
Pre Civilization Stone Age
Pre Civilization Stone Age
Your mission in this fun simulation strategy game is to manage your ancient tribe and increase their strength and knowledge. Lead your own tribe from first human-primates that lived 4 million years ago to the first civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Develop your primitive encampment to a full city. grow your population, manage your workers, research technologies. build, evolve, fight and survive. It is simple, really funny game. Took me a little while to get the hang of how fast you should get your pop to grow rather than anything else. Enjoy!
sequel of the cool tactical war simulation game
Endless War 7
Endless War 7
Your mission in this sequel of the cool tactical war simulation game is to protect your territory against waves of incomming enemies and try to survive as long as possible. Upgrade your abilities, call in air support to deliver punishing fire to the enemy, and unlock new and better tanks as you single-handedly turn the tide of battle. Prepare to face new enemies and try new tanks in the 7th installment of the Endless War series. Take command of historically accurate tanks in some of the most important battles of World War 2 as you fight for freedom. Good luck!
simulation game from the creator of Shop Empire and Resort Empire
Happy Tower
Happy Tower
Your goal in this fun simulation game from the creator of Shop Empire and Resort Empire is to build and improve your skyscraper, make people happy, develop your own business. Build accommodation and hire staff to serve the visitors. Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves! Some cleaning and maintenance tasks you have to do yourself. Check in game instructions for more info. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Have fun!
develop colonies on Mars in simulation game
Mars Colonies
Mars Colonies
Your mission in this cool simulation strategy game is to develop colonies on planet Mars. It is up to you to build a colony for science. Build various structures, and use cables and pipes to supply the energy and water that is necessary to power them. Structures will produce food, oxygen, other essentials for living on Mars. Hire colonists and assign jobs to ensure that your operations run smoothly. Hire skillful colonists, help them survive marsquakes, dust storms and other threats, and build the most successful colonies on Mars. Good luck!
follow-up to simulation strategy game
The Kings League Odyssey
The Kings League Odyssey
Your goal in this follow-up to cool simulation strategy game is to train your army to increase their stats and prepare them for upcoming battles. Level up your units, upgrade your facilities, and recruit units with the money that you receive from battles and quests. Once again, the kingdom calls for warriors to join the royal league. With more unit classes, quests and events this is one league you dont want to miss! Good luck!
great flight simulation game
TU Unleashed
TU Unleashed
TU Unleashed is another great flight simulation game of the Tupolev plane series. As a pilot its your job to transport passengers to seven tropical islands. Fly several aircrafts and transport passengers from one island to another. Control a plane during its take off, flight, and landing as you attempt to reach the next airport.
have fun playing pool game
Billiard Blitz Pool Skool
Billiard Blitz Pool Skool
Pull off amazing trick shots in this latest pool simulation! Try and compete 20 levels of billiards pool. Each level gets progressively more difficult.
throw around a ragdoll to cause pain
Operation Hurt 2
Operation Hurt 2
Use goal in Operation Hurt 2 is to beat up and hurt the ragdoll guy through 12 levels of fun. Use YOUR MOUSE to adjust force and angle. Press the HURT button to start the damage simulation. Get enough Hurt Points to pass the level. Retry to see if you can hurt him more. Lets play!
perform doctor tasks in educational surgery game
Virtual Knee Surgery
Virtual Knee Surgery
Your role in this realistic surgery game is to become a doctor and perform knee surgery on a patient. Go through the simulation and operate. Your YOUR MOUSE to play. Listen to the in game instructions.
go on a simulation date taylor lautner from twilight
Taylor Date
Taylor Date
In this game for girls, go on a simulation date with movie star Taylor Lautner. How much do you know about this werewolf? Prove you are his biggest fan. Can you answer all the questions and go on all the dates to become his girlfriend? Use YOUR MOUSE to play, LEFT-CLICK on the correct response. Move up the interest meter to progress to the next date. Have fun!
fourth ducklife series game fun cute bird train race win
Duck Life 4
Duck Life 4
Your task in this fun new popular game from Duck Life Series is to train your new bird friend, compete in cute races and win the championship races! In DuckLife 4, the sequel to Duck Life 3 train your pet in simulation, win money and go to the shop to buy hats, eggs and funny haircuts. Use your skills to win the game! Have fun!
Play arcade games and help science save the world!
You have volunteered to help out in a science simulation program. Create bacteria to save humans from disease, control robotic lobsters, cool the planet, and save the world! Can you get a high score in each game mode? Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to play! Have fun and good luck!
combine dna in lab to build monster zoo
Monster Corp
Monster Corp
Your mission in this fun strategy game is to create and build up a crazy monster zoo. Hunt and locate new creatures, trade DNA and create eggs for your own monster. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the simulation game. Build a themepark to show off your laboratory creations, buy upgrades, staff and reach monthly goals. Good luck!
run your sushi business in this funny game
Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar
Your objective in this cool time management game is to take a role of sushi chief and serve sushi rolls in a nice Japanese restaurant. Prepare customers sushi orders to meet your daily targets. Keep an eye on your supplies. If your supplies are running low use the phone to order more. Check the recipe book for all the right sushi ingredients. Use YOUR MOUSE to pick the right ingredients from bottom left panel, then click Create button to send the sushi to the belt. After the customer left click the gold coin to collect money. Have fun!
train up your animal in this fun racing game
Animal RaceWay
Animal RaceWay
Your objective in this funny animal racing game is to choose your animal and train it up in an attempt to win the premier league and escape the desert island. Progress through the leagues to try and win the premier league. The actual race part is a simulation and is depends only on stats of your character. So you must play training mini-games to upgrade your stats and skills. Everything is well described in the game and you are given instructions for each mini game before playing. Good luck!
sequel to a epic point and click game
The Sagittarian 2
The Sagittarian 2
Your task in this excellent choose-your-own adventure zombie game is to select specific choices to move the plot. The adventure starts at the point where The Sagittarian 1 ended. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the choices and see what happens. There is more than one ending in this one. This game is about 3 times longer than the first one if you add up all the different endings and trees. Lets play!
cute dating simulation for girls
Chrono Days Sim Date
Chrono Days Sim Date
Your task in this fun dating simulation is to interact with and date up to eight different characters ( 7 guys, 1 girl - 4 of them like unlockable though). Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. All instructions are within the game. Have fun!
fun physics based puzzle game
Your task in this free physics puzzle game is to help Bob, an usual office worker who dreams about beautiful life with fascinating women, sport cars and yachts, collect his money in each level. Do this by drawing sticks that will guide coins to Bob. The amount of wood you have at your disposal is limited so plan your drawing carefully. Sticks can be connected. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw lines, click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and drag to create sticks. Press SPACEBAR to start/stop simulation. Double click on a already created stick to remove it. Good luck!
play funny upgrade game online
Radical Fishing
Radical Fishing
Your task in this fun fishing simulation upgrade game is to use your fishing hook to grab lots of fish, jellyfish and sharks, then drag them to the surface, launch them into the air and use your gun to make them them explode in a bloody mess. Cast your fishing lure and get as far down as possible. When you snag a fish, try and grab all the fish you can. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the fishing hook and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to increase/decrease the speed of sinking. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot at the fish. Have fun!
popular surgery simulation game
Amateur Surgeon 2
Amateur Surgeon 2
Your task in this fun sequel to popular surgery simulation game Amateur Surgeon is to help Alan Probe to slice, zap, and knit your way through an increasingly freakish cast of patients. Your tools are lined up at the top of the gameplay screen. Use YOUR MOUSE to click to select one or you can quick-select them using the corresponding numbers 0-9 on the keyboard. Click or click-and-hold in the gameplay area to use them. Have fun!
dating simulation for girls. Play online for free
Kingdom Days Sim Date
Kingdom Days Sim Date
Your task in this cool simulation game for girls of all ages is to build relationships with up to 5 different characters during 30 days. Start with setting up your character, choose your name and adjust Charm, Wisdom and Magic points and start your adventure. Here are some hints: If you want an ending with a guy other than Lewis or Joseph, you have to invite them to your wedding. How? Keep on talking to them until you can bring the subject up. Cheat codes are hidden throughout the game. Some of them may be kind of tricky to find. Good luck!
protect your base in this strategy war game
Command Grid
Command Grid
Your task in this strategy game is to build turrets as fast as you can to protect your stronghold from attacking enemy units. This is the real war and you will have some money to start with, but use it wisely. Each turret has its own unique abilities. You can only build your turrets on ground marked with a grid. You can also build walls to block enemies from passing certain areas and gain small advantage in your battle. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
helicopter simulator game with physics elements
Air Transporter
Air Transporter
Your task in this physics based helicopter simulation game is to control a high-power helicopter, handling all sorts of cargo as you go from one level to another. Build towers, quench (or start) fires, battle against tanks at wartime, and much more. You can either use YOUR MOUSE or KEYBOARD to control the game. However mouse is recommended - use YOUR MOUSE to move helicopter and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to drop cargo. Hold SHIFT to activate free camera view. Use "Q" and "E" KEYS to move left and right rope up (use "W" KEY for both). Use "A" and "D" KEYS to move left and right rope down (press "S" KEY for both) and use "Z" and "C" KEYS unlink cargo from left and right rope (press "X" KEY for both). Press SPACEBAR to equalize ropes length. First levels feature detailed tutorials. Good luck!
live the life of a gangster in a big city
Goodgame Mafia
Goodgame Mafia
Your task in this awesome multiplayer game is create a gangster, start your criminal career and become the true master of the mafia. During the game play you can duel with other players from around the world. Complete missions for the godfather and get new items at the black market to improve your character. Use YOUR MOUSE to control every aspect in the game. Good luck gangster!
a multiplayer farm simulation game
GoodGame Farmer
GoodGame Farmer
After GoodGame Poker Game a Goodgame Studios released a brand new farm simulation title called Goodgame Farmer. Your goal is to take a role of male or female farmer and manage your virtual farm. Grow crops and trees, care for animals and earn lots of fun achievements and upgrades. Expand and improve your farmstead and play with your friends from all over the world in this fun and cute game. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Have fun!
a speedy thinking RTS game
King of the Rocks
King of the Rocks
Your mission in this strategy online game is to battle through 15 challenging wars as you attempt to take over the enemy colonies. Capture the mills to earn money. Send your army in balloons to the enemy castles, but also to the neutral castles and mills, for more castles means more balloons, and more balloons make a fast defeat. Improve your forts to speed up military creation. Improve your towers to launch faster balloons. Use YOUR MOUSE to click your castle to select it, then click again on enemy castle to send 50% of army (hold CTRL together with click to send 100% of army). Press the SPACEBAR to select/deselect all your castles. good luck!
help Vigings to build society in this simulation game
The Constructor
The Constructor
Your goal in this flash simulation game based on the same principle as the Vacation Mogul is to help the vikings to construct their own society. As one of the council members of the viking government you will make decisions about the placement, layout and buildings of the village. Try to reach your mission goals and make your village prosperous. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to place, upgrade and destroy land and buildings. Its recommended to read the quick tutorial in the game to learn more about the specific gameplay. Have fun!
get the ball to goal by draving lines in this game
Your goal in this drawing game with some physics elements is to draw lines to make the ball bounce to the goal. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw a line. When ready click the Play button to start an action. Once the simulation starts, you can invert the gravity by clicking LEFT MOUSE BUTTON (gravity is represented by that big arrow on the screen). Try to finish all 48 mind challenging levels. Good luck!
raise and train the duckling properly
Duck Life
Duck Life
Your objective in this awesome pet raising simulation is to train your duckling to become the champion of racing ducks and save your farm. Invest your time and money to raise and train the duckling properly. Run, swim, and fly your way to be the leader of the flock as you train and race your duck. Play the training mini games to level up, making your duck faster during the races. To feed your duck seed, drag some over from the pile on the menu. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
do your best to make true romance happen
Romance Maker
Romance Maker
Your task in this clone of GROW games is to mix the ingredients to create true romance. One at a time, use YOUR MOUSE to click on the items at the top of the screen and watch what happens. Each magic button is an ingredient in the recipe for romance. How romantic it gets depends on the order you press them in. Try to get all to max LVL. Good luck!
deep and immersive city building / economy management game
Kingdoms Nobility
Kingdoms Nobility
Your goal in this economy/management game is to build a giant profitable medieval city and impress the royal noblemen. Build over 30 buildings and watch your townspeople go to work in your medieval town. Play in a 5 part campaign or in ‘free play’ mode where you can submit your towns score at regular intervals. I suggest you to go through the in-game tutorial to learn basics about gameplay. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
managing an airport is a tricky business
Sim Air Traffic
Sim Air Traffic
Your goal in this cool game is to manage an airport. You must keep up with all the tasks, landing planes, refuelling and taking off, avoiding any delays or collision. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the planes and give them basic commands. You will learn the basics of the game during the first level. Good luck!
clean the crossroads in this funny traffic game
Traffic Trouble
Traffic Trouble
Your task in this fun traffic game is to pay attention and manage your traffic lights to guide the required number of cars out of traffic to pass each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the traffic light icon to toggle red/green light. On every stage there is a maximum number of green lights you are allowed to activate. Every car has a stress meter which will gradually increase as it gets stuck in traffic. When a stress meter reaches its maximum level the control center will give you a warning. Get three warnings and you'll be fired and replaced by robots. Have fun!
a cool simulation of life
Memoir Text Adventure
Memoir Text Adventure
Your goal in this simulation of life is to reach an old age. The challenge is to get to age 130. Go through life as someone else. Have relationships with virtual people, apply for a job without the boredom. You decide what your life will be by clicking colored buttons. Depending on your randomly chosen statistics you can either gain a better result. But you can also die at young age. Be careful with each choice. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
build your own resort island in this online game
Shopping City
Shopping City
Did you ever wanted to be in charge of a resort island? Now you can. It is up to you to take charge of each of the individual shopping centers, spread out all over this shopping paradise. The amount of revenue the shops earn depends directly on the decisions you’ll make. Be sure to give the customers what they want and they’ll be happy to spend their money. Try to get the customers to spend as much money as possible. Make sure to reach the goal after the given number of days. Build shops at the designated locations and try to stall the customers outside if your shops are full. Use the money you make on more shops and upgrades. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
manage and run your own concert hall
Rock The Hall
Rock The Hall
Your task in this time management game is to run your own club. Select a band to perform at your venue. As the show goes on, make sure all the areas are running. Hire new employees or upgrade areas in The Hall in the upgrade screen. During gigs, use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop employees to areas that need attention (each employee has his or her specialty). If a worker gets tired, he will take longer to perform tasks, drag and drop power drinks on employees to restore their energy. Good luck!
a cute dating simulation for girls of all ages
Festival Days Sim Date
Festival Days Sim Date
Your task in this cute dating simulation for girls of all ages is to explore a world with an interactive storyline and colorful characters. The main objective is to get a boyfriend before the school festival that will start in 30 days. Flirt and date up to 4 handsome boys who each have their own unique personalities. There are 12 different endings and many side events to keep players entertained. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
send all cars from all directions through the intersection
I Love Traffic
I Love Traffic
Your task in this unique and fun game is to send all cars from all directions through the intersection. Guide speeding cars through increasingly busy intersections and avoid collisions. Get the required number through each level to move on. Quick thinking is required in this traffic control game. Cars will be coming from all directions through the intersection. Traffic gets fuller as the game progresses so get ready for some major gridlock. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the traffic lights. Good luck!
produce Easter eggs and sell them to Easter bunnies
Easter Egg Tycoon
Easter Egg Tycoon
Your goal in this simulation game is to produce Easter eggs and sell them to Easter bunnies. You need to make sure your hen have food, so they'll be able to lay eggs. Then you need to boil the eggs and paint them the required color. The score is calculated the following way: The closer is your color to the requested one, the higher is your score. Then, when an order is complete you get more points depending on the bunny's mood in the end. Everything is multiplied by a certain level coefficient. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Happy Easter!
survive the simulation in this cool online game
Survival Lab
Survival Lab
Your objective in this fast paced dodging game with some unique features is to survive the simulation. Level up and improve as you progress through 26 levels of non-stop mayhem. Collect coins along the way. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD KEYS to move (Double tap the UP ARROW KEY to jump higher once you get the upgrade). Have fun!
a fun puzzling strategy game
Grow RPG
Grow RPG
Your objective in this puzzling strategy game is to build the successful dungeon. You must determine what order you will grow your world to defeat the flying winged devil. The gameplay is simple, just use YOUR MOUSE to drag the items onto the large green "GROW" sphere. The order you choose determines your success in defeating the flying winged devil. Good luck!
create an artificial civilization in this game
Civilization Machine
Civilization Machine
This interesting game is an exploration of both the idea of mapping chronology in a somewhat nonlinear way as well as the idea that technological and cultural advancement aren't always the same. Pressing the button every time it comes up will lock you into a cycle that repeats some of the "worst" stages of the little planet's history. So use YOUR MOUSE to push a button to either advance civilization or de-vance it. Have fun!
keep your kitten, puppy, hamster and bunny happy
My Cute Pets 2
My Cute Pets 2
Lets start the week with a cool game for girls. Your task in this online game is to keep your kitten, puppy, hamster and bunny happy as long as possible. When any of your pets needs anything it will think about it. Use YOUR MOUSE to click the corresponding icon at the bottom of the game screen and perform the required action. Have fun!
help Jess to make career and become chief cook
Cake Master
Cake Master
Your task in this fun game is to help Jessica, who likes to bake cakes a lot, make career and become chief cook. Controls are easy, just use YOUR MOUSE to decorate or cut cake. Press SPACEBAR to pause the game. Have fun!
trash the environment, bribe the politicians in this game
Your mission in this fun game is to lead and oil company, getting involved with corporate planning as well as politics. Keep the oil flowing, but don’t forget that you might have to face the consequences of your actions one day. Use YOUR MOUSE to explore the area for oil reserves and build oil wells at the appropriate locations. Make sure you have the capacity to comply with consumer demands. Select the exploring or building commands in the actions panel. When you are done building click the play button to continue to the next year. The world map allows you to go to other areas. Have fun!
run hotel and take care of your customers
Janes Hotel Family Hero
Janes Hotel Family Hero
Your goal in this hotel game is to take care of your customers as you upgrade your hotel and it becomes super busy. Jane has 2 assistants now: young smart maid and efficient porter. In addition to the normal guest services, Jane can now help customers buy souvenirs and take pictures. Jane`s Hotel: Family Hero is the hospitable sequel adding a brand new twist to time management and cafe simulation games. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
an awesome pizzeria simulation game
Papas Pizzeria
Papas Pizzeria
Your goal in this pizzeria simulation game is to take orders, top, bake, slice the perfect pizza and present the finished pies to the waiting customers. The key to this game is multi-tasking. Can you keep up with waiting customers while you are topping pizzas and watching the oven? As you complete orders, you will earn tips to raise your ranking and gain new customers. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
King of the Kards, online card fighting game
Kombat Fighters
Kombat Fighters
Your goal in this card battle game is to win the Killer King Tournament. Use YOUR MOUSE to: Pick three cards, Click FIGHT to enter the KOMBAT phase and Rinse and repeat until you beat the crap out of the opponent. Each character attacks best from a certain direction. Some from above, some from below, etc. They also each have a weakness. To get you guys started, Sephiroth has powerful high attacks, but is weak when he has to attack low. Good luck!
play cool risk-style game for free on Funny Games
World Wars
World Wars
Your mission in this cool risk-style game is to conquer the world with dice. You must gain control over all territories on the map. Game starts with randomly created map on which all units are located. Your units are always blue. Use YOUR MOUSE to choose a territory of yours with two or more units on it to attack a neighbouring enemy territory. The game compares results of dice rolling (number of rolls is equal to number of units). After each successful attack, a number appears indicating the amount of reinforcements you will receive after your turn is over. Good luck!
make burgers and keep your customers happy
Burger Restaurant 2
Burger Restaurant 2
Your task in this time management online game is to make burgers, keep your customers happy, don't screw up the orders and make money to meet your daily goals. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. - Click on the devices in the kitchen and the ingredients to prepare the orders. Serve the customers to earn money before they get impatient. If you made a mistake click on the bin to throw an item away. Put orders aside on the silver plates to start preparing another order. Good luck!
sweet multitasking time-management game
Beauty Resort
Beauty Resort
Your objective in this fun time-management game aimed mainly at the girl audience is to work your way up from a small spa to a luxury mountain resort. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag-and-drop clients at the desired stations. Fullfill their requests and keep stations clean to serve your clients as quickly as possible and build your spa business. Don't let your clients get too stressed or they'll leave the salon. Sometimes stations get dirty, or need to be resuplied. Good luck!
customize your disease and wipe out the population
Pandemic 2
Pandemic 2
Your goal in this sequel to Pandemic: Be the Disease, you once again play the role of a contagious disease. But this time, mankind is prepared for you! You'll have to mutate quickly and infect as many airports and water supplies as you can while keeping a close watch on the countries that are developing a cure to wipe you out. You gain points by infecting humans and killing them. Use your points wisely by trying to contaminate water supplies and spreading yourself across borders. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
highly addictive Priority management game
Baby Blimp
Baby Blimp
Your goal in this highly addictive priority management game is to control the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible. Keep track of your achievements on a map that shows you your upcoming as well as your overall objectives. During the course of this game you will be able to upgrade your storks. You can strengthen them or increase their speed. Collect all the bonuses: the twin bonus and even the quadruplet bonus. It might even get you into the headlines of tomorrows paper. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
intense Strategy game from Sonny creator
Tainted Kingdom
Tainted Kingdom
Your mission in this intense strategy game is to defend your kingdom and annihilate the opposing army. The game includes 10 challenging missions and an unlockable bonus mode. I suggest you to read through all the objectives to successfully complete your missions. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. The game saves your progress automatically. Good luck!
run a restaurant in this fun game
Family Restaurant
Family Restaurant
Your objective in this funny game is to create your own delicious dishes in the kitchen and make sure your guests get there orders on time. Get ready to test your cooking skills in the kitchen of your father’s restaurant. The more delicious and creative the recipes you make, the better the chance to achieve the ultimate goal of a five star rating. Deal with the time pressures and stress by cooking multiple dishes at the same time. Invent creative recipes of your own to boost sales and build the family restaurant of your dreams. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Click on the order plates below the screen to take on the order. Have fun!
run your own Coffee Stand
Coffee Shop
Coffee Shop
Your goal in this fun and entertaining Lemonade Stand style game is to earn as much cash as you can in 14 days. Each day begins in Prep Mode where you buy ingredients, adjust your coffee recipe and set your price. Before you can make coffee you have to buy the ingredients that go into ti (cups, coffee, milk and sugar). Your recipe determines how expensive you coffee is to make and how well your customers like your coffee. Pay close attention to your price, adjusting the price each day is crucial skill in running a successful business. People pay more on cold days and less on warm ones. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
take good care of the kitten, puppy and pony
My Cute Pets
My Cute Pets
Your objective in this sweet flash game is to take good care of your cute pets the kitten, puppy and pony. How long can you keep them happy? Use YOUR MOUSE to select the item that your pet wants at the bottom of the screen by holding the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON down. Then move the mouse in the direction of the arrows, until the energy bar is full. If you are not sure, check in-game How to Play section. Have fun!
run burger restaurants in this cool flash game
Burger Restaurant
Burger Restaurant
Your mission in this interesting flash game is to make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to the top. Prepare the orders by clicking with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON on the machines and ingredients. Have you made a mistake? Click on the trashcan to throw it away. Note, you can put unfinished orders on the silver plates. In the meantime you can prepare something else. Be sure to go through tutorial, to learn basics of burger making. Have fun!
make sure babies are happy and taken care of
Kindergarten Game
Kindergarten Game
Your aim in this Kindergarten simulation game is to manage a kindergarten. This means you will take care of babies. Keep the babies happy by fulfilling their needs as fast as you can. The baby must not be completely unhappy for more than 2 minutes. If you are popular with the babies, their parents will pay you really good. With the money earned, you can upgrade the interior and exterior. Eventually more parents will bring their babies and your kindergarten will start to grow. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. You can build a combo of up to 8 actions. Shake the MOUSE to break up the combo. And press SPACEBAR to coll the Clown (if bought). You can press "H" KEY to toggle help. For detailed help, check in-game instructions. Good luck!
homerun heaven in this beautiful baseball game
Pinch Hitter
Pinch Hitter
Your goal in this nice Baseball simulation is to take a swing and smash the ball as far as you can and score maximum points. Use YOUR MOUSE to set the position of the player and his bat and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to swing. If you score a home run you are given an extra ball and you earn 4000 points. Have fun!
Grow your dot civilization in this simulation game
Dotville Deluxe
Dotville Deluxe
Your goal in this civilization simulation game is to grow your village and try to keep your dots happy! It is the year 200 AD. You are chosen to be the one building a new homeland for dot civilization. You have to complete many tasks. Your life as a dot-leader lasts for 50 turns (years). In this time you have to become Dot Emperor or the game will be lost! I strongly recommend reading the instructions before playing the game the first time. Good luck!
evolve virus and attempt to wipe out humanity
Pandemic Game
Pandemic Game
In this fun game, you are a strain of a new virus. It is your job to make sure you will as many humans as you can. But you only have 200 days before the humans develop a cure! By evolving enough you should be able to wipe out all of humanity. You earn points by killing humans and you can use those points to evolve into a new strain. Airports spread your your virus to other countries, while water facilities spread your virus inside a country. There are two buttons, on of them opens the virus editor where you can upgrade your virus with points you have earned. And the "Go" button stars the simulation. Lets play!
basic simulation of the racket sport of table tennis
Square Pong
Square Pong
Square pong is basic simulation of the racket sport of table tennis. A small square representing a ping pong ball travels across the screen. There is slight difference between classical pong and Square pong. While in classical pong the ball moves in linear trajectory, in Sqare Pong the ball can curve! So do your best and predict where the ball will fly and hit it with your poddle and send it to your opponent. Use your UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to control your pad. Have fun!

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