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cool airplane skill bombing game
Your mission in this cool airplane skill bombing game is to land your plane safely on the street. But the runway is full of zombies and buildings. Throw bombs to destroy everything and everyone to clear the path. Gain money to upgrade your machine and cause more destruction. Take to the skies in your bomber plane and drop high explosives on the zombies and buildings below to clear the way for you to land. Earn money as you destroy the buildings, which you can use to buy upgrades. Featuring 27 challenging levels. Have fun!
side scrolling adventure game
Bloody Harry
Bloody Harry
Your mission in this side scrolling adventure game is to fight off the hordes of zombies with tons of different weapons. Help Bloody Harry to move through the street, get in rage and fight off loads of enemies and their bosses to level up as you constantly collect coins, weapons and other bonuses which you need to survive the battle. Armed to the teeth our hero wants to put up a fierce fight and destroy those monsters to the last breath. This is where you come into the game. Good luck!
distance based skill game
Undead Run
Undead Run
Your goal in this distance based skill game is to go berserk and take things in your own hand. Run, blast, dodge, collect and kill your way through the street. Aim of your Undead Run is to run the whole distance to the end of the city and defeat the big zombie boss. Use guns, swords and fire to kill zombie hordes as you roam the city. Upgrade your weapons and abilities along the way to become the ultimate hero. Steer your little cube man around to kill the zombies, grab the coins, and get out of that city. Have fun!
funny goat flash game
Goat Mechanic
Goat Mechanic
Your task in this funny goat game is to help a goat to cause traffic chaos by placing objects on a highway. This way you will help to increase the business activity for a local mechanic. Create chaos on the streets as you drop a variety of objects from the sky to cause as much damage to the cars as possible. Earn money buy fixing up the cars then purchase new items and upgrades to continue your carnage. Have fun!
zombie infested truck game
Zombie Night Madness 2
Zombie Night Madness 2
Your goal in this zombie infested truck game is to drive your truck through a street full of zombies. Smash and shoot through zombies and unlock upgrades in order to survive. Avoid crashing into cars that are left on the road because that will damage your car! As you progress you can unlock upgrades which lets you fight off even more zombies. Don't forget to upgrade your weapons and vehicle. Good luck!
awesome action-packed colorful and weird distance game
How Dare You
How Dare You
Your task in this awesome action-packed colorful and weird distance game is to launch the monk through the warrior's way to ease his rage. Push the red button and throw yourself as far as you can along the street to haunt the stranger who steal from you. Make the monk jump on enemies, and collect funny, but useful power-ups, gather coins, smash jelly enemies and avoid to get stopped. Really good game :) I intend on finishing it. Good job on the variety of the areas, definitely makes the player less bored. Also can I just say I love the rush ride music. Have fun!
funny physics-based car puzzle game
Vehicles 3 Car Toons
Vehicles 3 Car Toons
Your goal in this funny physics-based car puzzle game is to start and stop engines of several rescue cars to make them park in or destroy enemy vehicles. Timing is everything as your cars gain momentum, and stopping them too soon can mean they either don't hit their mark, or too late, which could send them hurtling right past it. Certain pieces of the environment can also be clicked for removal. Run the bad guys off the ramps to restore peace on the streets. Each vehicle on your disposal has its own strengths and special abilities so use them wisely. Good luck!
dark pixelated adventure game
The Last Door Chapter 3
The Last Door Chapter 3
Your objective in this dark pixelated adventure game is to explore the streets of Old Nichol which is known to be the dangerous scum of victorian London. Chapter 3 feels a bit more tightly designed than its predecessor by being more adept at balancing narrative and gameplay, so you'll do a lot more exploring and puzzle-solving than having people yap at you. That's not to say the narrative is light here... if anything, this third installment provides a lot of interesting context to some characters and their relationships. It's just that the series also returns to more of the exploration and puzzle solving that the original leaned heavily on. Good luck!
platforming puzzle action game
Once Upon a Life
Once Upon a Life
Your goal in this platforming puzzle action game is to take to the streets as the old man in search of his memories and take part in many fantastic adventures. Play as an old man who is trying to gather up all the pictures of his past. Once Upon a Life occasionally suffers from being a little unclear; not just in the lack of direction in some stages that can be unintuitive, but in the way you can't tell by sight alone what objects you can land on or manipulate, and which are just scenery. Enjoy!
fun adventure flash game
Back in Time 2
Back in Time 2
Your task in this fun adventure game is to help Daniel get his revenge on the famous boy band that kicked him out a long time ago. Back in the 90's you were the 6th member of the Backstreet Boys. However, before the band got famous, the others voted to kick you out! Now with a time machine, it's your opportunity to go back and get revenge! Have fun!
fight zombies in this zombie apocalypse game
The apocalypse is here and the RoadZ are full of zombies. You want to survive? Keep moving, keep moving! Control your car and a bunch of survivors through the bloody streets, fighting zombies and plunder empty buildings for useful supplies. Manage your crew, upgrade your car and drive into hordes of zombies. Will you leave everyone behind on a solo mission or take the risk to run out of food and help everyone you can? Good luck!
brain munching destruction zombie game
Infectonator Hot Chase
Infectonator Hot Chase
Your task in this brain munching destruction zombie game is to be the zombie that falls in love with our lovely news reporter. Run all over the world with your favorite zombies chasing a hot chick. You play as a zombie that rudely interrupts a newscast (which is just a list of random facts, as per Infectonator tradition), tears through the studio, and bursts out onto the street. From there, you run and infect as many people as possible. Obstacles be damned in the quest for true love! With new zombies, upgrades, power-ups and boosts, the undead are more alive than ever before. Have fun!
point and click type crime adventure game
Raven Crime
Raven Crime
Your objective in this point and click type crime adventure game is to solve a mysterious crime, the murder of a beautiful young woman with a raven tattoo. The detective arrived to the city from a vacation. Suddenly he received an urgent message that there was a girl murdered in the street. Go there immediately and investigate this terrible crime. You will get hints and material evidence during the process of investigation. Use your detective skills to uncover clues that stem multiple investigations and lead you down a challenging path. Good luck!
one of the best zombie games online
Bloodbath Avenue
Bloodbath Avenue
Your mission in this great zombie online game is to join your safe bunker through the zombie infested bloody streets. They say there's a safehouse on the other side of the city, but between you and it is an entire city full of zombies. Grab your guns and smash through waves of the undead on your way. The biggest problem with the game, however, is that movement feels so slow and sluggish compared to how fast enemies can swarm or attack, which makes navigating obstacles while trying to fend off a bunch of flesh-eaters and zombie cats a guaranteed way to lose some health. Cash is doled out so stingily in comparison to the prices for items that you're forced to grind after a certain point to be able to survive the sheer number of swarms the game throws at you. Enjoy!
post apocalyptic tower defense game
Zombie World
Zombie World
Your mission in this post-apocalyptic, top-down tower defense game is to fight for your life on your mission to rid the Earth of blood-soaking undeads. You have the classic 'towers' in the form of turrets that can only be placed in the designated yellow spaces, gun-toting soldiers who are protected by a pair of riot police and the short-term attacks in the form of Personnel Mines which are placed on the streets and an Airstrike that sweeps over a wide area of effect. Use an effective warfare to build up your fortification. Place and upgrade your turrets wisely to destroy everyone around your base and put the plague to an end. Good luck!
action packed driving shooting game
Madness on Wheels
Madness on Wheels
Your objective in this action packed driving shooting game is to survive as long as you can. A massive drug war has begin on the city streets! Race down the highway, eliminate the rival gang using RPGs and bullets and drive to safety in this awesome action driver. Use WASD or ARROW keys to drive. MOUSE to fire your turret. CTRL or SPACE to fire RPG rockets. Use the hard earned money to buy upgrades for your car and weapons. Complete the game and get all achievements to unlock two additional game modes. Good luck!
fun monster truck game
Your task in this monster-truck game so weird, even your lil sis will like, it is to use your monster truck to help others get to their destination. Plow through obstacles and use your nitro boosts for ramps. The weird story of an escape in the desert through the Mexican border, with destruction and stunts, custom truck parts and cartoon characters. Hop in your giant truck and speed down the street, full of ramps, monster penguins and other stuff. In each level you have to finish the track healthy as you smash various objects and run over all obstacles. Try to pick up enough money to purchase spare parts and upgrades. Lets play!
cool mafia game online
NYC Mafiosi
NYC Mafiosi
Your task in this online mafia game is to become the head of a large family and restore the supremacy of your Family. It’s 1929, peak of American Prohibition, and you’re in a role of a leader of one Mafia gang. Your father got killed, and it is now up to you – as boss – to restore the supremacy of your Family and take back the streets that you used to own. Good luck!
best extreme sport skateboarding game
Skateboard City 2
Skateboard City 2
Your task in this fun sport skateboarding game is to perform tricks and stunts on your skateboard and try not to break your neck. Complete various missions and rule the streets of Skateboard City. Make all kinds of jumps and tricks with your skateboard in different areas of the city where you can railings and ramps where show off. Have fun!
another cool zombie game online
Zombogrinder 2 Revenge
Zombogrinder 2 Revenge
Your task in this cool zombie game is to head out on the street in you armoured car, smashing through hordes of undead walkers. Zombies are all around your city and it is your task to destroy them all and to take revenge on them for your lost friends. Good luck!
action packed platform game
Rot Gut
Rot Gut
Great platform shooter set in the 20's in the US. This was the era of prohibition; there was no legal sale of alcohol, but there was a lot of illegal sale. In this game you go underground to fight criminal organizations. Your task to destroy all enemy units that are part of the criminal organisations that try to take over the streets. Have fun!
Action Parody Fighting free Flash game
Flash Bash
Flash Bash
Fight your way to victory with 100's of combos to learn and characters to master! Awesome ultimate attacks and cool combinations. There is also a 2 player mode in this cool fighting game. It is a compilation of godlimations characters formed into this streetfighter.
funny politics and economics game
The national economy is sinking and sinking fast. Repay the national debt to save it from collapse by collecting cash with your pogo stick. Think of a good way to solve the economic dilemma of your country. However, the only solution is to ride a pogo and reach the target distance by jumping up and down the streets.
Fun and cool robot launcher upgrade game
Canoniac Launcher
Canoniac Launcher
This poor robot has been working as a dummy in a fashion store window for far too long. He painted himself to try to be one of the cool robots in the store across the street, but he was found... Help kick him out! Use the cannon and shoot him as far as you can. Collect money and hit objects to accelerate faster! Buy upgrades to shoot him further and get more money! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim the cannon and LEFT CLICK and HOLD to increase power. release the mouse button to shoot. Have fun and good luck!
funny kick Justin Beaver timing upgrade game
Kick Justin Beaver
Kick Justin Beaver
Do you have a lot of frustration? Why not let it out by playing this funny game! Kick Justin Beaver out during his performance as hard as you can and watch him fly out onto the street! Purchase upgrades to make him fly further! Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on time to kick and make selections. Have fun!
addicting physics puzzle car game
Vehicles 2
Vehicles 2
In this fun and addictive physics puzzle game, your mission is to remove all of the bad vehicles from the screen and park in the correct areas. Each good vehicle has a special ability like U turns and jumps. Can you help rid the streets of the bad guys? This game gets very challenging and will have you playing for hours, so get comfortable and make sure you really pay attention to each level. To play, use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK to make the cars start and stop and activate special abilities. Good luck and have fun!
survive zombie apocalypse game
Your task is to fight off and survive hordes of zombies in this arcade-action game. In the year 2012, the world has gone to chaos and undead roam the streets hungry for blood. Cut them, shoot them, slay them all as you gain xp and unlock new weapons and achievements. Call in support when things get really bad! Use YOUR LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS or (WASD) to move. DOWN ARROW KEY to pick up crates. UP ARROW KEY to call for help (available at 25, 50, 100 kill-combos. Good luck!
kill zombies and save your truck in this fun game
Monster Mowdown 2
Monster Mowdown 2
Your objective in this zombie shooting game is to blow apart zombies before they reach and destroy your truck. Use an array of guns and hired buddies to fight by your side. Try to survive all 50 levels against hordes of monsters. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to summon plow trucks. You can purchase upgrades between waves which will make your life easier. Good luck!
cool shooting war online game
WarZone Getaway 2
WarZone Getaway 2
Your mission in this shooting war game is to defend your jeep as you fend off waves of army attacks. Destroy all enemies that are trying to stop your jeep. You can upgrade your guns and turrets between the levels. Be sure to use the extra special air support, it will help you a lot. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press SPACEBAR to reload your gun. Press "Z" KEY to throw grenade, "X" KEY to spill oil and "C" KEY to deploy spikes. Use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS to call for air support. Good luck!
play fast paced isometric racing game
Grand Prix Go
Grand Prix Go
Your goal in this fast-paced, furious, formula-one racing game race round 12 unique tracks against nine other cars, unlocking 72 achievements as you go. Take control of a formula one car and drive it through treacherous tracks that involve wild turns and speeding strips where you can you your turbo to whiz past that competition. Use advanced car physics and upgrade your car as you battle your way through the different race series. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your formula and press 'X" or "N" KEY for boost (when available). Press SPACEBAR to reset car. Good luck!
run down and splatter zombies in this fun game
Your mission in this zombie killing game is to escape a city filled with zombies while rescuing other survivors. Take your school bus and drive through the city and run over zombies and shooting them down with your deadly weapons. Each mission will reward you with a new weapon or upgrade. Drive to safe zones to upgrade your bus with new weapons, heavy bumpers and hardware. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your bus. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Enjoy killing some zombies!
play new action strategy game online
City Siege 2
City Siege 2
Your mission in this cool platform war game is to control the home guard to destroy the baddies and reclaim the streets. VIP's must be saved to complete the mission. Baddies will only fire at you if they can see you. Beware, some objects may explode. Collect stars to upgrade your troops. Loss of civilian life will incure cash penalties. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on an unit to select it. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control the unit. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Good luck!
get the drugs off the street in this fun game
Rasta Gran
Rasta Gran
Your objective in this funny game is to help Rasta Gran clean up the streets and teach those thugs a lesson. Jump on thugs to transform them into good citizens. Collect all the weed bags and reach the police helicopter to complete the level. Collect skins for extra points. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW KEY to open doors. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Press and hold UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to climb ladders. Have fun!
help furry animals blow up human vehicles game
RoadKill Revenge
RoadKill Revenge
Your task in this funny destruction game is to help the furry animals to take vengeance for their rodent friend which was run over by a human. It's payback time! Use a special made animal car to take revenge on road kills by crashing as much human vehicles as you can. Blow up cars, trains, F16's and missile trucks through 45 levels of chaos and big explosions. Use YOUR MOUSE to position your revenge car in the launching area and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to place your car. Then move YOUR MOUSE to set direction and click again to launch your car into traffic. Have fun!
siege the city with your little combat men
City Siege
City Siege
Your mission in this combat game is to siege the city with your little combat men. Control the home guard to destroy the baddies and reclaim the streets. Baddies will only fire at you if they can see you. See if you have the strategy it takes to obtain back the city. Click troops to select them, use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control the troop. Some units need to stop to be able to shoot (namely the Bazooka guy and the Artillery truck). Good luck!
new zombie-fighting upgrade game
Road of the Dead
Road of the Dead
Your mission in this cool zombie killing upgrade game is to escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you. Use WASD KEYS to control your car. Press SPACEBAR for handbrake. Press "E" KEY to honk a horn. Press "R" KEY to clean your wind screen and press "F" KEY to punch/use pistol. Have fun!
fast-paced street fighting game
Legend of Johnny
Legend of Johnny
Your mission in this fast paced fighting game is to take a role of boy named Johnny. His girlfriend was kidnapped and Johnny has sold his soul for the strength to get her back. You must help him to clean up the streets and get rid of all the bad guys. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
Rage style beat em up game with robotic dinosaurs
Dino Strike
Dino Strike
Your goal in this great online fighting game is to clean the streets of evil henchmen and free the bionic dinosaurs from their grip. Dino Strike game lets you beat up street thugs and rescue bionic dinosaurs. By beating them up too. Use WASD KEYS to move around (double tap to run). Press "J" KEY to attack or pick up weapon / health. Press "K" to jump. Press "L" KEY to perform a flying attack and press "J" + "K" KEYS for special attack. Lets fight!
car jumping action-packed madness
Freeway Fury
Freeway Fury
Your goal in this cool driving game is to reach the finish line driving your car fast, jump from car to car, slam other vehicles and use nitro boosts to gain ultra speeds. You can gain nitro boost by jumping onto other cars, driving into oncoming traffic, and a variety of other crazy stunts. Only thing you can't do is brake. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to steer. Press UP ARROW KEY to use nitro. YOu can also hijack other cars, just press DOWN ARROW KEY to jump to the roof. Use UP ARROW KEY to jump on other cars. Press DOWN ARROW KEY again to enter a car. Have fun!
drive fast and shoot the traffic
Gun Express
Gun Express
Your task in this free online futuristic motorbike driving and shooting game is to deliver the pricey and very explosive package in time! Drive speedy and shoot the traffic on the way. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your bike and use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot other cars and bikes. Remember, you must reach the goal before the timer runs out. Destroying enemies will earn you extra time. Try to pick up bonuses the sometimes appear on the road to help you with your mission. Good luck!
drive you truck as fast and as far as possible
Mad Trucker
Mad Trucker
Your goal in this fast-paced mix of upgrade and truck driving game is to drive a big truck on the highway, stop for fast food and gas, repair your engine and make your way to the target destination as fast as possible. Between the days you can buy upgrades for your truck in the shop. Control your truck with the ARROW KEYS. Good luck!
first episode called Bloody Newcomer. Play for free!
Sift Heads World Act 1
Sift Heads World Act 1
In this first episode Vinnie is now officially teamed up with Kiro and the delicious Shorty. The story continues from the intense ending of Sift Renegade 2. As Vinnie and Kiro hide out in their new headquarters Shorty signals the presence of the Italian Mafia. Ever since Vinnie cleared the street of Chicago many years back, thing haven't been so good for this gang that is desperately attempting to surface again. Vinnie and his band of assassins have no intentions of letting this happen and will go directly to the source of the problem to put a stop to it. Use over 14 weapons of choice, explore 2 huge cities, complete 10 main missions, 10 side missions. Use YOUR MOUSE to move around, interact with characters, activate action spots and to aim or shoot, press SPACEBAR to equip your weapon, hit "R" KEY to reload and use WASD KEYS in animation sequences. Have fun!
race around town, upgrade your car and rescue your kid brother
Big Pixel Racing
Big Pixel Racing
So your kid brother has got him self into a right old pickle with Big Dog, the meanest gangster in Dog City. He's relying on you to get him out of this mess, as usual. It's time to dig out the driving gloves and strap your self in for some action packed street racing. Work your way to the top of the rankings table, earning money as you blow away the competition. Your hard earned cash will be well spent in the upgrade shops where you can turn that hunk of junk into a mean racing machine. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. Press "Z" KEY to use boost and "X" KEY to use item. "M" KEY toggles the Map screen on/off. Press SPACEBAR to enter races, enter and exit the shop, and skip past the in-game story. Have fun!
bring to the city the spirit of Christmas
Colour My Fate
Colour My Fate
Your goal in this fun Christmas game is to walk the city streets, explore the empty buildings and climb through the Underground to bring back the meaning of Christmas and reveal to the city the colour of creativity. Once again, you must venture back to the city of Black & White, but this time to bring to the city the spirit of Christmas which has long died along with the colour of the world. Explore the vast areas of the city collecting new colours to broaden your mind and ultimately, bring back happiness to the city, as well as happiness to your love. Move with WASD or ARROW KEYS. Interact with YOUR MOUSE, but not all interactions are unlocked. Collect colours and expand your abilities. Merry Christmas
use traffic lights to organize traffic on the roads
Hit The Road 2
Hit The Road 2
Your goal in this traffic management game is to organize traffic on the road to prevent crashes. Use traffic lights to change the movement of cars. There are pedestrians in this game too. But you do not have to worry about them. Make no crashes and you will win. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good Luck!
Tiger Woods wife outrun video game
Tiger Hunting
Tiger Hunting
Tiger Woods gets caught again with his mistress and needs your help in escaping an angry golf swing from his wife Elin Nordegren. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to control Tigers' Escalade through the obstacles. Hit too many and she will catch up with you. Good luck!
clean the crossroads in this funny traffic game
Traffic Trouble
Traffic Trouble
Your task in this fun traffic game is to pay attention and manage your traffic lights to guide the required number of cars out of traffic to pass each level. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on the traffic light icon to toggle red/green light. On every stage there is a maximum number of green lights you are allowed to activate. Every car has a stress meter which will gradually increase as it gets stuck in traffic. When a stress meter reaches its maximum level the control center will give you a warning. Get three warnings and you'll be fired and replaced by robots. Have fun!
win three races at the park in this fun game
Get Your Gear On
Get Your Gear On
When the federal stimulus truck came to town, it hit a pothole and now it's spraying money all over the streets. Kids have been picking up the money and buying stuff to make their bikes faster, safer, and better. Then they race them in the park. It takes $25 to enter the race-but if you win, you get everyone's entry fee. Do you think you can win three races at the park? I hope so because that's kind of the goal of this game. You also have to be to school on time in the morning, and home on time in the afternoon, or you'll be grounded. Also, the streets are surprisingly dangerous. Practice safe riding habits! If you want to avoid a broken limb or brain damage, you'll want to wear a helmet. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your biker. Have fun!
Enjoy the zombie killing awesomeness!
Days 2 Die The Other Side
Days 2 Die The Other Side
Your mission in this zombie slaying thriller you take control of any angry SWAT agent on a mission to save your sister from zombie massacre. You find yourself dropped on the streets with an zombie outbreak on your hands. You must contain and kill every h1n1 infected zombie in your path in order to advance closer to your goal. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Press "I" KEY to open/close inventory. Press SPACEBAR to jump. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to switch weapon. Good luck!
get back with your girlfriend in this interactive romantic adventure
Finding My Heart
Finding My Heart
You were kicked on the street by your girlfriend for playing too much video games. You gotta set things right with her if you ever want to play your games again. You must learn to express different emotions to get back with your girlfriend in this interactive romantic adventure. You can learn one communication skill from every character you meet in the game, but you have to use skills you already know in the correct order. If you succeed, one more skill is added to your arsenal. Once you learn everything you can, try to get back to your girlfriend and use all this knowledge to convince her to get together again. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Let love win again!
guide pedestrians over the road safely
Hit the Road
Hit the Road
The objective in this game is to help the pedestrians cross over the road and to organize safe and comfortable traffic. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on pedestrian to make him go, click again to make him stop. You can regulate the traffic by clicking on the traffic lights. Do not make crashes and traffic jams. Good luck!
get the kids across the street without getting hit by cars
School Bus Frenzy
School Bus Frenzy
Your task in this crazy and entertaining game, that will make you laugh out loud, is to get your kids across the busy street (without getting bumped) into the school bus. Use your explosive farts and speed boosts to gain momentum and get you across faster. Use YOUR MOUSE to direct the kids into the bus, and press SPACEBAR to use your explosive farts. Have fun!
a cool remake of a classic karate-fight game
Karate Blazers
Karate Blazers
Your goal in this fun street brawl game is to beat your opponents. Use the ARROW KEYS to move the character. Press "X" KEY to kick and "C" KEY to jump. Press "X" + "C" KEYS together for special attack (Warning you lose some lives). Good luck!
kill all those enemy stickmen in this game
Your mission in this tactical stickman sniper game is to return as "Jack" and rid the streets of the Triads and Terrorist Groups. Unique ammunition rounds and mind-puzzling levels will test your sniping skills. Do you have what it takes to complete all 18 levels? Use YOUR MOUSE to move your Scope. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire weapon. Press the SPACEBAR to reload Weapon. Use DOWN ARROW KEY to N.V. Scope (Starting at LVL 5). Good luck!
play the Emperor Arena game for free
Chaos Of Mana
Chaos Of Mana
Your mission in this cool fighting game is to lead your warrior to the victory. At the beginning choose your hero's Name and adjust his hair style and facial detail. Then select if he will be a warrior, a mage or a charmer and start your journey. Follow up the in-game tutorial to learn basics of the gameplay. Level up by winning fights in the arena. For every 2 fights in the arena your level will rise and you will get 3 extra points to improve your characters attributes. You can spend your hard earned money on the Shopping street, where you can buy some war guild, your wife or learn something. You can also bet some money on the llama races. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Do not forget to save your progress! Have fun!
Vinnies Paradise. Cool stickmen game
Sift Heads 4
Sift Heads 4
In this 4th game of Sift Heads, you get to Sift some Heads all around the world on Vinnie's vacations. Chicago's streets are all cleaned up because of you. How boring is it for Vinnie with no job. Use YOUR MOUSE to interact with all the game features. You can play previous parts of Sift Heads here. Have fun!
force other vehicles off the road
Mad Monday
Mad Monday
Your objective in this fun game is to drive your car and force other vehicles off the road or just shoot them, jump over bridges and trains and run over pedestrians. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. Hold down "A" KEY to shoot. Collect the power-ups for health or weapon bonuses (you can equip your car with up to 3 weapons). Have fun!
win races, buy better cars and win more races
Speed Warrior
Speed Warrior
Your goal in this cool racing game is to win races to earn money. For hard earned cash you can buy better cars and win more races. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your car. And press "X" KEY for nitro boost. Try not to crash into walls. Show your best drifting moves (keeping in drifting state will earn you multiple bonuses). Beware, colliding with civilian cars will attract more police cars in the pursuit. And collisions with cops will damage your cars. Good luck!
fight your way through high school backyard
High School Fighter
High School Fighter
Your objective in this fighting game is to take control of high schooler and fight your way through the chaos of the backstreet, cleaning up all the bosses and eventually become the king of the backstreet. During the game you can purchase items from the shop to increase your power along the way. Also, you can get stronger by leveling yourself up. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Press J KEY to attack, K KEY to jump, L KEY for energy-up / ultra kill. Have fun!
sidescrolling action game with punching and shooting
Crazy Flasher 2
Crazy Flasher 2
You get a mission to go kill a bad guy and found out that it was a trap and now you have to use your fighting skills to beat bad guys to the death and make your way out. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Press "B" KEY to attack bad guys. Press "N" KEY to jump and hit "M" KEY to use the special ground punch. Press SPACEBAR to switch to the gun. Good luck!
challenge the toughest basketball players
Trick Hoops Challenge
Trick Hoops Challenge
Your objective in this online basketball game is to challenge the toughest basketball players and defeat them on the street, at their own game. There is only one rule: if you score, your opponent is challenged and he must score the same tricks combination or he will lose one point. The same goes for you. Use YOUR MOUSE to hold and drag the ball to set the power and direction, then release to throw. Good luck!
exciting cat battle fighting game
Paw Paw Miaw
Paw Paw Miaw
This is cool street fighter/mortal kombat style fighting game where you choose your paw paw character and beat all enemies in 10 stage story mode in a one on one battle. Or you bring your buddy and play 2 players versus mode. There are 6 playable characters and 1 hidden character (unlocked after finishing story mode at medium or hard level). Use the ARROW KEYS to control your fighter and use "O" KEY for punch and "P" KEY for kick. Learn combo and special attack executing from in-game instruction. Good luck!
save the city of Karpalo from creepy soldiers
Creepy Adventure
Creepy Adventure
Your mission in this online game is to eliminate the creeps and save the city of Karpalo. The creepy soldiers are to be tackled first. You are given 2 powerful bonus guns as you proceed the streets of Karpalo. Combined with your powerful machine gun and 2 bonus guns, you need to destroy your enemies. Machine gun has unlimited bullets. The 2 bonus games have limited bullets. Use them carefully for powerful enemies. Use "A", "D" KEYS to move, "W" KEY to jump. Press SPACEBAR to swap guns. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Have fun!
play online  top view car racing game
Reach The Goal
Reach The Goal
Your objective in this racing game online is to reach the goal first in order to pass to the next tracks. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press "D" KEY to trigger the nitro. You can pause the game with "P" KEY and reset your car position with "R" KEY. You can also zoom in/out by pressing "C" KEY. Choose your ride, select difficulty and press Play button to start. Good luck!
coolest kung-fu dude after Weng Weng
Jackie Chan Rely on Relics
Jackie Chan Rely on Relics
Your goal in this kung-fu fighting flash game is to guide Jackie through the streets of Chinatown to catch Valmont and rescue your niece Jade from him. But stay on your guard because hidden in the shadows, Valmonts henchmen, the Shadowkhans, ale lying in wait for you. You must defeat all the shadowkhans before moving farther in the level. When they are all defeated, an arrow will tell you that the way is cleared. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Use "Z" KEY to punch and "X" KEY to kick (check in-game instructions for combo attacks). Use SPACEBAR to block or to make Jackie grab an object to protect himself with. Use the punch key to throw it. Collect the power-ups which will help you on your mission. Lets fight!
turret defense game which takes place in Hungary
Budapest Defenders
Budapest Defenders
Your objective in Budapest Defender is to prevent enemy units from taking over the Hungarian Revolutionary headquarters. Using limited resources, equip and place fighters on the building tops to destroy incoming Russian tanks, secret police sedans and armored cars. You can also purchase and place road blocks on city streets to impede the enemy advance. This awesome TD game offers two maps and 30 waves of enemies. In expert mode, enemies enter from both sides and your headquarter has two entrances to guard. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
street bashing game with role playing elements
Swords Saga
Swords Saga
Your goal in this awesome side scrolling sword fighting game with RPG elements is to fight to the death. Be patient the game comes in at 14.5 megabytes. First, set up your hero, give him a name and finish the points assignment. In the game use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS for movement, press "U" KEY to pickup items, "J" KEY to attack with sword, "K" KEY to jump, "I" KEY to discard and "H" KEY for menu. In the menu you can use items, select weapons and assign earned experience points. During your journey you will learn some combo attacks. Enjoy this very nice game!
completely addicting sports & skill game fun
Hoops Mania
Hoops Mania
Your objective in this basketball shooting game is to control three different street players trying to wrack up as many baskets as you can in 30 seconds. Use YOUR MOUSE to click a player to shoot a basket or press "1", "2", "3" KEYS to shoot. If you get four baskets in a row without missing you will set the hoop on fire. Continue sinking baskets while it is on fire to get even more points. Have fun!
old skool overhead-view flying shooting game
B29 Assault
B29 Assault
Your objective in this old skool shooting game is to fly to critical world locations and destroy the terrorist threat that has control of the streets. In the mid 21st century the world was taken over by terrorists. You come from the future to change the past and rid the world of them. You travel back in time in your radical B29 bomber that has a 23rd century upgrade. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to control your plane, hit SPACEBAR to drop a bomb. Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Good luck!
control your ninja stickman in sticky kung-fu fight
Stick Trinity
Stick Trinity
Your mission in this sticky kung-fu fight game is control your ninja stickman and kill all enemy stickmen fighters. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your ninja stickman, press "A" KEY to attack, "S" KEY for mortal strike and "C" KEY to change the characters. Have fun!
beat up bad-ass guys in this ghetto brawl game
Mobs Down
Mobs Down
Your goal in this fighting game is to show your street fighting skills and beat up bad-ass guys in this ghetto brawl. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around, hit SPACEBAR to jump. Use "X" KEY to kick, "C" KEY to punch and "V" KEY to pick up stuff. By pressing kick and punch controls fast enough you can compose different combos and earn extra points. Have fun!
play one of the best Flash fighting games ever
Crazy Flasher 3
Crazy Flasher 3
The objective of Crazy flasher 3 - King of the Death Match is to beat everybody and everything that moves. You start off only with your fist, but once you beat some enemies you earn money and you can purchase various weapons. Use "W", "A", "S", "D" KEYS to move around. Press the "B" KEY to attack, the "N" KEY to jump and the "M" KEY to use special. Press SPACEBAR to choose weapon. Lets fight!
have a fight between the two egg fighters
Egg Fighter
Egg Fighter
Your goal in this great parody to the street fighter games is to defeat your opponents in several levels. You can play against computer or you can play against your friend in two player mode. Either K.O. your enemy or have the most energy when the time is up. Use "Z", "X", "C", "S" keys to move and press "Q" KEY for jab, "W" KEY for punch and "E" KEY for block. Use key combinations for secret special attacks. Lets Fight!
beat your opponent with a combination of marital arts
Electric Man 2
Electric Man 2
Your objective in this fight game is to beat your opponent with a combination of marital arts, street fighting, and super human powers to wipe him out. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY for punch moves, "S" KEY for kick moves and "D" KEY for grab moves. There are also slow-motion versions of these moves. Use "Q", "W", "E" KEYS for slow motion moves. Running while executing a move will create a new attack. Note, SlowMotion attacks and the flipover throw (press "D" KEY when running) both use up battery points. Have fun!
sprint for your life through the World War 2 game
Stalingrad Sprint
Stalingrad Sprint
In this game you play a Russian soldier in WW2 and your aim is to dodge the incoming artillery shells while shooting the nazis. Use the ARROW KEYS to sprint for your life through the World War 2 streets of Stalingrad. And press SPACEBAR to fire. Ricky of clan surivived 140 seconds. Beat that!
avoid all obstacles and steal the wealth on your way
Street Bulglar
Street Bulglar
Your aim is to collect all the wealth and avoid all the obstacles on your way. To achieve this, you should avoid police man, waste bins and street dogs by jumping over them. Use ARROW KEYS to move. Press UP ARROW to jump and DOWN ARROW to crouch. Have fun!
head, knee, jump and kick your way in this sport game
World Cup Keepy Ups
World Cup Keepy Ups
Your objective in this soccer game is to guide your footballer away from the office, throught the streets and to the DTZ World Cup Stadium. You have to keep the ball up off the ground and achieve the highest number of Keepy-ups in one attempt. You are given 10 balls to complete the game and achieve the highest score. Optional bonus points can be scored in each level by shooting for Goal! Use your ARROW KEYS to control your footballer, press "R" KEY for header, "F" KEY for knee kick, and "V" KEY for kick. Hit SPACEBAR for special move. Have fun!
first-person shooter that takes place on the streets of Soho
Toon Crisis
Toon Crisis
In this first-person shooter that takes place on the streets of Soho and combines cartoon animation with real video footage of London, you have to shoot everything that moves. Wielding a Sony Walkman and an effective finger gun, you’re charged with defending yourself from an onslaught of toon attackers. These characters may not be stopped with a single hit so be sure that the one you’re shooting at is dead before turning your attention to another. As you defeat each wave of toons you’ll make your way to a different street or alleyway where you’ll meet more groups of devil creatures. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire. Press SPACEBAR to duck. Go get them!
shoot down the evil clowns in action shoot em up game
Clown Killer 2
Clown Killer 2
In this side scrolling shooting game you have to eliminate all evil clowns who got poisoned by mad Doctor X and become murderous monsters. And it is your job to clean streets of crazed clowns so all the citizens will be safe. Use ARROW KEYS to move around, and press "J" KEY to dive left, "L" KEY to dive right, and "K" KEY to shoot! Be sure to collect health power-ups on your way. Have fun!
defeat your buddy in this footy in the street. Have fun
Against The Wall
Against The Wall
You and your mate have decided to play a bit of footy in the street. Best of five penalties, loser has to buy the beer. To kick Use YOUR MOUSE to aim your shot. Then click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to power up your shot, click again to determine how hard you're going to welly it. To defend your goal use YOUR MOUSE to aim where you want to dive. Good luck!
great fight video game to play online.
Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 2
We all remember old street fighter video games. Well, this is pretty food conversion you can play online for free. Use ARROW KEYS to move and "A", "S", "D" KEYS to PUNCH and "Z","X","C" to KICK. I dont know if this is only Ryu vs Sagat fight, because I was not able to beat him! Pretty hard game. Best luck!

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