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control John Terry in this fast-paced corner kick challenge
King of Defenders
King of Defenders
In this great online soccer game you take control of England hero John Terry in a fast-paced corner kick challenge. You have to score as much goals as you can at every corner kick. Scoring headers is all about picking the space between defenders. As the ball comes in from the corner anticipate its flight, then use YOUR MOUSE to position the marker on the flight-path where you think you have the best chance of scoring. You will be given more instructions before each round. Have fun!
protect the bridge from enemy balloons attack
Bridge Guardian Game
Bridge Guardian Game
Your aim is to protect very important bridge connecting the two hills. This bridge is very important, as your 50 soldiers are stuck in their territory. To achieve your target, you have to kill all the enemy balloons trying to destroy the bridge. Reach reloader chamber after receiving a signal to reload. Use ARROW KEYS to move and press space bar to shoot. Good luck!
fly heavily armed tiny ship in space fighting game
Heidi One
Heidi One
Your aim is to fly heavily armed spaceship and destroy aggresive enemy units in each sector to proceed to the next one. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around and press "Z" KEY to fire your plasma gun and press "X" KEY to fire a missile. Be careful, your lives are limited. Be sure to pass the checkpoints before the timer runs out. You will earn power-ups or gold for shooting down each enemy ship. You can use collected gold to purchase shields and missiles upgrades. Enjoy!
shoot and eat the baddies in this cool online game
Super Biology Adventure
Super Biology Adventure
You are the ultimate vaccine. But, to get stronger, you need to eat as many baddies as possible. Use your ARROW KEYS to move. Shoot enemies to make them shrink. Hold "D" KEY key to shoot. When the enemy is small enough, you can eat them. Get close to the enemy and press "S" KEY to eat it. Eating also fills up your power bar. Hold the secondary fire key to charge it up. Press "A" KEY to fire secondary weapon. Fill the bar 3 times and your firepower increases. The bar at the top shows how much you have eaten so far. The bigger it is, the more you will grow.
try to defend your spaceship in this shooting game
Space Ambush
Space Ambush
In Space Ambush shooting game, aliens have launched huge attack on your defence turret. Now you have to defent it by shooting all of them down. In order to achieve your target use YOUR MOUSE to position the Gun pointer. LEFT CLCIK to shoot. Don't give a chance to enemies to come closer and attack you, which eventually results into destruction of your turret. Good luck!
guied your spacecraft and destroy enemy fleet.
Astro Blaster
Astro Blaster
In this cool space shooting flash game is to stay alive as long as possible and shoot down as many enemy UFOs as possible. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your ship. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Hit SPACEBAR to launch a nuke. And press SHIFT to use timewrap. Have fun!
help Bob find a way around the planet and get home
Space Adventure
Space Adventure
Your objective is to help Bob, the alien, find a way around the planet, until he can find his way home. Use your ARROW KEYS to control the spaceship. In order to clear each level you are required to make the ship airborne from blue entrance and land it safely on the red exit without colliding with rocks. Good luck!
reach the teleport ring getting through obstacles
Object of this game is to reach the teleport ring getting through different obstacles on your way. Use your ARROW KEYS to control the spaceship and collect all the bonuses to earn scores and extralives. Be careful and good luck!
destroy enemy ships using your lethal weapons
Star Bash
Star Bash
The object of this space shooting game is to destroy the enemy crafts by shooting them down using lasers, plasma shells, rockets and other lethal weapons. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the ship and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press "V" KEY to move (towards the mouse cursor). Hit SPACEBAR to switch weapons and hit "C" KEY to fire rocket (you need to hover your mouse over the target first). Go get them!
classic 2D vertical space shooting game. Play here
Linear Assault
Linear Assault
You fly your shuttle across hostile territory and encounter numerous enemies along the way. At the end of each level you have to confront tough Boss. Use your ARROW KEYS to move your ship and hit the SPACEBAR to fire. Good luck!
defend your base from the attack of the aliens.
Wasted Sky
Wasted Sky
In this cool side scrolling shoot em up game, you have to protect your space station form attacks of alien ships. Be sure to collect powerups to enchance your weapons, and collect shields to protect your ship. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your ship. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire lasers or other weapons. Hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire continuously. Best luck!
get ready to shoot some robot butt. Space shooter
Robots Attack
Robots Attack
Your aim is to shoot down space robots with your laser weaponry, and be sure to pick up power-ups to upgrade your health or weapons. Control the robot with YOUR MOUSE and press "A" KEY to fire. Best luck!
run and avoid all the obstacles and reach the end
Space Runner
Space Runner
In this cool minigame you have to run through space as a robotic cyborg and avoid obstacles, and escape. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump, DOWN ARROW KEY to roll and RIGHT ARROW KEY to dive. How far can you run? Good luck!
side scrolling space shooter. Save your planet.
Allied Assault
Allied Assault
Your aim is to annihilate all the invaders and save the planet! Be sure to collect all bonuses on your way. They will help you in your fight against alien. Use your ARROW KEYS to control your spaceship. Press CTRL KEY to shoot and press SPACEBAR to drop bombs. Have fun!
control your space ship, destroy all rebel crafts.
Metal Warth
Metal Warth
In this side scrolling space shooter, destroy all rebel machines. Try to collect all of power ups and special weapons that appears in your way. Use ARROW KEYS to control your space craft, and press "A" KEY to fire. Kill as many enemy units as possible to refill the special gauge at the bottom right. Once filled, you may press "E" or "R" KEY to utilize a powerfil special attack or press "F" KEY to repair your shield to prolong your life. Good luck!
maneuver space ship without crashing
Iron Ranger Game
Iron Ranger Game
Use YOUR ARROW KEYS to fly your spaceship through various obstacle courses and reach the exit. Avoid crashing into the walls and all labyrinth traps. Follow the direction arrows and fly to the exit before the time runs out. After every level you need to travel through dangerous passage to reach next level. Good luck!
cool computer space shooting game online.
Doom Runner
Doom Runner
Blast as many enemy ships as possible. Be sure to collect power ups. Use LEFT, RIGHT and UP ARROW KEYS to control your craft. Hit "A","S", "Z", "X" to fire different weapons. What level can you get to? Have fun!
fire fighting game. Help put down the fire to save bush.
Water Plane
Water Plane
The object of this game is to slowly lower the plane down to the water using the arrow keys without crashing. When you get close to the water use the space bar to fill up your reserves and put out the fire on the islands. Press the up arrow to go down, Down to go up and left and right slow down/speed up. Lets play!
space shooting flash online game. Play here.
Raiden X Game
Raiden X Game
Use your ARROW KEYS to navigate through menu. In game navigate your ship, using ARROW KEYS, over the enemy base destroying everything as you proceed further. Use "Z" KEY to shoot and "X" key to throw bomb. Collect the weapon upgrades to strengthen your armor before you fight the bosses. Have Fun!
shooting space asteroids addictive free game.
Belter Game
Belter Game
Battle over 20 different kinds of space debris, grab power-ups, defeat huge bosses, and solve dangerous puzzle stages in this action space adventure set outside the orbit of Mars, in the asteroid belt. Use ARROW KEYS to control your ship and hit SPACEBAR to fire. Best luck!
protect your turret and destroy all enemies.
Space Gunner
Space Gunner
Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, LEFT CLICK to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to use special weaponds. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEY to change weapons or use 1, 2, 3, 4 KEYS to specifically change weapons. Fire bullets, missiles and mines from your turret and destroy all enemy space ships.
cool flash game. Play online for free here!
Hungry Space
Hungry Space
Use your ARROW KEYS to move your monster accross the universe and eat the aliens smaller than you to grow. Dont get eaten by aliens that are bigger then you! If needed you can pause the game with "P" KEY. Break a leg!
destroy space asteroids in this online game.
This is cool remake of an old and addicting game from 8bit computers. The object is to navigate your space ship through space and destroy all meteorits. Use your ARROW KEYS to navigate your ship and press SPACEBAR to fire. Best luck!
an UFO invasion flash shooting game.
Clash N Slash
Clash N Slash
Aggresive aliens decided to take control of the Earth. Thank god we have such brave pilot like you. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your space ship and defend your planet. Have fun!
assault. Defend your space base in this game
Flash Trek
Flash Trek
Use your MOUSE to aim and shoot your lasers. Dont let the enemies to destroy your bases. By shooting your enemy space crafts you earm points and you can improve your equipment. See ingame instructions for detailed description of improvements. Best luck!
shoot the cat as far as possible. Funny game
Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon is very simple to play. Just aim the cannon using the up/down cursor keys and use space to fire. The red bar on the cannon indicates the power of your shot. Leave the rest to gravity and the objects that are on the ground. Bubba Carrig shoot the cat 4119 ft wide. Beat that score and have fun!
guess which combination of colors is correct.
Click on one of the five spaces to change the color of the rock in it. You can choose from five colors. When you press done, you will get a white rock for every rock in the right place and a black rock for every rock that is the right color but in the wrong space. If you want to play again, press F5 to reload the game.
Donkey Kong throw banana into bucket. Fun Flash.
Banana Barrage
Banana Barrage
Use your arrow-keys to aim and spacebar to toss the banana's into the bucket! Help Donkey Kong calculate the angle and the power needed to throw bananas into the barrel before the time runs out on you.
Play this board game online and take over the board!
Your aim is to take over the board. Moving to a space next to another piece will transform them into yours! CLICK on the piece you want to move, then CLICK on the space you want to move to.
Shooting flying balloons on the sky. Play Cool Games.
Controls - Use your mouse to aim and your left click to shoot.
Accumulate points by shooting down anything that flies, floats, glides whatever... this can be anything from hot air balloons, to black birds and even space ship's :)
But just be careful not to shoot down your own friends, you'll get to know who they are once you begin the game...
Yetigames at Funny Games
Pingu Orca Slap
Pingu Orca Slap
Hit the space bar. Watch the penguin jump into the water get picked up by Orca's tail, and weeeh. Hit the space bar when the penguin is in the right position so Yeti can redirect the penguin with the snowball and score big on the iceberg.
Yetisports at Funny Games
Pingu Seal Bounce
Pingu Seal Bounce
Catapult, dash and throw the penguin. This time Yeti wants to throw the penguin as high as possible. Hit the space bar. Get a good wave. Wait for the best point to release the penguin. Hit the space bar. See pengu fly. Watch for the seals lurking from the iceberg! If they get in the act there is no telling how far Pingu will fly. Ternpal got him482.02 points high. Beat that!
Great logical / strategy flash online game.
The object of this game is to have control of the most armies after all tiles have been placed.
Each turn you receive a numbered tile to place on any free space on the board. If the selected tile
is adjacent to any enemy tiles, it will take control over them if its number is higher than the number on the enemy tile. If the selected tile is adjacent to any of your tiles, it will increase their number by 1.
Shoot down enemy planes and defend your battleship cruiser.
Bomber Bob
Bomber Bob
Your Objective is to protect the battleship at any cost by shooting down as many enemy planes as possible If they fly by you, they will bomb the ship. Once it's sunk the game is over.
Use the arrow keys to move the plane and spacebar to shoot.
Free online flash space game!
Monkey Lander
Monkey Lander
Monkey is just one spaceship-flight away from a banana feast. Will you help him?
Pilot your spacecraft. Play online!
Space Fighter
Space Fighter
Destroy all the Meteors before they destroy you. Use ARROW KEYS to MOVE. X to Shoot and SPACEBAR for a PLASMA BOMB.
Free flash action adventure!
Free oline flash platform game, zed the android, collect all the gold and get the blue diamonds to open doors, fun flash game. Guide Zed through ten vicious levels, collect enough gold to build his spacesuit!
Explore over 30 strange worlds!
Starship Eleven
Starship Eleven
Pilot your ship safely to the end of the level. Use ARROW KEYS to move spaceship. To shoot use SPACEBAR and direction you want to shoot in.

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