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virtual stressball physics game
Mutilate a Doll 2
Mutilate a Doll 2
Your goal in this virtual stressball physics game is to completely mutilate the ragdolls. It's your job to completely mutilate the ragdolls! Use one of the many objects like magnets, bombs or swords and use those to cut, blast and break the dolls into a thousand pieces! Smack this doll against the wall, rip his limbs apart, throw him on the ground, and kick his ass against the roof! Press space to summon your first victim after this dull loading screen goes away. After that, it's all up to you. Enter for hotkeys, read the instructions and helps. Enjoy!
colourful and creative platform game
Onomastica 2
Onomastica 2
Your mission in this colourful and creative platform game is to solve puzzles by using the words in this world. Letters build words and words build worlds! You have to push and change them to pave your way in the very creative platform puzzler. How far can you run in Onomastica 2? Your task in the sequel of the word jump and run platform game is to get over all obstacles to make the whole way to the end. Enjoy!
distance based skill game
Undead Run
Undead Run
Your goal in this distance based skill game is to go berserk and take things in your own hand. Run, blast, dodge, collect and kill your way through the street. Aim of your Undead Run is to run the whole distance to the end of the city and defeat the big zombie boss. Use guns, swords and fire to kill zombie hordes as you roam the city. Upgrade your weapons and abilities along the way to become the ultimate hero. Steer your little cube man around to kill the zombies, grab the coins, and get out of that city. Have fun!
new real time squad defence game
Royal Warfare
Royal Warfare
Your mission in this real time squad defense game with swords, archery and magic is to train soldiers, combine troops, face numerous enemy waves, enjoy fierce battles and protect your kingdom. Unite scattered forces, upgrade your soldiers, create a well combined army and smash the undead forces. So go and fight swarms of zombies and other enemies in this squad controlled action game. Enjoy!
combination of word game and city management sim game
Lexicopolis A B City
Lexicopolis A B City
Your objective in this combination of word game and city management sim game is to spell out words with the letters you are given then build up buildings and create a small community. The land yields valuable letters. Harvest letters by constructing buildings over them. Construct buildings by spelling them. Have fun!
unique and exciting castle defense game
Defend Your King
Defend Your King
Your mission in this unique and exciting castle defense game is to command the soldiers and defend the castle from enemies. Each unit can change into a swordsman, archer or repairman. Think smart, choose weapons and move your soldiers on the palace grounds to stop enemy units attacking from all sides. The enemy seems to really sneak up on you in this. I forgot that only one of my players can actually fight the attackers. It's weird to have to defend a king. I guess it is easier than an entire building. The little voice bits were nice too. Good luck!
epic TD game that has resemblance with Kingdom Rush
The Keeper of 4 Elements
The Keeper of 4 Elements
Your mission in this epic tower defense game is to help the old magician protect the secret of the four elements. Lead your army in defending your motherland against the incoming mighty invaders. Use the magical 4 elements to repel the invasion. Along the path you'll find dirt mounds you can click to build one of four different elemental tower types, each with their own strengths and abilities. Initially, the enemy forces are a bit of a joke, but each level brings new enemy types to contend with, from shamans who heal those around them to swordsmen who can dash and more. Good luck!
simple to learn turn based strategy game
Go Virus
Go Virus
Your mission in this simple to learn turn based strategy game is to play a cute virus trying to take over the board. Grow your virus to take over the playing field. Complete the board before turns run out or occupy more terrain than your opponent in battle mode. When it's your turn, a bar of colors appears on the left side of the screen. Decide which color further spreads your plague the best, then click on it. Your current virus will grow by occupying any of the chosen color it is adjacent to. Simple to play, hard to master. In other words, a pretty good and competitive game. Have fun.
unique puzzle jump and run game using words
Your task in this unique puzzle jump and run game using words is to prove your linguistic by finishing the game. Use the WASD or ARROW KEYS to run, jump, and explore a typographical wonderland where the words make up the landscape. Given its linear nature, there's not much of a puzzle aspect beyond "keep moving forward", but it's such a neat little experience that you'll still want to check it out, and hopefully something we see more of in the future. Enjoy!
funny platform adventure game
This is Not a Minimalist Game
This is Not a Minimalist Game
Your goal in this funny platform adventure game is to take the role a warrior in a medieval fantastic universe who does quests for various NPC. Suddenly the world changes. It has no more colors, no more details, and the people are talking rectangles. But what if your whole world disappeared and there were no more colors, no more details ? Even the way people talk has changed, only the essential words are left. Solve the puzzles and get the world back the way it was. Have fun!
protect your castle in cool strategy game
Stormy Castle
Stormy Castle
Your mission in this cool strategy game is to protect your castle at all costs. Build right fortifications and hire armies to win this endless war between the kingdoms. To seize your enemy's castle, you will need to destroy their gates. The enemy will also try to capture your castle, so you must defend your own gates. Build offensive buildings to produce swordsmen, archers, and other units that will head towards the opposing castle and fight enemies in their way. Train a bunch of skilled swordsmen and archers. These warriors will play a very crucial role to your kingdom for they will be the ones who will fight and defend your castle against your enemies. Good luck!
interesting puzzle platformer game
Shadow of the Ninja
Shadow of the Ninja
Your task in this interesting puzzle platformer game is to take the role of Akane, an apprentice ninja trying to reclaim her peaceful village from an evil samurai clan. In other words, in Shadow of the Ninja you are on a sacred quest to free the innocent villagers. Slip past enemy lines, using your unique abilities to your every advantage. Good luck!
gladiator fighting warrior battles in arena
Sands of Coliseum
Sands of Coliseum
Play as a warrior and battle enemies in the arena of death. Use knifes, swords, shields and more to kill your opponent in the battle to the death. Upgrade your hero in this cool rpg. Lets play!
spell words with letters
Spelling Scramble
Spelling Scramble
Your goal in Spelling Scramble is to create long chains of letters to spell words!
Help defend the moon and destroy all enemy spacecraft!
Aliens have confused our attempts at contact for threats! They also think that we populate the moon. Help defend the moon and take down all of the enemies in this fum, typing game! Use the KEYBOARD to type out the words that appear above each spacecraft to annihilate them! Good luck and have fun!
Help save the library by defeating the ink blots
Ink Battle
Ink Battle
Someone at the library has left an ink bottle open overnight! The ink blots have escaped and their only mission is to destroy knowledge. Help the books defend themselves and save the library! Help build up mana by typing the words on the screen in this fun tower defense game! Use the KEYBOARD to type the words in the space provided and press the ENTER KEY when you are finished. To attack, type the words under the mana bar to send troops! Have fun and good luck!
cool game with words and physics
Words and Physics
Words and Physics
Your task in this surprisingly a neat game featuring words and physics is to solve the puzzles by typing physics commands. Click on different areas of each level and use the keyboard to change the environment, either by typing characters or deleting them, in order to remove the specified text from the screen. Have fun!
Fun challenging typing zombie killing game
Massacre Street
Massacre Street
In this fun zombie killing typing game, your mission is to not let any zombies cross the barrier line! Use your awesome typing skills to type out the words above the zombies heads and press the ENTER KEY to kill them! How fast can you type? Have fun!
defend your gold from enemies in strategy game
Mad Arrow
Mad Arrow
Your mission in this addictive defense strategy game is to protect your gold from being stolen by greedy enemies. Setup archers and swordsmen to shoot down and kill the barbarians out to loot your gold. Use YOUR MOUSE to click and drag soldiers from the bottom of the game screen and place them on the paths. Click and hold LEFT MOUSE BUTTON and move YOUR MOUSE to scroll the screen (or use ARROW KEYS). Good luck!
destroy aliens to keep Moon safe in this typing game
Moon Type
Moon Type
Your mission in this typing game is to defend the moon from the alien invasion using an unconventional weapon : words. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type the names of the incoming enemies to destroy them one by one. Do not let them get too close. Good luck!
play great fighting RPG game
Zombie Knight
Zombie Knight
Your quest in this fighting RPG game is to play as a Zombie Knight and defeat all who stand before you. Customize your character by equipping armors, shields, swords and special skills, and then go into battle. Collect weapons and armor. Use ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to defend, "S" KEY to attack and "D" KEY to use special power. Use 1-4 NUMBER KEYS to select special power. Good luck!
turn based RPG game about a vampire lord Reekel
Vampire Scent
Vampire Scent
Your goal in this RPG adventure in a world full of monsters and other creatures is to defeat the boss with your friends. On the main game screen use YOUR MOUSE to click the skullswords to enter battles and try to defeat your opponents. In the battle screen click to select your action and your target. Good luck!
the final episode in the Red & Blue Balls series
Red and Blue Balls 3
Red and Blue Balls 3
Your goal in this sequel to fun online game called Red And Blue Balls 2 is to make use of the red and blue ball figures to make it through every single level as they need each others help. In other words, use teamwork to get the red and the blue ball to the exit point of each level. Use the ARROW KEYS to control balls. Press DOWN ARROW KEY to use switches and press SPACEBAR to jump. Use "Z" KEY to switch balls. Have fun!
defend the Earth with your keyboard
Typing Defense
Typing Defense
Your mission in this nice typing game is to save the mother Earth by destroying the asteroids before they reach and collide with Earth. You destroy the asteroids by typing the words they carry. If you make a mistake press SPACEBAR to clear the entire word. As you progress through the waves of oncoming asteroids you will unlock new weapons. The weapons or attacks can be triggered by typing the keyword related to them. Lets play!
a free fun puzzle platformer online
Hello Worlds!
Hello Worlds!
Your goal in this great platform game where you must gather coins and reach the exit door. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. You will be in two parallel words most of the time and what affects you in one world will affect you in another world too. Press SPACEBAR to use or enter the doors to finish the level, hit "V" KEY to rewind and "C" KEY to see both worlds together. Have fun!
become a powerful warrior in this game online
Your goal in this online RPG game is to set off on a quest to restore peace on a unknown island, together with pets your can raise to fight by your side. First you will have to make contact with the local inhabitants. After finding them they will give you numerous quests during which you will learn to become a powerful warrior. You can grow your powers and abilities through over 50 quests across a distinct and visually stylized world. Discover and raise loyal pets that will fight by your side. Customize your appearance as you gain new armor and weapons from wooden sticks to elemental swords. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to move. Use YOUR MOUSE to select/attack enemies and interact with objects. Good luck! - Arrow keys or WASD to move your character around. - Mouse to select/attack enemies and interact with objects.
play tower defense word game
Clockwords Act 1
Clockwords Act 1
Clockwords tower defense word game is back. The Act 1 continues the story, following the adventures of the inventor and his machine. Your goal in this mix of a word game with speed, strategy, and steam-powered bugs is to use your vocabulary to defend your laboratory. Input the words using your KEYBOARD and press ENTER after each word. No proper nouns. Any letters can be used, but the ones that are shown will cause extra damage to the bugs. Good luck!
game based on word puzzles called Rebus
Your goal in this online game that will get your brain working is to solve rebus word puzzles by using symbols, numbers, letters and sounds on a page. Rebuzz, containing both an easy mode (20 levels with hints) and a hard mode (5 difficult puzzles, no hints) provides a challenge for even the brainiest of people. Go through the tutorial if you are unsure about the game rules. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type in the answers. Good luck!
this online game tests your typing skills
Keyboard Mayhem
Keyboard Mayhem
This funny online game will put your typing skills to the ultimate test. Your task is to type in the random words and letters to defeat the Boss by pushing him to the edge of a cliff and knocking him off the cliff. Simply use the KEYBOARD to type words displayed to throw weapons on the beast. Have fun!
cool and innovative puzzle physics game
Prose and Motion
Prose and Motion
Your goal in this puzzle physics based game is to arrange the letters in the correct order to spell out the word for each level. Spell a word starting at the outlined box. You must use all the letters in a level. All words are yours to use, but not all words are equal. One fits best. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag and drop letters. Good luck!
save your princess from the dark tower
Word Tower
Word Tower
Your objective in this medieval word-adventure game is to use words as building blocks to climb up and the towers and rescue your Princess. Use YOUR MOUSE to create words by clicking on letters or by typing on keyboard. Play through the game introduction to learn some tips. Good luck!
a turn based strategy mix with a swap jewels game
Stone Masters
Stone Masters
Your goal in this based strategy game mixed with a swap jewels game is to swap adjacent stones to make a minimum set of 3 of the same type. Each stones represent an element. Try to swap the correct combination to win the mana for your spells. The swords stones strike your enemy with a physical attack. If you make a set of 4 stones, you win a bonus turn. Kill your opponent to win gold and xp and proceed to next level, kill all the opponents and become the stones master. To begin, buy some spells at the wizard shop and go to the first battle with Batlthazar. Use YOUR MOUSE to play the game. Good luck!
fun hack and slay fighting game
Kings Island 2
Kings Island 2
Your mission in this hack-n-slash action game is to fight the skeleton monsters as you grab potions and equip yourself with swords, and armor. If you missed the first part of this hack'n'slash action RPG game, play it here: King's Island. The main way to interact is with YOUR MOUSE. You can move, use objects, and do actions simply by clicking and using the drag&drop. You will be able to use potions and scrolls equipped in your fast access slots by clicking their icons on the interface, or pressing 1-5 NUMBER KEYS. Good luck!
help the doctor cure the flu that is infecting all the robots
A virus outbreak is raging the robot population. Your task is to help Professor Doktor to cure the poor robots. The virus infects the robot's brain, but with Professor Doktor's patented electroshock procedure, it is possible to remove those miniature malefactors. Form words from the letters in the braincells – if a letter is used from an infected cell, one virus is killed on that cell. Clear all viruses in a brain to cure the robot. Use YOUR MOUSE or KEYBOARD to select the letters. Press ENTER to submit word. Use BACKSPACE to delete last letter, SPACEBAR to clear word. Please make sure to click in the game window before typing. Good luck!
a word based puzzle game which uses visual riddles
The Wizards Notebook
The Wizards Notebook
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to solve the visual riddles by typing in words and watch as they transform into what the word describes. For example, the word "water" will act as if it were water. Use this technique to reach the star of each level and save the princess. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type in the non red areas of the page by clicking anywhere and typing using the letter keys. Some words can come to life, causing the words to have the same properties of what it is naming. The Hero is controlled by the ARROW KEYS. Good luck!
create as many words as you can in this puzzle game
Your task in this fun puzzle game is to put your noggin to the test and create as many words as you can. Creating words quickly will give you bigger points. Creating longer words and multiple words at the same time will boost your score even higher. And if at any time you get stuck, you'll always have your faithful pocket professor to egg you on (or simply rush you). Use YOUR MOUSE to grab the letters from the bottom and place them on the board. Good luck!
put the tiles into their places and recover the original quote
QBox Word Game
QBox Word Game
Your goal in this puzzle game is to put the tiles back into their places and recover the original quote. To reconstruct a quote you must swap the tiles until you get every original word. The tiles can be swapped only vertically, each within its own respective column. During the game you will encounter bonus opportunities - finding mulit-colored words and discovering two words will earn you extra points. Use YOUR MOUSE to swap tiles. Good luck!
create units to destroy the enemy castle
Semantic Wars
Semantic Wars
Your job in this strategy war game is to guess words from various categories and earn some gold in this way. Next, use the gold to train warriors and defeat your enemy. Use your KEYBOARD to guess letters of words from various categories. Press 1-3 NUMBER KEYS to choose which soldier you will train. Use the ARROW KEYS to control camera. Each correct word will give you some money. Each mistake will decrease your budget (or energy if you have no gold). Use your budget to train warriors and send them to enemy castle. When a type of worrior is used often, he will promote to higher experience level. Check "How to play" section from main menu for more details. Good luck solider!
a word game in the style of Marble Lines
Letter Lines
Letter Lines
Your task in this word game in the style of Marble Lines is to move letters around to form valid English words of 4 or more letters and those letters will disappear. Words can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal (but only from top-left to bottom-right). Use YOUR MOUSE to click on a letter, then click a new destination to move the letter. There is unlimited undo, just press BACKSPACE. Good luck!
Show the machine what for by beating it senseless
Vending Machine Champ
Vending Machine Champ
Your task in this fun game is to show the machine what for by beating it senseless, then collect the salty-sweet snack treat inside. Sounds simple, but you've gotta be quick. Use YOUR MOUSE to play this game. Each vending machine encounter is divided into three sections: The grab - In the first stage, click the mouse when the lung meter reaches the middle (arrows will appear when you should click). Clicking early or when the meter indicator is in the red may result in a fatality or affect the behavior of the machine in the next stage. The pound - In the second stage, click the mouse on the targets to shake the snack free from the machine. In later stages, it will take multiple clicks to clear each target (indicated by concentric circles). The finish - For the final blow, wait until the machine is level with the ground and the words "Hit Now" appear on the screen. Click when "Hit Now" is on the screen to deliver the final hit and enjoy your snack. Have fun!
manipulate projectiles trajectory to destroy turrets
Vel Shock
Vel Shock
Your task in this interesting game is to manipulate projectile's trajectory using a shockwave that is emitted from your ship. Or in other words, make the turrets shot their own allies or themselves. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your ship. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shock (there are delays after shock, so use it wisely). By destroying turrets you get Exp. Collect Exp points in order to level up your ship, giving you more health and reduced delay. Good luck!
battle with cows, dragons and hamsters
Fngrz of Fury
Fngrz of Fury
Your goal in this fun game is to defeat various animals in text-fu combat. You do this by typing the given phrases as accurately and as quickly as possible. The better you do, the more powerful your attack becomes. Simply type the words on your KEYBOARD. There is small confusion, you don't need to press anything to drop a line (just press SPACEBAR and keep typing)! Have fun!
go on epic quests and Journeys outside the Arena
Swords And Sandals 4
Swords And Sandals 4
The Swords & Sandals saga continues with Swords & Sandals IV: Tavern Quests as our embattled gladiators step out from the arena and set out in a wider and more dangerous world. Up to four gladiators compete in a variety of minigames, adventures and battles set across an epic eight realms of danger and adventure. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. And I recommend you to check in-game Help Guide before you start the game. Have fun!
a puzzle platformer that uses liquid physics
Spewer is a puzzle platformer that uses liquid physics though regurgitation as its core mechanic. Taking the role of a mysterious test subject, code named Spewer, you must vomit your way through over 60 levels of stomach turning puzzles, learning new abilities, changing forms and piecing together your purpose in life. In other words Spewer is a game about puking. Use WASD KEYS to move. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to puke. Press the SPACEBAR to eat. Use "P" KEY to pause and "R" KEY to reset the level. Have fun!
defend yourself and fight zombies in this shooter
Days 2 Die
Days 2 Die
Your mission in this cool shooting game is to defend yourself and fight zombies in 5 different maps and countless zombie waves, build Barricades to protect you and your friends, hire Mercenaries to help you survive. You can buy over 20+ weapons, including grenades, katana swords, automatic weapons. Use WASD KEYS to move around. Press the SPACEBAR to jump. Hold SHIFT to run. Use "R" KEY to reload, "I" to show inventory and hold "E" KEY to fix barricades (you must stand next to it). Use YOUR MOUSE to aim and shoot. You can also click & drag to move barricades (ONLY before starting your day). Good luck!
create funny sentences in this fun multiplayer word game
This is very fun multiplayer word game where you can arrange words to create clever or funny sentences, then vote favorite. Different round lengths and theme play make this either a very relaxing slow-paced or a very tricky word game. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag or click on any of the words or player names to create a sentence. Vote for your favourite and get points for votes or voting for the winner. Repeat any times you want and have fun!
more of an arcade game than a spelling game
Typo Run
Typo Run
This is more of an arcade game than a spelling game. Your task is to collect letters in order to form the target words presented at the top of the screen. Be careful, there are bad guys whose only task is to drain your energy. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press SPACEBAR to pause the game. Good luck!
game for people who like crossword puzzles
Rain Words
Rain Words
It is raining words in this puzzle game. Your task is to use YOUR MOUSE to drag the items from the left to the correct position onto the crossword puzzle. This game has 3 difficulties and is great for poor spellers. Good luck!
fight game with a large amount of enemies to slaughter
Fear Unlimited Arena
Fear Unlimited Arena
Your task in this fighting game is to use your demonic MAC 10s, or your UHC 870 shot gun to punish the demons or your swords to hack em to pieces. Default controls are: LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to move. "A" KEY for evasive action, "S" KEY for longrange action, "D" KEY for Closerange action. Use UP ARROW KEY for direct action in a upward motion and DOWN ARROW KEY for Power action. Pressing "F" KEY will transform you into Devil or back into human. Press "Q" KEY to taunt. Use "Z" KEY to switch guns and "X" KEY to switch swords. Good luck!
take your gladiator on real people in brutal combat
Swords And Sandals 3 Multiplayer
Swords And Sandals 3 Multiplayer
Swords & Sandals III has finally gone multiplayer! Create your own gladiator and take on real people in brutal combat. Instead of fighting AI controlled computer bots and then challenging arena bosses, you fight against other people. Everything else about the game is the same, so if you loved/hated the Solo Utratus version, you'll likely feel the same about this one. You can play Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus here. Control this game with YOUR MOUSE. Have fun!
click on adjoining letters to form a word
Your goal in this fun puzzle game is to spell out words by clicking on a letter then clicking on another letter that is linked to that last clicked one. The next letter in a sequence can be in any direction. Submit the word by double-clicking the final letter. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Form a word using a special tile for added effect (extra points, gain a life etc.). Have fun!
Solo Ultratus - the greatest gladiator tournament on the planet
Swords And Sandals 3
Swords And Sandals 3
Your mission in Swords & Sandals III: Solo Ultratus, a turn based combat game, is to play the role of a gladiator in an arena. Your quest is to rise through the ranks dueling other gladiators until such time as you are strong enough to challenge on of the game's 24 Arena Champions. Check in-game Help Guide for detailed description of gameplay. Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Have fun!
a really hard brain game
This is a really hard brain game that will make you think and use parts of your brain you never used. Maybe even parts of the brain you don't even have! :D Going through TUTORIAL is necessary for understanding what's going on in this game. Just don't forget, it can be anything, letters, numbers, shapes, symbols, objects. - Answers are in english and can be words, not just keyboard keys. Good luck!
guide Nano through the caves in this game
Nano Recon
Nano Recon
Your mission in this flash game is to guide Nano through the caves and help him on his recon mission, watch out for falling rocks and sharp stalactites as you try to make way for the exit. As you approach some objects you will trigger actions and events, so use caution. It's not meant to be easy. So write down passwords. Use the ARROW KEYS to move and press SPACEBAR to start game and continue levels. Have fun!
the armor collector real time action RPG game
Your goal in this RPG game is to fight and earn your way to glory in this middle age style tournament using bows, boomerangs, kunais, swords, axes and more. Use \"W\", \"A\", \"S\", \"D\" KEYS to move. Click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to switch between melee and range weapon. Use Mouse Wheel or \"R\", \"T\" KEYS to change throwable weapons. Click Mouse Wheel or \"E\" KEY to throw throwable weapon (only on melee mode). Good luck!
choose the right words to prevent disaster game
Your objective in this free online game is to choose the right words to prevent disaster. A negotiator is more than a guy who knows how to talk. He's a specialist and a perceiver, a soldier who needs no guns to fight his battles. Stay cool, don't lose your nerve and choose your words very carefully! Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Good luck!
defeat agents, ghostly twins and vicious octo bots
Matrix Pandemonium
Matrix Pandemonium
Your goal in this fun online Matrix Game is to jump up and down floors of buildings facing off with evil agents, ghostly twins and vicious octo bots. Use everything you can to defeat them from swords, guns to launchers even furniture or the agents themselves. With his new found mysterious pulse attack, it's time to get serious, it's time for pandemonium. Use the ARROW KEYS to move. Press "A" KEY to attack and "S" KEY to pickup. Pulse attack is ATTACK+PICKUP buttons together. Its defensive, it will weaken you 3 HP, do very little damage to enemies, and make you release your weapon. But on the plus side, it can stun octobots, uncloak twins and make anyone holding a weapon release it for you to steal. If someone is holding a grenade or launcher use it before they throw it at you. Good luck!
a fun and addicting word puzzle game
Alpha Assault
Alpha Assault
Oh no! Your Kingdom is under attack by evil red tiles that are slowly taking over the playing board. Your aim in this cool word game is to protect your castle by forming words to eliminate the evil red tiles. Earn coins and use them to buy letters or power-ups that help you help you along the way. The gameplay is endless and becomes more difficult as the levels progress. Use YOUR MOUSE and click and drag across the letters to form a word. Click the final letter to submit it. Have fun!
help swordsman defeat hordes of ninjas
Blind Swordsman
Blind Swordsman
Your mission in this fun fighting game is to defeat as many enemies as possible within the time limit. But b careful. If you die, your efforts will be wasted. Use YOUR MOUSE to move the cursor and let the blind swordsman know where to go. Press "Z" KEY to defend yourself. Hold SPACEBAR to use your stamina. Burning your stamina makes you go faster, it recharges on its own. So make sure you make good use of blocking and stamina. Go get'em!
jump on platforms in this fun game
Space Velocity Bounce
Space Velocity Bounce
Your objective in this fun online game is to turn every power platform on in a given level. In other words, you must turn all red platforms to green ones. Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS to control the ball. There are severals objects which will help you as bouncy platforms, or rest walls. But there are also some traps, as platform with spikes and black hole. You can also create your own levels! Have fun!
The Cries of Lost Souls Game
From Heaven to Hell
From Heaven to Hell
One year ago, Henry Christen lost his mother. She had passed away at the hospital in late December. Strangely though as he went rushing to see her, neither the doctors nor anyone else would let him in the room to see her. Feeling angry yet depressed, he went home alone giving thought to his last words to her. The next day at the funeral he didn't see her, yet was still there for her. What bothered him most was a wonder in his mind why couldn't he just go in her room to say goodbye. Now its one year later and Henry begins to have nightmares on the night of December 19th. He wonders what they mean and what they are trying to tell him. As little does he know, all his answers to his questions lay in his own home... Use YOUR MOUSE to control the game. Lets play!
party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG
Monsters Den
Monsters Den
Your mission in this party-based dungeon crawl tactical RPG is to create a party of up to four heroes, from five distinct character classes. Then battle to the depths of the dungeon, increasing in strength and finding powerful treasure. Use YOUR MOUSE to move your brigade around and to fight out round based battles. If enemies are nearby, it will be indicated by the crossed swords icon. Move the mouse over the icon to see their type and number. Entering that room will trigger a battle. Note, you do not need to kill every monster in the dungeon, but doing so earns rewards. Defeated monsters will always drop treasure items. If you are playing for th first time, I recommend to to have Show hints and tips enabled. Have fun!
learn speed typing in this fun flash game
Word Frenzy
Word Frenzy
Your objective in this online fun game is to type as fast as you can. You can be either a rabbit on the run or a monster chasing the rabbit. Either way, you need to type your little heart out to win the game. The faster you type, the faster your character will move. Type extra fast and receive bonus points. Use YOUR KEYBOARD to type words shown to you. Have fun!
arrange the tiles in this brainteasing logic game
Hexiom Puzzle
Hexiom Puzzle
Your aim in this logic game is to clear a level by turning all tiles yellow. Use YOUR MOUSE to drag them and place them next to exactly as many other tiles as the number they are showing. In other words make sure they are encircled by the number of other tiles as they are showing. Tiles turn green when they are placed next to too few other tiles, or red if next to too many. Good luck!
conquer territories in this strategy conquest game
Swords and Sandals Crusade
Swords and Sandals Crusade
Your mission in this In this new part of the Swords And Sandals series is to conquer territories and fight against the other forces. The Swords & Sandals world just got a whole lot bigger with the all-new Swords & Sandals: Crusader! Step out of the gladiator arena and onto the field as you lead hundreds of troops into battle against the toughest lords in the realm. There are two game modes in this game: Campaign mode is a series of battles tied together via a sweeping story. You will take control of each of the eight leaders and guide them through various missions. Survival mode pits you against the seven other leaders in combat. The game is controlled by YOUR MOUSE. Good luck!
reorganize the stuff in the garage and leave
Parker and Badger
Parker and Badger
Your goal in this addicting puzzle game is to help Parker and Badger to leave their work place by motorcycle in time. There is real mess in the garage and you have to move the boxes to make the way free. Use YOUR MOUSE to move boxes or move your bike. Every level is getting more and more difficult. There are level passwords so that you can come back later and play your last level. Good luck and have fun!
guide Millie and pwn a frost mage in this cool game
Millie Megavolte 2
Millie Megavolte 2
In the World of Warcraft, a frost mage has run amok and brought ruin down upon Millies village. Time for some old-fashioned revenge, fury warrior-style. Your aim is to guide Millie and pwn a frost mage that has destroyed her village. Use the ARROW KEYS to walk around. Hold DOWN ARROW to sit and regenerate lost health quickly. Use "S" KEY to jump over stuff. Use "D" KEY to swing your swords. Beat on Rage Stones to gain rage. If you hold "F" KEY you can do a powerful move known as Heroic Strike (it costs 10 rage to use). For more info read the tips given to you in the first stage of the game. Good luck!
help the gladiator to battle his way to fame and fortune
Swords and Sandals 2
Swords and Sandals 2
Your ultimate aim in this great game is to help the gladiator to battle his way to fame and fortune. Defeat all the arena champions and reign as champion yourself. If you find yourself struggling, try a different strategy. Tooltips will guide your way through the specific s game. If you played first part of Swords And Sandals, you will find some improvements in this game - tournaments, duels, magic, ranged weapons and other surprises. Good luck, gladiator!
survive the onslaught of agents in this fighting game
Matrix Rampage
Matrix Rampage
Your aim in this cool matrix fighting game is to survive the onslaught of dangerous agents. Use guns and swords, slam through floors and walls, throw office furniture and everything else you can get a hold of to defeat as many agents as you can. As you progress in the game, they get smarter, stronger and get armed from katanas, shotguns to phazers. Use the ARROW KEYS to move around. Press "A" KEY to attack, and press "S" KEY to pick up objects. Good luck!
dont let the bunnies to eat your peanuts in fun game
Word Maze
Word Maze
Your mission in this fun arcade game is to collect letters in correct order. You will see a word at the top of the screen. Try to find the letters of that word in the maze in the correct order. The word will get longer every level. There are also bunnies in the maze who will try to eat your peanuts, so look out! It is game over when you lose your last peanut. Use your ARROW KEYS to move around the maze. Have fun!
the EVIL bird flu has infected most of the world. Save us!
Bird Flu Game
Bird Flu Game
The EVIL bird flu has infected most of the world. The only way to protect your country is by making sure no birds or humans get in. With other words: Shoot the crap out of them! Use YOUR MOUSE to aim, and click LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to shoot. Press SPACEBAR to Buy Ammo. We believe you will save us!
mod of Madness Interactive with new enemies, levels, weapons
Dangerous Madness
Dangerous Madness
This is cool mod of the popular action shooter game called "Madness Interactive". This mod has different environments and enemies that look awesome. Make your way through this mad world and survive by killing all who try to kill you. Use bats, guns, swords and other weapons to fight. Use "W", "S", "A", "D" KEYS to move. "Q" KEY turns on/off the bullet time. Press "E" KEY to switch weapons, "F" KEY to drop/throw weapon. Hit SHIFT KEY to use jetpack/bomb. Have fun!
defend your stronghold! Shooting flash game.
Storm The House
Storm The House
You have to defend your stronghold where your wife and kids are in there. Wave after wave of skinny people will come running at the stronghold, some with swords, some with guns .. Use your MOUSE to shoot death at stick men and use your SPACEBAR to reload.

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