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relaxing physics puzzle game
Hero in the Ocean 2
Hero in the Ocean 2
Your task in this relaxing physics puzzle game is to go to the treasure hunt on your yellow submarine. Find 3 stars and the treasure in a level to complete it. Unlock most submarine games, nudging the wall doesn't cost health, leaving you free to focus on exploration. The game features several power-ups, including scissors for cutting bomb tethers, a hot-and-cold treasure detector, and tiny glowing jellyfish that will give you a helping hand now and then. Good luck!
amazing underwater submarine game
Deep Sea Hunter 2
Deep Sea Hunter 2
Your task in this awesome submarine game is to upgrade your submarine and conquer the ocean's depths. Command your submarine to explore the ocean depths and discover amazing new underwater life forms. Explore the seas and find the treasure. The brave submarine captain went in search of treasures at the bottom of the sea. Many dangers are waiting for him on his way, thus we're afraid he will be unable to complete his different mission without your help. Good luck!
upgrade your submarine fun game
Deep Sea Hunter
Deep Sea Hunter
Your goal in this upgrade adventure game is to dive into the harrowing depths of the deep sea and explore the underwater world. Get on your submarine and make it go all the way down to the deepest parts of the ocean. Hunt for new creatures before your submarine gets a depleted fuel tank. Have fun!
click to kill stick men in nuclear submarine
Click Death Submarine
Click Death Submarine
Play the new Click Death Submarine and kill all the stickmen in the under water submarine. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT-CLICK on the scene. Figure out the correct sequence of events to kill all the stickmen and win! Remember, the stickmen cannot see the other stickmen die! Good luck!
Collect all of the gold pieces and help build Cowburg
Freaky Cows 2
Freaky Cows 2
The cows have finally escaped from the island, but now they need to build their own city! Help the cows find gold and build up Cowburg! To play, use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK and HOLD to aim for a piece of gold. RELEASE the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to launch the cow! You do not want to lose any cows, so be sure to catch the cow in the submarine! Can you beat all of the levels in this fun puzzle game? Have fun!
Submarine under water shooting evading game
Little Submarine
Little Submarine
In this fun and challenging shooter puzzle game, you are in control of a tiny submarine. Your goal is to take down all of the enemy submarines and ships. Avoid enemy missiles and steer around obstacles to avoid losing health. To recharge your rockets and health, steer the submarine into the green lights until you are recharged. Can you use your shootings and evasion skills to beat this game? Use the WASD KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to fire. Good luck!
challenging and interesting physics puzzle game
I Need Air
I Need Air
This is an interesting psychological physics puzzle game. You are in control of a submarine, your mission is to free all of the men by breaking their chains with your bullets. They only have a limited time to breathe, so you must try to get them to the surface as quickly as possible. The mystery lies in who are these men and why are they tied to the bottom of the ocean. Can you handle the pressure of saving all of them? Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to fire. Be careful, though, you only have a limited number of ammo, so aim well. Good luck!

Upgrade Sub
Upgrade Sub
Your objective in this fun role playing game is to continue upgrading your weak submarine until its an unstoppable machine! This game take a lot of patience. You will die almost immediately the first few times. Stay with it, though! You can update your sub each round. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to move and use the SPACEBAR to fire. You can also choose the mouse controls, where you use YOUR MOUSE to move and LEFT CLICK to shoot. You can also decide to choose auto fire, where the submarine fires for you. Good lunk and have fun!
destroy the enemy vessels with your torpedoes
Torpedos Armed
Torpedos Armed
Your mission in this cool submarine game is to use your torpedoes to blast away ships by sneaking up underneath them and sinking as many of them as possible. Each level has an objective that you must meet in order to move onto the next level. If you start sinking enough ships you will earn money that you can use to buy upgrades like armor, speed, fuel efficiency, and torpedoes. You have a very limited amount of health and energy to use while underwater, so be sure to keep an eye on those indicators while sinking ships. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your submarine and use "W" KEY to fire torpedo up, "A" KEY to fire torpedo to the left and "S" KEY to fire to the right. Good luck!
show your diving skills and find the treasures
Deep Diver
Deep Diver
Your task in this exploration and collection game is to explore the depths of the ocean looking for treasure, rare species and secret maps. Search for treasure to upgrade your submarine in order to dive even deeper. There are ten challenging stages to explore. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to control your submarine. Have fun!
explore and collect artifacts from the world oceans
Deep Sea Diver
Deep Sea Diver
Your goal in this game is to dive deep underwater to uncover lost treasure and relics hidden under the passage of time. This game is all about exploring, collecting and upgrading. Use the ARROW KEYS to steer your submarine to dive and collect coins, points and search for the 10 ancient relics. Return close to the surface to replenish your air supply and to exit your submarine. You can upgrade your sub by collecting coins. Good luck!
crazy shooter with a lot of enemies, weapons and upgrades
Submarine vs Aliens
Submarine vs Aliens
Your objective in this crazy shooter with a lot of enemies, weapons and upgrades is to control a submarine and fight against dangerous aliens. Use YOUR MOUSE to control a submarine. The submarine shoots automatically. You can drop the bomb by clicking LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, bomb will be moving forward. Following left click will blow up earlier dropped bomb. Collect batteries – the more batteries you collect, the more weapons and upgrades you can activate. Press and hold the CTRL or SPACEBAR to fix aim and strafe. Bubbles energy is reduced for this ability. Good luck!
fight against enemy ships and submarines
Submarine Fighter
Submarine Fighter
Your mission in this shooting game is to fight against enemy ships and submarines. Complete mission goals to win the game. Use the ARROW KEYS to move your submarine. Press SPACEBAR to launch the missile. Pick up upgrades to improve your submarine. Good luck!
blow the ships out of the water in underwater shooter game
IntenSub 2
IntenSub 2
Your goal in this intense underwater 2D shooter in the vein of a few classic arcade games is to destroy waves of enemies approaching from both sides. Use YOUR MOUSE to navigate the submarine. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to gain power for your torpedo. Release to fire. The faster your rockets are going, the more damage they do. Collect the power-ups that are floating around from time to time. Good luck!
grandpa needs your help to break of prison
Catapult Grandpa
Catapult Grandpa
Your task in this flash game is to help your grandpa to get out of prison and find his way to the Love Shack where the ladies are awaiting him. You got to catapult him all the way there and then fry him in hell for his wicked ways. You'll need to think about angle, power, wind factor and movement of the target. There are many different ways for Grandpa to die in this game including electric shock, sharks, crocodiles, crashing through windows, disappearing and general crushing. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
blast the ships for Massive Damage in this game
Your mission in this action shooter is to control a lone submarine in a harsh and hectic battlefield and blast the ships above for Massive Damage. The longer you charge your missiles, the more points you will get. Try to grab the Health powerups to heal your shields. Use YOUR MOUSE to navigate Sub. Click and hold the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to power up Surface Missiles, and release to launch Surface Missiles. Good luck!
game from the dangerous days of World War II
Warfare Transporter
Warfare Transporter
Your mission in this cool game is to make your living as a Warfare Transporter in the dangerous days of World War II. You must move arms and explosives through treacherous waters and combating enemy units trying to send you to Davy Jones' Locker. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your ship. Click anywhere under the ship to drop water mine. Click anywhere above the ship to fire from the cannon. Good luck!
of the Pacific Ocean game
Fantastic Treasures
Fantastic Treasures
Your mission in this nice free online game is to collect treasures in the ocean and bring them to your mother ship. Use the ARROW KEYS to control your submarine. Press SPACBAR to launch the torpedos (you must buy them fist). Collect the treasures just by touching them and bring them to the base to earn money. You can refuel or repair your submarine and if you have enough money you can also buy upgrades for your submarine in the base. Collect letters and create word BONUS and you will gain some extra cash. Beware of dangerous fish, they can damage your submarine! You can kill them with your torpedos. Have fun!
upgrade your submarine and hunt for treasure
Treasure Seas Inc
Treasure Seas Inc
Your mission in this unique game is to explore the seas in your submarine and find hidden treasure in deep waters. Discover all three routes of the Kaluha Triangle to find as much treasures as possible. Rig up your submarine in order to reach greater depths. Dolphins which accompany the ship sometimes give hints. Use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to navigate the ship. Press SPACEBAR to drop a submarine. Use the ARROW KEYS to control the submarine. Press "A" KEY to grab treasures. Also keep your eye on oxygen, battery and pressure. Have fun!
vertical scrolling shooting game with nice graphics
Naval Fighter
Naval Fighter
Your mission in this nice flash game is to get over the enemy territory destroying as many enemy units on your way as possible. Before each mission (level) you can choose one of the three experimental United States Navy torpedo bombers. Each of them has different characteristics (speed, armor and firepower). Try to pick up bonuses and health packs as they will help you to complete your mission. Use YOUR MOUSE to control your plane, click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to fire machine gun and press the SPACEBAR to fire torpedos. Good luck!
shoot down all the enemy helicopters and submarines
Sea Assault
Sea Assault
You control heavy armored battle ship and your aim is to destroy all the enemy helicopters and underwater submarines. Be sure to collect Green Balloons falling from the sky to recharge your amunition to shoot submarines. Use "A" KEY to move left and "D" KEY to move right. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot the helicopters. Press "S" KEY to bomb submarines. Have fun!
escue your people in the water with your helicopter
Navy Game
Navy Game
In this navy flash game your aim is to control the helicopter with YOUR ARROW KEYS to guard your ship against enemy attacks, and rescue your people in the water. To complete each level you must rescue all of the men in the water (by pressing SPACEBAR). You also must destroy the submarines (by pressing SPACEBAR) attacking your ship with your torpeods to keep your Anzac frigate afloat. Also destroy all patrol boats that are atacking you (by pressing SPACEBAR). Good luck!
finaly you got home, will you vomit or not?
Hangover Game
Hangover Game
This is sweet follow up of Home Run Game. The aim is to catch the bubbles with your submarine, before your stomach acid will make you to vomit. Maneuver the submarine with YOUR MOUSE. Click on sitting dude to start game. Have fun!

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