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8-bit platform based action game
Pixel Staff
Pixel Staff
Your mission in this 8-bit platform based action game is to control a wizard who must cross a dangerous area, full of grotesque enemies and dangerous traps to reach the end of the adventure and run the great evil has risen and threatens to conquer the entire kingdom. Pixel Staff is a great retro-style adventure game similar to Metroid or Castlevania games, in which you will play as a wizard who found that the ghouls invade your land which make the peoples scared and it is your duty to bring back the peace by defeating them and destroy the source. Enjoy!
amazing physics puzzle platform game
The Sun for the Vampire 2
The Sun for the Vampire 2
Your task in this sequel to amazing physics puzzle platform game is to help the vampire survive among deadly dangers. At the behest of an old wizard, he's plumbing the depths of a brand-new dark and spooky castle in search of the secret to vampire sunblock, and this time, he'll be putting his noggin to the test! The puzzles are largely box-oriented, focusing pushing and throwing large crates around, but the game shows a surprising amount of creativity in the number of things it does with that single mechanic. Have fun!
Tetris inspired dungeon game
Dungeon Blocks
Dungeon Blocks
Your objective in this Tetris inspired dungeon game is to use your stacking skills to create dungeons for imps, goblins and other dark dungeon creatures. Each level has three objectives, make sure to complete them all. A heroic wizard vanquished an evil spirit after a long and epic battle and imprisoned it in a gem. To prevent it from being freed, he needs to bury the gem in the most dangerous dungeon he can build. Good luck!
fun strategy game
Demonic Flower
Demonic Flower
Your mission in this fun strategy game is to help the king destroy hordes of enemies while searching for gifts for the princesses. Battle four campaigns against elves, orcs, undead and demons. Upgrade your army, call for reinforcement on the battlefield, and use all tactics at your disposal to win the battle. Place wizards and knights on the designated spots for an amount of gold to help fend off the enemy waves. Use your two skills to place either bombs or spies throughout the map to help your army along with the fighting. Use skills when they come off cool down and note that they do not have a gold purchase cost, unlike the knights and wizards do. Good luck!
play free online dungeon game
Dragon Princess
Dragon Princess
Your goal in this free online dungeon game is to play as a fire mage who fights monsters and completes quests in a dungeon with the help of her friends. Complete each dungeon by defeating all monsters. Pick up companions to fight with you, activate bombs, and break pottery for coins. The Dragon Clan used to be the most powerful wizard clans in the magic world. They were keepers of the priceless artifact the Dragon Heart. This talisman helped them to support order in the whole world. One day the artifact had been stolen by evil forces, and now you must get it back. Good luck!
free online strategy game
Heroes of Mangara The Frost Crown
Heroes of Mangara The Frost Crown
Your mission in this free online strategy game is to lead your heroes in an epic journey that will test their might and powers. Send an mighty army of warriors and wizards to destroy zombies and other mythological creatures. Place towers strategically and destroy each enemy. island to get the ancient Frost Crown. It won't be easy, fight epic bosses and various threats along the way. Good luck!
easy to learn yet challenging casual RTS game
Solandia Uprising
Solandia Uprising
Your mission in this easy to learn yet challenging casual real time strategy game is to command your units through the land to fight against enemies and destroy their bases. Work your way through 25 Levels with 20 types of units, 4 types of magic, 72 improvements, 15 achievements, and 3 levels of difficulty. It's fun and for those who need help, use archers and one axeman. Then when you obtain the wizard, spam him and upgrade him like no tomorrow and choose the frost upgrade for him. Max out healing spell and freezing spell. Max out the axeman with lightning ability near the end. Good luck!
knight horse action battle game
Kings Rider
Kings Rider
Your mission in this knight horse action battle game is to ride your horse to battle in your quest to crush the dark wizard and get back the peasant treasure. The evil dark wizard and his minion followers the Orcs have once again struck against the poor peasants of your kingdom and have stolen all of there haystacks, logs and a very important poop shovel. This brave knight is the King's best warrior. Thus no wonder that he often receives orders from his sovereign to help the people in the kingdom. For example, ugly goblins have stolen the country people's property, and the knight must get it back. Enjoy!
gruesome puzzle platform game
Headless Zombie
Headless Zombie
Your goal in this gruesome puzzle platform game is to get yourself and your head to the exit in each of the 20 levels. In this game you take a role of Carl who used to be a nobleman, until an envious wizard caused him to fall off his horse, break his neck and die. However, dark magic has a funny way of backfiring, and Carl came back as a zombie to reclaim what is rightfully his and hopefully eventually de-zombiefy. All in all, clever puzzles, mix of skill and thinking to get out, smooth animation, only complaint I would have is that the head-throwing controls did not work very consistently - aiming the head is a nice touch but hard to achieve in practice. Have fun!
play cool round based fighting game
Click Battle
Click Battle
Your task in this simple round based fighting game is to use an army of mages to fight off the viking invasion for 5 months. Set up defenses and match up combos of each wizard type to build up powerful attacks. Evil Vikings attacked a small Celtic settlement. But the Celts have always been considered as skillful magicians. Will they be able to dodge rival attacks using only magic powers? The enemy is very strong, so you must act as quickly as possible! Controls are very easy, just use YOUR MOUSE to click a play when the white cursor is near the middle. Good luck!
Help Rupert defeat all of the evil wizards undead army!
Ruperts Zombie Diary
Ruperts Zombie Diary
An evil wizard who has mastered the book of the dead is trying to take over London. Defeat his undead minions in this awesome action shooter! Collect money from your killings to buy upgrades and complete missions to gain even more gold! Can you defeat the evil wizard and his zombies? Use the WASD KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT CLICK to shoot. Use the SPACEBAR to kick when zombies are surrounding you. Have fun and good luck!
run as far as you can in this fun game
Running Wizard
Running Wizard
Your task in this retro style run and jump game is to run as far as you can while destroying the castles with your magic spell. Press "X" or "C" KEY to jump and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to destroy castles. Have fun!
epic adventure battle game
Legend of the Golden Robot
Legend of the Golden Robot
Your task in this turn-based treasure hunting RPG game is to reunite the pieces of the legendary Golden Robot and defeat the Evil Wizard and his army of minions. Battle mythical creatures and evil wizards, dig up exciting treasures, play bar games against drunk Vikings, fight alongside little critter friends that you discover along your quest, and much more. Use YOUR MOUSE to guide Steve round and dig for treasure. Good luck!
online battle game similar to Plants vs Zombies
Caldera Legends
Caldera Legends
Your mission in this strategy fighting game is to use your wizards to defeat neighboring bandit resistance factions from taking over Europe. Try to attack and destroy the invading enemy units using mages and powerful spells. Use YOUR MOUSE to place your mages on the battle field. Also do not forget to build mana altars. The more mana altars you have the faster you collect mana for purchasing other defense units. Good luck!
fantasy game that plays like a top-down shooter
Wizards Run
Wizards Run
Your task in this fun top down shooter is to take on the role of a wizard and survive by mastering Fire, Ice, or the Divine. Fight all enemy units and upgrade your wizard as good as you can. Survive all 9 levels and defeat the source of evil. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "C" KEY to shoot. Use "Z" and "X" KEYS to cast spells. Press the SPACEBAR for upgrades. Good luck!
cool action-rpg hack n slash game
Kings Island 3
Kings Island 3
Your mission in this third part of popular action-rpg hack n slash King's Island Series is to find the exit of the Ancient Dungeon-City built by crazy architects obsessed by magic. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. You can move, use objects, and do actions simply by clicking and using the drag&drop. Good luck!
lovely casual online game for free
Star Kirby Brick War
Star Kirby Brick War
Your objective in this cute casual game is to take a role of Kirby and fight against various Animation wizards. You do this by shattering all the bricks in the screen on a given level. And if you defeat the mysterious boss in the end to win the victory, Kirby will be able to get back home. Use YOUR MOUSE to draw line to make Kirby fall on the Rainbow line and then rebound. Have fun!
Turn Based Strategy-Rpg Game
Runestone Arena
Runestone Arena
Your mission in this turn based strategy RPG game is to enter in a Fantasy Arena and fight to become the Champion. Hire Powerful Warriors, Wizards, Minotaurs and other incredible Gladiators. Buy Armors, weapons, and spells to improve your Team and lead your team of fierce warriors, wizards and gladiators to victory in the vicious realms of the Runetone. Every action costs you energy and movement points. If you run out of points you will have to wait till they refill. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game (see also the Game Guide). Good luck!
fight your opponents in this card game
Ether of Magic Cards
Ether of Magic Cards
Your goal in this new card game is to show your mighty wizard skills against powerful enemies. Build up your deck of cards and fight against other AI wizards. Earn cards and bonuses so you could fight against the great wizard and win. Use your cards wisely and pay attention to what cards your opponent uses against you. There are 3 Different classes to chose from: Attack Wizard, Curse Wizard, and Defend Wizard and there are 20 missions, 42 magic cards, 6 backgrounds, and 3 hero classes. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
find the magical relic in the castle
Magic Orbs
Magic Orbs
Your mission in this online flash game is to find your way into heart of the lost temple, going through the fascinating magic maze to find an ancient treasures. Magical and mechanical barriers closing the path to it, and only power of the magic orbs will help you in this exciting journey. You must navigate a series of rooms by grabbing orbs and placing them on pedestals. Certain orbs will open similarly-coloured doors when held, but you can only hold two orbs at a time. Use YOUR MOUSE and LEFT CLICK on the playing field to walk to that position. LEFT CLICK on an orb to pick it up. Good luck!
flash game with over 20 levels of fun chain reaction
Assault Carnivale
Assault Carnivale
Your task in this puzzle game inspired by Splash Back is to help the wizard defend Castelul de lumina from Blestemadian attack in 20 days. Each killed enemy soldier will affect their surrounding. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on soldiers to enlarge them and cause chain-reaction mayhem in their troops. Good luck!
find your way to exit in this retro puzzle platformer
Your goal in this retro puzzle platformer is to find your way to the exit using your hats. Part of the puzzle is figuring out what each hat does. You cannot kill enemies directly. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to walk. Press UP ARROW KEY to jump. And press DOWN ARROW KEY to use hat power. Use 1-5 NUMBER KEYS or ASDFG KEYS to change hats. Have fun!
action RPG with tons of fun and challenging boss battles
Chibi Knight
Chibi Knight
Your mission in this action RPG with tons of fun and challenging boss battles is to save the kingdon of Oukoku which has been ravaged by 3 beasts. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to attack/select. Press "S" KEY to open Spells menu. You have to find the wizards to get spells. Have fun!
a turn based strategy mix with a swap jewels game
Stone Masters
Stone Masters
Your goal in this based strategy game mixed with a swap jewels game is to swap adjacent stones to make a minimum set of 3 of the same type. Each stones represent an element. Try to swap the correct combination to win the mana for your spells. The swords stones strike your enemy with a physical attack. If you make a set of 4 stones, you win a bonus turn. Kill your opponent to win gold and xp and proceed to next level, kill all the opponents and become the stones master. To begin, buy some spells at the wizard shop and go to the first battle with Batlthazar. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Good luck!
help dwellers to build their home town
Dreamsdwell Stories
Dreamsdwell Stories
The dwellers of a colorful fantasy world are waiting for you to help them build a town. To do it you will need gems and gold. You can get them by magic, making chains of the spheres of one color. It may seem easy at the first sight but a real wizard knows that making a chain of 20, 30 or even 40 spheres is not that easy as it seems in the beginning. Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a sphere to select it and then continue to select spheres to form a chain (You can also hold down the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and use drag-n-drop method to make chains). To complete a level you have to remove all the golden mountings. Use earned coins to build the town. Good luck!
the final game in the Protector series
Protector 3
Protector 3
Your mission in this strategic defense game with a great RPG twist is to continue your campaign to rid the realm of evil creatures, place knights, warriors and wizards along the footpath to intercept enemies. Upgrade your characters skill set by assigning them more magic spells or physical attributes. Use YOUR MOUSE to place units – Full documentation is provided in game. Good luck!
create an army to conquor the evil warlords
Quest for Power 2
Quest for Power 2
Your mission in this online game is to help Arthur to create an army to conquor the evil warlords and save his kingdom. There are 5 rulers to defeat. Each ruler has different defences and attack strategies so learn which is the best course to win the day. Use UP and DOWN ARROW KEYS to rotate the Cannon upwards or downwards, then use SPACEBAR to fire. Each cannon boulder shot uses 2 pieces of gold, each cannonball shot uses 4 pieces of gold. You can upgrade your cannon to fire deadly cannon balls with a spell. You have 6 trusty soldiers to call upon. Each with their own unique qualities. Once you have the required gold you can hire them by clicking on their icon, apart from the archer and wizard which is bought by being dragged onto the game area. You can build walls, and towers. Be mindful that you can only build on your own territory. Scroll the screen using YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!
help brave wizard to protect your hometown
Wizard Defense
Wizard Defense
Rage, fury and anger of monster hordes are coming to your hometown, Aludra Village. It is time for you to control Fahn the wizard to raise his staff before Aludra village vanguished into dust. Learn 12 spells from 4 elements Thunder , Fire , Ice and Earth to crush 19 monster races and survive for 35 levels to win this battle. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot monsters. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to switch spell (only works when you have multiple active spells). You are given useful tips during the game play. Good luck!
a new Obama point and click Adventure game
Obama Potter
Obama Potter
A long time ago a group of Wizards gave to the Muggle World a magic coin as a gift to strengthen their friendship. This coin named Aliquantum Prospera contains a powerful spell to guarantee prosperity in the whole Muggle World. Unfortunately evil Voldemord has stolen the coin and has the Crisiatus curse on it to ruin Muggle World's wellbeing. Your mission is to help Obama to face up Voldemord and recover the magic coin. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
banish the monsters back to hell in TD game
Armorgames created new TD game where havoc and corruption swarms through the land, and you are one of those few wizards who can put an end to it. Your mission in Gemcraft Tower Defense game is to create and combine magic gems, put them into your towers and banish the monsters back to hell. Use YOUR MOUSE and click on spell buttons to select them. Drag gems to move, throw or combine them. Good luck on your journey!
unusual racing game inspired by Base Jumping
The Sneeks
The Sneeks
This fun flash game is quite unusual kind of a racing game where your aim is to move your critter and reach finish line first. The rules are simple. When the wizard is asleep, keep on moving, but when he is awake, you better be hiding! Play by yourself or bring along up to 4 friends. In one player mode, press and hold SPACEBAR to move forward. Release it to hide from wizards eyes. Good luck!
Use your wizard powers to crush the stick horde
Castle Draw
Castle Draw
Your goal in unique game is to use your wizard powers to crush the stick horde before they breach the castle walls and kill you. The stick-war has been raging for over a century. Castle Freakness is the last one standing between your survival and complete obliteration. The Stickmen Alliance mean to kill you and take the castle. They will do anything to get what their fiendish stick-brains want. You have got a force of mercenary dwarves and other power ups to help with your defence - use them wisely or suffer the consequences. Move YOUR MOUSE left and right to move the wizard. And click and drag above the castle walls to draw a rock. Once drawn it will fall on attackers climbing the castle walls. Have fun!
Invasion - street wizard fighting flash game
Urban Wizard 3
Urban Wizard 3
Your mission in this great side-scrolling shooter is to kill the bad guys with a large variety of weapons straight from the start. Use "D" KEY to move right, "A" KEY to move left and "W" KEY to jump. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press and hold the SPACEBAR to bring up the Gat selection menu. Then click on the gun you wanna use. Each weapon has its own strengths and faults. Pick up yellow atoic bomb and it will make your guns overdrive (your weapons are temporarily stronger). Also try to collect ammo and health packs. Have fun!
rescue Princess Yaya from the evil wizard Grizwald
Bow Adventure
Bow Adventure
Princess Yaya has been kidnapped by the evil wizard and is being held captive in Castle Doom. Your task, dear hero, is to save her from the wizards evil clutches and destroy his minions on the way. Climb up Castle Dooms walls and try not to get yourself killed. Beware on traps and other terrible things along the way. Use the ARROW KEYS to move, press DOWN ARROW KEY for shield. Hit SPACEBAR to power up. And use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. Good luck hero!
a group of orcs, dwarves and wizards hijacked your meds
Who Stole My Medicine
Who Stole My Medicine
A group of orcs, dwarves and wizards hijacked your medicine. The objective of this game is to simply click on the thief before your time runs out. The thiefs identity will be revealed to you before the found starts, and you will have to locate him from a bunch of other innocent characters. But beware! Without your meds, you are dying. You mus act swiftly. Each med you collect will extend your life by one second. Have fun!
help the urban wizard to shoot all his enemies.
Urban Wizard
Urban Wizard
In this game play as the urban wizard, who rather than casting geeky spells, shots his enemies up. Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move left or right. Press UP ARROW to jump and DOWN ARROW for sword attack. Change your gun by pressing CTRL KEY. Always watch your ammo, once you are out of ammo you cant use the gun. Go and kill them all!
grab a shot gun and revenge your Orc friends
Shotgun Orc
Shotgun Orc
Your orc friends have all been wiped out by your enemies. Then suddenly a strange portal opens before your eyes. Out pops a weapon of great destruction. Grab it and take revenge against the enemies. Use YOUR ARROW KEYS to move your hero, hit SPACEBAR to shoot and press "R" KEY to reload. Now go and kick some wizard butt!
protect a little girl from the evil creatures game
Kimblis the Blue
Kimblis the Blue
You have to explore the entire city and find a little girl who is the only one who survived evil raid. Protect her from the evil creatures and escort her safely through the city. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS to move around. Aim with YOUR MOUSE, to attack click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, press "E" KEY for health potion, "Q" KEY for magic potion and switch weapons with 1-7 KEYS. Good luck saving her.

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